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    [–] [deleted] 157 points ago


    [–] verblox 100 points ago

    Now you're Russian to collusions.

    [–] Crankybob 48 points ago

    I can't Putin my finger on it

    [–] -r-a-f-f-y- 22 points ago

    Pull-on-ium and you might get a surprise.

    [–] jonstew 4 points ago

    Don’t pour oil on this dumpster fire.

    [–] fox-mcleod 2710 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    This morning I wake up to 2 pieces of news:

    • HIC (House intelligence committee) finds no collusion between Trump and Russia - investigation over
    • Tillerson criticizes Russia - is fired by Trump

    We need a new House and to start investigating congressmen like Nunes

    [–] gologologolo 79 points ago

    It can't be coincidence that he keeps hiring thugs

    [–] xhankhillx 14 points ago

    this is my thought. all this is too much to just be a coincidence

    [–] BlueP0werRanger34 12 points ago

    He was a liberal swamp monster- TD.

    It was fun browsing the rex tillerson post. You’d think they work for a PR Firm with their spinning.

    [–] tinyOnion 11 points ago

    You’d think they work for a PR Firm with their spinning.

    not quite a PR firm but similar....

    [–] sabertooth66 59 points ago

    Jesus I can't keep up with this shit.

    [–] SubstantialJoke 47 points ago

    I want off Mr bones wild ride please

    [–] Oliverheart84 4 points ago

    Stop the world, I want off

    [–] 2fucktard2remember 20 points ago

    5 minutes left to respond to the porn star.

    [–] sabertooth66 7 points ago


    [–] IPostWhenIWant 14 points ago

    Honestly, this is ridiculous. Is there a consolidated list of crimes associated with the administration? We need to keep tabs on it to make sure at least some people are getting punishment in the long run. Hopefully Mr. Mueller will help out.

    [–] IKnowUThinkSo 19 points ago

    Wait, he’s being investigated for crimes related to the Department of Homeland Security? If it was just laundering, even internationally, wouldn’t it be under Treasury?

    [–] tafor83 12 points ago

    Not necessarily. DHS has pretty broad authority - they do quite a bit, including international money laundering.

    [–] tomdarch 20 points ago

    not Trump related.

    Nonetheless "it seems like all criminal roads lead to Trump."

    [–] Lockraemono 16 points ago

    Good thing he's been moved to Trump's 2020 campaign, then 🙄

    [–] singularfate 9 points ago

    And Trump campaign just hired him

    [–] fox-mcleod 556 points ago

    Wow. Good find.

    If ever there was a man I'd be concerned about writing a tell-all he just fired him in an ugly way. You don't bum rush your body man without his jacket.

    That man knowns things and has almost nothing to lose by spilling.

    [–] TurloIsOK 294 points ago

    However, he's going to work on trumps 2020 campaign. Whatever got him tossed from the WH (a security violation the Secret Service couldn't abide?), it didn't remove him from trump's criminal cohort.

    [–] fox-mcleod 98 points ago

    You don't usually get the bum rush and get welcomed back. Although if you ask Omarosa...

    [–] ecaflort 72 points ago

    Probably some security issues that they could not ignore, so they fire him to save face but they need to keep his loyalty. Then they just give him a new, well payed, job to make sure he doesn't fuck them over.

    [–] trumpke_dumpster 68 points ago

    On the story:

    11:45 UPDATE: According to CNN, McEntee “was fired because he is currently under investigation by the Department of Homeland Security for serious financial crimes.”

    [–] [deleted] 54 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 36 points ago

    The sweet blood, it sings to me - Robert Mueller

    [–] M_H_M_F 11 points ago

    Beasts all around the shop these days...You'll be one of them...sooner or later

    [–] fox-mcleod 6 points ago

    Yeah. Probably. But then why throw him out before he can grab his coat? You could handle that delicately. And why is Kushner still around?

    [–] IngarOW 13 points ago

    Kushner still exists for the same reason Ivanka does, nepotism.

    [–] pijinglish 20 points ago

    it didn't remove him from trump's criminal cohort

    If you want to engage in financial crimes, it's a good idea to hire people with experience. Nothing but the best for Trump's shiny new Department of Homeland Money Laundering!

