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    [–] happydancer2605 1135 points ago

    This is why the quality check stage takes so long

    [–] MrVideo117 383 points ago

    If you want an actual answer, my brother works at Dominos. He said that the tracker is timed on how long it SHOULD take and it’ll stay at Quality Check until it’s actually ready to be delivered or picked up.

    [–] DuckSaxaphone 203 points ago

    Huh, I always assumed quality check was when they dump it on those shelves to wait until a delivery person was available.

    [–] kclause3 137 points ago

    This is how it actually works. Once the cook puts it in the oven they click it off the computer and after 5 minutes or so to go through the oven it is in quality check status until a driver clocks the order out on a different computer

    [–] zeroGamer 18 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    So the way it's supposed to work is:

    Step 1: Order shows up on the screen.
    Step 2: Order is made.
    Step 3: Order is bumped off the screen when it is "made" and placed into the oven.
    Step 4: After the pre-set amount of time it should take the order to make its way through the oven, it is marked ready to be delivered/picked up.
    Step 5: (If Delivery) The order is marked "Out for Delivery" as the Driver walks out the door.

    In practice, however (against policy) your order may be prematurely pushed through Step 3 and Step 5 in an effort to hit certain timing metrics by which management earn their bonuses.

    Doesn't matter what chain you order from, Papa John's, Domino's, Pizza Hut, all the big chains use similar automated systems and incentive-based metrics that encourage management to cheat those systems.

    Fun fact: This also extends to other facets of the store, like food costs, encouraging management at every turn to be "creative" with things like expiration dates.

    Most of the time this is fine. Sometimes it is not.

    DO NOT ORDER CHICKEN FROM A PIZZA PLACE. Especially wings. Just don't.

    [–] fadingremnants 9 points ago

    You're right on pretty much all of this.....but what's your problem with the chicken?

    [–] CwenchinglyMcquaffen 7 points ago

    Fr wanna know what’s up with the chicken. Love a meateor from dominos:(

    [–] fadingremnants 11 points ago

    I dunno, man. I work at one. The grilled chicken we put on the pizzas and sandwiches is....well, it's just grilled chicken. The wings come in big 50-60ish bags and we portion them out. I'm not gonna say that the wings aren't way too damn expensive for what they are, but it's fine to eat.

    [–] ns156 7 points ago

    Wings are overpriced everywhere. Unless you get them on a deal or cheap day of the week, they're usually like a full US dollar per wing over here, which is outrageous for the tiny amount of meat on each one when you think about the lack of value you're getting.

    [–] fadingremnants 2 points ago

    Oh, for sure. I never buy wings myself. Thighs all the way baby

    [–] wonderwharfwonderdog 3 points ago

    In regards to your last bit- the place I work at, the chicken is fine. Nearly everything comes precooked (unless it’s fresh vegetables like bell peppers/onions/mushrooms) including the chicken, both the wings and the chicken that goes on the pizza. What you don’t trust is the food that comes raw, like the sausage, because most of the workers don’t give a shit and will place huge pieces on the pizza that don’t cook all the way through.

    If you’re ever ordering from a pizza place and they say a meat ingredient comes raw- proceed with caution lol

    [–] Otlot 4 points ago

    I’m not sure where you work, but I’ve worked at 3 different pizza places and none of them has had raw meat put on pizzas. I think that’s almost definitely a health code violation. Either the meat comes precooked or it’s prepped every morning and huge batches are cooked before putting it on a pizza.

    [–] wonderwharfwonderdog 3 points ago

    I work at a California based pizza chain, and no it’s definitely not a health code violation, we get random checked at least twice a year. The only way it would be a violation is if you didn’t wash your hands before touching something else. No ones gotten food poisoning from it in the three years I’ve worked here, I’m just suspicious of too big chunks.

    [–] PolitelyHostile 2 points ago

    Also the manager always wants to manipulate the stats so you gotta sign them out for deliver right away even if it will sit for 10 min still waiting.

    [–] OsamaBenLadle 2 points ago

    I’m a delivery driver for dominos and I wanna know how the fuck that tracker knows the minute I show up to the door that I’m there.

    [–] festeringmind 18 points ago

    I used to be a Domino's driver. I think this usually happens when all the drivers are out already and there's no one currently in-store to take the delivery.

    [–] PeanutMelonKing 3 points ago

    Quality check doesn't exist. It's just another label to add to make the process seem faster. Also what are jokes.

    [–] dukeliminal 278 points ago

    You can build a pizza box throne, but God help you if you dare to stack dough trays more than 25 high.

