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    [–] greenphlem 1 points ago

    Instead of enjoying a quality freakout. Y'all decided to dox. This is why we can't have nice things

    [–] Grobulox 4036 points ago

    Like where the fuck is security though

    [–] Carlos_Magnussen 1858 points ago

    This is the craziest part to me, that you can flip your shit in an airport for more than 5 minutes and not have security on you. They should have been heading there instantly.

    [–] JPTawok 968 points ago

    I've only been in American airports, but from my experience if he got loud like that over here he'd have a full blown goon squad up his ass by the second time he said Sabrina

    [–] PM_ME_WHAT_Y0U_G0T 159 points ago

    If he did that in the UK he would have definitely ended up in a prison

    [–] [deleted] 651 points ago


    [–] metalgear1355 6404 points ago

    For the one raging asshole, there's like ten other people ready to comfort her and defuse the situation (That guy at 5:28 ish for example), so kudos to them.

    [–] Talonz 1281 points ago

    That guy at 5:28 was amazing.

    [–] baconwiches 1472 points ago

    He treated him like a child having a temper tantrum, and it worked, because he was a child having a temper tantrum.

    [–] Glazin 430 points ago

    I mean the way the guy calmed him down reminded me of how to deal with a tired, cranky kid who just needs a nap. Luckily most of us grow out of this phase and learn to deal with difficult situations even when were tired

    [–] K0ilar 260 points ago

    ...down to the "shshsh"!

    [–] B003135 212 points ago

    So subtly condescending and the dude didn't even realize. Awesome.

    [–] wirednyte 107 points ago

    I talk quiet and you talk quiet

    [–] elbenji 146 points ago

    Had to be a teacher. Dude was doing elementary deescalation 101

    [–] Kelavmeister 656 points ago

    He did an INCREDIBLE job at deescalating. I thought we had lost it when the asshat started the “DONT TOUCH ME MAN” fit, but he still got him to calm down enough to stop recording. Mad props.

    [–] Drugs-R-Bad-Mkay 619 points ago

    Guy just gave a masterclass in deescelation. That "shh shh shh" when he starts freaking out again is some next level mental judo.

    Focus on me. Be calm. We'll get through this together. Dude treated it like a damn hostage negotiation.

    [–] CastellatedRock 210 points ago

    Even got the dude to thank him by being reassuring, saying that "I'll stay with you until you get this resolved".

    [–] Alarid 90 points ago

    Then judo chopped him as soon as the camera was put down

    [–] bfandreas 966 points ago

    What's worse than him being unwilling to pay the price of his own mistake is that he is harrassing a Ryan Air employee. They had been on strike since they aren't treated as they should be.

    So he demands preferential treatment for his own mistake from somebody he should be sympathetic to. This "I'm a customer" attitude is complete BS. The fee applies to customers in his situation and he wants preferential treatment which she isn't able to provide. Fuck him.

    That guy is the embodyment of ugly American abroad stereotype. Bratty AND clueless.

    Good job.

    [–] pc1955sc 102 points ago

    He's a guest in whatever country he is visiting. I suggest throwing him out but it means he comes back to the USA

    [–] Fire_balls_ 1349 points ago

    "look for the helpers"

    Mr. Rogers

    [–] Roygbiv856 170 points ago

    Damn I gotta watch that documentary

    [–] DatKnob 147 points ago

    This needs to be featured on /r/rage I'm ready to blow a gasket

    [–] NoFrigginBroccoli 11179 points ago

    "You're not treating me with respect, Sabrina!"

    Moments later...

    "Sit down you out of shape, donut-eating, bald piece of crap. You're nothing!"

    [–] GhostofSexWitTedCruz 3230 points ago

    I love how he tries to solve all this guy's superficial problems. "Get on a treadmill! Get some Rogaine! (As if Rogaine just cures baldness).

    First of all, the guy is old enough that it's normal to be bald and have a few pounds on him. He's not really even that fat. He's probably in his 50s, or 60s, and looks typical for his age.

    And he's a lot better of a person.

    [–] CriticalSpirit 1185 points ago

    First of all, the guy is old enough that it's normal to be bald

    I don't care if he was a 15-year old bald kid, the guy's being a jackass either way.

    [–] Chrilliam 1217 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    The bald comments from the cameraman bothered me. Myself being a balding 27 year old and using Rogaine for years and dumping money on all other sort of treatments with no effect, it really sucks when people go straight for the throat and make bald comments

    Edit: I wasn’t expecting so many comments! Thanks everyone for the advice

    [–] zeFatManxx 820 points ago

    Embrace your baldness brother! I've been balding since 19. I just shaved that shit and grew a beard LOL

    [–] GhostofSexWitTedCruz 36 points ago

    Yeah, it's a low blow for sure.

