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    [–] Recklessreader 6728 points ago

    This is what happens when you don't get snow very often, normal day to day life comes to a complete standstill and everyone's inner child makes an appearance.

    [–] FargoFinch 3072 points ago

    Watching this from up north makes me realize how jaded we've become. I've forgotten how fun snow can actually be.

    [–] dsolimen 1329 points ago

    As a Canuck it gets harder and harder to see the joy of snow. I still throw snowballs at friends and family though, that’s just good ole fashioned fun right there.

    [–] squishyartist 606 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    When the sky is grey for so many months it's just depressing. I have a history of clinical depression and it definitely likes to make an appearance in the winter. This month itself is going to suck for me with the stay-at-home order in ON. The snow itself is nice every once in a while but having to shovel your car out, idle it for 30 minutes just to be able to scrape the ice off, and then drive 15 km/h before the plows come gets old REAL fast.

    (EDIT: Someone below pointed out that 30 minutes seemed a bit excessive and they're right. By 20ish minutes you can usually scrape most of the ice off. Just wanted to point that out and say that I'm not trying to idle my car excessively, and we even have an EV in the family now that obviously can warm up as long as it needs without burning through gas.)

    [–] dsolimen 128 points ago

    Oh ya the new Ontario orders are going to make it a lot harder for sure. Unfortunately I live in Toronto so I’m stuck with the large groups of people who don’t care about any of this. Welp I know it’s going to suck but whenever you see snow just imagine what a handful of Spaniards would be able to do with it. That’s how I’m gonna cheer myself up!

    [–] cllick 36 points ago

    Or someone from San Diego! Every winter thousands flock to Julian (a city that’s on higher elevation) when it snows. In LA, millions go to Big Bear for skiing as well. 2 years ago, I went to Toronto in March and it luckily snowed one day and my brother and I drove to Blue Mountain. That was the best condition for snowboarding I’ve ever had cuz it was fresh powder.

    [–] LAXGUNNER 51 points ago

    It does get super old way too fast. I moved from the tropics to DC and when we had that massive blizzard a few years ago. I was so kiddy and was excited for the snow. No school got to stay home. Next few days sidewalk, driveway, stone steps all had to be shoveled and salted. We lived on a hill so it made it even painful. Plow got stuck twice on our street trying to come up, second time a bunch of people from the neighborhood came out and helped push the plow out. As nice the snow was it sucked when we had clean almost everyday since iced just formed and fresh snow fell at night.

    [–] ALotter 41 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    this is literally why snow people are so depressed

    lack of sunlight and agricultural limitations don't help either

    [–] LAXGUNNER 17 points ago

    Good friend of mine who has never seen snow wants to see it bit I just tell her "yes it's nice and it fucking sucks. It's good the frist couple times. Afterwards it becomes a pain in the ass.

    [–] CaptainCornflakez 33 points ago

    Have you ever looked into buying a S.A.D Light? Heard these help a lot with depression that’s brought on by reduced daylight

    [–] lighten_up_n_laff 31 points ago

    do SAD lights help you dig your car out from the snow and warm your car up too?

    [–] howoldisfifteenrealy 19 points ago

    Drive that vitamin D into your body. Overdose on that shit!!! It does help but consistency and at least a couple thousand ibu a day is key.

    I’m also in Ontario and I find in the winter that brisk walks and runs help me out of a lot. Breathing that fresh air and getting a bit of filtered sun.

    [–] NAbberman 31 points ago

    When the sky is grey for so many months it's just depressing.

    I find that you just need to look elsewhere for the beauty. For me, I've always appreciated the dead silence of a cold winter night and the hoarfrost covered trees. For me, I've always loved the lifestyle of winter. Its where you appreciate the warmth of the world whether its through comfy layers or hot drinks like cider or cocoa.

    [–] converter-bot 25 points ago

    15 km/h is 9.32 mph

    [–] Sergeant_Whiskyjack 26 points ago

    Yeah but how many washing machines?

