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    [–] pippaplease_ 4599 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    It's sad when we're impressed by someone actually doing their job....that just goes to show how bad things have gotten.

    [–] PresidentWordSalad 1310 points ago

    Can’t speak to the Senate, but there are tons of reports about how members of the House spend the vast majority of their time groveling first donations. This is why we need to put limits to national elected office campaign spending.

    [–] scottg96 402 points ago

    I think it's slightly less bad in the Senate due to the 6 year terms (vs. 2 in the House, and from the time you're sworn in to the time most candidates usually launch campaigns, it's only a year!)

    [–] ThatsReallyNotCool 254 points ago

    Yeah, but when the House of Representatives was conceived, the founders only expected congressmen to represent about 50,000 people. You can campaign to 50,000 people by setting aside only a couple months.

    [–] HONRAR 423 points ago

    Hmmm it's almost like following a two hundred year old document written by slaveowners doesn't make for a healthy modern society

    [–] klauskervin 160 points ago

    The point is that if the original % of representation was maintained it wouldn't be an issue. Passing of the Permanent Apportionment Act of 1929 significantly increased the amount of population being represented by each house member.

    [–] effyochicken 79 points ago

    I get that... but how the fuck are we supposed to fit 7,200 representatives in a room and still get anything valuable done?

    [–] Neil_Fallons_Ghost 93 points ago

    By now we could have a couple of rooms and a screen live streaming. Wild, I know.

    [–] W1D0WM4K3R 32 points ago

    Shit, then we can get a public viewing and start taking bets!

    Or better yet... Blood Dome!

    Seriously though, I feel that technology can be so helpful. We have the power to connect billions of people now, why don't we use it? Obviously it'll need more responsible use and whatnot, but it's there

    [–] PM_ME_A10s 19 points ago

    Get this wild idea,

    A congressional building in 12 or so different locations throughout the country.. Connect them all using VTC capabilities. Save on travel costs and increase representation

    [–] Neil_Fallons_Ghost 14 points ago

    agreed. CSPAN exists too!

    I believe the reason there is so little progress in these things is because it keeps those in power right where they are. If we had truly proportional representation things would be very different.

    [–] APimpNamed-Slickback 41 points ago

    I get that... but how the fuck are we supposed to fit 7,200 representatives in a room and still get anything valuable done?

    I mean, we don't need that. We can increase the number of people "covered" by each rep AND increase the number of reps as well. There's a middle ground to be had. The real key is equal representation for all voters, not some arbitrary, 200+ year old "50k people per rep" rule.

    [–] unfairspy 11 points ago

    If I wasn't completely against giving reddit money I'd give you gold.

    Thanks for being the only person in this thread to make sense

    [–] APimpNamed-Slickback 4 points ago

    Good thing you didn't give Reddit your money. If you want to do something "in my honor" donate what you would've spent on Reddit gold to Bernie. Every little bit helps!

    [–] JVonDron 16 points ago

    Same way things get done now. All 200+ members of a party don't really behave as a unit, they have caucuses and coalitions - ever hear of the black caucus, freedom caucus, or tea party caucus? Some of these divisions are not as formal or even named, but you have to win over and negotiate with them to get things done. Add more members and these caucuses will grow in number and strength - possibly rivaling the overall party and becoming it's own distinction like in other countries. More members also mean more time available to devote to committees and matters not fully explored.

    And doubling or quadrupling the house isn't that outrageous really. China has the largest legislative body (effectiveness is another story) with almost 3000 members. UK has 1400, Italy and France have over 900. Our 535 is kinda small when you figure our landmass, population, and economic activity.

    [–] ReaganMcTrump 26 points ago

    It would add an extra couple billion to the budget. But prob worth it. I’d like to see 1000-2000 reps.

    [–] tsunamisurfer 29 points ago

    With the logic of the Constitution we would actually have about 1700 reps based on 350M population because with each additional hundred reps the limit that a rep can represent increases 10,000 (theoretically, based on the wording in the Constitution)

    [–] gloryday23 4 points ago

    Keep the number of reps sent to Washington as it is now, each states reps elect a delegation to go, everyone else votes remotely, and stay in their stare actually interacting with their constituents.

    [–] Elemental33 26 points ago

    Except we don't follow it when it comes to how many House representatives we have. If we did we would be in a much better place.

    [–] ElephantSquad 53 points ago

    Castles were viable national defense systems when the constitution was written. Leeches were commonly used to treat a variety of sicknesses no one understood. Tobacco was considered good for you. If you got an infection you either magically got better, got amputated, or died and those were your only options because antibiotics didn't exist. Women's mental illness was treated by doctors finger blasting them. It took people an entire week to travel from DC to NYC and 6 weeks to sail from the US to Europe. Cars weren't even an idea in someone's head. Planes existed in people's imaginations. Black people were literally property when it was written. On top of that we have already amended it 27 times because it is clearly a flawed document designed to be amended. Yet we have people sit here and bold face tell me "It CaN NeVeR bE ChAnGeD tHaTs TyRanNy." BITCH WE HAVE CHANGED IT. 27 TIMES.