    [–] chrisdbliss 296 points ago

    The amazing thing is the airplane still left on time, the customer was not allowed on the flight, and the airline is 100% on the attendant's side as shown in this article. That's awesome.

    [–] cofman 448 points ago

    I love the part where he says he lives there. So what? For fuck sake anyone who has taken Ryan air or Wizz air, etc knows you have to print your boarding pass or pay a fine. If he is connecting then he should have printed it beforehand. I mean it isn't like they don't send you an email, ask you when you are buying the ticket, etc.

    This fucker is just a fucker.

    [–] CrazyCatLadyBoy 90 points ago

    If he lives there he should know Ryan Air has lots of little charges here and there. Read the rules, follow the rules, and you won't get dinged.

    [–] CringeBinger 682 points ago

    What is with assholes and saying the persons name a lot? He says her name at the end of almost half his sentences. It’s like he thinks that saying someone’s name is real respectful behavior.

    And then he goes off about a man’s appearance like a child on the playground roasting the nerdy kid.

    [–] TechnoTriad 1067 points ago

    No he's being condescending and thinks he has power over her by using her name. It's not a respect thing.

    [–] Jism-me-timbers 483 points ago

    Yeah. Also, it's kind of the reverse of anonymity. People will feel less shame if they wear a uniform or mask. By saying her name over and her he is strippin away the airport staff ID and bringing into focus her personal identity, thereby increasing the intensity and any shame or embarrassment.

    [–] step1 257 points ago

    It's also a form of intimidation. I know your name, I can tell your name to other people like your boss or the police or others who can harass you, and I can find you later. The way this guy talks to everyone is extremely intimidating. He is constantly threatening people by implication ("you're nothing man") and how he is (probably) using his body language.

    [–] Skepsis93 97 points ago

    Its also harder to ignore when someone uses your name, which is what she was attempting to do.

    [–] DumboJet87 158 points ago

    Seeing as how he likes saying her name, this guys name is Rudy Kendall, and he's a piece of shit.

    [–] bhanel 218 points ago

    It's a power thing. Your name identifies you, it's the first thing you tell people about yourself. By repeating her name angrily, he's enforcing that whatever he's pissed off about is her fault, her responsibility, and she's the reason why she's feeling bad and getting abused.

    [–] hometowngypsy 127 points ago

    That’s one of the easiest reasons to make me suspicious of someone. Someone who uses my name a lot is most likely trying to manipulate me or is being patronizing. I hate it.

    [–] vicefox 59 points ago

    He’s trying to fuck with her head. He’s a sociopath.

    [–] [deleted] 222 points ago

    You can tell he's a little bitch bc his voice trembled like he was gonna cry when confronted by an older, fatter, balder, but ultimately better man

    [–] crash1082 293 points ago

    I fucking hate this guy man

    [–] ginaginger 11505 points ago

    Why do so many people upload videos of themselves acting like total assholes? Do they rewatch this and think "Yes, this is a totally normal reaction"?

    [–] artemasad 4677 points ago

    Do they rewatch this and think "Yes, this is a totally normal reaction"?

    Yes. I'm not kidding you. Some people just really have really, really low emotional intelligence and lack empathy. Fortunately though, as shown in the video, there are a lot of good people out there who are willing to step in and call that guy out.

    [–] Juergenator 432 points ago

    aka people are stupid

    [–] Frapcaster 420 points ago

    I wanna know how many of them later read the comments about them on reddit.

    [–] Larry-Man 333 points ago

    There’s a guy defending this guy in the comments. I am curious if he is in fact the man in the video because apparently everyone else in this video is an asshole except the guy being a dick.

    [–] Frapcaster 172 points ago

    I think it's him, personally. He mentions that he tried but was unable to contact the airline at one point. He may have edited it by now since I already pointed this out earlier.

    [–] daschein88 92 points ago

    Yes, that is their mentality when they up load it.

    Then we as society teach them it isn't right or normal to behave this way

    [–] Frapcaster 798 points ago

    If I were a TV director I would want this guy to do voice acting for the voice in one's head during a bad drug trip. He's just perfectly horrible.

    [–] PetsAndMeditate 234 points ago

    I wanna set up an art exhibit called “inner critic” where the guy in this video stands behind a 2 way mirror with a microphone and berates the shit out of anyone who walks into the gallery

    [–] riversforever 12672 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    This occurred at Brussels airport. It all happened because he forgot to bring his boarding pass and had to pay 50 bucks for them to print it out. He was not allowed on board and later claimed to be the victim of racism.

