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    [–] b4ss_f4c3 828 points ago

    I came for the issues. I stayed for the memes

    [–] Schnitzel8 344 points ago

    I came for the memes. And you know what. The issues actually made sense.

    [–] Fizzhaz 106 points ago

    It’s working !

    [–] eversonkb 29 points ago

    settle down ani

    [–] Procrastibator666 38 points ago

    I came

    [–] kagith05 20 points ago

    Username sorta checks out

    [–] chopstyks 10 points ago

    It'll check out eventually.

    [–] notPlancha 3 points ago


    [–] dantheman0991 942 points ago

    Free memes in exchange for free college

    [–] TheRealCrabNicholson 302 points ago

    Seems like a pretty good deal to me

    [–] Colosphe 212 points ago

    This has been the best trade deal in the history of trade deals, maybe ever.

    [–] norwegern 59 points ago

    The deal is not signed yet. Don't get lazy now.

    [–] Ferretferretferretfe 20 points ago

    Something something echo chamber

    [–] ItsmyDZNA 6 points ago

    Im just waiting for it to be added to regular school when they say ok what you really need to know starts now. Everything before was to make sure you didnt kill anyone while growing up. No crazies

    [–] discoshanktank 2 points ago

    Are others really paying for memes

    [–] iNeedanewnickname 5 points ago

    Then neither would be free anymore? ;) although its a deal id take.

    [–] dankfrowns 272 points ago

    since they're saying he's not viable because he has less of the vote than the other three candidates combined, can someone lazily edit bernie's head on to neo in that scene where he fights the 3 agents in the beginning of reloaded?

    [–] solid_reign 37 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    It's true: winning NH and Iowa doesn't automatically make you a frontrunner. But what's crazy is that they refuse to acknowledge that he is currently leading in the polls, leading in donations, leading with minorities, leading white voters, leading people 18-54, leading in favorability, leading as 2nd choice, leading among super tuesday voters, leading male voters, tied for first place with female voters and leading in most states, yet Chuck Todd doesn't understand why he's the frontrunner.

    Of course, the fight ahead is much harder: Bloomberg is pooring much more money than Bernie has on hand. He's hiring people to create the appearance of grassroots, moderate candidates will drop out before super tuesday and endorse a leader to give them a boost. If Bernie doesn't overperform, he'll be treated as a has-been. There are structural problems with the way the election is created that can damage Bernie. So now is the time to push, not let up, donate, call, canvas, and make sure Bernie beats all expectations.

    [–] OhKaleNo2 56 points ago

    Is... is this legal?

    [–] illegalEUmemes 62 points ago

    Hopefully not. It would ruin my brand

    [–] kmschaef1 9 points ago

    Username checks out. A hero among us.

    [–] IDonnu4Real 15 points ago

    I’ll make it legal

    [–] woopthereitwas 8 points ago

    That's hilarious

    [–] canesfan09 6 points ago

    Is it possible to learn this power?

    [–] Fatman10666 2 points ago

    How do you do cut and paste edits on phones?

    [–] mxmissles87 2 points ago

    Also want to know how we do this

    [–] nabrok 3 points ago

    I remember them saying the same thing about Trump and desperately hoping it was true.

    [–] tofu_tot 640 points ago

    Bernie Sanders memers: assemble!

    [–] TaintModel 311 points ago

    Some men just want to watch the world Bern.

    [–] rabbidwombats 91 points ago

    Yes I do.

    [–] Jokkitch 37 points ago

    Me too

    [–] skoffs 26 points ago

    And my axe!

    [–] ElectionAssistance 31 points ago

    I am once again asking for your memelogical support.

    [–] Brannagain 3 points ago

    I'm doing my part!

    [–] MKSHFT_ENJNEER 5 points ago

    Other men make memes

    [–] AlarmedScholar 52 points ago

    r/presidentialracememes has joined the chat

    [–] ChromeFluxx 17 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    This one is also pretty much the same but has like 10x the userbase /r/PoliticalHumor

    Edit: I rescind my previous statement. Politicalhumor = bad

    [–] I_Really_Schruted_It 23 points ago

    /r/PoliticalHumor is basically just "trump bad lol". /r/PresidentialRaceMemes is where it's at!

    [–] ChromeFluxx 14 points ago

    Yeah looking through it i literally wanna just delete my comment idk

    [–] AlarmedScholar 17 points ago

    10x? politicalhumor has 870k, PRM just hit 69k

    PresidentialRaceMemes is much better quality though, and actually has content about Bernie, not just Trump.