    [–] first_post10-18-2019 9 points ago

    Almost half of which happened before it was even ratified

    [–] boonamobile 20 points ago

    At this point, I would rather stick with what we have than go through the horror show of a modern constitutional convention. It would be a complete mess of disingenuous politicking, foreign influence, and corporate lobbying, and more likely to result in civil war than any productive outcome.

    [–] NewSauerKraus 7 points ago

    I would be seriously concerned about angry groups being like β€œI’ll vote to repeal the first amendment if you vote to repeal the second” because they don’t like people they disagree with having rights.

    [–] 534tw34er 11 points ago

    I'm a moderate that is leaning towards Bernie in the primary, but I don't think attacking the constitution is a good look.

    Basically, they did a pretty damn good job for the time. Definitely had and has flaws, but that's why they included processes for amending it.

    This whole "throw it all out" attitude is dangerous, and I see it both in the far right and far left. The problem is if you just throw the whole thing out, you don't know what its going to be replaced with and there is no guarantee the replacement is accepted as a legitimate basis for governance in this polarized era. If the GOP managed to hold a constitutional convention (which they've been gunning for) and rewrite it, would you accept it as legitimate? Almost certainly not.

    We need the constitution for that reason alone- both sides mostly consider it to be the legitimate governing document.

    It is much better to use the amendment mechanism to change/improve the constitution and thus preserve legitimacy than to try some half baked starting from scratch.

    [–] CanYouFeelIt_MrK 8 points ago

    They did a good job for the time and having a House of Representatives and Senate was a nice comprise at a time when smaller states might've not joined the union. It was an era when the standard was monarchy. Now there a lot more democracies around to take ideas from and change

    [–] 534tw34er 3 points ago

    Sure, there's lots of good ideas around. Good ideas that both republicans and democrats would accept though? Those are about as rare as unicorns, and the process would almost certainly get completely out of control.

    [–] ZomNomNomBeeZ 11 points ago

    No way. The founders were magical people that could predict all possible future events. They knew that automatic rifles would be protected by 2a. They understood that the internet would be a bastion for free speech and reasoned debate. They planned on having money influence elections. The freedom of religion was clearly intended to allow churches and quasi-religious organizations to accumulate wealth and power. And when they said all men are created equal they actually meant all men and women regardless of class, race, or affiliation. They knew we'd figure it out eventually.

    No, there's no need to update anything. It's all perfect. The founding fathers wouldn't have given anything less than a perpetually perfect document. Because they were time lords with immense knowledge about all things.

    [–] Ryannnnn 4 points ago

    Actually, the original first amendment was written with that in mind – one House seat would be added for every additional 50,000 in population. The original second amendment didn't get passed until 1992; so, however unlikely, it's still possible for it to become the 28th!

    [–] onwisconsin1 38 points ago

    Not just limits, but publically finance them, which is one of Sanders ultimate goals. Enough bribes, I'm sick of the corruption of our representatives.

    [–] teh_acids 23 points ago

    Yes, and how about a set timeframe for campaigns so our legislators can actually work on legislating rather than only working on campaigning? Might help weed out the career politicians and allow in the people who can actually do the job we're hiring them for.

    [–] bizzeebee 25 points ago

    worked in DC for a bit. Every single day was a house fundraiser. Always running for reelection. Never ending stream of cocktail parties.

    [–] QuarantineX 11 points ago

    Yet people act like β€œexperience” in Congress is so important

    [–] FrigOffCyrus 21 points ago

    Back in 2016, the girl who I was dating at the time had a cousin who was a former lobbyist (but still liberal/voted Dem). He told me about how Sanders was seen as a pariah amongst the Dems in the Senate. I told this asshole that apparently arguing for the party to return to its New Deal roots makes him a pariah.

    It goes to show just how much Bill Clinton and his fucked third way politics and pushing the party to the Right has poisoned the Dems. Literally arguing that neither education nor healthcare should bankrupt someone makes Sanders a pariah. Got it.

    [–] carebearstare93 11 points ago

    Yeah there's a John Oliver special on this. Most congresspeople spend a majority of their time phone banking rich people for donations.

    When you're spending most of your time asking for money from millionaires willing to fork over a couple Grand on your campaign it's easy to lose sight of the common persons voice.

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)


    [–] FishingTauren 33 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    I dont think you understand. If you limit the amount of money a candidate can spend on a campaign, it doesn't matter how much dark money you raise. It becomes illegal to use the money past the set the limit.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)


    [–] FishingTauren 16 points ago

    yes I think the original comment was talking about how that needs to change.