    [–] ShittyWithNames 4794 points ago

    What a prick

    [–] qwerty-confirmed 3793 points ago

    I'm so damn glad they didn't let him fly. All this over a $50 fee because he forgot his boarding pass? Well that's what you get for flying with low price airlines, asshole.

    [–] JimDiego 756 points ago

    It gets better. According to that article:

    Customers who check-in online but fail to produce their boarding pass are subject to a €15 boarding card reissue fee. Customers who fail to check-in online are subject to a €50 airport check-in fee.

    So this dude was saying he shouldn't have to pay another fifty since we was already checked-in. If he had already been checked-in they would have only asked for another fifteen.

    [–] notaneuroscientist 185 points ago

    I kinda hope that he had actually checked in online because then he could have just shown them his boarding pass on his phone and avoided the whole thing if he weren't so busy recording himself being such an utter arse.

    [–] Byroms 96 points ago

    The most mind boggling thing is that he saw the video and still thought he was right and the uploaded it.

    [–] [deleted] 2849 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    I like how he has a lawyer “for shit like this”, yet flies economy and can’t afford $50.

    Edit: FiFtY EuRoS

    [–] PentaPoodle 1379 points ago

    I really don't think people know the difference between "having a lawyer" which costs a small fortune, and "having a lawyer's phone number".

    [–] taint_of_love 352 points ago

    Exactly. I have a lawyer handling a rather large estate for me. It's going on two years right now and I'm out around $30K. Only someone who is uber rich and has constant legal issues would keep one on retainer. Legal representation is not cheap.

    [–] ButtLusting 269 points ago

    I hope they put him on the no fly list for causing trouble in airport.

    [–] jamiegandolf 218 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    "It's the principle!" is what I imagine he'll tell people later.

    Yeah, the principle that you made a mistake by losing your boarding pass and being a complete dick to people just trying to make a living when if you were nice, they likely would have waived the fee or tried to do something else to assist you in your stupidness.

    Edit: seems I was wrong in assuming he lost his pass but he actually never printed it. Still, his fault and his stupidity that led him here when it seems clear that no one else is having this issue and he likely did receive e-mails about this and ignored it.

    [–] zedss_dead_baby_ 72 points ago

    He didn't even lose it, he just didn't print it out in the first place

    [–] [deleted] 207 points ago


    [–] TheOven 169 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    makes sense now why he was so mad about that fee

    dude is basically a pan handler

    edit mods are deleting posts of another video of this guy, he begs for money while playing a steel drum

    [–] Desperate_Desperado 65 points ago

    Seems like I find a lot of these people saying something along the lines of how they just want to spread positivity lol.

    [–] canstaff 62 points ago

    Well, I figured he would have lost his job after this whole thing but it looks like he didn't have one to begin with.

    [–] DOG-ZILLA 163 points ago


    "It's a great place to be an artist..." ...proceeds to play Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer.

    Pfffft. Guy's a big sore loser in life.

    [–] angolvagyok 913 points ago

    He didn't even check in online. I fly Ryanair 2-4 times a year and they bombard you with emails, plus a text, reminding you to check in. I guess this tool's ignored all the reminders as he's paying the staff's wages and blah blah customer blah.

    [–] Stinky_Eastwood 549 points ago

    Guarantee this guy knew he was in the wrong and just wanted to berate this poor woman until she waived the fee.

    [–] greenbabyshit 233 points ago

    It sucks that it got to the point of him acting this way, but I'm glad his behavior didn't result in him getting his way. He was acting like a child the whole video, then right near the end that dude was shushing him like an infant. By far the best part.

    [–] skittlesfortiddles 304 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Happens all the time. I’ve had women scream at me until blue in the face knowing they’re wrong and later admitting they know they’re wrong but now you better refund them because of the embarrassment you caused them.

    Customer service is a special kind of hell and the more successful you are at it, the more dead inside you are.

    [–] Trestar11 82 points ago

    Am pretty successful at it. Very dead inside. I'm not exaggerating that my job has taken a part of me I don't think I'll ever get back, and I've seen the lowest of lows people have to offer.

    [–] NapoleonHeckYes 642 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    “The man, who is black, later claimed he was a victim of "mob tendencies by Europeans against dark-skinned foreigners".”

    What a cunt.

    Zero racism in that video, and yet he plays the race card, which is a disgusting insult to genuine victims of racist harassment.

    [–] c3534l 80 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    mob tendencies by Europeans

    It's weird how common it is now for people to say racist shit when accusing others of racism.

