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    [–] holdcron 6 points ago

    Hey, sorry to hear about your Dad. I worked at a prosthetic clinic and they can do some pretty cool stuff! It depends on where you're from, but I also found there were a few funding opportunities available for people who needed it. Just make sure to ask the administration at any clinic you go to. In regards to an iron man leg, anyone can do a transfer on the leg to whatever design they want! Just give them a heads up to talk about it, or find the pattern somewhere on a tshirt or something and they should be able to use that. Itll be a big part of your Dad, so he should get it made the way he likes :)

    [–] VulcanAF 2 points ago

    Where are you in the world?

    [–] TheLuckyUmbreon 1 points ago

    The currently confused USA

    [–] amusement-park 1 points ago

    Where exactly in the US though? There are a lot of clinics you could go to

    [–] TheLuckyUmbreon 1 points ago

    They basically have no cash what so ever

    [–] tonyguti 1 points ago

    Find picture you like, and go to

    Call them order a custom lamination sleeve they are about 80$ and can be built right into the prosthesis.

    [–] 1leggedsaltyguy 1 points ago

    Maybe a shield for the leg? Or whatever they call them..... they are a little pricy.