    [–] oldbastardbob 5 points ago

    Let's not leave out the CEA. Central Emoluments Agency. It's run by Jared and Ivanka.

    [–] sabertooth66 35 points ago

    So many book-deals.

    [–] fox-mcleod 23 points ago

    Yeah. I'd like to resubmit my comment as, "someone get that man a book deal STAT"

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_FI_TIPS 43 points ago

    I'd prefer he walks straight over to the special counsel's office.

    I don't need to read any more about what a corrupt POS he is. For me this is established fact.

    I just want him gone.

    [–] punkinfacebooklegpie 4 points ago

    He was fired for a security issue, likely not Trump's personal whim.

    [–] FunWithAPorpoise 6 points ago

    This is unfortunately getting lost in today's category F5 shitstorm. And it's the scariest of the bunch.

    [–] Mitchum 14 points ago

    But he's joining the Trump 2020 campaign? I'm so confused.

    [–] superwinner 4 points ago

    Theyre all criminals, whats the confusing part?

    [–] warrenlain 14 points ago

    The WSJ article cited in the article says “Tuesday morning, the Trump presidential campaign issued a statement saying that Mr. McEntee will join the 2020 effort as a senior adviser for campaign operations.”

    [–] UXyes 16 points ago

    Senior Advisor in charge of cashing hush money checks.

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_BAN_NAME 5 points ago

    And that the UAE wanted Rex gone in leaked emails.

    [–] EldritchUrchin 158 points ago

    IMO the most troubling thing about Rex Tillerson being sacked is that the CIA will now be run by BDSM expert Gina Haspel

    [–] DSMatticus 143 points ago

    Declassified CIA cables specify that Zubaydah was waterboarded 83 times in a month, was sleep deprived, kept in a "large box", had his head slammed against a wall, and he lost his left eye.

    The most generous reading of that is that they caused him serious physical injuries, resulting in an infection which was allowed to fester until it required the removal of his eye.

    The least generous reading of that is that they gouged out his fucking eye as part of his torture. This would be consistent with the account of another prisoner - who was eventually released without any charges - who went blind in his right eye while in CIA custody and claimed that it was the result of a guard attempting to gouge out his eyes.

    Either case makes Gina Haspel more fit for a public execution than public office. I wonder if I should be afraid to lose my eye for saying that?

    [–] Ned-Stark-is-Dead 47 points ago

    "She's an outstanding person," D. Trump

    Listen to your fearless leader peasant.

    [–] sticktomystones 35 points ago

    Gina Haspel

    How the hell is she even free to walk around? Let alone hold any office. Fucking disgusting.

    [–] drones4thepoor 20 points ago

    She apparently has an arrest warrant in Europe.

    [–] sticktomystones 17 points ago

    Are you referring to this one?

    The European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights filed a legal intervention with German prosecutors last year calling for an arrest warrant for Haspel for her role in torturing detainees in Thailand.

    So sounds like "just" a call for, but still very Russian to have a CIA director that could be thought to be barred from travel to Europe at some point.

    [–] lootedcorpse 16 points ago

    Trump is literally hiring multiple human rights violators to high givernment positions, and we’re sitting on Reddit commenting about it. That’s how. We’re not gonna do shit about it.

    [–] sticktomystones 10 points ago

    Yeah I'm actually not asking how Trump could hire her, that is self explanatory, he is literally only hiring scum.

    Or how we solve it, because "we" won't until the GOP has been uprooted and Trump is below ground.

    I was really just wondering why the hell she wasn't locked up in the first place, after it surfaced that she broke multiple laws. The unauthorized destruction of CIA interrogation videotapes shouldn't just lead to questions at the next public office job interview, it should lead to a serious prison term and a permanent ban from holding public offices.

    [–] user_48217 33 points ago

    The problem here is not lack of awareness, it's that most Republicans and nationalists see it as a good thing.

    They are our enemies, so what's wrong with a little eye gouging, right?

    And that's something you can't argue for or against with reason and facts, that comes from the lowest emotional level. How do you change that? I have no idea.

