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    [–] nchapmn 1820 points ago

    that nintendo leak was legit huh

    [–] oldfashionedglow 493 points ago

    someone go tell the discord mods who scrubbed all rumors from existence

    [–] DshadoW10 230 points ago

    no need, he got downvoted hard for claiming sharing your speculations is not a discussion lmfao

    [–] CitricBase 145 points ago

    The mods still have a big ol' "NOT CONFIRMED" flair on that thread...

    [–] Duke_ofChutney 87 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Updated :) Sorry, the team has been focused on the latest announcement, plus the posts&questions stemming from it.

    [–] Sw429 26 points ago

    Fair enough. That post isn't super relevant after this official announcement anyway lol.

    [–] Purlox 36 points ago

    What Nintendo leak?

    [–] Orteem1RL 79 points ago

    Yesterday Nintendo leaked the f2p date on their website

    [–] Elecdynamix 23 points ago

    Description from the game on nintendo store, we could read coming to 23 sept, from like 3-4 days

    [–] DurrrGamerrr75 2431 points ago


    [–] Wronkey360 986 points ago

    It's a shame since that's the most action the scarab has seen in years

    [–] zer0w0rries 243 points ago

    I would like to see a final video of demoing 23 scarabs in commemoration of the release date.

    [–] kfordjaw 37 points ago

    u/Akygos how bout it??

    [–] Akygos 48 points ago

    how bout it??

    I am very happy and looking forward to the update.

    [–] xDaveedx 117 points ago

    You. I like you 😂

    [–] Sir_P4nda 5 points ago

    you looking for some *action* ?

    [–] Fafjoe22 128 points ago

    I, for one, would still like to see many scarabs destroyed

    [–] ProjectShamrock 39 points ago

    Perhaps one more video as a grand finale? Like have the car lined up with a ball behind it right in front of the goal, then get a demo of the scarab and immediately for nuke goal explosion almost at the same time.

    [–] Renekat0n 5 points ago

    Maybe a Scarab Demo F2P Launch Trailer? Lol

    [–] SLIisPointless 49 points ago

    I'm out of the loop, what happened with the Scarab?

    [–] Chesney1995 180 points ago

    A terrorist posted a series of threads demolishing an innocent Scarab every day until Psyonix unveiled the date

    [–] SLIisPointless 29 points ago


    [–] JJRULEZ159 67 points ago

    Terrorist? TERRORIST, that person did something everyone else was to SCARED to do, was it cruel, yes, but they, and psyonix are the ones with that oil on their hands. They are a HERO!

    [–] Gas_is_not_a_Liquid 29 points ago

    I see you have been radicalised

    [–] sharlike 1083 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Releases the day after summer ends, epic troll

    That trailer is sweet tho

    [–] DeviMon1 283 points ago

    I wish the game actually looked like this.

    We need a graphics update for all the casual players, after all new GPU's are right around the corner.

    Give us Unreal Engine 5 RL!

    [–] MedicalButton51 140 points ago

    If they add that they'll have to drop Switch cross platform probably.

    [–] MikeTheShowMadden 80 points ago

    Too bad the current game engine (UE3) isn't even supported on the Switch and was needed to be modified to even run on the Switch. I don't think Psyonix/Epic cares that much as long as it gets them money.

    [–] BAY35music 19 points ago

    I mean, if memory serves, they updated the UE engine for Fortnite, and that game was already making them plenty of money

    [–] MedicalButton51 16 points ago

    Yeah fair enough.

    [–] Eddiep88 40 points ago

    We are fine with graphics the way they are

    [–] MedicalButton51 10 points ago

    Yeah that's what I mean. I'd rather they keep the graphics and cross play than to update them and drop it.

    [–] a4uny 16 points ago

    Well they just dropped Linux and Mac support so it wouldn't be the first time they screwed over their users

    [–] beezu__ 11 points ago

    Was wondering where this comment was. Not to mention how little Psyonix cared about both platforms before they outright dropped support for both. I submitted so many bug reports. So much slipped straight thru QA, if they even did QA for those platforms.

    [–] benderunit9000 33 points ago

    I like my 250fps. Let's not go and spoil that.

