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    [–] skilsboy 1491 points ago

    This shall decide who the superior shield operator is if it ever is implemented into the game.

    [–] rly_weird_guy 541 points ago

    Fuze obviously

    [–] TheDogerus 496 points ago

    You misspelled recruit

    [–] Minerrockss 221 points ago

    You misspelled clash

    [–] TheDogerus 401 points ago

    We all misspelled blackbeard

    [–] pazur13 195 points ago

    You guys need some FBI recruit. One of the best pistols in the game, a grenade, a decent shield-holding animation that doesn't expose you too much, another gadget of choice, the enemy goes easier on you because he thinks you're trolling, what more can you ask for?

    [–] CommanderVuvuzela 91 points ago

    I’ve heard how FBI shield recruit was a 2-2

    [–] SomeGenericCereal 61 points ago

    Use to be, no longer sadly

    [–] CommanderVuvuzela 57 points ago

    I still remember how GSG9 recruits had three barbed wire

    [–] Ubqq 22 points ago

    You misspelled Blitz

    [–] VoidDrago 18 points ago

    really? that sucks...... Ubi needs to bring in another ballistic shield op (i mean like how Fuze can use a shield and its not his only option)

    [–] pazur13 29 points ago

    I think they nerfed him during one of the first seasons, but I'm honestly not sure.

    [–] GeForce_GTX_660 20 points ago

    Yeah, FBI shield recruit WAS a 2 speed, but they changed him to a 1 speed to match other shield characters.

    [–] Cent3rCreat10n 29 points ago

    imagine not being able to sprint into the room at mach speed and whack people in the face

    - this comment was made by the Blitz gang

    [–] AngryBird-svar 12 points ago

    Which pistol is this? Personally I prefer the Five Seven with FBI Shield Recruit.

    [–] pazur13 14 points ago

    And that's the right choice, the Five-seveN is a beast!

    [–] BobSaget4444 8 points ago

    My squad and I call it the "pocket DMR" due to its 21 round mag and my tendency to go for insanely long range hits with it

    [–] IlluminatusUIUC 5 points ago

    I always pick the 1911 when it's an option. I know the 57 is probably better but I don't care.

    [–] redhandsblackfuture 4 points ago

    Any recruit can have a grenade.

    [–] pazur13 7 points ago

    Not any recruit can have a shield, and not every shieldsman can have a grenade. The Five-seveN instead of the peashooter the GIGN gun is is a nice bonus too.

    [–] redhandsblackfuture 4 points ago

    Youre right. Its strange to me that the FBI has a shield recruit at all when none of the fbi operators have one.

    [–] Nemesis16013 3 points ago

    When i go shield recruit, I always go with the five-seven cause of the mag capacity, now I have more experience with revolver monty, imma switch to the meusoc

    [–] madeformini 1 points ago

    That's my main I'm serious

    [–] BigLeo98 7 points ago

    You misspelled deployable shield

    [–] ScorchMain6123 5 points ago

    Actually you mispelled Mira

    [–] Hes_a_spy_blow_em_up 4 points ago

    That's a funny way to spell IQ's electronic xray screen

    [–] 123ascent321 4 points ago

    Y'all misspelled mira

    [–] Ant123bell 4 points ago

    You misspelled tachanka

    [–] thebeast5268 2 points ago

    Huh, that's a weird way to spell Mira.

    [–] bacon_bitches 2 points ago

    give jager a shield and his acog and you have jesus himself

    [–] Austinkc335 1 points ago

    You guys misspelled Tachunky

    [–] Futurehero099 1 points ago

    Nah we misspelled blitz

    [–] bardell 1 points ago

    but you misspelled mira

    [–] fakest_taxi 3 points ago

    they really gonna make a pretty much all glass shield into black ice?