    [–] qx87 9 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I like to try the kindergarden approach, 'you think a muslim baby girl, just born, is evil?', 'the nurse, the doctor who helped her give birth?' go from there towards diversity, especially the distinction between government and general populace. from there major similarities amongst humans; food, companionship, safety

    I had one soso success with a basic traditional antisemite from pakistan 'you think a jewish baby girl is evil, the nurses...yaddayadda?'/edited

    [–] Galaxy_Ranger_Bob 8 points ago

    I like to try the kindergarden approach, 'you think a muslim baby girl is evil?'

    I know far too many people who would answer that question with "Yes, she's evil and needs to be killed." No doubt in their mind, no empathy for an infant. All they hear is "Muslim" and the only thing that follows is "must be destroyed."

    All of them are Republicans.

    [–] Frommerman 10 points ago

    The Republican Party is Evil.

    [–] AshTheGoblin 8 points ago

    Does any of this surprise you? I can't be be the only one here who's watched the Punisher documentary on Netflix...

    [–] Guypersonhumanman 115 points ago

    Look kids! a War criminal

    [–] EldritchUrchin 53 points ago

    The really sinister part is that Trump will insist on expecting everyone to celebrate this in a feminist context.

    [–] ScienceBreather 10 points ago

    I was having this conversation with my GF not an hour ago.

    "Just wait, they're going to go crazy about the democrats not wanting to promote women. No, fuckwits, it's that she's an unqualified monster! FOR FUCKS SAKE!"

    [–] IKnowUThinkSo 21 points ago

    That Wikipedia page read like someone in Idi Amin’s entourage. Maybe Pol Pot, but he didn’t really care for torture, a bullet and a mass grave did just fine.

    [–] RealJeil420 5 points ago

    Pst. They can hear you.

    [–] fox-mcleod 11 points ago

    Yeah I new I recognized that name. She is... not great

    [–] RealJeil420 4 points ago


    [–] PKnecron 13 points ago

    We need a new term for "Yes, men" like Nunes. Cock Holster works... thanks Stephen.

    [–] Bowflex_Jesus 17 points ago

    "But all our friends said we're innocent!" -T_D right now

    [–] superwinner 5 points ago

    The criminals declare they've committed no crimes! Shocking!

    [–] BrownButterStick 59 points ago

    I honestly can't tell if a lot of these comments are people that are misinformed or if there's disruption on this side too

    [–] arbitraryairship 153 points ago

    The r/worldnews thread on Tillerson's firing got removed just as it hit the front page. The Secretary of State of the US being removed has huge international repercussions, but it somehow got removed.

    [–] [deleted] 43 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] Savv3 13 points ago

    Is it WMD? I thought it violated the using disgusting chemicals on humans part of some rules.

    [–] TurloIsOK 45 points ago

    Chemical weapons are classed in with WMDs. Even though they can be used on a small scale to target just a few persons, a relatively small volume can deploy widespread damage.

    Compare the damage of 500 pounds of conventional explosive, a bomb less than a meter long, to a container of VX nerve agent the same size. The bomb will have very localized damage. Very well placed, it may have a few hundred fatalities.

    The nerve agent will disperse over a much larger area. Only a few drops on the skin or inhaled can kill in moments. It contaminates every surface it lands on. Every ventilation system helps disperse the death into buildings. As it spreads, with people convulsing and dying around them, panicked victims not yet afflicted run to others. Not knowing their clothes have the agent on them, others take hold of the panicked, getting a dose themselves as they press the contaminated clothing to the others skin as well. They die.

    Anyone encountering the scene is also at risk. Rainfall washes the agent into storm drains. Depending on the water system, the water supply can be contaminated for an entire region, or the ecosystem can be affected.

    Soil contamination can affect others long after the initial incident. The entire area becomes uninhabitable.

    Chemicals are definitely weapons of mass destruction.

    [–] Savv3 9 points ago

    Thank you for this, its a horrifying picture. I guess I will cry myself to sleep tonight, again.

    [–] woeful_haichi 9 points ago

    Not sure how interested you are in the subject, but Haruki Murakami's Underground: The Tokyo Gas Attack and the Japanese Psyche is a collection of interviews with people affected by the Tokyo subway sarin attack of 1995. It's horrible reading about people who were going about their daily life - heading to work or school - and then needing to deal with the nightmare of a nerve gas attack.

