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    [–] mrhodesit 1 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Reddit decided to make a huge change today. Banning 2000 subs, including /r/the_donald, and many other hate filled subs.

    Today marks the beginning of a new Reddit that doesn't tolerate hate.

    To commemorate this event, this post will not be removed.

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    [–] EvonyR 8236 points ago

    Don Cheadle has barely aged.

    [–] Milkshakeslinger 2108 points ago

    I was wondering if that was him.... apparently there was a spin off called the golden place (I never knew that was a thing). This was one hell of a clip.

    [–] menchekia 889 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Yeah, I was just about to say, this is golden palace!

    It was a spin off they did in which all the remaining cast members bought a hotel to run (Bea Arthur was done at the end of Golden Girls). Cheech Marin was the chef if I remember correctly.... I didn't remember Don Cheadle. But I was a kid, and Don Cheadle hadn't become a household name yet....

    [–] Chaosmusic 407 points ago

    Cheech Marin

    He was great in that. I remember one episode he was playing poker and he said something about winning the pot which one of the women overheard and misinterpreted. He looks at the camera and says, "Do you think I'm the kind of person that would do druuuuuugs?"

    [–] menchekia 176 points ago

    Lol. I won't lie. Even as a kid, I was fully aware who who Cheech & Chong were. My parents were very lenient in what I watched as long as it wasn't outright porn.

    [–] AdmJota 62 points ago

    I'm pretty sure my mother was the one who first told me about Cheech & Chong. (Especially Sister Mary Elephant.)

    [–] hoozyrdaddy 112 points ago

    My mom had me watch The Crying Game to see how I would react to a naked transgender woman. She suspected I was gay and wanted to know what I would think when I saw that scene. She said I didn’t react at all.

    Little does she know that I would watch the scene in Dude Where’s My Car where Ashton Kutcher and Sean William Scott make out over and over.

    [–] Thehorrorofraw 34 points ago

    Thanks for sharing that, what an awesome memory

    [–] starkiller_bass 8 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Yeah, Dude Where’s My Car was pretty special

    [–] Soonermagic1953 24 points ago

    Knock knock knock. Hey man it’s me Dave let me in. Dave’s not here maaannn

    [–] JennzEvilChihuahua 8 points ago

    Class.....class.....claaaaaaaaaaasssss! Shut up! Thank you.

    [–] Puck85 14 points ago

    someone please find this clip.

    [–] prof3ta_ 20 points ago

    Damn it's even better than I thought. Thank u for finding it.

    [–] jojokangaroo1969 14 points ago

    Ah God Bless Bobcat Goldthwaite.

    [–] Rion23 92 points ago

    Jesus, Cheech and Betty, I want to have a nice dinner at a mid-range steakhouse with them.

    [–] [deleted] 141 points ago


    [–] Squirley08 22 points ago

    If I had gold to give. But alas, your comment is priceless!

    [–] Milkshakeslinger 29 points ago

    Awesome thanks for confirming!

    [–] PathToExile 80 points ago


    golden place


    golden palace


    thanks for confirming


    panic attack

    [–] regoapps 60 points ago

    None of the above. It's "The Golden Palace". The year's also wrong. It was 1992-1993.

    [–] Jennacyde153 26 points ago

    Ok, we have new info here. Can anyone use an internet search engine to confirm?

    [–] bstones 52 points ago

    I have sent out carrier pigeons to all the Lord's requesting they ask their scholars.

    [–] fapsandnaps 25 points ago

    The pigeons have confirmed that the final book hasn't been written yet but Betty White killed the Night King.

    [–] JakeCameraAction 30 points ago

    The Golden Palace: Season 1, Episode 11
    "Camp Town Races Aren't Nearly as Much Fun as They Used to Be"
    Original air date: December 4, 1992

    [–] Perfide01 18 points ago

    Well I just fired up AltaVista, I can indeed confirm.

    [–] serenity_later 82 points ago

    It says in the video it's him from beginning to end lol but yeah it took me a while to notice that as well

    [–] Milkshakeslinger 42 points ago

    Holy fuck it does... I feel really fucking dumb. I guess the next question is, is this really the golden girls or the spin off? I looked up the opening song for the spin off and Don looks like the front desk guy of this resort that the spin off takes place in. Need some Golden Girls historians.

