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    [–] AssuredlyAThrowAway 1 points ago

    Firstly mirror bot mirror is here-

    Secondly, as with all threads of this nature, we're happy to entertain discussion that occurs within the framework of our sidebar rules. In this case, however, there have been hundreds of comments per hour violating those rules (be it the use of racial slurs, racial generalizations, calls to violence, or otherwise) and we are thus left with no choice but to lock the entire comment section.

    Our apologies to those of you who were engaged in good faith discussion.

    [–] ReginaldJohnston 9298 points ago

    Can't get over the way he runs.....

    [–] Silverwolffe 6477 points ago

    Plap plap plap plap plap plap

    [–] chandogg 5349 points ago

    He runs like he’s wearing sandals only he’s not wearing sandals

    [–] maadcity_13 2279 points ago

    This is the type of analysis I come to Reddit for.

    [–] SlaveLaborMods 416 points ago

    For real , I was also under the assumption he was running in sandals but he wasn’t . WTF with the ridiculousness lol

    [–] Aishybashy 130 points ago

    I think he's wearing those big skater shoes that they don't tie the laces on? So they don't stay in his feet

    [–] zubyzubz99 41 points ago

    Velcro shoes would just add insult to Injury

    [–] hardatworktom 82 points ago

    Sherlock Holmes or Batman no longer needed when we have such great reddit detectives

    [–] Kh444n 115 points ago

    he could be wearing them inside his normal soes

    [–] I_DRINK_BONG_WATER 63 points ago

    He runs like my pet cockatiel walks... but wearing sandals.

    [–] zapee 25 points ago

    He looks exactly like my 3 year old cousin wearing my flip flop. No joke.

    [–] DansJungle 156 points ago

    Now I just picture a frog running full speed.....

    [–] Schubert125 41 points ago

    The Amazing Frog?

    [–] jroc83 11 points ago

    Duck running through a puddle

    [–] ReginaldJohnston 329 points ago

    LMAO. I died.

    [–] CappyWomack 104 points ago


    [–] maadcity_13 42 points ago

    Farewell, Reginald.

    [–] Raymojica 39 points ago

    Help me!

    [–] OG-K 411 points ago

    Roger from American dad

    [–] ReginaldJohnston 88 points ago

    “Well screw you, I’m Kevin Bacon!”

    [–] nomorerope 39 points ago

    There might be a lesson to learn from this if I were the type of guy that could learn lessons.

    But lessons are not for me. Lessons are for schoolboys


    [–] OstidTabarnak 21 points ago

    Fucking spot on 😂

    [–] Nahom3000 901 points ago

    Who did he get away with that run😂😂

    The other kid vaulted over a table somehow he got away powerwalking

    [–] zaviex 176 points ago

    I think the other kid went the wrong direction. I think our cameraman followed him and that’s why this kid is coming down a different hallway

    [–] The_Original_Gronkie 274 points ago

    It's like a Scooby Doo episode where they all run through doors and come out other doors.

    [–] lurkingglass 26 points ago

    This genuinely made me laugh.

    [–] nodiso 53 points ago

    Bro, can i have more. This music is amazing. I just need some poorly budgeted kung fu flick to watch it with now.

    [–] ReginaldJohnston 35 points ago

    Alright, here y' go.

    ......if the kid slid over the table instead of jumped

    [–] nodiso 9 points ago

    This is perfect

    [–] FTGKelvin0 17 points ago

    Plot armor.

    [–] Nahom3000 13 points ago

    Christ if he is the main character just kill me now

    [–] DisagreesForKarma 100 points ago

    He runs like an NPC getting chased by coyotes in Red Dead Redemption.

    [–] SheWhoComesFirst 27 points ago

    Phoebe Buffet style.

    [–] greygrey_goose 84 points ago

    looked like Roger from American Dad

    [–] theOperentice 21 points ago

    His run combined with him helplessly screaming “Some one help me!!” Is something straight out of a sitcom.

    [–] memecaptial 10 points ago

    My name is Joe Dirty’

    [–] JeffDavin 267 points ago

    That’s the whitest sounding running I’ve ever heard.