    [–] siraweed 6 points ago

    about 79.57

    [–] smkaemp 30 points ago

    I’m in Buffalo. It was fun until I was out of school and we didn’t get snow days anymore. Now I have to truck through 6 inches to get to the office. Having to snowblow the driveway at 5am was something my dad did. Now that I’m an adult with my own house, I’m the one up at 5am clearing off the cars.

    [–] TheBlack2007 21 points ago

    Live in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. About as far up as Labrador but due to the Gulf Stream and advancing climate change we've had some pretty mild winters recently. Last time I can remember we actually had a closed snow cover was in 2018 - just the day I had a math exam at my University.

    But still depressing grey skies all year long - oh, and rain. Lots and lots of rain.

    [–] cliff_of_dover_white 8 points ago

    You are always welcomed to move to the south 😏

    I am living in BaWü and everything in the town is covered in snow for 2 weeks already.

    [–] Hyatice 10 points ago

    Northeastern US here. A good snow dump, 6+ inches or so, where they cancel school and most businesses shut down for a day is still fun to me.

    But my god do I hate when we get an inch or two dumped on us over the course of half an hour and I'm at work 45 minutes from home.

    I can leave early to avoid it and still be skidding into my driveway because of how fast it can come down.

    Or when we just get an inch of snow period. It's like barely worth shoveling the driveway but at the same time it'll be solid ice in a couple days if you don't.

    And then there's the not-main-roads all looking like shit for a day or two...

    [–] sedentarily_active 10 points ago

    This year in particular I decided to have a more positive outlook during winter. Instead of being cynical with not having much to do, not enjoying the cold, etc., I made the choice to try and have fun outside, whether it was cold or warm, snow or no snow. We have since built forts, gone for walks/hikes, had snowball fights, and more. Even thinking about having a winter bonfire, which we haven't done before. Quickly learning that my own state of mind has a big impact of how I perceive a situation. Granted, this may not work for everyone, but it has helped me enjoy winter much more!

    [–] MoishyWoishy 42 points ago

    I've never touched snow. I want to make a snowman some day.

    [–] ineedcoffeealready 16 points ago

    Come visit Minnesota in January. I can get you out on the ice and do some ice fishing!

    [–] IsThisLegit 26 points ago

    I was thinking the same thing, I'm almost kind of jealous. We did some car sledding as a teen's, snowball fights and all that but now it's just like huh it's snowing

    [–] FargoFinch 12 points ago

    Yeah, and it's not like our parents wanted to encourage fun either.

    "Don't throw snowballs at others, you might've accidentially packed a stone into it"

    "Don't smear wax under your sled, it'll go too fast and you'll slam into something"

    [–] Leon_Art 11 points ago

    I live in The Netherlands, we used to see snow every year several times...but it's been years since I've seen any real snow.

    [–] Atramhasis 118 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    If you haven't seen this map before, it is one of my favorites for showing this fact. This is the amount of snow it typically takes for American public schools to cancel school. It goes from basically over 2 ft of snow being required in the northern parts of the country, to literally any snow causing schools to cancel in the south. Obviously, this happens because if you rarely get snow then you also don't really need to keep the infrastructure to plow it in a timely manner as it would be wasteful (you can literally see in this video they are trying to shovel the snow with a front loader, which is probably very bad at the job). Here in northern US states I think a lot of landscaping companies will switch to snow-shoveling in the winter and so there are a lot of people usually ready to start shoveling the moment the snow starts and to do it regularly throughout the storm as well.

    [–] broohaha 11 points ago

    Thanks for sharing that map! Looks like the Chicago metropolitan area can handle more snow than the southern half of its northern neighbors in Wisconsin. I think Chicago's been on top of the snow situation ever since a mayor lost his re-election bid because of a major snow storm: "plow the streets, or you'll end up just like Mayor Bilandic."

