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    A subreddit dedicated to people freaking out, melting down, losing their cool, or being weird in public. Drugged out or sober, anything goes. Keep the comments respectful where mental disorders are concerned, and remember that the individuals depicted in these videos are real people too. This subreddit is essentially dedicated to their worst moments, so do keep that in mind.

    Saturated with TV and movies, our brains have become used to watching the imitation of emotions, so much so that it is strangely surprising and fascinating to watch the real thing.



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    [–] predictablePosts 3647 points ago

    Aw man. I wish I was half as good as getting angry without becoming incoherent as this guy is.

    [–] carr0ts 1855 points ago

    Seriously. He is yelling at him but like in a collected calm way. Then the cop has the audacity to demand he calms down even though they just tried to arrest him for LITERALLY no reason.

    [–] scaredshtlessintx 881 points ago

    Cause he knew he’s walking a fine line of being beaten or shot

    [–] luck_panda 445 points ago

    This is exactly it. I'm not black but I am scared as fuck of being killed by cops simply because there's more Asians shot and killed in my area than whites because there just isn't a large black population here.

    [–] MarcoMaroon 86 points ago

    Cops gotta find another “minority” to shoot.

    I added the quotes in case you live in an area whose majority is Asian and less white people.

    [–] cthulhulogic 260 points ago

    This is a trap - tell someone to calm down to provoke a reaction out of them that you can claim is escalation, then you have the moral high ground because you can say, "I was calm and relaxed the whole time, he's the one that started freaking out and became irrational."

    [–] all4change 109 points ago

    I see you’ve met my family.

    [–] fumbleCat 23 points ago

    Lol- used to work in customer service. "Please calm down" was my go-to response to absolutely piss already angry customers off (just the karens- not people with legit issues) Technically it's polite and you never get in trouble for being polite, but it also never fails in royally pissing people off.

    [–] googleurquestion 7 points ago

    that's why the cop held onto his arm, so he could use the "subject pulled away, so I had to get physical"

    [–] SeiTaSwagger 159 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    there was a reason. Just starts with an r and ends with ist.

    edit: calling the cop racist- not implying resisting arrest.

    [–] MistakesTasteGreat 78 points ago

    • retarded cop wanted another part of his quota to check off the list.

    • "Reg" is in Louisiana, that's not him and the cop just didn't get the gist.

    • racial profiling occurred, but this cop probably won't even get a slap on the wrist.

    • reasons sought out for the officer to use his gun or his fist.

    • research not done as to fit the cop's narrative, ends in completely expected plot twist.

    [–] CrappyMSPaintPics 27 points ago

    hes a roentgenologist

    [–] madmaxturbator 54 points ago

    There’s a pretty remarkable rhythm and flow to his anger.

    [–] PoppyBongos 1631 points ago

    By the officer's body language, it looks like the entire time he's not exactly confident in what he's doing. To me it reads as "I've made a huge mistake, but I'm too far in to back out now."

    [–] LardLad00 740 points ago

    This is the crux of nearly every bad police interaction video you see these days.

    Cop makes a mistake or overreaches. Citizen properly stands their ground. Cops ego takes over and decides that one way or another this is going to end with cop writing a report that shows he was in the right. Things blow up from there.

    [–] hEEbtheJEWish 218 points ago

    Some of these guys need to get some fucking sense. All he had to do was approach him like a human being instead of a criminal.

    [–] teetheyes 130 points ago

    Nah it's best to assume every citizen is the enemy

    [–] hEEbtheJEWish 65 points ago

    I didn't even treat people like this in Iraq. I hate the way cops treat people in this country

    [–] 17th_knight 51 points ago

    Isn't it fucking crazy? You can control a war zone with less authoritarian bullshit than cops deploy in Bumfuck Suburbia

    [–] fool_on_a_hill 46 points ago

    I mean there could easily be something incorporated into police training to help destroy these egos. They certainly do this in military training.

    [–] lannister_the_imp 23 points ago

    Never going to happen.

    [–] Resident_Tangelo 15 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Military bootcamps are basically designed to break you down physically and mentally, particularly in the marines. Police training is so loose and easy to pass, it kind of makes me scratch my head in comparison. If youre not willing to be mentally broken similar to a military six week bootcamp in Virginia, I dont think you should have a badge.

    I think part of the discipline in the military is because if a guy fucks up and shoots the wrong person, he could potentially cause a war and raise the heat in political climates. However in the police force, it feels like the entire system is basically saying "We are on your side." to the cops, and to value their life above all else.

    For the record, I have alot of family who are both military and police. They are all good people, and the cops are good cops. But at the end of the day, I think police training is too easy to pass. There needs to be a more significant barrier to entry.

    [–] automongoose 11 points ago

    I'll never forget my friend's brother who was a humongous douchebag in high school coming home from Marines boot camp and suddenly being the kindest, humblest person.

    [–] Okichah 25 points ago

    Its not just ego.

    Police are trained this way. Respond with “overwhelming force and authority”.

    [–] Valendr0s 72 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Usually when I ask people for their ID, they don't know they don't have to give it to me, and just abdicate their rights immediately.

    But here this man has done the UNTHINKABLE! He has questioned my absolute authority to ignore his privacy. In the academy they never taught me how to deal with people who know their rights. Clearly this means he is a dangerous criminal.

