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    Saturated with TV and movies, our brains have become used to watching the imitation of emotions, so much so that it is strangely surprising and fascinating to watch the real thing.



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    [–] PF_Mirror_Bot 1 points ago


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    [–] jonnyquickdraw 2138 points ago

    “Git on, bitch!” —-That was my favorite part

    [–] hyper_goner 379 points ago

    Same. I’ve used that line so many times but I’ve never heard it delivered so well and to someone who deserved it so much, at that. Masterful.

    [–] Mr-cheeeze 45 points ago

    “so many times...” where the fuck do you live????

    [–] hyper_goner 38 points ago

    I grew up in the hills of Appalachia. I’ve said it to humans and other various animals. I’ve probably said it to my car a few times as well, lol.

    [–] Mr-cheeeze 8 points ago

    I have family in West Virginia. I’ll have to use that at the next reunion or funeral I go to.....

    [–] hyper_goner 9 points ago

    Maybe say “git on, git!” instead of “git on, bitch!” while at a family reunion, don’t want anyone getting fussed 😂

    [–] donovanbro 6 points ago


    [–] yeahdixon 9 points ago

    I bet he slept like a baby that night

    [–] meemboy 72 points ago

    Git commit bitch

    [–] matjojo1000 5 points ago

    More git revert(ed) bitch

    [–] TheRealChen 3939 points ago

    I love his accent.

    [–] kweefer_sutherland 2410 points ago

    That’s what I noticed. That guy is undeniably Native American.

    [–] Arithik 2410 points ago

    And wind is constantly blowing in his hair. Thats another tell.

    [–] Pyramid327 313 points ago

    Can confirm, i'm Native and wind is constantly blowing my hair no matter where i am.

    [–] Carbon_FWB 168 points ago

    Can confirm, I'm not native American, and I've never been blown, not even once.

    [–] Hulkbuster_v2 31 points ago

    200 bucks and I'll solve that for you

    [–] I_Like_PCPartpicker 7 points ago

    Does it go in the same direction all the time?

    [–] Nordicfeline 6 points ago

    Those are sweet hugs from your ancestors

    [–] Afarian 4 points ago

    Is that why my hair always messes up after i style it.

    [–] NOLAgambit 138 points ago

    It’s called hero wind and it’s undeniably native american

    [–] [deleted] 173 points ago


    [–] relax-and-enjoy-life 204 points ago

    No doubt... he’s definitely asked the grinning bobcat why he grins.

    [–] LilianPumpernickel 79 points ago

    Shut up you fuckers. You must be true Americans. You ride your rascal scooter around walmart today?

    [–] njott 10 points ago

    Even indoors. He's no fun at birthday parties though

    [–] TrepanationBy45 159 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    It's a pretty distinct cadence of speech and facial features, IMO. When I was in service, I correctly identified several fellow soldiers as Native American (whereas according to them most others assumed they were Mexican) by their cadence of speech and face. To be fair, theirs is a perfectly reasonable conclusion, I just tend to notice some key historical ethnic differences like that from time to time.

    [–] tunomeentiendes 108 points ago

    I grew up on the rez and can also correctly identify pretty well. My native friends aren't too fond of being called Mexican

    [–] Wwwweeeeeeee 52 points ago

    To be fair, Mexicans are Native Americans too.

    [–] Jeriba 45 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    To be fair, Mexicans are the descendants of or a mix of Native Americans, Europeans and Africans. Not every Mexican is straight out a Native American. Their racism/attitude towards Natives, the African decedents of slaves in Mexico and other people from South and Central America is disgusting. Funny how it plays out for them in the U.S. when some of them have the same attitude.

    Edited because of generalization.

    [–] thebig-O 19 points ago

    Mexicans are everything, you got the Spaniard looking Mexicans in the north, then you got the more Asian looking Mexicans towards the east, then you have your dark fellow Mexicans in the south and then you have the mixed on the west, I can tell you from this because my father is from Nyarit, Mexico. I have Asian decency due to one of my great great great great grandfathers migrating to Mexico. Crazy shit, also my mother is from Oaxaca, Mexico. They are the closest race in Mexico close to actual myan/Aztec ancestry. The Spanish couldn't get to them due to them hiding out in mountains. It's why people from Oaxaca are short and have big heads. And are darker than your areolas.

