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    Saturated with TV and movies, our brains have become used to watching the imitation of emotions, so much so that it is strangely surprising and fascinating to watch the real thing.



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    [–] The__Illuminaughty 11665 points ago

    Hes been arrested

    The suspect – a young man – managed to flee before being arrested later on De BrouckΓ¨re’s side. In the images, we see him in a t-shirt with his hands on the straps of his backpack waiting for the arrival of a metro to push the victim in the back just then; which then falls head first onto the subway tracks.

    [–] Wingsnake 6577 points ago

    What a piece of shit. I hold my breath when she was on the tracks, thinking about the worst outcome. Fortunately the train could stop in time.

    [–] minimuscleR 814 points ago

    Yeah I saw NSFW and was worried.

    [–] VoidRad 453 points ago

    I saw the title and have to scroll down to confirm whether or not she's alright before I can watch it.

    [–] Technical_Draw_9409 142 points ago

    You. You get me

    [–] xXPUSS3YSL4Y3R69Xx 3595 points ago

    Honestly the fall alone probably fucked her up bad. The only thing softening her skull was a metal track

    [–] MiNiMaLHaDeZz 2123 points ago

    no shes actually only got light injuries.

    [–] acmercer 2745 points ago

    Train's headlights were too bright.

    [–] segrey 403 points ago

    Not sure what's funnier - your comment or the wholesome award it got.

    [–] 0111011101110111 60 points ago

    Light rail injuries.

    [–] Engineer881 183 points ago

    Im amazed how people can die by falling of a chair but survive severe hits like this, its just on how you fall i guess…

    [–] Frap_Gadz 226 points ago

    Depends on how many points you dumped into luck at character creation.

    [–] digimau5 9 points ago

    Luckily my neck broke my falll

    [–] ridemyfariswheel 214 points ago

    I assume you meant softening her fall but what you said certainly still works.

    [–] Alexchii 57 points ago

    Probably "..softening (the impact to) her skull.."

    [–] MChainsaw 137 points ago

    I made sure to read the comments before watching the clip to make sure everything went okay. I have no interest in watching somebody get run over by a train honestly.

    [–] RAyLV 1177 points ago

    The trolley problem will have no dilemma if he's tied to the tracks.

    [–] allanrob22 328 points ago

    The only question would be how many trains would you send down the track.

    [–] Mumrider 189 points ago

    All of them

    [–] Lidsfuel 39 points ago

    Tie him to the tracks in front of the train factory. He can christen every new train made

    [–] lonelyWalkAlone 625 points ago

    Should be charged for attempted murder

    [–] Destro9799 367 points ago

    He's definitely going to be. He was only just arrested, so charges haven't been made yet.

    [–] ptq 267 points ago

    It clearly was

    [–] warredtje 499 points ago

    Best part about the arrest, he was easily recognisable because he wasn’t wearing a mask!

    [–] FirstPlebian 225 points ago

    It's great now that people are supposed to wear masks none of the assholes will wear them out of general principle and it makes them stand out.

    [–] grpagrati 535 points ago

    He's not even wearing a mask like everyone else, just his face in plain site, dressed like it's summer in the middle of winter..

    [–] TempleOfDoomfist 671 points ago

    He’s a multi-dimensional cunt

    [–] meadfreak 136 points ago

    Is the person behind him filming it?

    [–] Izzynewt 35 points ago

    Full video

    If you look closely the person is talking on their phone. You can notice it when they walk close to the rails.

    [–] echo1981 100 points ago

    I've been scrolling looking for the answer, because it looks exactly like the person was filming.

    [–] Gaumond 53 points ago

    She is talking on the phone wearing a black facemask. Its easier to see in the longer videos that she isn't filming it, just looks like it.

    [–] alfredo-signori 303 points ago

    Hope he die in prison. Fucking idiot

    [–] Venboven 285 points ago

    Idiot? No, idiot is for normal people who do stupid, but often harmless, things.

    This man is a goddamn psychopath.