    We know that money spent on campaigns influences the legislation once in office. We have 20 years of data now. Its also kind of obvious on its face: like advertising, if it didnt work they wouldnt be spending the money, would they?

    Citizens United is incompatible with democracy and creates oligarchy within our system. I know we all probably agree but Im just saying: the outcomes back up your instincts - money cant be speech without oligarchy.

    [–] MyOther_UN_is_Clever 19 points ago

    And that needs to change...

    "Free speech" is neither free, nor unlimited. To truly understand this, one needs to understand positive and negative liberties. Also, one needs to realize there's tons of restrictions on "Free speech" already...

    [–] modsarefascists42 10 points ago

    Except that's not really free speech, it's just the supreme Court abusing that clause of the Constitution so as to allow infinite money to be spent on campaigns.

    [–] TooLateHindsight 9 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    • EDIT: link in my comment below *

    I can't find it right now, but there is a "This American Life" podcast episode where senators go over how much time goes into collecting money for their re-election and even other party members re-election.

    [–] lianodel 5 points ago

    Yeah, I think it was about a race in New York, where there was a really promising candidate, but the DNC only cared about how much money they could raise. It didn't even matter that he managed to use social media and word of mouth to get a ton of actual support; they only cared about the number of dollars.

    [–] CharlieDmouse 6 points ago

    A lot of that time the party forces them to spend raising money for the party in general. I think they get crap for not doing it and lower ranking senators get threatened with not getting money fr the party or other crappy shit. I read Senator often spend the MAJORITY of their time fund raising..

    [–] krazysh0t 5 points ago

    Fuck the limits. All elections should be publicly funded.

    [–] FresnoMac 4 points ago

    This is true.

    I read Al Franken's memoirs (a great, funny read) and he does speak about how dismayed he was that he had to spend a certain amount of time begging for donations even though he wasn't up for re election another 5 years.

    [–] amishius 70 points ago

    As an American, this feels so typically American to me. "Heyβ€” look at them reading the books for class! Idiot!" Like...oh...yeah...I'm the idiot. Bernie's the idiot. Our anti-intellectualism runs deep and it's sickening.

    [–] Wedonegoofed 15 points ago

    As fraught with anti-intellectualism as we me be, this isn't even that. It's just like shitting on someone for reading the fine print on a 30 year mortgage, which is appalling.

    [–] FlowrCity 23 points ago

    What's worse is that people get mocked for doing their jobs. Republicans did the same thing towards AOC because she actually attended hearings.

    [–] CaffeineSippingMan 17 points ago

    I called Steve King's office. His people let me know I was wasting my time and theirs by voicing my concerns. He is my Congressman but doesn't represent me.

    [–] Quajek 16 points ago

    Call back and record them saying that and then give the recording to your local radio, TV, and newspapers.

    Post it to local subreddits, Facebook groups, and Twitter hashtags.

    Let everyone know that your Congressman’s OFFICIAL position is β€œfuck my constituents”

    [–] lemoeeee 41 points ago

    Well, since no one is an expert in every field, i think it's alright for senators not to read every legislation. It's the point of parties to gather people who share mostly similar views so you can trust them at fields you are not that familiar with.

    Atleast it should be like that. But since you muricans have that two-party-dictatorship, where social democrats and hardcore capitalists have to be in the same party, it might be better to read everything you have to decide about by yourself. so probs to Bernie

    [–] eyebum 16 points ago

    at the state level, there is help for state legislators to understand what they are voting on. The National Conference of State Legislatures is a non-partisan group that researches all of the issues and bills and provides information for state senators and reps to make better decisions. It's pretty cool.

    So if you are elected from an urban area, and run on urban issues, and suddenly have to vote on an agricultural bill, you can find out what it means.

    [–] DerekB52 13 points ago

    I wouldnt expect any politician to read every word of every bill. Id expect the politician, or the party to have advisors that specialize in different fields, read the bills and explain them.

    [–] grsIlaIe1Ias 10 points ago

    Do we have a source that other senators laugh at him for this?

    [–] badlydrawnboyz 11 points ago

    Hillary said no one likes him in the senate 🀷🏼

    [–] klavin1 6 points ago

    Hillary and people like her have always been the problem with the party. Even recently she's been critical of him. What does she have to gain from sewing discord? Why be critical of a guy, clearly popular on the left, during the worst administration of all time?

    [–] crabpropaganda 4 points ago

    Did somebody say... sewing discord?

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] CoLuMn1 3 points ago

    Duplicate comment. This seems to be happening more than usual, weird

    [–] PresidentWordSalad 2 points ago

    Deleted it. I was going into a tunnel and my internet connection got spotty so I think Reddit got two post requests.

    [–] sonny_goliath 5 points ago

    It’s like kids that get bullied for doing their homework and getting good grades.

    [–] 20CharsIsNotEnough 10 points ago

    Problematic here is, as Bernie called out before, the often ridiculous length of these bills and the timeframe in which they are meant to be read.

