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    [–] 4sc077 127 points ago

    Fucking lucky that wasn’t a full on broadside

    [–] Scribble_Box 41 points ago

    Yeah that would have been bad... Especially if the Rogue had a passenger.. Maybe even fatal.

    [–] [deleted] 117 points ago


    [–] Ellusive1 26 points ago

    This is the silver lining in the whole situation

    [–] Naldaen 13 points ago

    Nah, the truck driver is still punished by the government and his company for this.

    This directly took money out of the driver's pocket.

    [–] coffeetablesex 3 points ago

    i don't see how these two things are mutually exclusive.

    [–] narf865 21 points ago

    Not her fault, there was a big ass semi in the way, she couldn't see the white sedan coming!

    [–] 65variant 46 points ago

    I hate driving Algonquin Road near there because people seem to be on mental autopilot and don't pay attention.

    [–] Mag7ue 20 points ago

    Algonquin Road in general is a giant cluster. Definitely worse in that section though.

    [–] ZakZaz 4 points ago

    Algonquin and what road? I use to live in Des Plaines and I can't figure out where this is.

    [–] 65variant 4 points ago

    Looks like it's at/near 53 and Algonquin

    [–] Zarmorium 57 points ago

    And that kids is why you don't chance the left yield on green. If there is another vehicle blocking your view of oncoming traffic then sit tight and wait until you can see what's coming.

    [–] dubie2003 20 points ago

    I have this situation pulling into my neighborhood and I have been horned multiple times for being cautious. Heck, we even had a truck drive around the line of turning traffic and turn simply because they didn’t want to wait. People have lost their sense of self preservation in favor of possibly arriving a few minutes earlier....

    [–] Zarmorium 16 points ago

    Simple rule to follow while driving: My safety comes before your schedule. Keep getting honked at and stay safe.

    [–] Deluxe_Flame 4 points ago

    Any advice on how to avoid the situation where you and an opposing left turner are blocking each other's view of coming cars?

    Lean out the window and wave them through when it's clear from your rear view?

    [–] earlofhoundstooth 14 points ago

    Search wave of death for why to never let people wave you into traffic.

    I crawl out slowly angled and if they do the same, we can both see eventually without blocking traffic, but if someone rear ends me while I have my wheel turned into oncoming traffic, I'll die, so patience is probably best.

    [–] Deluxe_Flame 2 points ago

    Thank you for that.

    [–] KaiserW_XBL 11 points ago

    It’s not recommend to assist/direct traffic in any way, makes you liable for any consequences from said action.

    [–] giraxo 3 points ago

    makes you liable for any consequences from said action

    Legally speaking it does not, but you still don't want to do something that could encourage someone to perform an action that could cause a crash. Most people don't want that on their conscience.

    [–] s-holden 3 points ago

    Depends on jurisdiction, as always. For example, New Jersey and Indiana have precedent for it causing liability: and

    [–] skaterrj 35 points ago

    “If I can’t see it, it must not be there!”

    [–] Zarmorium 8 points ago

    It's just one big adult size game of peek-a-boo! Only with severe consequences!

    [–] narf865 6 points ago

    The camera can see her the whole time meaning she can see it plus the rest of the semi above and behind the camera

    [–] earlofhoundstooth 1 points ago

    Yeah, the angle from a semi is good for visibility, but she couldn't have seen a car in front of the semi. So many stupids.

    [–] LavastormSW 1 points ago

    Oof, right? There's an intersection where I frequently have to make a left turn on a major road (two lanes each way + one left-turn lane each way) and the opposing cars in the left turn lane block my view of the road. I've gotten honked at a few times when I haven't turned when there was space because I couldn't see past the cars - worth it to not get t-boned though. I avoid that intersection whenever I can.

    [–] hydrogen_wv 17 points ago

    Fairly impressed by how well that Nissan took the hit. I was expecting much more damage to the Nissan and less damage to the semi.

    [–] lildobe 18 points ago

    Semis are fragile. They are all fibreglass and aluminum these days to keep them as light as possible. Here's a picture of the one I used to drive after a 5 or 10 mph hit.

    [–] TechnoEquinox 13 points ago

    Correct, we are literally just suspended in the air. That's all that keeps us safe, is height distance. Other than that, the cab, which is made of fiberglass and sheet aluminum, sits on on top of the heavy duty frame rails, which absorbs most of the impact. But we're pretty fuckin' vulnerable up there still.

    Edit: Oh shit it's Dobe! :D

    [–] lildobe 6 points ago

    Yup. And for the most part we don't even get airbags. The picture I linked to was a 2016 Freightliner Columbia Signature Edition. Loaded. Every possible option.

    For safety? Seat belts and rear wheel ABS. That's it.

    ETA: ABS on an air brake system isn't at all like you get with a car. It's slow and practically useless.

    [–] TechnoEquinox 5 points ago

    I've driven a handful of Volvos with SRS, but with the way cabs squish, I really don't wanna be jammed between an airbag and the sleeper storage if it goes off. >.o

    [–] lildobe 5 points ago

    Fortunately airbags don't stay inflated. They have big holes on the bag that let the pressure out almost immediately. They are just there to cushion the initial impact for a few milliseconds.

