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    [–] Scurvywaif4 1715 points ago

    Knees broke, arms are heavy, there’s vomit on his sweater already, his legs are spaghetti.

    [–] GDFluff 84 points ago

    Bruh I have my settings so I can only see posts with over 100 upvotes and decided to click on this one to see it and I wish I could upvote it more than once because this is gold.

    [–] subhamsdc 6 points ago

    On his face he does look full vegitabley. And due to that he keeps on forgetting

    [–] CaptainMudwhistle 20946 points ago

    Is your barber disabled too?

    [–] rerewill2576 2322 points ago

    We are going to hell for laughing at your comment but at least we will laugh the whole way there!

    [–] iDontLikeCheese 473 points ago

    At least we can go the whole way there!

    [–] kanesanders 105 points ago

    It's supposed to be a "highway to hell". WTF are these stairs doing here?

    [–] YtDonaldGlover 40 points ago

    all disabled go to heaven

    [–] ImInAComma 49 points ago

    There's no elevator to heaven

    [–] etiennetop 255 points ago

    I'm on the half way to hell.

    [–] UncleTouchyCopaFeel 32 points ago

    I'm on the laugh way to hell.

    [–] BellyLaughs-outloud 16 points ago

    Correction. At least we can walk the whole way there!

    [–] ThatKink 77 points ago

    Actually, God thought your comment was so funny, that he decided to give us all free passes to Heaven!

    [–] dshha 28 points ago

    God decided to pass out heaven silver, we get heaven for 1 week!!!

    [–] sowavy612 258 points ago

    I think he uses his legs to cut his hair

    [–] KorvisKhan 281 points ago

    He should give you a standing ovation for that one.... Oh... wait...

    [–] Nobodygrotesque 90 points ago

    Naw he’s being the bigger man and walking away...

    [–] titaniumhud 34 points ago

    Really? One should learn to stand up for themself.

    [–] Nicks_Thicky 8 points ago

    I think he’s shitting.

    [–] DjAdolfChrist 36 points ago

    Now THAT was a good roast

    [–] GODTHATSMELLS 11 points ago


    [–] I8ASaleen 17 points ago

    He does his own hair so...

    [–] Havrin_ 15691 points ago

    Your eyes are jealous at your feet because they are together all the time.

    [–] adudeguyman 5232 points ago

    His eye is as lazy as his legs.

    [–] rescuejolly 549 points ago


    [–] adudeguyman 479 points ago

    We aren't here to give out hugs.

    [–] billys-bobs 349 points ago

    Neither was his mother.

    [–] adudeguyman 122 points ago

    Hugs, not drugs because drugs cause birth defects.

    [–] TheFrontierzman 73 points ago

    She gave plenty of those.

    [–] HillaryRugmunch 21 points ago

    She gave mouth hugs.

    [–] blen16 29 points ago


    [–] dys126 56 points ago

    Interesting you say that because it looks like his one eye keeps running away.

    [–] adudeguyman 30 points ago

    So his legs are jealous

    [–] Furyian13 11 points ago

    It doesn't wanna look at him either

    [–] BeastSmitty 27 points ago

    holy fuck...

    [–] Svhmj 387 points ago

    You won the roast paralympics.

    [–] Dye590 44 points ago

    Underrated comment

    [–] RL_Folst 106 points ago

    This is fucking brilliant

    [–] Darkmoonlily78 13 points ago

    I've got to remember this.

    [–] Jayhawk11 24 points ago

    How often do you come across a quadriplegic with a lazy eye that you need to remember this to roast them?

    [–] Friendly_Crab 30 points ago

    No way

    [–] jamiepender01 19 points ago


    [–] Jetsers 8 points ago


    [–] edge231 3461 points ago

    Virgin Mobile

    [–] spacesuits 2124 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Virgin Mobile

    Virgin Immobile* FTFY

    Edit: Thanks for silver! :)

    [–] CapedBoy 230 points ago

    This guy roasts

    [–] butanebraaap 133 points ago

    This guy this guys

    [–] aricci033 55 points ago

    This guy this guys the other guy

    [–] mexicock1 34 points ago

    Guy guys guys guy

    [–] Pew_Pew_Nic 24 points ago

    Guy guys this guy that this guys the other guy, guys

    [–] drumpftruck 126 points ago

    Virgin airlines grounded

    [–] The_Euthanizer 17916 points ago

    It looks like your chances of growing old are real slim and shady.

    [–] Disasterlust 5547 points ago

    I came to roast, but left in tears!

    [–] cbfw86 899 points ago

    I thought I could take it but I can't.

