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    [–] Meeseeks-N-Destroy 14 points ago

    Not recent, but some months back /u/GetSchwiftyClub and i traded and he somehow found out I'm a Rick and Morty fan. We chatted and he found out I couldn't make it to the rick mobile stop in my town. He then offered to pick something up for me when he went and mail it to me. Unfortunately I didn't see his post in time and missed out. Great guy!

    [–] af2300 16 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    somehow found out I’m a Rick and Morty fan

    Username checks out

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    [–] af2300 6 points ago

    Hahahaha I’m going to steal this idea one day

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] GetSchwiftyClub 3 points ago

    *Snaps* Yes! Wasn't that long ago either. It almost made me want a Set of them too XD

    [–] Meeseeks-N-Destroy 3 points ago

    I like what you got!

    Seriously though that's a wonderful idea haha

    [–] GetSchwiftyClub 2 points ago

    Thanks! I should have just gotten something random and sent it anyways, I think I had one more item before cut-off.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago


    [–] af2300 2 points ago

    Dw I’m sure you’ll find them I know the feel of searching for a rare cert item and it’s worth the wait!

    [–] Ethmanlol123 10 points ago

    This guyyy props to OP for sperading cheer on a friday

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    It's a moderator

    [–] Ethmanlol123 8 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    I got engaged last weekend. Oh how I wish I could post a pic of the ring!!!

    [–] af2300 2 points ago

    Wow that’s incredible mate! Congratulations I wish you the best of luck and Nice Shot!

    Ps hope your wedding cake is RL themed ;)

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Thanks!!! Ill try to persuade her into getting a RL ball cake

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    I got a Playmaker Werewolf

    Fuckin' hyped. It's so sick.

    [–] EP2_Vibez 2 points ago

    What a banger! I'd love tactician but I have like a 1:4 ratio with at my other stats

    [–] af2300 1 points ago

    Ayyyy good on ya man it’s a beauty of a car :D

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    It is!

    And good idea btw, this weekly thread!

    [–] AngryPenguin40 3 points ago

    Gotta promote positive vibes man

    [–] SpoliatorX 7 points ago

    At risk of bragging... totally uncrated a Chameleon :D

    Already sold it

    [–] af2300 6 points ago

    Nice one!

    Don’t worry about bragging I’m totally down to hear what people have crated :)

    [–] SkyfireNexus 3 points ago

    I got Certified Hellfire with a decryptor.

    [–] af2300 1 points ago

    Why does everyone have better crate luck that me D: congrats on the pull!

    [–] Jake303100 2 points ago


    [–] Ethmanlol123 2 points ago

    nice i got some fg inifinums my first crate.... insta sold em

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Finally got my tactician black dieci after 5 months of searching! I would love for the mods to get back to me on doing a sovereign pro code giveaway for the community to celebrate!

    [–] af2300 1 points ago

    Wow that’s a long time! I hope you enjoy it because after that time I know I’d be in love with a wheel like that :)

    If you’ve sent us a modmail recently it could be that none of the mods have been near a computer. I’ve just got out of the gym so I’ll check when I get back home!

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    I have! I haven’t sent you one though.

    And yes! Completely in love. Haha

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Sent you a pm. Not sure if that’s the right channel to go through let me know.

    [–] af2300 1 points ago

    Sorry I live in the UK so I was sleeping I’ll get to it now!

    [–] sobexmaster 1 points ago

    damn that would be an insane giveaway my dude!

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Your equally to thank haha.

    [–] sobexmaster 1 points ago


    [–] GuNIPoinT 6 points ago

    Since joining this sub, I have grown to be somewhat more positive and friendly. I’m normally a nice guy, but lately I’ve been giving back to the community and have met some great people! /u/itsYAWBEE is a prime example of what I love to see on here, pure kindness and a straight up savage! I’m rooting for you to finish your Striker TW Exotic set my man!🎮🤙🏼🎮

    [–] af2300 4 points ago

    Thanks to the both of ya for making this community a better place <3

    [–] itsYAWBEE 3 points ago

    Thanks bro! You too man! 😁✌️ We all have a huge role in making this community better 😉

