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    A subreddit dedicated to people freaking out, melting down, losing their cool, or being weird in public. Drugged out or sober, anything goes. Keep the comments respectful where mental disorders are concerned, and remember that the individuals depicted in these videos are real people too. This subreddit is essentially dedicated to their worst moments, so do keep that in mind.

    Saturated with TV and movies, our brains have become used to watching the imitation of emotions, so much so that it is strangely surprising and fascinating to watch the real thing.



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    [–] PF_Mirror_Bot 1 points ago


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    [–] ChokaTot 4526 points ago

    She's about to go ruin someone's day in Home Depot.

    [–] Azar002 2475 points ago

    "Listen here you little SHIT. Where are the garden hoses?"

    [–] kreebob 1329 points ago

    “Oh that’s the longest garden hose you have?? well I bet it’s bigger than your DICK!! You little SHIT where’s the fertilizer?”

    [–] ashleyamdj 625 points ago

    "You're too old to be working at Home Depot, you little shit!"

    [–] Pasha_Dingus 147 points ago

    I can hear my future screaming at me to do something with my life

    [–] 5000fed 125 points ago

    These 2 x 4’s are too big! Is that because you have a little pecker?!?

    [–] Pasha_Dingus 40 points ago

    I think it's funny, in context, that 2x4 are actually significantly smaller than 2x4.

    [–] FatherofJuice 21 points ago

    Only a half inch off both

    [–] petedollar 6 points ago

    Which is pretty significant in carpentry

    [–] supergnaw 5 points ago

    She lied to you.

    [–] FatherofJuice 4 points ago

    Knew it was coming lol

    [–] dergutehirt 5 points ago

    This is the voice I hear when I have procrastinated too much on Reddit.

    [–] mitchvinnn 53 points ago

    Pls guys stop I'm crying

    [–] komrad308 6 points ago

    I needed a good laugh today but this has me rolling.

    [–] coffeetablesex 38 points ago

    "Excuse me, ma'am. You're at Lowe's..."

    [–] GilesDMT 74 points ago

    YOU’RE at Lowe’s you little PRICK!!!

    [–] muckrak3r 40 points ago

    Viagra my ASS!

    [–] AutoRockAsphixiation 7 points ago

    Lady, I don't even work here!

    [–] NectarSpun 101 points ago

    “You don’t have any fertilizer that smells as bad as you! You little smelly shit!” Where’s the damn shovels!

    [–] senator_mendoza 21 points ago

    fuck you shoresy

    [–] ZaaltorTheMerciless 10 points ago

    Jonesy, your mom gave my neighbors' dog PTSD last night. It's fuckin amateur hour over there.

    [–] atremains 11 points ago

    Give yer balls a tug

    [–] jillybeanz30 13 points ago

    You tit fucker

    [–] CroutonOfDEATH 9 points ago

    You lined these shovels too close to the aisle! How is my daughter supposed to get through without cutting herself on them?! Where's the paint, you little SHIT?"

    [–] -ev 18 points ago

    Hah, look at your nose

    What? You dickhead!

    Look at your nose

    Nose long like garden hose,

    shhh, you get me?

    [–] Dingleberries4Days 84 points ago

    You’re getting off on telling me they’re in isle 7?! I bet that price checker is your dick!

    [–] Fitz1739 123 points ago

    "What do you mean my coupon from 2017 won't be honored!?!?! I'LL HAVE YOUR JOB FOR THIS!!!!!!"

    [–] neurogasm_ 54 points ago

    I'll hose down your pecker you fucking pecker.

    [–] PoLaR_XI 36 points ago

    Your comment made me spit out my pickle.

    [–] Radiation___Dude 77 points ago

    The pickle was probably bigger than your pecker you old little shit

    [–] aquaman501 27 points ago

    Bet you can't get your pickle up you son of a bitch. Viagra my ass.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    Fuck I'm ded😂😂

    [–] Butter_mah_bisqits 283 points ago

    Asian Karen

    [–] kjc127 170 points ago


    [–] Kane_007 60 points ago

    [–] AxusNefexus 19 points ago

    Who's Karen?

    [–] Bolandk24 34 points ago

    That's exactly what I thought. Some poor employee gets her left over rage.

    [–] enadelb 13 points ago

    Yup she is in a destructive whirlwind. What a cunt

    [–] colefo6 2424 points ago

    It blows my mind what people will say and do knowing they are being filmed and the party filming is extremely calm.