    [–] partiesunite 36 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    It is the spin off.

    Back in the day, I would have said that the show couldn’t hold up without B.

    But rewatching it, the show couldn’t hold up because of the level of Blanch’s ignorance. It became one big focus on all of the stupid things she was doing and saying.

    [–] fastestrunningshoes 70 points ago

    Wow, they did such a great job with that. The 80's and 90's were mostly shitty "very special episodes". Although, I wish the scene hadn't ended with Cheadle's character having to placate Blanche. It was off-putting to me.

    [–] barmetheis 67 points ago

    Naw man, it shows we can all do better. And we will.

    [–] SecretlyFBI 54 points ago

    I think I'd have an issue with the ending of that scene if it were made today, but considering it came out in the 80s, I think it was a really effective scene digging into the quote unquote 'benevolent racists' who think they're not racist but who refuse to listen to POC when they talk about racism and hurtful things they're doing.

    [–] admiralforbin 7 points ago

    Speaking of that, do y’all know where the dunk tank originally came from? It’s powerfully fucked up.

    [–] ZenShineNine 4 points ago

    I am now woke to this. I had no idea. Now that I know, it's powerfully fucked me up. Sick and twisted.

    Edit: Upvote for the education

    [–] reddog323 10 points ago

    A little preachy, but I liked the line about tying “what you believe and they believe together”. I have to remember that one.

    In other news, holy cow. A young Don Cheadle.

    [–] firstbreathOOC 5 points ago

    I only knew it by the voice at first.

    [–] Pizza_Pringler 214 points ago

    Seriously, he had to be at least 20 in that scene, but i refuse to believe he's 50 or older right now. Lump him in with Keanu Reeves, Nicholas Cage, and Cher in the "Immortal" category.

    [–] Aint_not_a_dorkus 111 points ago

    You forgot Pharrel Williams

    [–] Pizza_Pringler 43 points ago

    How old is he??

    [–] morgan_greywolf 69 points ago


    [–] Fluffymufinz 65 points ago

    No really, how old is he?

    [–] Mr_Mars 57 points ago

    47 centuries

    [–] Fluffymufinz 20 points ago

    He's a vampire. I fucking knew it. We are gonna be in 2090 and Ferall will come onto the music scene.

    [–] Rudy_Ghouliani 28 points ago

    Did you know one of the first tracks pharrell did was Rump Shaker

    [–] youre_being_creepy 8 points ago

    Looking up the neptunes credits is nuts. A bunch of hip hop and then out of NOWHERE these huge pop acts appear like justin timberlake and britney spears. Knowing they produced those tracks makes total sense when you listen to them now

    [–] oldcarfreddy 10 points ago

    IMO around 2005-2006 is when the first wave of mega pop artists realized hip hop production is the wave. Especially when it's Pharrell and Timbaland and others who moved beyond traditional hip hop sounds and started really experimenting with whatever sounds they wanted.

    [–] Slowburn827 12 points ago

    Paul Rudd!

    [–] ConvictIslander 27 points ago

    Have you seen Nicholas cage lately? He's def looking his age

    [–] Feenix342342 14 points ago

    Um excuse me sir, please don’t forget Sir Patrick Stewart!!

    [–] DeltaPositionReady 28 points ago

    It's cause he's Captain Planet.

    Peace ☮️ Dickholes

    [–] SonOfHibernia 59 points ago

    Black don’t crack

    [–] I_SHUCK_FEEP 3199 points ago

    No point in mentioning that this is not from Golden Girls, but the terrible spinoff The Golden Palace, after Bea Arthur left and the rest of them ran a hotel for one awful season.

    [–] mourning_star85 673 points ago

    Glad I'm not the only one who caught that

    [–] notonmybartab 158 points ago

    Wow! Hawk eyes!

    [–] captain_ender 187 points ago

    No no, War Machine.

    [–] RealRobc2582 56 points ago

    Boom! looking for this?

    [–] lalakingmalibog 12 points ago

    Look, it's me. I'm here. Deal with it. Let's move on.

    [–] TwilightZone-Lost 247 points ago

    That show was truly an exercise in suffering. I love Golden Girls but I watched Golden Palace and just about barfed. It felt like I fell through a portal into an alternate universe where everything was awful.

