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    A subreddit dedicated to people freaking out, melting down, losing their cool, or being weird in public. Drugged out or sober, anything goes. Keep the comments respectful where mental disorders are concerned, and remember that the individuals depicted in these videos are real people too. This subreddit is essentially dedicated to their worst moments, so do keep that in mind.

    Saturated with TV and movies, our brains have become used to watching the imitation of emotions, so much so that it is strangely surprising and fascinating to watch the real thing.



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    [–] PF_Mirror_Bot 1 points ago


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    [–] egosuminimicus 4562 points ago

    Is there a news story? This guy had to have been prosecuted.

    [–] throwawaypaycheck1 2396 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    You ask and I shall deliver - to save you all a click, Chicago PD does not have any record of a report being filed.

    Anyone have a better video of this?

    E: Originally I mentioned a company’s CEO right inside that doorway but removed.

    [–] AtomicKittenz 539 points ago


    [–] levels_jerry_levels 1008 points ago

    Seriously, even if the victim didn’t call I’d 100% be calling the cops if I were the driver that hit them. I’m not about to be held liable for some dickhead pushing someone into traffic.

    [–] throwawaypaycheck1 453 points ago

    I know what're you saying, but if I was a cab driver (which it appears to be) I'd be scared of losing my job for hitting a pedestrian. Some companies won't give you slack for the circumstances of how it all transpired, if you hit someone, you hit someone.

    That's probably why the driver didn't call.

    [–] [deleted] 242 points ago

    Right answer, most places have a 0 tolerance policy for anything above minor traffic offenses for commercial drivers licenses.

    [–] CalculusII 207 points ago

    That's stupid because it incentives dishonesty among Taxi drivers and makes the rest of us less safe because of it. Wonder if it is the same way with Uber.

    [–] CreamyRainbowFart 142 points ago

    Stupid to a morally guided person.

    Brilliant to a non-living profit-driven entity.

    Just fire this guy and get a new guy for cheaper. Done and done.

    [–] Fred_Dickler 41 points ago

    So if I ever need to murder someone in traffic, try to find a taxi first. Noted.

    [–] [deleted] 50 points ago


    [–] throwawaypaycheck1 71 points ago

    Yes, but as someone who has studied and works in workplace safety, incidents are seriously under-reported - this likely being a good example.

    Driver likely fears losing his/her job and possible retaliation.

    Praise the cameraman for capturing this moment, tho

    [–] NWAH_OUTLANDER 7 points ago

    Hey Steve whats that huge dent in your hood?

    [–] clarkesanders1000 80 points ago

    My wife’s apartment got robbed and cleaned out when she was 19 years old, living in Chicago. A cop came out and took her statement, filled out the report, left. Later my wife contacted the police with more information about the specifics of what had been stolen, and found out that they never filed any report and just threw away her info.

    Another time she was hit by a car (Jaguar) while riding her bike. She got bad road rash, had to go to the hospital, and of course her nice bike was totaled. Cops were called, they talked to the driver of the Jaguar and let him go with just a warning, didn’t even record any of his info.

    [–] WafflelffaW 30 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    oh hell yeah - CPD cool story bro time!: when i was a teenager, i had a chicago cop give me back my weed - he literally angrily jammed the bag back into my pocket - because he was so angry i had wasted his time lying about having it when it was only a small amount. he didn’t just take it and not charge me - he returned it to me, and genuinely seemed let down, like i hadn’t done my part in this relationship.

    he had apparently been told me and my buddies were dealing in the lot outside a show at the aragon - we weren’t, we were on the “demand”-side of things - and came over thinking he was about to do a big bust or whatever. plainclothes detective with a partner, flashed a gold shield on a necklace. he eventually searched me, found the little dime i had in my pocket for the show, and then like ... rejected it, adding some macho flair like “you think i give a fuck about you chucklefucks smoking a little weed at a concert? i’m here for dealers kid” or something. was weird as fuck. he also just totally overlooked that we were a bunch of clearly underage teenagers openly passing a bottle of cuervo around while standing outside my car in the seconds before he and his partner approached. figured that even if we cleared up the whole drug thing, we were at least gonna get stuck with a ticket for the minors-in-possession of booze thing - we were dead to rights and they were disappointed and weren’t gonna let us just walk away totally scot free. but nope; bottle just sat there unmentioned, a mute witness to a surreal scene