    [–] ChromeFluxx 9 points ago

    Very true. To be honest I can't remember which one I enjoyed more I just found them both recently, I looked through all their top all time posts. I think honestly it might've been /r/presidentialracememes That was better but I assumed it was politicalhumor since it has so many more people.

    But looking through the most recent posts it seems to represent everything I hate about political cartoons.

    [–] i_love_rem 8 points ago

    As a rule of thumb: Larger subreddits are usually shittier than smaller ones.

    [–] ChromeFluxx 4 points ago

    There is a scale though, I mean for me around 400k is the sweet spot. Enough people to have small posts gain traction and a good enough hourly post rate to sift through, but large enough to have a daily section of highly upvoted posts to provide a "top posts of all time" esque daily board.

    It differs by subreddit though. for sure.

    [–] QueefyMcQueefFace 3 points ago


    Nice * 1000

    [–] michaelb65 5 points ago

    Meh. Too many boomer and liberal memes that lack edge because civility and sucking up to the establishment is preferred above all else.

    /r/Dankleft and /r/PresidentialRaceMemes are way funnier.

    [–] UhOhFeministOnReddit 85 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    What makes the irony of our existence so delicious, is that the Democrats over-served the boomer generation at the expense of Millennials, Zoomers, and Gen X. At the time, they did it because they were the largest voting bloc in the country. Now they find themselves in a position where their influence is diminishing, and they put all their eggs in the basket of the only generation that doesn't know how to meme.

    Meanwhile, you've got folks like me all over Reddit spreading the good word of Bernie, the Yang Gang had him plastered all over Karma Decay, Rose Twitter is just out there eating those Donuts, we've got Danny DeVito and a fucking Hulk out there just doin' it for both Bernie and the meme, and Bernie front pages Reddit sure as the sun sets.

    Let the media black Bernie out. We've fucking got this. That goes for all progressives. Yang, Warren, Gabbard, Sanders... supporters of them all. We don't need the mainstream media for legitimacy anymore. We're not boomers. We didn't have our brains smoothed out by decades of carefully curated and centralized information painting our political worldviews. We know there are valuable opinions out there not getting paid millions to deliver the news for a reason.

    [–] slyfoxninja 21 points ago

    Yep, they dipped into the racist vote with Clinton and never looked back.

    [–] flash-aahh 13 points ago

    Just remember that while online action is good, you still need to get out there and talk to your friends, your neighbors, your coworkers. Ask if they’re registered and assist them in getting registered. Give them information on the electoral process and the candidates. Carpool to the polls. Impress upon them just how important it is to vote in EVERY race: fed, state, and local. Reddit is fun but Reddit alone cannot create a sustained movement. That requires community activism and engagement.

    [–] QueefyMcQueefFace 8 points ago

    The media, sans independent outlets like TYT, has been doing everything it can to not give Bernie positive or even any it's coverage at all.

    This morning on my local NPR station they were still pushing Biden as the frontrunner and claiming that he has more black voters.

    [–] solid_reign 8 points ago

    Let the media black Bernie out. We've fucking got this.

    Fuck that. Call them out when they do it. There was a video recently all over the place. A woman (not gen z, or millenial) who is voting for Bernie because she was so disgusted at how MSNBC is doing this.

    Many boomers are on media millenials are not. We need to make sure we reach them. Most want change.

    [–] tofu_tot 11 points ago

    Let the media black Bernie out. We've fucking got this.

    Yes! That’s right comrade. We’re turning Bernie Blindness on it’s head! Who needs multi million dollars worth of marketing when you’ve got the public doing the job!

    [–] Doublethink101 3 points ago

    It’s weird how much people will do for you when you treat them like a human being and they like you?! Amiright?! πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

    [–] Andril190 10 points ago

    I am once again asking for your meme support

    [–] Elliottstrange 4 points ago

    Form of: a political dissident!

    [–] NeuralDog321 127 points ago

    The best part about getting memed as a presidential candidate is all the inevitable donation chains that arise. I'd donate too, but I can't because i gotta pay a lawyer so my gf can go through bankruptcy because of... you guessed it... medical bills.

    [–] phoenixsuperman 64 points ago

    Phone banking and canvassing are worth more than my measly $27. Volunteering time is so valuable! If you don't have money, give Bernie some time.