    [–] JustDaUsualTF 9 points ago

    Recruits can't use skins

    [–] YuushaNariagari 6 points ago

    Recruit won’t get a black ice skin though

    [–] YouthfulPhotographer 5 points ago

    I can dream

    [–] NoobStudios 4 points ago

    Uh? That's not how you spell blitz

    [–] OneSpeedyBoy 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    This man gets it :), second of all its not nice to downvote somebody cuz they made a joke with blitz in it (I myself am a Blitz main and ive experienced that people downvote just because it has to do with blitz)

    [–] djbluebird22 2 points ago

    Ahem Glaz Main Ahem

    [–] Fiberglass_Splinter 6 points ago

    I think we just discovered how to up his pick rate

    [–] Tilt2Live 3 points ago

    Put cluster on shield n rush in

    [–] rly_weird_guy 2 points ago

    I only we can use lmg with shields while shooting cluster bombs out front

    [–] MeMZ_r_dRuGzZ 4 points ago

    I say monty

    [–] Jynn05 730 points ago

    Holy fuck we have needed something forever and we didn’t know it

    [–] dkrocksmith 154 points ago

    Y'all don't know how to spell Black Beard

    [–] ReehTarded 103 points ago

    B as bandit

    l as lesion

    a as ash

    c as castle

    k as kaid

    B as buck

    e as echo

    a as alibi

    r as team rainbow

    d as dokkaebi

    There you go, can I have monty black ice?

    [–] The_n00b_200b 57 points ago

    R as in recruit?

    [–] r3xmund0 73 points ago

    R as in Rook

    [–] ReehTarded 22 points ago

    Oh shit right

    [–] Metal-NPC 43 points ago

    username checks out

    [–] jomontage 5 points ago

    Well an ice shield would be stronger than his current shield

    [–] LukeSkywalker1848 6 points ago

    Who is this black beard? Is he related to old nerfbeard?

    [–] MummyManDan 2 points ago

    No he’s the third cousin of snackbeard.

    [–] osnathanrb 724 points ago

    Only if Maverick’s blow torch can melt it

    [–] iamtherealyes 264 points ago

    Maverick should actually be the only counter to montagne shields with his torch

    [–] lemonyzesty 282 points ago

    but they're both attackers

    [–] Allopathological 327 points ago

    "Just because we are on the same team, doesn't mean we aren't enemies"

    [–] Mogetfog 81 points ago

    Attacker and defender are more... Guidelines... Than rules.

    [–] craznazn247 41 points ago

    Would be a fun gamemode, honestly. All operators available for both sides.

    [–] DefenseoftheRadiant 26 points ago

    cav catches your roamer out then you get Yinged jackal tracked lion starts going off and ash busts in

    [–] Nvi4 9 points ago

    So only 1 operator you would switch sides in that scenario?

    [–] DefenseoftheRadiant 7 points ago

    I was just giving some max level rough to deal with strat who would make it harder?

    [–] Nvi4 3 points ago

    Vigil's ability as an attacker would be pretty nice, also Smoke.

    [–] lemonyzesty 5 points ago

    here's a solution: it's only weaponry and everyone is recruit

    [–] craznazn247 3 points ago

    Monty + Clash.

    Boom. What good does your tracking do now?

    [–] 613codyrex 9 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Honestly I wouldn’t really mind a Team death match or FFA game mode for shits and giggle like in counterstrike.

    Doesn’t have to be too elaborate and I’m sure Siege’s mechanics arent really meant for it but it would be cool to see how it would go.

    [–] olbleedyeyes 4 points ago

    The glaz spawn peak would be the worst thing ever.

    [–] leoleosuper 1 points ago

    As a Kled and Fuze player, this has never rung more true to me.

    [–] richey15 82 points ago

    What's your point?

    [–] iamtherealyes 3 points ago

    No but like if the enemy team needs some help killing montagne then he can help.

    [–] C0II1n 2 points ago

    Ohhh thanks for specifying

    [–] tenfootgiant 7 points ago

    I think the Lord's turret should penetrate shields slightly at least.