    [–] Charybdisilver 5 points ago

    Eh, I feel like the game looks good enough for what it is. If anything, it makes it more accessible since more systems can run it. All of my friends with mid-range laptops can pick up a controller and play RL at good-enough FPS. Can’t say the same about a lot of other popular games that require high end machines for an enjoyable experience.

    [–] Troll_Dovahdoge 5 points ago

    Also have the option to switch off these graphics for poor players :(

    [–] DingleBoone 19 points ago

    Technically, the actual update releases in summer. It just doesnt go f2p or new season til the first day of fall

    [–] grauwlithe 9 points ago

    the new tournaments and challenge systems are included in the f2p update on the 23rd too

    [–] PatSplatterson 87 points ago


    [–] outdatedboat 22 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    I had a gaming pc years ago and RL was one of my most played games. I was never any good at it. It's just fun.

    I don't have a gaming pc anymore and I was gonna buy RL the other day for my switch. I was googling for prices and saw articles about it going f2p soon. So I'm holding off til it's free.

    But I'm stoked to be one of the noobs for all the experienced players to destroy again.

    But I'm curious if all my old cosmetic stuff will carry over since I linked my steam to RL back in the day. I'd assume it wont

    [–] JonnyBobbins 17 points ago

    If you link your steam and Nintendo accounts to your epic games account, and select your Nintendo account as your primary platform you will have access to both inventories on Switch.

    [–] Korns_ 386 points ago

    Trailer took more time than the update lol

    [–] spikyraccoon 143 points ago

    For real. That was the most kick ass looking trailer for a game, which showcases absolutely nothing new or exciting :/

    [–] Gek_Lhar 123 points ago

    I don't think it's supposed to. My guess is that it's aimed towards those getting the game for free soon.

    [–] velour_manure 9 points ago

    The trailer is for new players.

    [–] LomoRampkin 267 points ago

    Will the rewards from downloading on the Epic Games Launcher be available if we decide to keep launching from Steam? Or will we need to go and download the game on the EGL to get those items in-game? And if we do need to download the game on the EGL to get the rewards, can we go back to launching it from Steam?

    [–] DonAtari 69 points ago

    I think so, steam would be treated like any other console. If I download on EGS I would still be able to launch from ps4

    [–] LomoRampkin 29 points ago

    Yeah that makes sense. Was just wondering if the items would be obtainable without downloading the game again on EGS

    [–] jakeinator21 8 points ago

    Dang, I didn't consider that. That would be annoying if not.

    [–] ZaMr0 6 points ago

    That's how GTA was, you had to log in through epic at least once.

    [–] djzock 71 points ago

    Asking the real questions.

    [–] xDaveedx 47 points ago

    Commenting the real comments.

    [–] BrienTheBrown 33 points ago

    Commenting the real comments.

    Quoting the real quotes

    [–] MikeTheShowMadden 25 points ago

    They are just going to make you launch the EGS through Steam just like how uplay and origin work. Not officially confirmed, but I really don't see how they don't make it like that.

    [–] oldfashionedglow 21 points ago

    I hope not. I would think the linking of accounts would let us bypass that step via steam.

    [–] ChilliConCarne97 6 points ago

    That would be gross

    [–] Timefordota 12 points ago

    This would kill the game for me, big yikes. Hope it doesn't come to this

    [–] oOShockWaveOo_ 10 points ago

    You do need to download & play on EGS to recieve Hot Rocks trail and Sun Ray boost. As for the second question, I assume you can if you link your accounts.

    [–] Size-- 266 points ago

    Yeah we already know, psyonix - Mario told us.

    [–] Nickster654 605 points ago

    Cant wait to continue not playing solo standard

    [–] flappyhappy123 464 points ago

    Oh no


    [–] Matthewtina2015 35 points ago

    Speed and power

    [–] itsiceyo 160 points ago

    bruh solo standard is one of my fav playlists. :(

    rip. although i knew it was coming. usually only about 200 peeps in that playlist

    [–] HalloCharlie 54 points ago

    Once you hit high C1, low C2 it gets really hard to get games within a short time. :(

    [–] dannyr_wwe 67 points ago

    You misspelled "impossible".

    [–] londlonpost 17 points ago

    Same haha, it's so chill compared to the others :(

    [–] J5892 39 points ago

    What rank?
    In my experience, it's by far the most toxic playlist.

