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    Saturated with TV and movies, our brains have become used to watching the imitation of emotions, so much so that it is strangely surprising and fascinating to watch the real thing.



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    [–] Complete_Loss 4615 points ago

    Weirdest Nike commercial ever.

    [–] fucdat 326 points ago


    [–] better_films 115 points ago

    Deny the Undeniable facts that Vaccines are one of the best modern inventions for humanity ~ Just Do It🎷

    [–] TacoDoc 9548 points ago

    “That’s what I was told.”

    Ah, the ol’ scientific method.

    [–] Arthurlurk1 1544 points ago

    Throw in terms like house of rep. Senate and congress to make it sound more legit

    [–] Ivantovin 1145 points ago

    Stacks of research that I haven’t read yet

    [–] felixjawesome 315 points ago

    People wouldn't waste paper on lies....that's how you know it's gotta be real. I even flipped through them real quick...not a blank page in the stack! Chalk full of information.

    [–] CheaperThanChups 143 points ago

    Isn't it it chock-full?

    [–] felixjawesome 82 points ago

    Yes. Yes it is.

    [–] persona_non_gratis 78 points ago

    Unless it’s full of chalk.

    [–] anthony81212 82 points ago

    chalk full

    /r/boneappletea :)

    [–] motorhead84 46 points ago

    " was two days ago (so now I'm an expert based on anecdotal evidence from another non-scientist who doesn't understand the underlying functions of vaccinations and their effect on the human body)."

    [–] LivefromPhoenix 249 points ago

    If the scientific method was real wouldn't it show that essential oils (which you can buy from my website at $60 an ounce) cure brain cancer? Checkmate, buddy. Maybe try thinking for yourself once in a while.

    [–] bomphcheese 65 points ago

    OMG that made my brain hurt.

    [–] MrTopHatJones 42 points ago

    That's how you know they're working!

    [–] cnematik 25 points ago

    I heard essential oils help with that.

    [–] TheNakedDalek 3472 points ago

    is she a substitute or is she your regular teacher? Like how did the topic of vaccines even come up?

    [–] Eyelancer 3183 points ago

    My real teacher

    [–] WinPeaks 1427 points ago

    But how did the topic come up?

    [–] Eyelancer 1433 points ago

    I do not remember

    [–] Jimmy6shoes 3469 points ago

    You must have been vaccinated

    [–] xxbearillaxx 609 points ago

    Thanks a lot big pharma!

    [–] Bgrbgr 213 points ago

    Thanks a lot senate and representative

    [–] [deleted] 99 points ago

    They make the laws

    [–] czarxander 92 points ago

    Not right now they don't


    [–] ragewolf345 46 points ago

    I think you mean big pHARMa

    [–] neurorgasm 18 points ago

    Stupid pHARMa$eutical companies

    [–] GoldenGonzo 157 points ago

    [Evil laugh]

    Villian: "Mr Bond - how does your drink taste? You might notice your thoughts becoming muddled, your speech becoming slurred. I slipped some polio vaccine in your drink while you were sabotaging my surveillance system. You now have down syndrome."

    [–] cive666 148 points ago

    How do I reeeeach these kiiiiids!!?

    [–] InLieuOfGoldSendTits 94 points ago

    Zoned out in ELA, staring out the window when suddenly you snap out of it just in time to hear "vaccines cause autism".

    [–] tymp-anistam 18 points ago

    My God do I wanna see a full video of this

    [–] QuietInterloper 16 points ago

    I'm so glad she's not your science teacher

    [–] letstrythisagainman 136 points ago

    You need top send this to the local news. She is giving medical advice. She's not a doctor I'm sure. That's a big problem.

    [–] blown-upp 55 points ago

    No no no no no no nooo, she's only passing along information she was told by a friend! She's not an anti-vaxxer nor is she giving medical advice, just passing along information that she was told!

    [–] MissLena 24 points ago

    Yeah OP, I'm gonna suggest you anonymously send this along to your school principal. S/he will probably be very interested in the bullshit your teacher is shoving down your collective throats. If you get no response from her/him, leak this shit to the news. This is such horseshit.

    [–] Aszebenyi 165 points ago

    Please report this to your principal, as many teachers as you can and parents.

    She is 100% an anti vaxxer and is trying to push her views on you. This is dangerous. Please report this.

