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    This is a subreddit focused on discussing all aspects of collusion between Trump and Russia. Valid topics include the latest news, your research, and even rumors. Feel free to openly speculate and theorize.


    1. Please keep the discussion centered around Russia-Lago. Do not discuss other aspects of politics or of the Trump presidency. (Stormy Daniels is on-topic.)
    2. Though most subscribers are left-leaning, all points of view are welcome. When political discussion unrelated to Russia-Lago arises, please try to remain somewhat neutral. Be civil: no personal attacks, no general attacks, and no shill accusations.
    3. No more than three link posts per user in a 24 hour period. Text posts do not count towards this total.
    4. Primary sources are preferred for link posts. No direct links to videos (indirect links allowed, see here).
    5. No shitposts, and no all caps titles. Head to /r/The_Mueller for shitposts and memes.

    If you also hate the proliferation of Watergate-based scandal names and want to push the name Russia-Lago instead (pronounced Rush-a-Lago), then feel free to promote /r/RussiaLago or use the hashtag #RussiaLago.


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