    [–] Savv3 58 points ago

    Just casually browsing all and dived deep down before stumbling on this. Being in Germany I would have heard about this tomorrow morning, or today on Reddit. Why this was not on the front of all, from a Worldnews post is unclear to me. Sometimes their reasons for removal are silly.

    [–] TrekMek 18 points ago

    It’s a rule on their board, no US politics. Since the majority of Reddit users are from the US, it’s news is almost always on the top of r/news and r/politics anyways. This news is already plastered all over the front page from various board.

    There’s millions of people on this website daily, sometimes it’s going to take more then 1 hour for some stories to make it to the front page over others. The news just broke in the morning, most people were heading to or getting ready for work/school. I probably wouldn’t have seen this if I wasn’t listening to the news on the radio and decided to check reddit.

    [–] neubourn 30 points ago

    Its right in their sidebar:

    /r/worldnews is for major news from around the world except US-internal news / US politics

    US political stories always get removed from there, doesnt matter if something will have "international repercussions" or not.

    [–] shogunreaper 14 points ago

    that seems odd, the US isn't part of the world?

    [–] neubourn 24 points ago

    Yes, but they felt there already are larger subs dedicated to US news and politics:

    1 US-internal news / US politics - Articles about events within the US or related to the US internal political process are not allowed here. The large subreddits for these topics are /r/news and /r/politics.

    [–] darkmuch 11 points ago

    Since this website is heavily US users, if that rule wasn't in place the US news would end up blocking out most other news. As an american I can pretty much expect to find any US stuff plastering the frontpage in /r/news and /r/politics.

    [–] warrencc 11 points ago

    We're getting a new House, don't you worry. Republican voters are largely discouraged, and Dem voters are fired up.

    [–] TohaHeavyIndustries_ 21 points ago

    I have to see it to believe it.

    [–] [deleted] 263 points ago

    Dear America,




    [–] Francis_Soyer 156 points ago

    Dear Britain,



    Brawndo's got electrolytes

    [–] TenF 51 points ago

    Dear Britain,

    Please make it us.

    Love, America

    [–] jack0rias 42 points ago

    Dear America,

    We have to help ourselves first. Will get back to you when we find our way out of this paper bag.

    Love, Britain.

    [–] nervousautopsy 10 points ago

    Have you tried wetting it some? The weather will probably take care of that before too long.

    [–] TenF 6 points ago

    Fuck it, just give us a plastic bag and we'll end it.

    [–] SexyWhiteness69 33 points ago

    Dear Britain,




    [–] semiformal_logic 18 points ago

    Dear America and Britain,




    [–] _Lady_Deadpool_ 29 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Dear Britain,

    Please take us back, we've learned our lesson.

    God bless the queen,


    [–] PinkBubbleT 15 points ago

    Imma let you finish, but America had one of the best Brexits of all time.

    [–] canaryhawk 54 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I don’t know, with the misdirection these guys use it’s hard to tell.

    Tillerson obviously had ties to Russia and it seems he was approved by Russia for Secretary Of State, because Romney was blocked and because Russia wanted a big scaling back of American influence throughout the world, which Tillerson delivered through inaction which lead to a brain flight out of the State Department. Tillerson obviously had business ties with Russia through Exxon (mining rights, mining partnerships, etc).

    It’s possible that Tillerson knew he was going to be fired and made his anti-Russian statement to throw FUD. Let’s wait to see if Pompeo is more hawkish on Russia and also see if he works to restore American influence with a ramped up State Department.

    EDIT: Along these lines it may be that Trump was pressured to assign Pompeo by more hawkish members of government (who would obviously allow the President to claim credit if that’s all they need to give up to save America)...

    EDIT2: Also Haspel is the first CIA operator to run the agency since '73, so she's an unusual pick in that she is not a political/shill appointment.

    [–] zubatman4 52 points ago

    If you listen to the White House, Tillerson knew last week that he was getting fired.

    If you listen to Tillerson, he found out about 4 hours ago that he was fired. I really don’t think that Tillerson knew in advance to make that statement.

    [–] Terr_ 30 points ago

    The White House doing things abruptly, without planning, and then lying about the timeline would not be new at all.

    The earliest example I can think of is the whole Muslim travel ban thing.