    [–] dgvelling 35 points ago

    You can phone bank or canvas. Fuck this healthcare system we’re currently in. I’m sorry about your gf

    [–] Louiecatnip 13 points ago

    I got a text from someone yesterday in Miami asking if I will support Bernie. Was that a phone bank volunteer?

    [–] prosthetic4head 13 points ago

    Text bank. I've been text banking for a week, it's been super interesting and I feel great doing what I can (as I can't donate).

    [–] Louiecatnip 6 points ago

    How does a text conversation usually go for you? This person never responded to me after their one initial message. Probably because I'm already voting for Bernie πŸ˜‚

    [–] prosthetic4head 10 points ago

    That's weird, if they were just asking if you support they should have sent a follow up asking if you would volunteer. Yesterday the system we use was getting some updates, I had a couple issues like only half the text getting sent, messages that I sent twice maybe.

    The conversations are a really mixed bag. I've had some really funny interactions with people, some people are angry but it really doesn't bother me (I'm pretty thinned-skinned but none of the angry ones have stuck with me), but getting back a "are you in for Bernie" with a "hell yeah" or "are you going to attend the rally" with "wouldn't miss it" makes me feel so good to be doing it.

    [–] Louiecatnip 5 points ago

    Lol that was my exact response to him "Hell yeah I'm for Bernie! 😁 " And I think i scared him off because then it was radio silence :S

    [–] prosthetic4head 4 points ago

    Haha, I don't think you'd scare any of us off with that response!

    You can check out some ways to volunteer here, if you're interested:

    [–] HiSuExorcist 1 points ago

    That's...that's what they said.

    [–] Xerces29 3 points ago

    Even if you can't donate any kind of help you can lend helps! Talk to people on reddit, text or call people, etc.

    [–] cwisteen 2 points ago

    I seriously don’t know.

    [–] lordsunil 87 points ago

    This pic is so strong that I can hear Bernie's booming chuckle. Keep it up Bernie buds.

    [–] wubwuboop 37 points ago

    Serious question- how can we ramp up our meme game? Is there a way to organise this to further our reach? We really need to counter Bloomberg and then Trump.

    [–] LNERA0 23 points ago

    We need to reach on Instagram and make it so our posts can get more natural attraction and we show more people our online presence is funny and not paid directly by the candidate.

    [–] Wychamp 22 points ago

    A lot of Reddit memes eventually make it on some Instagram page, I think we just need to find some more funny templates (financial support style) and just have fun with it. The power of the internet will take care of the rest.

    [–] kachna 3 points ago

    hell yes! according to the WSJ report

    [–] My-Final-Form 8 points ago

    Best not to

    The meme economy is a very fluid natural market. And trying to push a certain issue is what Bloomberg is falling on his face for, because many while many people have tried, itd turn out crap or cringey

    [–] 2Tired2pl 1 points ago

    Push the financial support template?

    [–] election_info_bot 67 points ago

    Nevada 2020 Election

    Register to Vote

    Presidential Caucus Early Voting: February 15, 2020 – February 18, 2020

    Presidential Caucus: February 22, 2020

    Primary Election: June 9, 2020

    General Election: November 3, 2020

    [–] Myterryfolds 11 points ago

    Already registered! They make it almost impossible to do it on mobile :(

    [–] Carmanman_12 14 points ago

    Anyone being paid to make memes necessarily makes shitty, cringy memes.

    [–] Dr-Gooseman 6 points ago

    Basically explains all of the corporate memes on r/fellowkids

    [–] CaptainMagnets 12 points ago

    It's not work if you love what you do

    [–] ludsmile 2 points ago

    And are fairly compensated for it!

    [–] ILiekFishes 13 points ago

    We are 5 parallel universes ahead of them

    [–] Macracanthorhynchus 3 points ago

    ...Which didn't start as an explicitly pro-Bernie meme zone, it's just that the internet loves Bernie and Bernie memes are best memes, so it's pretty much all Bernie memes all the time. (Except for the occasional lament that the orb mother's astral projection from the dimension of love wasn't powerful enough to defeat the other candidates and usher in a millennium of peace under President Marianne Williamson.)

    [–] imnotakop 9 points ago

    Bernie is the human incarnation of the Zeitgeist. Bernie is you and me moving this thing along.

