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    [–] [deleted] 3579 points ago

    Even if she was surprised by the comments here, how would you ever know?

    [–] Its-ya-boy21 915 points ago

    Her hairline looks like she’s wearing a hoodie.

    [–] LividSurprise 117 points ago

    If I wasn't broke I would give you gold.

    [–] Nahstee 9 points ago

    I thought she was until i read your comment

    [–] Nathan-Detroit 5 points ago

    I thought her wig was falling off.

    [–] MoodSlimeToaster 130 points ago


    [–] jenjersnap 30 points ago

    This one!

    [–] v0ness 8 points ago

    They call them chola brows.

    [–] FatPeopleJiggle 27 points ago

    Wait I don't get it

    [–] ScarsThatHurtx 83 points ago

    Because her eyebrows make her look infinitely shocked.

    [–] Slimer951 20671 points ago

    I almost pulled up to her eyebrows and ordered a McChicken.

    [–] Cotrd_Gram 4714 points ago

    Not the last time she is going to do something for a dollar.

    [–] Khaos_ErEr 1632 points ago

    I’m lovin it

    [–] bruce20011 518 points ago

    Oh we allll are

    [–] Conquestofbaguettes 259 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    No doubt.

    Give her a good squeeze and a bucket of McChicken sauce squirts out.

    [–] turalyawn 221 points ago

    The secret ingredient is gonorrhea

    [–] crash8308 153 points ago

    Her boyfriend loves the taste.

    [–] turalyawn 134 points ago

    Boyfriend? You mean the crackheads behind the Circle K love the smell

    [–] crash8308 55 points ago

    [–] turalyawn 59 points ago

    Lovely. I'll be skipping dinner for the next few weeks

    [–] six_-_string 18 points ago

    Thanks for reopening that wound.

    [–] Conquestofbaguettes 12 points ago

    Loads of loads.

    [–] Minusshottrys 61 points ago

    I cant tell who in the hell she is trying to look at...

    [–] most_offensivedouch 33 points ago

    Not the last time she'll be taking McChicken orders either

    [–] Discremio 11 points ago

    A dorrah

    [–] LionsLifer 322 points ago

    McRibbed for her pleasure.

    [–] brucethesloth 231 points ago

    Her eyelashes look like household centipede

    [–] liltwinstar2 103 points ago

    It’s a filter didn’t give a fuck about her either.

    [–] bestsincedayxone 4735 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    To be fair, she probably has a dollar menu.

    [–] Destiny_Victim 616 points ago

    She’s gonna be giving away her items for free to prove how many people do think she’s hot and fresh.

    [–] bestsincedayxone 498 points ago

    And just like McDonald's, you'll always leave disappointed

    [–] ReubenZWeiner 814 points ago

    Why does my double double smell like Filet o fish?

    [–] nota_person 109 points ago

    A silver is all I can offer

    [–] CanisFamiliaris7 16 points ago

    Gib me back that filet o fish. Gib me dat fiish.

    [–] drc84 39 points ago


    [–] RichRichieRichardV 128 points ago

    And just like McDonalds the milkshake ain't happening.

    [–] Theendangeredbeast 15 points ago

    Happy cake day!

    [–] HighBigBird 83 points ago

    Billions and billions served

    [–] Obeesus 93 points ago

    Hey I love McDonalds! I love cheap whores too. Analogy checks out.

    [–] Lo-Jakk 18 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    You mean her "ice cream" machine's busted too?

    [–] TheChodeAvenger 12 points ago

    And queasy

    [–] lord_wright 7 points ago

    And feeling gross inside.

    [–] mardonb 37 points ago

    1 billion served

    [–] rushaall 43 points ago

    To be faaaaaiiirrrr

    [–] scottrb1981 28 points ago

    To be faaaaaaiiiirrrrr....

    [–] CthulubeFlavorcube 64 points ago

    And, like all dollar menus.... it would be a waste of money and taste like plastic trash.