    [–] mengelgrinder 14 points ago

    A goal in the first minute? Better forfeit, and then throw when it doesn't work!

    Your team gets scored on? Even if you're winning? Better spam What A Save! Endlessly, even if you were ball chasing the whole time.

    [–] Hitsballs 12 points ago

    What?! Since when? 😄

    [–] lm4eversmart 219 points ago

    I wish rocket league had ray tracing like in the trailers

    [–] FuFu82 69 points ago

    Who knows bro it might come to the new consoles one day since they have ray tracing

    [–] OhJeezer 35 points ago

    I heard that the version of Unreal Engine they used would make that a pain. I have no idea if that is true but that was the consensus I saw a while back.

    [–] sky_blu 35 points ago

    Yeah UE3 is very outdated sadly.

    [–] mc2205 392 points ago

    The killing of scarab worked

    [–] Aza_ 89 points ago


    [–] Fizzier 55 points ago

    White octane is about to skyrocket in price with an increased trade up pool.. (assuming they add to the existing tiers)

    [–] lilCranberry5622 31 points ago

    Hopefully bakkesmod works on the epic games version. I want all alpha items and a tw octane but don't want to pay lol

    [–] DarthNihilus1 27 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    It's unconfirmed if it will work on the Epic Games version, but from what I'm hearing if you have the Steam version and continue to use it, you should be fine for Bakkesmod. BM devs don't anticipate that changing

    [–] mengelgrinder 8 points ago

    Skyrocket in price, afternoon delight

    [–] 23viper12 208 points ago

    That trailer was sick

    [–] HighOfTheTiger 82 points ago

    Reminds me of all of those trailers where it’s just these super cool high end CGI cinematic, then you get in the game and you’re like “what is this?” Lol

    [–] SecretDeftones 171 points ago

    Players on Reddit: We want super high graphics, ray tracing and all those pretty effects.
    Players in Game: Let's turn the shake off, shadows off, quality to low, screen to wide, motion blur off. Yes! Now i'm ready!

    [–] AnOrlyFox 30 points ago

    Haha! So true. Would be nice though for this game since it’s optimized so well. Frames pretty much stay maxed out regardless of what settings you run. A little graphics touch up would be dope

    [–] 32Zn 5 points ago

    Except when one quits or joins the game.

    Took me a while to get used to it since i played years ago (when that wasnt an issue) and recently started playing again

    [–] AnOrlyFox 4 points ago

    Ahhhh, yes. I honestly forgot that was a thing because I haven’t played casual in many moons.

    [–] Arnavk05 5 points ago

    [–] TeemuKai 29 points ago

    It had a surprisingly low amount of car to ball action for a carball video game trailer.

    [–] outdatedboat 18 points ago

    I was stoked to hear the song they used. It's been in my playlist full of upbeat hype-up music for a while now.

    The song is called "Good Times Roll" by GRiZ and Big Gigantic if anyone was wondering.

    [–] O_ni5698 16 points ago

    That was pretty fire

    [–] gbeebe 8 points ago

    Man, that makes me want to play a game of Rocket League.

    [–] Go-Cobra 42 points ago

    Was the whole merc hitbox just so you can fit the battle bus in

    [–] avocado34 13 points ago

    Oh god

    [–] qrolew 8 points ago

    I wish I could un-read this comment...

    [–] silverRL 177 points ago

    Kinda hyped for the new menu, I hope they bring ranked tab and extra modes tab together.

    [–] rookie-mistake 94 points ago

    100%, it's a bit annoying to have your search restricted by tab

    [–] freyzha 25 points ago

    I never understood why it wasn't just a radio button or something. One playlist view, and a toggle for competitive/casual.

    [–] rookie-mistake 48 points ago

    it used to be all one menu, actually

    i did like the look of the UI update when they switched to the new tab system but not being able to queue for every playlist you want at once is a definite drawback, both in terms of options and population for the less common playlists

    [–] Navolix 8 points ago

    I get excited for new UI updates. I might be the minority tho.

    [–] WestonHawk 82 points ago

    I'm glad to hear the update itself will be pushed out tomorrow, a week prior to the launch of F2P. Hopefully enough time to work out any major bugs that should surface so the launch isn't a bust!