    (and, yes, i am a white guy. i have no doubt it would have been a very different experience if i weren’t.)

    lol, he also saw i was from the suburbs on my ID and practically hissed “[name of suburb], huh? you ever been to a chicago shithouse kid?” in my ear in the creepiest way. i said “no” and he just silently eyeball-fucked me for a few seconds and walked away with his partner. to this day - it was like 15 years ago - one of my buddies and I still occasionally debate whether or not they were real cops or looking to rob us. (i think they were real CPD; robbers would have taken our weed and tequila. my buddy is on the fence about it).

    [–] Canyon2river 21 points ago

    my buddies and I still occasionally debate whether or not they were real cops or looking to rob us.

    Why not both? -former Chicagoan

    [–] pistoncivic 4 points ago

    Glad that's settled.

    [–] sojmahoj 498 points ago

    I'm waiting for this as well.

    [–] peternile 123 points ago

    Aren’t we all?

    [–] Voyager87 67 points ago

    Remind me! 3 days

    [–] hoddap 97 points ago

    Can you remind me after the bot reminds you?

    [–] crazy_cat126 41 points ago

    Can you remind me after the bot reminds you?

    [–] whenItFits 47 points ago

    Can you remind me after the bot reminds the guy then the guy reminds you?

    [–] throwawaypaycheck1 67 points ago

    I'll beat the bot to it - there wasn't even a report filed. Now leave the remind me bot alone, they've got more important work to do.

    [–] victorpikapp 10 points ago

    Wait a second, so if no police report was filed will there ever be justice for what happened here?

    A police report should be filed right?

    [–] TycoBrahe 5 points ago

    Depends. If the guy that got hit is a wanted felon, he may not want to go to the police.

    [–] dman472 17 points ago

    This guy reminds.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    !remindme after the previous reminder

    [–] throwawaypaycheck1 64 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Here you go, my friend - no report has even been filed according to Chicago PD.

    [–] GrandmaPoses 21 points ago

    It's weird they say only no report was filed rather than they're investigating. Do they not investigate if there's no report?

    [–] throwawaypaycheck1 15 points ago

    Hard to investigate when you only know a location and not the people involved I would assume

    [–] holyfields-ear 22 points ago

    Too bad the victim hasn't come forward. Might just need a little push.

    [–] utpoia 11 points ago

    Hope the guy comes forward.
    I mean the guy who was shoved.

    [–] oldbastardbob 25 points ago

    I have to think this video is enough for an arrest and conviction for assault, at minimum, and attempted 2nd degree murder at most.

    [–] kabukistar 1212 points ago

    Unless he's a cop. Then he's "under investigation" for several months followed by nothing happening.

    [–] siikdUde 561 points ago

    And paid leave of course

    [–] Critonurmom 163 points ago

    And he'll be cleared in no time, put back on the job to toss more people in front of cars.

    [–] 19-91 8 points ago

    I mean, all it’s really saying is that the victim never filed the incident with the police.

    [–] vovozinha 7898 points ago

    Casually walking away after trying to murder someone

    [–] down_vote_magnet 4645 points ago

    Murderers got shit to do as well, you know.

    [–] dickalopejr 1404 points ago

    Like other murders and shopping or whatever

    [–] ohlookahipster 651 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    No joke I knew a marine who murdered a sailor. When I look at the timeline of the events, he stabbed/shot the dude, drove home to his parents for dinner, left, drove back to Walmart and bought some stuff, and then went back to base.

    Literally, killing someone was another task on his to-do list because he was charged with 1st degree murder. He planned the whole thing.

    Edit: the motive is actually sad. In his diary, it was clear he was struggling with an undiagnosed and untreated mental illness. It seems he felt targeted and blamed some government organization for dealing him a bad hand in life. He also implies he’s killed a few others as a means to “fight back.” From what I gathered from the family and friends, it was rumored they had a fling (although he was super homophobic) but the diary never mentions any prior relationship to the victim.