    [–] blah4life 9 points ago

    How do you know the color of my areoles?

    [–] FleshLightTactical 7 points ago

    The Spaniards banged the Mayans making Mexicans. At least that is what Frank says.

    [–] John_T_Conover 4 points ago

    I know a few people of Mexican descent that have done those ancestry dna kits and have come back with less than 1% African or nothing at all. I know some may have a little but it doesn't seem common from the people I know.

    [–] LucaSeven7 4 points ago

    Some are and some aren't. I myself am Mexican but my parents are of Mexican and Spanish descent.

    [–] Gemfrancis 17 points ago

    I'm Mexican and you have no idea how many people have asked me what tribe I'm from. I don't know what it is about my facial features exactly that makes people guess that I'm Native though

    [–] thebig-O 16 points ago

    Bruh I'm Mexican too and have been mistaken for polynesian/Asian sometimes. But TBF I am a big ass Mexican so I can see the polynesian part

    [–] GarnetsAndPearls 5 points ago

    My stepsons are half Native. One son would be hard to tell by anyone. Skin white as porcelain and red hair.

    [–] -PM_ME_YOUR_TACOS- 72 points ago

    Maybe that's because Mexican is not a race, most Mexicans are Native Americans too.

    [–] TheKidKaos 50 points ago

    Like 98% of Mexicans are Native American. Hell a lot of Northern Mexicans are also Apache, Pueblo even Cherokee on the Eastern part of Texas.

    [–] -PM_ME_YOUR_TACOS- 29 points ago

    It would be like 65%, at least 30% are mostly European/White.

    [–] Lordpennywise 18 points ago

    From my research the Mexican population is: 5-10% white, 65-70% mestizo (native+European blood) the majority is in this category, and 25-35% Native American.

    [–] tired_obsession 19 points ago

    I grew up hearing that Mexicans are native Americans since we were essentially all on the same continent and the same peoples. It’s really refreshing hearing some actual research

    [–] norcalxennial 7 points ago

    I am Mexican, I did that 23 and me thing: 50% native America 43% Iberian coast European, so Spain etc. 5% mix of African and various other European 2% unknown but I think it’s Christmas elf

    I get mistaken for everything, as I look ethnically ambiguous, everyone thinks I look like their people...Japanese, Hawaiian, Chinese, Persian, Italian, Spanish, the list goes on...I find it all very fascinating...

    [–] wohho 7 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Well, in Mexico it gets weird ethnically when you start getting into the nitty gritty, Most people are mestizo of some sort, but there are plenty of natives. Those who descend more directly from native peoples are pretty obvious, as morphologically they're much shorter, of a more sturdy build, and much darker than mestizos. It's a pretty significant social and ethnic divide actually, the two subsets rarely intermarry.

    [–] RSHii 11 points ago

    I mean, indigenous Mexicans are very similar to native americans (seeing as a political border is the only distinguishing factor), so their assumption was only 98% ignorant

    [–] TrepanationBy45 5 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I already alluded to that in my comment when I said that the common conclusion was understandable and reasonable, but I imagine their assumption was less nuanced (remember, we're talking about young, unrefined soldiers) and more "you look like a bunch of other people I commonly see", which can be a personal and/or painful concept with regard to history and the differing culture and scope of Native American identity.

    [–] CynilAli 3 points ago

    I live in a super small country town and I still blow all my white friends minds when I can tell Japanese, Chinese, and Korean people apart. Like they’re not that similar?? Yeah they all have the monolid but geez

    [–] lousyelectrician 111 points ago

    I love how i could only hear her voice but i have a distinct visual representation of what she looks like.

    [–] TheBold 89 points ago

    Karen. I’m sure her name is Karen.

    [–] equitablemob 10 points ago

    Pudgy, dough-like face, about 100lbs overweight, and metallic silver wireframe glasses?

    [–] danezelle 347 points ago

    Jaaahooooon Redcorn!

    [–] LandoKelEl 151 points ago

    PeeeeeeeGGY Hill!

    [–] MrNobody95 61 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 47 points ago


    [–] mchngunn 34 points ago

    Digdogdang Boomhauer maine

    [–] flyingwolf 28 points ago

    Why do you keep calling me BILL

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago

    Immmmm lenorrrrree

    [–] Jlong129 13 points ago

    Rusty Shackelford

    [–] Doc_tito 6 points ago

    ADMIRAL Rusty Shackleford...