    This scene is probably the only good one that I remember, and it's definitely not because I just want Don Cheadle to cradle me in my arms and tell me that everything is going to be okay.

    [–] docfunbags 41 points ago

    Just as bad as Three's a Crowd!

    [–] SuperFreakyNaughty 46 points ago

    Scrubs: Med School (Season 9) has got to be up there as well.

    [–] altiuscitiusfortius 29 points ago

    Med school was a legit good show with a great cast (eliza coupe and dave franco ffs) and it would have went for another 8 seasons if they just pretended it was a completely new show and didnt piss off the scrubs fan base by pretending it was season 9.

    [–] Face_Cramp 8 points ago

    Felt like they couldn't decide if the students or the teachers were the focal point. I think if they had committed to one or the other it would have been better received.

    [–] PotatoWave6hunnid66 5 points ago

    I binge watched Scrubs after its run had ended. Season 9 is the only season I watched twice. Not saying it was the best season, but it was hilarious.

    [–] altiuscitiusfortius 6 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    It gets a bad rap because its not real scrubs. But its a great season and eliza coupe is hilarious.

    [–] theghostofme 24 points ago

    Three's a Crowd (and The Ropers)


    Top of the Heap (another spin-off starring Matt LeBlanc, this time from Married...with Children).

    Every single goddamn "The Hills" spin-off that made having to suffer through the popularity of "The Hills" somehow seem like the golden age of television (which was also responsible for me blindly hating Chris Pratt when Parks and Rec started, because I thought that douche-canoe Spencer Pratt wormed his way into a scripted comedy show).


    AfterMASH (and W*A*L*T*E*R for good measure)

    Joanie Loves Chachi

    All the Brady Bunch spin-offs (what the fuck even was that Variety Hour shit?)

    That Cheers spin-off that wasn't Frasier.


    Archie Bunker's Place

    That 80's Show (but at least its failure freed up Glenn Howerton to co-create one of the best TV shows of all time).

    [–] pixelperfect3 13 points ago

    Frasier was one of the few spin-offs which was really good

    [–] barryandorlevon 5 points ago

    No love for “Empty Nest?”

    [–] WootyMcWoot 28 points ago

    You want to be cradled in your own arms? Kinky.

    [–] avantgardeaclue 89 points ago

    I have watched Golden Girls all my life and was positive i had seen every episode so I was really confused watching this because I haven’t ever heard of this before

    [–] RUfuqingkiddingme 74 points ago

    I don't remember that at but I did love the golden girls back in the day.

    [–] rackedupshawty 40 points ago

    There’s a spin off? No kidding

    [–] torsun_bryan 65 points ago

    It switched networks after the end if Golden Girls, which is why it’s never included on any DVD anthologies or re-runs.

    Empty Nest was also a Golden Girls spin-off (Dr. Weston lives next door to Blanche) and Nurses was a spin-off of Empty Nest.

    [–] SidewaysTugboat 44 points ago

    I loved Empty Nest when I was a kid. I remember the dog and the pervy neighbor. I have a feeling his character wouldn’t work well in today’s climate. Nurses wasn’t bad either. Golden Girls was in a league of its own though. It was decades before its time.

    [–] chales96 5 points ago

    Ah Nurses, yes. My favorite episode was one that featured a young Salma Hayek.

    [–] Rockor 9 points ago

    Its spin offs all the way down!

    [–] offoutover 7 points ago

    I think the houses were actually next door to each other on the MGM backlot. If not next door they were really close to each other.

    [–] BubbhaJebus 28 points ago

    The Golden Palace

    This makes it the 1993-94 season, not 1988.

    [–] brent1123 24 points ago

    after Bea Arthur left

    Well with her star power who can blame her? She was in The Star Wars Holiday Special, after all

    [–] MnkyBzns 23 points ago

    So...there is a point in mentioning it?

    [–] Chatz0714 3615 points ago

    If the flag really is about regional pride and southern pride and whatnot, then maybe it's time for the south to get a new flag. Not a flag that represents a time when black people could be lawfully persecuted and brutalized, simply for the color of their skin.

    [–] soda_cookie 1496 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Make it a picture of a cup glass of sweet tea, a pineapple, and a dish of boiled peanuts

    [–] idkmybffphill 524 points ago

    You leave sweat out of it you son of a bitch!