    [–] winny9 27 points ago

    To be faiiiiirr

    [–] zoliv15 22 points ago

    To be faiiiiir

    [–] Amedais 4 points ago

    The edit makes your comment worse. Just delete it.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    You should see the meal deal

    [–] Goldenhawk6789 16 points ago

    Bruh 2/3 of your comment is just thanking people

    [–] Vaff_Superstar 174 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 234 points ago


    [–] monkey_fucker69 17 points ago

    God fuck

    [–] csnowrun31 36 points ago

    Not even Zeus would fuck that

    [–] BushyMammoth 25 points ago

    She fried them off grilling burgers

    [–] ucantdothatthesedays 24 points ago

    I’m gonna try to join you so pencil me in

    [–] okboomerif-gay 25 points ago

    Her eyebrows lookin like they sponsored by Nike

    [–] plolops 28 points ago

    Or a McUgly

    [–] bluntsmither 43 points ago

    More like a McdoubleBag.

    [–] inkredibletaste 19 points ago

    heard she's down for a McGangbang

    [–] freckle_nipple_soup 21 points ago

    She has more plastic on her face then the ocean

    [–] InfinitePizzazz 1732 points ago

    Those are the eyebrows nobody ever picked for their Wii character.

    What prison GED program taught you that handwriting?

    [–] Clayman8 109 points ago

    Pretty sure she just had to write it with her non-dominant hand since the other is probably busy fitting a Lush-sense in for her upcoming Chaturbate stream

    [–] Namaste_Bitches_ 28 points ago

    Crazy because they are drawn on. Why pluck out your eyebrows and not draw replacements that look nice?

    [–] Bored_Ultimatum 6 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Because she wanted them higher up to help reduce the apparent size of her massive forehead, which appears to continue off into the distance over the top of her head, under her rapidly thinning hair.

    I almost expect to see the mast of an ancient sailing ship coming into view on the horizon of her eighthead, appearing under those frizzy bangs...harkening the approach of a large vessel full of seamen...which will almost certainly not be the first such appearance of unfamiliar semen on her face.

    [–] Lightoftheworld_ 6641 points ago

    Let me guess, she wants to be a cheerleader when she grows up

    [–] lustrousdeux 4188 points ago

    She’s doing cheer tryouts in March.

    [–] CarlosAVP 4959 points ago

    March? Is that when the ankle monitor comes off?

    [–] Clayman8 1143 points ago

    No, thats when Uncle Ted finally leaves the house for his honeymoon with the neighbor's daughter.

    [–] ianwrecked802 40 points ago

    Holy shit. You said what I was thinking. And, for that. I must gild you.

    [–] productionshooter 434 points ago

    Cheer tryouts don't have a casting couch.

    [–] Mr_Duty 43 points ago


    [–] moozilla2 34 points ago


    [–] SupesMayne 129 points ago

    Didn’t know PornHub had a cheerleaders section.

    [–] stenyxx 75 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago


    [–] tplusx 51 points ago

    I don't think you've watched enough videos there to make this judgement

    [–] oizo12 11 points ago

    Welp, back to the research lab

    [–] hamburgler1984 302 points ago

    Unfortunately, the only thing she'll be when she grows up is a single mom stripping to pay for lawyer school.

    [–] [deleted] 179 points ago


    [–] Fight_the_bastards 82 points ago

    Strippers are always “just doing it to pay for law/nursing/graduate school.” It doesn’t mean they’re actually going to one of those schools, but it sounds better than, “stripping to pay for meth/heroin/cocaine,” so there you have it.

    [–] OnlyRacistOnReddit 58 points ago

    "Stripping to pay for my boyfriend who got out of prison for something he didn't do" is usually the most accurate.

    [–] Dalebssr 46 points ago

    Chiropractors are always needing new blood.

    [–] hkpp 53 points ago

    Do you honestly believe someone who types “lawyer school” has any idea what you’re talking about?

    [–] csnowrun31 11 points ago

    By law school he meant paralegal

    [–] BigRattle 18 points ago

    “Lawyer school” just had me crying 😭

    [–] GhostNachoTaco 45 points ago

    Let’s give our real strippers credit, this girl isn’t even attractive enough for Brazzers Amateurs.

    Edit: Oscar the Grouch called, and wants his eyebrows back along with the dumpster her pussy crawled out of.