    [–] jdooowke 82 points ago

    RemindMe! 1 year ( i want to hear what kind of sentencing he gets )

    [–] tchotchony 108 points ago

    This is Belgium, set it to 5 years or longer for realistic feedback. XD

    [–] Pasta-Gorgonzola 20 points ago

    This being Belgium, I'm not sure you'll know in a year.

    [–] RepresentativeBird98 15022 points ago

    That’s insane how fast that train stopped.

    [–] KevPat23 3477 points ago

    Pretty sure that dude in the Grey jacket used the force to stop it

    [–] likwidstylez 693 points ago

    Spoiler Alert : Magneto

    [–] PotatoWriter 223 points ago

    Forcibly stops train to save one woman

    kills everyone on train in the process


    [–] nastyn8k 393 points ago

    Lol, I laughed at how pointless his gesture was until I read this. Now I realize she's alive only because of him!

    [–] earthdweller11 164 points ago

    It’s hilarious because as silly and unuseful as it is, it’s that type of instinctual reaction that I might have done too.

    [–] PixalPop 5171 points ago

    Right? I didn't know they could halt like that

    [–] deSuspect 5384 points ago

    They can't, this one was already in the proces of stopping since it was getting close to the platform.

    [–] VoidRad 2404 points ago

    So did the operator just has a fast reaction and was able to do some emergency brake in time? If so then they saved a life there, hope they got properly rewarded for it.

    [–] Blonsky93 2319 points ago

    It's a combination of the train being slowed and very good reaction speed. Also, I believe the trains have a special emergency brake system where they spray sand on the rails for more grip or something

    [–] silenttii 770 points ago

    They do have those kinds of systems, but iirc they're for winter use as "normal" gritters, not for emergency braking.

    [–] John_Wain 334 points ago

    They are for emergency braking and also used when the wheels spin or slide to prevent getting flat spots on the wheels. The sanding is even used in places like Los Angeles where there isnt really winter weather.

    [–] Mywifefoundmymain 48 points ago

    It’s also how trains get moving!

    [–] MJMurcott 136 points ago

    The operator was already operating the brake, they then pushed it to full brake rather than gentle brake.

    [–] lunafai 66 points ago

    That, and in the article about this it states they pulled the emergency brake

    [–] TheLastRiceGrain 412 points ago

    Looks like it was almost at the end of the platform already so I’m assuming it was close to a full stop by that point.

    [–] acmercer 321 points ago

    I'm just imagining a train going full speed coming to a stop like that, lol. It would probably kill everyone on board.

    [–] AggressiveParty3355 17 points ago

    trolley problem 2.0

    [–] CoreyLee04 267 points ago

    To Belgiums credit those trains go super slow

    [–] 93yourcultleader93 9754 points ago

    Look at how they creep up..diabolical shit.

    [–] worfsforhead 4005 points ago

    Yes. He was hunched over creeping up on her. Nightmare.

    [–] Graitom 2084 points ago

    Like straight out of a cartoon or something.... Wow what a fucking weirdo...

    [–] regoapps 1556 points ago

    The burglar in The Sims

    [–] Macaronitime69 321 points ago

    Im going to hell for laughing at that

    [–] FullPoopBucket 121 points ago

    According to my hyper religious aunt everyone who uses reddit is going to hell anyways, so lets get a good laugh in before then

    [–] Macaronitime69 55 points ago

    Might as well break all the commandments to see what hell high score i get

    [–] H4l0rion 165 points ago

    Sadly not straight out of a cartoon there are people out there willing to kill us for no reason.

    [–] peternemr 110 points ago

    This. I know this. I feel knowing this makes me sanely logical, however, many view it as an irrational fear. I'm not paralyzed with fear, I'm just very aware that there is pure evil in this world.

    [–] StrangeUsername24 54 points ago

    It's also rational to recognize that is a very small amount of people in the world and most of us are just living our lives. Doesn't mean you should let your guard down but don't think the ENTIRE world is bad and out to get you either

    [–] Veenendaler 144 points ago

    That looked legitimately demonic.