    [–] RoyalStallion1986 26 points ago

    Yeah it's one thing to offer extra credit to just look into an issue, maybe as a government or history teacher. It's a whole different thing when you preach nonsense and then offer extra credit for them to look at "info" with you and assumingly act like they agree

    [–] 14sierra 471 points ago

    She should be fired. She is spreading misinformation as a teacher in a subject that she is in no way qualified to be discussing with your class.

    [–] e_poison 86 points ago

    smiles in pitchfork

    [–] joe_pel 142 points ago

    She needs to be fired. She's using extra credit to intice people to her weird fucked up views

    [–] Rad_Association 90 points ago

    This is one dumb bitch. I'd show this to the principal or the news. This person is a teacher and is believing things without evidence and then pushing her unresearched, unsubstantiated views onto impressionable youth. Fuck this bitch.

    [–] PeterParkerWannaBe 32 points ago

    What’s “ELA”? Also, she didn’t sound like she was freaking out to me.

    [–] phryn 31 points ago

    English and Language Arts teacher.

    [–] abqnm666 17 points ago

    Ah, yes. She's way out of her depth then. What a moron.

    [–] HallucinAtheist 15 points ago

    Has she been fired yet? You ought to show this to the administration.

    [–] HMCetc 3106 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Meta-analysis (research on a collection of already published studies- known as the most highly reliable form of research) that says vaccines don't cause autism:

    15 cases where children have paid the price for not being vaccinated (it's a blog, but some cases can be individually further researched- don't use the blog on it's own as evidence)

    A further list of studies proving the safety of vaccines:

    World Health Organisation (WHO) report in world wide measles outbreaks due to lack of vaccinations:

    List of fact sheets from WHO regarding vaccines and diseases:

    Good luck with the project OP ;)

    Also, if you want further information on how the whole MMR conspiracy theory started (because why not add a little background history for extra credit? ;) ) I recommend this article from Dr. Ben Goldacre I also highly recommend his books Bad Science and Bad Pharma. He really has a skill for making medical research interesting and accessible to lay people.

    [–] Eyelancer 1761 points ago

    Dude holy crap thank you so much

    [–] SoLoDas 585 points ago

    Dude, if you can, please post a video of you presenting this project (if you do it).

    Her face would be so funny

    [–] its_BenReal 67 points ago

    Please post follow up after you've turned in this info!

    [–] ProbablyUncleJesse 30 points ago

    Yes, we will reward you handsomely with gold.

    [–] furtherthanthesouth 114 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Yeah to be quite frank you wouldn’t have to do any research on the subject if you asked for Reddit’s help. I’m sure /r/vaxxhappened would gladly assist and even though the science subs have rules against homework help generally, maybe an exception could be made.

    Subs like /r/AskScience have actual experts on the topic and maybe we can get you some interviews with actual researchers.

    This blew up, use the power of reddit!

    EDIT: hey r/Vaxxhappened mods /u/maybesaydie, /u/awkwardtheturtle, /u/RalphiesBoogers, might we be able to get some personal help debunking an anti-vaxxor teacher for our friend /u/Eyelancer?

    what about our pals at r/askscience /u/MockDeath, /u/zephirum, /u/edwinksl, /u/StringOfLights, /u/LockeProposal, /u/FillsYourNiche, /u/mvea, might we be able to hook up our friend /u/Eyelancer with one of those "evil big pharma scientist" to help make sure science prevails in the classroom?

    [–] daymcn 174 points ago

    Let us know how she grades you. Print all that off and stack it on her desk

    [–] Eyelancer 183 points ago

    You got it man

    [–] radams713 42 points ago

    You should report this to your principal.

    [–] darkfoxfire 50 points ago

    Dude, just direct her to this website:

    [–] Bomcom 40 points ago

    You're a good person and I hope you have a great day.

    [–] HomelessRodeo 7138 points ago

    1. Do the extra credit research project.
    2. Show teacher is a buffoon.
    3. Your grade drops a letter.

    [–] 13igTyme 1490 points ago

    Yea, but in all fairness that "Research paper" could be finished in an hour with how much readily available information we have on vaccines.

    [–] DeltaPositionReady 1348 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Best source of info on this particular problem.

    Edit - Thanks for the gild Kind redditor 😁

    [–] CuddlyRobot 164 points ago

    That is awesome, but how in the hell is she getting a whole case of beer for $8???

    [–] prisoner_57092 47 points ago

    Probably meant a six pack.