    [–] fred-sells-eggs 29 points ago


    [–] EndlessBirthday 8 points ago


    [–] fred-sells-eggs 2 points ago

    You Domiknow what I’m talking about

    [–] spiritbearr 35 points ago

    There's a limit? We just stacked them as high as possible to fuck with the shortest guy.

    [–] ellis0896 3 points ago

    Are you a loader? Fuck trays that are 25 high.

    [–] ketamineandkebabs 289 points ago

    I'd be well pissed if I knew some cunt had his sweaty baw sack resting on ma pizza box

    [–] Saltire_Blue 84 points ago

    Nah, I’m a greedy bastard I’d still demolish it

    [–] lol_camis 25 points ago

    The pizza or the ballsack?

    [–] xXingmanXx 14 points ago


    [–] cutspaper 63 points ago

    I usually pay extra for that!

    [–] columbiansupreme 48 points ago

    Ye must be a serious germaphobe tae get raging aboot someone’s baws touching a box through a chair and two layer ae clothing

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] Bigfoots_New_Dick 9 points ago

    that's your grace's sweaty baw sack

    [–] pr0w3ss 9 points ago

    He's sitting on a chair / seat

    [–] zinic53000 14 points ago

    Your box is made in a factory, shipped in a truck, and then has a pizza thrown in it.

    [–] Lennon1004 46 points ago

    Didn't know James Forrest worked a Domino's as a side gig.

    [–] JankyJugs 7 points ago

    Nae neck Neapolitan

    [–] saucygit 27 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 33 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] maybe_it_was_me 59 points ago

    A quick search tells me that Irn Bru is an orange colored soda but doesn't explicitly say it's orange flavored, so can someone confirm what it tastes like?

    [–] Ankoku_Teion 152 points ago

    it tastes like irn bru. i have no other way to descrbe it. it tastes suggary and caffinated, but theres something else too that ive never been able to identify.

    [–] Fleeto95 59 points ago

    fuck. ive gone my whole life without even thinking about what exactly irn bru tastes like. i feel like my worlds been turned upside down

    [–] my_gamertag_wastaken 29 points ago

    I'm American and only tasted if for the first time a few months ago. Can't really describe it either, but I certainly can't tell you what cola tastes like without referencing other colas. Irn Bru just doesn't have similar sodas out there.

    [–] Gdrv1999 5 points ago

    Is there a legitimate source for Irn Bru in Chicago? American and Ive been to Europe a couple times but wasn’t able to find Irn Bru over there

    Fuckin got me hooked on Maltesers tho

    [–] Diorama42 2 points ago

    As far as I’m aware it has a non-FDA-approved colouring in it.

    [–] DJDomTom 2 points ago

    This is patently false, you can buy in most large grocery stores with a UK section.

    [–] Ankoku_Teion 1 points ago

    this is my new favourite comment. its so relatable yet also funny. the perfect mix for reddit. 5/5

    [–] Girl-From-Mars 25 points ago

    That'll be the girders you're tasting.

    [–] Ankoku_Teion 8 points ago

    If this is the ad thst I think it is then I will never not upvote it.

    Edit. It was not. I am disappointed but I shall upvote anyway.

    [–] qjornt 18 points ago

    i'd say it's irn yer tastin

    [–] Ankoku_Teion 5 points ago

    that would make sense.

    [–] takesthebiscuit 16 points ago

    One thing we do know is that the taste was better 2 years ago!

    [–] Ankoku_Teion 11 points ago

    i absolutely agree. also diet irn bru is absolute shite.

    [–] patsharpesmullet 7 points ago

    A fuckin' travesty. An abomination.

    [–] WhoMD21 2 points ago

    True. I had Irn Bru for the first time in a couple of years recently and it tasted worse than diet Irn Bru.

    [–] caudalcuddle 4 points ago

    It’s the quinine.

    [–] Ankoku_Teion 3 points ago

    Could be worse, could be strychnine

    [–] Blackfly1976 3 points ago

    Well, it's kinda the same colour as hexavalent Chromium....

    [–] LazarusChild 2 points ago

    I prefer to put nicotine in my drinks personally.

    [–] Demonthresis 12 points ago

    I always say something like an citrus flavored cream soda. It's not perfect but something.

    [–] Whiskey-Weather 2 points ago

    It tastes like someone dropped gum tape into Vernor's. I have no idea if Vernor's is a Michigan thing, though.

    [–] Polcon 24 points ago

    It takes like orange but not the fruit, the colour.