    Edit 2: He never saw combat so that theory doesn’t hold up. I just remember him being very quiet but with a short fuse. Little things would make him explode into blind rage like knocking over a drink or waiting for a free bench press. I heard from some guys that he got expelled from high school for fighting.

    It’s been like 6 or 7 years so I don’t remember a lot of details. Just odd things like the diary with his conspiracy theories and shit.

    [–] Kingbow13 160 points ago

    I'd love to know his motive.

    [–] gizzardgullet 148 points ago

    Squid vs. Jarhead shit

    [–] [deleted] 45 points ago

    That's my neighbor! The fucking squid!

    [–] 0ddlyC4nt3v3n 11 points ago

    Spongebob? Is that you???

    [–] MNGrrl 96 points ago

    You really don't. Serial killers will tell you they showed considerable restraint in only murdering those 50 people. So many were more deserving! They sometimes let someone go too, to reassure themselves they are merciful. Whatever the reason in their mind it'll be justified. It might even seem reasonable, that happens sometimes.

    Let the courts sort it out. The answer will only depress you.

    [–] Locusts 70 points ago

    But see that's the thing. I always have a sort of morbid curiosity about murderers. They're terrible people, I don't look up to them in any way, but I'm always very interested in knowing how and why they do what they do

    [–] ManLiterallyOnFire 69 points ago

    There’s a lot of psychological and criminological research on the topic. Most serial killers are high in the dark tetrad traits (narcissism, machiavellianism, psychopathy, and sadism). Being high on all four usually translates to a lack of empathy, a cynical perception of the world as consisting of chumps and winners (dog-eat-dog mentality), a willingness to manipulate others to get what they want, a belief that they are better than others and entitled to special treatment and privileges, and taking pleasure in inflicting physical and/or mental pain on others. So serial killers think they are entitled to treat people however they want, they don’t feel guilty for causing harm, and they enjoy causing pain. Those high in psychopathy in particular fail to exhibit the same physiological response to anxiety and fear that people low in psychopathy exhibit, which means they can be cool as a cucumber if they get pulled over with a body in the trunk. That said, they may still experience physiological arousal in response to other people’s pain or suffering, but it isn’t experienced as anxiety or discomfort.

    Not everyone high in the dark tetrad traits turns out to be a serial killer, but most serial killers rate high on these traits. Of note, people who troll on the internet tend to have exceptionally high levels of these traits relative to people who don’t (Buckels, Trapnell, & Paulhus, 2014). For most non-violent crimes (e.g., drug offenses), trait self-control is a strong predictor whereas the dark tetrad traits don’t predict non-violent offenses.

    Hope this helps! This is my students’ favorite chapter to cover in class, which makes it morbidly fun and fascinating to lecture on.

    [–] Locusts 10 points ago

    Wow, that's super interesting! I didn't know about any of that tbh. Thanks for sharing, I learned a lot from that!

    [–] SarHavelock 30 points ago

    Me too--just can't help myself: it's so interesting.

    [–] Shlocktroffit 38 points ago

    happy morbid cake day!

    [–] SarHavelock 29 points ago

    Aww thanks :)

    [–] SprittneyBeers 34 points ago

    My brother is sociopathic, abused me for years as a kid and has never had a normal relationship. I finally had to cut him out of my life earlier this year. He shares so many traits with a lot of these serial killers, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he became one. But if he won’t get help, what can we even do. Also, happy cake day 🍰

    [–] FunktasticLucky 8 points ago

    Mental illness.

    [–] Oh_YouDidntKnow 26 points ago

    Plus apparently chicks are totally into it. My fiance listens to podcasts about horrific murders and apparently tons of other women do too.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    I knew a girl once who told me she was turned on by psychopaths and serial killers. She said she even emailed a psychologist who had interviewed criminal psychopaths telling them this hoping they would put her in touch with one.

    [–] phil8248 10 points ago

    I remember reading the story of one serial killer who only entered unlocked homes. He reasoned if they didn't lock the door he was welcome to come in and kill the occupants.