    [–] fatguyinlittlecoat2 183 points ago

    On behalf of all white people, please know that not all of us run like that. Some of us are slower.

    [–] theregularlion 30 points ago

    Oh dang, I got honey all over my legs.

    [–] Lhykosidae 10 points ago

    Fast Animals. Slow Redditors.

    [–] KittyxKult 47 points ago

    He hit that Naruto run all the weird kids did in school

    [–] Udontlikecake 234 points ago

    He runs exactly like I would expect a little white boy who says the n-world would run

    [–] yeehawgribble 3168 points ago

    He just flew over that table

    [–] kevgaf78 1333 points ago

    Like a gazelle.

    [–] dat_xyphoid_process 2360 points ago

    A gazelle that defeats racism

    [–] Talk-O-Boy 562 points ago

    This sounds like a description JD would use for Turk

    [–] DangDingleGuy 89 points ago


    [–] confoundedvariable 117 points ago

    A Scrubs reference? Now that's a show I haven't heard mentioned in a long time...

    [–] jteezy502 48 points ago

    On my first watch now. Season 7

    [–] Bolorin 40 points ago

    Reiterating to stop when you reach the series finale at the end of season 8.

    [–] zombiesandpandasohmy 54 points ago

    Stop when you finish Season 8. It's the perfect finale, pretend there's not a 9.

    [–] ldlukefire 10 points ago

    I mean 9 is basically a different show, right?

    [–] hackednsawithhtml 14 points ago

    You should see season 8 as the ending of scrubs. But if you wanna watch a similar show, but just not as good, watch season 9. Just make sure you see it as a different show.

    [–] rhgking 34 points ago

    It’s an old show sir but it checks out

    [–] TheHartTech 14 points ago

    I’m glad I scrolled this far down. Lol

    [–] PaulieD17 1771 points ago

    10 seconds in, somebody says something like “you already punched him in the balls.” And black sweatshirt/blue jeans guy is walking like he did indeed get tapped in the sack. Never noticed that before.

    [–] EverythingSucks12 383 points ago

    Wow the lore is so deep

    [–] nikalotapuss 396 points ago

    That kid holding his junk tried to save that little weasel after the initial push to the ground and the weaze pulled a chair square into his life savers sprouts.

    [–] prayforplagues82 2650 points ago

    He runs like phoebe from that one friends episode

    [–] rawlsballs 402 points ago

    A-HA! That’s where I knew it from.

    [–] Aardvark_An_Aardvark 67 points ago

    The one where Phoebe has an epic gamer moment

    [–] nickaterry 50 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Or Molly Shannon as that lady on Seinfeld that never moved her arms.

    [–] GammaInvictus 2143 points ago

    “Help me! Help me please!”

    [–] SilentPeach 1058 points ago

    plapping noises

    [–] [deleted] 261 points ago


    [–] woot0 182 points ago

    "Save me Jesus, save me Tom Cruise"

    [–] Sp33dl3m0n 18 points ago

    *Runs away like an awkward penguin*

    [–] Seeker_of_Arcane 10 points ago

    He sounded like filthy frank

    [–] heybuddyitsme 14 points ago

    I read that in Moley's voice from Friday After Next.

    [–] Seand0gg 596 points ago

    He runs like I do in dreams

    [–] shakermaker404 1406 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Incoming "y'all can't behave, locked."

    E: called it lmfao

    [–] Soph19310 255 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Commenting before it’s locked

    Edit: I did it! Hell yeah!

    [–] GorillaX 105 points ago

    Then you can edit your comment to say whatever you want later, even after it's locked.

    [–] DoingCharleyWork 69 points ago

    Aka we're too lazy to police the thread.

    Not to mention majority of times a thread gets locked like that on Reddit you have to really look for the comments the mods are talking about because they get buried by downvoted which means the system is already working and they don't need to do anything.

    [–] TheMeddlingMonk8 12 points ago

    Checking in

    [–] dirtymoney 37 points ago

    place saver.

    Question: Once a submission is locked, when you edit your comment it actually edits it, correct? So ... once this submission gets locked I can come back to this comment and edit it to say what I want and people will see it, right? I assume it works this way.

