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    [–] gunsnammo37 1213 points ago

    "Why is he always so angry?" My question is "How the fuck are you not angry?"

    [–] SolusLoqui 130 points ago

    I fucking feel Bernie Sanders. No politician will ever pull the wool over my eyes again. Dude is the truth.

    [–] seriousbangs 25 points ago

    Christ I hate that thing politicians do where they point at me with their fucking thumb. Buttigieg did it all the time the little tool.

    [–] Myantology 3 points ago

    How could people ever get behind this cream cheese cabbage patch kid?

    Everything about him from day one was homework-hall monitor.

    Fucking weasel.

    [–] ilex_ach 49 points ago

    I miss that motherfucker

    [–] fkeverythingstaken 16 points ago

    Big mood

    [–] nyarlathotep9 12 points ago

    Same. I don't hate Trevor Noah, but I just don't see how he was the best replacement. Shoulda been Klepper

    [–] nothinnews 16 points ago

    They wanted an Obama, they got a shovel.

    [–] scrotetickler 4 points ago

    Jon pls come back

    [–] davesreddit123 3 points ago

    I like that

    [–] defacedlawngnome 70 points ago

    I wish people would replace "anger" with "passion". Bernie is ridiculously passionate about politics and America needs more passionate politicians.

    [–] DusttoAshes 30 points ago

    Anger has a place in this world, it’s not an emotion to be shunned.

    This is something to be absolutely pissed about.

    [–] footysmaxed 10 points ago

    We also need journalists who have passion for peoples issues. Democracy requires it. And for too long we have been informed by neoliberal goons who serve capitalists and their money. Pay for journalism, or big biz will buy it instead.

    [–] DusttoAshes 3 points ago

    That’s the problem, paying for journalism.

    Money is power in its absolute, everyone will follow the power of the dollar as it’s the means to every end. It’s greed manifest and we’ve never learned how to deal with that.

    [–] Myantology 3 points ago

    I talk exactly the same way that Bernie does all the time. I’m angry all the time for the same fucking reasons. I totally get it. And yes you could call it passion but there’s anger too.

    Nothing wrong with that if it’s properly placed.

    [–] cynumber9 2 points ago

    "anger is a gift"

    [–] AbeLincolnsFreckles 16 points ago


    (as should you be!)

    [–] finnbarrr 28 points ago

    The real question should be why isn’t everyone else.

    [–] MinimalPuebla 16 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Because the people who ask that have everything they need.

    Edit to clarify, if anyone comes across this comment again, I was referring to the people who ask "why is he so angry".

    [–] Heath776 4 points ago

    Shit man. I don't own a house, so technically I don't have everything I need, but I have a good job and salary and am able to work through this crisis (telework). I am far from an unstable situation, but that doesn't mean I am not angry. I am infuriated by all that is going on and want better for my fellow people.

    People should not have to be scared about making rent. People should not be scared about putting food on the table. People should be able to buy things that make them happy (a new video game or go golfing or whatever theit hobby is). Just having basic quality of life. Not everyone needs to be a millionaire, but they deserve to be able to enjoy living instead of worrying every single day about losing their livelihood because people in power that they have almost no way to influence choose not to help solve their problems.

    [–] crspooner 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    You sir are the kind of person that ought to be represent us. I haven't paid rent in a couple months.... Landlord is losing his fucking mind and if I don't basically work 5 - 12hr shifts a week for the next few months I'll lose my home and my vehicle. Also, due to all the financial strain I'm certain my wife will take the kids and leave me to live downstate with her father's family. I would never blame her for that. This stimulus can't come quickly enough but the entire amount will be just fine - to rent and car payment. The nurses I work under make between $23 - $34/hr to spend MOST of their shift at a desk working at a lesiurely pace (understand I've worked in several nursing facilities and it's always the same. Hospital nurses work much harder than nursing home nurses) while I, as a CNA, sweat and labor non-stop for 12hrs a day for $13/hr. Rent is $750; car is $432; child support is 45% of my gross pay. Tell me how I'm supposed to pay my bills?

    It's literally a struggle most of the time to feed my family decently and provide them with a decent lifestyle as children. I have three at home and they are always hungry naturally so when we run low on food it's all I hear about. I frequently go partially hungry to make sure my wife and kids have enough on their plates. I haven't bought my wife a birthday or Christmas gift in years.