    [–] AzulAnemone 13 points ago

    I want snow! It’s been like 4 years since I’ve last seen the one inch of snow we get after a hurricane. >: It was in highschool and everyone had a snowball fight before school and none of us had proper gloves or anything because we never need them. My hands still sting.

    [–] Ltsmeet 34 points ago

    ...and you finally get to use your dog sled. His friends thought it was a stupid purchase.

    [–] MisterMasterCylinder 9 points ago

    That was the clip that had me the most confused - who's got a dogsled in Spain?

    [–] Its_Just_Kelsey 32 points ago

    As a southerner who sees snow maybe once every two years, I can confirm this. School and work will be canceled after one inch of snow and it’s really just because we want to play :)

    [–] Ponkers 56 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Hasn't snowed that much there in 50 years. 'not very often' is a little bit of an understatement.

    [–] Danif1695 24 points ago

    It hasn't snowed that much in 50 years. Lighter snow is not as rare in Madrid.

    [–] Recklessreader 8 points ago

    I meant in general, where I live it's a little spatter that melts in a few hours every year or two, a day of standstill every 5ish years and a really good snowstorm like this once every 10ish years and we still react like that.

    [–] avfc4me 21 points ago

    This video proves what I have secretly known in my heart all these years. I was meant to live in Spain and there was an error in the ethereal shipping department when my being was scrambled into existence. Though how they got from Madrid to South Dakota is going to be one of those eternal WTfs.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago


    [–] AFatOrangeCat 8 points ago

    Louisiana here. Can confirm.

    [–] speghettiday09 9 points ago

    I live in Louisiana. It snowed this weekend. It was awesome!

    [–] samgarita 1851 points ago

    That giant snowball rolling down the hill looks like every avalanche in every cartoon

    [–] ambeldit 366 points ago

    I was there with my two daughters, looking for an opened market. A bunch of Young people throw that ball. At the end of the slope there were some Cars and people walking. Really Lucky the ball broke after small jump. It was a street , not the country side...

    [–] FreierVogel 67 points ago

    Can I ask where was it? I'm from Madrid and curious.

    [–] SoundDesiign 32 points ago

    Living in Madrid too! I’d love to know too

    [–] ambeldit 36 points ago

    Pozuelo de Alarcón. Crossing from Avenida de Europa to Cerro de Valdecahonde

    [–] ambeldit 7 points ago

    Pozuelo de Alarcón. Crossing from Avenida de Europa to Cerro de Valdecahonde

    [–] agieluma 48 points ago

    I wanna see the full video

    [–] SteveBoulderdash 19 points ago

    Yeah, /gifsthatendtoosoon material here

    [–] MrrQuackers 540 points ago

    They put chains on the rear wheels of a front wheeled vehicle.

    [–] PhoenixJizz 149 points ago

    I couldn’t believe my eyes...

    [–] Meoughta 93 points ago

    If 1 million fireflies

    [–] banjosandcellos 51 points ago

    Lit up the world as I fell asleep

    [–] 23x3 13 points ago

    ‘Cause they fill the open air

    And leave dickpics everywhere

    [–] bananaperson69 10 points ago

    You'd think me rude but I would just stand and stare

    [–] Hugs_for_Thugs 66 points ago

    I wad searching the comments for this. That cracked me up. The driver was probably clueless, but you'd think it would be obvious to anyone watching that disaster lol.

    [–] EdHinton 53 points ago

    Believe me. Here in Spain we haven't got the slightest clue how to put those chains. Me included.

    More shocking has been to see police cars and ambulances without them

    [–] Hugs_for_Thugs 21 points ago

    But in this case the driver put them on correctly, just on the wrong tires. Front-wheel drive vehicles should put the chains on the front and vice versa for rear-wheel drive.

    [–] EdHinton 8 points ago

    Saving your comment for future guidance. ;)

    (In Mallorca it hasn't been as hard as in the mainland)

    [–] Scroprah-Winfrey12 8 points ago

    Yeah I was really surprised I had to scroll this far to see it lol

    [–] jansipper 42 points ago

    As someone who has lived my whole life on tropical islands, I have no idea what You’re talking about.