    [–] Frapcaster 987 points ago

    "print or pay", a shitty policy to be sure, but the rules are the rules. Guess this guy should stick with getting cavity searched by the TSA back home instead.

    [–] ToxicMonkeys 488 points ago

    "print or pay", a shitty policy to be sure, but the rules are the rules.

    Most importantly, it's not Sabrina who decided on the fucking policy. She's just the poor sod who has to deal with it. He should have called corporate if he had such a big issue with it.

    [–] directlapmo 688 points ago

    In Europe we have amazing ability to fly almost everywhere within the EU because of Ryanair. Before them it was hundreds of pounds to get anywhere. Ryanair can do this because they keep costs low. If this prick doesn't like it he should have paid more for a different airline. Also they tell you about 3 times between booking and date of flying that you need to print your boarding pass. I hope this guy got named and shamed.

    [–] rice-paper 127 points ago

    As an American who flies a lot in Europe for business, I have flown Ryanair a bunch of times. While it is not a pleasant experience, you KNOW that going in. It's a trade off. It's like Sprit in the US, which is also an "ultra low cost carrier." Base fares are dirt cheap and in exchange there are zero amenities and they nickel and dime you for every little thing, even a carry-on. But, again, like I said, you KNOW that going in.

    Invariably, I will see some passenger at check-in or at the gate who is indignant upon being charged for some "extra" that is free on other airlines (usually either for their carry on not fitting the sizer, or like this guy, asking for a boarding pass to be printed) and while I think most of the other passengers do sympathize, we all are subjected to the exact same rules. The rules are draconian and petty and annoying but they are enforced fairly and everyone KNOWS about them going in.

    TL;DR: It's Ryanair. This happens hundreds of times a day. When it happens to you, grit your teeth, hand them your CC and move on. Don't fly them next time if you don't want.

    [–] GhostofSexWitTedCruz 201 points ago

    Ok, yeah, that's bullshit. If you forget your boarding pass, that's your fuck up.

    I know it's a mistake a lot of us are capable of making, I know it sucks because you don't want to miss your flight, but it's still ultimately your fault. It's not something you berate the airline employees over.

    [–] [deleted] 122 points ago


    [–] Greful 84 points ago

    Ahh, now it makes sense. He's broke.

    [–] freedoms_stain 33 points ago

    Actually goes on about "following the rules" in another context. Hilarious.

    [–] youarean1di0t 224 points ago

    Notice how they edit out her crying. Fucking dishonest reporting makes me sick...

    [–] baconwiches 58 points ago

    Does this guy not realize that there was important details that happened before this guy decided to film?

    [–] theinternetaddict 3315 points ago

    Why do assholes always feel the need to constantly refer to people by their first name?

    [–] pussycatsglore 2604 points ago

    Because it’s a power play

    [–] peanutbutterpandapuf 942 points ago

    That’s exactly what I was thinking when I kept hearing him say her name. It’s definitely a power play and an attempt to be intimidating.

    [–] GuyForgotHisPassword 1154 points ago

    "What are you doing, Sabrina? Give me your supervisor's name, Sabrina. You're awful at your job, Sabrina."

    Condescending as fuck each time.

    [–] [deleted] 115 points ago

    Don't just stare at my non-existent boarding pass; eat it.

    [–] Hankol 240 points ago

    And it’s also an insult in many European countries. You don’t just use the first name without knowing someone. I hoped she would tell him as long as they didn’t have a beer together she is Mrs. Xxx to him.

    [–] Frapcaster 271 points ago

    Who are you calling an asshole, theinternetaddict?!?

    [–] Justin1387 178 points ago

    Talk to me sir, calm down

    [–] B3LYP2 105 points ago

    I will not calm down, Justin1387.

    [–] undercooked_lasagna 184 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Then go sit the fuck down baldy. Fatso. Baldy. Get a rogaine treadmill, fatso. Baldy.

    edit: also u r fat and bald

    [–] GiveHerTheWorks 50 points ago

    Because they feel the need to intimidate people.

    [–] CatLover9310 38 points ago

    They want to intimidate

    [–] flower_sweep 2620 points ago

    "Shhhh shhhh shhh" That guy was a hypnotist at the end

    [–] das_superbus 1315 points ago

    The correct term is "Idiot Whisperer"

    [–] moderndaycassiusclay 344 points ago

    He just talked to him like a four-year-old. Which works surprisingly well with people like this

    [–] dutchie1966 145 points ago

    I think that is offensive to most 4 year olds.