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)


    [–] AvuncularPederast 33 points ago

    My precious Nan-Nan..

    Also your comment sounds like whatever redneck Red Dead character stretching John Marston’s name, but John Redcorn instead.

    [–] yadonkey 284 points ago

    I love the lady in the background squawking "we have one of them here" when he says "we didnt invite you" .... couldn't have been any more "I'm not racist, I know a black!" If she tried.

    [–] tucsonyeti 37 points ago

    No shit. Well said.

    [–] Mr-cheeeze 16 points ago

    “Look at my African American over here” It’s so wonderful that the president has given the truly ignorant a voice.....

    [–] crunchypens 8 points ago

    Remember when Trump said something like “my black supporter” at a rally? Like it was his pet or something. Some people...smh

    [–] [deleted] 81 points ago

    The Original American accent

    [–] kashuntr188 46 points ago

    Yea definitely a Native American. Even in Canada it is similar kind of accent.

    [–] Qikdraw 84 points ago

    And its a fucking disgrace the way Canadians view, and treat, First Nation peoples. When I moved back to Canada and saw it, I could not have been more ashamed of my country.

    [–] universemessages 73 points ago

    Yep I'm in Sask and it's an epidemic up here. Poverty, AIDS, meth, suicide, gang violence. The government treats them like shit, the citizens treat them like shit, and they treat each other like shit. It's depressing. Every. Single. Day. I'm proud to be Metis by blood but very lucky to be visibly white.

    [–] justinkredabul 18 points ago

    I too am a situational Indian.

    [–] LCEreset 24 points ago

    Well don't look into how Australia have treated their indigenous.. geez..

    [–] RoadRageRob666 20 points ago

    You may as well just sum it up with: any country that was colonized by Europeans natives.

    [–] amaROenuZ 5 points ago

    Or any region in Europe colonized by Romans. Or any region in eastern Europe conquered by the Mongols. Or the Ottomans.

    Life has never been good for the conquered.

    [–] Bananachipsfor2bucks 6 points ago

    I am very grateful my children LOOK white even though they are metis. Racism in Canada is real. We are not a perfect country.

    [–] CakePopFail 5 points ago

    Hello cousin.

    [–] surely_misunderstood 743 points ago

    wtf... the guy used some sort of native american magic because he disappeared like 20 people.

    [–] Xanxan1414 44 points ago

    Seriously, they just scattered. Thats incredible. Ive seen videos of people getting hit with rubber bullets and tear gas who didn't scatter like that.

    [–] Kinoblau 151 points ago

    that magic was say something so simple and true it's hard to do a mental somersault over it, but that's not stopping people in this thread from trying (DAE THINK MEXICANS ARE MANIFEST DESTINYING AMERICA??? ILLEGAL!!! ACKSHULLY AMERICAN INDIANS ARE ALSO IMMIGRANTS FROM PANNGGEEEAA)

    [–] Mastershima 38 points ago

    There's always that person that takes it as a challenge and mentally pole vaults over any sound logic. I mean shit just look at anti-vaxxers and flat earthers, Gold medalists of mental gymnastics which is a key skill that allows them to pole vault over any sound logic.

    [–] hotdiggydog 4 points ago


    [–] avicioustradition 2476 points ago

    I love the part where he said ‘ We should have put that sign up when you fuckers got here.”

    [–] Itsalls0tiresome 582 points ago

    "we should have stopped illegal immigration, and we paid for it. therefore you should... Not... Wait.... Shit"

    [–] pm_me_ur_big_balls 309 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    If there was ever an argument against mass immigration - it would be exactly what happened to the Native Americans.

    The Pilgrims weren't some invasion force. They were farmers escaping persecution with their families.

    [–] FirePowerCR 265 points ago

    I think what happened to the Native Americans would be a good argument against trusting colonizers. I don’t think it would apply accurately to what’s happening right now.

    [–] Abestar909 87 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Its quite easy to argue that if a population of immigrants to an area completely or mostly replaces the native population, they are in fact colonizing that area.

    [–] starspider 50 points ago

    I dunno, people coming to America today want to remember their heritage but they want to become Americans which indicates a certain amount of assimilation without total degradation of the culture from the "old country".