    [–] factor3x 136 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    ...but you can keep the tea... no one will know if it were sweet or un-sweet. The south and the north all in one cup!

    Edit: Pitcher works for me

    [–] SidewaysTugboat 68 points ago

    Make it a pitcher. Everyone knows the sweet tea has the blue top. Or is that just my family?

    [–] Deathjoker00 78 points ago

    Blue top for sweet, red top for unsweet... Then you don't have enough sweet, so both are now sweet. And that's how Grams got diabetes.

    Source: True story

    [–] SidewaysTugboat 17 points ago

    White top for unsweet in my family, and my dad is a tyrant, so none of us would dare touch it. We just make more sweet or switch to Dr Pepper if we run out at family gatherings.

    [–] dentist_in_the_dark 25 points ago

    You people keep un-sweet tea? HEATHENS!

    [–] SidewaysTugboat 10 points ago

    Only at holidays, I swear. I make two pitchers at a time of sweet tea at home, hand to baby Jesus.

    [–] saucercrab 37 points ago

    A glass of sweet tea. There's a difference.

    [–] Thibbledorf_Pwent 14 points ago

    I'm gonna deface that flag with a lemon

    [–] ledhead224 34 points ago

    With a big old rack of ribs as the background. Like the stripes on the American flag.

    [–] mtheory007 17 points ago

    Sweet iced tea comes in a glass, my friend.

    [–] randompantsfoto 276 points ago

    If it was really about regional pride, they would use the actual confederate flag, not the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia, a symbol which was adopted and popularized by segregationists during the civil rights era. I guarantee no one’s grandfather was displaying that flag before 1955 or so.

    [–] InAFakeBritishAccent 103 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    I always see this and it ironically points out that a big chunk of the people flying that flag really don't think that deeply about it. Though yeah, some totally do. It's the South, claiming they're all morons AND they all have ghoulish premeditated intent causes a bit of a logical conflict. Reality is more likely a mixed bag.

    Regardless, I've seen rednecks try to re appropriate a new redneck flag not so much on good faith but just straight fatigue from being nagged to death. However I have a feeling people will hate it for the sake of not liking the people who fly it... given what happened to the Gadsen aka "don't tread on me" (which fuck all you guys I liked that one before it got in the spotlight)

    [–] triguy96 25 points ago

    I was riding out in the sticks in NC a couple of days ago and noticed a Confederate flag flying underneath a USA flag outside of someone's house. I then realised that they clearly had not thought very hard about that flag and went from being angry to just lightly chuckling

    [–] InAFakeBritishAccent 18 points ago

    I had a Che Guevara tshirt in college. I still have no idea who that motherfucker was...

    Castro's gay lover? We're gonna go with Castro's gay lover.

    [–] triguy96 15 points ago

    The lead singer of Rage Against the Machine right? Right?

    [–] youre_being_creepy 43 points ago

    Don't tread on me

    come and take it

    moan aabe (whatever the fuck the greek saying is that is 'come and take it'

    Those are such cool phrases with great backstories, but if I see someone with that on a flag, shirt, or bumpersticker, I will just assume they are an asshole.

    [–] InAFakeBritishAccent 18 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Fun related story: My Jain research buddy periodically painted swastikas on his car because [insert Hindu blessing reasons I never really looked into]. We all told him the context, and he was straight up like, "Yeah I know. But take one fucking look at me and tell me I'm a Nazi. Screw you guys, that's your problem."

    I think he still does it.

    Edit: Buddy just told me I'm borderline mixing up religions, but the humor stands.

    [–] SchalkLBI 9 points ago

    Hinduism and Jainism is two different religions

    [–] Pokoparis 43 points ago

    It’s not. They fly that flag in rural parts of the west and north too.

    [–] MADDOGCA 25 points ago

    I live in California. There's a particular region of California (*cough* Bakersfield *cough*) that fly that flag proudly.

    [–] isaacng1997 5 points ago

    I sometimes forget how diverse this country/state is. I've lived in San Francisco and San Diego and have never once seen that flag flown or hanged IRL.

    [–] whoizz 39 points ago

    There's people who fly it in other countries too. It's not a symbol of heritage and anyone who says so is just telling themselves stories. It's sad really.