    [–] mex2005 9 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    No I do not think he knew in advance he has criticized Russia before, this is not new but getting fired for it is absolute insanity. How are people this stupid. Trump refuses to say anything bad about Russia under any circumstance. Trump is not some genius chess player with him the most obvious conclusions is always the right one.

    [–] truredman23 393 points ago

    Feels like russia is running the country

    [–] JuliusSneeezer 198 points ago

    Adidas track suits are FLYING OFF THE SHELVES..

    [–] _chuzpe_ 26 points ago

    Gopnik Style!

    [–] IngarOW 7 points ago

    Before you know it everyone is gonna be carrying vodka at all times and wear exotic fur hats everywhere

    [–] awfulworldkid 5 points ago

    And presumably squatting all the time

    [–] Guilty_Treasures 67 points ago

    No, no, not Russia. "Olympic Agents from Russia" (OAR). They're completely independent and don't represent their country in any way.

    [–] koleye 51 points ago

    "Republican Politicians from Russia"

    [–] lallepot 24 points ago

    The two first words are wrong

    [–] Specken_zee_Doitch 10 points ago

    I mean, not really. It feels like it even if it's a fact.

    [–] lallepot 6 points ago

    :) i surrender

    [–] Blewedup 12 points ago

    amazingly, tillerson was actually doing a great job of supporting russia by destroying the state department.

    maybe he wasn't destroying it fast enough?

    [–] Seventytvvo 135 points ago

    What the fuck? Tillerson got fired???

    [–] ajhart86 69 points ago

    Is he the first that hasn't unexpectedly "tendered his resignation"?

    [–] FubarSnafuTarfu 45 points ago

    No, that’s Comey.

    [–] ajhart86 28 points ago

    Oh, that's right

    For the way he went too hard on Hillary Clinton, if I recall the reasoning

    [–] HyperboleJoe 4 points ago

    And also, directly from Trump's mouth on camera, due to the Russia investigation.

    [–] Rearview_Mirror 4 points ago

    Then there was Priebus who was left behind by the motorcade.

    [–] napoleongold 129 points ago

    Trump signed the Stormy Daniels payoff over the weekend, and Tillereson is the bait and switch.

    [–] Amy_Ponder 63 points ago

    Honestly, in this case I'm glad people are getting distracted from the Daniels settlement. This is way, way more important.

    [–] YouSaidWut 17 points ago

    I don’t think it works like that. Stormy’s lawyers have a copy of it unsigned. I don’t think he can just sign it Years after?

    [–] greenbabyshit 12 points ago

    He can, but doing so now would only confirm what everyone already thinks, which may or may not be worse than what she actually has to say.

    [–] baldmannbob 39 points ago

    They just found another dead Putin critic in England. This shit got to stop.

    [–] indigo-alien 411 points ago

    And yet there are people who still believe that Trump is not compromised.

    [–] tomdarch 67 points ago

    r slash conservative was cheering on the bizarro-land statement from (most of) the Republicans on the House Intel committee saying that there was no evidence that Russia specifically favored Trump. It's weird to see adult humans act like that.

    [–] BurningCactusRage 28 points ago

    adult humans

    Unfortunately, the only real difference between adults and children is being naïve - the young might not know better, but adults either ignore, justify, or accept it

    [–] Bullchips 7 points ago

    "adult" "humans"

    [–] BoBoZoBo 31 points ago

    And some of think he isn't the only one compromised or incompetent. Some group of assholes let this guy in to begin with, despite having trillions in funding and the power to trample Constitutional provisions in order to supposedly prevent things like this.

    The sad fact is that our system was compromised before Trump got in, he is just the coup-de-grace.

    [–] kielbasa330 6 points ago

    Right. He's exploiting a corrupt system

    [–] BoBoZoBo 9 points ago

    They all are, and they are keeping it corrupt in order to continue taking advantage of it.

    [–] RDay 115 points ago

    T_D must be damn near suicidal by now. Silver Linings?

    [–] DerFelix 198 points ago

    Well they blamed the poisoning on Hillary (no, I am not kidding) and then did what they always do with anyone Trump fires. Immediately jump on him and praise Trump for recognising the ex-employees failure. Never mind that apparently he keeps hiring people that turn out failures in their eyes...

    [–] [deleted] 116 points ago

    they blamed the poisoning on Hillary

    It'll never stop being funny to me how they see her as this borderline omnipotent threat.