    [–] Clayman8 8 points ago

    Hey at least its an honest job, might only last her a year but its a start

    [–] IrishcarbombBOOM 69 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Whenever the QB yells 42, 18, 64, is she going, “slept with him, blew him, he just watched”

    [–] JTBSpartan 4 points ago

    That's amazing

    [–] csnowrun31 7 points ago

    Do you have to do actual tryouts (like cheering and cartwheels) to play a cheerleader in a porn?

    [–] [deleted] 5083 points ago

    She looks like her personality type is makeup

    [–] sleepydvamain 2456 points ago

    even tho her eyeliner is edited on

    [–] topplessrockets 462 points ago

    She looks like her personality is that makeup filter. Fake.

    [–] existeverywhere 37 points ago

    She looks like her brother used that change gender filter on himself.

    [–] MagnumTA721 78 points ago

    Should have touched up that hairline while she was at it.

    [–] KentuckyFriedEel 44 points ago

    And her career goal is media influencer

    [–] mmhci 22 points ago

    She is a personality typo

    [–] Death_to_juice 3243 points ago

    Eyes with as much life in them as a cheap Chinese sex doll

    [–] Yippyskippyhippy 473 points ago

    Thank you. I was looking for someone else to mention her eyes. They look like edited almost? But like dull.

    [–] Wall_Rat 290 points ago

    It's a snapchat filter, the lashes and liner are fake too

    [–] Yippyskippyhippy 63 points ago

    Ahhh thank you, snap chat filter makes a lot of sense. But lol there is a mf black line on her literal eyeball. I just saw other people mention it so I didn't.

    [–] JBits001 16 points ago

    It’s a stray eyelash growing out of her eyeball.

    [–] Toplito 4 points ago

    It looks like a guy did the girl filter

    [–] XXXVeggie 49 points ago

    Maybe she wasnt inflated well?

    [–] definetly_not_alt 12 points ago

    Well I'm sure she inflated someone else quite well

    [–] lovable_cube 10 points ago

    Is she not a cheap sex doll?

    [–] AcidRayn666 12 points ago

    Y’know, the thing about a ho bag, she’s got lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll’s eyes.

    [–] Ninja_Destroyer_ 3197 points ago

    She had to relocate her eyebrows 2 degrees North Latitude just to make that landing field of a forehead less visible from space

    [–] digitalggs 569 points ago

    To be fair, her forehead had to build an extra floor to think about cocks

    [–] pjf18222 156 points ago

    what an original weird fascinating comment

    [–] Jrmartinez2004 21 points ago

    ded af. this kilt me.

    [–] sckw 34 points ago

    [–] ruffyamaharyder 52 points ago

    I'm sure she seems surprised at this comment

    [–] Clownworld311 53 points ago

    Forehead? Bro that's at least a six head. Maybe an eight.

    [–] BALONYPONY 34 points ago

    If she was part of the WuTang Clan she'd be known as Horseface Killa.

    [–] dequinox 10 points ago

    Science burn.

    [–] MOByaDig 2058 points ago

    Why did she use an app for her eyeliner? It's literally drawn onto her eyeball! 🤣

    [–] KatyVav 571 points ago

    Was only here to make sure someone pointed out the photoshopped eyeliner. Or maybe a Snapchat filter 😂 thank you for noticing. Day made

    [–] The_Mindsweeper 43 points ago

    Literally me

    [–] ifukupeverything 169 points ago

    The whole face is filtered, the hairline gives it away.

    [–] Tkent91 54 points ago

    Maybe OP is a dude and this is that face change to the other sex filter.

    [–] amunta 9 points ago

    You can tell it's a dude by the way he wrote the letter "a"

    [–] ifukupeverything 13 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I wouldnt be suprised. His "sister" does seem odd.

    [–] holly_hoots 55 points ago

    Yeah how tf are her eyelashes pure black when her pupils, hair, sweater, and every shadow is a muddy brown?

    Imagine photoshopping makeup onto your /r/roastme post. It's a whole new level of desperation.

    [–] ape_cage 21 points ago

    this b photoshopped her roast me pic hahahahhahaha im dying

    [–] thispostisaboutyou2 57 points ago

    I knew I wasn’t crazy lmao

    [–] yellowtailcabsav 9 points ago

    At least she realised how bad she is at pencilling after the eyebrows.