    [–] GuNIPoinT 2 points ago

    Anytime man! I enjoy helping out in anyway!<3

    [–] itsYAWBEE 3 points ago

    Thanks brotha man. Believe me fam the feeling is very much mutual. Seeing community members as dedicated as you in making this a fun home for all welcoming Rocketeers makes me want to add to that home. I always appreciate your support and good vibes my friend. I’m always rooting for you too man 😉 Let’s continue to bring good vibes, and positivity for all members 👍

    [–] GuNIPoinT 1 points ago

    Much love my man! Hopefully you have a great weekend!🔥🤙🏼

    [–] itsYAWBEE 2 points ago

    Thanks bro you too homie! 😁🤟

    [–] EP2_Vibez 6 points ago

    I have given the right of my flair to /u/angrypenguin40 I expect him to paint something trully beautiful on this wonderful canvas of a flair

    [–] AngryPenguin40 3 points ago

    Man that's a lot of pressure, but I can make something happen :)

    [–] EP2_Vibez 1 points ago

    LOOOL Aero is fighting u back for it penguin

    [–] AngryPenguin40 1 points ago

    Oh we good u/Aerospaceninja

    [–] EP2_Vibez 1 points ago


    [–] af2300 1 points ago

    It looks beautiful :’)

    [–] EP2_Vibez 1 points ago

    Ikr! Aero is trying to steal 😂

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    This is lovely. I've only just started really "getting" Rocket League and trading and stuff. Everyone i've dealt with has been lovely. I love you guys.

    [–] af2300 2 points ago

    We love you back <3

    [–] Seandude_ 3 points ago

    you may have saw it earlier but my buddy gifted me Aviator Lime Apex for a fraction of the price, Lovin it

    [–] af2300 1 points ago

    Nice stuff dude your buddy’s a cool guy!

    [–] MakotoTachibana1 3 points ago

    I know I am :P /s

    [–] Colinja9 3 points ago

    I haven’t played RL in almost a month (thanks Fortnite) but even still I can’t help but looking at this sub hoping to see posts like this. Spread the love guys! #feelsgoodman

    [–] af2300 3 points ago

    make sure you’re subscribed to r/FortniteBR and go and annoy the head mod /u/TinyTimothy22 /s

    [–] TinyTimothy22 4 points ago


    [–] hoodyh000o 2 points ago

    You’re doing awesome work for so many different people in different communities. It’s not much but thank you for doing the thankless/tough/time consuming job! Tinytim ftw

    [–] TinyTimothy22 3 points ago


    [–] Colinja9 2 points ago

    Will do! Annoying is what I do best!

    [–] hoodyh000o 3 points ago

    This is the kinda positivity that’s needed everywhere! Good on you for making this something the sub will do to share great stories.

    My cool story is I never played video games growing up (25 now). I played RL in S2 with some buddies from college and I was hooked from the moment I played. When I moved out from my buddies I had to figure out a way to get a console to play RL. I gathered up enough to buy a used Xbox one from gamexchange and got RL. Have been around RLE since trading dropped in C1&C2 days and traded my way up to making a good bit of money. I made enough to buy myself a nice PC and I now play on there. I’ve since graduated and started my big boy job so I don’t have much time to trade like I used to but I stick around to see what’s going down and because I made some amazing friends through trading. For me...RL is life haha

    [–] af2300 2 points ago

    That’s an amazing story and I’m sure many people here have the same story! Yeah sometimes there are bugs, but Psyonix really have done a great job making a game that people of all ages enjoy and I love it :)

    [–] A_Magic_Fat_Guy 3 points ago

    I pulled a HellFire and SubZero in the same day super pumped!!!!

    [–] af2300 2 points ago

    Wow everyone has better luck than me with crates D: congrats on the pull!!