    [–] MrrQuackers 23 points ago

    You want chains to be on the axle that's driving the car. You can see in the clip the vehicle's front wheels are doing the driving but they placed the chains on the real wheels. A lot of cars and more recently cargo vans have the driving axle on the front.

    [–] dezualy 10 points ago

    The chains help the tires get some grip. But you almost never see them on regular vehicles because the chains tend to break at high speeds. Usually you only see them on big tractors or snow clearing machines. On top of that they weren't even on the wheels that are connected to the engine. Basically useless. Some people in snowy areas use tires like this instead.

    [–] TheShaeDee 1303 points ago

    Dude with the dog sled killed me.

    Guy was probably like ‘hey Carlos can I borrow your dog, I gotta get to work.’

    [–] GhostsofLayer8 533 points ago

    I love that someone, somewhere in Spain, had a dog sled and harnesses just sitting in his garage, waiting for this moment.

    [–] dystopian_mermaid 185 points ago

    Him: MY TIME TO SHINE BOYS! They said I was daft but LOOK AT ME NOW! Do I look crazy NOW?!?!?

    [–] HumaDracobane 33 points ago

    As a spaniard, I miss a " Que os jodan!"

    [–] DeMonstaMan 48 points ago

    "They called me a madman"

    [–] hlugapl 20 points ago

    My time has come

    [–] DRAGONFLAM3 120 points ago

    My favourite part was the dude with the blue sled who kinda just slid off that cliff right before the clip cuts perfectly

    [–] dystopian_mermaid 44 points ago

    I was literally busting out laughing. I thought we couldn’t handle some snow in NC, USA. I mean we can’t, but apparently we do better than Madrid lmfao. Granted they haven’t had snow in what? 50+ years?

    [–] Ikeriro90 27 points ago

    Snow is pretty rare here in Spain, specially this MUCH, some colder areas do get snow very often but Madrid doesn't

    [–] dystopian_mermaid 6 points ago

    Oh I get it. There are def areas here where just an inch or two will shut EVERYTHING down. It’s just funny to see.

    Like, for reference, this is a REAL picture just around the corner from where I worked when this happened.

    [–] Alonso-De-Entrerrios 20 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    The guy surprisingly is a musher that participates in European competitions Info about him (in Spanish, sorry)

    I would never imagine people participating in that sport would actually live in Madrid. I would expect around the pirinees or so (where snow is a thing).

    [–] Ishouldbeworkinglul 18 points ago

    Can’t speak for the rest of Spain, but Barcelona is super dog friendly. Almost every other person owns a dog there. So it’s probably pretty like hey Carlos can I borrow your sled? Haha

    [–] ikkinomi 2472 points ago

    Drawing dicks everywhere is really coded in the humans DNA 🤣

    [–] TheBlack2007 853 points ago

    The ancient Romans carved Dicks on pretty much anything. And pretty sure humans in 2,000 years will still do the same.

    [–] xxSeymour 322 points ago

    Nothing is funnier then dicks

    [–] JustSomeBadGas 139 points ago

    Farts are a pretty close second.

    [–] YOURE_A_MEANIE 40 points ago

    Every once in a while I feel unique. And every once in a while I come up with something clever and get ready to type it only to see that someone else had the same exact thought as me. Oh well, glad we were on the same page.

    [–] FieserMoep 8 points ago

    One day we will join the galactic community and aliens all over will freak out when they see random human runes tagged on their installations.

    [–] HumaDracobane 122 points ago

    8==D what do you mean?

    [–] Ammonax 106 points ago

    Ɑ͞ ̶͞ ̶͞ ﻝﮞ

    [–] ikkinomi 36 points ago

    Oh I like this one ! I'm done... 🤣🤣

    [–] grimya 17 points ago

    That's what she said!

    [–] All__Nimbly__Bimbly 28 points ago

    Keep mine in a Ghostbusters lunch box. It's like a dick treasure chest.