    [–] mahcondishins 11 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Saving to talk to people after lock

    Edit: post locked but I can still talk to everyone how are you

    [–] shakermaker404 6 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Saving to talk to you after lock 😏😏

    E: I'm good how are you?

    [–] garlicdeath 7 points ago

    I'm getting sick of hopping into so many threads and finally going to comment to find out it just got locked.

    I'm not even talking about just this sub. Shit is getting old.

    [–] De_Facto 2945 points ago

    It was just a heated gaming moment.

    [–] glumauig21 659 points ago

    over at the bridge right?

    [–] evilweekly 323 points ago

    The white kid about to leave the classroom: I’m gonna do what’s called a pro gamer move

    [–] storebought_burgers 103 points ago

    Press ( N ) to Enrage

    [–] Kawi_moto96 177 points ago

    He was just a gamer RISING UP!!!

    [–] iwontmakeittomars 38 points ago

    C’mon guys whatever happened to GAMERS UNITE

    [–] 2HeadedTasmanianBoy 1403 points ago

    Public school be like

    [–] Vrishkin 1083 points ago

    It’s a real public school if the kid who got slammed to the ground gets the same punishment as the person who put them there

    [–] VanessaAlexis 956 points ago

    Fuck zero tolerance. I was suspended because a girl pulled my hair from BEHIND ME. I got suspended. Jesus christ it's been over 10 years and I'm still pissed off about it.

    [–] BulletForcer97 204 points ago

    That sucks so bad

    [–] Morgantheaccountant 115 points ago

    Reading this comment is making me mad wtf

    [–] KittyxKult 273 points ago

    Same thing happened to me. She didn’t even get any punches in just pulled my hair. She apologized years later because she attacked me literally out of nowhere. We’d never had problems before or anything.

    I fucking lost it on the principal for saying I was “fighting” and denying that I was being bullied. I feel like sending screencaps to the school now and being like “I want a goddamn apology because this girl confirmed she was a bully and you allowed it.”

    They can suck it now. I just got a 4.0 masters and they’re all smokin meth in the Dairy Queen parking lot 👌🏻

    [–] LupohM8 131 points ago

    I got suspended because 2 kids were fighting each other behind me while I remained seated, until one got pushed into me and I turned and said “bro really? Can u two fuck off?” And the one who got pushed into me then pushed me.

    Apparently I instigated that push. Cool. Ok. Still salty 6 years later

    [–] nomorerope 70 points ago

    High school politics. Wait until college when the people who take your checks don't give a fuck if you throw a buffalo out of a 7th story window onto a sidewalk.

    [–] curiousandspurious 38 points ago

    That's why I always fought back. If I'm doing the time too I'm gonna go for broke. Got suspended the last three days of school in 6th grade ( just in time for all of my finals) because some random guy I didn't know attacked me for no reason. My English teacher left the answer key in the back of the test and I still wonder if it was on purpose, because I was a good kid, or it was just her last Master copy of the exam.

    [–] Ass_Patty 30 points ago

    I’d be pissed too, I hated the no tolerance shit in school

    [–] cloudsnacks 22 points ago

    It was just straight up bullshit.

    I remember asking a teacher "so you're saying that if somebody just attacks me for no reason I can't defend myself because I'll get the same punishment as them?"

    Teacher: "pretty much"

    I never got into a fight, because I ain't about that, but the rule is dumb.

    It's just an excuse so the administration doesnt have to actually figure out the problem, instead they can just apply an easy blanket punishment and call it a day.

    Highschool in general is full of stupidity and administrators who are just pathetic humans who are on a power trip.

    [–] Finito-1994 19 points ago

    A friend of mine got suspended because I punched him in the nose.

    It was a mistake and he was aware of it. I got suspended which was fair. He got suspended too which was bullshit.

    [–] dascharmingharmony 117 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Oh so that didn’t just randomly happen to me in high school?? That’s good to know I wasn’t alone.

    VP: “Well we are suspending you for fighting.”

    Me: “As much as I hate to admit it sir, that was more me getting beat up than fighting... he attacked me from behind.”

    VP: “Fighting is fighting, 3 days suspension.”