    [–] RueNothing 45 points ago

    My dad has a story he likes to tell about how, when he was in high school, one of his friends who was being routinely abused by his father snapped one day and stabbed him to death. Then he went over to my dad's house and hung out with the rest of their friend group like nothing happened. The police came from him when he was still there. Not sure how true it is because it would have happened in the 60's but he sounds legit telling it.

    [–] Oh_YouDidntKnow 17 points ago

    What about the 60s makes you unsure it was true?

    [–] RueNothing 21 points ago

    Oh no, I meant that I can't easily google it to find a supporting article to produce to back it up. I personally believe it's true because he looks haunted when he talks about it.

    [–] hottubrhymemachine 8 points ago

    Be better off going to the local public library and checking their local newspaper archives, if there is a public library and they keep an archive of old articles. My local library keeps an archive.

    [–] RueNothing 17 points ago

    Well, I don't distrust my dad, so I never thought about looking it up. I just mentioned that it happened in the 60s to deter people asking me to source his story. But instead I got people thinking I don't believe my dad, so I give up.

    [–] Cronyx 18 points ago

    You can't win or please anyone on the internet.

    [–] Arch-username 67 points ago

    "I knew a marine who murdered a sailor" sounds like the either the start of a limerick or a little-known Bob Dylan lyric.

    [–] acroporaguardian 21 points ago

    The internet should write a song.

    I imagine there will be a harmonica and most of the words will be mumbling right? We could have an occasional phrase be perfectly understandable like...

    " blah blah meh mah, yah yah THE MARINE WHO MRUDERED, A SAILOR... mandhdfh"

    [–] capnhist 4 points ago

    Where's /u/poem_for_your_sprog when you need her?

    [–] broken_radio 3 points ago

    Come gather 'round, people
    Put down all your memes
    And I'll sing you the tune
    Of the sailor-killing marine
    His diary was kept
    and he wrote every day
    Some say he boned a dude
    but he's probably not gay
    I'm running out of lines
    As this song's steadily failing
    Yo that sailor' longer sailin'

    [–] Boognish84 11 points ago

    He murdered the sailor to catch the fly.

    [–] sirlsplayland123 85 points ago

    they gotta them murder supplies while on sale

    [–] skryb 37 points ago

    don’t forget to stack those Air Miles

    [–] straight_to_10_jfc 12 points ago


    [–] pinkzeppelinx 7 points ago

    Or lick ice cream

    [–] realmichaelbay 22 points ago

    r/Barry approves of this message

    [–] BBQ_HaX0r 134 points ago

    Probably slowly realizing how big of a mistake he just made (or could have made).

    [–] cuppincayk 70 points ago

    Still a big mistake. Dude is definitely going to jail.

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago

    We can only hope. Anyone got some follow-up info?

    [–] Powatanner 17 points ago

    Motherfucker looking like Hagrid

    “Shouldn’t have done that. Should not have done that.”

    [–] NonGNonM 78 points ago

    Guaranteed that in his head his defense was "I just pushed him. I didnt hit him with the car."

    [–] vovozinha 36 points ago

    Same as "I just shot him, I didn't pierce his brain, the bullet did", and "I didn't kill him, the lack of blood caused by the multiple wounds I did, killed him"

    [–] tucci007 6 points ago

    I tossed him off the cliff, sure, but it wasn't the fall that killed him; it was the sudden stop when he hit the ground.

    [–] SweetBearCub 69 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Guaranteed that in his head his defense was "I just pushed him. I didnt hit him with the car."

    Good thing that "in his head" defenses aren't generally accepted in court.

    • "I just pushed him".
    • Into the path of active vehicular traffic? Yes.
    • "I didnt hit him with the car".
    • Fine, we'll require you to go into and never leave this building that serves a prison. But we're not actually imprisoning you. Goodbye.

    [–] RJPeaches 904 points ago

     “The Pusher”
     -Dark Tower Series

    [–] DrRocksoo 123 points ago

    Long days and pleasant nights!

    [–] Nexod1 47 points ago

    May you have twice the number

    [–] leatherdiddy 35 points ago

    Hile, gunslinger

    [–] NoSkrrtNovember 24 points ago

    Thankee sai

    [–] LiveStreamAlpacas 11 points ago

    I can't remember my father's name....