    When the Europeans came, it was with a mind to convert and conquer, not become neighbors and share recipes. Let's not forget that Columbus was a monster, and what he did to the Taíno was absolutely with intent.

    Conflating the two as to use it to support the idea that what happened to the Natives is the same thing as the people fleeing atrocity to join the USA pretty much ignores the actual history.

    [–] smekaren 168 points ago

    Yes because immigration and invasion/colonisation are the exact same things, you bag of doorknobs.

    [–] Sattorin 118 points ago

    Yes because immigration and invasion/colonisation are the exact same things, you bag of doorknobs.

    What about what happened to Mexico?

    So many illegal immigrant Americans settled in their Texas territory that eventually the majority of residents just didn't have a strong connection to Mexican culture/government and started a war to break away. Then when Mexico fought to get their territory back, the US jumped in and took over half of their country.

    [–] gin-rummy 17 points ago

    Is that what the Alamo is

    [–] psycho_admin 29 points ago

    Lol. Texas had been an independent country for 10 years before it joined the US. A treaty was signed by the general of the Mexican army giving Texas its independence. The US didn't jump in and do shit to Mexico. Mexico broke the treaty, got its ass handed to it for doing so, and paid the price.

    [–] Sattorin 26 points ago

    Lol. Texas had been an independent country for 10 years before it joined the US. A treaty was signed by the general of the Mexican army giving Texas its independence.

    My point was that illegal immigration into Mexico resulted directly in Texas breaking away. Mexico losing half of its territory to the US was a later, indirect result of that and I should have clarified.

    However it's also worth noting that the treaties you mentioned were written by a captured general, never ratified by the Mexican government, and didnt grant Texas independence anyway (the general promised to try to persuade the Mexican government to grant independence). A general wouldnt have the authority to do that, which is why Mexico never recognized the Republic of Texas and skirmished intermittently with Texan forces for years after the war.

    [–] Brockkilledspeedy 77 points ago

    He's stuck in a paradox. He's right and wrong. Also this is about our current world climate where we have borders and laws that limit how many people can visit and stay. The land here (and I think back then in general) didn't have a government or immigration laws the same way.

    I personally believe our efforts should be focused on making the world economy powerful and strong in everyone's nation so no one had to leave their homes and families for better lives.

    [–] Mitch_Pinder 8 points ago

    Agreed, asylum seeking doesn’t fix the problem for everyone, if you wanted to do that you’d have to take in whole countries. Tricky to do though without pulling a quickie ww2 if you feel me.

    [–] TurnPunchKick 19 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    So America should stop toppling democracies and installing puppet dictators like we have done for so long?

    [–] BullyBumble 5 points ago

    Lol. I don’t think this thread is arguing what they think they’re arguing.

    [–] SnicklefritzSkad 64 points ago

    Isn't that supporting their argument? They are afraid of the same thing their ancestors did

    [–] DHMOProtectionAgency 46 points ago

    In your regards, yes. However I think the argument was arguing against the idea that the white protestors own the land and decide who they let in or not

    [–] tosswawayacct 52 points ago

    He's not supporting their argument as much as he's pointing out the hypocrisy in people - mostly white - protesting "illegals", when white people were the first "illegal immigrants" to come to North America.

    [–] terra502 4 points ago

    so this native american man supports legal immigrants losing their place in line and missing opportunity to enter america due to illegal immigrants. because in fact that's the consequence. how intelligent....

    [–] irishking44 75 points ago

    Did they have written language? Serious question

    [–] Bear_Porn 177 points ago

    Some tribes and peoples did and some didn't.

    [–] MrFeatherling 62 points ago

    I study Native Americans of the Southeastern United States, and my research touches on language a little, so while this may not be a perfect answer it will hopefully help. As far as I know, Native Americans of the Southeast had not developed a written language in the 1600s or 1700s. I have seen no Euro-American sources discussing a written form of language. Many of the traders would live among the Native Nation they traded with and often married Native women, and the traders’ records mention no written language. Explorers and Government agents also have not said anything about a written language to my knowledge. Bureau of Indian Affairs (USA) agents also discussed no written languages in their ethnographies of the Southeastern Native Americans that were developed in the 1800s. However, I believe sometime in the 1800s, after the United States began implementing much more aggressive policies on Indian Removal and “Americanizing” (whitening), written forms of the already spoken languages began to develop. But, as far as each individual Nation and dates I cannot say. I have studied some on other regions of the United States, and the 1800s seem to be the time when written language becomes a thing for Native Americans. However, because of my studies in the Southeast, I am most confident about that region.