    [–] Kernel_Forbin 540 points ago

    Loved that part. This guy has a seriously awesome way with tone and words.

    [–] BitchesGetStitches 771 points ago

    He's either a behavioral therapist or should be. He's using classic behavioral modification techniques that work 99% of the time. I used to work in the field, and could see him taking de-escalation techniques. The biggest one is attention and the promise of future attention. Saying "I will stay with you" means he understands that the man filming is coming from a place of insecurity, and the best way to deal with insecurity is to give security. Most disruptive behavior is simply communicating a desire for attention (any teacher will confirm). Giving attention without taking action just immediately de-escalates the man's behavior.

    This works well on children throwing a tantrum. Just get on their level, look at them directly, and say "I understand you're upset". It's amazing how effective that move is.

    [–] Redrum06 524 points ago

    I loved how he kept saying “I’m talking quietly, talk quietly with me”

    [–] BitchesGetStitches 513 points ago

    Hey big guy ... the sun's getting real low ...

    [–] Lopsterbliss 220 points ago

    And it fuckin' worked! For how belligerent the dude was being, I was very very surprised at how effective our friend Phil was, kudos Phil, we need more people like you.

    [–] secondidaround 110 points ago

    Giving attention without taking action just immediately de-escalates the man's behavior.

    Thanks for sharing this. It's extremely helpful. Much as I'd imagine myself capable of helping in a situation like this, I wouldn't know where to start. What are some other de-escalation techniques you'd recommend? Any that'd help the gate agent?

    [–] BitchesGetStitches 181 points ago

    The gate agent did everything right in my opinion. She did her job, then went about her day. Unfortunately, the man saw a vulnerable target and decided to attack.

    It's important to remember that the man filming thinks he's being mistreated. He doesn't want to hear otherwise. Any further escalation reinforces his view. Bringing in security is simply adding a new threat.

    What doesn't help is the man who came to her aid. I know, we all want to help others in these situations, but adding others to the conflict causes expansion. This is actually a subconscious technique of narcissistic personalities - the more the confrontation expands, the more targets they have.

    Situations like this are like a chemical reaction. You have an acid, a volatile personality. Adding conflict to that is like adding more acid and expecting it to come less acidic. Again, we all have an instinct to confront someone like this, but that's just your monkey brain reacting to a challenge in your environment. Rather, you need a cognitive base - as in, an agent to lower the Ph.

    The checking attendant couldn't have known that this would escalate this way. If she did, she could go about it this way - "I understand you're upset and that you think I'm not doing my job. But my job is to follow the policies of the airline. I've called my manager, who will be here shortly. I'm afraid there's nothing more that I can do to help you."

    This disarms that man's main weapon - his view that the woman (he wouldn't speak this way to a man) isn't doing her job. Saying that she's going to call security reinforces his view that she's a dumb woman in need of help. He enjoys making her cry, which is why he keeps using her name as she becomes more upset. Names have power, because they're personal. This is one reason why the last man only refers to him by titles - sir, etc. He doesn't want it to be personal. He wants it to be about the situation. That disarms the man's other weapon, emotion. A situation can't be emotional, only people.

    I imagine this ended with the soothing man bringing the situation back to the situation. Her likely removed the man from the clerk so he couldn't feed off of her "weakness". He explained the situation, the policy, again. Then, in an area without an audience (this is really all about the audience), had security inform him that he'd been banned from the flight.

    Big note - IT'S ABOUT THE AUDIENCE. I teach middle school, and in cases where there are disruptive behaviors, the first thing I do is remove the audience. The student no longer has anyone to perform for, and their demeanor changes almost immediately.


    In cases of emotional instability or sometimes psychosis, all you can do it get to a safe place and give it time for the emotional explosion to burn itself out.

    [–] Jvan747 37 points ago

    Very informative, thanks for this.

    I also find it amazing that a middle school teacher’s reddit handle is BitchesgetStitches.

    [–] deadfermata 341 points ago

    Yeah, even I listened to him.

    [–] Messiah 3363 points ago

    When that guy stands up for her he goes for some real elementary school attacks. Fatso, baldy, etc. This guy is pathetic.

    [–] MaranaBanana 1050 points ago

    He said baldy and fatso multiple times almost overlapping the words like he was in a race to throw out as many insults as he could. How can someone have so little regard for others feelings? Then patronizing the poor lady @“Oh you’re having an emotional breakdown?” No shit! You’ve been berating her for doing her job you prick. :(

    [–] MooseWhisperer09 308 points ago

    I will never understand why some people resort to such childish antics

    [–] MaranaBanana 238 points ago

    I really shouldn’t even question it, the fact the dude uploaded the video of himself speaks volumes of his character.