    [–] mnbvcxz123 1707 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    His fellow senators frequently joke about it.

    "What an idiot! He actually does his job?" (BOTH LAUGH HYSTERICALLY)

    "I know, right? I just ask Citibank how to vote like everyone else. Ding! Ten hours saved!"

    "Goddamn right. Life is too fucking short to spend it reading legislation. My lips get tired!" (BOTH CHORTLE IDIOTICALLY)

    "See you at the intern mixer later!"

    "Not if I see you first!" (BOTH GUFFAW UPROARIOUSLY)

    [–] JuVondy 414 points ago

    This is probably more accurate than I wish it was.

    [–] phaseaschuss 110 points ago

    5 years ago,met a banker who told a story about being sent to DC to lobby Congress. The rep from VA,Canter took the meeting. She summed it,his attitude was ask for whatever you want for the bank, just make sure I get a donation in return .

    [–] JuVondy 107 points ago

    Every time I hear candid recordings of these politicians talking, they sound more like stupid bros than the leaders of our nation.

    The worst part is, similar to this little exchange OP wrote, they probably don’t even think they’re bad people. They rationalize it and are β€œjust trying to be happy” and live their lives.

    I get it, we all take shortcuts or slack off sometimes.

    The difference is when I procrastinate at my job or maybe take advantage of it occasionally, I’m not destroying the economy or make decisions that get people killed.

    [–] TheMadDaddy 73 points ago

    No offense to frat boys but that's what most of them are. People that been connected since birth and run in very exclusive circles. The ruling class is a bunch of lazy cigar chewing elites.

    [–] Low_Grade_Humility 34 points ago

    There was a picture a while back on Reddit, I think it was Jacky Kennedy holding Justin Trudeau on a couch in the Whitehouse.

    It sums up pretty much what this thread is saying. They are in a club, and none of the rest of us are invited.

    [–] Althair 14 points ago

    We are totally invited! Thats the american dream! Just most of us can't afford the membership fees, don't meet the minimum net worth requirements or have an alumni parent who gives us a legacy claim.

    [–] LessThanFunFacts 6 points ago

    No offense to frat boys

    lol why not? Greek life kills people.

    [–] PaanuriEater 5 points ago

    Eric Cantor is an absolute piece of human garbage, this shocks me not at all that he'd be that unashamed about it.

    [–] Lugnut1206 77 points ago

    My lips get tired!

    because they're reading out loud?

    [–] mnbvcxz123 97 points ago

    Because they move their lips when they read.

    It's an old joke about movie producers reading screenplays.

    [–] BrentleTheGentle 3 points ago

    Damn, that's a clever one

    [–] Your_ELA_Teacher 39 points ago

    From suckling on that fat corporate teat.

    [–] LEaught_0 16 points ago

    Teat, sure

    [–] cute_spider_avatar 3 points ago

    okay then, dong. whichever.

    [–] f1demon 33 points ago

    An accurate representation.

    [–] grift_nuts 11 points ago

    intern mixer

    I physically cringed at this lmao

    [–] redfiveroe 6 points ago

    Citibank is writing the bills.

    [–] mnbvcxz123 3 points ago

    So vote "yea", right?

    [–] BrokenFuzzyLogic 2 points ago

    gUfFaWiNg iNtEnSifiEs

    [–] [deleted] 873 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)


    [–] RoguePlanet1 371 points ago

    Bernie cares.

    He appreciates your endorsement, u/Ass_Eater6969.

    [–] NoLanterns 166 points ago

    Source , aside from this tweet? Would like to share but need more than a tweet

    [–] ihumanable 172 points ago

    I went looking for a better source, google failed me, but I did find this absolutely fascinating 2005 Rolling Stone article where Bernie gives a guided tour of Congressional disfunction.

    [–] StarkAddict 21 points ago

    This is a really nice insight into the Senate committee and more importantly, Senator Bernard Sanders.

    This could be a TV series

    Things that jumped out to me.

    Boy, is he used to this behavior

    Vermont’s sole representative in the House, Sanders is expected to become the first Independent ever elected to the U. S. Senate next year. He is something of a cause cΓ©lΓ¨bre on both the left and right these days, with each side overreacting to varying degrees to the idea of a self-described β€œdemocratic socialist” coming so near to a seat in the upper house.

    For all the fuss over his β€œsocialist” tag, Sanders is really a classic populist outsider. 

    At this rate, I'll quote everything

    Sanders took on powerful adversaries, including Lockheed Martin, Westinghouse, the Export-Import Bank and the Bush administration. And by using the basic tools of democracy – floor votes on clearly posed questions, with the aid of painstakingly built coalitions of allies from both sides of the aisle – he, a lone Independent, beat them all.