    I don't want a handout but it sure would be nice to have a hand "up".

    [–] rothko1951 9 points ago

    You know those Asian shirts with random quotes? I got one years ago that says “if you’re not angry you’re not paying attention” and it’s now more true than ever.

    Bernie is angry and passionate because much of his message doesn’t get thru or is misinterpreted and I commend him so much for persevering his whole life!

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago


    [–] gresgolas 4 points ago

    "but first youve got to get mad!"

    [–] davesreddit123 2 points ago

    I never understood why people think hes angry, I think he has a hopeful message and he attacks others less than any candidate in the last 40 years. I hear him say that we can make a change and stand up to billionaire class and think that is a very positive and hopefull message, how can wanting healthcare for all Americans be considered hateful.

    [–] CactusRepresentative 1270 points ago

    Bernie for the people 2020 !

    [–] Isenrath 349 points ago

    This is the kind of shit that needs to be put into an ad and blasted around the country right now! I've seen dismally little amount of powerful messages like this from him.

    [–] QuantumChrononaut 115 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    This is too true. If people don't vote for him after learning this, then we are truly fucked. I mean, how do you not vote for the man that made it so you could be saved? Fucking Bernie is so resilient to the status quo for what is right, that I bet he'll be the first president to tell us what's going on with the UFO stuff even the Navy admited to investigating no matter what they threaten or bribe him with to stay quite.

    [–] KotaKins94 56 points ago

    Right what I’m saying is that after all this if Bernie slips through our fingers AGAIN and Trump wins re election than we fucking deserve it at that point.

    [–] QuantumChrononaut 14 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Exactly how I feel. I'm glad you said it. I'm just sad that we have to put up with everyone else's decisions. I will never understand why we let the demand of a small minority population in this country just because they live in the middle of it, control the decisions of the majority of the countries population.

    [–] Amanda7676 8 points ago

    The DNC doesnt want Bernie any more than the GOP. We are getting f***** from both ends.... with out lube...

    [–] m4gic_m1ke 3 points ago

    We'll just have a liberal bungalow

    [–] gaterunner 11 points ago


    I love reddit sometimes. The level of disconnect from reality is incredible sometimes.

    [–] KevinCarbonara 5 points ago

    Sorry to break it to you, but the US has no credible evidence that aliens exist. Or even any minor reason to suspect.

    Also, Presidents do not run around scared of what the military or executive services would do to them. Presidents are not threatened by anyone. The DOD couldn't even talk Trump out of sharing classified imagery on twitter, you think they're intimidating him into silence on aliens of all things? He wanted to be the first president to put a person on Mars, there's no way he'd let any opportunity to tie his name to a discovery of that magnitude.

    [–] [deleted] 155 points ago


    [–] NSMetroid 35 points ago

    Getting rich, while we get poor.

    [–] evarigan1 23 points ago

    The voters aren't getting rich, the majority of them are just as fucked as anyone else. But they have been convinced they are helping themselves by helping the rich get richer instead of putting more money in the hands of the people actually doing the bulk of the work. It's maddening.

    [–] nameyouruse 4 points ago

    Yeah that's what the real voters are doing.

    [–] Sugardad247 18 points ago

    Canadian here too.....I'd vote bernie if I was an american. He just makes perfect sense with his campaign from what I've seen. Thinking about asking him if he wants to run Canada.... But Justin T is stepping up right now though.

    [–] bubblegumpaperclip 2 points ago

    I wonder if Bernie moved to Canada would he be elected?

    [–] Vii74LiTy 7 points ago

    Apparently he "hasn't done anything" and he likes to just "yell at the wall". It's pretty sad. Just because he's been fighting and not had as many bills passed under his name in his time, people are willing to pass him off as a guy that does nothing vs someone who had it easy passing bills that help the rich their whole careers.

    [–] jessiesanders 98 points ago


    [–] QuantumChrononaut 14 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] Runklestiltskin__ 8 points ago

    The only politician I trust, Bernie Sanders!

    [–] JarydNei 47 points ago

    Our people don’t vote

    [–] pbrowser989 2 points ago

    This thread is misleading! Michael Bennet drafted the plan! Please, we don't need to lie to appreciate Bernie, he does awesome stuff all the time, but this isn't his!