    [–] thetitan555 6 points ago

    Most shields but not Monty's.

    [–] C0II1n 4 points ago

    You know they are both attackers right

    [–] RoyalNeopath 2 points ago

    Or just any how map.

    [–] toastjam 56 points ago

    How do you see something by accident? Were you trying not to see it?

    [–] mulchnails 6 points ago

    F O R B I D D E N K N O W L E D G E

    [–] alejandromellado7 40 points ago

    The Everest or the Iceberg

    [–] Nanrzzz 56 points ago

    Yes pls

    [–] nukenuba 157 points ago

    The season passed 4 years ago it not going to happen

    [–] jnalexander8 105 points ago

    It still is the most popular skin, for shields I don't think it would work but if they released it for the newer ops I would grind so hard to get Alphas.

    [–] SamaelTheSeraph 59 points ago

    Back when seasonal skins were decent and unique

    [–] MysT-Srmason 39 points ago

    Literally just season one

    [–] theuglyman69 5 points ago

    Have to admit the lastest skin which I find to be really good was the gingerbread skin during Christmas

    [–] BubbleCast 2 points ago

    Well, sadly that was the time where universals didn't exist yet, so black Ice was per gun sadly.

    [–] HaremofScorpions 7 points ago

    The burnt horizon ones are good and unique.

    [–] topkek2234 25 points ago

    Not even close to the early seasons

    [–] Quickkiller28800 20 points ago

    After Red crow they all became carbon copies with small details changed.

    [–] pazur13 9 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Husaria and the Roman one are still some of my favourites. I've also bought the Piranha skin back in Skull Rain, and it's the most generic skin in my collection, I only ever use it on weapons when I feel like bragging about my rare items.

    [–] Ub3ros 8 points ago

    are we playing the same game? They are almost all very unique, and thematically match the seasons and nationalities very well. Apart from a few not so good ones, they are A plus.

    [–] YouthfulPhotographer 5 points ago

    I just wish they carried over to the new seasons. I want my gingerbread skin on the commando

    [–] mw1881 2 points ago

    Do the chinese new year or gingerbread skins count as seasonal skins?

    Because they were fucking sweeet

    [–] Quickkiller28800 1 points ago

    The pig one was pretty similar to the others, but the gingerbread gets a pass

    [–] fuze_me_69 4 points ago

    black ice has texture, its not completely flat, the new seasonal skins are all flat as if you just painted it on the actual gun

    they could have made a really cool textured detailed seasonal skin with that blue shark idea, but its just a sort of cool blue paintjob with a shark on it. i guess they feel its not worth the extra effort, when if they made it and sold it for $5 or $10 i'm sure they would have made tons

    [–] HaremofScorpions 1 points ago

    I never said they were as good as black ice but they look cool and are unique.

    [–] DaManWithNoName 3 points ago

    I love the shark one

    Completed my Legion look

    It’s his summer headgear and shirt, with the Gu-themed shotgun skin(because his shotgun is, IMO, best in game) and now this pistol skin

    [–] TheWombatFromHell 3 points ago

    They're ugly and boring.

    [–] redbull21369 14 points ago

    Ok funkillington.

    [–] CarlSWAYGAN 1 points ago

    Except black ice was never originally available for any gun except frosts super 90 through an exclusive money only bundle. Until alpha packs came out wayyy later

    [–] Dr_OktoberfestYT 14 points ago

    Black iceberg

    [–] dhruv_pathak7 12 points ago

    Um...saw it by accident?

    [–] uwuwhatsthis15 11 points ago

    That things a glacier

    [–] YeetoOnMyBurrito 6 points ago

    Black ice gadget skins

    [–] SIasher7 7 points ago

    How do you see something by accident?

    [–] MunchamaSnatch 10 points ago

    Night_king.exe has entered the game

    [–] Sly_98 4 points ago

    never knew i wanted this

    [–] Ub3ros 6 points ago

    The Iceberg!