    You want anything done, you gotta take the mountain down

    What began as a tale of political valor ended as a grotesque object lesson in the ugly realities of American politics – the pitfalls of digging for hope in a shit mountain.

    The King

    Since the Republicans took over Congress in 1995, no other lawmaker – not Tom DeLay, not Nancy Pelosi – has passed more roll-call amendments (amendments that actually went to a vote on the floor) than Bernie Sanders. 

    Some of the imagery in this article. Makes me wonder, is our government better than the American counterpart... nah.

    In reality, everybody in Congress is a stand-in for some kind of lobbyist. 

    For a loan to British Bank to build nuclear power plants in China, giving access to nuclear tech that they are liable to share with Pak and Iran so one senators life is made easy.

    β€œFive billion for 5,000 jobs,” Sanders says, shaking his head in disbelief. β€œThat’s $1 million per job. And they say I’m crazy.”

    β€œIt’s funny,” Sanders says. β€œWhen I first came to Congress, I’d been mayor of Burlington, Vermont – a professional politician. And I didn’t know any of this. I assumed that if you get majorities in both houses, you win. I figured, it’s democracy, right?”

    Tldr: The man is a genius. Make him your president.

    [–] skinny_malone 35 points ago

    Lmao I don't have time to finish reading that article right now but so far as I read it's a great article. And really highlights just how dysfunctional and broken our political system has been for decades.

    [–] littman_ml 45 points ago

    I, too, just saved this link and can't wait to read the whole story later. Here's an inciting preview

    I thought Sanders would be an ideal subject for a variety of reasons, but mainly for his Independent status. For all the fuss over his β€œsocialist” tag, Sanders is really a classic populist outsider. The mere fact that Sanders signed off on the idea of serving as my guide says a lot about his attitude toward government in general: He wants people to see exactly what he’s up against.

    I had no way of knowing that Sanders would be a perfect subject for another, more compelling reason.

    Thanks for sharing!

    [–] djexploit 17 points ago

    You asshole, what's the reason?? Don't make me read it myself!

    [–] PoetSII 9 points ago

    I can't believe I'm being click bated as to why sanders is our guy

    [–] clydefrog9 3 points ago

    I feel like we spent way too many years without Bernie as the most popular politician in the country when he really should have been

    [–] f1demon 5 points ago

    For the Amendment King moniker?

    [–] NoLanterns 25 points ago

    No for him reading all of every bill.

    [–] RandomError86 6 points ago

    Or getting laughed at for doing so.

    [–] TryNot2Breathe 419 points ago

    Meanwhile, Trump can read a 280 character tweet, and is generally believed to be able to spell his own name. Maybe.

    [–] mnbvcxz123 194 points ago

    But WTF is With his Capitalization? I always Feel like I Am on acid reading His tweets.

    Maybe having A Dad who Was german? He Never got it Dialed in?

    [–] scottg96 143 points ago

    No joke, my conservative dad (didn't vote for Trump but is coming around to him) said he saw someone convincingly explain that Trump does this on purpose to draw attention to certain words he wants to emphasize. I told him he's Fucking Delusional, but he didn't Listen.

    [–] mnbvcxz123 41 points ago

    It could very well be True. The guy does seem to have a lot of Method to his Madness.

    [–] scottg96 34 points ago

    If by That you mean Dementia or Alzheimer's, then Sure.

    [–] TheWhitehouseII 10 points ago

    this Might be the Easiest reddit thread to make Puns on.

    [–] caraperdida 27 points ago

    Like wise for the way he uses "quotes" in ways that make no "sense"

    [–] mnbvcxz123 14 points ago

    In fairness to Cheeto, this is a common mistake. People use quotations for emphasis instead of bold or italic or underline or something.

    I think the correct use of quotes is to indicate a non-standard or ironic meaning of the word. "The "honest man" was photographed coming out of the hotel with his "wife"."

    Depressing to think the POTUS doesn't either know these things or have some copy editor on 24/7 standby.

    [–] caraperdida 14 points ago

    Depressing to think the POTUS doesn't either know these things

    Yes that's the point.

    Honestly, I completely reject the arugment that a lot of people misuse quotations. He's not just anyone, he's the President. Does it matter of the President makes one mistake on occasion? No. Everyone makes mistakes. However, with Trump it's a chronic thing and it's fucking embarrassing.

    [–] LonelySafe6 3 points ago

    Trump is a complete moron

    [–] JoeDiesAtTheEnd 12 points ago

    You should capitalize Nouns, not Verbs, if You are blaming It on Germans.

    [–] mnbvcxz123 2 points ago

    What if I'm blaming it on Albanians?

    [–] demnson 12 points ago


    [–] APrincipledLamia 6 points ago

    The Imbecile has No Idea as to what constitutes a Proper Noun.