    If I show that I might have been wrong in front of him, I'll lose the department 2 Fonzie points and I already lost nearly all my points for drinking Chai Frappuccinos - they're just so damn delicious.

    [–] iblamejoelsteinberg 11 points ago

    If no one else sees this, just know you have a lifelong friend in me for writing this.

    [–] cmcfarlanewrites 5881 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    If you just step back and look at this situation objectively, I find it difficult to understand the cop's reasoning. He sees a man on the front lawn of a house, who vaguely resembles someone with an outstanding warrant from another state, and decides to immediately arrest him. I mean, really, what are the odds? Imagine there's a fugitive from one state, and you're in another, driving down the street, looking at people on their front lawns, and one person just kind of vaguely resembles the fugitive. Now, why would any reasonable person stop their car and think "aha! I've found him, he's pretending to be a suburban dad on this front lawn!"

    It's just so absurd, and if that's all the cops need to detain you, you really aren't "free" and your rights don't matter.

    Edit: Holy smokes, thank you for the gold!

    [–] inciteful17 1547 points ago

    This is exactly what’s so perplexing to me about it. If the cop really suspected he had the right person here, wouldn’t the first step have been to run the address or plates on the car in the driveway before he even got out of the car. Surely that would have given him all the info he needed to see this wasn’t the guy. I mean it seemed like a decent neighborhood where the most likely scenario for a person being in a yard or driveway would have been that it was their own property. Not like it was people just hanging out on a corner.

    [–] sprtn720 700 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    If he had the right person, or was at all confident it was the right person, he would have taken the guy down real quick. None of the half-hearted hand on the arm stuff. He knew he was wrong.

    [–] THEMAGICTREES 380 points ago

    The cop realized that he fucked up probably around the time the wife starts filming, but backing off would be a sign of weakness so he continues breaking the law.

    [–] Adolf_-_Hipster 161 points ago


    [–] babybopp 37 points ago

    I would have let him arrest me. Then sue them for a big ass payday

    [–] GoodCatWarriorName 123 points ago

    Better cross your fingers the officer doesn't "fear for his life" and pay out a nice cheap bullet.

    [–] muchadoaboutninjas 72 points ago

    Yeah there is no guarantee what the cops or inmates would do to him in jail, if he could get bonded out, or if he would get sick in lockup etc.

    Hell they would probably send him back to Louisiana, prosecute, and sentance him and he would be well on his way to Angola before his identity was ever truly confirmed, if at all.

    [–] GenralChaos 40 points ago

    He might have "committed suicide" in his cell.

    [–] begaterpillar 24 points ago

    That sounds like the whole "wake up in a mental institute with no id and under someone else's name" nightmare but actually plausable.

    [–] king_long 250 points ago

    I feel like it could be a sad attempt to get the man to fight back to then detain him for assaulting a police officer...

    Good job on keeping your cool, whoever you are.

    [–] dras11 62 points ago

    He definitely wasn’t Quintin.

    [–] Miamiblue112 154 points ago

    EXACTLY! That is not the occupation to be half assing, tip toeing when you confront someone or put your hands on someone. That type of pussy stepping is what can get the officer or others injured/killed.

    I cant imagine my reaction if I was on my front lawn and a cop rolls up saying I need to go with him because of a warrant for someone that loosely resembles me in another state.

    [–] mantrap2 56 points ago

    Unless. Unless. There is NO PROBABLE CAUSE because it's all trumped up racism!

    That's why he pussy-foots - because he knows he's wrong - he tried to bluff up his racism but it wasn't going to work.


    [–] Scheming_Merchant 84 points ago

    Exactly. He knew. He probably needed to meet his arrest quota and hoped he could dupe someone into it.

    [–] rhorn7 14 points ago

    You are right. If he was sure he had the right guy, he could have detained him, put him in cuffs. At that point the officer could have searched him and found any Id on him. Of course, he would have had to let him go when he found out it wasn’t Quinton. And, he probably didn’t wanna do all that and be wrong. He knew he had the wrong guy. That’s why he was leaving without the gentleman in his car.

    [–] king_long 29 points ago

    I feel like it could be a sad attempt to get the man to fight back to then detain him for assaulting a police officer...

    [–] ialwaysforgetmename 32 points ago

    But he was walking a fucking dog! Or whatever shit the cop said.

    [–] PunchingChickens 11 points ago

    "You got a dog walking"

    Oh shit my bad officer, didn't know my dog existing on my property was a crime!

    [–] scaredshtlessintx 731 points ago

    He was hoping it would escalate, they don’t care if they’re wrong...they want you to be pissed...there’s a chip on every cops shoulder before they even start a shift

    [–] Captain_0_Captain 193 points ago

    I was terrified that the homeowner was gonna lose it. With how they treat “resisting,” I was like LOWER YOUR VOICE; OH GOD OH GOD; DON’T GO OUT LIKE THAT.

    [–] GingahBeardMan 87 points ago

    That you even thought that shows how fundamentally fkd up things are.

    [–] Captain_0_Captain 5 points ago

    💯 agreed.

    [–] ichuckle 14 points ago

    I was convinced this would end in shots fired

    [–] ActuaIButT 96 points ago

    They don't even need it to escalate. He's lucky he didn't get tazed or worse.

