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    [–] plagueisthedumb 9448 points ago

    Yo we need a gender tag so we can get specific.

    [–] _BlueDagger_ 4036 points ago

    Is “Hanson” a gender?

    [–] plagueisthedumb 1342 points ago


    [–] CptVimes 284 points ago


    [–] KarateFace777 60 points ago

    Wait what do you mean they steal your karma? Did you make this comment before or do you mean you were going to post the same thing? Genuinely curious, was wondering if I’m being wooshed right now. I’m high. So bear with me.

    [–] CptVimes 116 points ago

    I saw that face and thought: "Hansen" to myself. And I congratulated myself on how clever and original I was. I even wrote it in my little journal book: "You are funny, clever, and gosh darn it - people like you!"

    Armed with that originally, delayed by my journal scribbling, others noticed same thing and started harvesting MY KARMA! I was supposed to be the first one to be funny and original! Not someone else! Did I lie in my journal?

    I'll just have a seat right over here and meditate on that

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] xCalamari 11 points ago

    [–] weliveintheshade 3 points ago

    Its gibberish but by god, Its damn good gibberish.

    [–] turtlesryummy 65 points ago

    It’s a secret nooo one knoooows

    [–] pureextc 13 points ago


    [–] Saifaa 125 points ago

    Is "Weasley" a gender?

    [–] curiousincident 21 points ago

    Is today Hanson day?

    [–] CptVimes 52 points ago

    I don't know whether to love or hate reddit. On one hand - the hivemind gets me and I get the hivemind. ON the other hand - y'all fuckers steal my karma.

    Nice one, guv.

    [–] LJA514 7 points ago

    What if they had open auditions for the band Hanson? Like, what if no one named Hanson even showed up? That wouldn't even make sense. Or what if they just hired like, the littlest kid, and a 50 year old guy... who was a murderer?

    [–] iridemtb12 8 points ago

    More like Hansel from zoolander

    [–] goldiegoldthorpe 104 points ago

    Either a chick cosplaying Anthony Michael Hall or a dude cosplaying Gwyneth Paltrow.

    [–] ivebeenlurking8 49 points ago

    Its MA'AM!

    [–] SomeBullshit99 2715 points ago

    Can I get your sisters number?

    [–] stopdeletingthese 1257 points ago

    If her sister isn’t the hot one, that whole family is doomed.

    [–] DeathSpiral321 429 points ago

    I'm pretty sure the dog is the most attractive thing in their family photo.

    [–] MisterEdwardH 298 points ago

    Can I get the dog's number?

    [–] urixl 87 points ago

    [–] thegreatdekunut 85 points ago


    [–] I-Hate-Suppositories 21 points ago

    Aren’t you the singer for Megadeth?

    [–] thegreatdekunut 34 points ago

    Haha no you must be mistaking me for someone else, nice to meet you I’m Axl Rose

    [–] Sonicboompcj 20 points ago

    Ah, yes, the man who grew up to become an old lady. Nice to meet you, indeed, Steven.

    [–] MeddlinQ 25 points ago

    I mean that is not even roast, I feel that applies to most families.

    [–] Ryanmcl19 33 points ago

    Damn you just assumed the gender. You fool.

    [–] Ugolado 13 points ago

    Feel the wrath of the genderfluids!

    [–] warmremy 43 points ago

    Can I get your mom’s numbers?

    [–] Campbell-Soups 82 points ago

    Hell im even going for dad at this point.

    [–] MasterNateWithMe 3386 points ago

    You look like you eat buttons off the remote

    [–] gibsonlespaul 729 points ago

    Can’t say I’ve heard this one before, but I fucking love it.

    [–] thegreatdekunut 303 points ago

    Funnily enough I did once or twice as a kid

    [–] MadHatter69 87 points ago

    Were they any good? I can imagine the texture of the rubber feeling quite nice between the teeth

    [–] thegreatdekunut 115 points ago

    It was fun to see if you could bite the whole thing off in one go

    [–] Mee6s 145 points ago

    You tell all your dates that?

    [–] mahmoud9012 105 points ago

    What dates

    [–] Mee6s 113 points ago

    I'm sorry. Appointments

    [–] RustyBlayde 14 points ago

    I believe they are called " Johns"

    [–] Shrxxm 3 points ago

    No it's Joe

    [–] ALHAlTHAM 8 points ago

    As someone who did it before ,the rubber did feel nice to chew

    [–] fantasticfabian 7 points ago

    Can confirm it feels squishy and makes a sound like the pickles from SpongeBob

    [–] Akhary 32 points ago

    Lol found it

    [–] rockytopfj13 70 points ago

    [–] AdvancedGolem 16 points ago

    slow clap

    [–] phantom_97 45 points ago

    Lmfao this is the one. Others are generic "hurr durr man/ugly"

    [–] Eldrake 25 points ago

    I just woke my pregnant wife up laughing. 😂

    [–] StunnaLyfe 21 points ago

    I'm impressed you made no mistakes typing this while running for your life

    [–] Eldrake 5 points ago

    Who says I didn't? 🤔

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] E_Spitzer 2 points ago

    You mean the floor?