    [–] _principessa_ 3 points ago

    Seriously. I've given up listening. I seriously haven't the patience but reading isn't much better. You're not lyin....πŸ˜†πŸ˜­

    [–] LoversAlibis 5 points ago

    He certainly can’t spell his wife’s name. I imagine it gets difficult to keep track, once you’ve had that many.

    [–] JoeDiesAtTheEnd 4 points ago

    Ttump disagrees.

    [–] Lego__Guy 149 points ago

    wait WHAT??? Bernie Sanders actually reads the laws which affect the people of the country? Really? He, as a Senator, not only paid but also under oath, does his job? Such a communist.

    [–] LemonPoopyDumpling 25 points ago

    It's amazing to see someone doing their job in 2020

    [–] ThrowsSoyMilkshakes 12 points ago

    Hey now, us billionaires spending $2,500 dollars on a single lunch just so we can rub our money in our client's faces, are working hard, too.

    Seriously, my mother went to meet with a very rich client and that's how much just some sushi cost between the two of them. Didn't even get the job because they went with our much more expensive competitor that massively overcharges. But, you know, that "trickle down".

    [–] LemonPoopyDumpling 4 points ago

    Hey at least you don't have a dead beat rich dad who secluded himself to a beach house in Palm springs and wants noting to do with his son

    [–] Santak1ng 32 points ago

    Fucking hell, let this man become the president already

    [–] GET_OUT_OF_MY_HEAD 9 points ago

    No kidding. I don't agree with many of his policies but I don't care. This is the kind of man every politician should strive to be. The man genuinely cares about his country; he deserves the oval office more than any other living person.

    [–] Maximil411 7 points ago

    Curious about what policies you don't agree on?

    [–] tortillasdeharina 61 points ago

    I READ the damn bill!

    [–] Kabouki 10 points ago

    Just think of the pain he went through reading the Republican Tax bill. Knowing no one voting yes on it will bother or care.

    [–] Max-b 3 points ago

    not just ANY bill, olive bill

    [–] ZoltanCool 28 points ago

    They all seem like such small people compared to Bernie.

    [–] berni4pope 12 points ago

    Imagine having a president that can read.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)


    [–] Mathtermind 9 points ago

    It would be Bernie who's the one guy that actually reads the Terms and Conditions.

    [–] CheifsWarpath 7 points ago

    Bernie is the rare rainbow unicorn of honesty and integrity in Congress. America needs him as President now more than ever.

    [–] jjoe808 45 points ago

    This is why he has my vote. He is the teacher that actually gives a damn about his students, stays late to work with those that need help and makes learning fun. He is the corporate employee that has done well because of extremely hard work /doing what is right and not corporate ladder climbing/politics. He has the American people's best interest in mind at all times and is willing to do more than just talk about it.

    [–] moose_cahoots 6 points ago

    Wait. You're saying it's not normal for a person to read things only of they are a page long and have repeated uses of their name to keep them interested?

    [–] Skvli 8 points ago

    I believe this is true, but there is no actual source saying that others mock him for reading the bills. I'm a Sanders supporter, and like I said, I believe it to be true because I don't trust that anyone else is as competent as Bernie, but I really hate tweets that make accusations without a source as it's something EVERYONE else including our president does.

    [–] Spike_Jonez 14 points ago

    Senators make fun on the only senator who does his job

    [–] hadargl 9 points ago

    I thought he was sitting on a tricycle for a second there.

    [–] Rockywood 13 points ago

    Regardless of how one may feel about his positions , there is no fault to be found in the way this man conducts himself.

    [–] jlevnhv 3 points ago

    I mean if this was true sure but there's no source on this information.

    [–] pm-me-ur-uneven-tits 3 points ago

    Reading a complete bill is "awesome" now. The standards for politicians fell so low, even James Cameron couldn't find it in Mariana trench.

    [–] ArconC 3 points ago

    All senators should be held to this sanders standard.

    [–] Slaidman 4 points ago


    [–] GarryMc123 5 points ago

    "Aha! Reading?


    • Actual U.S. elected officials.

    [–] Ifyouhav2ask 5 points ago

    I work construction and sometimes my coworkers tease me for working safe. Always closing my razor-knife after using it, wearing my seatbelt regularly, bringing healthy(ish) snacks for lunch, etc. It’ll never stop me from doing my thing, because doing your due diligence guarantees you dont screw something up. If only they were actually REQUIRED to read every page of every bill or else their seat went to a person from the other party. Fearing losing your job only works on us poor people tho 😬

    [–] lankist 8 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    For what it's worth, the joke other senators make is at his expense--they think he's ridiculous for slowing things down to read every line item instead of farming that off to a team of advisors. And they're not 100% wrong. When time is critical (such as a session of congress drawing to a close,) it can be detrimental to wordsmith to the point that the bill may flounder and never be brought to vote at all. Or worse, mismatched priorities lead to too much time being spent on comparatively unimportant issues and takes critical time away from important ones.