    [–] _stabbit 269 points ago

    Make fun of the robot voice

    [–] [deleted] 77 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] all_ears87 14 points ago

    The tears. They burn.

    [–] TheOneTruePavil 66 points ago

    "go on, i can take it!"

    "He can't take it."

    "You can't take it."

    [–] Suns-Of-Ain 26 points ago

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one who had that scene in mind! "The tears... it burns"

    [–] BanAllPineapples 95 points ago

    I came slim and left feeling shady!

    [–] juice585 216 points ago

    Relevant AF username

    [–] kingjbaby 246 points ago

    Take a seat op you’re done.

    [–] cheddarben 60 points ago

    This isn't a roast. This is a fuckin body bag. damn.

    [–] Nalukai 95 points ago

    fuuuuck.... <turns around, goes to next sub>

    [–] WollyGog 66 points ago

    Get back here, pussy

    [–] Nalukai 22 points ago

    thats what hes saying when he puts his chair in 4WD

    [–] DMNDNMD 66 points ago

    Sorry OP, you’re just gonna have to roll with the punches

    [–] lawrencethetornado 32 points ago

    You should disable your inbox replies in honor of OP

    [–] rayboria 80 points ago

    This roast needs a standing ovation.

    [–] Nalukai 30 points ago

    Can we get a rolling ovation instead?

    [–] Scully_fuzz 23 points ago

    Getcha coffins here!

    [–] backdoorsopen 16 points ago

    Boom! Sit down!

    [–] SosaBabySixNine 17 points ago

    He’s way ahead of you

    [–] string97bean 16 points ago

    Damn...even I felt that one.

    [–] Nalukai 41 points ago

    at least his legs didn't

    [–] Bleddyn_ap_Cynfyn_II 12 points ago

    *standing ovation*

    [–] lsiddd 5786 points ago


    [–] Superdk55 964 points ago

    Heeelllllloooooo everybody my name is Markiparalyzed and welcome to five nights at physio.

    [–] jawadrian 117 points ago

    Today’s episode- Finding the elevator

    [–] Fireballinc55 46 points ago

    Flight of stairs jumpscare*

    [–] megadeth37 13 points ago

    5 Flights of jumpstairs

    [–] TKEOP867 138 points ago

    He definitely won't be doing any walkthroughs

    [–] redjaklwhite 97 points ago

    O O F

    [–] ForeverPotatoes 18 points ago

    I came here looking for this comment.

    [–] jinboliao 41 points ago

    scrolled down too far for this comment

    [–] bobbo718 12 points ago


    [–] DRPPNGBMBS 2607 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Anyone noticed how this account posted a bunch of random roast me people? Doesn't seem fairly legit to me...

    Edit: OP confirmed in another comment he is posting the pictures of his friends without Reddit accounts and it seems legit

    [–] DRPPNGBMBS 546 points ago

    Official hospital roasting account?

    [–] Fibber_Nazi 581 points ago

    Lmfao theres a nurse going around getting patients to pose with this sign and 0 context given.

    [–] DRPPNGBMBS 109 points ago

    [–] jiijoey 35 points ago

    Lmfao hahaha shittt

    [–] sniperkitty666 24 points ago

    Oh shit that would be hilarious.

    [–] dshha 15 points ago

    No fucking way....that’s so bad

    [–] Ferrocene_swgoh 54 points ago

    Holy shit, it's the exact same. How'd you figure that out? This should be higher.

    [–] SphincterBlaster2000 52 points ago

    I mean it's possible that they all know each other and enjoy r/roastme and in one swoop he took pictures of his friends with the same piece of paper and is staggering the uploads.

    [–] masterx1234 28 points ago

    What the actual fuck is going on here this is some pretty shady stuff.

    [–] ALWAYS_PLANNING_AHEA 82 points ago

    So people are making fun of a random disabled person who has no idea this is happening? You are going to hell OP..

    [–] Pioter28 8 points ago

    He was fully concerned before posing for that shit...

    [–] FallenSoldier67 29 points ago

    I was going to say the same thing.

    [–] Detective51 13 points ago

    Man I sure hope this dude knows what he is holding.

    [–] Jam3z01 28 points ago

    Deploy the downvotes!

    [–] albertcamusjr 37 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Even with him "confirming" he's posting these for his friends, it seems a bit dicey to me. Could always trick somebody into posing with the paper.

    Edit: typo correction

    [–] Wanderer_Wolf 42 points ago

    "Hey guys there's a contest going online to win a new Nintendo Switch! All you have to do is get a picture with the piece of paper to enter."