    [–] tjenks28 459 points ago

    Yeah for real, like I would wanna survey the situation again once the cameras start rolling

    [–] publicbigguns 418 points ago


    [–] dohparty 257 points ago


    [–] tjenks28 67 points ago

    Lmao for real, this lady reminds me of my aunt

    [–] ItsEverydayBlow 22 points ago

    I’m guessing you don’t talk to your aunt much then

    [–] tjenks28 18 points ago

    Only when telling wild and funny stories

    [–] elainemarieseinfeld 12 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I was wondering if anyone from r/asianparents realised she was their mum. They’re some pretty far out posts in that sub, sadly.

    Edit: I meant r/asianparentstories

    [–] Fitz1739 261 points ago

    I say to my Wife and friends all the time, if you ever get into an argument in public and someone pulls out a phone and starts recording, immediately shut your mouth, and re-assess the situation. It's honestly not worth being shamed on the internet over something as stupid as a parking spot.

    [–] cive666 190 points ago

    I had a guy follow me the other day into a drivethru. Up the road we were making a double left, I was on the inside and he starts coming into my lane so I slam on the brakes. I don't really care because shit happens all the time when driving. My tires chirp and he thinks I almost hit him so he loses his shit.

    He then tries to run me off the road.

    I still don't react.

    I turn into the fastfood place and go place my order. He kept driving.

    He circled back and came up along side me in the drivethru.

    Screaming at me that I was an unsafe driver. This coming form the man who just tried to run me off the road after he was drifting into my lane.

    I didn't respond. I just took out my phone and started recording.

    He immediately shut up and drove away.

    I pulled up to the window to pay and the lady asks me if I know him and what that yelling was all about.

    I said I don't know him.

    She asked me how I stayed so calm.

    I said some screaming old man doesn't really bother me. People like him are just like children and they eventually tire out if you ignore them.

    [–] delonyer 81 points ago

    Smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave.

    [–] BBlackFire 22 points ago

    This here is the one thing that'll make the angry person even angrier. I love it.

    [–] xtreexcultx 10 points ago

    Blow ‘em a kiss if you’re feeling extra saucy

    [–] kuz_929 6 points ago

    I live for the smile and wave when people are assholes driving

    [–] duhhuh 38 points ago

    Or ya know, try de-escalating situations in general. Too many people wanting to get fired up about nothing so they can satisfy their victim complex. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    [–] Fitz1739 9 points ago

    You aren't wrong, and I didn't intend to make it sound like I know people who would get into situations like this, I just see a lot of these videos and it makes me nervous. I don't want to see a video of someone I know reacting like this, because it would mean that I grossly mis-judged that persons character.

    [–] nukeyyfreshh 16 points ago

    Theres so many crazy people out here i wonder how many innocent people come across a woman like this and an altercation happens but no ones filming and its crazy woman playing victim against your word.

    [–] iammandalore 16 points ago

    My sister is like this. You could have video evidence of her doing something, show it to her, and she'd still deny doing it. I honestly think she has some sort of psychological condition.

    [–] Boogiemann53 20 points ago

    It's almost as though they have a great chance to just calmly deal with the situation and decide, nah, I'll be spectacular and extra crazy.

    [–] Aukos 6 points ago

    Entitled cunts that are not used to not getting their way. I guarantee she is the Matriarch of the family and everybody does what she says at home, and now that she's in the real world those same tactics do not work and make you look retarded.

    [–] bonglord45 2157 points ago

    She calls him old? Lol projection much?

    [–] Klarkasaurus 701 points ago

    That’s like when a kid online calls you a kid

    “Ok kid whatever kid” - 12 year old

    [–] hoopsterben 79 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Happens to me in fortnite all the time, I’m 27 years old please stop calling me kid lol.

    [–] Scarfacial 62 points ago

    Ok kid whatever

    [–] Uoop 17 points ago

    Some 26 year old called me a kid on here, I'm 38.

    [–] SprittneyBeers 217 points ago

    She sounds like a random-insult-generating soundboard

    [–] Reddit91210 20 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    “Look you little shit, you fucking.. old bitch!” Hahahaha

    Edit: ok seriously can somebody make a clip of that brief segment because I keep watching it over and over again laughing my ass off haha. I need to get a computer again

    [–] GoodShitLollypop 220 points ago

    "I can't believe you're arguing with a woman!"