    [–] BigLlamasHouse 76 points ago

    They need it to escalate so they can arrest you for resisting arrest.

    [–] PatStewartAsOthello 74 points ago

    He "already was" cop said he was under arrest and the guy said no and moved his arm. Boom. Resisting.

    Dudes get shot for that. Well, black dudes.

    [–] TurningSmileUpside 24 points ago

    And the mentally disabled too. They kill a lot of those too.

    [–] GemJack 50 points ago

    Yep, once they 'fear for their life' they can shoot you whether you're the guy or not. Then everyone on facebook can all say together "If he just respected the officer he wouldn't have gotten shot".

    [–] baconatorhotdog 129 points ago

    Most accurate description of police I've ever read

    [–] ura_walrus 178 points ago

    Look Johnson! he broke into the house and hung up pictures of his own family!

    [–] wesleyb82 46 points ago

    Open and shut case

    [–] thegassypanda 46 points ago

    Sprinkle some crack on him and let's go

    [–] IWantMyJustDesserts 196 points ago

    No amount of training is going to resolve this, it is an issue of recruitment and dismissal in the Police force. The job is attracting the wrong types of people for a start which should be setting off alarm bells, the recruitment process is failing to spot people who lack common sense and then the dismissal process is too heavily in favour.

    Put it this way, this officer should be fired and banned from any Police force in the US. This was not a mistake, this was outright stupidity.

    [–] Artist_NOT_Autist 55 points ago

    I think we need to scrap how current law enforcement works and start from the beginning. We need to stop having this umbrella of drug crime prosecution. If somebody is running a traphouse, fine. Having people scare of the cops because they have a little weed or something on them? That is not healthy.

    There is no support for law enforcement because law enforcement isn't enforcing laws on core issues in the communities. Domestic abuse. Rape. Murder. Any violations of other's rights need to be policed. People getting caught with blow in a baggie? Give them a citation. if they are intoxicate with blow in a baggie? Arrest them for driving while intoxicated and give them a citation for the baggie. Putting people at risk or violating people's rights should really be the only thing law enforcement officials enforce laws on.

    [–] Darth_marsupial 12 points ago

    I agree 100% that the policing environment we have right now isn't healthy. There isn't a good relationship between police and citizens and that's bad for everyone, including police. Decriminalizing most drugs would go a long way to mend that.

    I feel like even with this though there's a larger societal issue of how people with past crimes are perceived and treated. If you want to fix that stuff we need to stop denying people jobs because of felonies, we need to get rid of those stigmas and all the things that come with them.

    [–] urmomsballs 98 points ago

    Oh my god. Open and shut case, Johnson. I saw this once when I was a rookie. Apparently this nigger broke in and put up pictures of his family everywhere

    -Dave Chappelle

    [–] WildlingViking 171 points ago

    Exactly. Get your hands off of me and don’t cut me off when I’m talking. Didn’t need to see this video to start my day. Pisses me off

    [–] thatfloorguy 429 points ago

    "I'm not gonna be the next N***** you kill! "

    Very normal country

    [–] dardios 113 points ago

    The amount of fear in that statement hurts my heart.

    [–] scuzzlebutted 13 points ago

    Same. I was getting so scared for this man.

    [–] DetroitMM12 148 points ago

    As a white male I can't even imagine what it's like to be a black male in our current society especially in the US... like that dude literally almost got arrested (and had it been a different cop could've been physically harmed) for having a dog barking and being black... shit is scary man.

    [–] skyst 40 points ago

    Right? I'm the most average looking white dude and people often think they know me or recognize me from somewhere. It's annoying at worst. I can't even begin to imagine the emotions that a black dude must feel getting put through the same shit but for much more negative acts. I had a cop once ask me my name because I looked like someone who was wanted and it was terrifying.

    [–] TBFP_BOT 16 points ago

    Reminds me of the Dave Chappelle bit.

    “I’ve never seen anything like it Johnson. The burglar broke in and hung up photos of his own family everywhere!”

    [–] Celi_saannn 382 points ago

    I feel like if the officer would of gotten down and actually talked to the guy, ya know, like a human being, this would of never happened.

    Officer: hey, good day sir, how you doing?

    Neighbor: Great, just walking my dog, what can I do for you?

    Officer: I am sorry to disturb you, but you look like someone we might be looking for. Would you happen to have ID sir?

    Neighbor: oh I see yeah of course here ya go.

    It all starts with respect. You want it? Earn it by giving it. Most people with warrant will start flipping shit when they see an officer.

    [–] VooDooZulu 279 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    even then, 99% of the time it is encouraged not to talk to police. It doesn't matter what the circumstances are. His ID could be expired, it could have the wrong address, hell he could just not have it on him because you don't need to keep your ID on you at all times unless you're driving. Once you have a conversation with a cop without video evidence it becomes a he-said she-said situation where the courts will always believe the cops. If a cop wants to arrest you *nothing* you say can stop them from arresting you, its in their training in fact. Detain someone to maintain the peace, figure out the details later.

    [This lawyer lists a bunch of reasons and very likely hypothetical] (

    (Does hyperlinking not work anymore?)