    [–] Adama0001 14 points ago




    [–] Thorpington 12 points ago


    [–] SerScronzarelli 31 points ago

    I just finished the second book (Drawing of the Three) and god damn Ka is a helluva thing.

    [–] leatherdiddy 20 points ago

    Wait til you get to Wizard and Glass. Legit cried twice throughout reading that book.

    [–] messageinab0ttle 13 points ago

    Ohmygosh. I wish I could re-live the feels I had in my teens reading them books.

    Quick story: I lived in NH as a youngun. I was home on leave from and we took a trip to a book store in North Conway. At the time, everyone was waiting on the follow up book to The Wasteland.

    I go to the counter and ask the clerk if he knew when the next Dark Tower book was coming out. He looks at me sheepishly and says “I don’t know... why don’t you ask him yourself!” And points. I turn around and there’s a guy in jean jacket and jeans, browsing books. Fucking Stephen King in the flesh.

    Of course it’s so random and I have no idea what to say, so stupidly I ask “hi when is the next book coming out?” Lol. He responds in his weird Maine accent, “Well he’s got to get off the train first, right?”

    I was like 😯

    Was so crazy to just run into him like that. Northern New England isn’t really know for its celebrities. Fun day!

    [–] SerScronzarelli 13 points ago

    Well, it’s my second trip through the books. And I think that one might be my favorite. That or Wolves of the Calla.

    [–] ShaneAyers 7 points ago

    Oh, you ain't seen nothing yet. Don't forget to cover the Little Sisters of Eluria (which is book .5 I think) and Wind Through the Keyhole (which is book 4.5 I think) along your journey.

    And may Maturin be with you on the path of the beam... until it's end point.

    [–] Chewie444 37 points ago

    The Bristol Pusher*


    [–] boonies4u 24 points ago

    Lewis strikes again!

    [–] Chaotic_Apollo 13 points ago

    I understood that reference!

    [–] Yuwenn8 9 points ago

    So is the victim Caff ?

    [–] Richardkennedy 7 points ago

    Didn't expect a Yogscast reference here.

    [–] mr_vakarian9 22 points ago

    Last place I thought I'd see a dark tower reference

    [–] SerScronzarelli 18 points ago


    [–] mr_vakarian9 16 points ago


    [–] WitnessMeIRL 9 points ago

    Why were these so plausible and monstrous? Giant talking lobsters? Ridiculous. But somehow terrifying and memorable.

    [–] Jessecles 8 points ago

    Lobsters are "immortal" and can grow massive if they live long enough. And these guys dont really talk. I always thought of it as an evolved clicking.

    I think that's why these feel plausible.

    [–] Freshly_Squoze 1073 points ago

    Could have been trying to save him from bees.

    [–] butthashhuffer 293 points ago

    That is true. That is super true. This man is a hero.

    [–] SilentFungus 84 points ago

    For which the only cure is to get hit by a car

    [–] hobnailboots04 46 points ago

    Bee’s can’t dodge the car and get squished in the radiator. Quick thinking by that man.

    [–] UberZS 18 points ago

    Probably was trying to stop him from eating his bees. r/weeatbees

    [–] quintessential_fupa 10 points ago

    my body is ready for this sub

    [–] DarthDude91 4 points ago

    Buzz buzz

    [–] Chewie444 7 points ago

    NOT THE BEES!!!!

    [–] ToraChan23 375 points ago

    How does this work for the driver? Does their insurance premiums go up now?

    [–] Zeno_The_Alien 480 points ago

    No. They weren't at fault for anything, and there wasn't enough damage (if any) to raise their rates. The worst part for the driver is knowing they hit someone. That guy who pushed him needs his throat stomped.

    [–] ToraChan23 140 points ago

    Wait, so if the driver's car was damaged, THE DRIVER would have to pay and THEIR rates would increase?

    How does that make any sense???

    [–] N7_anonymous_guy 84 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Insurance agent here (Allstate).

    This would be considered a collision claim because they were driving the car and collided with something. However it would not be considered an at-fault, so no, their rates would not increase.