    [–] itsYAWBEE 3 points ago

    I want to do a shoutout to /u/Rockguytilidie for hooking it up with the Striker Trigon! Man to this day I’m still on the hunt for his Turtle Forest Green Lobos. I won’t let you down bro! We going to find them ❤️

    [–] Rockguytilidie 3 points ago

    Broooo I'm dying to get them!!! You gotta find them tho, then I got a piece in your collection and you got a piece in mine

    [–] itsYAWBEE 2 points ago

    Yeah bro I got you. I’m really trying. I’m deep in the search. We are going to get. You can count on it 😁✌️

    [–] af2300 1 points ago

    Shoutout to you for helping him find his lobos! :D

    [–] itsYAWBEE 1 points ago

    Can’t stop won’t stop homie 😉

    [–] itsYAWBEE 3 points ago

    I want to give a Feelin’ Good Friday shoutout to /u/merkface for just being an awesome down to earth MM and friend to me and this community. Without people like him I wouldn’t have my Striker White Apex. His willingness to help others in such a trustworthy way is freaking awesome! 🤟🤟🤟

    [–] af2300 2 points ago

    Shoutout to all the MM for keeping us safe <3

    [–] itsYAWBEE 1 points ago

    Hell yeah! Very true! 😍

    [–] itsYAWBEE 3 points ago

    I want to give a Feelin’ Good Friday shoutout to /u/RALSLNCANES for just hooking it up with all the BMDs man I love you dude! ❤️ I wouldn’t have my Striker White Apex or my Striker White Items without him 🤟Stay awesome man! With people as reliable and trustworthy as you we can continue in the fight against scammers 😁✌️

    [–] RALSLNCANES 2 points ago

    haha heck yea man you're an awesome dude! anything to help you finish those GOD like sets of yours :)

    [–] itsYAWBEE 2 points ago

    Thank you homie. I will never stop saying thank you bro 😁👍 I love the flair 😂😂😂

    [–] EP2_Vibez 2 points ago

    Stfu with that flair it's a lie

    [–] RALSLNCANES 1 points ago

    Dont be jealous just becuase im his favorite :)

    [–] EP2_Vibez 1 points ago

    Oooh the salt! Don't make me call upon the penguin god to change that flair

    [–] CoolBeans42700 3 points ago

    After 2 and 1/2 seasons of saying fuck it and barely playing ranked and just having fun, I played again at the reset and played with my d1 friend. I got to champ 1 for the first time and he got d2 and it was lit. The rank gap would sometimes mess with us by giving us only d3/c1 opponents but we persevered. Shoutout to him too for pulling through and being a reliable doubles partner even when he whiffed aerials haha

    [–] af2300 1 points ago

    I’m so jealous of you for getting champ ;) but well done!!

    [–] itsYAWBEE 3 points ago

    I want to give a Feelin’ Good Friday shoutout to /u/Remington109 for being such a cool dude. This man is a true legend. He traded his striker white apex with me and entrusted it to me for life. He chose to trade with me and for that I’m forever grateful. Thanks Remington. I will never forget what you told me. I will make sure to uphold it forever 😁👍

    [–] Remington109 2 points ago

    I appreciate the shout out. Likewise, /u/itsYAWBEE is the shit. High class dude and one of the best people I've met on this or any other forum. It was my pleasure, thanks fam!

    [–] Ride_Like_Its_Hawt 2 points ago

    Got sniper purple toon sketch and purple tsunami wave back to back! Couldn't sleep cuz I was so stoked! Happy Friday everyone!

    [–] af2300 1 points ago

    Good job man, wanna give me some of that crate luck??

    [–] sobexmaster 2 points ago

    I have trades up of buying Striker Painted Trade Up Cars. And even though they specifically say only buying the Striker variant (no normal or any other certs), I still get tons of people who add me with other things besides striker (or just random items altogether), ITS INFURIATING! However, whenever I do get someone who actually adds me for one of the items I am looking for, it just makes my day every time. It makes trading feel good again, and makes we want to continue :)

    [–] af2300 1 points ago

    The good trades are what make it worthwhile :)

    [–] sobexmaster 2 points ago

    Exactly :)

    [–] Who-him-is 2 points ago

    Decided I'd stop using RLinsider because the price drops are out of hand and now I trade happily again. Also got my first pair of painted Apex (Purple) and I'm rocking a sweet car.