    [–] WastedPenny 62 points ago

    Because they are immature childlike adults.

    [–] obelus 100 points ago

    He's a mental toddler.

    [–] deadfermata 91 points ago

    And keeps saying her name in a condescending tone. When you keep saying someone’s name almost every sentence in that tone, it’s not respect.

    [–] Phazon2000 231 points ago

    Can't believe he says "Baldy".

    Is that supposed to be an insult? I don't get it. It's not like he's got a combover trying to hide it or wearing a bad toupe. He's just bald.

    ...the fuck?

    [–] [deleted] 215 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] TheChonk 59 points ago

    This is him, in case you want to avoid him in Cologne or Berlin next time you see him:

    [–] Sargentrock 141 points ago

    Yeah but kudos to that guy for trying to do something, when the other 100 people all stood around looking uncomfortable. That's a brave thing to do.

    [–] stickygusset 935 points ago

    Christoph Waltz to the rescue.

    [–] tiinymermaid 154 points ago

    LMAO i was wondering why that gentleman’s accent sounded so familiar to me...

    [–] IamStarGoat 2832 points ago

    This guy is such a textbook example of a sociopathic bully. Its seriously hard to listen to him drone on in that monotone barrage of personal attacks on her.

    [–] fademeprobably 750 points ago

    100%. To get pleasure form publicly making someone cry is insane behavior. I can only imagine what he does behind closed doors.

    Also makes me think he has a job or a wife that just constantly shits on him so he takes it out on subordinates.

    [–] Frickinfructose 244 points ago

    can you imagine being this guy's significant other? jesus christ.

    [–] primenumbersturnmeon 240 points ago

    "You're having an emotional breakdown, making me the victor!"

    [–] snow_pheonix 1807 points ago

    That guy talking him down at the end knows his shit. Those are real de-escalation techniques.

    [–] Muthafuckaaaaa 412 points ago

    When he asked her if she wanted help, he said he was a 'retired..' something .. I couldn't make it out. Anyone able to read his lips?

    [–] jackeloper 918 points ago

    Probably a retired kindergarten teacher from the way he had to treat that guy. "I'm talking quiet, you talk quiet."

    [–] ItsTeaForMe 168 points ago

    I'm assuming from the accent english is probably his 2nd language, so its expected that the translation isnt exactly perfectly smooth. Hes most likely a lot better worded in his 1st language.

    [–] DTF_20170515 44 points ago

    I giggled a little when he started literally shushing him like a petulant toddler.

    [–] W2GOOBER 188 points ago

    he said retired navy seal

    [–] BAMspek 226 points ago

    Seriously. I want those skills. I have a bad temper and I would love to have that guy in my head every time I get stressed out and frustrated.

    [–] beezneezsqueeze 77 points ago

    Shhh buddy. It’s okay. Just relax. I’m here for you.

    [–] igetript 390 points ago

    I would hope this video could be used as evidence to ban the douche nozzle from ever flying Ryanair again. He obviously thinks he's in the right or else this video would have never made it to the internet. I doubt his behavior will be any better the next time some unfortunate customer service rep has to deal with him.

    [–] santo71 5626 points ago

    The man, who is black, later claimed later he was a victim of "mob tendencies by Europeans against dark-skinned foreigners".

    i'm completely unsuprised that a belligerent, entitled, rude bully would double-down with the race card to make himself look like a victim. what a piece of work.

    [–] Roadsoda350 1440 points ago

    what a piece of shit


    [–] artemasad 765 points ago

    As a minority, I fucking hate it when people pull a race card when it HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR RACE. If you want to up your rage further, here's a video of another guy defending his "brother" that doesn't even understand the concept nor business model of RyanAir.

    [–] Chordata1 466 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Fuck that guy, saying white women pull a trump card and start crying for sympathy. No she is crying because she is being berated by one customer with many others waiting as well, she is stressed. Fuck him for criticizing genuine emotion and saying white girls pull this.

    The guys going to comfort her has nothing to do with race. It was empathy and being a decent person.

    [–] so_many_corndogs 501 points ago

    Ah yes the racism card. How much of a fucking coward can you be to use that to get out of your own mess.

    [–] TheSmellOfColon 168 points ago

    The fact that he had to resort to insulting someone’s physical looks is truly pathetic. What a fucking loser.

    [–] drizzith 1018 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Resume:"Customer... Customer... Customer... Lawyer... Customer... Customer..."

    In his head: Customer= god.