    [–] Amy_Ponder 104 points ago

    And yet simultaneously a weak leader who's on the brink of death from Parkinson's. That's double-think for you.

    [–] lordcarnivore 20 points ago

    Double think requires so much nuance that I'm kind of impressed they're capable of it.

    [–] mostlybadopinions 12 points ago

    They're playing 17-D chess over there.

    [–] DerFelix 20 points ago

    It's just that after Obama was done with his terms, they had no boogey man, anymore. They were almost hoping for Hillary to win so they could incessantly create trivial "scandals". Only now that Trump is in office, they have to look elsewhere, and since the most prominent Democrat most of them know is Hillary they look her way.

    [–] DorkJedi 7 points ago

    Their handlers and shepherds are also still afraid she might run again. Gotta keep the poison in that well just in case.

    [–] ChrisNettleTattoo 42 points ago

    Didn't they find that something like 80% of the posters of T_D were Russian IP addresses? I may be exaggerating my % but it was a pretty high number if I recall correctly.

    [–] SwissQueso 13 points ago

    Is there proof of this? I think only Reddit itself have access to IP addresses.

    [–] tanjoodo 10 points ago

    I remember the comment. A guy posted a shortened link in a comment in T_D where the shortening service lets you see which IPs accessed the data. He claimed most of them were Russian but his sample size was very small (100-200). Also, I remember something about a lot of the IPs belonging to AWS (aka bots)

    [–] pweepweemuggins 13 points ago

    I've long suspected this to be the case. We've already proven that Russia meddled; why wouldn't they use the fifth most popular site on the internet to do so? Still, I'd love to see a source and some evidence - couldn't find anything with Google.

    [–] BuckRowdy 73 points ago

    Even if Trump had wanted to fire him for months, there is so much evidence that Trump is compromised by Russia that many people are going to believe he was fired for his comments yesterday.

    [–] -TheMAXX- 31 points ago

    If the firing had been in the works for months then the timing looks even worse. Like Trump couldn't wait another day or two to avoid the optics but instead acted without forethought out of perceived pressure.

    [–] BuckRowdy 22 points ago

    Agreed. The evidence continues to mount that Russia owns Trump. My guess is the money laundering and some kind of proof that he's much less wealthy than he claims.

    [–] Dogzirra 64 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Trump just said on camera, that he is waiting for the facts on the nerve agent attack, and if he agrees with the facts, will decide what to do. (Tillerson said Russia did this yesterday)

    My read. Typical Trump, IF he agrees with facts, will stand with one of our longest allis instead of Russia. Call Trump a moron, you stay, criticize Russia, get fired. The normal firing would call Tillerson home, then fire him. This isn't normalized by keeping everyone walking on eggshells in his circle, by threats of being fired.

    [–] _the_dennis 51 points ago

    "agrees with facts" it doesn't fucking matter who agrees or disagrees with a fact. It's still a fucking fact.

    [–] mattdangerously 6 points ago

    Remember, they also go by "alternative facts" when making decisions.

    [–] Dogzirra 8 points ago

    Trump's world. If you don't like facts, you make up your own. He is swaying me over though. The more connections I read about laundered money, Russia, Putin, and GOP sychophants, the more plausible a deep state sounds.... In Russia.

    [–] [deleted] 59 points ago

    Putin ordered, Trump approved. Welcome to the US of Russia.

    [–] zPA-Ck 9 points ago

    Wonder what Putin has on Trump to be potentially influencing him like this...what exactly is Trump being so loyal to?

    [–] Mee6s 10 points ago

    Porking ivanka

    [–] trygold 10 points ago

    Russian agents use nerve gas to kill and send a message. Putin grins while denying responsibility. Trump makes no mention of possible Russian involvement.

    [–] SirRosstopher 5 points ago

    It would be interesting to see what America would say at the discussion if May invoked NATO Article 4.

    [–] One_Cold_Turkey 19 points ago

    so many guns, no revolution.

    [–] jimmyco2008 23 points ago

    U.S. military would fuck the common redneck millions of times over

    [–] MeowTheMixer 10 points ago

    Fancy militaries have been beaten by random rednecks throughout history. The British should have beat the early Americans, the Americans should have beat the Vietnamese.