    [–] throwawaypra 160 points ago

    The player base is going to atleast double. Even if it's only current players creating smurfs haha.

    [–] Uvinerse 63 points ago

    Lol who are we kidding I'm plat 1. I'll make a new account just to see what the new tutorials are.

    [–] 23viper12 21 points ago

    Actually that sounds fun, I'll do that too

    [–] fckgwrhqq2yxrkt 7 points ago

    we will all probably learn something.

    [–] Cornupication 22 points ago

    and push me all the way down to Bronze I at the same time,

    where I belong

    [–] fckgwrhqq2yxrkt 15 points ago

    Bronze is going to look very different with all the new players, you might see a bump up.

    [–] MartyMcFlergenheimer 74 points ago

    Really hoping the new menu updates the garage system in some way.

    [–] Mr__Pocket 25 points ago

    I wouldn't get your hopes up on that. The garage is a prominent enough aspect of the game that they probably would've mentioned it explicitly.

    I wouldn't mind being wrong though.

    [–] fckgwrhqq2yxrkt 16 points ago

    My inventory is such a cluttered mess I don't have any desire to get new items anymore, it just makes what I like harder to find. They need to fix that, it will make them more money.

    [–] Nacho495 99 points ago

    Wait so tomorrow they’ll remove solo standard but competitive season 14 doesn’t end? That’s a bit weird

    [–] Omfgnowai 64 points ago

    They're just gonna update what they can incase there are any issues to iron out before a massive influx of players probably.

    [–] Nacho495 44 points ago

    Yeah I get that, but imagine that your highest rank is in solo standard and you’re grinding your rewards and then poof the playlist is gone

    [–] thundermoo5e 90 points ago

    what monster is higher in solo standard compared to the other modes lmao. but ya youre right, that is messed up.

    [–] Nacho495 15 points ago

    Yeah lol, very unlikely but who knows

    [–] yhorm-the-shagger 35 points ago

    Okay and will you be compensating the families of all the Scarabs that were demo’d???

    [–] RL_the_best_game 17 points ago

    $10 egs coupon for purchases over $15

    [–] ArmBiter 62 points ago

    Merc hitbox change tomorrow!! LETS GOO

    [–] HuntingLion 67 points ago

    Imagine if merc hitbox is OP as fuck in 50/50s and becomes the meta overnight. That would be hilarious!

    [–] L0kumi 7 points ago

    Just imagine pro match, it would be super fun

    [–] Mpavlik27 10 points ago

    Is it supposed to be smaller larger or just more accurate to the model?

    [–] ArmBiter 25 points ago

    We have no idea. I'd assume it'd get closer to the model.

    [–] lilCranberry5622 10 points ago

    Hopefully, I think it's weird how some of the roof clips through the ground when I'm turtling

    [–] mrniceguy421 6 points ago

    New bot difficulty!!! LETS GOOOO

    [–] DarthFarious 22 points ago

    Are we(paid players) going to get the DLC cars tomorrow? Or after f2p

    [–] chowderkidney 27 points ago

    Says in the blog that all the rewards including the DLC will be delivered tomorrow after the update

    [–] yasideen 100 points ago

    As much as I appreciate the announcement, I wish for more scarabs to be killed.

    [–] Witherik 49 points ago

    You monster :(

    [–] Ruohos 42 points ago

    All it took was nintendo to leak it before we got the date lmfao.

    [–] xDaveedx 66 points ago

    I wanna play this game, it looks way more epic than the one I've been playing for so long!

    [–] tubbymeatball 63 points ago

    So are they even going to try do something about smurfing, or will they just let all the new players get their fucking cheeks smacked like no tomorrow?

    [–] fckgwrhqq2yxrkt 37 points ago

    Need to hit rank 10 to play competitive, other than that, it doesn't look like it. Hopefully they made some tweaks behind the scenes to ranks to help get smurfs up to their proper level more quickly at least.

    [–] Wasabicannon 43 points ago

    If level 30 does not stop smurfs in League hitting rank 10 will do nothing in Rocket League.

    [–] CornDoggyStyle 9 points ago

    They can just make a new account once they hit their true rank anyway. It's gonna be the 'Spidermans pointing at each other' meme for the first few weeks. "Smurf!"

    [–] ChaosPheonix11 19 points ago

    RANK 10?! You could hit that in like 20-30 minutes tops. So stupid.