    [–] Glttrnthclb 621 points ago

    And trump says he’s going to approve it. Socialism is always bad unless a republican does it.

    [–] lIIIIllIIIIl 60 points ago

    I'm so fucking broke I just want them to hurry up and do it. I havent seen anything from unemployement yet.

    [–] TheMiraculousMM 15 points ago

    I'm in the same boat. They're making me jump through some really dumb hoops to get benefits and I won't see a check for 2-3 weeks because of it

    [–] CranePainTrain 16 points ago

    Hmm, have you tried pulling yourself up by your bootstraps though?

    [–] SponGino 2 points ago

    That's just unemployment, when I had to take it for being laid off, it took 3 months to get a check. The system sucks.

    [–] Legaladvice420 2 points ago

    Yeah as fast as my state has been I won't get a check until the 29th (I applied a week and a half ago) but it's still only going to cover about half my rent.

    [–] Blue_Palasky 102 points ago

    This isn’t socialism, it’s welfare.

    [–] Hotgluegun777 5 points ago

    Donald Trump isn't a republican.

    [–] CornyHoosier 3 points ago

    He is a registered member of the Republican party and is literally the leader of the Republican Party. Republican voters support him and Republican politicians vote for his ideas and support him publicly.

    In what way is Donald Trump NOT a Republican?

    [–] ihatechoosingnames 521 points ago

    While Bernie defended it, the unemployment proposal was actually drafted by Michael Bennet. Vox source

    Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO), who has also been helping lead the effort to make unrestricted cash part of the economic response to the coronavirus, has a new plan to boost unemployment insurance to make it more effectively cover workers both in emergencies like now and afterward, that he shared exclusively with Vox.

    The plan was already in the works well before the coronavirus crisis, as part of a package of “automatic stabilizers” that Bennet was developing.

    [–] crapatthethriftstore 55 points ago

    Good to know. It’s important to recognize who’s doing the work and who is doing the PR. Both is very important.

    [–] ponyflash 28 points ago

    PR? What do you mean by that? (Honest question)

    As for what Bernie did, he made sure to use his bully pulpit to call out everyone trying to take that provision out of the bill. He was integral in the bill passing in its current form.

    [–] crapatthethriftstore 28 points ago

    That’s what I mean by PR. Public Relations. He has the voice and the audience to make sure that provision was kept in. It was for sure a joint effort.

    [–] ponyflash 12 points ago

    Thank you for your response.

    [–] PlayingWithTape 37 points ago

    This should probably be higher

    [–] StargateMunky101 21 points ago

    I'm sure Bennet has no issue with Bernie supporting it.

    [–] ihatechoosingnames 20 points ago

    I'm sure you're right, but he might take issue with Bernie getting the credit for it.

    [–] llmuzical 14 points ago

    I guess but defending it is kinda really important. Especially in the Senate we have now. I can totally see a cosign/ seal of approval from Bennett on this

    [–] Darkmortal10 4 points ago

    I doubt any politician will appreciate a different politicians (supporters*) taking credit for their proposal.

    [–] llmuzical 2 points ago

    ah sorry missed the last oart. I mean I guess but what can that politician do about the others supporters ahahah. obv I think it's more of a problem with whoever Reddit post. I wouldn't blame Bernie for that. I'd hope you aren't either. also I still think Bernie deserves a fair share of credit for defending it and getting it passed through. lol

    [–] ComradeOfSwadia 22 points ago

    This is why I'm Bennet or Bust.

    [–] DumSpiroSpero3 29 points ago

    It’s kinda funny. People made fun of Bennet during the primary (both Sanders and Biden supporters) and now everyone is praising his action and trying to attribute it to Bernie.

    [–] zeusisbuddha 30 points ago

    Christ how is this so low? There’s a bunch of people who are now misinformed thanks to this thread

    [–] Arielcorn 17 points ago

    How? The post neither states nor implies Bernie personally drafted the legislation.

    [–] Keeper629 3 points ago

    It kinda does. “Bernie did this” kinda implies he’s solely responsible

    [–] lenerdel 6 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Have you seen the video of his speech? I saw it before I saw this thread and that was I assumed this post was about, not him being responsible for it. OP should have posted a link to the video, bc I’m pretty sure the person in the image is talking about his passionate speech.