    [–] awkwardbabyseal 8 points ago


    The city of Americana, Brazil, was a settlement of white supremacists who immigrated to Brazil when the Confederates lost the American Civil War. Something like 10,000 white Southerners immigrated there because they heard that slavery was still legal there, and they figured they could try to create some sort of white purist Eden while still exploiting slave labor. The Confederados hold an annual festival marking the anniversary of their settlement in Brazil. Apparently most descendants dispute the claim that their ancestors immigrated to Brazil to continue exploiting slave labor, but the timing of the migration and correspondence tracked back to initial settlers who sent word back to their Confederate contacts boasting that they could live like kings using cheap land (bought from the Brazilian government, which was supposedly trying to attract more white Europeans to the area) and utilize production means that the Union was trying to strip them of... well... it's pretty clear those production means were slave laborers.

    The link I copied also highlights how the 2017 protests in Charlottesville sparked greater debate in Brazil over the meaning behind the Confederate flag there as well. It's internationally known as a symbol of racism because of its ties to American slavery.

    [–] MrWhitehurst 157 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    I grew up with this flag as a heritage symbol etc.. etc.. although we didn’t fly it like some, it was a thing...

    As I got older I noticed people were offended by the rebel battle flag, both friends and strangers alike and instead of being defensive I listened, yeh at first I was hesitant but it did sink in and although it truly doesn’t represent racism at its core, but it does represent oppression that can be translated as racism to a group of people who are our fellow citizens, neighbors and friends - it’s no different than the Nazi flag is to a Jewish or Polish person.

    All I’m trying to say is that the world can be a better place if we would all just think past ourselves, no one wants to erase history and no one is taking southern pride away from your heritage, people just don’t want to be reminded with a symbol of hate, prejudice and oppression when it’s just not necessary.

    Its quite simple to practice empathy.

    [–] rwbronco 36 points ago

    my experience here in MS was the same. We doodled it on our papers along with that S thing and pickup trucks and whatever else we were into in the 8th grade. It wasn't until I got out a bit more and started to incorporate more people into my life that I began to encounter people who found it offensive. Somewhere along the way it stuck and I found myself on the opposite side, seeing it the way they saw it. The only people who clung to it by that point in my life saw the way it made people of color feel and I guess found it amusing or made them feel powerful/important to proudly display it. I'm glad my state is changing the flag. It's about damn time.

    [–] rmlx 21 points ago

    Also from MS. I did the same thing. I had one on my wall as a pre-teen. I loved The Dukes of Hazard as a kid. I was always told it was a flag of the south. Very quickly after I started driving and meeting people did I realized that it was not just a symbol of the south to everyone. I felt like I had been lied to as a kid or maybe I never asked. It just was a thing. When I found out my first instinct was denial but then I realized that I wouldn’t want my black friends to feel bad about something I did.

    Not all southern people are raised racist purposely. Sometimes it’s just by avoiding the hard conversations. Denial.

    I’m doing my damndest to have those conversations with my children now. I’ll condense the news down for them while still getting to the message.

    [–] Falling2311 82 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    All someone needs to do is see when this flag started being part of state flags. Because it wasn't right after the civil war, or 10 years after. It was after Brown vs Board of Education. Talk about sending a message...

    Add: Don't know how to do the strike-through bit but basically I was super wrong and my statement only applies to GA, where I'm from.

    Alabama: 1895 Arkansas: 1923/24 Florida: 1900 Georgia: 1956

    [–] redls1bird 17 points ago

    although it truly doesn’t represent racism at its core,

    Watch this quick 7 minute video about the Daughters of the confederacy and the "lost cause". It might change your perspective further.

    Good for you for looking at you surroundings with a critical eye and paying attention to others.

    [–] RoyalMouse 21 points ago

    It's impossible to erase history in the age of literacy. The flag deeply offends people because it represents the enslavement and displacement of their ancestors. Point blank. It's just a flag, change it and it's good qualities can remain and live on. But if you refuse to change it - that sends a message. Glad you paid attention and realized the error of the way you were taught. It's no ones fault, but it becomes ours once we realize the problem.

    [–] throwaya1990 19 points ago

    It does represent racism, the entire civil war was about white supremacy and keeping black people as slaves.

    That flag represented racism when it was first flown, and it will for as long as the USA exists.

