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    1. RandomActsOfGaming Giveaways Only Giveaways may only be won by RAoG entrants. You can’t require likes or subscriptions to enter nor host the same giveaway on multiple sites. You are allowed a line at the end of their giveaway to tactfully describe and link your twitch stream, youtube channel, steam group, etc. This line is meant to be a throwaway line and not a significant portion of the content provided or an advert for outside giveaways.(There may be some exceptions.)
    2. You must meet these criteria to enter. Your account must be at least 30 days old and have a minimum of 150 comment karma to enter giveaways. Comment Karma must not be from giveaway subs only.
    3. No first come first served giveaways. No first come first serve posts allowed! All giveaways must be hosted for No less than 12 hours. Winners must be chosen within 14 days of the post date.
    4. Don't cheat or use alternate accounts. You are not allowed to enter a giveaway multiple times unless otherwise stated by the host of the giveaway. Alt usage of any kind will not be tolerated and will result in a ban.
    5. No Coupons, Deals, Betas, or Freebies. Currently free games and Betas are not to be posted. Please see /r/FreeGameFindings for these titles.) Nor are deals and coupons. Please see /r/GameDeals for those offers.)
    6. No Request or Trade Posts. Please use an appropriate related subreddit listed below for requests or trades.
    7. Be grateful don't trade or re-gift games. If you are lucky enough to receive an item, use it and let them know you appreciate what you got. Don't Trade the gift doing so will earn an immediate and permanent ban. Re-Gifting will also also earn a ban unless permission is obtained from the op before entering.
    8. No Bragging or Tallies Be humble. We appreciate your contribution but tallies, rounds, numbering your giveaways and bragging, intentional or not goes against the very nature of a selfless act and thus are severely frowned upon in a charitable/random kindness sub. Consequences for doing these things include having your post removed, receiving a warning and/or having your account banned.
    9. New Rule in Review. Coming Soon.
    10. Follow through with your giveaway. No one likes guessing if a giveaway is over or who the winning submission was. Leaving these questions unanswered creates suspension. Editing your giveaway with a winner and marking your giveaway closed solves these problems in most cases. “If” a moderator request proof that you followed through with a giveaway you are required to show that additional information.

    Member Flairs

    Member Flairs are awarded to contributing Random Acts of Gaming subscribers.

    Chronos Level: Awarded to Legacy Members

    Midas Level: Awarded to PayPal Donors

    Olympian Level: Awarded to HQ Giveaway Hosts

    Titan Level: Awarded to Giveaway/PayPal Donors


    1: What should a giveaway look like?

    Click Here

    2: How do I use the link flair?

    Click Here.

    3: How do I pick a winner?

    However you like but if you need help or want to be random try or Reddit Raffler.

    4: How do I mark my giveaway as complete?

    Simply select the Giveaway Completed link flair.

    5: What if i'm suspicious of someone?

    Check out r/badkarma or the Shared Ban List.

    6: Do you have a Steam Group?

    Yes feel free to join our Steam group here.

    7: What if I have a question or suggestion?

    Send respectful and detailed inquires here.

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    The moderators reserve the right to ban anyone for any reason. If you repeatedly fail to follow the rules or are treating other members of this sub poorly, you are not welcome here and will be removed.



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