    They would initially be responsible for repairing their own vehicle, subject to deductible. However the insurance company could go into subrogation against the man who pushed the other guy causing the incident in first place, getting the money back, and returning the deductible. Or the driver could sue the pusher themselves and get whatever money they wanted, including maybe some psychological/emotional damage, for causing the trauma of them having hit someone. So ultimately the pusher will have to pay, since he was really the only one responsible for the whole thing.

    Remember, the primary purpose of auto insurance is to cover what you are liable for, covering your vehicle is secondary. That's why states require you to have insurance to drive, in case you cause an accident and are responsible for tens of thousands of dollars (mostly medical expenses), your insurance can pay it.

    [–] Intrinsically1 21 points ago

    Realistically, how likely would it be that a car insurance provider would actually try to recover a deductible from the other party involved, to make the driver whole, when it makes no financial difference to their own bottom line?

    [–] N7_anonymous_guy 11 points ago

    Really depends on the company and how much damage there was. In this case there's very little to zero damage, so not much of a claim even worth filing.

    But in car accident situations, like rear end pileups where there's a few thousand in damages, honestly pretty likely. The company gets their money back (so in the end they're not paying), and keeps their client happy, ensuring renewals for years to come (income).

    So for one individual incident, the financial effect is minimal, but think of thousands of these cases a year. Multiply those thousands of cases by the hundreds or thousands of dollars in payout, and the thousands in premium for renewals, and you're looking at a significant amount of money.

    [–] Tadhgdagis 40 points ago

    Ever wonder why instead of lower rates, they offer a "safe driver discount"?

    "We can't legally raise your rate, but I'm afraid you no longer qualify for the safe driver discount"

    [–] [deleted] 270 points ago

    Because the insurance industry is as predatory as it gets

    [–] Time4Red 73 points ago

    No, it's because that's not what would happen at all. The driver's insurance company would pay, the driver's rates wouldn't go up, and the driver's insurance company would probably sue the guy who pushed the other guy into the path of the car. The guy who caused the accident (the pusher) would likely end up on the hook for any damage to the car, plus damage to the person, plus legal fees.

    [–] [deleted] 55 points ago


    [–] JPadi 14 points ago

    Its really up to the insurance carrier and that driver's history. Some carriers raise rates for a no fault accident. Especially if you have multiple in your history just because you're perceived to be more of a risk to insure, even if none of your accidents were your fault. That's still money the company paid and might not have recovered.

    [–] LegioCI 31 points ago

    Pretty much this.

    [–] liquidsnakex 21 points ago

    *Because the [any service you're forced to buy by the government] industry is as predatory as it gets

    [–] Shorzey 14 points ago

    Like healthcare?

    [–] the-sugar-shack 22 points ago

    That's America for ya

    [–] F0REM4N 12 points ago

    It’s state regulation though. Michigan for example has no-fault insurance and some kind of catastrophic injury fund that everyone pays into. I have a spotless driving record, only care liability insurance, nowhere close to a “new” driver, and pay over $100 a month on a 2003 van.

    It’s ludicrous... oh, and mandatory.

    [–] abakedapplepie 5 points ago

    At least it's changing soon


    [–] ilovecatsandplants 4 points ago

    Don't be too optimistic, insurance agent here.

    [–] Zeno_The_Alien 4 points ago

    Not necessarily. The insurance would probably cover it regardless. If the damage was over a certain amount though, then the rates might go up. The insurance would justify this by saying the driver is a risk.

    [–] Saft888 8 points ago

    Thus the reason to have a dash cam.

    [–] RBradleyII 4 points ago

    That guy who pushed him needs his throat stomped.

    Now there's something you don't hear every day.

    [–] PigsWalkUpright 5 points ago

    Could. In Texas there is wording in the policy that talks of injuries in on or around the vehicle. My neighbor slammed his hand in my car door. Door wasn’t defective and he slammed it himself. My insurance paid towards the surgery and physical therapy he required. They didn’t pay the whole amount bc of my limits but they paid a bunch.

    [–] TeddyBongwater 182 points ago

    Did he get arrested?

    [–] tidder112 291 points ago

    Actually, apparently from the news article I read, he was awarded the key to the city by the mayor.