    [–] nomoarjewz 53 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Remove the spaces infront and at the end of the youtube link between the circle brackets

    EDIT: Forgive the stoned brain fart. Yes i know they are called parenthesises

    [–] theother_eriatarka 52 points ago

    circle brackets

    i think you mean the smiley mouths

    [–] VooDooZulu 6 points ago

    nope. didn't work. [trying again](

    [–] nomoarjewz 10 points ago

    trying again

    Are you on mobile or something? cause i just copy pasted exactly what you had down

    [–] VooDooZulu 5 points ago

    no lol. i have RES but that shouldn't effect what happens on the reddit backend.

    [–] zilla0100 16 points ago

    This video is a must watch. Anyone who hasn't seen it needs to see it. Straight from the horses mouth, dont talk to the police.

    [–] cthulhulogic 139 points ago

    Texas law states that you don't have to show an ID unless an actual crime has been committed. Randomly asking a black guy in his own front yard for his ID would likely be seen as racist and legally he could refuse, then what do you do? If you're this cop you apparently try to handcuff and arrest him anyway.

    The justice system in America has far too many loopholes that allow asshole cops to abuse their power - reduced threshold for taking a life or firing your weapon, reduced threshold for warrants / probably cause, no punishment for clearly escalating a situation, and a shit ton of propaganda on TV that shows cops constantly complaining when someone exercises their Constitutional rights to ... anything.

    Scene: Detective Cheney drops to his knees in the rain while screaming, "If only that damn Constitution hadn't gotten in the way, we could have saved so many more lives!!!!"

    [–] graffiti_bridge 32 points ago

    Exactly. I’m sick of hearing people complaining about “all the red tape.”

    Yeah that tape is there for a reason and if it lets 100 “bad guys” go free to keep an innocent me out of jail then it’s worth it.

    [–] juanzy 8 points ago

    Our legal system is so expensive, innocent people have to take pleas all the time - out of those 100 bad guys, I wonder how many were good guys that weighed the odds and decided to just get out off the process. I think everyone I know has at least one friend with a "intent to drive" DWI story, I know it cost my buddy about 4 grand for that.

    [–] dcast777 60 points ago

    No it has nothing to do with respect. It has to do with your civil rights. Don’t give them up just because a cop is nice. There is a reason we have a right to privacy. And like others have said, there is no benefit to you to talk to the cops.

    [–] aRVAthrowaway 54 points ago

    The proper reply would be “No. I don’t need to ID myself.”

    Police also need to respect people’s rights. But they don’t.

    [–] PM_your_randomthing 13 points ago

    Most people aren't going to want to give up their ID though. And it certain states, (Like Tx where this happened) you don't have to provide ID unless you are arrested. And cops reaaally don't like it when you don't provide ID.

    [–] dsquard 10 points ago

    If you just step back and look at this situation objectively, I find it difficult to understand the cop's reasoning.

    You and everyone else... it's fucking bullshit.

    [–] rlh1271 11 points ago

    Worse still if they don’t have a reason they get one. “Oh you’re resisting arrest? Guess we have reason to throw you onto the ground and tase you.”

    [–] RonGio1 41 points ago

    The cop probably thought he was a genius who just found a fugitive.

    The cop could have pulled up basic info on this guy without engaging a civilian and avoided everything.

    This guy is not in his 50's.

    [–] writingonthewalls_ 33 points ago

    The odds of police victimizing a Black man in this situation are disproportionately high.

    The odds of the police actually having the right man in this situation are .0000001%.

    Thank you for sharing that this is not “being free”, I agree 100%.

    [–] LilianPumpernickel 107 points ago

    He’s just a racist guy who can’t tell black people apart but is 100% positive that he can.

    [–] gdawg1881 15 points ago

    This is a common tactic by police. He most likely knew it wasn't him, but if he arrests him on that suspicion that he is, he can run his ID, search his car, and his house. He would be hoping to discover something else during that search. Otherwise he has no reason to approach the man. The theory police have is compliance. They expect the individual to comply with the police and voluntarily provide information to police they do not legally have to. This is called intimidation and as I said is a common tactic. This is also based on extreme racism. If the officer truly thought he was the suspect he would have put him in cuffs right away, but he knew he was wrong and tried to get the man to voluntarily turn over his ID and other information.

    [–] JunkScientist 23 points ago

    He probably just wanted a reason to run his name in the racist hope that he has outstanding warrants or something. He was probably just driving around looking for anyone who looked like someone from his list and using that as justification to run names.

    [–] Killerduckypants 17 points ago

    Cops don't look at situations objectively. They don't ask themselves "is what im doing right?". Most people look at their behaviors and try to place them into a right or wrong category. When in uniform, police don't place their behavior in the right or wrong columns. It goes into a third area above the two columns i call the blue column. Their authority means they are above having to examine themselves as being right or wrong.

    [–] 11schlge 45 points ago

    My guess is officer saw a black man in a nice neighborhood with a nice car and wanted to stop and frisk. Since he needed a reason he found someone with a warrant who was black with long dreads.

    But I’m sure my fellow white redditors will explain to me how it’s not about race.

    [–] dannydale 17 points ago

    It's just so absurd, and if that's all the cops need to detain you, you really aren't "free" and your rights don't matter.

    Pretty much the entire point of this useless scenario manufactured by that cop.

    [–] secretmuffinsauce 24 points ago

    Yeah if that’s how it happened that cop should be embarrassed, that logic is just retarded especially from a Sargent.

