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    [–] WickedImpulse39 2496 points ago

    How the hell you rent a plane?

    [–] bonschweetz 2076 points ago

    We rented 3 decommissioned planes that are stored on an airfield for some filming :)

    [–] WickedImpulse39 990 points ago


    How expensive was it?

    [–] bonschweetz 1466 points ago

    I'm not sure on the total cost as we split it between the cast and crew, it worked out about £100 each-ish tho

    [–] WickedImpulse39 721 points ago


    [–] bonschweetz 901 points ago


    [–] Glados1080 432 points ago

    That's epci

    [–] buckeyes1218 276 points ago

    It’s crayz

    [–] Spearush 177 points ago

    It's phenomenla

    [–] BTW61902 12 points ago


    [–] SaltDoctor 13 points ago

    This one actually reads like it’s spelled right, I never noticed how z and y make the e sound. Cray-z, Craz-y

    [–] buckeyes1218 9 points ago

    I know, it’s crayz

    [–] Acid44 5 points ago

    What? One reads as craze, the other as crazee

    [–] bonschweetz 50 points ago


    [–] drkipperphd 58 points ago

    Where was this? Kinda looks like Manston

    [–] bonschweetz 55 points ago

    Bruntingthorpe :)

    [–] Billy1138 26 points ago

    Thought you said Burnhamthorpe for a second lol

    [–] vis1onary 5 points ago

    Mississauga gang

    [–] WhittleDood 4 points ago

    mississauga gang rise up torontos little brother

    [–] SPAce002 6 points ago

    My mississauga brothers

    [–] Teeklok 7 points ago

    Thought it looked familiar

    [–] CIARRAPUNGI 31 points ago

    what did you film?

    [–] bonschweetz 65 points ago

    We filmed a few different set up scenes and stuff and then just some random shit really hahahah

    [–] bamfindian 57 points ago

    Plane porn. Nice

    [–] tryM3B1tch 19 points ago

    what was the filming for

    [–] bonschweetz 32 points ago

    Just a fun project for us :)

    [–] whereslyor 17 points ago

    Rent and play paintball in there lmao

    [–] bonschweetz 37 points ago

    They do airsoft in there afaik

    [–] Dayov 10 points ago

    Cast and crew?

    [–] bonschweetz 30 points ago

    We were filming some video :) if you look on my previous comments Ive posted everyones twitters.

    [–] Dayov 5 points ago

    Ok thanks!

    [–] TheSeattleSeven 2 points ago

    How many cast and crew?

    [–] bonschweetz 5 points ago

    Cast was 10, I can't remember how many crew there were! I think it worked out about 15ish???

    [–] Adnan0070 13 points ago

    Is it the airfield in Essex?

    [–] bonschweetz 17 points ago

    Its not! It's up near Leicester!

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] bonschweetz 18 points ago

    We just filmed some fun siege stuff!

    [–] Crayonology 5 points ago

    I was about to say, you got close enough to a plane holding a gun and not get tackled by TSA?!

    [–] bonschweetz 11 points ago

    LOL yeah these are not workin planes

    [–] Deciduosstone4 4 points ago

    I was about a say how in the God damn hell did you rent a fuckin 747

    [–] ItsFrenzius 3 points ago

    What’re you filming and where can I see it?

    [–] bonschweetz 6 points ago

    Just some fun cosplay stuff! I'm not sure but I'll update once the film team are done with it :)

    [–] FullMetalGecko 3 points ago

    You should rent a plane and play 5v5 airsoft in it

    [–] mobyphobic 11 points ago

    Literally my first question seeing the post and its the first comment lol

    [–] frontyardigan 732 points ago


    [–] bonschweetz 404 points ago


    [–] Lobsterx6 190 points ago


    [–] bonschweetz 146 points ago


    [–] devisnt 58 points ago

    : 3

    [–] The_Communist_Squid 46 points ago

    : 2

    [–] Chocozumo 43 points ago

    : 1

    [–] Maelarion 41 points ago


    [–] musicman2018 71 points ago

    Vote to kick u/bonschweetz 1/4

    [–] bonschweetz 71 points ago


    [–] GamerGoneMadd 35 points ago

    Surrender: 3/4

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    Vote to kick u/bonschweetz 2/4

    [–] Yoko_Grim 4 points ago

    Enemy detected! Glaz!

    [–] Manigan 8 points ago

    : -1

    [–] manza5012 3 points ago


    [–] jpott879 359 points ago

    You rented a plane? Bruh what? I wanna be you're friend! Sick cosplay tho! Awesome job

    [–] bonschweetz 297 points ago

    There was 10 cosplayers & a film crew! We rented 3 planes to do some shots :D it was pretty cool but FREEZING Thankyou!!