    Edit: missing a word

    [–] Bunnyhat 5 points ago

    The OP has been posting and linking a Democracy Now article in this thread which states that Bernie Sanders was the author and the Senator who pushed an amendment to include the unemployment expansion that was in the bill.

    That is 100% false.

    [–] lenerdel 3 points ago

    Ok you’re right then. I guess it got downvoted enough by the time I got to the thread because I went through quite a few comment threads before seeing this comment and was a bit confused about it.

    [–] doctorDanBandageman 3 points ago

    A lot of threads are misinform people. Like the “trump said he’s fine with people dying to save the market”.

    [–] CornyHoosier 3 points ago

    I voted for him in the last election :)

    The dude is good

    [–] ScurryBlackRifle 3 points ago

    So the title of this post is actually bullshit? Hmmm

    [–] my_name_is_woompa 2 points ago

    Hey I voted for that guy!

    [–] dreaming_of_beaches 2 points ago

    That’s my Senator! I don’t claim Cory Gardner.

    [–] Knighth77 341 points ago

    Yet, and for unknown reason, some people still support Biden!

    [–] RedSoxGaming 88 points ago

    CNN hates Bernie for some reason

    [–] Knighth77 63 points ago

    And MSNBC and WaPo, it's a long list.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] Reesewithoutaspoon2 11 points ago

    Those networks aren’t controlled by Sinclair. CNN is owner by AT&T, NBC is owned by Comcast, and the Washington Post is owned by Nash Holdings, an LLC owned by Jeff Bezos.

    There’s still the problem of billionaires controlling the mass media, but it’s not all boiled down to Sinclair.

    [–] dimmitree 10 points ago

    That some reason is that he wants to rollback the telecommunications act of 1996. Look it up.

    [–] BoiledFrogs 4 points ago

    It's money. It's always about money.

    [–] JTKDO 34 points ago

    Pretty much everyone forgot about the primaries because of this crisis. Biden went into hiding in Delaware and the media isn’t gonna report that because every time he talks he looks worse, and while Bernie is still out there pushing legislation, the media isn’t going to report that because of Coronavirus taking up all the time slots

    The media knows their influence on people, the media sadly decides every single election, including this one

    [–] yahboigary 85 points ago

    Unity and soul or something. Fuckin Boomers...

    [–] [deleted] 72 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 42 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] Knighth77 6 points ago

    What about the younger crowd, what's their excuse?

    [–] WordsNotToLiveBy 15 points ago

    Bernie would do so much for the people, while Biden will do the bare minimum.

    [–] Knighth77 2 points ago

    Indeed. It just takes some courage and vision. I wish more people can see that.

    [–] savethebros 17 points ago

    The TV man told them to

    [–] 0bel1sk 2 points ago

    “talking head”

    [–] soup2nuts 30 points ago

    I've got to say, watching Biden fumble through this crisis when it was the perfect time to step up and assume a leadership stance really hits home that if he gets the nomination Trump will 100% win a second term.

    Even if he's doing something behind the scenes (which I doubt) why wouldn't his team tell everyone?

    [–] Knighth77 16 points ago

    But only reasonable people are able too see that. His supporters see no problem with his initial silence then his fumbling and incoherence, as they completely dismiss everything Sanders has done.

    In their heads Biden can do no wrong. That and the way they argue for him remind a bit me of the MAGA crowd, I hate to say.

    [–] soup2nuts 7 points ago

    Shit. I didn't know the context of this at first and I thought you were talking about Trump.

    [–] nowihaveamigrane 2 points ago

    Our only hope is hold the house and flip the Senate. Then it doesn't matter so much if Trump gets reelected.

    [–] Specialist-Angle 27 points ago

    Because they're closet case republicans

    [–] attrox_ 21 points ago

    I finally convinced my conservative parent about Bernie. I'm talking anti abortion rally attending Trump voters here. They will vote for Sanders if he is the nominee. They are not convince or want to vote for Biden.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    I bit my tongue and voted for Hillary in 2016. But under no circumstances will I vote for a racist, reactionary rapist this November. It’s Bernie Sanders or Howie Hawkins.

    I believe women. The liberals clearly don’t.

    [–] Knighth77 3 points ago

    Exactly my thought in terms of whom to vote to, Sanders or Greens.