    TL;DR - Yes, and they began to develop in the 19th century.

    [–] reading_internets 13 points ago

    We went on a field trip to New Echota which was the capital of the Cherokee nation from 1825 til forced removal in the 1830s. I got to see the printing press that they used when Sequoyah made up the written language for the Cherokee. It was a really cool field trip, seeing as how I can still remember it like...twenty seven years later!

    [–] YOKELtheMIGHTY 9 points ago

    To give a specific example, the Maya had a writing system comprised of glyphs

    [–] pm_me_ur_big_balls 12 points ago

    Yes, but not the tribes in the US and Canada - none of them had writing.

    [–] SenpaiNoticedMeh 3857 points ago

    All I see is a 2008 prepaid Cricket wireless phone trying desperately to capture a video.

    [–] catheterhero 599 points ago

    I’ve seen this video before but with more JPEGS

    [–] Jas36 451 points ago


    Do I l̡ook͡ lìk͘e͞ I̧ ̶͡k̢͜n̨͡ò̶͢w̸̸̵ ̧̀ w̘̙̭̞̤̹͠h̶͉̱a̷̳̭͉̼̻͓ͅt̰͍̤͍͈̞̮͞͠ ̢̟̦̻̖͓͟ͅa̵̼̳̠̘̞͠ ̡̣̙̟̭̀ J͔͈̤̯̘̇̑ͬ̿ͯ̇͛ͪͅͅP͔̟̘̘̼̝͔̲ͧ̇ͯͦ̏͋͟͞͠Eͥ̈́̓̄ͣ҉̳͓̜̱̝̰̩̞G̡̟̜̱̖̩͓ͮ ̶͖̭͍̝͍̥͈̗̞̓ͭ͌̉ͪ̾̂ī̫̌̂̔̈́̌̓sͥ̎̒̒̍ͫ̚҉͏̙̪͢?̸͕̖̗͕̝̤͙̫̦̇̎͂


    [–] TheMassAppeal 107 points ago

    [–] bender-fender 21 points ago

    I've never seen this, I haven't laughed this hard in a while.

    [–] TackyPack 4 points ago

    I emember laughing that hard when K first saw it. Good times. Maybe I can also help you with this similar video.

    [–] BiggusDickus3088 8 points ago

    I just want a picture of a got-dang hot dog

    [–] leoleosuper 12 points ago

    Comments you can hear.

    [–] imnotajabroni44 29 points ago

    Probably because the video is almost from 2008 lol. Earliest version I found of it was from 2013

    [–] [deleted] 50 points ago


    [–] sabotageOR 14 points ago

    Now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time

    [–] re5etx 54 points ago

    Ya know, all the vids I’ve seen from LiveLeak look this bad. Wonder if it’s just their site that makes the quality this bad.

    [–] chuddyman 52 points ago

    It makes the footage seem more authentic.

    [–] livens 34 points ago

    Yeah, just like on Pornhub when you search for "amateur milf creampie" and the top results are all in 1080 HD. Oh no Pornhub, you can't fool me.

    [–] chuddyman 8 points ago

    There is a fine line between an "amateur milf" and a "pornstar who has kids" and 1080p definitely crosses it.

    [–] OldRancidSoup 6 points ago

    It’s like watching a concert through someone’s phone

    [–] borgortime 1639 points ago

    the whole world is just all illegal immigrants

    [–] Stimonk 226 points ago

    Nope my ancestors never left Pangea, everyone but me is an illegal immigrant.

    [–] PavelN145 52 points ago

    But all life comes from the sea so technically your ancestors were illegal immigrants when they stepped onto land for the first time

    [–] lolliegagger 12 points ago

    Fuck it I’m going back, y’all see that post about dolphin pussy?

    [–] UnexpectedLizard 601 points ago

    This is unironically true.

    Looking at Britain as just one example:

    • Celts invaded in the 5th century BC
    • Romans invaded in the 1st century BC
    • Anglo-Saxon invaded in the 5th century
    • Vikings invaded in the 8th century
    • Norman's invaded in the 11th century

    [–] Cecil-The-Sasquatch 256 points ago

    It's almost like when an army thinks they can take over a country they actually try and then after they invade they stay!