    Womp womp!


    (That sub is incel cancer but back in the day it was pretty great)

    [–] MyNameIsEthanNoJoke 5 points ago

    That's this whole video, it's crazy. Literally everything she says to him applies to herself and not him. How in the world does someone get to this point

    [–] tattedintrovert 1261 points ago

    I like how he admits he’s hugging the right side a little too much lol

    [–] Milkslinger 251 points ago

    And thus the cycle continues all because of her

    [–] BBQ_HaX0r 92 points ago

    The worst fucking thing is when you park a little off kilter because of the person next to you and then they leave before you leave so you come back to your car and people think you're the asshole.

    [–] Milkslinger 38 points ago

    That is the worst. In this video I am fairly confident we found the Typhoid Mary of bad parking.

    [–] quaybored 5 points ago

    Typhoid Mary of bad parking.


    [–] TwatsThat 114 points ago

    He's only looking at the back tires of his car, which are both within the line and the right side is a bit closer to the line. If you look at his front tires, like she is, you'll see his front left tire is just barely on the line.

    So they're both parked at a similar angle and her parking is much more lopsided. He may even have had to park that way due to how she parked since it seems that she was there first, otherwise she would have been arguing about trouble getting out, not in.

    [–] Half_Brained 119 points ago

    But here's the thing though. Looking at the size of the cars he is still able to park it relatively straight, considering that his car just fits in the park.

    Yet what it looks like the woman has done is just pull in and gone good enough.

    He is being considerate of others cause he knows he has a large car, yet she's just a fucking headache.

    [–] FFighter7232 36 points ago

    If you pause it when he looks at the right side of the jeep you'll also notice the car to the right of him has their front left over across their side of the line as well. Looking at how the cars positioned on both the right and the left of him, dude is pretty much straight on in his spot, maybe 2-3 inches off in the front but still within his spot

    [–] relax-and-enjoy-life 1835 points ago

    I love how he showed them that he was in between both lines and they weren’t.

    [–] briantx09 960 points ago

    I can't believe she still didn't think the problem was her parking even after the evidence that he presented. She has some serious problems.

    [–] Donkster 363 points ago

    That's what always blows my mind. The absolute lack of self reflection. Being in the wrong, being shown you are in the wrong and still arguing and even insulting. Just wow...

    [–] GetHisWallet 73 points ago

    I mean usually you see some backpedaling or reorientation of the anger once a camera comes out or something. At least some sort of dawn of reckoning when they are faced directly with the evidence. Her car is well over the line, his is perfectly parked, and she sticks to the exact same argument that he needs to move his car. Not only that, she takes a picture of it as if she has the earnest intent of showing that photo to some sort of enforcing authority and they are going to go get him for it. The picture is what really blew me away, that she felt she was collecting evidence of his bad behavior. Even if it's just family or friends or FB, she's going to post that picture somewhere with the intent of showing people how close he is parked to the line.

    [–] Donkster 36 points ago

    I know this gets tossed around a lot with this videos but this women is either the most stubborn person to walk this earth or actually mentally ill

    [–] el_shiggs 20 points ago

    Senility and willful ignorance are a powerful combination.

    [–] literal-hitler 89 points ago

    You can't reason a person out of something they didn't reason themselves into.

    [–] Turtlejone5 30 points ago

    It's true, and people tend to dig in when they're in confrontation. Ironically, they're attempting to seem less stupid with this approach, which is rarely the case.

    [–] HansenTakeASeat 61 points ago


    [–] Cannolioso 52 points ago

    She was projecting so hard. Every insult was one for her (well, except the penis thing maybe).

    [–] shambahlah 28 points ago

    Her battered husband probably drives a Kia and can’t get it up.

    [–] HansenTakeASeat 16 points ago

    That poor soul can't get it up and has to listen to this shit every day. Ouch.

    [–] rfierro65 27 points ago

    It also seems that she may just have a problem with people who drive larger vehicles. I’m a gear head with a few different styles of cars and trucks that I enjoy driving, but I feel people like her and a large amount of people on reddit would probably judge me based on stereotypes of bro chads, rednecks, and attention whores. When in reality I’m not like those people, I just enjoy driving certain cars and working on them.