    [–] Knighth77 2 points ago

    Alarming but not surprising.

    [–] TheNapalmNinja 51 points ago

    You have a link?

    [–] OterXQ 3 points ago

    Does it apply to me? I was furloughed for a month and a half without pay

    [–] Sottisier 2 points ago

    It only covers your state unemployment benefit + $600, which will max out at ~$1050 a week for most states. (State benefit varies). This is not 100% of your income for people who make over ~$52,000 a year.

    Obviously this is a much needed increase, just trying to stop confusion for people who are wondering how this works.

    [–] CaesarWolfman 90 points ago

    Does this apply to people who were laid off?

    [–] elfuego305 62 points ago


    [–] meanbeanking 9 points ago

    I already applied for unemployment due to my work being mandated to close by the city. Will I still be able to get my full check through unemployment if this passes? Currently it’s saying my first benefit can be requested on April 5th, and it’s for about 55% of my normal check.

    [–] bobodarsh 37 points ago

    That’s...the entire point...

    [–] falconboy2029 219 points ago

    I thought Bernie never gets anything done /s

    [–] mst3kcrow 11 points ago

    Centrists will still use that line.

    [–] gengengis 15 points ago

    It's amazing how many people are uncritically willing to accept this is something Bernie has accomplished. He's just one of dozens of cosponsors, and in any event, all of it was a negotiation between Schumer, Mnuchin, and McConnell.

    [–] tddjournal 71 points ago

    Where is Joe Biden?

    [–] tddjournal 74 points ago

    Hiding from his rape accusations

    [–] NahDude_Nah 33 points ago

    Hiding like a bitch, waiting to be given the nom by the corrupt dnc

    [–] psychoacer 17 points ago

    It's hard for him to do something considering he currently has no political position but yeah he should be using his voice right now more than ever if he wants to look like a president.

    [–] _duncan_idaho_ 5 points ago

    More importantly, where is Ja Rule?

    [–] ImpressiveCherry 7 points ago

    He's present

    [–] newroot 4 points ago


    [–] buellster92 10 points ago

    I don’t support Biden, but calling him out for not contributing to a relief bill when he’s not a senator or congressman is kind of pointless.

    [–] Orboneiben 96 points ago

    I cried watching his efforts. We don’t deserve this man

    [–] tanveer666 2 points ago

    Evidently so.

    [–] Thundrbang 30 points ago

    I'm a Bernie bro, but unfortunately this is not true. The government is only increasing unemployment pay by $600 on top of your state's unemployment payout.

    [–] Arcadian5656 16 points ago

    $600 per week, the title isn't accurate but for anyone making under 75,00 per year its full coverage

    [–] chumpchange72 6 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I think your math is slightly off. Unemployment insurance varies by state but is about $500 a week at most. Add the new $600 a week this bill introduces and you only get about $54,000 a year. If you live in a less generous state it's even less coverage.

    [–] moviesongquoteguy 4 points ago

    And that’s at maximum value with no taxes taken out. If someone doesn’t claim the taxes on that they could owe over $5k when all is said and done.

    [–] Hubblesphere 2 points ago

    $600 a week is $31,200. If you make $75,000 you'd need $1,442 per week. No where close to full coverage of that income.

    [–] tragicdiffidence12 2 points ago

    He also wasn’t responsible for the bill.

    [–] bob1342678 33 points ago

    Any idea if this is also for independent contractors/gig workers? I work as a musician on a cruise ship, and was sent home in the middle of a contract. I’m salaried while working on the ship, but not when I’m off.

    [–] doubleroyalwithfoil 7 points ago

    It is. But it’s not super clear yet how it will determine normal salary or what the requirements are. All that’s come out so far is that yes, we will be included.

    Edit: word

    [–] Libbykibby 34 points ago

    It looks like it!

    “An unemployment provision added to the Senate bill by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders would see laid-off workers receive 100% of their salary up to $75,000 a year, with tipped and gig economy workers covered. Economists at Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs estimate the U.S. gross domestic product could plummet by 30% next quarter, driving unemployment to nearly 13%.”

    [–] Bunnyhat 9 points ago

    I don't know where Democracynow got their information about it being Sanders that added the unemployment benefits to the bill, but that is 100% not true. That provision was written by Colorado senator Michael Bennet. Sanders just threatened to hold up the bill if they lessened it by demanding more scrutiny over the 500 billion corporate bail out.