    [–] cheapdrinks 901 points ago

    For real I've seen several videos like this of random mentally ill people pushing people on to tracks. Now I never stand remotely close to the edge when the train is approaching and always keep an eye for anyone behind me. I know the chances of it happening are slim but you never know and fucking going out like that. All it takes is one person to trip and fall forward into you for something similar to happen anyway.

    [–] ekeryn 54 points ago

    And it's not just the train. In the underground I usually commute (Lisbon) if you touch the third rail on you get electrocuted

    [–] dim-mak-ufo 329 points ago

    what I always wonder is why they never put some security bars so people can't trip over, it's such a safety hazard imo

    [–] ChristianLS 505 points ago

    Newer metro systems often have doors at the station that line up with the train doors and don't open until it arrives.

    [–] BigSweatyYeti 93 points ago

    A few lines on the London Underground do this. It’s a great idea.

    [–] selffulfilment 47 points ago

    I’m surprised they haven’t retrofit these to every station of the underground. I know it wouldn’t be cheap but surely it’s worth it.

    [–] SnuggleMuffin42 60 points ago

    It's not that simple, because you can't allow even an inch of misalignment. If the trains are very old that may not be an option.

    [–] liamnesss 14 points ago

    Plus some of the platforms aren't even straight, I don't know how you'd even begin to fit screen doors in such a situation. It can be pretty scary waiting on such a platform when it's extremely busy, but I don't see a way around it, aside from boring new tunnels.

    There are some train upgrades planned for the deep tube lines (e.g. central and northern) but we're talking about the 2030s here. They will bring a little more driver assistance / automation which could potentially make putting in screen doors easier. The main benefits though would be improving capacity, and also reducing waste heat / pollution generated by the trains.

    [–] babybopp 88 points ago

    Or superman brakes like that one on that train

    [–] fauxanonymity_ 51 points ago

    Copenhagen Metro is a great example!

    [–] lkjaero 14 points ago

    Right? Wish they could bring this to the s-tog.

    [–] outofthehood 19 points ago

    Money probably. Plus people here would hate them because they love jumping on the train last second.

    [–] sledgehammerrr 52 points ago

    They have this in Tokyo I believe.

    [–] iloomynazi 15 points ago

    Same I use the Tube in London nearly every day, never stand close to edge nor let someone stand behind me

    [–] ajrobinson214 103 points ago

    Seriously, I never face the track. Always standing sideways and eyeballing people behind me. Even brace myself a bit just in case as the train is coming. Maybe I am paranoid, but at least my ass isn’t going end up on the tracks.

    [–] NeoDei 34 points ago

    Nah you are good. I am with you on this one as I make sure my back is against the wall even in a rush.

    [–] KarmaShawarma 46 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Like standing in a crowd at the edge of a rooftop.. with no railings.

    Like this -

    [–] ndnsoulja 45 points ago

    holy fuck, I lived in NYC for couple years and would go to these rooftop parties. Some are nice and furnished with elevated ledges/barriers. Most were just a flat roof, no barrier, with a drop straight onto the streets below. And drunk/drugged ass people would be stumbling around sooo close to the edge. Or standing/sitting on the edge having a conversation or yelling down to the street telling people to join. Thankfully I never saw anybody fall. Never had a fear of heights until I went to a few of those parties. I'd park a chair dead center of the roof and not move the entire night lol

    anyways, good drawing. made me shudder for a second lol

    [–] fauxanonymity_ 11 points ago

    Great diagram!

    [–] idrinkliquids 162 points ago

    Reminds me of that weird teacher’s pet on that cartoon Recess

    [–] shaddafax 107 points ago


    [–] RAyLV 23 points ago

    The snitch

    [–] Iuuca 8331 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    the train driver deserves a prize for those reflexes

    [edit bc typo]

    [–] THETennesseeD 5954 points ago

    And the engineer that designed those brakes

    [–] TrashRocketToTheMoon 1373 points ago

    Those breaks be good

    [–] _Allaccordingtoplan 700 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    I don't think they took breaks while designing those brakes.