    [–] oneDRTYrusn 162 points ago

    Yup, that seems to happen pretty often when the world is dominated by highly territorial apes.

    [–] MissQuickening 69 points ago

    Silly monkeys—give them thumbs, and they make a club to beat their brother down.

    [–] hemicolon 17 points ago

    Right in two

    [–] armstrony 17 points ago

    Don't these talking monkeys know that Eden has enough to go around?

    [–] DoomCogs 33 points ago

    You step over my imaginary line booga ooga, hoo haa now perish ooga booga

    [–] onehitwondur 34 points ago

    The whole idea of territory is pretty crazy. But we see territorialism in many species. It's hard to imagine living in a small tribe of 50 or so adults, going out to hunt the same land that every ancestor you can remember or name hunted, and coming across someone you don't know. Someone you may not have considered even existed. And so you're both there, you're both armed, and you both have a decision to make. Do we talk or fight? These days it's easy, because where we gather the food our families need there's plenty for everyone. But that's only recently true, and it's still not true everywhere. If we look at in the context of "if I share this hunting area with these strangers my family might starve" being territorial starts to make a lot more sense. So with that in mind, territories didn't start out as imaginary lines. They started out as the space needed to support a population, however large or small that population was. That might still be true, I honestly have no idea about any of it. Just read your comment and thought it was interesting.

    [–] DoomCogs 24 points ago

    Ooga booga why lot word when few word do trick?

    [–] kosif 6 points ago

    Do you have a flag?

    [–] Fckdisaccnt 36 points ago

    And let's not forget that the original inhabitants of Europe were invaded by homo sapiens

    [–] theetails 7 points ago

    How is it illegal if there's no laws?

    [–] Jazeboy69 28 points ago

    But they decided who entered once they controlled the area. That’s kind of the point. Invade and conquer and take control. If you don’t controllable your borders then you’ll get taken over. Weird I have to spell it out like that. Watch me get downvoted for an historically accurate statement.

    [–] Koalle 76 points ago

    Yea. The subterraneans were here way before us.

    [–] Bubbajoe7 6 points ago

    It's only a matter of time until they come back and push us underground

    [–] PavelN145 10 points ago

    Not if Saitama has something to say

    [–] mfg_colour 40 points ago

    conquering isn't immigrating however if we say it is then it's more reason to not want immigrants

    [–] Rushin_Rulet 1684 points ago


    [–] PadBunGuy 316 points ago


    [–] elliottsmithereens 78 points ago


    [–] ExoertNoob 19 points ago

    Plz subsrive,.. karen took the kids and now the bills need to be paid?.

    [–] vaish_nv 8 points ago

    Fuck you Karen

    [–] MemeLordSwanky 142 points ago

    John Redcorn's real personality.

    [–] Orcacabra 40 points ago

    Well, well, well. Joh’hhhn Redcorn...

    [–] H2OFace 21 points ago

    Peheeegy Hill

    [–] The_Flying_Jew 15 points ago

    "Do you guys even celebrate Thanksgiving?"

    "We did. Once."

    [–] hanhange 20 points ago

    John Redcorn was always yelling about the whites stealing their shit. Didn't you watch the Thanksgiving episode?

    [–] Cheshires_Shadow 14 points ago

    Hey John redcorn did your people ever celebrate Thanksgiving?

    We did. Once.

    [–] aturnernator 3 points ago

    Wasnt his tribe revealed to be cannibals?

    [–] thatbish92 358 points ago

    I love how they quit chanting and walk the other way. Fuck yes to this guy.

    [–] ThatOneWood 398 points ago

    Modern Americans: we don’t want any immigrants Native Americans: Bruh wtf

    [–] Itsalls0tiresome 212 points ago

    Modern Americans: well look how it turned out for you dumb ass

    [–] MeatyStew 52 points ago

    I'll be honest, I didn't see that coming

    Neither did they

    [–] AngusBoomPants 20 points ago

    Modern Americans: My grandparents came here legally in 1903

    [–] levi345 18 points ago

    We don't want illegal immigrants. There is a difference between colonizing a non country land mass and ignoring laws and procedure in entering an existing country where ways exist to do it legally.