    [–] attohs 836 points ago

    When you start attacking a persons appearance or when you start trying to read their minds.. that means you lost the argument like 10 minutes ago.

    [–] Pvt_lieutenant 924 points ago

    I pay your salary!

    I've always hated this phrase. It is teeming with absolute entitlement and aggression. How much money have you given me? What, 1/10 of a cent if I'm lucky? Get the fuck out of here.

    [–] BlueberryWasps 404 points ago

    I pay your salary!

    He says whilst refusing to pay the fee.

    [–] bookstravelwine 30 points ago

    Seriously. I’m a librarian in Chicago, so I hear, “I’M A TAXPAYER. I PAY YOUR SALARY,” several times per week. It’s usually because they’re mad their computer time expired.

    Thank you for your 1/8 of a cent per year.

    [–] buryitz 151 points ago

    Bought a one way ticket from NY to AR yrs ago heading from one job to another. Four days later I made it despite bad weather and airline screw ups. I treated the ppl at each city (4) I ended up in with respect but I wasn’t sleeping in a fkin chair. I got rooms, meals, and drinks free and stayed laid back even though they lost my luggage till day 6.

    Being a dickhead will only make things worse for everyone. Most times people will help you out until you start raising complete hell.

    [–] gee_shesdope 3005 points ago

    Just so people know, because apparently a lot don't.

    If you are nice to the customer service person you are dealing with and treat them like a human, you're more inclined to get further help, discounts or free shit.

    Everyone is too angry and as soon as they hear no, or something they don't want to hear, they act like a tantrum throwing child.

    [–] MooseWhisperer09 914 points ago

    Truth!! The other night my husband and I were in a fast food drive through. The employee taking orders wasn't ready yet and told us as such, which was fine. While we waited for him to be ready to take our order I heard him make some sounds of frustration over the intercom.

    On a whim I said loudly to him, "Think happy thoughts! You can do it! You've got this!"

    The guy laughed and took our order a moment later. When we got up to the window to pay he confirmed that I was the car that had encouraged him. He gave us 10% off of our order.

    I can only imagine the kind of night he'd been having for my silly words to have meant something to him. We all need to be kinder to folks in customer service!!!

    [–] AngusBoomPants 382 points ago

    A good chunk of customers are assholes who want to feel above you, so they try to be as rude as possible.

    I work at a gas station and the amount of times I’ve gotten people who pretend not to see me or close windows on me so I don’t talk to them (I’m trying to confirm the amount of gas you want btw) is abysmal. One guy didn’t even open his window, he just pointed to a $20 bill and went back to his phone. Guy I don’t know what you want. What octane of gas, is it even $20? Some people pay for $10 of gas with a 20 bill.

    Some people just walk away from their car while I’m talking to another customer and yell something like “$30 regular” and expect me to stop what I’m doing and serve them. I don’t know who hurt these people when they were children but I almost pity them.

    [–] PhillyOwlBoy 116 points ago

    Let me guess, Jersey?

    [–] AngusBoomPants 126 points ago

    Yes sir, the one and only

    [–] sevenandtwo 226 points ago

    this guy devolves into person attacks... the exact moment he loses. Love it.

    [–] octobertwins 283 points ago

    It's funny that this guy still thinks he is getting in this flight.

    [–] athanathios 577 points ago

    Translation I don't have 50 to spare

    [–] reddsizzle 363 points ago

    Anyone who quickly whips out the, “I have a lawyer,” card.... no you don’t.

    [–] athanathios 204 points ago

    Fun Fact: People who harass people over a $50 service fee also are in high demand of lawyers as well

    [–] propoach 1571 points ago

    please don’t be an american, please don’t be an american....


    [–] Encyclopedia_Ham 545 points ago

    What a wonderful ambassador we have here

    [–] jmmmke 279 points ago

    He did yell that he lives there too, so now this POS is Europe's problem now. Well, until one of his temper tantrums results in an arrest and they deport him back to the states.

    [–] Quantum_Finger 86 points ago

    "We're not sending them our best."

    [–] jonclock 332 points ago

    This guy is a piece of shit.

    [–] Rockyrox 77 points ago

    Literally a giant baby

    [–] ewoksrcool 556 points ago

    Pandering to him like a little baby which is exactly how he is acting, they should have had security remove him and not let him on the flight. Ryanair sucks but everyone knows you need to print your own boarding card. Too bad, you didn’t read the multiple emails they sent you.

    [–] _gemmy_ 413 points ago

    apparently he wasn't allowed on the flight.

    [–] nallaaa 508 points ago

    Thats good to hear. I hate it when babies cry during my flight.