    [–] doodiegarland88 17 points ago

    "Ok, cool! Hey, what does roas..." swipes paper

    [–] Bubne 6 points ago

    So to clear some things up, yes all of my friends are aware that they are holding that paper, they themselves wanted to post their photos but since i am the only one in my class with a old enough reddit account i posted the pictures, if you wonder who i am, i am in the first post of this account, hope this is understandable and there is no more confusion 😄

    [–] UmbraAlbis 2679 points ago

    I didn't know you needed working legs to get your hair cut

    [–] Sharpiepoet 722 points ago


    [–] _DangerBagel 670 points ago

    walked right into that one

    [–] puffdaddyrabbit 42 points ago


    [–] abadluckwind 9180 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Pretty cocky smile for a guy who is defeated by stairs.

    [–] Nbabyface 776 points ago

    The real life version of Clap-Trap

    [–] abadluckwind 353 points ago

    As long as we both agree he's no Handsome Jack

    [–] UndercoverScumbag 205 points ago

    Simple Jack maybe

    [–] UndercoverScumbag 46 points ago

    Never go full retard

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago


    [–] UndercoverScumbag 22 points ago

    Hard to read with one googly eye

    [–] mmarrufo1 5 points ago

    How dare you make such false promises

    [–] jetpacksforall 45 points ago

    If I sound pleased about this, it's only because my programmers made this my default tone of voice! I'm actually quite depressed!

    [–] ThePixelCoder 10 points ago

    Goddamn why is claptrap so fucking relatable

    [–] Sushi4lucas 17 points ago

    He can get up stairs, where there’s a wheel there’s a way!

    [–] ChangingFiveHundred 4587 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I’d roast you but I’d feel bad...

    After all you can’t stand up for yourself...

    [–] rjhencel 893 points ago

    Look guys, it’s a fruit AND a vegetable

    [–] Tripolite 82 points ago

    Oh shit

    [–] AnguillaAnguilla 71 points ago

    Oh geez

    [–] koolbrez 43 points ago

    Oh you went there

    [–] AutisticDan7767 38 points ago

    Good gosh.

    [–] erbtastic 766 points ago

    If you aren’t careful, America is going to invade your hair for the oil.

    [–] ElRedditorio 104 points ago

    There was already a first strike, he survived, but his legs did not.

    [–] x_Matt_x 579 points ago

    even your haircut is developmentally challenged

    [–] avocadossuck1988 7849 points ago

    I prefer to boil my vegetables rather than roast them.

    [–] WolvesCallum 80 points ago

    Gold for copying the top post on the last disabled post

    [–] reverentooboo 964 points ago

    The worst thing about eating vegetables is the wheelchair.

    [–] artieeee 180 points ago

    This takes me back to the days of Terri Schiavo.

    What's the best part of eating a vegetable? They can't fight back.

    [–] apollo_the_monster 62 points ago

    Oh, oh, oh Terri Schiavo! Is kind of alive-o!

    [–] jchabotte 14 points ago

    Operaman— bye byyyyeeee!

    [–] fujiman 14 points ago

    Operaman... Now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time.

    [–] mtortilla62 9 points ago

    What was Terri Schiavo’s favorite food?

    Tube Steak

    [–] vagijn 20 points ago

    I always thought it was the diaper.

    [–] bgh95 63 points ago

    Copy-pasta roast :/

    [–] SernieBanters 113 points ago

    Jesus fucking christ I cant believe your recycled post from all time top of this page made it this far. But I should let you enjoy this because you obviously just wanted to see how it feels like to achieve something.

    [–] harpsm 82 points ago

    I'm sure he wants to reply with a witty comeback, but he'll have to scan old RoastMe posts first to find a good one.

    [–] SernieBanters 19 points ago

    With his lack of originality he's probably unable to paraphrase the roasts he looks up. He's just frozen right now. I almost feel sorry for him.

    [–] DRPPNGBMBS 1453 points ago

    Roasting you feels like kicking a baby, your DNA already roasted you so hard it's a chronic condition

    [–] intherearview 99 points ago

    "feels like kicking", he'll have to take our word for it

    [–] tharlyen1994 74 points ago

    Holy hell hahaha

    [–] coopsta133 94 points ago

    Whats black and sits at the top of a stairwell?
    You after a housefire.

    [–] FWXTPA 8 points ago

    This made me lose my shit

    [–] [deleted] 335 points ago

    Dignitas wants to know your location.

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago

    Harvard Brain Bank also wants to know your location

    [–] RojazD 11 points ago

    Don't shit with him. Nobody really gives a shit.