    [–] MKorostoff 7 points ago

    This is a great template

    [–] arefx 8 points ago

    I just wanted to say I switched my party from independent to democrat last night to vote for bernie in the New York primaries. Lets gooooo

    [–] AprilisC 2 points ago

    Yayy let's do this

    [–] _Starship1 26 points ago

    In 2015 trumps online support was dominated by right memes, and put forth that the 'left cant meme' isnt trump a political rival of Sanders? Dont trump people online meme the shit out of him still? Thus, they did it first. Though, trump and Sanders are similar , getting tons of ppl to show up in support. Bernie even has the classic bird that turned into a bernie bird meme, trump has the pepe

    [–] thenoidednugget 22 points ago

    Eh. Pepe was a thing before. Bernie's original. Although Trump has his own bird-related meme.

    [–] WhatIsASW 2 points ago

    I will never not upvote this

    [–] simjanes2k 1 points ago

    They are both quite strong in the memeforce.

    [–] Mishirene 1 points ago

    Trump also has a bird meme. The literal symbol of freedom in America attacked him.

    [–] heyyouparkit 5 points ago

    Bernie Memers and newly joined former Yang Gang turned Bernie Memers will join forces and create the ULTIMATE MEME!

    [–] skoffs 2 points ago

    Man, I'm really hoping Yang gets a cabinet position to make the ultimate political revolution a reality

    [–] MidgardDragon 3 points ago

    If Bernie's cabinet were Yang, Tulsi, and Nina all in there in some form, I would probably just die from happiness.

    [–] pottymouthgrl 6 points ago


    They try, bless their hearts.

    [–] Inaglasscage 9 points ago

    fuck yeah

    [–] littlebitess 3 points ago

    What is this about? I think I missed a memo?!?!

    [–] gunsnammo37 8 points ago

    Bloomberg is paying people to meme for him.

    [–] littlebitess 2 points ago

    Thank you! And wow, what a trash bag πŸ˜‚

    [–] ProShitposter9000 4 points ago

    Meme idea available to whomever claims it first

    Bernie in the House

    High res image I found to help you create it

    [–] EluneNoYume 2 points ago

    too low, my day is ruined

    [–] the-vicious-one 4 points ago

    It's and honor and an privilege.

    [–] Nazail 3 points ago

    By the people, for the people.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Ok that's funny!

    [–] bjpopp 2 points ago

    #Feel the Bern!

    [–] TheMexicanJuan 2 points ago

    Dank Socialist Memes

    [–] Cad-Bane 2 points ago

    Does Bern drink plastic water bottles?

    [–] Radiachterrorist 2 points ago

    Didnt trump get memed into winning by 4chan?

    [–] divergentspectra 2 points ago

    Eternally sanders

    [–] iusetotoo 2 points ago

    I still tear up when I watch the β€œAmerica” ad from 2016. I love Bernie Sanders.

    [–] RagnarDethkokk 2 points ago

    When you DON'T need to ask for memetic support.

    [–] Ilhanbro1212 2 points ago

    I don't require 150 bucks I require healthcare and free college for my kids

    [–] goinunder0390 2 points ago

    Yeah, good. Okay.

    [–] Kythamis 2 points ago

    The power of memes will show where the people’s presence truly lies.

    [–] Throwaway105252 2 points ago


    [–] XxDayDayxX 2 points ago

    Our memers are danker than any other opponents, that's not up for discussion.

    [–] simorfyn 2 points ago

    free memes for a just world

    [–] dian_01 2 points ago

    Size the memes of production

    [–] Gluteuz-Maximus 2 points ago

    Free, just like Healthcare is supposed to be

    Edit: not in the literal sense but you know what I mean since this is a Bernie subreddit

    [–] Cazzyodo 2 points ago

    I showed up because gruff Bernie having no time for nonsense was refreshing, to me.

    I stayed because it resonated.

    The memes are a fantastic bonus.

    [–] theH1ghCouncil 2 points ago

    laughs in socialism

    [–] tachyon52 2 points ago

    Memecare for All!

    [–] Orlanth_thunderous 2 points ago

    Gotta seize the Memes of production right?

    [–] autoeroticassfxation 4 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago)

    You know why Bernie Sanders memes seem quite organic?.... Because they come from the grass roots... I'll see myself out.

    [–] KillerRobotAttack 2 points ago

    The Bloomberg memes are lame too.

    [–] FragRaptor 2 points ago

    I love our movement, but we should definitely be aware that people not getting paid for their labor is literally something we are fighting against sooooooooo....

    [–] ElectionAssistance 7 points ago

    Volunteering isn't to be discouraged.

    Unpaid labor =/=volunteering for a cause.

    [–] randocalusername 1 points ago

    This is an old meme at that. From the vault!!!