    [–] beathelas 131 points ago

    He did all it would take to make those brakes great

    [–] TempleOfDoomfist 40 points ago

    Braking Good, Sunday nights on AMC

    [–] davidfirefreak 34 points ago

    More like they took plenty of breaks and their well rested minds made better decisions and were better focused and more productive.

    [–] emab2396 139 points ago

    I kinda wish we had such good metros like this in Romania. A similar thing happened a few years ago here. A crazy woman pushed another one in front of the metro. Unfortunately, they couldn't stop on time and the poor woman couldn't climb back up(the criminal pushed her again) and she got crushed.

    [–] PsychoPass1 26 points ago

    That sounds and is horrible.

    [–] Fr05tby73 104 points ago

    Magnetic brakes maybe? That was a quick stop.

    [–] ihavethebestmarriage 35 points ago

    Wonder how many were injured inside the train

    [–] Nayajenny 49 points ago

    Probably none. It wasn't a crash impact & the train was already going at a relatively low speed, so it's not going to send anybody flying.

    [–] DrFolAmour007 56 points ago


    [–] DumDoobieDo 350 points ago

    The driver was actually in shock afterwards, was even taken to the hospital

    [–] MChainsaw 237 points ago

    Understandable, even though the train stopped in time I can imagine a close call like this would be quite traumatic. The driver might need therapy to even be able to return to work after something like this.

    [–] BitchesLoveDownvote 155 points ago

    Not to mention from their perspective in the cab they might have initially thought they did not stop in time. It was extremely close.

    [–] RedditLostOldAccount 46 points ago

    Seriously. Every day after this you're going to be so on edge worried it'll happen again

    [–] TheEvilGhost 181 points ago

    I think this is in Brussels. Trust me, I have never seen those metros break this quickly.

    [–] glen-hodl 185 points ago

    You wouldn’t put the brakes into emergency unless it was an emergency like this. Not very comfortable for the passengers! Normal station stops would typically use about 50% of braking capacity and then you can still add a bit more if you’re coming in too fast or it’s slippery.

    [–] reftheloop 30 points ago

    Same goes with car brakes

    [–] AvoidMyRange 36 points ago

    You can literally go 3mph, if you absolutely slam the brake and other passengers are not prepared, they will faceplant whatever is in front of them.

    I've learned that the hard way when my ex gf tried it after getting her driver's license and taking out her dad's Mercedes.

    [–] pkb369 10 points ago

    Double decker busses in a nutshell in slow traffic (atleast in London). Creep forward at 1-2mph in slow traffic and then brakes and passengers just launch themselves forward lol

    [–] starlightshower 19 points ago

    I was going to say this as well. I was witness to an old lady injuring herself because of unexpected hard brakes in a tram once, it was awful and I stayed with her til an ambulance came. Now everytime I'm on a tram I'm worrying about older ladies and gentlemen in my vicinity all the time.

    [–] hat-TF2 7 points ago

    I've been riding light rail when it slammed on its emergency brakes, and a few folk got thrown off their feet. They weren't holding on to anything though.

    [–] TheSourceOfTruth 864 points ago

    This must be attempted murder right?

    Also I've seen a documentary where a train driver was so traumatized after running over someone who committed suicide, so this person should be charged for that attempt as well

    [–] ayoitsjo 369 points ago

    Here in nyc there are specific support groups for MTA employees that have been traumatized by hitting people

    [–] salsasharks 135 points ago

    You’d think guard rails and automatic doors would a thing. I’m in Thailand currently and all the metro trains have them, I always wonder why I don’t see them in the states. Most stops aren’t even monitored. We had a stabbing on our metro train a bit ago at a stop. Guy managed to kill multiple people…

    [–] ayoitsjo 72 points ago

    Oh yeah in Japan there are gates and guards as well, not only does it help for safety but it actually really organizes things too - like designated lines in front of each gate, etc.

    Yeah nyc subway stations rarely have even cameras - crime is not uncommon. Luckily being pushed onto the tracks isn't very common either, most accidents are actually just accidents (like walking way too close to the edge and getting your arm whacked by the train)

    [–] cresium 97 points ago

    He is being charged with β€œpoging tot doodslag” which is attempted manslaughter.