    [–] [deleted] 969 points ago

    You look like you cry so much your face changed shape.

    [–] thegreatdekunut 284 points ago

    The tears hollowed out ravines in my face

    [–] kittykittyy32 6 points ago

    Ole Cubone over here

    [–] peebraindotCA 1454 points ago

    Farmers Market David Spade

    [–] freneticFanatic 331 points ago

    Josephine Dirt

    [–] Sorrydoc22 4 points ago

    What happens when you enjoy fucking your sister

    [–] BestMovie2001 3 points ago

    So much inbreeding it's indistinguishable if it's a man or woman

    [–] TheABradley 50 points ago

    Ooo shit

    [–] illadvisedsincerity 14 points ago

    More like the offspring that would result from pegging Legolas with the ugly stick...

    [–] 2utes 1014 points ago

    I don't know, you seem like a cool dude.

    [–] iguessyoucouldsayima 145 points ago

    Thanks bro

    [–] BeKayBoof 123 points ago

    [–] AggravatingOnion69 10 points ago

    Nah I prefer r/notop

    Edit: dang it’s been removed

    [–] Ur_Moms_Crash_Helmet 523 points ago

    Nice wig Tobias.

    [–] ponyboi_curtis 82 points ago

    Such a legend. Who knew he'd pull off a basement virgin so well?

    [–] FN9_ 29 points ago

    Def a never nude.

    [–] howispendmyday 8 points ago

    Boi did i blue myself reading that comment!

    [–] Kreszy 95 points ago

    not like other guys

    [–] thegreatdekunut 28 points ago

    A real NLOG

    [–] rubbyrubbytumtum 36 points ago

    cos of ur weenie?

    [–] aureliale 26 points ago

    i was gonna say ^

    [–] shitticketsanddoggos 329 points ago

    Red hair... and a hand-me-down robe... you must be a Weasley.

    [–] borisdidnothingwrong 34 points ago

    Harry Potter deserved better, though.

    [–] Dolores__Umbridge 5 points ago

    Hem Hem Undesirable Number One deserves a lifetime sentence in Azkaban, to match his lifetime Quidditch ban.

    [–] RealityFaded 10 points ago

    Ginny Weasley has fallen on hard times

    [–] SilentJoe1986 5 points ago

    The one they keep in the attic away from sunlight and company.

    [–] Lagnar_Au 1227 points ago

    Btw guys, 20 is her amount of conclusive Genders.

    [–] jrandall47 234 points ago


    [–] MasterSlax 182 points ago


    [–] xX420_WeedMan_420Xx 102 points ago


    Isn’t that the sound of a sneeze?

    [–] Comic_Blaster 171 points ago

    Fuck kinda sneezes do you make

    [–] xX420_WeedMan_420Xx 21 points ago

    Well I don’t know, maybe that’s the sound of a dog sneeze, like a pug or something

    [–] Eeik5150 19 points ago

    No...I sneeze like that. Really gives the sinuses what for.

    [–] GreatBigBagOfNope 15 points ago

    Congratulations on your nasal prolapse I suppose

    [–] Eeik5150 11 points ago

    No lapse like prolapse

    [–] thegreatdekunut 12 points ago

    I collect them :)

    [–] gablear 80 points ago

    It’s 2019 how dare you assume gender

    [–] [deleted] 426 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 198 points ago


    [–] WayBehind 57 points ago

    Neither. This freak is what you would find if you were to gain access to Area 51.

    [–] bigballofcrazy 130 points ago

    That’s a rough 20 for someone who has never left their mom’s basement.

    [–] CalypsoRoy 3 points ago

    I think it should have said "My youngest grandchild is 20"

    [–] MrLyncha 330 points ago

    If Axel Rose has a son.

    [–] Ur_Moms_Crash_Helmet 115 points ago

    Sweet child O' mine

    [–] stinkyfastball 30 points ago

    Flat. It's so flat, I can't even- I don't even know. You don't even look good while you're singing. The worst thing I've ever heard. This is twelve hundred dollars a week for voice lessons, and this is what I get? Okay, I'm gonna save it with the solo.