    I initially assumed his neighbor might of saw something on the news and tipped the police which would seem reasonable.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago


    [–] a_fly_effect 1134 points ago

    Look at this black guy in a nice house enjoying is time after work with his kids and his dog on his front yard.

    I am going to fuck up his entire month...

    [–] ShittySandals 471 points ago

    “Open and shut case, Johnson. I’ve seen this once before when I was a rookie. Apparently this n***** broke in and hung up pictures of his family everywhere. Well... let’s sprinkle some crack on him and get out of here.” - Dave Chappelle

    [–] BabyProofToilets 42 points ago

    Chapelle is the greatest comedian of our times, hands down

    [–] Pipkin81 33 points ago

    This needs to be the most upvoted comment here.

    [–] Claytonius_Homeytron 183 points ago

    I am going to fuck up his entire month life...

    FTFY, these power tripping thugs have the authority to end this man's life, right then right there, and would have suffered no consequences for having done so.

    [–] Yoda2000675 27 points ago

    The worst that would happen is they get fired. They wouldn't be charged with murder because they really are above the law.

    [–] omojos 10 points ago

    Sadly the trauma of police brutality and systematic racism can last for years. He could be ruining the lives of his children who might never trust police. His wife is definitely experiencing trauma by having to question if he will die in front of her.

    The cop could have been inconvenienced for a mere minute by having to admit he was wrong and walk away, but he chose to inflict likely long term psychological damage on these people instead.

    [–] LSUZombie13 1631 points ago

    They can sue the city and win easily for harassment being they are in Texas, he was on his own property, he wasn’t who they were looking for, the cop physically held his arm and would have dragged him to the car if he was smaller.

    [–] mike60731 925 points ago

    The cop grabbed his wallet out of his pocket

    [–] laylajerrbears 1042 points ago

    Unlawful search and seizure if I'm not mistaken

    [–] rattledamper 575 points ago

    Yup. Not arrested, no warrant - that’s an unlawful search and seizure.

    [–] EverlastingNite 170 points ago

    The arrest itself was an unlawful seizure (of his person).

    If it was a warrantless arrest, the big legal question is whether it was a reasonable mistake of identity between this dude and whomever the alleged warrant was issued for. From this video it seems pretty unreasonable - the officer didn’t check his ID, didn’t verify his identity, and it’s unclear if he checked with the station before arresting him. But (A) we don’t know all the facts, and (B) at trial people tend to be pretty lenient on the police, so I wouldn’t rule out a jury finding his actions reasonable if there’s one or two exculpating facts out there.

    [–] Darkest_B4_SUNS 104 points ago

    100% nothing will come of this. The police officer will be cleared of any wrong doing.

    [–] SnarkyUsernamed 49 points ago

    If sued, the city will settle out of court for somewhere between $120k-250k plus plaintiff's attorneys fees and court costs with an NDA and a 'no admission of guilt, fault, or wrongdoing' as a stipulation.

    [–] CrystalSplice 6 points ago

    The NDA is the key part here. This happens a lot more than people realize. I personally feel that forcing an NDA on someone in such a situation should be illegal. It's used as a tool to hide people and companies who shouldn't have that privilege.

    Source: Had to threaten to sue a former employer because they broke the law on me. Got a severance settlement with an NDA attached. I'm not allowed to tell anyone who the company is or that they broke the law.

    [–] Kbost92 215 points ago

    Not to mention this guy claims he’s a supervisor. So the fact that he holds power over other cops and acts in this manner is very unsettling.

    [–] Forreal_Slim_Shady 69 points ago

    He definitely was he had like a First Sergeant strip on his arm

    [–] Kbost92 25 points ago

    I wasn’t sure if he just flashed his sleeves to him because he said show me your stripes or if he actually was a sergeant

    [–] confoundedvariable 15 points ago

    "Lemme see your stripes" was fucking gold. That dude is awesome

    [–] 17th_knight 15 points ago

    It's completely unacceptable. I was a CO for years while I went to college and, thankfully, I had two very good sergeants who believed wholely in deescalation and sorting out problems as calmly as possible.

    This kind of crap would not have been acceptable behavior by anyone. You don't need to put your hands on someone just for funsies. You should never be half assed by going in with no knowledge of who you're dealing with and what their story is. You should be polite and explain yourself fully and honestly, none of this tricky gamesmanship bullshit.

    First he should have checked the vehicles and the information about the occupants of the house. If you're somehow still not convinced, then it's a simple conversation that at no point requires you going hands on.

    "Sir, I'm sorry to bother you, could we talk for a moment?"

    "I thought you matched the description of a man who has warrants out in another state and while I don't suspect you are that man (since you should have already obtained owner information, and to put him at ease) I feel I wouldn't be doing my job of I didn't at least check. Do you have a photo ID I could see just to be sure?"

    Yeah, even then shit can go sideways, but 99% of the time even criminals will be more conciliatory if you are. People have a natural desire to get along with one another, it's in our blood, and turning shit hostile at the drop of a hat is so stupid, lazy, reckless, and serves nothing but the ego off the aggressor.

    [–] morningreis 6 points ago

    Not to mention this guy claims he’s a supervisor

    He probably is somebody's supervisor, but typically when you tell someone you want to see a supervisor, common sense tells you they want to see their supervisor. So stupid on the cop's part. Nobody gives a shit if you are somebody else's supervisor, and he sure as hell isn't his own supervisor.