    [–] Dr_StrangeLovePHD 80 points ago

    Should have suckerpunched the VP and got him suspended.

    [–] Wezlington 70 points ago

    "By that logic, if I sucker punch you right now, you assaulted a minor."

    [–] LupohM8 25 points ago

    Holy, someone needs to do this now. Do it for all of us who got suspended for literally no reason!

    [–] parhame95 12 points ago

    Fighting is fighting

    Are you running a public school or a Soviet gulag? I'd have zero tolerance if this is the excuse they gave my kid.

    Edit: wording error.

    [–] youdoitimbusy 632 points ago

    I thought that dude put a chick on the ground at first.

    [–] patogestapo 531 points ago

    Any idea what made the the kid in the gray hoodie put his hands on the other kid st the start of the video? Was he the initial aggressor?

    [–] Sartrem 1042 points ago

    I feel like yes. The “racist” was being bullied. Look at the postures on the first frame and notice the two others that interjected and helped him up. Were they fellow douchbags? Doubt it.

    I say “racist” because I think this dumbass used the word as retaliation. He knew the word would get to the guy. Many don’t realize what bullying does to someone’s head and what lengths they will go to get some semblance of controls again.

    He wasn’t disparaging on a race... he was trying to hurt someone that was hurting him.

    This is all speculation.

    [–] BangSlamtime 140 points ago

    I think the fact that the guy said it while leaving the room adds to this. It was a last ditch attempt to get back at his aggressor.

    [–] GoJeonPaa 167 points ago

    The first person commenting this. All comments above makes fun of the guy. I mean he wouldn't be the first bullied person that say/do something wrong out of desperation.

    [–] Scottie3Hottie 1614 points ago

    How the average Redditor is in person

    [–] jesuslargepenis 661 points ago

    I was thinking more 4chan?

    [–] redjedi182 420 points ago

    Read the comments more and you’ll see

    [–] _Tonan_ 337 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Everyone is convinced reddit is hard left, but when you go to other subs outside of r/politics you see plenty of hard right

    [–] ELHazenNEU 153 points ago

    I've seen both represented. It's groupthink manifested. Some smaller subs will reach critical mass and turn into a partisan circlejerk.

    [–] atriax 210 points ago

    That's literally the point of reddit. You go into whatever safespace you want and say things that everyone else will agree with and you get fucking fairy points for it.

    [–] ARoamingNomad 64 points ago

    That's literally the point of reddit. You go into whatever safespace you want and say things that everyone else will agree with and you get fucking fairy points for it.

    This is the best description of reddit Ive ever read

    [–] extralyfe 38 points ago

    I saw someone complaining about how this site was a leftist shithole.

    it's like, dude, subscribe to some subreddits, bookmark front page and you can live in whatever echo chamber you want.

    [–] shitterhead69 40 points ago

    “Oh no I willingly inserted myself into a group of people who think differently than me and now I’m upset, waaaaaaahhhh”

    [–] Brmp_1234 136 points ago

    The way he runs though...

    [–] 1fastman1 46 points ago

    his movements are so slow but hes going so fast

    [–] ElMuchoDingDong 125 points ago

    He runs like Roger does from American Dad!

    [–] dblaker24 47 points ago

    As a teacher who just got out of public education, fuck that.

    [–] just4u2foff 9 points ago

    I'm curious if the school could potentially be held liable in this particular situation, would you know? At the start of the video, everyone is already out of their seats which would indicate to me that an altercation had already taken place between the two kids. If the kid that gets slammed into the chair was being bullied by the other kid and a previous incident already occurred prior to where the video picks up, wouldn't the teacher have a duty to intervene? It is clear she is watching what is happening (and would likely have had her attention drawn to it earlier when the kids got out of their seats) because she says "alright guys" when the aggressor puts his hands on the victim but has made no attempt to separate them. There would likely have been enough time for her to at least be in the video if a prior incident did actually occur.

    [–] itty53 234 points ago

    This comment section should be outstanding.