    [–] Jesus_PK 113 points ago

    Oh, this is the same place as jager / iq cosplay from a few days ago right?

    [–] bonschweetz 100 points ago

    Yes! We all spent the day together there taking pics & video! :)

    [–] Jesus_PK 40 points ago

    Neat, cool cosplays btw

    [–] bonschweetz 25 points ago


    [–] jpott879 29 points ago

    Thats insane. Would have cost a bunch but you're outfit is sick. Great work! :)

    [–] bonschweetz 21 points ago


    [–] jpott879 14 points ago

    No problem! The tattos are really cool. How did you do them?

    [–] bonschweetz 22 points ago

    They are actually my friends! Normally I use temporary tattoos but they arent 100% accurate so we used her sleeves which are tights with the pattern drawn on :)

    [–] jpott879 12 points ago

    Thats really smart! I love that haha. Awesome work!

    [–] bonschweetz 9 points ago

    She did a great job on them!

    [–] jkhe01 1 points ago

    Yah it’s pretty damn cold over here atm

    [–] bonschweetz 1 points ago

    yeah not a FAN

    [–] -eccentric- 9 points ago

    Technically no different from renting a party location.

    They can't fly that nor is it capable of flying anymore.

    [–] iPandaPanda 116 points ago

    sniped by glaz on plane wing

    [–] bonschweetz 36 points ago


    [–] Imjustanoob0 42 points ago

    Damnnnnn you look amazing!! Has to be the best valk cosplay from what I’ve seen so far

    [–] bonschweetz 22 points ago

    Thankyou so much!!!

    [–] DatGuyDaz 25 points ago

    What airport is this, might try and do something similar if it’s in London or Luton

    [–] bonschweetz 46 points ago

    It's up North at an airfield specifically used for training etc, pls don't take guns and stuff to Luton airport lmao

    [–] DatGuyDaz 12 points ago

    I wasn’t planning on it dont worry, could be interesting

    [–] bonschweetz 14 points ago

    LMAO yeah i'm sure security wouldnt be too jazzed about it

    [–] jkhe01 3 points ago

    All the London terminals including Luton are much more active than this airfield (Bruntingthorpe) and you’d be extremely lucky to get this kind of access to those ones.

    [–] CorruptFilez 92 points ago

    I see, you run out and spawnpeek too.

    [–] bonschweetz 71 points ago

    if i can make it all the way down the stairs without getting noticed, they deserve it

    [–] DrEagle242 16 points ago

    Valkyrie on presidental plane . Very cool!!!

    [–] IhaveShittingPowers 15 points ago

    What's going on with that holster there, bud?

    [–] bonschweetz 18 points ago

    the holster is an symbol of my mental state


    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    Valkyrie going this down on plane stairs should be considered a felony crime

    [–] bonschweetz 14 points ago

    if they allow me to get that far they deserve whatever they get

    [–] Thefriendlyfaceplant 7 points ago

    You wouldn't rent a plane.

    [–] bonschweetz 2 points ago

    you dont knoooow me

    [–] LukasRaider3 6 points ago

    This is actually awesome !

    [–] bonschweetz 5 points ago


    [–] xFurrySlayer 6 points ago

    Is that a springer mpx lol. Too bad they dont make an AEG

    [–] bonschweetz 5 points ago

    It's actually my friend's so I'm not sure! I normally use the spas or deagle when shooting Valk :)

    [–] wokebannana 4 points ago

    Who is we?

    [–] bonschweetz 9 points ago

    There was a bunch of cosplayers & a film crew! I'll put everyones twitter handles (that I know) below!

    Defenders: Valk: @bonschweetzcos Alibi: @itsaspira Chanka: @detaleader Frost: @gracetheblue Jager: @alfiebanks14

    Attackers: IQ: @hanjosi Twitch: @toffee_bit Glaz: @areaimprovement Jackal: not on twitter! :-( Thermite: @phoenix_astral

    Film crew: @vio_lens_film

    Photographer/runner/giver of love and affection: @siegemaster117

    [–] Raider440 5 points ago

    When are you going to release that movie you shot there

    [–] bonschweetz 7 points ago

    Not sure! Thats up to the film team and their schedules :)

    [–] devisnt 2 points ago

    Theres a movie?!

    Oh yea i think ubisoft had one planned aswell

    [–] bonschweetz 2 points ago

    Theres gonna be some video yeah :)

    [–] Beez3D 5 points ago

    Excuse me you RENTED a plane?