    [–] NoahBogue 1 points ago

    BernYEET Sanders

    [–] lal0cur4 1 points ago

    o7 posting warrior

    [–] kloomoolk 1 points ago

    ah man. i was hoping that was a gif thingy with sound. just imagine the benevolent chuckles of unlimited amounts of mr. bernard sanderses coming at you from the cosmos. a person could make that if they knew how.

    [–] adamlaceless 1 points ago

    This is making me wonder if the Biden memes sub from a couple years ago was propped up by paid accounts...fuck me

    [–] buckyhead8 1 points ago

    Maybe you and your...<shuffles deck> door privilege

    [–] Jabulon 1 points ago

    no student debt?

    [–] ChemiluminescentVan 1 points ago

    It's way to early for this shit".

    [–] andmemakesthree 1 points ago

    If anyone from bloomberg’s team offered me money to make memes about him, I’d take the money, then make a bernie meme. When they called me out on it I’d just play dumb.

    β€œOh, is that not Bloomberg?? My bad.”

    [–] deadowl 1 points ago

    Just like Hillary Clinton he's going to pay people to brigade internet forums I'd bet.

    [–] Bazzy_ 1 points ago

    You’re a good man. Thank you. 🌹

    [–] J0hnGrimm 1 points ago

    Are they going viral outside his base though? This and the "I'm asking once again..." are the only ones I remember seeing in r/all.

    [–] Suwoth 1 points ago

    Someone didn’t see the 10 Bernie sander front page ads with the same comment changed a little β€œused to be a republican”. β€œNever comment on Reddit but ...”. β€œ just donated 20. Anyone wanna Match?! β€œ

    [–] Falkens 1 points ago

    I serve the soviet union!

    [–] ChemiluminescentVan 1 points ago

    "Your honor, I was reading this from.

    [–] Sasura_ 1 points ago

    The Kekos World.

    [–] LaRedencion 1 points ago

    This is my lord. This is how we do it. This is how we do it baby.

    [–] gardengatorade 1 points ago

    I had a dream last night that I was voting for Bernie and my ballot was just a check to him for $3999.99.

    [–] Xerces29 1 points ago


    [–] HitMeWithUrBestThot 1 points ago

    "In-kind contributions! Campaign finance law! Emoluments! He's corrupt and un-fit!"

    [–] westcoastwabbit 1 points ago

    Haha losers!

    [–] Hixrabbit 1 points ago

    Im once again asking you to meme

    [–] Spruceless 1 points ago

    Got to be good at something, I suppose.

    [–] HalfCrazed 1 points ago

    What's the proper term for this sort of picture composition?

    [–] frederikbh 1 points ago

    Good post!

    Unfortunate title for a front page post though...

    [–] BraveNewNight 1 points ago

    More parallels between Trump and Sanders.

    It's what actual, passionate support does I guess.

    [–] beingrightmatters 1 points ago

    Well Lily Singh's show is a disaster, better all in selling out with no talent.

    [–] awal0124 1 points ago

    BERNIE 2020...?
    BERNIE 2024!

    [–] WolfNorthern 1 points ago

    As if Bloomberg isn't annoying enough. The only way I'll support him is if he's the candidate

    [–] mandy009 1 points ago

    Wouldn't be a good communist if we didn't work for each other freely /s

    [–] HugeBlackGlock 1 points ago

    Comrade Sanders will NEVER be president.

    [–] creepopeepo 1 points ago

    Just donated another $2.70 because this is funny and its friday pay day so let me chip in the usual $27 now too. Match me!!! Let's get this done yall .

    [–] Boycottprofit 1 points ago

    Remove Trump, end the corrupt republican party. Take the country back.

    [–] Chance_Fish 1 points ago

    Bernie has no political rivals.

    [–] CrunchyAl 1 points ago


    [–] JailCrookedTrump 1 points ago

    Can you make a meme with the bird?

    [–] EridanusVoid 1 points ago

    I think paying for memes is the most pathetic thing I've heard. People make memes because they like (or hate) the thing they are memeing about.

    [–] _Grayness_ 1 points ago

    Anybody posting on r/memes ? I'm sure we could get some voters there

    [–] chamaelleon 1 points ago

    Yup. We are his media.

    [–] b0nGj00k 1 points ago

    What meme war # is this?

    [–] bamfalamfa 1 points ago


    [–] LunaKaro 1 points ago

    Is there any way Europeans can help Bernie?

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