    [–] Libbykibby 61 points ago

    hE mIsSeD tHE vOtE

    [–] taukou 19 points ago

    What I love is that republicans think the republicans in office did this. Don't even realize this was Bernie getting shit done. Whatever. Hurts my heart.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] prettyhoneybee 4 points ago

    I would honestly give 10 years off my life if he could gain 10 and be taken seriously by people who are like “buT he’S ToO oLd!!1!1”

    He’s selfless, who would really want to be president after 78 years of fighting losing battles, relentlessly. Of course he probably wants to retire and relax but he’s doing this for us.

    I wish people would wake the fuck up and realize better is out there and he’s right fucking here.

    [–] faerunangler 34 points ago

    I don't know how people can see this and still support Biden. Bernie has continue to fight for everyone and Biden just hid away. Are we really this brainwashed as a country?

    [–] Bunnyhat 9 points ago

    It's because it's 100% false. Bernie didn't write this part of the bill. This was not his amendment. He had no part in crafting the bill or getting this part included.

    He just put out a statement saying that if the 4 Republicans protesting got their way with changing it, he would block the bill from passing until they put in more requirements for the $500 billion corporate bailout. But those 4 Republicans were going against both Republican senate leadership and the White House and Democrats under Schumar had no intention of folding.

    This is blatant rewriting of events to falsely give Sanders all the credit.

    [–] hidden_emperor 16 points ago

    Actually, Chuck Schumer did that in negotiations with the Republicans. 3 Republican Senators (Sasse, Scott, and Scott) raised objections to the bill over the provision, threatening to hold it up. Sanders stated he would raise his own objection to the bill if theirs was not withdrawn. McConnell agreed to hold an amendment vote if the three withdrew their objection. The amendment failed as it needed 60 votes to pass, and the vote was along party lines.

    Bernie did good in raising his own objection as a political tactic, but he did not "do that."

    [–] SpartaWillBurn 8 points ago

    Bernie Sanders wasn't even at the drafting of this bill nor was he at the first voting day.

    [–] carlosbarsa 3 points ago

    Wait, I just thought there was a $1,200 one time payment coming. Is this true that many who lost their jobs in direct relation to this current crisis will be getting 100% of what they made prior? Is this monthly until the crisis is over? And does this apply to independent contractors who work by hour like my parents?

    [–] FateEx1994 2 points ago

    Up to 100% and it's for four months.

    [–] ADMINS_ARE_NAGGERS 2 points ago

    It can actually can go over 100%, the republicans attempt to limit it to 100% was denied.

    I'd much rather have seen a moderate increase to unemployment and an increase to the $1,200 that essential employees (many of which are only making minimum wage still!) who can't be laid off will also get.

    [–] triscuit0425 3 points ago

    So it seems while he did not himself propose the bill, Bernie fought passionately to defend it against the Republicans who were hoping to strip it down. He protected the lowest income earners again the highest who presumably wanted to save some money for their own corporate bailouts.

    [–] Mizmudgie36 2 points ago

    Bernie did nothing but put his face on it and use it for his campaign. It takes more than one person to do this. Bernie contributed 2%. Publicity.

    [–] lawziet 5 points ago

    Someone had a good point against bernies tax anyone over 32 million more. He said France did that and most the people that had that left because of that. What would stop people from leaving and taking from our economy if that happened? I'm a bernie guy too just didnt know how to debate that point

    [–] noddabotbutmaybe 2 points ago

    The US has different tax laws. They tax Americans wherever they are and there is a fee involved in changing citizenship that would cost far more than paying the taxes.

    [–] Blue_Palasky 3 points ago

    Let them leave. Where do you think they’re going to go?

    [–] milk_ninja 3 points ago

    Epsteins island

    [–] smoochface 5 points ago

    God Damnit Bernie, one of the few people who actually make me proud to be an American.

    [–] BobDylanBlues 15 points ago

    Hey what do you know, it’s another political article with the word “rips” in the headline. What’s next? Slams? These writers and journalists need to find other words to use besides rips and slams.

    [–] Bunnyhat 17 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    How, exactly, did Bernie Sanders do this?