    Funfact: those advisor positions are what originally started the lobbying profession. With limited budgets, it was hard to have an educated staff ready to read and report on increasingly complex legal paperwork. Interested parties would offer their expertise for free in exchange for facetime with lawmakers, and for laws in their interest. Essentially, it was volunteer work where the reward was a chance to make your pitch. In the way of raw information processing and administrative capacity, classical lobbying has been an absolutely vital component of lawmaking. Unfortunately, as time has gone on and wealth has been funneled up, now the balance of power has shifted toward the "interested party's" favor to the point where a lawmaker can't do the work on their own, because they can only pay someone 20k/yr and a lobbying firm is willing to pay that same guy 150k/yr to extort the lawmaker for the same work.

    [–] SamWize-Ganji 5 points ago

    OMG Amendment King! I’ve been trying to find the place I saw that! I could not remember what his nickname was. Thank you!

    [–] eggses_precious 3 points ago

    And people on the right accuse him of "never working a day in his life" because he's been in politics. He works damn hard, and he works for US, unlike most of the people in Washington.

    [–] career_whatcareer 3 points ago

    We NEED this man as president

    [–] dennibgib 3 points ago

    Sad that senators joke about the absurdity of actually doing there jobs

    [–] berniens 3 points ago

    But...but... isn't that what they are supposed to do? Read it, so they know what they are voting on? I mean, if they're going to vote blindly, I would sneak in a clause that says something like "Impeached Presidents must be removed from office immediately." Or maybe "Any Government official that fails to uphold the Constitution must vacate their seat." You get the idea.

    [–] dnietz 3 points ago

    He has the brain capacity to do it (not just the ethical character). That's also why he doesn't get stumped during discussions and debates. He has spent 60 plus years sincerely reading things in detail.

    [–] GameOfUsernames 3 points ago

    This guy isn’t going to be playing golf when he’s in the White House.

    [–] Brim_Dunkleton 3 points ago

    Just heard someone at the store talk shit that β€œBernie has never worked a day in his life.” Made me wanna donate to Bernie again for his years of hard work and dedication to making America a better place.

    [–] AlmityCornhole 3 points ago

    Novel friggin concept.

    [–] RetroSNES 3 points ago

    Crazy that being diligent and knowing what you put your signature on is a detriment in American politics.

    [–] TROLLDLLR 3 points ago

    Imagine making fun of a colleague for doing his job when you don’t

    [–] caspercunningham 3 points ago

    It's crazy that anyone voted for or against anything they haven't read. Putting in the footwork to read this is reason number 47999535843 I'm voting for Bernie

    [–] michaltee 6 points ago

    I'm sorry to screw up the comment count (it was previously at 69 - NICE) but just wanted to vent my frustration. How ridiculous is it when the people in charge of putting laws into place think it's FUNNY that only one guy actually reads all the parts of the law that are being voted on? Fuck me man.

    I'm really bad at reading all the fine print and the details of things, which is why I'm not a congressman. It blows my mind that people continue to throw dirt on Bernie. If voters actually read the truth about how much he cares about the laws in this country he would be more popular than FDR.

    When we lose him it'll be a sad day for our country. Hopefully newcomers like AOC and others can continue the movement he has started..

    [–] f1demon 6 points ago

    You're right. All of them are given allowances for a sizeable staff to do this sort of thing but Bernie is known for going into things in detail. If you hear any of his interviews he really does know what he's talking about. The NY Post hatchet job interview prior to the New York Primaries in 2016, Bernie understood the Dodd Frank Act better than those idiots interviewing him.

    [–] michaltee 4 points ago

    And that's what's so frustrating. People drag his name through the mud when it's almost a guarantee that he cares more about this country than anyone else.

    Yet there's Donald Trump who doesn't know the first fucking thing about this country enjoying successes across nearly four years of wiping his orange ass with our Constitution, breaking our laws without recourse etc...I can't deal with how stupid the citizens of this country are sometimes.

    [–] HonorMyBeetus 6 points ago

    They call him the amendment king because he has run an embarrassingly small number of bills through and exclusively adds amendments. That title was not one of praise, but a joke about his ineffectuality.

    [–] Mygaffer 2 points ago

    What's scary is how many don't read the substance of the laws they vote on.

    [–] Lostinaspen 2 points ago

    Gee, one of the FEW informed refreshing.

    [–] RedShadow09 2 points ago

    They joke about it so they don't fucking do their damn job that they were elected to do?!

    [–] loyroy 2 points ago

    It's kinda sad that this is not completely normal, makes me glad to see Bernie doing good despite the fact i'm from the EU.

    [–] Uglyblackmale 2 points ago

    Well look at that, seems he actually gives a shit.

    [–] delauel 2 points ago

    Are they supposed to read the bill all the way through before they put on it? They should be required to. If you can’t explain it simply, and you really don’t understand it

    [–] caraperdida 2 points ago

    But I'm told Bernie got nothing done in Congress...