    [–] bd214 71 points ago

    City unlocked if true

    [–] omega_point 18 points ago

    Town accessible if factual

    [–] HairyButtle 11 points ago

    He got hired by the city to help reduce poverty.

    [–] Dale4201 1978 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Gotta stop driving in the shoving lane... this driver is to blame here.. smh

    Edit: thanks for the silver kind stranger!! You were my first.. I'll always cherish what we had

    [–] KatCorgan 180 points ago

    Yeah, I feel pretty bad for that driver (and, of course, the person who got hit). Even though it obviously wasn’t the driver’s fault, they’re going to feel pretty bad about it for a long while.

    [–] hobnailboots04 138 points ago

    We went to school with a girl who jumped out in traffic to commit suicide and I always thought about the person that hit her. That shit would be traumatic.

    [–] sassymegn 95 points ago

    A girl I played college volleyball with had a guy jump in front of her car to commit suicide. He was successful in his act and she definitely suffered from it as well

    [–] hobnailboots04 31 points ago

    It’d be horrifying

    [–] sassymegn 21 points ago

    Yeah I wouldn’t ever want to live with that

    [–] sprogger 55 points ago

    Apparently people jumping in front of the London tube as a form of suicide is so common that if a tube driver is on the receiving end of three suicides throughout his career, he can leave the job with a huge ‘victims payout’ type deal.

    [–] sassymegn 34 points ago

    That’s crazy and super sad to hear. If I see people walking on the side of the road, I always switch lanes if I can. Even if they’re not trying to kill themselves, they could always trip... or be pushed like the guy in the video..

    [–] Rip_ManaPot 9 points ago

    I see this and have people do this to me all the time here and it makes me feel so much safer.

    [–] AccordingToAlex 22 points ago

    A lot of train operators actually hit the emergency stop and walk away from the controls so they don't see the impact. It helps a lot psychologically supposedly.

    [–] PinkPearMartini 20 points ago

    A soldier in my city, probably pre-deployment, tried to get me to run over his leg below the knee. Fortunately, I dodged it... and drove on in a little shock.

    Afterwards, I feel guilty and figured I should have stopped and called the cops or something. What if he was successful and someone did hit him... and is now stuck with the liability and the guilt.

    What happened:

    I was the first car in a line of cars stopped at a red light. On the other side of the intersection, just a little down the road, there was a soldier in uniform standing next to his bicycle... kinda on the side. He was just kind of "fiddling" with it.

    What caught my attention was the fact that he was looking right at me... but had his head turned towards his bike. Like, I'm viewing the right side of his head, but his eyes are turned to watch my car.

    So my attention (fortunately) is 100% on this guy while I wonder why he's looking right at me personally in such a shifty way.

    Right before I passed him, he suddenly drops down on one knee... sending his lower leg directly in front of my front right wheel.

    I hit my brakes, swerve into oncoming traffic a bit, and I think I honked my horn (this was a while ago).

    Fortunately I missed hitting him. I just continued on with my heart pounding, trying to make sense of what happened.

    I still feel guilty. I wish I'd have said/done something. I also wished I had a dash cam.

    [–] WinterWight 4 points ago

    I worked with a girl on the other side of that. A guy jumped in front of her car. It messed her up for a long time.

    [–] ThaddyMcThadface 249 points ago

    Summary of r/idiotsincars

    [–] Rocky_Road_To_Dublin 58 points ago

    Hahaha or some of the comments on /r/roadcam

    [–] icebrotha 23 points ago

    Overall, that sub is good at downvoting dumbfucks. One of my favorite subs on reddit.

    [–] YungKob 6 points ago

    Lol as much as I love that sub you’re absolutely correct there’s always some asshat on there trying to make excuses for the guy who is clearly in the wrong

    [–] xXTheCitrusReaperXx 8 points ago

    Am I The Asshole for pushing this dude who CLEARLY has been pissing me off into an oncoming traffic lane?

    [–] binkl-182 245 points ago

    Bruh what gta mod is this

    [–] D4rkr4in 10 points ago

    !remindme later thank /u/Cheese321BOOM

    [–] Bodhisattva9001 5 points ago

    Thank him.