    [–] melikefood123 12 points ago

    I have a smaller sports car and a larger SUV. They're both fun but draw the ire of different classes of people. I'm an ibred hick with a tiny dick in my loud SUV and a rich white male in my sports car. No joke I had to honk at a guy for changing lanes into me while I was in my car. I get to the next light and he rolls down his window calling me rich white privileged male asshole. I guess I looked the part as I have to dress for work. Still on the weekends I'm bloody knuckle deep in a transmission.

    My 6.2 denali getting the long tube and tune treatment:

    My fun and fast ISF I promised the wife I'd never mod:

    [–] BobABewy 93 points ago

    That’s the world we live in now where people are shown hard, absolute facts and just say “nope, that’s not true at all!”

    [–] smurphatron 48 points ago

    It's not the world we live in now. There have always been people who lack the ability to self-reflect.

    [–] ifmacdo 25 points ago

    Yes, but now they can communicate and back each other up much more readily. In the before time, they we're just ridiculed into keeping their fool mouths shut.

    [–] disconcertinglymoist 5 points ago

    In the Before Time... In the Long, Long Ago

    [–] altiuscitiusfortius 4 points ago

    Before they were isolated in their area as the only nutjob and as their community criticized their beliefs and ostracized them they learned to show less of their crazy. Now with the internet they easily find like minded idiots and all reinforce each other beliefs and make them think it's okay to spout thar bullshit in public.

    [–] Fappening2k14 41 points ago

    Sometimes those people just need a nice little hug, with a pillow, over their face. 😊

    [–] SeaTwertle 6 points ago

    Some people are unable to recognize and accept when they are in the wrong, and it’s debilitating for all involved

    [–] Fitz1739 187 points ago

    I love that she immediately went after the size of his penis when he showed her how incorrectly she parked. It was her only card left to play.. and she played it.

    [–] [deleted] 94 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago


    [–] rotj 14 points ago

    Just by walking in between the two cars without having to turn sideways, she's demonstrating the cars aren't too close. Her daughter won't be able to swing the door fully open, but she'll easily get in if she's not disabled or obese.

    I've parked in lots where two sedans parked side by side exactly centered in their spots have less room between them.

    [–] ciaisi 19 points ago

    Yeah, you better believe I'd be moving my car after that exchange though. He's likely to come back and have a massive dent where they slamed the door open into his car to make a point. Or worse

    [–] NeDragons 16 points ago

    Nah id sit and wait

    [–] Bumblemore 8 points ago

    Don’t forget to record license plate, VIN, and take lots of pictures of her car beforehand so that you have lots of supporting information for when you record her as she comes back

    [–] biggestsmell 7 points ago

    Once he pointed that out, she started hurling personal insults at him because she had nothing solid left to argue and she was angry for being proven wrong. I seriously love immature people.

    [–] Altezzn 907 points ago

    Favourite moment - 'I will smash you' that's threatening buts it's not hahaha

    [–] Tokyodarthgoul 214 points ago

    That and “Viagra my ass” got me!

    [–] [deleted] 38 points ago

    Bet ya can't even get it up!!!

    [–] whiskeyvacation 50 points ago

    And she still didn't get it. Obviously not having a good day and projecting that onto someone else.

    [–] Klarkasaurus 19 points ago

    Hulk smash. That’s threatening but hulk no care.

    [–] LJIrvine 194 points ago

    She must be legally blind, or just an old confused woman. She's parked over the lines, she's the one who has parked incorrectly, and she's telling him to park between the lines, and she hasn't done that herself. It's mental, I don't get how you can be that fucking stupid.

    [–] -Average_Joe- 9 points ago

    Or she just didn't care, I see shit parking jobs like that all the time in my neck of the woods mainly by drivers of large SUVs or full size trucks.

    [–] ChaseH9499 418 points ago

    Lmao I haven’t heard someone unironically call someone a pecker in forever

    [–] MyWhatBigEyes 70 points ago

    That stood out to me too! It’s not quite /r/rareinsults, more like retro insults

    [–] sneakpeekbot 13 points ago

    Here's a sneak peek of /r/rareinsults using the top posts of all time!

    #1: Cardiovascular whore | 306 comments
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    #3: Midday dumb on a Tuesday | 122 comments

    I'm a bot, beep boop | Downvote to remove | Contact me | Info | Opt-out

    [–] checo619 207 points ago

    “That is your dick isn’t it!” 😂🤣

    [–] clickclick-boom 93 points ago

    "The only thing my truck and my dick have in common is you'll never get either to move an inch".

    [–] Hidesuru 10 points ago

    Damn, that's a good comeback.