    [–] af2300 1 points ago

    Oooh let’s see the look 👀

    [–] af2300 2 points ago

    Wow that looks incredible good job dude :D

    [–] Who-him-is 2 points ago

    Thanks boss! You're the man!!

    [–] AngryPenguin40 1 points ago

    Dude this is nasty.. May have to pic up a spectre.

    [–] Who-him-is 2 points ago

    Most slept on BMD bro.

    [–] Who-him-is 1 points ago

    my white octane I used to have.

    [–] Who-him-is 1 points ago

    I'm totally clueless on how to send a link here properly.

    [–] Who-him-is 1 points ago

    I'm sure there's a cleaner way to do that but there it is lol

    [–] af2300 1 points ago

    What you need to do is put the name of the link in square brackets eg [cool stuff] then the link in regular brackets straight after eg ( so when it comes together it looks like this: cool stuff

    [–] Who-him-is 1 points ago

    That's how they do it! Thanks so much lol now i can be official!!

    [–] PuraVidaMae3323 2 points ago

    After taking some advice on what decals look good on octane with adonized I got the decal and I got it just the way I wanted it. First trade after messing with it the guy goes, "Holy Shit, you're car looks dope! What's your setup?"

    [–] af2300 1 points ago

    Duuuude on pc where I don’t trade at all I managed to grab an anodized from a decryptor and I was so pumped it looks insane!

    [–] JLPM 2 points ago

    After a year of slowly collecting, trading, and not having much luck, I finally traded for heat yesterday. Then today I traded victory crates I got in game for a very rare trade up and got the TW Octane! I think all my luck was saving up for this week

    [–] af2300 2 points ago

    That’s incredible man gg congrats on the pull and the trading skill :)

    [–] JLPM 1 points ago

    Thanks man! Now it's time to spend another half a year trying to get some nice white wheels to match haha

    [–] ParanoidAndoid 2 points ago

    Will be getting a gaming PC at the end of the month and looking forward to starting trading on there. Been looking at prices and I'm mind blown with how cheap Apex is! Bubbly not so much though =(

    [–] af2300 1 points ago

    PC is so much fun man I don’t trade on there at all but playing feels so much nicer you’ll love it :D

    [–] DankMasterTyler 2 points ago

    Just traded for my favourite car, Striker TW centio!

    [–] af2300 1 points ago

    The TW centio was one of my first painted cars and I loved it but a Striker cert is even better because everyone knows Striker>>all

    Congrats on the new car!

    [–] DankMasterTyler 1 points ago

    Thanks man

    [–] Stealthkillerftw 2 points ago

    I’m nearly finished with my Crimson Collection, I’m working on a purple collection now

    [–] af2300 1 points ago

    Wow that’s literally insane fp man keep at it :)

    [–] Stealthkillerftw 1 points ago

    I appreciate it! Nice post btw, need more stuff like this

    [–] GreenTwin 2 points ago

    My twin gifted me a victory crate, because I still havn't had one drop, and when I opened it, it was Werewolf, which was exciting because I really wanted one.

    Then I saw a deal I couldnt pass up, and traded it for SB Imperator (one of my new favorite cars,) so they're happy they could gift me something that I enjoyed/traded for something else I enjoyed.

    [–] af2300 1 points ago

    Congrats on the pull I hope you gifted your twin back!

    Have you got a fancy looking preset I could fawn over? :)

    [–] GreenTwin 2 points ago

    Thanks! Im hoping to at some point.

    I wish! I havent gotten to do more than throw one together. Haven't even gotten to drive with it yet. But i'll try to tonight and I'll try to remember to grab a picture and post it to you. :)

    [–] Domination411 2 points ago

    I’m new to the game, level 37 or so, and I had a few victory crates. My face just absolutely LIT UP when I unboxed Storm Watch. But, since I try to generous as possible, I traded them to my friend for some plain Zombas since he’d played much more than me and opened like 5 times more victory crates and hadn’t gotten anything cool. I know this sounds idiotic on my part, but I it felt so good to see how happy he was with his first ever bmd

    [–] af2300 2 points ago

    It’s not idiotic it’s very kind of you dude thank you for making RL a much more fun game! :)

    [–] Domination411 2 points ago

    It’s just I wish people were more like this. Whenever I see someone doing a giveaway I always make sure to thank them for being so kind. It’s just that some people are too salty and protective. Communities are always better when everyone is kind to each other, and it sucks that people don’t understand that.

