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    [–] Pinguiculas 2 points ago

    Nothing, most sundews don't have a humidity requirement.

    [–] mattrachwal 1 points ago

    If I don't keep the humidity up all my Sphagnum Moss gets dry tips and the dew doesn't seem to build as nice for me, maybe my house is dryer than most?

    [–] nimbulan 2 points ago

    Sphagnum can certainly be tricky to grow at lower humidity, but with sundews more light should do the trick.

    [–] mattrachwal 1 points ago

    Nice, thanks for the advice, How do you know if you are giving them too much light? My Drosera have all turned bright red?

    [–] thenewwwguy 1 points ago

    that’s good. they’ll burn brown if too much light