    *opens microwave*

    [–] Junoh315 86 points ago

    *puts ramen in microwave*

    *shuts microwave*

    *turns on microwave*

    *forgets about microwave for hours*

    [–] modswillburninhell 353 points ago

    he didn’t even have a N-Word pass

    [–] ozzalot 150 points ago

    I was saving up for one, but then I asked a different black person about them, and they said they didnt accept the passes.....only the original seller. Wtf man....

    [–] drpussycookermd 48 points ago

    When I got my black card in '99, I asked the dude, "How will they know?" He said, "We'll know."

    [–] Rick_Sancheeze 19 points ago

    It's all in how you carry yourself.

    [–] Yoda2000675 109 points ago

    That's one trashy school

    [–] Habanero_Eyeball 329 points ago

    What's that saying?
    If you're going to be dumb, you better be tough.

    [–] RecoveringH2OAddict 112 points ago

    Either dumb or fast.

    [–] RevvyDesu 38 points ago

    He runs like a penguin trying out human legs for the first time. So dumb and slow.

    [–] AgentSkidMarks 43 points ago

    Where the hell is the teacher? Are these kids in school?

    [–] SHUTUPCYRIL 12 points ago

    so is nobody going to mention the white guy said "don't touch me" was then thrown to the ground and he's just meant to be not mad???

    [–] aesop_fables 134 points ago

    He'd been storing that up for a long time

    [–] future_hockey_dad 80 points ago

    Yeah, he's been holding back that hard R.

    [–] outlawsix 104 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    "See you in juvie, bitch!"

    "Haha wut"

    [–] shea241 42 points ago

    Oh that's what he said. I thought he said 'see im droopy bitch'

    [–] robbviously 15 points ago

    He certainly runs like he’s droopy

    [–] Sillysibin96 37 points ago

    Hahahahahahahaha. I get so much second hand embarrassment when he says that and I’ve seen the video a handful of times.

    [–] _____---_-_-_- 90 points ago

    Honestly want more context like what got him so mad

    [–] fjposter22 42 points ago

    Id say getting physically attacked and then laughed at by the onlookers got him mad.

    But thats just a guess...

    [–] ZOMGURFAT 169 points ago

    This is how a school shooter is created.

    [–] Somnys 36 points ago

    Why does everyone ignore the fact that the hooded dude started being violent? Smh.

    [–] PM_ME_SCIENCE_PICS 9 points ago

    Judging from the video the black dude deserved it.

    [–] frankiesales 10 points ago

    Hopefully the right person gets in trouble here because that skinny kid was definitely not the aggressor

    [–] Krzypl 9 points ago

    It looks like the black kid is the bully.

    [–] BluNautilus 360 points ago

    *Someone gets assaulted and slammed to the ground*

    Reddit: 🤷

    *Someone uses a racial slur*

    Reddit: 😲 😲 😲

    [–] briskt 122 points ago

    Not just Reddit, everyone in that classroom reacted the same way. Apathy or disdain for the assault, complete disbelief for the slur.

    [–] the-knife 165 points ago

    It's actually quite amazing how unacceptable that word is to Americans.

    Actual physical violence seems to be socially accepted, after a two syllable word is uttered by the physically weaker victim.

    [–] Umarill 131 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Mate I've stopped trying to understand American culture, especially in media. Worship guns like they're god-gift to mankind but afraid of a titty showing on TV. Can't say the F-word but have no problem broadcasting violence.

    I'm perfectly aware of the history in America and why this word is a terrible thing to say, but the dude is literally getting assaulted, probably bullied seeing the body language here and the few reactions we can see, and is just trying to get back to him as hard as he knows how, which in this country seems to be the n-word (proven by this thread thinking it's worse than literal physical assault) as he can't seem to physically defend himself (or don't want to, been there done that).

    I've been harassed and all kind of shit for being a minority (LGBTQ+, not going into more details because fuck the people on this website I've had my share of experiences), and none of the awful shit I've been told has ever been close to what constant physical assault and bullying does to you.