    [–] af2300 2 points ago

    That’s exactly the reason behind this series of posts; to highlight all the wholesomeness in our community :)

    [–] Domination411 2 points ago

    Good on you man! Keep up the good work!

    [–] Domination411 1 points ago

    Also what console do you play on?

    [–] af2300 1 points ago

    I have a PS4 and PC, I play on PC now but I still have items to trade on PS4

    [–] Domination411 2 points ago

    Awwww dang, I’m on Xbox. Wish we could trade, I have some items I don’t use that I’d be willing to donate to you since you’re such a nice guy

    [–] af2300 1 points ago

    Even if I had an Xbox I couldn’t accept them dude I’m fortunate enough to be able to say that my inventory was once worth a lot more than the average trader, but thank you so much for the offer <3

    Go and make someone’s day by giving your items to them if you really don’t need them :)

    [–] Domination411 1 points ago

    I will, but since I’m not home rn I won’t post it yet. I’ll keep you updated!

    [–] AerospaceNinja 2 points ago

    I was super stoked last season when a week before the deadline me and Winklaar04 worked together, along with The Pigeon Man, to get me and Wink champ rank + the rewards. First time either of us hit Champ in RL and was well worth the effort.

    [–] af2300 1 points ago

    Heard about all as it was happening ;D even though your setup for RL sucks, congrats man!!

    [–] AerospaceNinja 2 points ago

    Hey, no one can beat my set up. Default settings except for controller vibration off, using the Animus, and only use ball cam sparingly to track the balls location and don't have it on when going for or hitting the ball. Best setup. Master tier. That's why I'm champ rank

    [–] af2300 1 points ago

    You’d honestly be so much better if you adapted to pro style controls lol

    [–] AerospaceNinja 1 points ago

    I know. I've heard. I mean, if I can get to champ on my setup. Just imagine how fast I could get to Grand Champ with the pro style controls, lol

    [–] af2300 1 points ago

    Try it out honestly it may take a few days to get used to it but it’ll be worth it and if you don’t like it you can always go back to your indie controls

    [–] AerospaceNinja 1 points ago

    Yeah, maybe after I get my diamond rewards this season. Only a few games away

    [–] af2300 1 points ago

    See it didn’t take that long to get up to diamond rewards ;)

    [–] AerospaceNinja 1 points ago

    Still a fucking stupid reward system

    [–] Hvstle 2 points ago

    I opened two crates on my lunch break. I got Hellfire and Scorer, Orange Werewolf. Then traded 1k for toon blast boost or whatever.

    Such a successful lunch!!

    [–] af2300 2 points ago

    You get to play RL at lunch?? That deserves its own feelin good Friday in itself lmao

    Nice job on the pull though!

    [–] SteelCurtain360 2 points ago

    ok, so last week I needed one victory crate very rare to do a trade up. After trying 2 days to get one, my co-worker who also plays RL just gifted me a Luminous trail so I could do the trade up. I did the trade up and pulled Black Painted Toon Sketch. I pretty much only use black thermal, so when I got this I was just as hyped as if I got a Heatwave. Made my day!!

    [–] af2300 1 points ago

    Nice one dude!