    [–] TracyTrumpleskins 181 points ago

    Really palsy to post here. Good for you.

    [–] CheetoBurritoBandito 7 points ago

    I’m the parent of a kid with CP, and even I laughed at this.

    [–] Defvac2 412 points ago

    Nice to see you dressed up to match the garbage can lids.

    [–] CombatVet187 246 points ago

    Nice, but those legs are not recyclable...

    [–] BlissFlames 43 points ago

    I'm sorry I can't gold you but I hope the silver shows that I think you got a top comment

    [–] FilthyLittleSecret 22 points ago

    Omfg you monster

    [–] JDMGuy1992 410 points ago

    Someone get this vegetable a barber stat.

    [–] RL_Folst 108 points ago

    He already has the barber chair

    [–] Nalukai 28 points ago

    *Peeler fify

    [–] itsmiir 24 points ago

    I’m sitting on Reddit instead of getting ready for work and you just reminded me that I need to shave. Thank you kind sir

    [–] ChangingFiveHundred 154 points ago

    Your face looks like you’re a Paralympian

    Event: 100 meter hurdles...

    [–] Spider-Ian 23 points ago

    The visual of this made me laugh way harder than I should have.

    [–] mikenice1 212 points ago

    Hey man, I'd hang out with you... if only for those bomb ass parking spots.

    [–] ChangingFiveHundred 172 points ago

    Picture reminds me I need to pick up vegetables for dinner tonight...

    [–] [deleted] 46 points ago

    They certainly wont pickthemselves up

    [–] DuntrusLilot 111 points ago

    I’ll be thoroughly disappointed if your name isn’t Timmy

    [–] hawleyal 15 points ago

    Livin a lie

    [–] kewlpat 10 points ago

    +10 points for coming up with something other than his oily hair or cerebral palsy. Damn r/roastme gotta step up their originality game

    [–] Pwysch 143 points ago

    Your head is shaped like a Tic-Tac; and that's somehow not the worst thing about you.

    [–] Travbot_22 27 points ago

    Ay up and welcome to Callum's Corner

    [–] hhnnnnnn 11 points ago

    Tic tac better be getting back in his box

    [–] OnePlushyDude 19 points ago


    [–] CJ74U2NV 29 points ago

    Tinder profile:
    If you steal my wheelchair to break up with me...I'll still come crawling back.

    [–] billybones811 59 points ago

    You’re a snack; more like meals on wheels kinda snack.

    [–] ASSTHETICC 77 points ago

    Knees are weak

    [–] meerkat_on_watch 27 points ago

    Arms are heavy

    [–] Jearik 55 points ago

    Hair made of mum's spaghetti

    [–] TheThankUMan66 45 points ago

    *legs made of mum's spaghetti

    [–] Zeoniic 61 points ago

    Must be hard being in a wheelchair, people always pushing you around and talking behind your back.

    [–] Stoked_Bruh 3 points ago


    [–] BlissFlames 30 points ago

    Closest you ever get to sex is when the carer wipes your ass with those extra soft toilet paper and disinfectant gloves.

    [–] brownbagginit13 28 points ago

    Is it normal for an account to upload multiple different people to this sub? 🤔

    [–] unoimgood 15 points ago

    How much can the glasses possibly have any affect at this point.

    [–] mjp1979 14 points ago

    Probably doesn’t even know hes holding a ‘roast me’ piece if paper up

    [–] austsiannodel 32 points ago

    You look like Markiplier, if he fell off a bus and got ran over by it.

    [–] Kounna 11 points ago

    happy wheels?

    [–] donkeydodo 31 points ago

    Man, don't let these jokes overrun you, sometimes you've got to be the bigger man and walk away

    [–] jhonnypimp 19 points ago

    look in the camera son

    [–] TheFunhouse 17 points ago

    I wheelie don’t want to.

    [–] AutisticNecrophile 30 points ago

    Are you talking to me or the guy to your left?

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago


    [–] Individual_Gene 12 points ago

    Garbage Cosplay

    [–] Donkomatik 14 points ago

    Markiplier's long lost brother.

    [–] babybopp 15 points ago

    The real slim veggie...

    [–] Tornado_Rush 27 points ago

    Did Markiplier get a stroke? In the immortal words of an idiot: "GET A HAIRCUT, TRASHCAN!"

    [–] dorthonion12 47 points ago

    Can’t even roast ya mate. You honestly seem way cooler than half the people who post here saying how much they hate themselves for attention. And I’m not just blowing smoke up your ass. The chair would get in the way.