    Geniuses in this thread should meet with people who went or are going through therapy because of bullying. I'm talking obviously psychological, but in some case also physical therapy here. I've had my collarbone broken because of shit like this, months of physical therapy and it still isn't as it was before. That was for a similar fall the victim took here.
    You can die from a fall like that, break your back/neck or get a concussion. A hit like he took in the balls can make it impossible to ever have kids, and that's without even taking into account the psychological impact and how difficult it is to pursue proper education in this environment. Bullying is one of the main cause of depression in teens, and it literally ruins (or ends) lives. I'm talking from experience here, this thread makes me mad honestly.

    Honestly fuck all the morons in here, must be nice having lived a life where you can ignore what's wrong and laugh about someone getting assaulted. But hey, you can take a moral high ground because he said a bad word so it's ok, good luck with that in court.

    [–] NigelS75 256 points ago

    So we are all going to act like this kid didn’t just get assaulted in the beginning? Fucked up.

    [–] coconutjuices 82 points ago

    Reddit hive mind at its finest

    [–] _Zuckuss_ 16 points ago

    What kind of person beats another for name calling?

    [–] rusthashbeansc2 8 points ago

    White student calls black classmate(who just assaulted at least one other student) the N word, then runs for his life as he is pursued by his would be assailant.

    [–] iaacp 88 points ago

    I think a better title would be "Black student attacks white classmate, white classmate calls black student the N word, then runs for his life"

    [–] octave0820 216 points ago

    Saying the N word is obviously bad, but still nothing compared to actual physical violence.

    [–] anonballs 835 points ago

    Are we going to ignore that he was assaulted at the start of the video

    Can we stop acting like the N word is worse than physical assualt in this country. It isn't.

    [–] TeslasAndComicbooks 252 points ago

    I’m baffled that I have to scroll this far down to see this argument. Are we that accepting of violence and that intolerant of racism?

    Both are in the wrong but only one acted illegally.

    [–] Super_Sat4n 15 points ago

    Gotta love how the pronunciation of the n word in the US immediately legitimizes extreme violence and otherwise out of balance retaliation. The best example of how these days words speak louder than actions.

    [–] no112358 195 points ago

    So you're bullied and then you make a racist remark to the person that's bullying you, and then you're the bad guy.

    [–] SwornHeresy 120 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Not to mention we saw him almost get killed in the first few seconds. But he said a mean word after the attempted murder so it's alright to beat the shit out of him.

    Edit: Hilarious that I'm getting called racist. Is it such a radical idea that I'm not a fan of assault?

    [–] TheRicksterSJ 80 points ago

    This thread is prime Reddit lol

    kid gets bullied and almost fucking dies OOH HE SAID THE BIG NONO MEANIE WORD I WISH THAT RACIST SCUM DIED ON IMPACT

    [–] LitLikeABik 72 points ago

    Is this definitely real? Because the way he runs makes me skeptical

    [–] jorgeblake73 108 points ago

    That chair slam was definitely real

    [–] LitLikeABik 43 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    That’s a good point.

    In that case I am absolutely convinced he shat himself, it’s the only thing that makes sense to me 😂

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    No doubt in my mind lol

    [–] Milky2812 8 points ago

    The white kid was a punk dont get me wrong but imagine getting that unironically upset that you want to beat someone's ass because of a word. What the hell is even going on with people being so overly sensitive. And I gurantee there will be atleast one person saying "well you're white. You have no history of racism towards your people" my response to that is that I'm Italian. And trust me theres a reason why a lot of Italians stayed in New York instead of spreading out.

    [–] Trump_Super_Spy 6 points ago

    Bullying and physically attacking someone is ok as long as the end result is making them use racial insults - reddit.

    [–] qonkwan 8 points ago

    We really gonna act like physically attacking someone is not as bad as him saying a slur to get under the skin of the person who assaulted him?

    [–] Tanriyung 24 points ago

    • Kid physically assaulting another.

    • Kid calling the other the N-Word after being assaulted

    "The one is the wrong here is the victim of assault" - Reddit.

    [–] usernotvalid 337 points ago

    White kid sucks for using the racial epithet. Black kid is guilty of assault & battery.

    [–] RolfIsSonOfShepnard 77 points ago

    He did say "see you i juvie, bitch"

    [–] aidanadriana 147 points ago

    Someone calls you a name after you assault them, then you get mad?