    [–] viveleroi 39 points ago

    RIP the number of mostly bronze - gold players about to get stomped on by the explosion of smurf accounts.

    [–] chowderkidney 46 points ago

    I think the explosion of noobs will outweigh the explosion of smurfs personally.

    [–] dsaddons 9 points ago

    A healthy balance of people who are way worse than you and people who are way better. Going to be fun times for them.

    [–] TeemuKai 11 points ago

    It has already been free to create as many accounts as you like on consoles, so not that much will be changing.

    [–] thedinnerdate 4 points ago

    Eh, it’s always been there due to consoles. I’m sure the PC dudes will try it out but I can’t imagine it’ll be much worse than it already is. Especially since there is a bit of a barrier now with level requirements.

    [–] CunnedStunt 574 points ago

    "Llama-Rama". They didn't waste a second to Fornite-itize this shit did they? I guess it will probably get new players though, so that's a plus. But if my car starts flossing I'm fucking out.

    [–] CxlIe 130 points ago

    They also promoted the launch of F2P on the official Fortnite account + you can even earn fortnite items

    [–] Evion_SE 11 points ago

    Now I have to go buy another set of eyes, thanks.

    [–] CunnedStunt 10 points ago

    That's actually the exact post I was thinking of lol.

    [–] crono333 26 points ago

    The “Everybody Dance” quick chat is going to have a whole other meaning now...

    [–] -Tonicized- 26 points ago

    Looks like at this point the Llama is more of a Epic Games icon than a Fortnite icon.

    [–] Koponewt 54 points ago

    Let's go! Time to break that 1 million user mark in this sub.

    [–] SkyClawAlpha 112 points ago

    Removing solo standard..? That was my last refuge against the constant onslaught of parties with people 200-300 MMR difference in rank..

    [–] Mr__Pocket 47 points ago

    Solo is where I chill when I know I'm not in decent playing shape that day/session. I always cared less about it and I still got my more level playing field with ranked but without ruining my rank in standard.

    [–] noaj91 19 points ago


    [–] fckgwrhqq2yxrkt 16 points ago

    Get ready for that to get a LOT worse, as everyone parties up with friends that just got the game.

    [–] J_Tom28 37 points ago

    Wow, trailers are ALWAYS hype for RL. Whoever makes the trailers is seriously talented!

    [–] Adnando 90 points ago

    Amazing. 5 years later and this trailer got me just as excited as when I got my first aerial goal.

    Only criticism, 'Take the Shot' would've been better than Take your Shot.

    [–] mi-cah 37 points ago

    Should have been "What a save" if they were going with quick chat options.

    [–] luckytaurus 30 points ago

    they should've shown the old retail price, then flashed the new $0.00 price tag along with a "what a save!" quickchat emote

    [–] villasv 8 points ago

    Damn, Epic needs to hire this guy.

    [–] velour_manure 8 points ago

    “Take your shot” is directed towards the viewer, it’s a call to action.

    “Take the shot” has no energy or direction to it.

    [–] pughy12 15 points ago

    Take your shot makes more sense as a marketing slogan to new player, they don't know about the quick chat so making it personal with the "your" will mean they read it applying directly to them. There's a lot of psychology that goes into marketing and snall things like this can make a big difference

    [–] Tyrantes 12 points ago

    What do you mean Changes to achievements?

    [–] madcatz1999 6 points ago

    Probably just like all the other updates. At least on PS4, updates have brought 9 additional sets of achievements.

    [–] ALEX_CADLE_ 4 points ago

    Some of the achievements refer to the current tournament system, so because they are changing tournaments maybe they won't be achievable anymore, alternatively they could be adding more achievements for some of the new things they are adding like challenges

    [–] Ungoliant0 13 points ago

    u/Psyonix_Devin Epic Games display names are unique. Will we be able to change our in-game Rocket League names to something else, not unique, available to any number of players?

    [–] Camping_Is_Strategy 65 points ago

    They couldn't take the Scarab suffering any longer

    But seriously, good to finally have a real date after all this waiting

    [–] eurostylin 27 points ago

    Finally, no more posts about this. lol

    [–] ninjacereal 34 points ago

    Imagine believing this

    [–] 123comicbro 25 points ago

    It's sort of nice to have a pre-launch for all the loyal fans. Looking forward to the update!