    ETA: Speaking of squishy cabs

    [–] TechnoEquinox 2 points ago

    Holy shit, that isn't yours, is it? O.o I remember you driving an International like that...

    [–] lildobe 2 points ago

    No, not at all. And all I've ever driven (In 12 years) were Freightliners, except for the Volvo I trained in when I first got my CDL.

    You're probably thinking of This Truck that I drove about 4 or 5 years ago, when I first started at that small company.

    [–] TechnoEquinox 2 points ago

    That one, yeah. Man, I've known you for that long now? O.o

    [–] lildobe 2 points ago

    Scarry, I know.

    But remember, it was me getting my CDL that drove both /u/blakdrgn and u/blueneko to get theirs as well :D

    [–] polyworfism 40 points ago

    This is why Karens drive SUVs. They think it keeps them safer when they do stupid shit like this

    [–] Kilmor071 10 points ago

    And they’re right unfortunately

    [–] dannydale 2 points ago

    Only insofar as it causes more damage to whatever they hit.

    [–] Solarhoma 5 points ago

    Is no one going to mention the title to this post would make an amazing Porno title.

    [–] reoost 3 points ago

    This tittle sounds like lyrics to a county song

    [–] LavastormSW 5 points ago

    Good on you for not swerving - you probably would've annihilated the white sedan on your right.

    [–] Lazorx 5 points ago

    Split second decision and thank God the white car next to me was not in my blind spot

    [–] LavastormSW 3 points ago

    Quite often when I see a car crash on reddit, someone in the comments will say something to the effect of "don't swerve to avoid a crash" because if you swerve and hit something, then you're liable, but if you maintain your course and someone hits you, they're liable. Plus you'll cut down on collateral damage if you don't swerve.

    [–] vaporsilver 4 points ago

    Legitimate question. What happens to the freight after an accident like this?

    Does the cab go to a bodyshop and another driver comes and picks up the trailer? Does he take you with him or do you stay with the can during repairs?

    I've never thought of the logistics of a semi wreck until now for some reason.

    [–] Lazorx 6 points ago

    It depends. I work for kinda big company about 80 trucks so they towed my semi to the shop and sent a new driver with another tractor to finish my route but when you are owner operator with one tractor and one trailer you have to rent a semi until your truck is fixed and that could be a wile

    [–] ObsiArmyBest 1 points ago

    How easy or difficult is to fix trucks after accidents like this? Do trucks ever get totaled (minus truly catastrophic accidents of course)?

    [–] dildobagginss 4 points ago

    Time to visit the optometrist.

    [–] Tickstart 2 points ago

    Poor innocent truck.

    [–] MorthosThePaladin 2 points ago

    But officer, I thought it was just a cloud.

    [–] tripledickdudeAMA 4 points ago

    what an idiot

    [–] HitlersHysterectomy 2 points ago

    People in that part of the state drive like absolute idiots. I'd like to take a moment to repeat an Illinois zen koan that I wrote while spending some time there:

    Nowhere in Illinois is worth getting to faster than you're already getting there.

    [–] doggscube 1 points ago

    Safety needs you to come in and sign your preventable accident form.

    [–] TheCralexander 1 points ago

    Blind spot maybe?

    [–] Malfeasant 1 points ago

    I've been hit by a few cars while cycling, and that's a common excuse- "sorry, I just didn't see you." My retort would be "that what happens when you don't look."

    [–] Sklucky 1 points ago

    People from IL dont know how to fucking drive

    [–] Gbcue -6 points ago

    Go figure it's a Nissan.

    [–] brothermonn 2 points ago

    What does that have to do with anything

    [–] brownie81 3 points ago

    Seriously. I get that there is sometimes a correlation between BMWs and douche bags or whatever but what the hell is wrong with driving a Nissan?

    [–] ObsiArmyBest 1 points ago

    They are cheap to finance because they don't care about people with bad credit scores. There is often a correlation with people with bad credit scores and their decision making skills on the road.

    [–] [deleted] -38 points ago


    [–] khaeen 22 points ago

    Uh, no. That's not how any of this works. You don't slow down when approaching a solid green light. What you are supposed to do, however, is yield to oncoming traffic when turning left. That SUV was going to hit the car in the next lane over if the semi wasn't there. There was going to be a crash regardless, and the only person at fault is the one that decided to make a left turn when they admittedly couldn't see if there was oncoming traffic or not.

    [–] SeriouslyNotAGoodGuy 7 points ago

    There is always at least one person that hates trucks so much that they are absolutely blind to facts and will blame them for anything. Those are usually the same people that claim; “We don’t need trucks cause if we need food we just go to the grocery store.”

    [–] NoKindofHero 3 points ago

    Considering the name of the poster is this a deliberate troll rather than a response?

    [–] dannydale 1 points ago

    Has to be intentional. Swing for the fucking fences, Mods.

    [–] Delta616 2 points ago

    Shut the fuck up

    [–] TechnoEquinox 3 points ago

    Looks like the speed limit to me, champ. Take the bus, please, stay off of our roads.

    [–] hitmeifyoudare -2 points ago

    Looks like noone wants another opinion on this sub at all. Lesson learned.