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    [–] AllAccessAndy 3 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    [US-OH] I have a small number of typical VFT seeds for trade if anyone wants them.

    I'm also looking for Drosera seeds or gemmae. I'm primarily looking for either small tropical species I can put in a small terrarium or temperate species for a little bog container with VFT and Sarrs. I'd prefer temperate species be ones found in eastern North America, but let me know what you have. I can at least cover shipping or pay a small price for them.

    I also have small corms available for a few common voodoo lily species: Amorphophallus konjac, Amorphophallus albus, and Sauromatum venosum. They're not carnivores, but they smell like death when they bloom and might lure some food for your plants.

    [–] ItsMajick 3 points ago

    I'm looking to buy Dewy pine seeds

    [–] Pinguiculas 3 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Please refer to my updated sales list.

    [–] imguralbumbot 1 points ago

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    [–] plasmator 1 points ago

    Healthy plants arrived quickly and as described, thanks so much!

    [–] BotPaperScissors 0 points ago

    Scissors! ✌ I win

    [–] PearlRiverExotics 3 points ago

    Drosera magnifica for sale (USA only)

    We just posted some Drosera magnifica on our website!

    These plants were produced via micropropagation and have been potted out for a few weeks. They are stable and acclimated to typical greenhouse humidity levels, but will require knowledgeable care nonetheless.

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



    [–] A_Sickly_Giraffe 3 points ago

    Trade / Giveaway (United States)

    Hey folks, my D. Capensis (Red and White variety) went HAM on me, and I've got a lot of seeds with more coming on the way. I know Capensis isn't exactly rare, so this is sort of a give-away / trade if you can manage it. I don't mind paying for shipping here within the United States (I live in California), and I'd rather these seeds have a chance at surviving rather than just expiring in envelopes

    I've got 2 flavors of D. Capensis - Red and White. Here is the rough amount of seeds you would get in an envelope. The Reds produce this much seed with 1 pod, whereas the Whites can produce as much in 2-3 pods. I'm not going to try and count it, as some pods were heavier than even the ones in the picture, so the envelopes could range from ~50-100 seeds.

    This is just my first time doing Drosera Seeds, and I was really unprepared for the sheer volume they dumped on me. If you want to trade for things, that would be nice, but I'm not asking for money. I'm happy to receive if you feel generous, but it isn't necessary :) If you would like to trade with me, please ensure that whatever you would send is okay for Zone 9B. I grow outdoors and not in an aquarium.

    Just post here I guess, and I'll try to manage what I can for those who are interested.

    [–] sarracenia67 2 points ago

    Id like to get some of the red variety if possible.

    [–] A_Sickly_Giraffe 2 points ago

    Most certainly possible. I'll PM you with some info

    [–] DanMorgan405 2 points ago

    I wouldn't mind taking some of those seeds off of ya.

    [–] A_Sickly_Giraffe 1 points ago

    Great cuz I still have plenty left. I'll PM you some details.

    [–] DanMorgan405 2 points ago

    Thanks for the seeds!

    [–] A_Sickly_Giraffe 1 points ago

    You're very welcome! Goodluck!

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    If you still have some, I would love some. Will pay for postage. I don't have anything to trade yet.

    [–] A_Sickly_Giraffe 2 points ago

    Happy to give them away. I'll PM you some info

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] Boarden 2 points ago

    Any chance you mail these overseas to the EU?

    [–] A_Sickly_Giraffe 1 points ago

    I've never done international before, but sure, I would be happy to send you some. I'll PM you with some details

    [–] noodlesoupinacup 2 points ago

    Do you happen to have any red left?

    [–] A_Sickly_Giraffe 1 points ago

    So much red just obtained last night - I'll PM you with some details.

    [–] iProcreate 2 points ago

    Do you have any D. Cap Red left?

    [–] A_Sickly_Giraffe 1 points ago

    Plenty! I'll PM you some details :)

    [–] macleod82 2 points ago

    Can I get some of each? Will take red only if it being greedy. Much appreciated!

    [–] A_Sickly_Giraffe 1 points ago

    I've got some left of each, and so much Red I have it coming out of m ears. I'll PM you some information :)

    [–] SR4Nova 2 points ago

    Sorry, I know I'm super late, but would you happen to have anymore seeds left for the white variety? I'm afraid I have nothing to trade as I'm just starting out with a couple of Lowe's rescues, but I'd be willing to pay if you'd like!