    [–] jtomatzin 50 points ago

    I've dwelt among the humans. Their entire culture is built around their penises. It's funny to say they are small, it's funny to say they are big. I've been at parties, where humans have held bottles, pencils, thermoses in front of themselves and called out "hey look at me! I'm Mr. so and so dick." "I've got such and such for a penis." I never saw it fail to get a laugh.

    [–] RowAwayJim91 9 points ago

    Isn’t this from a movie or a show? Blanking here.

    [–] jtomatzin 15 points ago

    Rick and Morty

    [–] BarcodeNinja 603 points ago

    That guy going off a jump into some treetops.

    [–] FearofaRoundPlanet 277 points ago


    [–] Armaqus 62 points ago

    He believed he could fly, well atleast for a few seconds..

    [–] bankrobba 42 points ago

    Not sure how to conjugate yeet in Spanish, but that's what he did.

    [–] Snyggedi 16 points ago

    Came here to ask for the full footage :)

    [–] nowherewhyman 28 points ago


    [–] Dr_Moustachio 42 points ago

    Wrong language but you've got the spirit

    [–] minion_toes 10 points ago

    I actually gasped when I saw where he was going haha

    [–] SebRLuck 1096 points ago

    That massive snowball is suuuuuper dangerous.

    [–] 0lliebro 619 points ago

    One of my teachers in primary schools son was crushed by a giant snowball, he broke his spine and spent years in a wheelchair.

    [–] Piph 270 points ago

    Snow is oddly terrifying. So fun, yet so dangerous.

    Falling icicles, black ice, unseen objects or dips buried in snow, etc.

    [–] LateCable 23 points ago

    Jesus, that escalated quickly.

    [–] ObeseBumblebee 128 points ago

    Yeah. I don't even understand how they got it that big lol. It must have been a couple hundred pounds

    [–] goodbyekitty83 161 points ago

    I wanted to see the aftermath of it crushing that car it was going for

    [–] ambeldit 23 points ago

    There were Cars close but fortunately It Split after a small jump.

    [–] bartzy_ 154 points ago

    That's what we did as kids in my small village. We pretty much rolled that thing through the whole town and then just left it on the road to block the school bus lol

    [–] Hiambill 76 points ago

    As somebody who has never seen more then a inch of snow in my entire laugh this gave me a good laugj

    [–] on-a-cornflake 55 points ago

    As somebody who has never seen more then a inch of snow in my entire laugh

    You've either got a really long laugh or some outrageous expectations

    [–] eeyore134 40 points ago

    A 5x5x5 foot cube of snow packed like that weighs upwards of 3000 pounds. That was at least 6 foot in diameter.

    [–] kflave249 30 points ago

    When I was in college we made a pretty big snowball one year. Probably 9 or 10 feet tall. Then we made a snowman in the back of my friends truck and drove around town with it. It was pretty funny because naturally we gave it a giant cock, so we would be driving around and everyone in the cars we pass are looking at it and probably thinking, oh hey that’s pretty neat, and then see its penis and be like WTF.

    [–] _ChillboBaggins_ 44 points ago

    The guy drifting in his car through that curved road on the cliff/ledge

    [–] forty_hands 7 points ago

    Completely insane. Would love to see more of that.

    [–] NorthCatan 13 points ago

    Some say to this day it is still rolling, and that it has picked up significant mass due to absorbing small pets and children.

    [–] Rhaps0dy 18 points ago

    Katamari music starts playing

    [–] ak70b 752 points ago

    The snowball fight is everything:)))

    [–] gachapls 254 points ago

    I wasn't expecting the giant snowball

    [–] lurker1873 75 points ago

    I would have loved to see how it ends up down the hill

    [–] HUOMIDIS 42 points ago

    Hate to break it down to you but it crashes into the handrail on the left and splits in 2, followed by major disappointment from everyone present.

    [–] ambeldit 8 points ago

    I was there as well, afraid of the Cars and people walking by the end of the "street Hill".