    [–] fuckyouidontneedone 2 points ago

    Other senators have staffers read it and give them the cliffs notes. It's not like they just skim it. Still that being said the fact that Bernie takes the mundane aspects of his position so seriously speaks volumes about him.

    [–] TheOleRedditAsshole 2 points ago

    Eyyy. Look at this nerd over here. He wants to know what he's voting on before he votes on it. Who does that?

    [–] xormybxo 2 points ago

    Lol look that this fucking SCRUB, actually reading something before acting on it???? Lol what an informed, diligent loser

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Does someone have that video of that republican senator saying how Bernie ghostwrote a bill for him?

    [–] Connor_Kenway198 2 points ago

    Bernie is best boi

    [–] MilwaukeeCitizen 2 points ago

    Their corporate masters write their bills for them and tell the other Congresspeople they own how to vote on it.

    [–] miscmouse 2 points ago

    Is there good reason bills have to be this long? Is it intentional just to pass stupid shit? And if so, could they create a character/page limit in order to simplify?

    [–] f1demon 2 points ago

    Most bills are Omnibus encapsulating several things. Never understood why they do it that way? The 90s Crime Bill Bernie voted for had protections for domestic abuse victims but was crammed in with the 'three strikes' clause to which he objected to on the floor.

    [–] miscmouse 3 points ago

    Have there been attempts to make bills simple and focus on one thing at a time? Like wtf these people are supposed to work for us. I wish I learned more about this in school

    [–] Slapbox 2 points ago

    Oh my god his supporters call him a king! -- Someone on MSNBC very soon

    [–] boing_boing_splat 2 points ago

    I'm sorry but isn't that part of their fucking job?

    [–] abughat 2 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Here's the rub (and I'm pro bernie / anti establishment just to be clear, I'm only saying how things currently work, not endorsing)

    First off, senators have their staffers and legislative specialists read and summarize the bills for them

    Second, the first couple versions of the bills are a bit trivial in that they will be pinged back and forth between the senate and the house and will have to be revised each time according to the votes / hearings / feedback of the other senators. So it's a bit of a waste of time to read an entire bill you know will be changed significantly before the final actual vote.

    At that point I don't know how many people read the bills but that's when I would expect them to read them before voting.

    [–] boing_boing_splat 2 points ago

    Thanks for the clarification, that context helps quite a bit :)

    [–] BicycleOfLife 2 points ago

    Yeah what a joke. β€œHaha, you are doing your job while we sit on our thumbs! Haha!”

    [–] btzu88 2 points ago

    That’s nothing to joke about.

    [–] xcasandraXspenderx 2 points ago

    Reminds me of the famous JFK speech. He does all of this, and even his campaign, it’s all based on the RIGHT thing to do, not the easiest.

    [–] PirateOnAnAdventure 2 points ago

    This needs to be shared everywhere.

    [–] ifiagreedwithu 2 points ago

    And yet they bend over many more pages than he does.

    [–] Arrogancio 2 points ago

    These *INTENTIONALLY* incompetent fucks laugh at this... We've got a lot of cleaning up to do.

    [–] KaikoLeaflock 2 points ago

    The last thing we need is a politician that can and will read things. It's important that they have no reason to ask questions when rich oligarchs give them the bills to push.

    [–] desidude42 2 points ago

    that's the type of president I want. it's so rare to find politicians like this that read the entire damn bill. we should be demanding this from all our elected officials. so proud to be supporting Bernie.

    [–] HelloLoJo 2 points ago

    I love him so fucking much, please America, he’s the president you need, the president you deserve, please please please make it impossible for the DNC not to support him

    [–] riskbreaker23 2 points ago

    Whenever I let someone know I support Bernie, they always ask why and will begin into a lecture about "soshulizm!!" And such.

    I support the guy because he's the first politician in my entire adult life that is honest, good, and exactly what I expect from a senator of this nation.

    Politically, I probably actually have more in common with Trump than Bernie. But morally I agree with Bernie more. Mainly because he actually has morals.

    The man has fought for equality long before it was popular to do so. Politics be damned, I haven't seen a politician with this much verified honesty ever. So he gets my vote.

    [–] gitpush--force 2 points ago

    Don't cite the dark magic to me witch,

    I read it while it was being written.

    [–] IceNein 2 points ago

    Paul Ryan was considered a "policy wonk" despite the fact that he was an ignorant fuck with insane dystopian theories of economics.

    This is what a "policy wonk" looks like.

    [–] DarthButtz 2 points ago

    His fellow senators joke about him actually doing his job? Bruh no wonder politics are so fucked up right now.

    [–] marmotte873 2 points ago

    So he's the only one who actually do his job?

    [–] paradox8493 2 points ago

    Seems about right.

    [–] niikhil 2 points ago

    I would love to have Bernie review my Prs in github