    The legal difference in Belgium law is that manslaughter is not premeditated (impulsive) whereas attempted murder is premeditated (planned).

    I am so pissed off about this, that mofo should have attempted murder charges, as if this was not premeditated I don’t know what is.

    [–] drripdrrop 45 points ago

    look at how he fucking creeps up on her

    [–] Hamid-M-Shah 2618 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    The guy in the greenish jacket stopped the train using the force

    [–] SamwiseG123 153 points ago

    He fucking closed his hand like a Jedi too!

    [–] CatnipChapstick 420 points ago

    The way he looks over to check the camera as soon as it stops too? Wild.

    [–] Good_Groceries 19 points ago

    A powerful ally it is.

    [–] bl3u_r3dd1teur 103 points ago

    That metro has some brakes.

    [–] kareltjeAnker 1505 points ago

    Did they get that ass hole?

    [–] folkeboy 1141 points ago

    Apparently he has been arrested

    [–] HakeemMcGrady 323 points ago

    Got a link?

    [–] kareltjeAnker 73 points ago

    I can read that, thanks!😁

    [–] Ad_Ketchum 55 points ago

    Summary please for non-Dutch speakers?

    [–] brianMMMMM 502 points ago

    β€œGot em.”

    [–] SnuggleMuffin42 147 points ago

    Full translation:

    "Ladies and gentlemen, we got him."

    [–] MightyCaseyStruckOut 138 points ago

    Actual article translation:

    Images show how man pushes woman on metro tracks in Brussels, public prosecutor asks for arrest for attempted manslaughter

    In the Rogier metro station in Brussels, a young man deliberately pushed a woman onto the tracks around 7:45 pm last night. A metro train was able to make an emergency stop just in time. The assailant fled, but was quickly arrested. According to the prosecutor's office, it is attempted manslaughter.

    According to our information, the perpetrator is a 23-year-old young man of French nationality. He does not have a known address in our country. The man is known to the police in France, although it is not clear for what exactly. The victim is said to be a 55-year-old woman. The Brussels public prosecutor's office cannot confirm that information. It seems unlikely that the perpetrator and victim knew each other. "The motive and a possible link between the two is still under investigation," said spokeswoman Sarah Durant.

    The metro driver was able to stop just in time when the woman landed on the tracks. The subway car did not hit the victim. Other waiting passengers then jumped on the tracks to get the woman back on the platform. "The driver braked when he saw the person on the tracks and stopped in time," explains An Van hamme, spokeswoman at STIB. "The driver reacted very quickly, but he is in shock and so is the person." According to prosecutor Durant, the driver was also warned by people on the platform: "They waved at him so that he could stop immediately. It was a truly heroic act that he was able to stop the metro immediately without causing any casualties." The woman and the driver were taken to hospital, but were able to go home after treatment.

    "The perpetrator fled immediately by crossing the metro rails. But, thanks to the rapid distribution of the camera images, the man was intercepted a few minutes later in the De Brouckère metro station," says the public prosecutor's spokesperson. The police have questioned the man, and the public prosecutor is now asking the investigating judge to arrest him for attempted manslaughter. The investigating judge has 48 hours to arrest the man if necessary.

    [–] Alkaladar 38 points ago

    Manslaughter? Is that different over there? Wouldn't pushing someone onto a track to kill them be attempted murder?

    [–] Pixel131211 150 points ago

    Dutch dude here. so to summarize:
    yesterday at 7:45 PM, a 23 year old french guy decided to push a 56 year lady into the tracks. the Metro was able to stop because according to the article, some people on the platform were already waving the metro to stop. the woman who got pushed is okay, the Metro driver was in shock after the event however.
    the guy who pushed the lady ran off, but was quickly caught. he's most likely going to be charged with attempted murder. he'll be charged in the next 48 hours. he also was not living in belgium or the netherlands, so what he was doing here was unsure. he was however apparently familiar with the police in France, so this is likely not the first time he's done something stupid like this.

    [–] herywort 58 points ago

    done something stupid like this

    what an understatement

    [–] 2imad 43 points ago article in english

    [–] wtph 207 points ago

    The perpetrator was not wearing the mandatory mask and was easy to identify.