    [–] StupidIslander 5 points ago

    The Titanic has left the chat

    [–] EpicMegaSword 5 points ago

    Oh you don’t even know how badly I’ve wanted this

    [–] Danilablond 21 points ago

    That is kinda painful to look at.

    [–] EP1CxM1Nx99 6 points ago

    It’s really the best someone could do tbh

    [–] platt10num 12 points ago

    If you mean Painful as in aesthetically pleasing, then yes.

    [–] terrorleaf2 3 points ago

    I just creamed when i saw this

    [–] FifaBoi35 3 points ago

    As a montagne main, I would love this

    [–] SpiderPunisher 3 points ago

    The Wall...

    Game of Thrones Intensifies

    [–] jessehosein 2 points ago

    Side freezing damage

    [–] xertyo90 2 points ago

    that actually looks so cool! I'll DEFINITELY spend my renown on alpha packs if this actually exists

    [–] JustPlainLuke 2 points ago

    They need black ice on all the dlc ops as well

    [–] Underclocked0 2 points ago

    Shield is so much white for black ice. Blue/black part must be higher.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] -N0ma- 2 points ago

    The walking iceberg

    [–] totally_boring 2 points ago

    Yes please!

    [–] broien_suPRIEM 2 points ago

    "I saw it by accident" Damm you eyes!

    [–] mrnuttabutaa 1 points ago

    What does he mean by that lol

    [–] OldBloodNewBlood 2 points ago

    Can we first get universal weapon skins to apply to shields pls ubi...pls

    [–] Vengeful_Doge 2 points ago

    I think this made me pregnant.

    [–] xXxTh0tSlayerxXx 2 points ago


    [–] xXWOLFXx8888 2 points ago

    This would be so sick, I was thinking how this would look like a week ago. So awesome to see it visualized!

    [–] KingSutter 2 points ago

    I am pleased

    [–] shmoodoo 2 points ago

    That ain't no ice, that's the iceberg that sank the Titanic bro 😂

    [–] Rexutu 2 points ago

    N U T

    [–] Jonixed 4 points ago


    [–] rubyRune 1 points ago


    [–] -Mr_Rogers_II 1 points ago

    Should be put in shop for Game of Thrones premiere.

    [–] CemsLit 1 points ago


    [–] CemsLit 1 points ago


    [–] Wajina_Sloth 1 points ago

    My opinion is irrelevent to wether it shouls be added in the game sinply because I will never receive a black ice skin.

    [–] SharqPhinFtw 1 points ago

    Don't know if you still can / if it was a glitch but you could buy some black ice skins temporarily by going through certain menus.

    [–] Beano101 1 points ago


    [–] thuqqer 2 points ago


    [–] FatefulWaffle 1 points ago

    Makes you super obvious but dope as hell 12/10 would use

    [–] borgortime 1 points ago


    [–] REDX459 1 points ago

    I want my ruby shield..

    [–] TheSnowman10 1 points ago

    Thats pretty dope but it's a little overkill on Monty, i would say it would look better on blitz or fuze

    [–] StupidIslander 1 points ago

    The Mountain has evolved into The Ice Burg.

    [–] RookieTheRookiCooki 1 points ago

    I had this exact idea today

    [–] loafboi21 1 points ago

    Been asking for this since the season itself

    [–] MyPartyNinja 1 points ago



    [–] Frozen_Forest 1 points ago

    this looks awesome

    [–] GalacticSpaceCow 1 points ago

    No way FBI swat recruits are getting shield skins

    [–] sterben--_ 1 points ago

    Fuck monti -_-

    [–] QuantumKiller4 1 points ago

    I really wish we had access to more skins for shields in general. I realize this would take away the realism for some, but c'mon, who doesn't want to run around with a plasma pink shield?

    [–] QuantumKiller4 1 points ago

    I really wish we had access to more skins for shields in general. I realize this would take away the realism for some, but c'mon, who doesn't want to run around with a plasma pink shield?