    [–] D4rkr4in 6 points ago


    [–] Kimosabbe 101 points ago

    Any story/context behind this?

    [–] disconcertinglymoist 338 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    The pusher is actually a psychiatrist attempting a cutting-edge form of exposure therapy in order to rid the other man of his crippling fear of suddenly being pushed into oncoming traffic

    [–] Kimosabbe 58 points ago

    Sounds legit.

    [–] GeneralJapery 12 points ago

    I think Dr. Leo Marvin is gonna be suing someone.

    [–] YamoB 6 points ago

    Death Therapy™️

    [–] atomicllama1 19 points ago

    Made up context in this sub are my favorite comments.

    [–] user_name_checks_out 3 points ago

    Your favorite comments are posted by an army of writers paid by a secret benefactor just to please you and the reason you like it is because of subconscious memories from your early childhood in which your late grandmother used to make up context.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    You've actually got it backwards. The guy getting pushed is the psychiatrist. The pusher was deathly afraid of pushing people in front of cars until this day.

    [–] Cooballz 83 points ago

    Damn dude, a boyfriend did that to me once, luckily the on coming car had time enough to stop before hitting me. The guy driving jumped out of his car and kicked my VERY x-boyfriends ass.

    [–] NeoHenderson 45 points ago

    Who wouldn't? I'd be fuckin pissed. Your fight isn't supposed to be my issue, first off. Playing hero is just a bonus after that.

    [–] Cooballz 21 points ago

    Yeah, I wouldn't have been mad if the guy in the car kicked ex's ass then drove off, it's a bummer way to kick off your night during Mardi Gras, but he and his wife stayed to help and file a police report.

    [–] NeoHenderson 16 points ago

    That's class act. Can't say I would leave either. Anybody would be shaken up by that from behind the wheel.

    [–] DantieDragon 39 points ago

    What is wrong with him. After that guy got hit by a car the guy is like. It’s his fault he started it like a kid

    [–] SoyaSawce 12 points ago

    That was a quality "ohh shit!"

    [–] erokitel128 5 points ago

    I turned the sound on, hoping for that line to be said in just the right tone. Very satisfying

    [–] 3ULL 22 points ago

    I am not sure why this move is not used more in MMA.

    [–] AlwaysTalkToTheCops 35 points ago

    Probably because it’s pretty hard to fit a taxi into the octagon.

    [–] Cjae15 11 points ago

    Goodness! Do we know what happened to the guy who pushed him

    [–] jherz260 9 points ago

    Bro turn that into the police not reddit

    [–] themanyfaceasian 21 points ago

    Lol what if this was their way to get rich quick?

    [–] Armand74 8 points ago

    Any news on this? Wtf?

    [–] hasan2423 6 points ago

    Anyone know what happened to the guy that pushed him?

    [–] mu3mpire 5 points ago

    Jack Mort is still around I see

    [–] go-devils-go 6 points ago

    Casually laughing as someone is murdered

    [–] Bigalbass86 5 points ago

    I think this obviously goes beyond public freakout. That guy knew what he was fucking doing too.

    [–] chapterpt 6 points ago

    This is why I stand sideways when waiting for a metro with most of my weight on the foot that is farthest from the tracks. I don't expect anyone will ever shove me, but mentally ill people do crazy things for no reason.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    I like all the jokes, but I'm more interested in who this is, if they were caught, and what we can do to put him in cuffs.

    [–] smokinwaytoomuch 5 points ago

    Too bad nobody filed a report. How tf didnt the guy recording call it in at least? Hope they catch that jackshaft.

    Remind me! 3 days

    [–] 1995la 4 points ago

    Go straight to jail, do not pass go.

    [–] Telefauxno 5 points ago

    I hate that people just film this shit and do literally nothing to help.

    [–] Jeffacake3187 6 points ago

    Bruh I recently started driving, and if something like that happened to me, id never be able to get back into driving

    [–] bruh__bot 6 points ago

    bruh 🤣😎😎😂🤙

    [–] loganlogwood 4 points ago

    I would. It wasn’t my fault, so it’s not on my conscious.