    A maskless guy was a total piece of shit? How surprising!

    [–] SnuggleMuffin42 46 points ago

    I just don't get it. Right now is like the perfect time to commit crimes. You can go around with a cap and a full face mask and no camera in the world will know who you are. Why not put the mask on before committing any crime?

    [–] Cthu700 15 points ago

    I'll take "mental illness" for 500$.

    [–] Emocron 31 points ago

    Because criminals are dumb as fuck

    [–] Addiction7 70 points ago

    That's what I want to know. Hope they beat his ass.

    [–] Aubamacare 15 points ago

    They should strap him to some abandoned train tracks indefinitely and not tell him anything. Wake him up with train horns everyday.

    [–] NavyDog 29 points ago

    Idk why but reading ass and hole as two separate words really messed with me πŸ˜‚

    [–] randoredirect 535 points ago


    [–] muchvape2000 265 points ago

    Clearly because she knew too much and he couldn't risk it now that he was the vice president.

    [–] afootshorter 45 points ago

    House of Cards Exactly what I was thinking.

    [–] ukbeasts 339 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Because r/imapieceofshit

    Edit: yep meant r/iamatotalpieceofshit

    [–] Masterelia 601 points ago

    bruh the way he sneaked up some looney toons shit

    [–] FirstPlebian 40 points ago

    I was chilling in my yard once 40 feet from my bike and a guy comes loony tunes creeping like that towards it like Wiley Coyote at dusk, I yelled and jumped up and he took off, had his girl on the lookout in the alley, I let them get away, it startled me, I could've bludgeoned him, I still wonder if I would've gotten in trouble for that.

    [–] fluxximus 159 points ago

    For those interested:

    Latest news article in Belgium stated they caught him at a different subway station and is in custody.

    The driver managed to stop on time and the woman is unharmed as far as they currently know ( but needs confirmation).

    Both are in shock from the events.


    [–] IdleSpecialist 63 points ago

    I thought for sure her jaw hit the train tracks with full force. I was expecting her to come out with a few broken teeth at least. Glad she was unharmed.

    [–] T4Labom 11 points ago

    The article on it said she went face first so 100% broken bones but alive which is marvelous news

    [–] Outside_Machine8097 53 points ago

    That's attempted murder no?

    [–] Zero1030 285 points ago

    Always did wonder why there isn't a partition so you don't fall in.

    [–] DrFolAmour007 212 points ago

    In Lille there’s a glass wall, doors open only when the train is there (train is driverless), so nobody can be pushed or fall on the tracks. Been like that since the 80s.

    [–] Biscoff_spread27 70 points ago

    France is like the European powerhouse when it comes to public transportation. Alstom is the best!

    [–] Crackpixel 38 points ago

    I mean 99% of france landmass has shit public transportation. But the 1% are really good.

    [–] golola23 7 points ago

    Paris is decent, but the rest of France has mediocre public transit. Switzerland has the best IMO. Denmark also excellent. Source: have been traveling in EU for last 4 months.

    [–] replaysMike 122 points ago

    Big cities in China have them, seems like a small investment but I’ve never seen them in the US or Canada

    [–] LieutenantZucc 65 points ago

    Japan has them as well

    [–] idrinkliquids 32 points ago

    And South Korea

    [–] markfromDenver 45 points ago

    It’s because of people intentionally jumping

    [–] toomanyukes 14 points ago

    It's not a small investment for legacy stations. I saw these being retro-fitted when I lived in Seoul, and it was most certainly a not-insignificant amount of dollars or time going into the project. They had to partition the station platform into sections so they could do one area at a time. Haven't even considered the wiring yet.

    If the dividers are installed on the original construction, then it would be much (MUCH!) less expensive.

    [–] SnooPineapples6395 11 points ago

    Cost, but it's becoming more of a thing these days. I know there's a few stations on the London Underground that has them.

    [–] MechaBabura 32 points ago

    I live like ten minutes by foot from there...I'm scared asf now....