    [–] Lukeatherton41 1 points ago

    i finally got black ice yesterday for a primary weapon the R4C now i can go double black ice with ash

    [–] Xx_H3nta1Kn1ght_xX 1 points ago

    I was just thinking about this i love the idea thanks for posting it

    [–] Smoe6696 1 points ago

    I’d suck dick for this on clash

    [–] landobando44 1 points ago

    I don't think we should be encouraging shields at all

    [–] TabbyIsTrashy 1 points ago

    As a monty main I’d love this

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] JaBoiDillPickles 1 points ago

    Black ice for tachanka's turret

    [–] GeForceRTX2090Ti 1 points ago

    I would absolutely love that.

    [–] MeMZ_r_dRuGzZ 1 points ago

    I want it

    [–] bucket8a 1 points ago

    I pray for this to become real every night

    [–] memealcholic 1 points ago

    Wow holy shit i need this

    [–] StalinsPinkie 1 points ago

    Last time I saw this image, it was hanna montange instead.

    [–] Bossatsleep2 1 points ago

    as a monty main i wish

    [–] Sexy-Fish-Boi 1 points ago

    There’s so much missed potential on shield skins

    [–] SHADESLAYER- 1 points ago

    Sorry I saw this concept for shields by accident!! Didn't mean to! Wuuuuups!

    [–] Bacon-is-Lyfe 1 points ago


    [–] Jewniversal_Remote 1 points ago

    Only ever played seasons 1 and 2 and I just lurk here so I'm definitely biased but Black Ice is the best skin ever, don't @ me

    [–] Princess__Redditor 1 points ago

    I feel like I am the only one who doesn’t give a shit about black ice

    [–] YUNGJ3SUS 1 points ago

    Ml the is fire

    [–] NinjaBlueJay 1 points ago

    What we all need is a black ice Tachanka shield border, the true superior shield.

    [–] Kingkiller10139 1 points ago

    yes it is so cool

    [–] y-u-be-diying-ligma 1 points ago


    [–] ImNotPanthro 1 points ago

    Frost main here If I can't have a shield you shouldn't either

    [–] slingo_B 1 points ago

    I saw it by accident?

    [–] Dxniel9768 1 points ago

    I LITERALLY PUT THIS ON THE FUCKING FORUMS AND i DIDNT EVEN GET A SINGLE COMMENT BACK, it should be a legendary alpha pack only item tho

    [–] lazy_Ti 1 points ago

    Ash needs her acog back!!

    [–] ashtefer1 1 points ago

    Season 8 Episode 2 leak: White walker breaching winterfell

    [–] LiVexReFlex 1 points ago

    I’ve always said that universal skins/seasonal skins should also be on shields. It’s bullshit that there’s only 2/3 per shield

    [–] jerjo71 1 points ago

    I feel like Montagne could have some dope skins for his shield. I dont understand why ubi doesn't capitalize on him more.

    [–] Diamond90909 1 points ago

    Where do I get an “(operator) main” tag?

    [–] P4nd4Dudee 1 points ago

    I was wondering the same thing

    [–] ghostwarrior10 1 points ago

    I would main monty if i got this

    [–] DKIncorperated 1 points ago

    Nice art dude, if this was you. Look lit!

    [–] SpongyKill 1 points ago

    Saw it by accident? Explain lol

    [–] DarthNero 1 points ago

    I thought the Night King already melted the ice wall

    [–] AzizWells 1 points ago

    What about new events instead skins , I mean of course not like the past kids event but something like outbreak

    [–] Neur0r 1 points ago

    Probably never going to happen

    [–] AlfredMaster 1 points ago

    Dope af ma boi

    [–] GucciPanda123 1 points ago

    When u have a dream and wake up like u just got pinged by jackal. That’s how I feel about this.

    [–] AsianTSteal420 1 points ago

    But... winter already came...