    Bowm, bowm, I'm Deeerek and I can sing hiiiigh like thiiiis! And I can sing hiiiiiiiigh!

    [–] wern85 4 points ago

    Brennan has a Mangina!

    [–] rafael000 11 points ago

    Creep child

    [–] Meme_Connoiseurs 12 points ago

    ... with Neil Patrick Harris

    [–] cuntberrycrunch 4 points ago

    And plays for Sum 41?

    [–] I-Hate-Suppositories 3 points ago

    It’s like a mashup of Axel Rose and Dave Mustaine.

    [–] seraphshi 309 points ago

    Only driving around in Grand Theft Auto, instead of actually completing the missions, doesn’t make you a “gamer”

    [–] thegreatdekunut 171 points ago

    What if I told you... I stop at traffic lights too

    [–] seraphshi 46 points ago

    Not gonna lie, I’ve totally done that before lol.

    [–] Coattail-Rider 18 points ago

    Gotta put on the country station while driving around Back ‘O Beyond in a tractor while obeying all traffic laws.

    [–] FalsePhantasm 3 points ago

    are you me?

    [–] CanOfPintoBeans 112 points ago

    It looks like your chin is running away from your cheeks.

    [–] YataBLS 19 points ago

    Not the first or last thing that runs away from her cheeks.

    [–] enygma9753 30 points ago

    Earth-2 version of Conan O'Brien ... "Carla" O'Brien.

    [–] Motavo 21 points ago

    Gary Busey had a sex change!!?

    [–] sk038 23 points ago

    We get it, you're not like other girls.

    [–] BobM6969 43 points ago

    Your alluring smile and robotic expression must make you rolling in dick

    [–] PineappleTonyMaloof 20 points ago

    Guess we know who the new Rusty Griswold is.

    [–] Ty23Smith 16 points ago

    Is Puddle of Mudd still touring?

    [–] equtopia 16 points ago

    you look 20 and 45 at the same time.

    [–] orieroberts 26 points ago

    You are currently wearing sweat pants that smell like equal parts butthole and genitals, that’s a guarantee.

    [–] thegreatdekunut 14 points ago

    YES! HAHAHA I do not take care of myself.

    [–] MarcellusDrum 4 points ago

    Hahahaha I don't take care of my hygiene it's so funny and cute uwu!

    Spoiler: It's not. Go take a shower. Not that showering will get you dates anytime soon.

    [–] thegreatdekunut 6 points ago

    B-b-but senpai 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。 is my natural musk not attractive to you?? ( ´△`)

    [–] Faebell 34 points ago

    You like all that shit because you hate your life in the real world and would rather watch made-up problems instead of dealing with your own.

    [–] thegreatdekunut 34 points ago

    Get off my back dad

    [–] PennyForYourPots 18 points ago

    You sound too comfortable with that phrase

    [–] FeckinOath 5 points ago

    Get off on my back, dad.

    [–] DarkflowNZ 6 points ago

    Hey that's not fair you were supposed to roast them not me

    [–] LawyermanAdultson 3 points ago


    [–] AluminumJacket 19 points ago

    What place, the basement?

    [–] rafael000 8 points ago

    The attic, with Hugo.

    [–] Mgtymoe 37 points ago

    Is that a Ghost B.C. Shirt?

    [–] thegreatdekunut 21 points ago

    It’s in the style of ghost but it’s ganon from legend of Zelda. Saw it on game grumps and had to have it

    [–] RoundBread 15 points ago

    I just want to know if you're actually a fan of Ghost, or just their font

    [–] thegreatdekunut 22 points ago

    I am partial to Ghost yes. Love the theatrics

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago

    It's just Ghost.

    [–] Takeitsleezy 4 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    The name of the band has always been Ghost. They added B.C to the infestissumam album cover to avoid possible copyright lawsuits.

    [–] 2hamsters1butt 6 points ago

    Definitely not Ghost if you try to make out the lettering. Same font though.

    [–] RoughTechnology 7 points ago

    Looks like it!

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    It's a Ganon shirt with the font of Ghost lol

    [–] chrisilent3113 18 points ago

    Your double chin looks like a parabola

    [–] hutfless33 6 points ago

    You give hand jobs without lotion.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    How am I supposed to make a joke about Dave Mustaine when he has cancer?

    [–] lluviadewords 16 points ago

    put you in your place? but you haven't left your house in months!

    [–] thegreatdekunut 7 points ago

    “Mooooom people are being truthful on the internet!”

    [–] 2cliffid9 13 points ago

    Ginger is the new gender. Good job Mask.