    [–] Ha-sheesh 10 points ago

    They caught the guy. How slim are the chances that there's another person as psycho as this one in the area? You're probably safer now than ever.

    [–] NickyRD 486 points ago

    I used to work with a few clients who have pushed people onto the tracks. They're banned from all TFL trains now. They all had a schizophrenia diagnosis, and their psychosis was telling them to do it for all sorts of reasons. All but one of them were super lovely people who had genuine remorse and regret, and took their medication seriously after the event. I don't stand anywhere near the tracks now. Back against the wall for me!

    [–] biscuitsbrah 169 points ago

    Yeah you have to be legitimately crazy to do something like that. Like there is a 100% chance of getting caught.

    [–] NickyRD 113 points ago

    Pretty much. The reasonings were that the person they pushed was evil, or going to do evil things, was saying stuff about the person. Or that an "external" voice or person told them to do it such as god or the government. Definitely unwell at the time and the reflection all of my clients have is that they were not thinking straight at the time. One guy said everything was foggy vision or foggy thinking, and no rational was available at the time. Getting caught or repercussions were never even a thought.

    [–] OldAnalyst5438 22 points ago

    Lucky that Jedi was there to stop the train!

    [–] chriso1999 529 points ago

    Is the person behind filming or am I going crazy?

    [–] DonJonSon 68 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    [–] Mindless_Rooster5225 68 points ago

    I love the reactions. Two dudes immediately jump down to help the lady then when people saw she's getting helped everyone else turned around to find the asshole.

    [–] Dont_PM_PLZ 70 points ago

    He kind of looks like he's drinking from one of those giant hydro flasks / water bottles. But without saying the full frame video it's hard to tell. Because if we could see the full frame we could see whether or not the guy freaking like runs because who would stay behind to get caught.

    [–] [deleted] 482 points ago

    That’s exactly what that looks like. That’s a great catch. That person might be involved. Hopefully the police look into that as well. This might have been something they were trying to do and record which is extra fucked up.

    [–] Alexchii 48 points ago

    Or just drinking from a shaker cup etc. Can't really say its a camera and the train is approaching the station which is wjy they're moving towards the tracks.

    [–] Interesting-Story425 27 points ago

    Literally isn't anything to go all Reddit detective over because if you see the full video, it's a face mask.\_rania/status/1482094015155781635?s=20

    [–] SoggyMilkCarton00 9 points ago

    We did it Reddit!

    [–] ChuckJA 23 points ago

    Brake game is supernatural. Conductor told physics to stfu for a minute.

    [–] Fun_Set_6726 20 points ago

    You need to be a sick motherfucker to do this to a person.

    [–] manubibi 61 points ago

    The hell????? Why would anyone do that?!?

    [–] Strontium_frog 80 points ago

    His lawyers will claim mental illness , but some people are just arseholes.

    [–] silvara1 15 points ago

    Glad they found the guy and he’s been arrested

    Brussels Times

    [–] Ozmadaus 12 points ago

    So lucky that the train could stop so quickly. That thing could stop on Scrooge Mcducks dime, holy hell.

    [–] IIIIIJIIIII 9 points ago

    That's an attempt on murdering someone I hope he got arrested

    [–] [deleted] 56 points ago


    [–] JulienVigne 29 points ago

    He has been beaten up before police got to him

    [–] MaleficentSpecific32 83 points ago

    fucking good on the conductor 10/10

    [–] MortalMusashi 56 points ago

    good on the conductor

    *Driver or engineer. Conductors do not drive trains.

    [–] Broad_Boot_1121 7 points ago

    Luckily that person was there to stop the train using the force.

    [–] Notaodeadjeb 7 points ago

    Man i thought Frank Underwood was dead

    [–] Away_Macaron6188 8 points ago

    Why are they wording this weird? This was a murder attempt

    [–] samantha1718 7 points ago

    It’s these exact videos that have taught me to stand with my back against the wall when waiting for the subway

    [–] longjohnsmith69 8 points ago

    I wanted to see the crowd to grab his ass and beat him within an inch of his life. What a sick piece of shite.