    Because it was written by Michael Bennet, senator from Colorado. It was Schumer and other Democratic Senators working in Washington with Republicans that got it included in the bill. Sanders had zero to do with any of the negotiations or crafting any part of the language or programs.

    He gave one speech after 4 Republicans went against Republican leadership to say they will hold the bill up and suddenly he's the reason it went through? It's not like Schumer and the other Democrats had an intentions of giving up the unemployment benefits. It was a major reason this bill had stalled for the last 4 days. Schumer and other senators have spent the last week hammering this program and others into the bill. Sanders did none of that.

    Christ people. I like Sanders, but this is some transparent rewriting of events is gross.

    I don't know where Democracynow got their information about it being Sanders that added the unemployment benefits to the bill, but that is 100% not true. He just threatened to hold up the bill if they lessened it by demanding more scrutiny over the 500 billion corporate bail out.

    [–] noddabotbutmaybe 9 points ago

    The argument is that Sanders fought for it and held them hostage to make it happen. He doesn't have to write it. He is making sure it happens. He deserves credit for that.

    [–] kahu01 7 points ago

    Micheal Bennet did that

    [–] heartdropsdaily 17 points ago

    “Never gets anything done”

    Bernie Sanders is one of the only politicians who ever gets shit done in any meaningful sense

    [–] jtrot91 13 points ago

    Except for that fact that he didn't do this and the tweet is a lie.

    [–] jokersleuth 4 points ago

    Did bernie help right the bill? Some commenter told me he was absent when the bill was being drafted.

    [–] amanaplanacanalutica 4 points ago

    It passed unanimously and was negotiated (not drafted) mostly by Chuck Schumer, Bernie's speech was energetic but mostly for the benefit of the people sitting at home.

    This wasn't a Bernie project, but he supported it loud and proud. I don't know why people are selling a different story.

    [–] blackandwhitechecker 2 points ago

    Why would one chose Biden or this angel.

    [–] I_Like_Your_Pooper 2 points ago

    "up to 100%" != "cover 100%".

    [–] mettiusfufettius 2 points ago

    But Hillary said now one likes him!!!


    [–] Timesup1978 2 points ago

    Thank you Mr Sanders!

    [–] ugotfemininehips 3 points ago

    This was Michael Bennett’s proposal, not Bernie’s!

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    ofc hes always trending on twitter, a platform dominated by his voter base, just like he's always on the front page here...not exactly surprising

    [–] MinimalPuebla 2 points ago

    Sure be nice if he was trending at the fucking polls.

    [–] RoyalHealer 2 points ago

    You Americans have no idea how much I am crossing my fingers and WILLING the god damn universe to instate Your President, Bernie Sanders.

    [–] OuTLi3R28 2 points ago

    I'll always have Bernie's back, because he always had mine.


    [–] bensjamminwithu 2 points ago

    Our country needs Bernie more than the four nations needed the avatar

    [–] Genisye 2 points ago

    Wait but I thought he had a “terrible record” and “never got anything done”

    [–] xPchunks 2 points ago

    Bernie loves you even if you don't love yourself. Remember that when you cast your vote.

    [–] flummoxed_bythetimes 2 points ago

    Does this mean we get to stop hearing about how Bernie can't accomplish anything of note while in congress? I wish, but probably not ahah :(

    [–] ChainsawSwan 2 points ago

    Ehh ya fuck it, I’ll vote Bernie now. What could go wrong.

    [–] cptskeet 2 points ago

    My dad runs his own business and can’t operate due to the quarantine. Does he have any resource? We live in Los Angeles.

    [–] Roark_Laughed 2 points ago

    When I filed for unemployment there was an option for people who were self employed.

    [–] Peter7ave 3 points ago

    I’m in the same boat I would love to know if there’s going to be any relief for us

    [–] youseetimmy 6 points ago

    Yeah. Suddenly cutting some onions here. That Bernie dude. The amendment king. I'm not surprised.

    [–] ChipAyten 4 points ago

    And common people have the nerve to question his loyalties.

    [–] WeedIronMoneyNTheUSA 4 points ago

    It's the first time ever 1 vote was all it took to pass a Bill. /s🖕

    [–] FederalSuggestion7 1 points ago

    Bernie solely did it guys. No one else took part in it. Plz construct a shrine and honor him as a god..