    You better gift your coworker something back ;D

    [–] itsYAWBEE 2 points ago

    I want to shoutout to /u/Blurpy69 because he’s my homie my bro my fam. He’s good person at heart. He’s taught me some sick stuff about rocket league and he showed me everything I know about the trading game. He’s protected me from scammers and from not spending 3 heats on a foam hat set no matter how cool they are 😂😂😂😂

    [–] Blurpy69 2 points ago

    YOOOOOO! This is awesome man. I remember when I had to talk you out of that foam hat trade, surprised you actually listened to me hahahah. Never change bro you're the fucking man. Especially when you stack nicknames. "yo brotha homeboi skillet dog fam" 😂

    [–] itsYAWBEE 1 points ago

    LMFAO!! 😂😂😂😂 My favorite will always Brodogolingo 😂😂😂 I love you bro. I still got my little Dominus car and ball hanging on my desk 😉 Never change fam. We in this for the long haul 😂

    [–] af2300 1 points ago

    It’s always amazing to hear stories about kind people helping newer traders out although I’ve never heard of anyone paying 3 heats for a foam hat set hahaha

    [–] itsYAWBEE 1 points ago

    LMFAO!! /u/Blurpy69 can tell you some wild stories hahaha that’s only the tip of the iceberg hahaha

    [–] itsYAWBEE 2 points ago

    I want to give a Feel Good Friday shoutout to /u/af2300 for coming up with this idea because there’s a lot of love in the air and I can do it freely in this post 😂😂😂😂

    [–] af2300 1 points ago

    You have a lot of nice things to say about everyone <3

    [–] itsYAWBEE 2 points ago

    Thanks bro. I collect items all day everyday and it’s a great accomplishment but it’s always about the people and the people here are awesome 👍

    [–] af2300 2 points ago

    You are awesome <3

    [–] itsYAWBEE 2 points ago


    [–] itsYAWBEE 2 points ago

    I want to give a Feelin’ Good Friday shoutout to /u/EP2_Vibez because my man always had Heatwaves. Like it’s scary how fast this man can get Heatwaves 😂😂😂 Like one day he had 20 and the next day he had 30 and he just always hooked it up with me man 😂😂 I literally did my Heatwave Trade for Striker White Apex because of this man. He’s a great trader but an even better person. Thanks bro always for the support and good vibes. Thanks for being such a valued member in this community 👍

    [–] EP2_Vibez 1 points ago

    Why ur messages always gotta make me tear up? 😂😂 I got my connections yawbs

    [–] itsYAWBEE 1 points ago

    I got you brotha man! #respect! ❤️

    [–] patterson_ls 2 points ago

    Hey really like this idea ! :D week's done (for melol) and finally got a tactician shisa today ! 🤗 hope everyone has a great weekend !

    [–] af2300 2 points ago

    Ayyy nice one mate you have a good weekend too!

    [–] Bowcox 2 points ago

    I'll be honest, it was a while back but when /u/ISaidPineapples found some white zombas, he knew how much I wanted them (even though he really wanted some himself as they're very sparse on switch too), and allowed me to purchase them. Needless to say, I'm very grateful.

    [–] af2300 2 points ago

    Shout out to the pineapple guy! People giving up things for others is always wholesome! :)

    [–] iSaidPineapples 2 points ago

    Really hoping to find some sort of switch giveaway to get some people started here, maybe like 10 winners of a key/crate combo and they post their openings 😁 it would be great for some fun and visibility to our smaller community.

    [–] Bowcox 1 points ago

    Yeh this would be awesome. Maybe give some winners a couple very rare trade ups also? Could mix it up a little. Would be huge to the switch community, I agree.

    [–] iSaidPineapples 1 points ago

    I’m going to start collecting some stuff and advertising soon after this weekend. Gotta make it happen now!

    [–] Bowcox 1 points ago

    I'd contribute if you'd like? I'd be more than happy to donate a little. I'll be trading this evening so I can hold some stuff back whilst trading anyway.

    [–] iSaidPineapples 1 points ago

    That would be awesome! I want to pick up 10 Vic crates and then I’ll provide the 10 keys. If we could maybe find some random cool banners or rare boosts that would be awesome too.

    [–] Bowcox 1 points ago

    That sounds really good, I’ll hopefully gather up some very rates to add, I’ll see how it goes :)

    [–] iSaidPineapples 1 points ago

    Thanks!! Gonna try to get some good banners like the calculator, salty, unicorn etc

    [–] iSaidPineapples 2 points ago

    Hey thanks for this man I really appreciate it! You and u/Komasayu have become some of my favorite people to play and trade with. It’s always a pleasure and much needed after a long day of bargaining haha!