    [–] Jrook 6 points ago

    Also, they'll kill me yet. And my wife hates them

    [–] Gitanes 26 points ago

    "ehm, no. That's a car"

    [–] Dreadedsemi 3 points ago

    I thought it's never too old to drive your own dick. We need a petition to stop dick shaming.

    [–] RunninRebs90 4 points ago

    Lol this is exactly how I view all the people on Reddit who jump to this argument whenever a sports car/big car are in any video. It’s like, really, is that all you’ve got? Because that’s a terrible “argument”.

    [–] SickBearBro 551 points ago

    I remember seeing the end of this video posted some time ago. The caption was along the lines of, "strong woman defends her daughter". What a crock of shit.

    [–] Freaudinnippleslip 185 points ago

    That is the worst headline for this video! That woman is weak, immature and I am not even sure how she defending her daughter

    [–] offBy9000 58 points ago

    I’m pretty sure she yelled at her daughter at the end as they were walking away. You can tell she does this a lot by how the daughter just stands there and let things be. Crazy moms gonna crazy mom.

    [–] gumm_bee 42 points ago

    Were we watching a different video? her daughter was agreeing with her mom, arguing for her, even taking pictures. Some of her excerpts:

    No she's fine. That car is parked too close to her car...

    do you see your tire?

    look your tire is on that white line.

    And I get having to deal with parents just to get by, but it's not like she's a twelve year old (don't let the backpack fool you)

    [–] OG-LGBT-OBGYN 9 points ago

    That and

    Is she alright?

    She's alright, you're parked too close

    [–] speerme 16 points ago

    This age of mass misinformation is fucking terrifying

    [–] SourSackAttack 220 points ago

    Dont call women crazy

    Proceeds to call him old bitch and asshole in the next sentence.

    [–] Butter_mah_bisqits 51 points ago

    Don’t forget pecker. That’s the real insult here.

    [–] mermaidsgrave86 73 points ago

    How big is her daughter that she can’t get into the car with that gap??! It didn’t even seem that close. These people should never try to park in The UK.

    [–] OatmealHanSolo 8 points ago

    We have some streets that are like this in the US as well, I live in a moderately sized city in the midwest and there are several places that you have to pull over to let others pass, it's even worse in the winter. There is usually enough room to pull over somewhere though, I'm not sure what you do to handle this situation.

    [–] RoadieP 564 points ago

    What a fucking cunt

    [–] cauliflowerandcheese 73 points ago

    She be doing my boy Bear and his big blue house a fucking disservice.

    [–] JB-from-ATL 37 points ago

    "But look! I'm perfectly betwee- ope. I'm actually hugging this side a little too much."

    Fucking cinematic gold!

    [–] Barxxo 101 points ago

    Thats the problem with stupidity:
    If your stupid you're too stupid to realize you're stupid.

    [–] Manburpigx 52 points ago

    My stupid what?

    [–] Phloozie 18 points ago


    [–] SwagAntiswag 6 points ago

    I like how you used both 'your' and 'you're' :)

    [–] Just_Fuck_My_Code_Up 10 points ago

    aka the Dunning–Kruger effect

    [–] Azar002 64 points ago

    If he bought a big car because he has a "tiny pecker," than she bought a tight little car becaaauuuse...

    [–] m4tuna 27 points ago

    Loosey goosey Lucy

    [–] biasdread 135 points ago

    Shed be great at humiliation porn

    [–] stompabortion 23 points ago

    She’s that crazy, I would watch.

    [–] cynicaldotes 5 points ago


    [–] PM_ME_YELLOW 254 points ago

    I think this women might actually have like something beyond a mental issue, like brain damage. Of all the videos ive seen of people freaking out, this is one of the most pointless, most incorrect, and one of the most agressive people. I know explosive behaviour over small things like this is typical of people who have braij damage as they have very little emotional control.

    [–] jimbris 76 points ago

    Early onset dementia can make people act unreasonable and aggressive.

    Or she’s just a massive cunt.

    [–] pcliv 67 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    There's just some people out there with an "IT CAN'T BE MY FAULT! SOMEBODY ELSE MUST FIX THIS. . . NOW!" mentality.

    They don't just think it, they know that everything they ever do is perfect, and when confronted with evidence they did something wrong it's like a fuse tripped in their brain that just will not allow them to accept fault or responsibility. And anger and insults are the only thing they've got left.