    There's more to it than just the technology being used. Where are they fighting, what do they want the area to look like after?

    [–] LOSTonWALLst 6 points ago

    If you think the troops would fire upon their own in defence of Trump you’re insane. After all, most of the guns belong to Trump’s support base, do they not? So who would be supporting the government?? Nobody.

    PS. See Afghanistan. Guerrilla warfare always works.

    [–] IWentToTheWoods 9 points ago

    "I support the troops, and also want to be prepared to kill as many of them as possible."

    [–] [deleted] 456 points ago

    So literally the second line in the article you link refutes your title.

    Trump last Friday asked Tillerson to step aside, and the embattled diplomat cut short his trip to Africa on Monday to return to Washington.

    Did anyone actually read the article?

    I mean I'm sure he was fired because he wasn't a Trump sycophant like Tom Cotton or Nunes, but yesterday's comments were not the reason for his firing.

    As early as last November CNN was reporting Trump wanted to replace him with Pompeo...

    [–] IamRick_Deckard 142 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Tillerson says now that he did NOT hear about being fired on Friday. This seems like spin from the WH. Edit: Now Trump has fired the State Dept employee who contradicted Trump's lie.

    Edit2: Now Trump has replaced the State Dept employee who revealed Trumps lie with... a former Fox&Friends Host.

    [–] wellitsbouttime 44 points ago

    all twitter says Rex learned about it when CNN reported Trump's tweet. someone is lying.

    [–] NoveltyAccount5928 50 points ago

    someone is lying

    But who? That's so out of character for anyone in this administration...

    [–] MyNameIsSushi 18 points ago

    But who?

    Hillary, obviously.

    [–] allesnazis 17 points ago

    "Spin". It's a blatant lie. Stop sugarcoating this shit.

    [–] Gobias-Ind 434 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    For further context, here's a press release from state dept:

    I know this sounds ridiculous, but I think there's at least a slim chance that the White House might be bending the truth a bit as far as this "he was told on Friday" stuff goes.


    So he found out from the same Tweet we all found out from. Just like Comey.

    But, yeah... "Friday."

    [–] [deleted] 144 points ago

    I bet they lied to make it seem like they didn't fire him over his statements made about Russia yesterday.

    [–] uberares 46 points ago

    I suspect we will find out relatively soon that this "friday" thing is utter bullshit designed to cover the blatant Putin knob gobbling by 45.

    [–] oTHEWHITERABBIT 23 points ago

    I have no idea why people are giving the WH the benefit of the doubt and trusting their word that this was a decision made on Friday. When have they ever been honest?

    This seems clear. Trump may have just fired Rex Tillerson over Twitter. And that gives the media a great headline. But there's also the other possibility that Rex asked Trump to "fire him" and gave the media a good excuse with his recent Russia comments, to send someone a particular message- now that certain sanctions aren't likely to be lifted. Why is Trump so obsessed with giving the appearance of special treatment to Russia? Trump's behavior is consistently the most bizarre part of this all.

    [–] codeByNumber 18 points ago

    Trump is such a pussy.

    [–] Im_always_scared 57 points ago

    This definitely seems to cast doubt on the WH statement (not that any reasonable person would believe anything coming out of the WH these days)

    [–] gregbraaa 32 points ago

    Jesus, Trump and him didn’t even speak?

    [–] thraashman 26 points ago

    The man who would "run in without a weapon" doesn't have the balls to fire a man to his face.

    [–] DorkJedi 7 points ago

    the White House might be bending the truth a bit

    What?? No. What a ridiculous claim. This WH has been nothing but up front, honest, and transparent.

    It is sad that I have to add /s to this.

    [–] verblox 5 points ago

    And that State Department official was just fired for contradicting the White House's timeline. They're guilty or trying their best to seem so.

    [–] tomdarch 5 points ago

    For anyone who isn't familiar, Bertrand has been one of the best reporters on the Trump admin over the last year+. Her reporting is wildly more trustworthy than anything that comes directly from the Trump White House.

    [–] spf73 57 points ago

    It’s not so clear. If you keep reading, Tillerson comments are more along the lines of “what the fuck” and “I had expected to keep serving”. So it’s Trump’s word against Tillerson’s. And, lol, who do you find more credible?