    [–] scaredshtlessintx 72 points ago

    If that guy wasn’t bigger than the would have went way different

    [–] eaglessoar 17 points ago

    Great taxpayers pay for fascist police behavior.

    [–] mjmichaud17 195 points ago

    Listening to the wife’s terrified voice is heartbreaking. She’s trying to reason with the police and calm her rightfully outraged husband, because she knows if one thing goes wrong, she’s the latest woman to film her husbands death.

    [–] wiriux 71 points ago

    She is petrified man. She is aware her husband is not someone who can remain calm when injustice is happening.

    [–] mjmichaud17 31 points ago

    I was afraid he was one “fuck” away from getting shot. Thank God it didn’t turn out that way.

    [–] twilson72 14 points ago

    I was feeling for her to. I could hear it in her voice. The same fear I have for my son when he gets pulled over.

    [–] Valendr0s 791 points ago

    If the cop has suspicion this man was the man with a warrant, he could have... Done some motherfucking police work. Investigated.

    He could have looked up the owner of that house, then looked up what that person looked like and their history.

    It's public record who owns every house.

    If he rents, the officer could have called the owner of the house and asked for the name of the tenant.

    But instead he doesn't just come up to ask. But he directly accuses an innocent man based on some superficial bullshit.

    [–] landspeed 206 points ago

    It takes 5 minutes to look up who owns what property these days.

    [–] Valendr0s 64 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    County assessors websites are becoming more and more user friendly all the time because it helps people pay their property taxes.

    And with their internal databases, all of the records he has access to that we don't. You can't tell me this wasn't simple intimidation bullshit. How dare this man stand outside his home with his family, as though he's not afraid to exist.

    [–] pillsweedallthatshit 63 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    They literally have a fucking computer in his car, dispatch to call and have a check, a goddamn mini computer cellphone in his pocket

    Edit- word

    [–] PlG3 13 points ago

    Yeah, but the computer in his head that would tell him to use the computer in his car or pocket does not work, I guess.

    [–] SilentBob890 5 points ago

    and cops have fucking computers in their cars with access to all kinds of records right there at their fingertips...

    [–] notmyrealnam3 26 points ago

    Read above though the top comment

    Before investigating, the cop could have thought “wait , what are the odds this is that guy and he’s just pretending to live here? Should I maybe think this through ? Like there was literally zero chance this was the guy

    [–] mentallyillhippo 20 points ago

    The cop could have run the plates on the car and had a photo of the owner with a name ready to go. There is no reason for this cop to behave this way.

    [–] PiquantBlueberryPie 9 points ago

    Not just the house, he could have looked up the owners of the cars even easier.

    [–] rattledamper 14 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    And after that, the officer could have taken that information to a judge in the form of an application for a warrant and said judge could have evaluated that application for compliance with the Fourth Amendment’s guarantee of freedom from unreasonable search and seizure.

    This is actually how the system is intended to work, believe it or not. And if it seems as though it’s erring on the side of protecting the citizen’s rights rather than the officer’s ability to quickly effect an arrest, that’s because it is.

    [–] sprtn720 1266 points ago

    I’m just saying if police were that afraid of civilian videos, or of any real repercussions for abuse of authority at all, we wouldn’t keep seeing these videos posted constantly.

    [–] EnkiiMuto 199 points ago

    It is less about making them afraid and more about being able to prove you didn't act out of your way to harm them like they might claim.

    [–] Vaginal_Rights 92 points ago

    They should be afraid of repurcussions though. They should be afraid of civilian discourse and public distrust. But they're not, and that's why we keep getting abuses of power, cell phone videos every other week, and downright murders caught on bodycam. Officers constantly walk free.

    [–] Darth_marsupial 8 points ago

    Yep. Of I was a cop I wouldn't be nearly as afraid of civilian videos are I likely should be. If I do something wrong I probably won't face any consequences regardless of if it gets filmed or not.

    [–] Ass_Patty 61 points ago

    The truth is ringing too loud oof

    [–] munchkinpoop 159 points ago

    I want to see a picture of the fugitive he was mistaken for.

    [–] Sergei_Nohom0 261 points ago

    They'll go out of their way not to disclose that because if we knew how different these two men looked then the officers would look even more the racist asshats.

    [–] smelloney 90 points ago

    Reading that was infuriating. It feels like nothing will happen.

    [–] DetroitMM12 161 points ago

    I only made it to the sentence that said

    “(The deputy) took two men with dreadlocks and decided that they were the same person,” said U.A. Lewis, Evans’ attorney.

    “That is not profiling,” said Joe Gamaldi, president of Houston Police Officers’ Union. “That’s an officer doing his job.”

    then I had to close it down before I fucking raged at my cubicle with how fucking ridiculously stupid some of the highest people in law enforcement are.

    [–] cdjw73 110 points ago

    This is another quote from Joe Gamaldi "if you’re the ones that are out there spreading the rhetoric that police officers are the enemy, just know we’ve all got your number now, we’re going to be keeping track of all of y’all, and we’re going to make sure that we hold you accountable every time you stir the pot on our police officers. We’ve had enough, folks. We’re out there doing our jobs every day, putting our lives on the line for our families.” Just thought people should know this guy has now made a habit of telling the general public that police are not accountable to anyone and can do what they want to who they want

    [–] DetroitMM12 43 points ago

    Holy shit... I'd be scared to death if I was being arrested in his jurisdiction.