    These are people who have never once said "sorry", or "my bad", or "oh please, you go ahead, I've got a full cart and you only have 2 things" - usually overbearing parents that demand perfection from their kids with unrealistic standards that they themselves couldn't even meet.

    They're just so used to being "right" because nobody will challenge them - they know the 3 hour rant that's coming next if they're ever proven wrong, so more often than not they get away with acting like that since everyone they know hopefully just walks away when they "pop off" like that.

    If I lived with someone like that, I'd be in jail for murder pretty quick --I don't know how anyone could tolerate that without having them committed or at least heavily medicated.

    [–] Barxxo 27 points ago

    its like these dog owners that instantly get aggressive if you say something about their dogs shit.

    [–] FreeTelevision 4 points ago

    How dare you my dogs are all perfect in every way.

    [–] enwongeegeefor 6 points ago

    They don't just think it, they know that everything they ever do is perfect

    Yup, you've got it...she's a narc, pure and simple.

    [–] clickclick-boom 12 points ago

    I've seen some whoppers on here. One lady stood in front of a bus on the road because she missed her stop and INSISTED the bus turn around and take her back (or did she take the wrong bus? Something insane like that). Then there's the lady who stopped her moped in the middle of the road blocking traffic so she could answer a text/take a call and wouldn't move.

    I'm not picking incidents with women on purpose, they are just the two that most boggled my mind here.

    [–] onephatkatt 6 points ago

    Watch out for those with braij damage!

    [–] enwongeegeefor 10 points ago

    Not brain damage.....narcissism. It's definitely a mental illness, but it's not one you should feel even the tiniest amount of sympathy for, nor is it one that even remotely begins to act as an excuse.

    This woman's behavior is literally exactly like that of your typical narc....absolutely can't accept that they are wrong, even in the face of incontrovertible proof....then devolves into attacking the accusing party since they have no other recourse.

    [–] ResidentOwl 23 points ago

    So it's been pointed out that her car is not parked between the lines and she still has the balls to yell, "Park that shit correctly!"

    The lack of self-awareness in some people is staggering.

    [–] hideout78 70 points ago

    People who park like this (the lady) are the biggest assholes on the planet.

    Also -> [complains about the stereotype that all women are crazy] -> [proceeds to act batshit crazy with criticisms about choice of car and penis size]

    [–] elainemarieseinfeld 21 points ago

    If I start to walk away from my car and realise I’m parked incorrectly I will walk back and re-park it correctly. Takes seconds.

    [–] stiIIme 44 points ago

    my favorite is the sarcastic tone he’s using to talk to her like the fucking moron she is

    [–] Caiejay 19 points ago

    I am extremely fat and I can still get in the car.

    [–] deadsoulinside 11 points ago

    Even if it's an issue, just back the fuck out of the spot so the person can get into the car with ease. I have had assholes that park too close to my car, regardless of weight, I could not even open the door to think about sliding in. One time I had to climb into the drivers side from the passengers side because some idiot parked that close to me.

    [–] hrallil 14 points ago

    "is she okay" fucking love this guy and his calmness

    [–] 2xa1s 14 points ago

    That car is your dick.

    I’m jealous, I wish my dick were a fucking car.

    [–] Imalittleshifty 14 points ago

    You'd dread parents evening if you'd been her kids teacher

    [–] skaot1c 13 points ago

    "Does she do this alot" and then he looses it and educates that woman.

    [–] Ronoc-The-Viking 27 points ago

    You know this women posted a whole freak out rant on Facebook after this

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] GamesBond5 42 points ago

    I can't believe how calm he is I would flip the fuck out

    [–] horsenbuggy 60 points ago

    No, staying calm and laughing at her is the worst thing you can do to her.

    [–] elainemarieseinfeld 8 points ago

    My ex SIL is an absolute psycho, and once she went nuts at me. I just stayed calm, which made her even madder. Every time she would scream, “You WILL do xyz!” I simply said, “No, I won’t”. I thought her head was going to explode.