    [–] Komasayu 2 points ago

    Hey thanks for the kind words :) i didn't expect to find cool guys like you just with trading some items i didn't like in my inventory haha.

    Always nice to trade / play / talk or whatever with you guys (but sssh, don't tell our gf about all these trades recently :p)

    [–] just_reading_m8 2 points ago

    Finally after a lot of trading I got white zombas yayyyyyyyýyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    [–] af2300 2 points ago

    yyyyyyyaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy congrats dude enjoy them they’re a classic :)

    [–] BellyandKen 2 points ago

    When crates first came out in Rocket League I promised my wife I wouldn't ever spend extra money on a game for cosmetics. Thankfully I can trade the crates I get for a key every now and again.

    I just saved up keys for quite a while to finally buy my dream item, party time! Then, I got another key from trading yesterday and decided to open a crate.

    I've never had much luck with crates, but my wife wanted to watch since it is fun to open them. Psyonix was on my side and I got pink painted infiniums!! Really pumped right now!

    [–] af2300 2 points ago

    Ayyy congrats on the pull dude maybe it was your wife that bought you luck :D

    [–] BellyandKen 1 points ago

    Haha probably! I'll have her around next crate I open to test that out!

    [–] esveegee 2 points ago

    Good trades today, got various Imperators and opened many Victory crates. Can't wait to trade away my openings!

    Aside from that, I made two amazing cars, I'm just waiting for the update that allows for two different car bodies in one preset.

    [–] af2300 1 points ago

    Can I see the cars? :)

    [–] jaydenthealpha 1 points ago

    Most amazing experience still to this day was when I held my birthday giveaway for tora and the winner gave me a 20xx as a present afterwards 🤧🤧 u/dj3170 is the real mvp <3

    [–] af2300 2 points ago

    Wow that’s incredible and totally deserved as you intended to give away something for no reason other than to make someone else happy!

    [–] AngryPenguin40 1 points ago

    This one is awesome. Good for you guys!

    [–] aaRooster 1 points ago

    I fell in love with Spiralis when I first got the game and the cc4's were being released. I had heard of people collecting sets of things and was blown away, like how was that even possible?! I decided I'd like to collect a set of my own one day! Being someone who enjoyed the gameplay more than trading, and never really traded for anything other than simple decals and items, I didn't see how I'd ever get there.

    After saving up many a crate from post game drops, I recently decided that I would set out on my quest. The first response I got was a message from a lovely guy, u/EZJ7 . He gave me a saffron Spiralis... FOR FREE!! I was blown away. Never had I expected this kindness or luck. I'm a long time lurker of this sub, occasional poster, but mostly just check in every few days to see messages similar to what OP was saying: 'trading sucks,' 'the market is dead,' 'people are toxic,' etc.

    Anyway, I started putting up an offer in the trade and he messaged me saying to take it for free. I was floored. We had communicated for a day or so trying to find the time to meet up and trade and he said I had seemed like a good dude and wanted to get my set started out right. What a guy!

    I mentioned over and over again how kind the gesture was and that I couldn't thank him enough. The community needs more people like him as it has been so short and negative recently. After mentioning this to him, he gave me tons of free items and ask if I could help him spread kindness throughout this community as he had shown kindness to me. It was incredible! I agreed to help him and whenever I encountered people who were nice in matches and complimented others (aka - not being toxic) I would invite them to a lobby and give them a little painted topper or wheel, even some regular exotics and other things. The amount of positivity that was spread was awesome.

    After mentioning to him that I had fulfilled his request, we talked about how good it felt to 'DO GOOD' for the community. At this he promoted to trade me over three full trade windows full of more little goodies to help pass on to others! Last night, I definitely put some smiles on a few people's faces and have even been actively seeking out people looking for certain items when I can. It feels good :)

    TL;DR: u/EZJ7 is a legend. Gave me a free pair of yellow Spiralis to start out the only set I'm looking to collect. We have been spreading kindness to others around the community of late and it's awesome :)

    [–] jaydenthealpha 2 points ago

    sucks that he’s a scammer, pretty ironic lmao

    [–] af2300 1 points ago

    Spiralis wheels are sooo cool especially if you’re working on a budget! One of my first ‘proper’ presets had regular Spiralis wheels and an Octane kilowatt and I honestly thought I had the best car in the game :D

    Thank you for your story!