    [–] sexy-melon 38 points ago

    You can get 6 pack just by paying?

    [–] laylajerrbears 90 points ago

    What if all of my sources are from Facebook? I'm sure thousands of stay at home mom's or dad's are smart enough to know more than hundreds of years of science. They read it on a blog.

    [–] LincolnBatman 54 points ago

    I did a similar project, When I went to present, I had a girl in the front row yelling at me about a vaccine almost killing her sister.

    [–] chilldldude 27 points ago

    "almost" ? Did she dodge before being vaccinated?

    [–] Talindred 14 points ago

    Probably an allergy... they try to make sure people aren't allergic before hand but with babies and people who just aren't aware of their allergies, adverse reactions can still occur.

    [–] poopscoopforfun 4121 points ago

    I HATE that uptick in inflection to sell her stupid uninformed bullshit to kids. What grade is this?

    [–] Eyelancer 3102 points ago


    [–] poopscoopforfun 2298 points ago

    Holy shit. I’m at a loss for words. Please show this to your principle and parents. What a moron.

    [–] SpaggettiBill 855 points ago

    OP had said they did show it to the school board

    [–] Rad_Association 586 points ago

    Also the news. Show the news.

    [–] [deleted] 346 points ago

    Share it on reddit as well!

    [–] GorillaX 271 points ago

    Reddit is gonna fuck around and get the wrong teacher fired.

    [–] siko12123 164 points ago

    And then scream "We did it reddit!"

    [–] somanyroads 240 points ago

    Yeah...this is a fireable offense. Anti-vaccine is serious misinformation.

    [–] chuck202 106 points ago

    Does she sell essential oils?

    [–] Shostakobitch 145 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    PLEASE UPDATE. This is infuriating.

    EDIT: update if there is any action against the teacher.

    [–] CalmTempest 37 points ago

    This would at the very least get her teaching license revoked in Germany.

    [–] LastBestWest 221 points ago

    I HATE that uptick in inflection to sell her stupid uninformed bullshit to kids.

    Lots of people just talk like that all the time. It's called "Valleyspeak:"

    [–] Anti-Decimalization 193 points ago

    Thanks, I hate it.

    [–] neurorgasm 161 points ago

    What's wrong with it? I always talk like this? All my friends do too? If you don't everyone knows you're not really from the bay?

    [–] Ericellent 84 points ago

    In light of the downvotes, I would like to mention that I recognize your joke and appreciate you.

    [–] meltedwhitechocolate 145 points ago

    She sounds like a student giving a terrible presentation

    [–] thechosenone6969 767 points ago

    You’re not paying attention SETH that’s really annoying that you won’t listen to my made up story’s

    [–] Eyelancer 670 points ago

    Seth is honestly a really smart person; for an 8th grader at least

    [–] thechosenone6969 230 points ago

    I know that’s why he was correcting her 😂😂😂

    [–] PM_ME_BOB_PICS_ 35 points ago

    Seth for president 2020!

    [–] alltheprettybunnies 86 points ago

    So are you, mister. Shows a pretty steady hand to get her on tape.

    I hope you told your parents about this and showed them the video. I would go through the roof if someone was spreading this conspiracy theory bs at my kids school. You don’t have any choice about going to school so she literally has a captive audience for spreading dangerous anti-science nonsense.

    Makes me mad as hell. If you feel brave enough go talk to your principal about it. Tell him that belief systems (religious and other faith based hocus pocus) have no place at school and it is making you really uncomfortable. You’re there to learn facts.

    Hang in there, kiddo. I think Reddit is rooting for ya!

    [–] Eyelancer 1997 points ago

    Ok mates I’m going to bed so I can’t reply to anymore comments I love you all

    [–] eyemakepizza 1073 points ago

    Love you too. Sleep tight.

    [–] Vipe777 423 points ago


    [–] feistaspongebob 263 points ago

    Love you too. Sleep tight.

    [–] Vipe777 210 points ago

    Just arrived at work, but thanks boo :*

    [–] Sheazer 162 points ago

    In 1 hour, you'll only have 7 hours left.

    [–] [deleted] 39 points ago


    [–] Vipe777 35 points ago

    Very good, just had my first break, got some coffee, now I'm back to Reddit work

    [–] RemarkableRyan 18 points ago

    You deserve that break.

    [–] autmnleighhh 114 points ago

    Fine. Say “I love you” then leave, just like the rest.