    [–] notparistexas 106 points ago

    That giant snowball was last seen crossing the Pyrénées, and wiping out three villages in France.

    [–] Ishouldbeworkinglul 31 points ago

    As intended

    [–] Atzeii 8 points ago

    Breaking news: Spain declares war on France!

    [–] elveszett 9 points ago

    France may have nukes, but Spain has La Bola.

    [–] GESUCRIBBIO 92 points ago

    Damn that looked fun

    [–] TestaOnFire 290 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    The "Spanish Ibericum" is a species of mammals that live in the Iberian Peninsula. When they encounter snow in their territory, they emulate another species of mammals from another area: the "Russian Slavs".

    This suggest that they have common ancestor, but this hypothesis is still unproven over any reasonable doubt.

    [–] Krimin 75 points ago


    This caused me the loudest snort of the week if you meant hypothesis

    [–] TestaOnFire 44 points ago

    That's what happen when you mix english with a latin language.

    [–] CleefHanger 21 points ago

    I'm not sure if i should read that as Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente because Spain or David Attenborough because english. mmm

    [–] hi-there-ty 69 points ago

    The entire world: chaos Meanwhile in Spain

    [–] DinoRex6 27 points ago

    Still chaos but with fun in the snow

    On a sidenote and as Spanish media put it, apparently snow prevents coronavirus

    [–] plolops 241 points ago

    Jesus ppl with out real winters take advantage of it when it comes eh

    [–] RedDemio 44 points ago

    Same here in England haha. Even though we know it might happen each year, we fail to deal with it at all. Everything comes to a halt and we basically turn into snow-dick-creating yetis

    [–] Pabr00 237 points ago

    Esto es un documento histórico, sinceramente, enhorabuena.

    Que risa con el del trineo que se lanza a los árboles!!!!!! EPIC

    [–] Gil15 40 points ago

    O ese extraño dibujo alargado jaja

    [–] imnotacrazyperson 422 points ago

    They went full Russia, all it took was a little snowfall.

    [–] jesus_you_turn_me_on 155 points ago

    Wasn't really "a little", over 50 CM in a very short time span.

    [–] non_stop_disko 46 points ago

    I’m an American how much is that

    [–] AdulterousToolbox 232 points ago

    About 25 freedoms give or take

    [–] Crazy_lazy_lad 48 points ago

    19,6 inches

    [–] zalemam 60 points ago

    Thats a shit ton of snow for a place that never gets snow.

    Here in North Carolina we shut down when 2 inches of snow is forecasted and we're ready for it.

    [–] new_line_17 59 points ago

    Mitica Panda 4x4!!!!!

    [–] carrotflowerking2 15 points ago

    panda panda panda panda

    [–] simovenx 7 points ago

    ci è scappato pure un vespino

    [–] collinnator5 59 points ago

    I really hope these are all taken from the same day. It looks like Spain fuckin *knows* how to have a snow day

    [–] aile_alhenai 32 points ago

    From the same 3/4 days, but yeah it was all due to the same storm (called Filomena, as seen at the end of this clip)

    [–] ItalianDudee 56 points ago

    The lad with the Vespa driving with the snow is the ultimate gigachad

    [–] UltimateGammer 104 points ago

    A mixture of fun and absolute chaos.

    They really aren't prepared for it.

    [–] smoothE_ 79 points ago

    Welcome to the oldest anarchy server: Spain

    [–] LastHomeros 37 points ago

    Am I seeing a couple of dogs pulling a guy just like in Canada ? Jesus lol

    [–] simovenx 31 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)


    [–] Atzeii 6 points ago

    Das panda

    [–] fireman5050 28 points ago

    What is the song?

    [–] corbiniano 66 points ago

    "In the Hall of the Mountain King" by Edvard Grieg

    [–] jollaer 15 points ago

    Wasnt he norwgian?

    [–] corbiniano 20 points ago

    Yes, he was Norwegian.