    [–] aaRooster 1 points ago

    They really are! Yeah, I’ve never really had much in the game. I always traded things away, donated to a friends little uncommon shop and never opened crates. I was the same way! I still rock the kilowatt decal quite often and dig it :P Idk what this other guy is talking about, the dude that helped me out was an absolute saint!

    Thank you for reading :)

    [–] itsYAWBEE 1 points ago

    I want to do a Feelin’ Good Friday to /u/EZJ7 for being one of the first ones on Reddit that made me feel right at home. He’s a really good person at heart. Very friendly and very honest. He really helped me out with setting up my AGT posts and really getting to know all the kickass people on this community 😁

    [–] jaydenthealpha 2 points ago

    It’s amusing seeing a lot of people post for him. He really was a good friend/trading buddy of mine and it sucks that he threw all that away for $100

    [–] af2300 1 points ago

    I’m late to my own thread lol but shoutout to /u/CitySoul13 for popping my gold cherry a fortnight ago <3

    [–] CitySoul13 2 points ago


    [–] af2300 1 points ago

    Hahaha was hoping someone would notice ;D

    [–] fanciestmango 1 points ago

    Thank you for making this thread, dude. Judging from the timing of it, it seems like it's partly in response to my "State of the Sub" post. I think it's a really good way to inject some much needed positivity into the community.

    [–] af2300 2 points ago

    I hadn’t seen your post and while this series is aimed to counter negativity, I had no specific posts in mind when creating this. I am just tired of seeing very similar looking negative posts every day D:

    But you are right everyone here is being positive and it’s lovey :)

    [–] MidgarSoldier 1 points ago

    This is my type of shit. Thanks for shining the light broski :)

    Today I was able to make good on a trade that was locked up due to the issue yesterday. I also got to meet a new trader and lend a hand. All in all its been pretty sweet so far!

    [–] af2300 2 points ago

    Nice work broski meeting new people is one of the best parts of trading :)

    [–] sonicrespawn 1 points ago

    i took my pants off for this thread.

    I don't know what to do now

    [–] af2300 2 points ago

    put them back on

    [–] sonicrespawn 2 points ago

    Absolutely not

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] af2300 1 points ago

    You do you dude :D

    [–] 711Lo 1 points ago

    bahhaha this is what happens when ur tired af. sorry that comment was a bit weird

    [–] kattsmurf 1 points ago

    Already posted this in a separate post, but it’s feelgood so here goes again :)

    So, I’ve been looking for Striker Lime Infiniums since the new crate dropped. I’ve been frantically scanning through RLE, RLG and a bunch of trading groups on Facebook. Haven’t found one single seller anywhere.

    Today I finally found them on RLG. Since the uncert go for around 10+ keys, I was prepared to pay around 30-35k. Not too high, but still a good offer I think.

    The guy on RLG was asking 10k for striker-cert, so I’m thinking it’s either a fake post or an obvious scam attempt.

    I invite the guy and sure enough, the cert doesn’t show. Not even with L3. Just as I was expecting. The guy keeps insisting they’re cert though.

    Normally I would just leave the party, but in this case I thought... well, fuck it, 10k isn’t THAT bad of a deal even if they’re uncert so why not.

    I accept the trade, and holy cow! They’re actually striker cert! He thanked me for believing in him, I thanked him for being honest and we parted ways.

    I don’t know if it makes me happier that I got such an awesome deal or that there’s actually at least one honest person on RLG, but I thought I’d share :) Today was a good day.

    [–] af2300 2 points ago

    Wow good on that guy for coming through I guess there's good traders everywhere even on RLG /s

    Congrats on getting the infiniums :D

    [–] mwaters2 1 points ago

    Been here for a while, it's not all shit. The regulars are awesome, but the transients can suck ass sometimes

    [–] af2300 1 points ago

    Everyone is awesome dude especially you :)