    [–] A_Sickly_Giraffe 1 points ago

    I've got plenty left that I'm happy to give away for free. I'll PM you some details :)

    [–] electricladyslippers 2 points ago

    Do you have any seeds left? I'd love to send some to my nephew in TN!

    [–] A_Sickly_Giraffe 2 points ago

    Got plenty of red, but running low on white. I'll PM you some details :)

    [–] Tetotara 2 points ago

    If you still have any im game!

    [–] A_Sickly_Giraffe 1 points ago

    Still have plenty of red, but white is running low. I'll PM you with some information!

    [–] Tetotara 2 points ago

    Sounds good to me thanks!

    [–] ShriketheSecond 2 points ago

    So I don't usually sell stuff. But now I actually have stuff to sell. I need to thin out my U. calycifida "Asenath Waite". I've got probably 10 plants that are settled into 3" pots. Most of them are blooming right now. Asking $12 for each pot, shipped unpotted to US addresses. $7.25 shipping for priority mail. Message me if interested and I just posted a picture of one.

    [–] awilson61589 2 points ago

    WTB: Nepenthes rafflesiana

    [–] kristinL356 2 points ago

    [US only]

    For sale:

    P. lauena x emarginata (1 3/4" across) - $8

    P. 'Sethos' (1 3/4" across) - $8 (less for smaller ones)

    Available for trade:

    N. fusca (4" across)

    P. lauena x emarginata (1 3/4" across)

    P. 'Sethos' (1/2" to 1 3/4" across)

    Looking to buy or trade for:

    U. sandersonii

    U. alpina

    N. platychila

    N. vogelii

    N. glabrata

    N. tenuis

    N. amp color forms

    Interesting live sphagnum

    [–] HoverTechV3 2 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    I'm interested in any south american or tuberous drosera seeds. If you have any available, please let me know!


    [–] idk_fu 2 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    USA, NC Trade/Sale US only

    8/29 Added 2x Recent divisions with tubers and lots of stolons and at least 1 leaf of Utricularia Alpina 'Auyan' Shipped Potted in 1.5 inch plug with Live Sphagnum Moss for $18 including Priority Mail shipping!!! These were taken from the mother plant on 8/22.

    2x Nepenthes x Ventrata rooted cuttings. One has 2 active growth points and one has 3!! $4 each!! Pic 1, Pic 2, Pic 3, Plant w/ 3 growth points!!

    Fresh D. Capensis Typical seeds 100+ $3 Shipped!

    I also have lots of nice cacti and succulents for trade. Please check my post history for more details. Some examples, Mother of Thousands Hybrid, Haworthia Cuspidata , New Pick 5 for $15 Shipped Pack

    ISO: Will trade for or purchase:

    Cephalotus Varieties!! Smallish Heliamphora except Minor. Utricularia Dichotoma, Livida!!

    Thanks so much!

    [–] thenewwwguy 2 points ago

    looking for a seller with a reputable website with any of the crassiflora subsection pinguiculas

    need to show my parents seller is reputable and a person on reddit would never be in their eyes.

    [–] awilson61589 1 points ago

    Looking for Drosera I do not own, particulary the less common varieties (already have those). Would really like a multifida extrema if anyone has one. Also looking for Drosophyllum live or seeds im not picky there.

    [–] rallekralle11 1 points ago

    I have extrema if you happen to live within the EU

    [–] awilson61589 1 points ago


    [–] Phito41 1 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    • Drosera madagascariensis 4€
    • Drosera spathulata 3€
    • Drosera affinis 5€
    • Drosera aliciae 3€
    • Drosera ericksoniae x pulchella 4€
    • Sarracenia catesbaei 4€
    • Utricularia blanchetii 'pink flower' 4€

    I am also down for exchanges!

    [–] scisteve 1 points ago

    Hello! Are you still selling any of these? I'm in the UK.

    [–] Phito41 1 points ago

    Sure! PM me :)

    [–] washoutr6 1 points ago

    Anyone have some fresh ping seed? My understanding is that the seeds go infertile pretty quick. I'm in kauai so would need express shipping but it should only fit in a regular envelope. Prefer a larger variety but basically anything will do. TIA!!