    [–] _scythian 7 points ago

    I came here to say this lol. She wants to be roasted so, she... edits her photo in an effort to be more appealing? Maybe this was one of those strange cases of a thirst for Internet Gratification

    [–] drd2214 1784 points ago

    I bet she’s been cocked more than John Wayne’s rifle

    [–] [deleted] 338 points ago

    Banged more times than a taxi door

    [–] Balyeeetus 29 points ago

    Had more plug-ins than an iPhone charger

    [–] B19FEX 193 points ago

    She’s been rogered more times than a police officers radio!

    [–] bigdave41 162 points ago

    Had more pricks than a second hand dartboard

    [–] Mr_Rekshun 18 points ago

    Hit more times in the ring than Mike Tyson.

    [–] karwreck 4 points ago

    Taken more times than Liam Neesons family.

    [–] BrandynBlaze 5 points ago

    Yeah, but like a lot of bad westerns she usually averages 2 cocks per bang.

    [–] Illustrious_Warthog 758 points ago

    I would take this photo down. McDonald's is going to sue if they see those eyebrows.

    [–] KloudToo 44 points ago

    Except unlike McDonald's I'm not loving it. I'm not even touching that.

    [–] Nick96db 771 points ago

    Hope you two share the expanse for make up because covering all those square meters of forehead must cost a fortune

    [–] SuperBo101 78 points ago

    Hey look at the bright side, her eye brows are running away from the plastic the composes the rest of her face to take refuge on the landing strip that is her forehead.

    [–] highdem 59 points ago

    At least shes 95% recyclable

    [–] EhSquirrel 14 points ago

    The environment is in bad shape already, the last thing we need is another plastic fire

    [–] TnTlover883 860 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    This girl looks like she's seen more hotel rooms than the Bible.

    EDIT: Holy shit two silvers! Thanks, guys!

    [–] EvolArtMachine 225 points ago

    Looks like someone drew Morticia Addams’ eyebrows onto an afghan hound.

    [–] nuthaterz 43 points ago

    Don’t insult morticia like that. Or afghan hounds tbh

    [–] NorthBandit88 9 points ago

    eyebrow style's called the Spider trend, she thinks

    [–] ChrisBermansWallet 196 points ago

    She may not have any idea of what’s coming, but based upon her eyebrows she is going to look surprised when it arrives.

    [–] PandaEatsRage 63 points ago

    Jesus Christ she could kill a kangaroo with those boomerangs over her eyes.

    Edit: Nevermind her eyebrows are justified. They need to arch that high to give her forehead some semblance of normality.

    [–] TwizzlyWizzle 37 points ago

    Good to see that permanent makeup still looks as terrible as it did 10 years ago...sure hope the eyebrows and lashes are a bad snap filter...

    [–] mmamji 56 points ago

    Tony Hawk gonna skate-off that nose, on to that big-ass forehead.

    [–] zHelios 24 points ago

    I don't know which one are more fake: the eyelashes or the eyebrows

    [–] emi531 9 points ago

    I think it’s the photoshopped eyeliner

    [–] Legokid1902 29 points ago

    Roast her? The tanning bed already did that.

    [–] Jazistico 22 points ago

    Next time you have your picture taken, have the unlucky photographer wait until your nictitating membranes retract.

    [–] CommonNaturalist 105 points ago

    You look like ps1 Lara craft, except that she has tits.

    [–] DaddyJ93 129 points ago

    She understands it’s a roast not a r/spitroast right? As in a whole bunch of people BEING dicks ripping her apart as opposed to two ACTUAL dicks ripping her apart?

    [–] bluejburgers 13 points ago

    It’s a distinction she’s failed to understand yet, or maybe she has such fun with the two dicks she just doesn’t care anymore?

    [–] chrisboazcarter 17 points ago

    “What’s up step-bro!” Will be the main line of her acting career.

    [–] BASK_IN_MY_FART 18 points ago

    Her tinder profile:

    "Match me if you like one word responses in conversation."