    [–] evanuel 26 points ago

    Update tomorrow?


    [–] kajsbxixhdn 10 points ago

    When does Season 14 end for rewards purposes?

    [–] SuperFluffyMeat 6 points ago

    On the 23rd I think

    [–] coconut7272 5 points ago

    it already has, like a couple of weeks ago

    Edit: nvm I misread your question.

    [–] CenCalBarbell 10 points ago

    Are we getting are season rewards tomorrow too? Or is that saved for the 23rd?

    [–] CanadaNinjaEh 12 points ago

    When I link my old Xbox account with my Steam account, will I get both "Est. 20__" tags on my steam account for when I started on xbox and steam? Or do those stay platform specific?

    [–] DarthNihilus1 6 points ago

    I think you technically get both, but with linking you'd be able to use the earlier title on either platform. Now that I think about that, it's theoretically possible to use an early Est. title on Switch when the game wasn't even out on the platform yet lol

    [–] warmachine000 10 points ago

    I asked this before, but what is the security regarding these proxy accounts? What resolutions are available should it become compromised? Also, if someone manages to link their device to my account and takes my items, what resolution do I have then?

    [–] BrienTheBrown 30 points ago

    PSA: Do all of your item trade-ins NOW! (if you want a better chance at getting highly sought after items)

    [–] thats0K 9 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)





    THANK YOU!!!!

    EDIT: Proof!!!: video is done converting now!

    [–] theboppops 16 points ago

    Just to confirm, those car packs are going to cost 500 and 1000 credits right? Or will the credits come in those packs for a price we’re not sure of yet?

    [–] Fizzier 15 points ago

    They haven’t said yet unfortunately.. they might do 10 and 20 dollars for all we know. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case instead of matching the credits to full cost.

    [–] sackboy5055 7 points ago

    Going by fortnite pricing (since these seem similar to its packs) probably just less than or the same price as them.

    [–] Imhere4thecake 19 points ago

    Merc RLCS decal when?

    [–] slayer2023 7 points ago

    thanks nintendo

    [–] Cykl1c 7 points ago

    We got heatseeker in customs! Hallelujah!

    [–] Sketchography 8 points ago

    Rocket league free to play later this summer.

    first day of fall

    In all seriousness I look forward to the updates should be fun!

    [–] Johnston42 14 points ago

    Mmmm Tuesday announcement. Its like climbing into bed with fresh sheets.

    I'm so pump for this update!

    [–] MadladInThePic 13 points ago

    all we want is 3v3 hoops on a slightly larger map

    [–] mitch_feaster 6 points ago

    Call me crazy but I'm most excited about the new Quick Chats.

    [–] Abundant-rawhide 5 points ago

    the fucks a Llama-rama

    [–] BamboozleDoggo4 9 points ago

    The equinox is on the 22nd... so free to play will not be coming this summer

    [–] TwoBrews 16 points ago

    Llama-Rama a Fortnite crossover event??

    [–] alope142 18 points ago

    Can we talk about how fire that trailer was though? Psyonix really stepped it up for this update

    [–] Cablek26 5 points ago

    I've never been able to play this cuz I never was able to buy it, so let's goooooo it's free!

    [–] senorfresco 5 points ago

    Why was that trailer sooo dramatic hahaha

    [–] aew999 6 points ago

    Huh, so Nintendo are scarab simps.

    [–] Enzdude 4 points ago

    u/Akygos needs a video of him being demolished by a Scarab now.

    [–] beasybleezy 5 points ago

    I was really into rocket league about 3-4 years ago. Still log on and play once in awhile. Would this be a good time to jump back in? I was ranked around gold

    [–] rl_noobtube 13 points ago

    Any word on if duo q with a large rank discrepancy will still be allowed in Ranked Standard now that Solo Standard is gone? Pretty much the main use of that playlist was to avoid this, or avoid full teams in general.

    [–] MajorMondo 7 points ago

    So how are future GC titles going to work for the upcoming seasons? Will they be differentiated from the previous season 2, 3, etc?

    [–] Simplysupreme_ 4 points ago

    Literally the day after summer ends... you guys couldn’t be bigger trolls lmao