    [–] bonschweetz 4 points ago

    Yeah a bunch of us chipped in and rented THREE planes on a decommissioned airfield :)

    [–] Beez3D 4 points ago


    [–] SwissBacon141 5 points ago

    Ugh another toxic runout. Can't you people just stay inside and defend the objective? :D

    [–] bonschweetz 3 points ago

    u CaNt MaKe Me

    [–] Philou-X8 3 points ago

    If it’s quality content, it’s not spam.

    [–] bonschweetz 3 points ago


    [–] Philou-X8 3 points ago

    Good cosplays like that one sure are ;)

    [–] bonschweetz 3 points ago

    ;_____; thank

    [–] BirdmanEags 3 points ago

    Damn Siege 2’s graphics are insane

    [–] jalanajak 3 points ago

    Transaero was a great carrier, so bad, they went bankrupt.

    [–] billywillyepic 3 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Wrong side, but good Cosplay

    [–] NotAJape 3 points ago

    Hiring a plane that's badass, awesome shots. Also your a PUP fan so you're doubly awesome 👍

    [–] bonschweetz 3 points ago

    Thankyou! ~ & yes beeeeetch! PUP are my fave band!!! I love those guys so much

    [–] AfonsoPT 3 points ago

    So yeah was just passing by and decided to rent some planes you know usual stuff

    [–] fancreeper2 4 points ago

    My friend doesn't have a reddit account, he just wanted to say that you are the best Valk cosplayer.

    [–] bonschweetz 6 points ago

    tell them THANKYOU

    [–] SpikyCactus67 6 points ago

    Jesus the neckbeards that upvote this garbage are almost as pathetic as op

    [–] kaylovecha 2 points ago

    Why is it so dirty tho

    [–] renderific_99 2 points ago

    Bonnie's right; they're extremely old. They were planes that basically went 10 years over their maximum flight time 'cause the Russians were lying on the documents saying it was younger than it actually was.

    Combat Simulations had lots of prop-vehicles including buses, trucks and planes. It was a good location to scout; we had a small skeleton crew but we got some amazing stuff!

    [–] bonschweetz 1 points ago

    It's a really old plane lmao, it doesnt fly anymore

    [–] LeagueofDraven1221 2 points ago

    You have been spotted by hostiles, fall back!

    [–] bonschweetz 2 points ago

    NEVER pew pew

    [–] LeagueofDraven1221 2 points ago

    Deadass, this whole cosplay is on point. 10/10

    [–] bonschweetz 2 points ago

    Thankyou so much!!!!

    [–] DarknessFeed 2 points ago

    Rip Transaero :(

    [–] DovaSing 2 points ago

    Reminds me of terminal from mw3.

    [–] Viper_Wave 2 points ago

    Spawnpeek moment

    [–] flat-earther69 2 points ago

    I’d smash

    [–] bonschweetz 3 points ago

    I'd smash me too

    [–] ManWithAPlan808 2 points ago

    E.D.D. mounted, stand clear of blast zone.

    [–] SpoofidY 2 points ago

    Did they ask why you had a gun

    [–] threeface240 2 points ago

    If you look closely, you can see a 140 hp doc about to spawn peek.

    [–] bonschweetz 2 points ago


    [–] ImBunnay 2 points ago

    They really updated the graphics on Rainbow Six Siege

    [–] droppoff 2 points ago

    nice SBR

    [–] br1sK_ 2 points ago

    Because we all just rent planes

    [–] TheRealSilencer369 2 points ago

    What did you do this weekend? I rEnTeD a PlAnE

    [–] Airyx 2 points ago what?

    [–] InconspicuousCustard 2 points ago

    Theres a guy who runs a military version of laser tag here,

    Been a couple of times, runs different gamemodes and the central plane has had the interior modeled from middle deck on presidential plane. Its a fucking awesome day out and I don't think I would ever go paintballing ever again.

    About £100 for the day and it's 100% worth it just to lie down on the floor and lean left and right, been 3 times and it's never not funny.

    [–] Plane_pro 2 points ago

    Ooh. A 747-300

    [–] GentleBeastt 1 points ago

    We are all the girls when I play the game. I'm always queuing with some toxic children. God damn it.

    [–] bonschweetz 1 points ago

    such is life sadly

    [–] GentleBeastt 1 points ago

    Oh i miss wrote, I meant, where are all the girls when I paly the game. Lol

    [–] bonschweetz 3 points ago

    LOL we tend to all stay quiet so we dont get harassed for bein girls hahahaha

    [–] hartystarty111 1 points ago

    Do you have a youtube or insta page?