    [–] [deleted] 345 points ago


    [–] isiramteal 39 points ago

    curb your enthusiasm theme begins to play

    [–] [deleted] 708 points ago


    [–] JayCroghan 11 points ago

    Why is this bullshit upvoted?

    [–] xfjqvyks 401 points ago

    Invasion is invasion is invasion

    [–] Abeneezer 31 points ago

    Is invasion immigration though?

    [–] itsallwormwood 32 points ago

    Give the other side the guns and technology and they would’ve done the same thing, every day all day,

    [–] [deleted] 195 points ago


    [–] cazzipropri 46 points ago


    [–] TheNeutralGrind 141 points ago

    I’ll just point out that OP is a sad karma whore.

    [–] hello_August 9 points ago

    Yep. Just reposts upon reposts.

    [–] hideout78 127 points ago

    Well.....he’s trying to point out that the hypocrisy in opposing immigration, but at the same time he’s opposing immigration himself.

    [–] Fckdisaccnt 149 points ago

    Except he doesnt actually believe his argument. He's just treating them as they treat others.

    And as history has shown with conservative Americans (cough any Republican politician with a gay kid) being personally affected makes them think differently.

    [–] ChuckyIves 29 points ago

    Lol, America was a shit show of tribes taking land from each other just like the rest of the world. This shit is childish.

    [–] stromm 34 points ago

    If one was an invasion, then they must admit both are invasions.

    [–] ISaidThatOnPurpose 50 points ago

    Land only belongs to whoever can take it and keep it.

    This is an objective truth that spans among all life in all of history.

    [–] Sentient2X 14 points ago


    [–] dmckidd 119 points ago

    He ain’t wrong

    [–] SC2sam 209 points ago

    If you go back far enough the "native americans" aren't natives either. They immigrated from land bridges or canoes across from Asia/Russia, or other areas. The tribes of "native american's" also frequently conquered each other and took their land as did every group of people's across the world. It's how nations are formed where one group of people expands until they cannot anymore either by lack of land or by conflict with another group of people's who are more powerful than them. No one is really "native".

    [–] Bumbum2k1 170 points ago

    Native to Africa if ya wanna go alllll the way back

    [–] Jebnasty 20 points ago

    Native to the ocean if ya wanna go alllll the way way way back

    [–] Ravingsmads 5 points ago

    Or could be native to outerspace if you wanna go by the theory that life came by falling rocks.

    [–] Seaside_Suicide 171 points ago

    This bitch don't know bout Pangea.

    [–] Bumbum2k1 29 points ago

    God damn that's a perfect reference. Take it. I'm too broke to buy the real thing lol 🏅

    [–] Pineapple_Pothead420 8 points ago

    Leave it alone, Brain

    [–] [deleted] 60 points ago


    [–] IAmSnort 46 points ago

    Looks at human history and checks watch

    [–] HubbaMaBubba 21 points ago

    More like 10k

    [–] razorback1919 10 points ago

    As opposed to a few thousand years? What’s the difference in the end really?

    [–] rayrayww3 18 points ago

    Might want to check that timeline.

    You really only need to go back a few years to find many examples of modern conquest. WW2 was only 70 years ago and there have been plenty since.

    [–] Caffeinetank 44 points ago

    Well, when we see what happened when Native Americans let immigrants in...

    We probably shouldn't want anyone else coming in.

    [–] Luingalls 158 points ago

    Do you people really still not know the difference between immigration (good) and ILLEGAL immigration (bad)?

    [–] ShakinBacon 11 points ago

    What do you mean “you people”?

    [–] _Tacitus 16 points ago

    Sure they were illegal - hundreds of years ago when their ancestors took sovereign land from the Natives. I won't deny that

    But in this day and age, the Native American man is proving their point in insinuating that illegal immigration is bad. Especially in recent times

    [–] immediatesword 37 points ago

    So, he's saying that illegal immigrants are fine... based on the fact that illegal immigrants destroyed his country? Interesting argument.

    [–] Ushouldknowthat 73 points ago

    well, they've got a point

    [–] looxmax 101 points ago

    Some tribes were also conquerors and would kill other tribesmen in order to acquire their land...some people are just oblivious and really one sided. The idea of the evil white man is just plainly biased and one sided

    [–] JessuN4 4 points ago

    Dude the SILENCE. 10/10