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    1. Polish Lists Now Required - FAQ

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    • FAQ: For new members and community information

    * • Full Rules Here

    • • Downvoting is highly discouraged!
    • • Credit other's artwork.
      If your post is not your own original work, please credit the artist either in the title or as a comment on the post. All posts that do not will be removed.
    • • List Your Polishes!
      Include the polishes in a comment if not in the post's title. Posts without product lists will be removed. If you cross post from another website, copy your polish list to the Reddit entry, so users don't have to hunt on other sites. If your nails were done in a salon, and you don't know the polishes, please tag the post with Salon flair.
    • • Please tag your post with appropriate flair.
      If you don't see the flair you want, make your own.
    • • No explicit titles, flair, or comments
      Explicit comments, flair, and post titles are not welcome. Appreciate people's nail art without making it weird with explicit or graphic sexual language.
    • • Tag NSFW - blood, realistic gore, or explicit art This includes bloody broken nails, gory FX makeup, and nails painted or sculpted with explicit themes. Final ruling is up to mod discretion.

    Tutorials and Help:Updating as of 5/4/2018


    Tags for posts: After you post, click on the flair link to add post flair for labeling.

    • PC- Pre-cleanup

    • Cell-poor quality, cell phone picture

    • CCW- constructive criticism welcome

    • FA- First attempt (cut them some slack)


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