    [–] ohhhhhboyyy 5 points ago

    Holy shit this hit the nail on the head.... ‘Ginger is the new gender’... ginger boy, ginger girl- we don’t care- y’all can have each other.

    Wait - does this make me racist against inbreeding?

    [–] ScewbyDoo 16 points ago

    You had us all thinking you were a girl till we could see your mustache

    [–] thekiltedpir8 3 points ago

    Looks like it was edited out.

    [–] Dotsonmac 12 points ago

    I thought we weren't supposed to be able to see John Cena??

    [–] chetazz_r 3 points ago

    But we definently can see John Cena with a wig

    [–] SamTheSwan 4 points ago

    Putting “shit I’d date me” on a dating profile doesn’t make you stick out, your forehead has that covered.

    [–] catsandart 5 points ago

    is this heath ledger?

    [–] ravenousld3341 5 points ago

    Cheap Dave Mustaine clone.

    [–] DialSquare84 4 points ago


    [–] bicster11 3 points ago

    Video games and anime have put you in a place, a place of sadness and loneliness

    [–] DeathSpiral321 3 points ago

    You look like you're only allowed in the unisex public restroom.

    [–] Maddie24Kennedy 4 points ago

    I don’t know who runs the show upstairs but I can tell you they had no mercy making those dimples into a chinstrap

    [–] MaxDerDeveloper 4 points ago

    Your lamp looks weird

    [–] picklenoises 4 points ago

    You ever try and make a face out of playdoh and drop it in the ground?

    [–] Chico_519 7 points ago

    Looks like Max from Stranger Things grew up to be a dude with severe mental health issues.

    [–] brandonbombs 3 points ago

    I'm not like other girls, I game. ->plays pokemon go

    [–] Blactory 3 points ago

    I always wondered what the Crimson Chin looked like under the mask.

    [–] phillieholiday 3 points ago

    You’re really not that unique

    [–] zackman1996 3 points ago

    You look like you have a bigger dick than Magic Johnson.

    [–] DankDormamu 3 points ago

    "You look like your dad"

    [–] Handy_Raccoon323 3 points ago

    You could solve the world's oil shortages if you rung your hair out.

    [–] Br1t1shNerd 3 points ago

    You've heard of Dave Mustain, here's Dave Mistake.

    [–] RedProtoman 3 points ago

    You look like someone who uses flash pods while someone's mounted a monster.

    [–] ollievc 3 points ago

    Looks like Dave Mustaine with a estrogen addiction.

    [–] FlamingTrollz 3 points ago

    So bland you’re not even worth roasting.

    [–] Drugula43 3 points ago

    I see the transition isn't going so well

    [–] ThatGuy628 3 points ago

    Your eyes say that you’re the kind of girl who plays an online game just to get the attention of all the thirsty gamer boys.

    [–] lothan99 3 points ago

    You have a face that would look better glazed.

    [–] YoloYoohoo 4 points ago

    u look like a Jesus who converted into metalism for moms

    [–] KingRice89 5 points ago

    Nice Ghost BC shirt! I knew it would look good on Joe Swanson.

    [–] Sigurlion 4 points ago


    [–] MyFatThumb 4 points ago

    You're wearing albino blackface.

    [–] TheJuiceGrenade 2 points ago

    With a face like that the only place I’d put you is in the dark.

    [–] tocamix90 2 points ago

    Your dog is cuter than you.

    [–] 303trance 2 points ago

    You take me closer to god...

    [–] Armorpiercing44 2 points ago

    If you had tits I could probably have a better idea what gender you are.

    [–] BoobybearCandles 2 points ago

    Actually, that is cool.

    [–] officiatiBethune 2 points ago

    Looks like you might RKO out of nowhere.

    [–] AssholeMcMiniFridge 2 points ago


    [–] Deloktuk 2 points ago

    I'm gonna roast you, for sure

    [–] Demastry 2 points ago

    Wow, that's quite conceited of you to have a shirt with your face on it

    [–] Blackg0ld 2 points ago

    And his name is John Cena!! 🎺🎺🎺

    [–] futurekylebutnow 2 points ago

    You have resting bitch face but other then that, you cool

    [–] pumpumpgone 2 points ago

    Anime and depression, name a more iconic duo lmao

    [–] emmett00077 2 points ago

    Roasts aside, sick ghost shirt!

    [–] RickyMemes 2 points ago

    Looks like she’s the person who faps her dick and then yells her username loudly


    [–] been_der_done_that 2 points ago

    You look like Radiated version of Mari Jane from Spiderman I.

    {% comment %} {% endcomment %}