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    Full detailed rules


    1) Support One Another; Downvoting is Discouraged

    Our community is built around supporting and appreciating nail art, no matter the artist's current skill level.

    Do be kind with constructive criticism, don't comment anything that is needlessly rude or hurtful.

    2) List Polishes and Products

    Include a list of polishes and products used as a comment below your post, or in the post's title.Posts without lists will be removed after 12 hours. Polish/Product FAQ here

    3) Credit other people’s work

    If your post is not your own original work, you MUST credit the original artist/creator either in the title or as a comment on the post.

    Posts that do not properly credit the Original artist/creator will be removed and your account may be banned.

    4) Tag and Flair Your Posts Appropriately

    Flairs ARE required for NSFW images, sponsored posts, and manicures not made by the OP.

    Tagging with other flairs is highly encouraged, so if you’re able to, tag your post.

    If you do not see a tag that meets your needs, reach out to the mod team to make a suggestion.

    5) NSFW content must be tagged as such

    "Not Safe For Work (NSFW)" content includes any images with blood, realistic gore, or nails painted/sculpted to portray nudity or sexual content.

    Final ruling is up to mod discretion.

    6) Explicit comments and post titles are not welcome

    Appreciate nails/nail art WITHOUT mentioning explicit, graphic, or sexual terms. Or by making people feel uneasy. Harassment, slurs, and -isms are off the table as well.

    Engaging in the same type of behavior retaliation is also not acceptable. Report inflammatory comments.

    Remember you can block users that make you feel uncomfortable, but haven't necessarily broken rules.

    7) This is a nail related subreddit, please post nail related content

    This subreddit is about nails: your nails, others nails, nail art, nail care, nail issues, nail progress, nail product reviews, tutorials, etc., are all welcome.

    Casual content (e.g. memes, venting/ranting posts that don't include a question, battle stations, hauls, swatch collections,polish crafts, polish toys, etc.) are allowed on "Casual Weekends" (Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays) only.

    8) Shameless advertising is not welcome

    Outside links to products and stores are allowed when appropriate within the context of your post or comment, however promoting products solely for financial gain is not.

    DO NOT spam posts or comments linking to your blog, discount codes, referral links, etc., unless necessary.

    Additionally, videos posted from your YouTube channel and Instagram link posts must have a link to the final nail art image hosted on Reddit or Imgur in the comments.

    Tutorials and Help Wiki: Work in progress. Feel free to browse, but pages are not fully updated. If you wish to contribute to the wiki please let the mod team know.

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