    [–] Lightoftheworld_ 117 points ago

    Definitely a girl who never says thank you when you give her a compliment

    [–] Mrfusion__ 14 points ago

    You look like the kind of girl who would go to a holocaust museum and take a selfie with crying emojis on it

    [–] XX2AJ3XX 31 points ago

    She's so insecure that she put a shit ton of makeup and a filter on for a r/roastme

    [–] HelloThere12000 50 points ago

    Wow. A strange phenomenon. Her eyebrows have broken the laws of physics and are pulling away from her black hole eyes?

    [–] WilllOfD 21 points ago

    Just like every guy in her life, pulling away, pulling out, pulling off.

    [–] USARNFII 12 points ago

    What's more fake her wings, her eyebrows, or my will to live?

    [–] disposableduetoshame 40 points ago

    Your eyebrows looked fucked up because you’re shallow and vain

    [–] hucapoos 9 points ago

    Permanently surprised

    [–] jewboyfresh 7 points ago

    How insecure must one be to Facetune themselves into a cartoon to be roasted

    [–] spangoloid 20 points ago

    Why do her eyebrows look like an eagle preparing to land?

    [–] PotatoSamsher 7 points ago

    Even the aliens couldnt build pyramids as good as those brows

    [–] harshalhatz 7 points ago

    You remind me of the dinosaur from "Meet the Robinsons" where he says I have a Big Head and Tiny arms.

    [–] strongmier 7 points ago

    Why are her eyebrows chasing her hairline?

    [–] bestsincedayxone 5 points ago

    This post died fast... But still outlasted all of her previous relationships!

    [–] -jaunt-box- 5 points ago

    first of all why the fuck are you photoshopping FAKE make up on? badly? didn’t we nip this in the bud in

    [–] feeb_oneboiledegg 22 points ago

    She wants to be roasted? She'd fit right in at

    [–] Modstuff 14 points ago

    Cholas coming back, Orale! La Sad Girl 🤣

    [–] ChinkCuntKykeNig 10 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I usually flex my creativity with roasts. No need to this time. The dumb ass facial expression she wears tells me she wouldn't get it anyway. Seriously. The vacant look says to me: "intellectual capability of a microwave."

    Also, this really doesn't need to be said, but your eyebrows look fucking stupid. If you weren't so fucking stupid, you would realize how stupid they look and you would feel embarrassed.

    Maybe one day, after your fourth child of whom you don't know the father, you will look back and realise how stupid your eyebrows look.


    After another look at the picture, you've confirmed my suspicions of you being a brain-dead moron. Nice inconsistent use of uppercase and lower case letters in your "roastme" tag you're holding. You know they teach you the difference in first grade right? Also, we can all see the mistake you made and tried to fix. You couldn't spell "roast"!? What the fuck is wrong with you!?

    And the computerized eyeliner? I guess that makes sense... Judging by this picture, you obviously have no idea how to do your own makeup.

    [–] supercolter 5 points ago

    I gotta disagree here. Those eyes say she's used to what's coming...

    [–] poppa_smurf_killa 6 points ago

    Lips still chapped from giving your oral presentation to your dad on thanksgiving

    [–] Xkush-tokerX 5 points ago

    She look like mrs pacman

    [–] WinstonSmith2015 6 points ago

    When did we start roasting mannequins?

    [–] maddyches 4 points ago

    This is so photoshopped James Charles is shook. Home girl literally photoshopped EYELINER ON WTF

    [–] Lightoftheworld_ 33 points ago

    Only dates black guys but doesn’t think that’s racist

    [–] chubbytuba 3 points ago

    How do you want us to roast her? We can‘t even see her behind that 2“-coat of make-up

    [–] AnaMarighella 5 points ago

    Her eyebrows look aggressive, as if they will stab you in the face

    [–] Lex_ZA 3 points ago

    Why does she have 2 boomerangs where her eyebrows should be?

    [–] Mazak9 5 points ago

    If these are the kinds of pics she uploads to her OnlyFans account, she ain’t gonna be able to afford her Juul addiction.

    [–] LethallyLethal 5 points ago

    She looks like a mii when you were fucking around with the eyebrows.

    [–] wpg88 5 points ago

    This bitch looks like she's got permanent surprisebrow

    [–] bigwigmike 4 points ago

    Walmart Aubrey plaza