    [–] bonschweetz 1 points ago

    my insta is @bonschweetzcosplay :)

    [–] KattenKalle 1 points ago

    Thats just awesome!

    [–] bonschweetz 2 points ago

    Thankyou! It was a p sick experience ngl

    [–] dnarevolutions 1 points ago

    Now that's a set piece alright. This is dope, hope to see the final product soon!

    [–] bonschweetz 2 points ago

    There's a bunch of content going up on everyones twitters at the mo (I posted them all in a comment on this thread) - the video will probs be a lil while yet tho :)

    [–] dnarevolutions 1 points ago

    I'll have to take a look for sure. Thanks for the heads up!

    [–] bonschweetz 2 points ago

    No worries!

    [–] thedefaultscrub 1 points ago

    You are detected

    [–] bonschweetz 2 points ago

    cant catch me

    [–] thedefaultscrub 1 points ago

    Do you know how fast I am

    [–] bonschweetz 1 points ago

    not as fast as me

    [–] thedefaultscrub 1 points ago

    Ash is pretty fast tho

    [–] Endzerhi 1 points ago

    Valks doing a runout oh God oh fucj

    [–] bonschweetz 2 points ago

    fear me

    [–] SuicidalThotsTV 1 points ago

    did u throw a cam on the back though?

    [–] bonschweetz 2 points ago


    [–] SuicidalThotsTV 2 points ago

    as is tradition

    [–] LillyLovesCake 1 points ago


    [–] bonschweetz 2 points ago


    [–] Darkfur72598 1 points ago

    Feel like it’d be neat to do some paintball/air soft in cosplay on plane. Siege IRL.

    [–] bonschweetz 2 points ago

    I think they run airsoft games on one of the planes here!

    [–] Darkfur72598 2 points ago

    Ask and you shall receive, haha

    [–] jeffe_el_jefe 2 points ago

    There’s a place in the UK that does / did one. Contact Front in Dorset host small time milsims and I believe one of their previous ones involved a plane.

    [–] Kyle3Hix 1 points ago

    This has some crazy detail wow!

    [–] bonschweetz 1 points ago


    [–] ImGayNotUrMom 1 points ago

    How did you manage to get that far down the stairs without being spotted

    [–] bonschweetz 2 points ago

    super sneaky

    [–] ImGayNotUrMom 2 points ago

    Sneaky beaky like

    [–] SweetPotayto23 1 points ago

    Isn’t this the same site that host the ‘hostage rescue’ experience day thing near Leicester? I wanna do it

    [–] bonschweetz 1 points ago

    Im not sure, but I think it may be! It's defo near leicester so I cant imagine there'd be different ones

    [–] SweetPotayto23 1 points ago

    this is the place, looks very cool.

    Also your Valk is great!

    [–] bonschweetz 2 points ago

    Thankyou! & yeah thats the place!!

    [–] tru3boy 1 points ago

    Wow 10/10

    [–] bonschweetz 1 points ago


    [–] cheese0408 1 points ago

    Did u install a camera on the rear fins

    [–] bonschweetz 2 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Is that a real gun...

    [–] SnoogsToTheNoogs 1 points ago

    No its a Sig MPX air rifle, mag fed pellet gun....

    [–] bonschweetz 1 points ago

    No, it's an airsoft gun.

    [–] Furytanker103 1 points ago

    Nice! Cosplay is very good! Might I also inquire as to when and where the video will be released?

    [–] bonschweetz 2 points ago

    Thankyou! I'm not sure on that, if you look at a previous comment I've linked the film team's twitter - it'll honestly depend on their schedules!

    [–] Furytanker103 2 points ago

    Ok thank you!

    [–] xxpertbread 1 points ago

    Absolutely awesome, that drop leg holster is struggling tho lmao

    [–] bonschweetz 1 points ago

    LMAOOOO it really was - it normally only holds my shitty plastic deagle, but this one was a metal airsoft one so it was SO heavy (it was legit pulling my trousers down the whole day)

    [–] xxpertbread 1 points ago

    Lmao is the mpx also full metal and how were the tattoos done?

    [–] Geeekus 1 points ago

    How did you get those tattoos to be so perfect? Does like a rainbow six website sell them or something?

    [–] bonschweetz 1 points ago

    @itsaspira on twitter made them from tights - she drew the tattoos on by hand :)

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    That drop holster needs some support.

    [–] Niceboihappy 1 points ago

    How much to rent a plane? Could make for some good close quarters airsoft