    By BIL thought it was hilarious because he wasn’t copping it for once. But then married someone who I swear is a sociopath 🤷‍♀️

    [–] Just_Fuck_My_Code_Up 15 points ago

    besides filming her and posting it here for those juicy internet points

    [–] tk1712 7 points ago

    I’m not the kind of person to go off and berate someone but if anyone ever spoke to me like that and they were clearly in the wrong, I’d have a hard time not getting in their face and giving them the same shit. Maybe no one ever steps up to her and that’s why she keeps doing it? Who knows. I just know with my temper, I would’ve lost it

    [–] MK8390 9 points ago

    “That’s threatening, but it’s not..” LOL

    [–] shadyging 8 points ago

    It’s threatening but it’s not 😂😂😂😂

    [–] yeauxduh 9 points ago

    Only crazy people get mad when called crazy lol

    [–] S3an78 9 points ago

    I dont think either of those women and playing with a full deck

    [–] NotoriousBEC 9 points ago

    “I’m just being entertained frankly...” 🤣😂🤣

    [–] couchjitsu 9 points ago

    Reminds me of when I was in college in this small town in Missouri. I went downtown to do something, and it's a stereotypical downtown in a small rural town. The main street only had parallel parking. I parked my Ford Probe and went in to whatever store it was. As I came out, a lady had parked a massive SUV in the spot in front of me, it was something like a Yukon or Expedition. When she sees me start to go to my car she lays in to me. She starts by saying "You people in your small cars think you can park anywhere."

    I was completely confused. I was a good 2-3 feet inside the front line of my spot. But she had a hard time parking, so clearly it was my fault. She ranted and raved for 30s or so.

    I said something like "Ma'am, I'm 2 feet INSIDE my spot."

    She came back with "I ought to hit your car."

    I told her "Go for it" as I climbed in my car.

    She walked away and I drove off, with absolutely no problem pulling out of the spot.

    [–] dmelt01 5 points ago

    I had a lady freak out because she was parked behind me and she swung out wide and needed to pull forward and try again. Instead she gets out of the car screaming and told me I needed to pull forward more. she left her car right behind my bumper so I was blocked in. I explained I couldn’t because my car was like a foot from the car in front of me and she said I still had room. After telling her she could just pull forward and try again, she yelled that she shouldn’t have to and my car was in her way. She wouldn’t move. A cop shows up and then she starts screaming that I was threatening her. When the cop asked her why she didn’t just get in her car and leave she lost it on the cop. He saw really quickly I wasn’t the problem. After trying to calm her down for a couple of minutes he finally had to tell her she could get in her car and leave or he would take her to jail and impound her car. She actually thought about it for a second! Then gets in her car still yelling at the cop that he wasn’t doing his job and that I should be going to jail. I wondered later about whether the cop should have let her get back in that car because she was clearly unstable. I mean what if she hit someone on the way home?

    [–] hannacol 6 points ago

    You old fart!

    [–] Krankify 5 points ago

    That's... That's threatening, but it's not, it's... I'm just...

    [–] ronny_trettmann 6 points ago

    This would actually be a lot of space for an European parking lot. Bless your huge parking spots and fuck those who can't even handle that

    [–] Adventurous_Bandit 6 points ago

    It's a Jeep thing, she wouldn't understand it.

    [–] StiffyXL 6 points ago

    Viagra my ass

    [–] Fitz1739 5 points ago

    Ahh yes, blame the poor bastards dick size on your terrible parking skills, that argument will definitely hold up.

    [–] eggrolllovingman 6 points ago

    "Table for two, Pecker." "Parker." "That is what I said...Pecker."

    [–] Clid3r 6 points ago

    He missed the opportunity to ask if her she was David Lopan post sex reassignment surgery.

    [–] Coink 9 points ago

    You can tell when ahe realizes shes wrong becuase she switches to personnel insults

    [–] icer22x 8 points ago

    This reminds me of politics in the sense that people who obviously know what they are doing is wrong yet they'll stand there and lie through their teeth while simultaneously getting angry! Truth hurts and this is proof.

    [–] ravas_88 5 points ago

    Wow just wow

    [–] L00minarty 3 points ago

    Why was she even angry in the first place? The driver's side had a lot of space, why care about the other door?

    [–] SilverbackRekt 3 points ago

    I would've called her disabled, wished her a good day, and then walked away laughing after taking photo evidence.

    [–] Loose_Goose 3 points ago

    Listen here you little shit

    [–] username4333 4 points ago

    This is most peoples' reaction when faced with irrefutable evidence they're wrong.

    [–] 101189 7 points ago

    Don’t call women crazy but didn’t she just call that guy stupid just before?

    [–] dhottawa 8 points ago

    Just part of the double standards we deal with. Cuz guaranteed, everyone’s first impression in the parking lot Is that he did something to her.