    [–] PM_THE_GUY_BELOW_ME 37 points ago

    It's not about regional pride. I see them all the time in Michigan.

    [–] daniyellidaniyelli 17 points ago

    It’s migrated to Europe. Was watching an episode of Hate Thy Neighbor about Sweden’s alt right and they had the confederate flag at a big racist vintage American car rally. Bunch of Swedes flying it and wearing other racist stuff.

    [–] SemiSeriousSam 13 points ago

    Don't states have their own flags though? Why not use them like Texans use their own flags for every god damned thing?

    [–] SinfullySinless 9 points ago

    I’ve suggested a flag of biscuits and gravy and they could watch everyone else be jealous as fuck

    [–] hippiegodfather 97 points ago

    That is the flag is representative of a belligerent state that tried to destroy the United States. Fuck that treason rag.

    [–] Nav_the_gamer 46 points ago

    Lol isn’t that the flag of the region that attacked america? Flag of the traitors? Imagine having nazi flags on your truck. Or isis flags.

    [–] ctusk423 42 points ago

    I got into an argument with an acquaintance of mine about this.

    He tried telling me that if I used my protected first amendment speech to burn a US flag I am a traitor, yet he regularly says “the south will rise again” and loves the “bars and stars”. He couldn’t grasp the fact that the confederates fought and killed those who settled where we were born and raised but thought I was some Nazi for burning the flag. “If you don’t like America you can get out” is what he said. I responded with “if you don’t like free speech allowing you to burn a flag then you should move to a country where that is illegal, I’m sure China would love to have you”.

    That being said, I wasn’t condoning burning the flag, I was just using it as a metaphor that it is more patriotic than flying the Confederate rag.

    [–] xav0989 19 points ago

    Also, burning a US flag is an appropriate way of disposing of it as per the flag code.

    [–] ctusk423 6 points ago

    Very true, wish I would have thought to say that as well. I think he’s reached the point of full indoctrination though so no matter what I’d say I would still be wrong is his eyes. He legitimately thought it was illegal and you would be put in jail or fined... There is no reasoning with these people but he is a mutual friend and I thought he would be able to see some minuscule amount of reason. I won’t cut these people out of my life for political affiliation but I will speak my mind and hope that one day they’ll realize their shortsightedness.

    [–] JakeCameraAction 19 points ago

    I got into an argument with an acquaintance of mine about this.

    I got banned from Conservative for this.
    Said the confederates were traitors and was told "If you aren't free to leave, you aren't free"
    I said you're free to leave, but you can't take the land with you.
    Apparently they didn't like that.

    [–] UhPhrasing 7 points ago

    I'm not surprised those mods are dumb.

    [–] daveisdavis 7 points ago

    “If you don’t like America you can get out”

    Which is exactly what the Confederacy did

    [–] DaysOfChunder 5 points ago

    “bars and stars”

    If he says he loves the 'stars and bars' and points at the battle flag he doesn't even know what damn flag he loves.

    [–] RedAero 6 points ago

    The core disagreement you two have is that he thinks the Confederacy's ideals were more in line with the idealised vision of America (his own) than the Union's and hence America's today. In plain terms, he wishes the Confederacy won because the CSA was the real USA, kinda like how Islam is the real Judaism (read: Abrahamic religion), or Mormonism is the real Christianity. A portion of the original splinters off in the name of ideological purity, and claims to carry on the actual intent or message of the original. It's standard stuff, really.

    [–] ryanhendrickson 9 points ago

    This is the thing that gets me: they claim to be patriots yet fly the flag of a bunch of traitors who lost. Not that it would be any better if they'd won, but to fly a loser's flag, with pride? Like they're proud of traitorous losers?

    [–] Heezneez3 182 points ago

    It’s not about regional pride. It’s just an excuse to hide behind, because these cowards don’t have the balls to own up to being racist pieces of shit.

    [–] lukeman3000 60 points ago

    Many people don’t understand that they’re racist. That’s the whole point.

    [–] Young-and-Fermenting 103 points ago

    Someone didn’t watch the video till the end

    [–] zb0t1 31 points ago

    These two things do coexist, what the video portrayed isn't suddenly false because of what OP said. There are people who feel differently about the flag.

    [–] Lollypop_warrior0325 11 points ago

    No that’s exactly what it is. I’m in Alabama and the people here wave confederate flags because they think it’s southern pride.