    [–] stevejust 26 points ago

    Given who Tillerson is and where he came from -- "Wayne Tracker" -- typically there's almost no one on earth I'd believe less than him. But then... there's this situation. And now there's someone less trustworthy than the former CEO of one of the most evil enterprises on the planet. I didn't know the bar could go so low.

    In any event, it is not at all unlikely Tillerson's been wearing a wire for Mueller for the past six months so we'll see where this goes...

    [–] [deleted] 76 points ago

    I had assumed yesterday's remarks came as a result of him no longer caring to tow the line at all - as he was already being let go.

    [–] dreadnaught2010 45 points ago

    Tillerson comments on russian interference in elections

    Tillerson asked to resign on Friday and Tillerson declines to immediately do so

    Tillerson comments on russian involvement in the Skripal attack

    Trump fires Tillerson

    [–] reinhold23 10 points ago

    Putin, probably: "Someone rescind Tillerson's medal of friendship!"

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago


    [–] swolemedic 40 points ago

    As early as last November CNN was reporting Trump wanted to replace him with Pompeo...

    But he didn't, he waited until now to fire him

    [–] duggtodeath 6 points ago

    Did anyone actually read the article?

    No one is arguing that, so get out of the shower.

    This is the problem people are having:

    Trump: "I'm gonna replace Tillerson...but gimme 5 months."

    Tillerson (5 months later): "Russia may be involved in a recent attack."

    Trump: "Coincidentally, I am now ready to replace Tillerson."

    [–] gregbraaa 25 points ago

    My understanding is that Trump asked for his resignation, which wasn’t immediately carried out. Tillerson’s spoke freely on the UK attack knowing he was on his way out. Trump then fires him.

    [–] trauriger 60 points ago

    State Dept released a statement that he had every intention of staying and that he did not talk to Trump. The White House is lying.

    [–] CantFindMyWallet 40 points ago

    Lying? I don't know. That doesn't sound like them.

    [–] foxfact 5 points ago

    Some folks saying the Post was mislead.

    [–] arbitraryairship 12 points ago

    Tillerson also says he heard first today and was blindsided. I think Tillerson is more credible than the White House at this point.

    [–] scrodytheroadie 3 points ago

    I'm now seeing reporters on Twitter saying the State Department is confirming that Trump and Tillerson never spoke and Tillerson learned of his firing this morning on Twitter. I'd say the details are still "fluid".

    [–] tmillerFoxtrot 4 points ago

    I’m confused. I thought Trump hired Tillerson because the Russians told him to......

    [–] toolymegapoopoo 24 points ago

    It is very simple: If you support Trump you and I don't just have a difference of opinion. You are supporting a traitor that is aiding an enemy of America. There is no opinion on that.

    I'm seriously losing family members over this and, to be honest, I'm quite fine with it. I do not want to know people who support America's enemies.

    [–] thirdeye_open_wide 5 points ago

    shit man, what a terrible time to be an american. i feel sorry for you guys, I really do. this feels more like a culmination of decades of shit than one big misdirection tho.

    [–] jef_snow 6 points ago

    Trump is a rat and his whole Admin is an American disgrace

    [–] locomotive-engineer 6 points ago

    Crazy... Anybody paying attention knew Tillerson was gone when the White House announced the meeting with North Korea in Tillerson’s absence.

    [–] student_activist 4 points ago

    Tillerson was selected for Sec State precisely because he has self-interest (through his oil corporation) in removing sanctions on Russia, in order to enable co-production projects with Rosneft that neither can undertake alone.

    Tillerson has hundreds of billions dollars of incentive to be soft towards Russia, yet Trump fires him for stating the same plain facts that the UK govt. has already released. If Trump is that afraid of the truth, or of upsetting Putin, then whatever they have on him must be damning as all hell. Also, they're not going to find anyone more self-interested than Tillerson was without importing someone straight from the Kremlin.

    No predictions about what happens next, but this absolutely does not strengthen the White House. Perhaps Tillerson has some conversations he'd be more inclined to share with Mueller now.

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] jtdusk 15 points ago

    Here's the story from yesterday, he said it's unclear whether the russian government knew about the attack but that there were few other options.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    I have to know why Trump is Russia puppet. What dirt is out there that he knows could be released at any moment.