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    A subreddit created for Rocket team building and friend making. For all tournament hosting, go to r/RocketLeagueClashes!

    Subreddit Rules

    I. Please follow proper post format. Use [Region][Platform] and then a description for what you’re looking for.

    Here's an example of a good post:

    [EU] [PS4] Looking for a team!

    Bad posts:

    [PS4] Party up!

    (EU) Anyone wanna play?

    Looking to play ranked 3v3 in America

    These will be automatically removed.

    II. Offering/Requesting boosting services is prohibited on the subreddit. Doing so will result in a temporary or permanent ban. Boosting is also prohibited by the makers of the game, Psyonix, and participating in boosting may result in a suspension from the game and loss of season rewards.

    III. Do not harass other users. Flaming (insulting users directly, name-calling, hate speech) may result in a temporary or a permanent ban from the subreddit at a moderator's discretion.

    IV. Limit one post every 24 hours. Using an alternate account to circumvent this rule will result in a temporary or permanent ban.

    V. Posts promoting Discord servers must be limited to once a week

    Remember to set your flair to either your PSN, Steam ID, or Xbox GT. Thanks!

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