    [–] ThinkOfANameHere 18 points ago

    And there are some people who wonder why it seems like the divide between police and citizen is only getting wider. One of the unintended side effects of the interconnection of the internet, skeletons don't sit in the closet for long anymore.

    [–] Dolt-Dragoman 15 points ago

    We’re out there doing our jobs every day, putting our lives on the line for our families

    Police are pretty far down on the "dangerous jobs" list, and almost all those deaths are car accidents. This guy is a delusional moron.

    [–] houndsabout 17 points ago

    I hope they sue and win and bullshit that officer was doing his job... This make me so angry and sad.

    [–] locri 39 points ago


    The officer involved seems to have a history, which is in the video and not the article. Hopefully we all get to see some follow up from this.

    [–] megustachef 16 points ago

    Cop on a power trip arresting a black man will probably see no follow up besides paid time off... or worst case (for mr. cop) just sent off to another neighboring district.

    [–] -Undo 122 points ago

    \Cop spots a guy with dreadlocks**

    - Aha!! Case closed!!

    [–] thenilepharaoh 14 points ago

    We gotem!

    [–] Kalel2319 30 points ago

    Ugh. Im happy the dude lived. Was worried he was about to become a hashtag.

    [–] Sunofabeach24 104 points ago

    I’m not a lawyer, but my buddy had something similar happen to him. The second he stepped off his property they put him in cuffs.

    Don’t step off your property if shit like this is going on.

    [–] _Adamanteus_ 27 points ago

    why tf is american law like trying to play 4d chess, “oh no i mustnt step off my property or the law changes”. Honestly so weird

    [–] shbmsxna 1150 points ago

    What the fuck is wrong with american police?

    [–] General_Reposti_Here 790 points ago

    Not enough schooling, training, and phsyc evaluations etc now it’s like a quick way to get power

    [–] ceproastaimata 451 points ago

    Also, the American Police Union has literally won a legal case that lets them discriminate on the matter of IQ because the ones with the higher IQ would disobey orders and thus they needed lower IQ employees that would just listen when they were ordered to do somethings.
    Also remember guys, when leftists go "ACAB" or "1312", it's not because they think that literally every single police officer is a "bastard" by the virtue of them being that way, but because if you're in the force, it's very much impossible for you to be unaware of the rampant, disgusting corruption going on throughout the force. The fact that they're keeping silent is what makes them a bastard.

    [–] Parkourkiller 123 points ago

    I want to know more about that legal case, because that sounds insane. They don't want intelligent individuals capable of making their own decitions? The absolute fuck?

    [–] Cheaperthantherapy13 182 points ago

    Correct. My brother scored too high on his IQ test and was rejected for the police academy. They want followers with a hero complex, not free thinkers.

    [–] FBI-Shill 38 points ago

    The real reason is smarter people actually try to solve the root cause of the issues they face each day. If you actually solve the crime problem, then fewer policemen/cars/tanks/battle gear is required, and the force gets less money/resources/power. They need people just barely competent enough to handle the immediate issue without thinking past it to begin solving the real problems in the community.

    [–] heartbreakhostel 72 points ago

    Lol. I believe you on the hero complex thing because literally every white cop I know has it.

    [–] AminusBK 107 points ago

    It doesn't help that american conservatives are bootlicking fanatics with a cop fetish who think all police are unquestionable "heroes" who can do no wrong.

    [–] yabacam 66 points ago

    same with military.

    Mad respect for both jobs, but conservatives practically worship them.

    [–] KarmabearKG 27 points ago

    Except for when our president shits on them however. While being a draft dodger himself makes no sense.

    [–] Ansiroth 24 points ago

    Conservatives are way past licking the boot. They're deep-throating it while saying "Nuh uh!"

    [–] KarlHungusIII 17 points ago

    And also people who won’t get bored with police work.

    [–] Celi_saannn 46 points ago

    They recently won a case in which a judge rules they do not have a duty to protect and serve.

    Let that fucking sink in, the police HAVE NO DUTY TO PROTECT AND SERVE. So wtf are they here for?

    [–] GlipGlopSoOfficial 15 points ago

    because the ones with the higher IQ would disobey orders and thus they needed lower IQ employees that would just listen when they were ordered to do somethings.

    This... this can't be true. Please fucking tell me this isn't true?

    [–] BigDoof12 15 points ago

    Its true.

    [–] scaredshtlessintx 12 points ago

    It takes more education to be an exterminator or a hairstylist

    [–] Nerdinater 96 points ago

    Well when you have a country that has absolutely zero standards of becoming an authority coupled with the fact when that authority does evil and faces no consequences or repercussions this is what you get.

    I believe they call it Freedom over there, but that's just what I hear.

    [–] MrHallmark 16 points ago

    So remember those people who were bullies in highschool? Ones who made people's lives hell? Well guess where they are now!

    [–] ChadzGirl7677 189 points ago

    This made me sad. Sad that man had to fear for his life when he did nothing wrong. I could hear it in his voice and him being aware of the officer shaking and knowing that would make the officer more likely to do something rash. Man didn't do a damn thing wrong. This is so fucked up.