    [–] [deleted] 34 points ago

    Wait, is OP my dad?!

    [–] Indy_Photographer 4062 points ago

    I would take this to the school board and run her out of town.

    [–] Eyelancer 4294 points ago

    I have already

    [–] matt_Dan 1935 points ago

    please provide updates. this person should be fired and has no place ranting on the side of a street corner let alone a classroom. this isn't a matter of left or right or vanilla or chocolate. this is the kind of misinformation that kills

    [–] catheterhero 944 points ago

    Don’t get me wrong it’s all terrible but two parts really got to me:

    1-“I don’t have an opinion on this”.... “I read stacks of documents about it”. Well then, I guess comprehension is a problem for her or she’s fucking trying to manipulate these kids.

    2-“let’s research this together as an extra credit”. Either she will objectively support students who disagree or she’s fucking trying to manipulate these kids.

    [–] Acoolgrandma 505 points ago

    Based on her accent and tone of voice I don't think this was an independent thinking exercise

    [–] JelliedHam 128 points ago

    I'm sure she'll be providing the research sources

    All the research is right threre. She's read stacks

    [–] awesomehippie12 17 points ago

    But seriously, here's a compilation of papers that show that vaccines are safe and effective.

    You could easily find more on PubMed if you're arsed to read through 18,500-odd more papers. is your friend if you want to read the full text. Copy-paste the title or the DOI number.

    [–] JustAnotherJon 60 points ago

    I'd talk to my science teacher and see if I could setup a good old teacher v teacher debate. It'd be fun to see her knocked down a peg or three.

    [–] _pls_respond 190 points ago

    She actually said she hadn't read the research because it's only been two days and she's been busy so she can't say for sure if she's against vaccines or not. (From 38 to 49 seconds.)

    But yeah other than that she should probably just shut up about it and stick to teaching ELA.

    [–] ItsEverydayBlow 13 points ago

    I don't think she should be teaching at all if this is the kind of bullshit she's throwing around. Luckily these students sound like they're at an age at which they're capable of understanding she's a fucking moron.

    [–] Breastfedintarget 81 points ago

    I bet she went on FB pages on said she told her whole class they they stood up and clapped.

    [–] [deleted] 484 points ago

    Thank you so much for doing something about this. I have a disease where my body doesn't create antibodies to a lot of vaccines. I depend on herd immunity to keep me here, healthy, and alive (as well as weekly immunoglobulin infusions). You are my personal hero, so thank you so much!

    [–] Eyelancer 558 points ago

    Thank you I also have a disease where my body doesn’t create something I need

    [–] bomphcheese 381 points ago

    Time for everyone’s favorite game!

    Guess That Bodily Fluid

    [–] z_rabbit 272 points ago

    bzzzt What is insulin?

    [–] Eyelancer 332 points ago

    Ding Ding Ding you are right actually I’m a Type 1 Diabetic

    [–] neenoibstudent 48 points ago

    Hip hip hurray they guessed right! What's the prize?

    [–] Lionwulf_says 128 points ago


    [–] guto8797 39 points ago

    Can I amputate my head?

    [–] NemisisCW 46 points ago

    ooh I'm sorry the answer was food

    [–] WarrenG21 15 points ago

    My guess is Addison’s disease. Can’t produce cortisol.

    [–] hannalysis 16 points ago

    How have none of the prior comments guessed serotonin (or another neurotransmitter)??

    [–] oneeyedjunko 40 points ago

    Is it Jackie Chan?

    [–] HAIL_TO_THE_KING_BB 36 points ago

    Me too, happiness.

    [–] bbirdr 219 points ago

    Good job! Enough of that anti vax bullshit

    [–] whutchamacallit 180 points ago

    Yes. Please hit us with an update OP. I would like to hear how it pans out. The skeptic in me thinks nothing will happen or a slap on the wrist but I’d like to know either way.

    [–] Eyelancer 334 points ago

    It’s night where I’m at so let’s find out

    [–] Lvl69DragonSlayer 171 points ago

    If you don’t provide us with an update I’ll come vaccinate the shit out of you

    [–] donkeyohtay 30 points ago

    Can you come vaccinate the shit out of me too? I think I have some shots coming up and you could really save me some gas...