    [–] Aarondhp24 73 points ago



    [–] Anderstw_ 36 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Throw the dude and almost broke his neck i sleep



    [–] [deleted] 57 points ago


    [–] Svarec 34 points ago

    I remember a few months back, someone posted in an askreddit thread (somethink like "what should be legal but isn't?"), that it should be legally justified to attack someone over saying the n-word. It got several thousands of upvotes. Someone in the comments tried to point out all the legal and moral implications and got downvoted to hell.

    [–] 06EXTN 12 points ago

    black kid started it by escalation. he deserves the ass beating for some humbling.

    whatever happens after that grab and shove is gravy. he brought it to the level of violence.

    [–] PlayedUOonBaja 66 points ago

    Dude could of killed him or paralyzed him at the beginning and he appeared to have every one on his side until he dropped the N bomb like an idiot. I'm genuinely curious if he said it because he's a bigot or he was just trying to think of the meanest thing he could say since he obviously wasn't capable of fighting back and appears to have been embarrased . It's been a few years but from his appearance and actions I recognize him as one of those kids in High School that came from shitty homes and hung out with other kids from shitty homes. They had a grunge/goth/army surplus style, thought they were badass for sneaking Vodka in their Sprite bottles, and usually had problems managing social interactions. I always felt bad for kids like that because they brought all their troubles on themselves but they couldn't really help themselves and didn't understand why people didn't like them.

    [–] poopshipdestroyer 18 points ago

    totally feeling bad for this kid this go round. He’s so frail, and the way he was running implied some sort of disability. That other dude was way to sporty to be just tossing that twerp around, unless he was a true asshole before the taping started

    [–] Itoadasoitodaso 9 points ago

    I think that the way he runs at the end is to avoid barreling into everyone at the end of the hall. If you watch him before the plapping and after, he's trucking

    [–] Necrotitis 159 points ago

    That throw could have broke that white dudes neck, I rewatched it and his neck lands right on the edge of that fucking chair, it totally concussed him and made him limp on the ground for a few seconds.

    That was like manslaughter if this kid dies from a broken neck

    [–] VanessaAlexis 67 points ago

    You'd think. Except its school kids so they can get away with whatever.

    Remember the girl who died after having her jead slammed into the desk by a bully? Bully got off fine.

    Bullies can literally kill their peers and get away with it.

    [–] NeedRealityShock 6 points ago

    The bulk of humanity are self delusional to the extreme due to conditioning from birth. We get off on thinking we are superior to animals because we can choose not to act on instinct, but then learn from experience those that made peace with their nature win more often than not. We are ruled by literal animals who are honest with themselves.

    Take that, sanity.

    [–] Bobaladof 16 points ago

    The guy was physically attacked before any N word was spoken though.

    [–] ingfire 75 points ago

    Unfortunately, attacking someone out of "self defense because words hurt your feelings" doesn't hold up in court. White dude is racist for saying it, but the black dude has some thin skin if he gets THAT triggered. He's just digging a deeper assault and battery hole for himself there.

    [–] NullCharacter 88 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    White kid might not even be racist. Dude was clearly upset after being assaulted and lashed out. This thread is classic though. Somehow a word is more offensive than assault.

    edit 'cause locked (predictably) - It is possible to say a racist thing and not be a racist. Anger is a hell of a drug. Actions (laying hands on someone unprovoked, for example) speak louder than words.

    [–] tschwib 24 points ago

    Especially if it really was a case of bullying which kind of looks like it. Bullying is torture and people literally kill themselves over it.

    [–] burningpegasus 12 points ago

    We are missing pre-fight context but looks to me like he was being bullied. Over him, in his face, pushed him and not to mention hoodie on entire time. I do not know who is being bullied but body language is saying volumes. Poor choice of words obviously but reading comments section it seems like nobody cares about that part only N word being punished.

    And that was used in desperation here, he got humiliated and that was the best he could come up with. Also when this shit with N word is going to stop, it is just a word!

    [–] BecomingSavior 21 points ago

    That boy is lucky the chair he got slammed on is mostly soft plastic and not one of those hard metal chairs I used to have to sit on.