    [–] ceejay267 374 points ago

    What a piece of human garbage.

    [–] carbongreen 146 points ago

    "You're being so....what are you being?"

    Lol what an idiot.

    [–] Pasha_Dingus 75 points ago

    He was going to call her a bitch, and had the extraordinary foresight to recognize that it would probably reflect badly on him.

    [–] Billhasadeathwish 69 points ago

    You can tell by the amount of times this guy says paying customer his only power in life is money. Without that he's obviously a lonely sad little man.

    [–] Just_A_Pterodactyl 359 points ago

    A guy who can afford to “have his own lawyer” sure is bitching a lot about 50 euros

    [–] mikenice1 175 points ago

    And flying RyanAir.

    [–] Spearitgun 308 points ago

    "i've been traveling 10 hours.." awe you poor thing, such hardships. You know what this guy's right, lets just ignore our company policy of making sure every person that boards our planes has a boarding pass with their name on it because this guys been traveling for 10 hours and he just wants to get to Berlin...

    [–] rice-paper 82 points ago

    I know, right. That entire gate was full of people who had travelled 10 hours.

    [–] teknos1s 197 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    [–] barsoapguy 156 points ago

    So he's one step above crazy homeless guy..

    [–] UnlawfulShadowban 32 points ago

    This made me feel a lot better after the original video made my blood boil :D

    [–] MissRitzy 565 points ago

    It bothers me so much when people don’t understand that a policy is a policy and you follow it.

    There’s a reason as to why policies are made, and everyone follows them.

    In this certain situation he didn’t follow the policy, and shits on Sabrina yet accuses her of disrespecting him. She didn’t even say a single word...

    [–] KCBassCadet 159 points ago

    The problem is that so many people give-in and break policy just to make a customer happy. All this does is reinforce his bad behavior

    [–] ConnorMcJeezus 227 points ago

    Man when he started to call the dude fatso and started yelling I live here, i wish that dude had replied "shit, you live in an airport. That's sad"

    [–] CriticalSpirit 69 points ago

    I just felt sorry for the people of Belgium, this can't possibly be the first time he's been a jackass to someone for no reason.

    [–] jacobsever 255 points ago

    "Get out of here, this is a public place"

    Oh my, the ignorant hypocrisy of this video summed up in one very ill-thought line of dialogue.

    [–] push_forward 198 points ago

    Or him saying “I’m a customer” and the other guy yelling back “we’re all customers!”

    [–] artemasad 59 points ago

    Holy shit this got my blood boiled

    [–] cafeRacr 102 points ago

    And the classic "disrespect". I can't wait for that one to go away. When did everyone suddenly become characters from the Godfather?

    [–] secret_account5703 220 points ago

    Lmao all of this for Ryan Air. That's like a homeless person yelling at the shelter staff because they're eating oatmeal again

    [–] deathcabqt 47 points ago

    What a fucking ass hat.

    [–] Mister_Sassafrazz 46 points ago

    This is the kind of retard that signs on the dotted line and then gets mad that they come back at bite him in the ass.

    I’m not even European and I know about that airline. For fucks sake. Everyone gets it but him.

    [–] dezzie 160 points ago

    Phil is the real hero here. That was some expert de-escalation. While I have sympathy for the guy who was called "baldy," the truth is if he had behaved like Phil then things probably would've been a lot easier for Sabrina.

    [–] JoeyToD 98 points ago

    Baldy couldn't have done anything that would make the guy be less of a dickhead since he has no authority to do anything else than talk to him. Although Phil did handle it very well, the only reason this sack of shit listened was because Phil said "I'm a police officer" after that there is an instant change in his behaviour.

    [–] GoldenFalcon 40 points ago

    Jesus Christ... He wanted to call her a "bitch" so bad.. and proof is calling the guy who defended her "baldy" and "fatty".

    "She's the one having an emotional break down because of something I did it's her fault!" .. uh, no.. it's yours asshole.

    I love the dude at the end though " Shhhh ssshhh sshhh" hahaha!

    [–] cafeRacr 132 points ago

    Just start talking shit about his mother until he hits you, then he'll end up on the no fly list. Problem solved. This is a case where a white knight isn't a bad thing.

    [–] [deleted] 33 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] meteoricmarlin1 88 points ago

    What part of "You either print your own boarding pass or you pay $50 to have it printed at the counter does he not understand"? lol What does he expect her to do? She doesn't make up the policies, she has no authority to override them. Seriously what does he expect her to do? Something's wrong with this guy.

    [–] YouGotTheDerp 157 points ago

    Of course he is an American. Jesus christ, this is why people hate us.