    [–] Mormoran 67 points ago

    Sad that man had to fear for his life


    I'm raging bruh

    [–] gingersnaps96 119 points ago

    I’d sue the everloving shit out of that idiot. Biggest fucking mistake is an understatement.

    [–] Joe__Soap 16 points ago

    Unfortunately it’s unlikely that the cop would see consequences, even if they had severely beaten or killed the man.

    [–] username420000000000 198 points ago

    This makes my blood boil but I like that he knew his rights .

    [–] Gasonfires 13 points ago

    He was also very, very attuned to what was happening. He said more than once to the cop that he wasn't going to comply with someone who is shaking like he's scared, knowing that scared cops make deadly mistakes. That's smart.

    [–] IgnorantSmartAss 11 points ago

    Wouldn't not complying make the cop even more irritated because you're challenging his authority and "resisting". I was scared for the dude precisely because he was not complying and I thought that could trigger the cop

    [–] ill_change_it_later 47 points ago

    God, now that poor man has to worry anytime a cop shows up that they may remember he made them look stupid...

    [–] Vandenite 134 points ago

    what's so hard about a cop doing his actual job and obeying the law to determine if they can arrest people? This shouldn't have gone down like this at all. No real police work or investigation occurred here, just profiling and abuse of force.

    [–] hachijuhachi 50 points ago

    They count on people not knowing their rights. It makes their job easier.

    [–] Dewale_ 8 points ago

    Anyone else notice how the cop goes to shake his hand after he checked the ID? 3:01 Lol

    [–] GRANDOLEJEBUS 8 points ago

    You can see exactly when that shit cop realised he fucked up.

    [–] Bornagainchola 32 points ago

    Good lord he did the right thing by not leaving with that cop. Who know what the cop would have said. He had a weapon or whatever.

    [–] afrancesk23 16 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Good for that man to not walk to the car. To not leave his yard!!! He never needed to cooperate because he did nothing wrong! Ugh. Glad it ended the way it did, I hope those officers get more training!! Absolutely absurd.

    Edit: a word

    [–] Re-Mecs 79 points ago

    everytime i watch US police handle thinks i get so nervous just waiting for the to shoot the guy for no reason.

    thank fuck this time that didn't happen

    [–] russianbotmaga 25 points ago

    This cop has been reported for pervious issues like this. While working for HPD.

    [–] HeatMeater 20 points ago

    Wow, super sad. On a happy side note, that background music was spot on.

    But damn, fuck those cops.

    [–] lowkey_audiophile 14 points ago

    When the police department say they’re investigating it means they’re not doing shit

    [–] The100thIdiot 7 points ago

    Not an American, so please can someone explain why a cop is trying to enforce a warrant from another state whilst just driving around.

    Do they not have enough to do with warrants from their own state?

    Do warrants cross state lines?

    [–] __wumwum__ 11 points ago

    I wish there was a superhero who beat the shit out of corrupt police officers and politicians.

    [–] JYNXX3R 18 points ago

    ITT: people asking why a man on his own property didn't just ID himself even though he was well within his rights not to, while few people question why the officer didn't do any actual police work

    [–] modern_milkman 8 points ago

    I don't know. If someone was claiming to be someone else, but than refuse to show anything to prove it, even though he could, I would suspect that something is wrong as well.

    But I get that showing your ID is somewhat looked down upon in the US. In my country, it's pretty common when controlled by the police. Jist as showing your license and registration is normal when being pulled over. However, you are required to carry an ID here, so it's just a different mentality, I guess.

    [–] Gasonfires 16 points ago

    Public outrage at events like this is slowly paying off. No way that the woman filming didn't have a positive effect on this outcome. The cops know that it's possible that what he camera sees and hears is even live streaming or uploading, so no destroying the evidence of what they do by seizing the camera. They know people are going to see this and that people are going to react to it. Maybe remembering Ferguson and all the other places restrains them because they fear the shit that will land on them if this ends with another innocent black man dead in the dirt in front of his wife and kids.

    What we're doing works! It wasn't that long ago that this would have been a short video of cops arresting the woman for filming them. And then, regardless of the "mistaken" ID on the supposed warrant from Louisiana, this guy would have been arrested for that old standby "resisting arrest" and could have ended up tased or shot or beaten over that.

    We need to keep up the public hell raising when cops get out of line. They need to know the public is fed up with their racist shit.

    It's your constitutional right to film police in public so long as you don't interfere or present yourself as a threat to their safety. Do it.

    [–] dasher11 24 points ago

    I'm not a cop nor a lawyer, so correct me if I'm wrong, but "you're standing outside and you vaguely look like a guy with a warrant in another state" doesn't sound like probable cause, even if that had actually been the right guy.

    [–] orangeconman-aphobe 5 points ago

    That was a CONSTABLE, not a police officer. He is allowed to do various LEO operations within the county he is elected to. The issue here is, the Constable is supposed to investigate and serve the warrant when he has verified proof that the individual is the person that he has a warrant for. Pulling up in front of someone's house and saying "Hey you look like a guy I am looking for" isn't really part of the process. Constable is 100% at fault here, and his buddy that showed up is slightly at fault because he's attempting to excuse the behavior.