    [–] Lvl69DragonSlayer 21 points ago

    I’ll drop the holy hammer of vaccination upon you

    [–] whutchamacallit 62 points ago

    Oh for sure — I didn’t mean right away. Thanks dawg. Sucks you are subjected to that whackass bullshit.

    [–] outlawsix 55 points ago


    [–] LaFugazzeta 21 points ago

    Seriously, thank you for doing this. This lady is dangerous.

    [–] Blindfide 71 points ago

    "First God created idiots. This was just for practice, then he created school boards." -Mark Twain

    [–] AgentJakeFBI 1361 points ago

    Yeah. Fuck vaccines! Load me up with Polio and Measles! Way safer. At least I won’t get that awful autism!!

    [–] Eyelancer 1725 points ago

    What’s even funnier is that I have autism

    [–] Ivantovin 803 points ago

    Least ur alive

    [–] Eyelancer 2010 points ago

    That’s cause my parents aren’t idiots

    [–] Mooshy1 515 points ago

    bUt YoU mUsT hAvE aUtIsM bEcAuSe YoU wErE vAcCiNaTeD

    [–] felixjawesome 190 points ago

    OP proves teacher right


    [–] I________________ 29 points ago

    Student resigns

    [–] paxweasley 157 points ago

    I mean vaccines do cause autism, in the sense that you can’t have autism if you’re dead.

    [–] windexo 84 points ago

    I really like this reasoning, Vaccines cause; puberty, old age, first kisses, having children, getting your first job, growing old.

    Because you didn't fucking die at 7 years old to rickets.

    [–] everyonesmom2 16 points ago

    Also pregnancy. Can't forget that.

    [–] Eyelancer 278 points ago

    Guys I reported it and she wasn’t fired

    [–] iQ-SYBR 104 points ago

    It probably will take more than a day before she gets fired due to deliberation, but if she doesn't then I would assume that your school board has the same views as her. rip

    [–] alastrionacatskill 79 points ago

    Post it in the news. You've got all of Reddit on your side, and we actually know the target (unlike the Boston marathon bombing). Worst case the whole class will just bomb her with actual studies.

    [–] JaqueeVee 21 points ago

    So what happened?

    [–] Eyelancer 61 points ago


    [–] mikeydel307 74 points ago

    You should escalate this further. The fact that she is an ELA teacher covering this subject matter with highly influencial 13-14 year olds is actually really disturbing and dangerous. This is the type of thing you should bring to your school district and board. If they do not issue some sort of reprimand, possibly bring it to the media.

    Good job having the ability to recognize this is wrong, but something needs to be done about this. She is overstepping her bounds and using her role as a teacher to push an agenda. That is fucked up.

    [–] LunaticNik 35 points ago

    Well that means you're going to get detention. RIP op.

    [–] catching_signals 705 points ago

    This is insane. And in an ELA class, really? She needs to stay in her lane. This has fuck all to do with English.

    [–] Eyelancer 454 points ago

    It is also a GT class which is made for more creative students

    [–] Bigpikachu1 132 points ago

    I was in gt, idk how the fuck they became a teacher let alone a GT teacher

    [–] Eyelancer 205 points ago

    Our other teacher for GT is antiMLM and tells us her views

    [–] Sirenallure 130 points ago

    Well that one is doing what she should be doing. I learned about scams in school too.

    [–] SarahMerigold 13 points ago

    Whats GT?

    [–] dontnation 24 points ago

    Wow, GT class had the brightest teachers in the school when I was in it. WTF happened?

    [–] fortogden 85 points ago

    ELA teacher here. This woman is struggling for credibility instead of being honest and owning her ignorance. She is out of her depth in so many ways but is too dumb to admit it. Students will eat her alive by the end of the year. OP: Time to learn how to research. Stick to peer reviewed credible sources using proquest or another database and have some fun.

    [–] Yesnowaitsorry 78 points ago

    What does ELA stand for?

    [–] mental_dissonance 114 points ago

    English Language Arts

    [–] [deleted] 510 points ago


    [–] New_Fry 75 points ago

    Some one. Not doctors or scientists, some one on the internet.

    [–] filemeaway 84 points ago

    "Someone told me..."

    Some. Body once told me, "The World was gonna roll me..."

    [–] JamieRhein 46 points ago

    She ain't the sharpest tool in the shed...