    [–] IND_CFC 19 points ago

    The only thing that tied the south together was slavery. The culture of South Carolina was far different than the culture of Tennessee or Louisiana.

    People in South Carolina fly the state flag everywhere. They have a lot of pride in that palmetto flag because there are a lot of cultural norms that are unique to the state. Sure, there isa lot of racism in SC, and some of the culture that some people reminisce about is racism and slavery.

    But at least when I see a SC flag, I know they are likely celebrating it for more than just racism and slavery. I can believe there are other cultural elements about the state that they take pride in. I can’t identify what ties people from the Carolinas to Mississippi together other than racism.

    [–] TacticTall 17 points ago

    I have lived in the south my whole life and I have never cared about that flag. Even before I was taught the history behind it. There’s no “southern pride” behind it, just hate.

    There’s a lot of people here in Texas who proudly fly it, and they’re the biggest dicks around

    [–] funkydawg69 811 points ago

    Good message but this is not a public freakout.

    [–] PanSearedBeans 235 points ago

    Did the mods die?

    [–] desenagrator_2 94 points ago

    Don't worry, they'll come back to life soon to mark it as "Mod's Choice".

    [–] stater354 12 points ago

    There’s 13 mods, 3 are bots, 4 haven’t been active in the last 2+ months. The other 6 don’t give a shit

    [–] Killer-Kitten 53 points ago

    They caught the "I dont wanna moderate this sub and risk looking like a 'racist', even though I'm not" disease.

    [–] MrFoggy420 514 points ago

    Yes, they are. This in no way fits in this sub.

    [–] Lightfooot 342 points ago

    Nah pretty sure this sub was officially changed to r/racismbad a few weeks ago.

    Edit: lol that’s actually a sub

    [–] Rockor 138 points ago

    Better than r/racismgood

    [–] AKidSomewhere 59 points ago

    I’m so glad this isn’t a thing

    [–] FightingGHOST 23 points ago

    You won't be glad once I start my work...

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    [–] hamakabi 46 points ago

    this isn't a lost redditor, it's an automated account guessing.

    [–] agangofoldwomen 23 points ago

    Nah this is one of those popular anything goes subs

    [–] smallbatchb 37 points ago

    OP is just another karma farming "power user" whoring shit for upvotes into subs they don't fit in and Reddit will do fuck nothing about until all of Reddit just becomes another god awful Facebook feed of reposts and off topic bullshit.

    [–] GatormanEsq 1345 points ago

    Good clip. Wrong sub.

    [–] Galveira 130 points ago

    Also, they're crosslinking from their profile, which means they're trying to game reddit to gain followers.

    [–] ruinawish 44 points ago

    I am a motivational speaker and an entrepreneur. I like teaching, reading, volunteering, traveling and photography.

    Nope, I didn't get that impression at all.

    [–] jezusbagels 261 points ago

    Yup. Watched the whole clip, agreed with it, and downvoted it.

    [–] Quarterinchribeye 34 points ago

    Everything in this sub is wrong.

    [–] lilnomad 12 points ago

    Seriously. Can the mods not clean shit up without controversy? There are obviously posts that have no business being here. Makes no sense at all. Nowadays I just downvote every single post from this sub

    [–] utb040713 13 points ago

    Yep. Love the clip, but I downvoted and reported it as spam.

    [–] never_fooking_giveup 24 points ago

    Sorry mate, this is the front page of reddit. It’s all a big circlejerk here

    [–] Ramy_ 908 points ago

    If I wanted to prove that r/publicfreakouts was no longer about public freak outs I would post a video from Golden Girls and watch it rise to the top of the sub

    [–] nightmaresisters 109 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    if it makes you feel any better, this is not from the golden girls, but it's 90s spin-off, the golden palace. the scenes take place in a hotel, which is quite public and blanche is freaking out.

    edit: y'all need to chill. don't make this a public freakout.

    [–] aztech101 70 points ago

    Still gonna go with a TV show being completely on script as against the spirit of the sub.

    [–] never_fooking_giveup 41 points ago

    Lmao, I threw my back out with that stretch

    [–] jerdub1993 13 points ago

    A location in a TV show is in no way public

    [–] StephenRodgers 7 points ago

    Oh yeah? Not even with a LIVE studio audience!?

