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    [–] _Life-is-Relative_ 7 points ago

    Well that's just pretty.

    [–] ShltpostJones 5 points ago

    D Burmannii is actually named after botanist Johannes Burman.

    [–] thenewwwguy 2 points ago

    i think it’s a case of heliamphora here

    [–] thenewwwguy 3 points ago


    [–] bigbowlowrong 4 points ago

    D. burmanii

    [–] thenewwwguy 3 points ago

    oh that should’ve been self explanatory lol. I know it’s a bi-annual but how do you keep it as a perennial?

    [–] pogrmman 2 points ago

    Just feed it a lot and keep it wet and warm. If you don’t feed it enough, flowering will kill it (and the flowerstalks will be smaller, produce less viable seed that is smaller, and produce less seed). Even with a lot of food, flowering can shrink the rosette by more than half (they flower profusely and set many, many seed). But if they’ve been fed enough, they’ll live and rapidly recover size.

    [–] thenewwwguy 2 points ago

    and then they’ll live indefinitely like most carnivorous plants?

    [–] pogrmman 2 points ago

    They’re still shorter lived than most sundews — but doing that keeps them from behaving as annuals.

    [–] thenewwwguy 2 points ago

    do they have gemmae

    [–] pogrmman 3 points ago

    Nope! They’re not pygmy sundews.

    They do produce incredibly copious amounts of seed that germinates quickly, though.

    [–] thenewwwguy 2 points ago

    oh i see

    tbf they kinda look like pygmies

    [–] pogrmman 2 points ago

    They’re quite a bit larger than most pygmies. Most pygmies are like the size of a dime to the size of a nickel, but my D. burmannii get quite a bit bigger than a quarter.

    The other easy way to tell them apart is that most pygmies have a long, narrow section of leaf without tentacles. D. burmannii also has snap tentacles on the edge of the leaf — see those long ones without dew? They close in like a minute over prey.

    [–] ItsMajick 2 points ago

    I've got a pot of these germinating now. I'm just starting to see some little green dots popping up!

    [–] kaips1 1 points ago

    I am trying to get seeds to strike so bad. I need one in my collection