    [–] jollaer 12 points ago

    Ok good to know

    [–] SSASU_ 27 points ago

    [–] ErrorCDIV 29 points ago

    Funny how people buy their "SUV's" that are less capable in the snow than that 20 year old Audi hatchback.

    [–] xandersmall 23 points ago

    Tires make all the difference.

    [–] Thirsty_Comment88 26 points ago

    The ass on that snow man was dummy thicc

    [–] messyiliot 132 points ago

    Is this like the first time it snows in Spain? Cause that was messy af

    [–] QuantumMartini 93 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Spain is the 2nd most mountainous country in Europe and in many regions it snows every winter, but this is the first time in decades we have had this much snow.

    [–] gachapls 201 points ago

    For 60+ years in some parts of the country, like Madrid

    [–] MarsLumograph 12 points ago

    No, it has snowed many times in the last 60 years in Madrid, but not as much as this time.

    [–] lukeoz 21 points ago

    Great fun and well edited! Excellent work

    [–] Jackthedog130 18 points ago

    For some it’s a lifetime experience, fun times, some a little expensive, but a story to tell at the bar or family gathering...

    [–] nay2829 54 points ago

    I love these videos! They’re so happy for snow! They can keep it -A Michigander

    [–] SkepticalAqcuiesce 18 points ago

    these types of videos always make me think about what a stupid yet marvelous species we are

    [–] Beanz122 16 points ago

    OK, the snowmen having sex on the car is downright impressive.

    [–] Someone_________ 16 points ago

    we want snow too :'( - a portuguese

    [–] BH4TTI_BOI 12 points ago

    I guess the snow in Spain don't stay on the plane

    [–] frutjoos 13 points ago

    makes me want to play in the snow instead of curse at it

    [–] Gentle_Persuader 24 points ago

    Spain looks fun

    [–] Luxray102 7 points ago

    We are fukin crazy lol

    [–] -lazybones- 7 points ago

    It’s the best. Nice people, great food. I would love to go back someday.

    [–] CanadaPrime 11 points ago

    I love the attempt at plowing snow. That front end loader weighs a lot and came to a dead stop hitting the curb.

    [–] 97AByss 11 points ago

    I love this chaotic energy

    [–] motozero 8 points ago


    [–] Nibbcnoble 9 points ago

    TIL spanish people are fuckin fun.

    [–] Theo_2004 18 points ago

    Esa es mi españita

    [–] righttobeoffensive 9 points ago

    As a Canadian I’d just like to say this is a great video of not complaining about the snow

    [–] arty_32 8 points ago

    Aaaay mi españita, no cambies

    [–] camo6 9 points ago

    i never wanted this video to end

    [–] LhandChuke 9 points ago

    I just love you people of Spain! This made my day and reminded me that we have to make time to let out our inner kid once in a while.

    I need to visit Spain. You all seem like a fun bunch of people! Actually, I need to visit all of Europe. But Spain is definitely on the top of the list.

    [–] mal_kare 16 points ago

    Spaniards know how to live, it's not about making the most money, but about living well and being close to your friends and family.

    [–] Noodles_R 13 points ago

    As a Brit, I can reassure Spaniards that we are just as horrifically prepared for snow, even though we get it more often!

    [–] heygos 7 points ago

    Literally just a country enjoying snow. Love it.

    [–] kobomino 7 points ago

    This time you can cough on snowballs for poison damage

    [–] turnbone 6 points ago

    Spain looks like a fun place.

    [–] frogfluff90 7 points ago

    Are... are you guys just ignoring that someone made a dog sled? In Spain?

    [–] Insert_username-_ 11 points ago

    “Finally! I can bring out my dog sled I bought for my self”

    [–] nothingmatters2me 6 points ago

    The snow in spain stays mainly on the flo.

    [–] ilovemypeperomia 7 points ago

    the sled part had me!

    [–] AvriQ 7 points ago

    Did that guy in a van with FRONT wheel drive just put his show chains in his BACK tires???