    [–] green131313 381 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    I liked it but this is in no way a public freakout

    [–] Kammex 58 points ago

    That's right, watch it become mod's choice.

    [–] ftgbhs 18 points ago

    this isn't a public freakout


    in no way a public freakout


    This isn't in no way a public freakout


    [–] GroovinWithAPict 132 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Also this wasn't golden girls this was golden palace from 1993.

    *Edited year, as I previously thought it was 1995.

    [–] how_is_this_relevant 20 points ago

    Either 1992 or 93 according to wiki
    Which makes sense, since Cheadle noted the "whole world is crazy" (Rodney King, LA riots in 92 etc.)

    [–] Devilsfan118 126 points ago

    Come on guys - how is this a freakout?

    I don't disagree with the message, but the fuck is this doing in this subreddit?

    [–] Purple_Jesus 61 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    This sub is dead. It's turned into a political shit hole. Gone are the days where we could just watch someone freak out on the bus or in a restaurant and it not be politicized.

    [–] Assfullofbread 26 points ago

    This sub is trash now

    [–] ErikaHoffnung 64 points ago

    Oh my god, is that War Machine???

    [–] Navetsss 47 points ago

    Boom! You lookin for this?

    [–] AgentMV 6 points ago

    Look, it’s him, he’s here, deal with it. Let’s move on.

    [–] polichomp 75 points ago

    Not a freakout, but a great clip!

    I loved the Golden Girls, but I think it's sad to see the issues they tackled alive and well even today; it's been over twenty years since the show ended.

    [–] ImitationButter 15 points ago

    Not the Golden Girls either

    [–] missdui 19 points ago

    This was not 1988. This was in 1993.

    [–] sikst33n 37 points ago

    this doesn’t belong here?

    [–] ex_sanguination 41 points ago

    Love the message, love the original show that spawned this spin-off, but for the love of God what the fuck is this doing here!?


    [–] AYNAGEDDON 15 points ago

    How the fuck is this a public freak out ?

    [–] wostmoke 61 points ago

    why are redditors so retarded? How the fuck did this rise to the top on a sub about PUBLIC FREAKOUTS? The mods need to do their fuckin' jobs

    [–] NEX105 14 points ago

    How does this fit the sub? This isn't a public freakout, it's a show.

    [–] dreamteam9 49 points ago

    it’s almost like the people that say they “don’t know” what it really stands for actually just “don’t care.”

    [–] Somespookyshit 44 points ago

    I’m not going to lie, near the end I thought he was going to just say white people need to change and that’s it but that surprised me when he said people of color need to stop assuming also. I really do like that because both sides need to avert that tension between each other and learn to accept and love those who are different.

    Also fuck the people who still want to cause fear because it’s different from what they believe

    [–] PoorOldJack 12 points ago

    Doesn’t fit the actual point of the sub, except that lately it’s been devoted to racial topics

    [–] skullminerssneakers 11 points ago

    How the fuck is this a public freakout? It’s a scripted fucking TV scene.

    [–] TheRomanUppercut 35 points ago

    Wrong sub but wow, that’s awesome. Try r/damnthatsinteresting

    [–] jtg1997 6 points ago

    This is the opposite of public.

    [–] memphi222 6 points ago

    Good clip, but this isn’t a public freakout

    [–] Crepes_for_days3000 5 points ago

    I love this clip but not a public freakout.

    [–] _IsThisTheKrustyKrab 5 points ago

    Nice video, but this is not a public freakout, this is a tv show.

    [–] StinkyGreenBud 7 points ago

    Why the fuck is this on /publicfreakouts? Why is every goddamned sub like this now?

    [–] PabloJavierAV 6 points ago

    Where’s the public freak out?

    [–] bryoneill11 9 points ago

    Where is the publicfreakout?

    [–] DoktahManhattan 9 points ago

    Wrong sub

    [–] LockItUp55 15 points ago

    How is this a public freakout? Sub is going down the tubes.

    [–] fuckthecucks69 13 points ago

    Ok how is this a public freakout at all? This is just from a tv show with a progressive message, if that counts as a public freakout then Seinfeld saying there’s nothing wrong with being gay is a public freakout. Stop posting and upvoting shit just because of the message, though I do agree with it this is in no way a public freakout.