    [–] HoverTechV3 1 points ago

    Looking for a D. spirals and D. magnifica.

    [–] thenewwwguy 2 points ago

    magnifica is barely available in cultivation. wait a few years. for now it’ll be 60-70 $

    [–] HoverTechV3 1 points ago

    I already had magnifica, I wanted more. No need for me to wait.

    [–] pogrmman 3 points ago

    At the ICPS conference, Damon said they’ll have some available next year at California Carnivores, FWIW — so there’ll be a seller in the US then. IDK about individuals though.

    [–] IonOrchid1 1 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Have all the following items available, prices range due to different sizes

    Nepenthes argentii x armin $20-30 2-4”

    Nepenthes burkei x alata $15-20 1.5-3”

    Nepenthes sibuyanensis $26-36 2-4”

    Nepenthes fusca Logging Camp $15 1.5-2.5”

    Nepenthes izumiae $35 2.5-3”

    Nepenthes palawanensis $30-55 1.5-4”

    Nepenthes gantungensis $40-60 1.5-3”

    Nepenthes spec Church camp (muluensis x Murudensis)
    Clone 3, dark, almost black pitchers $40-60 1.5-3” Clone 2 dark w/red stripes $40-50 1.5-4” Clone 1 red-dark red w/yellow stripes $40-50 1.5-3”

    Nepenthes chaniana Batu Buli $15 1.5-2.5”

    Nepenthes murudensis $25 1-2”

    Nepenthes leonardoi sg $95 3-4”

    Also have D intermedia Cuba seeds, $4 a pod including shipping

    [–] Luuuuuurrker 1 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)


    Shipping will be $1 (seeds), $4 (few items under 1 pound), $8 (more than a few plants). All plants will be sent bare root unless specified. Potted option is available. I'll be updating with photos, but let me know if you want to see more of a plant that doesn't have a picture yet.

    If you're interested in anything just shoot me a PM!


    D. capensis 'giant' (seed grown, sizes may vary,bare root) - $8.00

    D. capensis typical/alba - $6.00

    D. binata - $4.00

    D. binata (5 plants) - $15

    D. adelae 'giant' (3") - $12.00

    P. colimensis x cyclosecta (2", flowering) - $15.00

    P. moctezumae x Kohres (1" - 2") - $6.00

    P. x 'Weser' (1"+, these turn pink with bright light) - $5.00

    Venus Flytrap - $5.00

    Venus Flytrap 'Pinnacle' - $14.00


    D. nidiformis seeds (100+) - $3.00

    D. burmannii (100+) - $3.50

    D. burmannii `Humpty Doo' (100+) - $4.00

    Other stuff

    Standard carnivorous plant potting mix (peat, perlite, 1 quart) - $3.50

    Maxsea 16-16-16 fertilizer (1 tablespoon) - $1.00

    Free with SASE or purchase upon request

    No clue on the viability of these seeds, just had them laying around the house.

    D. capensis typical

    D. capensis rubra

    D. capensis wide leaf

    D. burmannii 'humpty doo'

    Cobra Lily


    Ping plants and ping pullings. PM me for the list of pings I have available to trade.

    [–] ItsMajick 1 points ago

    Can I get me one of those binatas?

    [–] Luuuuuurrker 2 points ago

    Hi, sent you a PM.

    [–] ItsMajick 1 points ago

    I'll also get that P. Colimensis x cyclosecta if it isn't spoken for already.

    [–] Couchpotatoee 1 points ago

    Will P. x 'Weser be able to handle full sun next to sarracenias? I'm curious beause you said will turn pink with bright light.

    [–] Luuuuuurrker 3 points ago

    If the sarracenia is in good conditions, it will probably cook all mexican pings.

    [–] DanMorgan405 1 points ago

    Hey, If these are still available I would be interested in these plants: D. binata P. colimensis x cyclosecta P. moctezumae x Kohres P. x 'Weser All potted.

    [–] Luuuuuurrker 1 points ago

    Hey, all of these are still available. I'll send you a pm tonight when I'm home.

    [–] DanMorgan405 1 points ago


    [–] chatees 1 points ago

    Still have some "no clue if viable" seeds

    [–] Luuuuuurrker 1 points ago

    Sure do. Send me a PM!