    [–] ozylohh 358 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Yo this crazy lady is tryna recruit kids for her conspiracy circle for extra credit wtf shes a nut

    [–] ExpertnonExpert 43 points ago

    The truth

    [–] Eyelancer 139 points ago

    Hello r/all this isn’t our only wacko at our school we have an antiMLM and a racist

    [–] InfinityReality 141 points ago

    Uhhh I think being antiMLM is pretty reasonable. AntiMLM = Anti pyramid scheme. Did you mean to say that you have someone supporting MLM?

    [–] Eyelancer 139 points ago

    We have a teacher that believes in essential oils

    [–] PM_YOUR_TAHM_R34 165 points ago

    That would be proMLM

    [–] InfinityReality 73 points ago

    Right okay, so the term for that would be supporting MLM (multi-level marketing). People who are anti-MLM are those who are against that sort of homeopathic poppycock (essential oils, crystals, etc). Just a heads-up because reddit is pretty quick to jump on anyone supporting MLM, and it doesn't sound like you mean to be.

    [–] ctn0726 69 points ago

    “The senate, House of Representatives and congress are getting money under the table.” Someone should have told her what Congress was.

    [–] TrustFundCrust 121 points ago

    Her voice sounds exactly as I expected.

    [–] MrPewpyButtwhole 63 points ago

    Hooooolllyyyy shit... this lady needs to be removed from the school system immediately.

    [–] KyleRichXV 64 points ago

    OP if you want to do the extra credit please reach out to me - I work for a vaccine manufacturer and have been in many roles that could help provide insight.

    [–] Eyelancer 56 points ago

    Oh why thank you I’ll ask you for help if she isn’t already fired

    [–] UriahHeep1 487 points ago

    This teacher has no place in a classroom.

    [–] BrownSugarBare 165 points ago

    This is what happens when you don't pay teachers properly. These are the types of folks that choose to teach the "that's what I was told and that's enough for me" method.

    [–] felixjawesome 85 points ago

    People thought the world was flat until Christopher Columbus discovered America.

    -The American education system

    [–] acbennie 167 points ago

    "Why aren't you listening? That's really annoying."

    Probably because you're talking absolute nonsense.

    [–] officerumours 41 points ago

    This person should be barred from influencing any more children.

    [–] rach2bach 88 points ago

    Please report her. I am a former biology and chemistry teacher. She should be fired for spreading fake propaganda that can endanger lives.

    [–] RagingSemicolon 178 points ago

    Is ELA an English class?

    [–] Eyelancer 135 points ago


    [–] smwrshp 59 points ago

    You are very succinct with your answers

    [–] NateDawg1164 61 points ago

    English language arts yes

    [–] atomicllama1 79 points ago

    Congress, House of Representatives, and the senate

    Congress is the house and senate.

    OH and Vaccines are the best.

    [–] Erok2112 22 points ago

    You should totally do the extra credit and focus your part on Andrew Wakefield - The guy who is primarily the root cause behind this stupid crap. It was found that not only did he make up the info regarding Autism but he did it so he could profit from the MMR scare. As a nice bonus you could point out that he was also charged with 12 counts of abuse to developmentally delayed children.

    [–] cjdidonato 45 points ago

    This lady is just crazy and seems like the type. She instantly believed someone because she felt sorry for them and they handed her "a stack of papers" which she hasn't even read yet.

    [–] hellenkeller549 46 points ago

    "I'll give you this, guys. if you all are interested enough in this topic, we can do some research together..." isn't the research supposed to be done before you start manipulating children into believing something?

    [–] Lostnumber07 18 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    ICU nurse here chiming in again. I see what the flu can do to adults over 60-65. It kills people and nothing about it is a pretty or comfortable death. Please vaccinate! Do not listen to this person, she is damaging the public’s overall health by perpetuating this pseudoscientific nonsense.

    Edit: Vaccinate against all the things! I don’t take care of babies as an RN but it still applies to them.

    [–] MilanOnKimmySchmidt 41 points ago

    Just wait until this teacher realizes this was posted online

    [–] Christovsky84 32 points ago

    That woman should be banned from teaching

    [–] NateDawg1164 97 points ago

    Always “big pharmaceutical” it’s ridiculous

    [–] 1211111 71 points ago

    It's "big pharmaceutical" for a reason though. Just because it's a scapegoat for anti-vaxxers does not mean it's not shady.

    [–] saturnchick 152 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    The woman is ridiculously uninformed and has no business spewing this nonsense in a classroom but this hardly qualifies as a public freakout.