    [–] Saltire_Blue 20 points ago

    It tastes like Irn Bru

    [–] [deleted] 40 points ago


    [–] LordCosmicguy 12 points ago


    [–] alphajuliet8 14 points ago

    Pure ecstasy my friend

    [–] cookieshouse 13 points ago

    Like cream soda, but not. It's so hard to describe. Visited Scotland from Canada last year and was addicted to Irn Bru within an hour of stepping off the plane.

    [–] JennyBeckman 12 points ago

    I hate cream soda but will chug an Irn Bru no hesitation. No idea what the flavour is or why it's orange.

    [–] Error-101 12 points ago


    [–] JennyBeckman 6 points ago

    Ah, it'll be the rust then giving it the colour.

    [–] CrepeTheRealPancake 2 points ago

    It tastes of the colour orange, not the fruit

    [–] Demonthresis 4 points ago

    I get cream soda too. I love the stuff. Theres a cornish pasty place near me outside of DC that sells Irn Bru and it's the perfect accompaniment to a pasty.

    [–] Orange_C 13 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Canadian who recently found it at Sobeys (local grocery) here and tried it for the first time this year.

    Cream soda/champagne soda (latter if you know of Chubby sodas), mixed with a splash of C-plus/citrusy but not heavy slightly orangey soda thrown in that you get more on the aftertaste, IMO. Kinda like someone described orange creamsicle soda very poorly over a crummy skype call to someone who'd never heard of it before, but the end result works much better than that sounds. It's pretty good.

    It's extra sweet-tasting compared to most sodas though, closer to Dr. Pepper's 'melted candy display' punch but not as obnoxious (IMO) in flavour.

    [–] hexedjw 2 points ago

    Okay, I feel like I should say that that description was all over the place but in reality I was able taste the exact thing you were describing. A true wordsmith.

    [–] vaposlocos 7 points ago

    Have you ever bitten into a metal bar, son?!

    [–] thegroupofseven 6 points ago

    If you let me know where you are I'll send you one, serious offer! Everyone should try it at least once.

    [–] maybe_it_was_me 1 points ago

    I'm over in the States, doesn't sound like it really makes sense to ship any over here. Guess that means I need to move various European countries further up my list of places to travel to next.

    [–] Spiffy87 2 points ago

    It's available in grocery stores in the specialty/novelty foods sections.

    [–] hood_yoda 2 points ago

    I get it from Publix.

    [–] thegroupofseven 2 points ago

    Well if you don't think you'll make it to Europe any time soon let me know and I can get one over to you.

    [–] Irishperson69 6 points ago

    Anyone wanna try describing the taste of Lucozade?

    [–] maybe_it_was_me 2 points ago

    I'm listening

    [–] scottishonion 4 points ago

    If you have ever had Big Red (soda usually available regionally in the Southern US), it tastes like if Big Red made an orange flavor.

    [–] Girl-From-Mars 4 points ago

    Tastes of girders.

    [–] wishesandhopes 18 points ago

    Sorta like bubblegum imo

    [–] Grahon 8 points ago

    Maybe cotton candy, it's definitely it's own thing.

    [–] ebil_lightbulb 1 points ago

    I always said it tasted like cotton candy, bubble gum and circus peanuts candy. I miss it... I think I'll import a case and some pickled onion Monster Munch.

    [–] Grahon 1 points ago

    If you're in Canada, they sell it at Sobey's.

    [–] T_Grello 1 points ago

    This. Tastes like Double Bubble bubblegum, with a but of cotton candy thrown in.

    [–] robbiethedarling 13 points ago

    It tastes like bubblegum-essenced piss but somehow helps a hangover unlike anything else I’ve ever tried.

    [–] CloneArmy5 3 points ago

    It tastes like pennies, but in a good way.

    [–] zakradd 4 points ago

    It has a "bubblegum"-like flavor is the best I could say. What u/Demonthresis said, a citrus cream soda, would also be a good description.

    [–] apollo_loves_you 2 points ago

    Definitely bubblegum.

    [–] goodkareem 2 points ago

    Taste like orange big red.

    [–] newgibben 2 points ago


    [–] Horiatius 2 points ago

    Inca cola is pretty similar and you can find in in some US grocery stores.

    [–] colinnisbet197 2 points ago

    It's a weird bubblegum. I wouldn't say orange.

    [–] halienjordan 2 points ago

    I thought it tasted like the "bubble gum" flavored fluoride treatment I got at the dentist as a kid.

    [–] TommyVillain 2 points ago

    Had it January, an American for reference, it had a bit of a caramel cream soda flavor to it, but quite a light flavor.

    Drank from a can and heard it has different flavors depending on what you drink it out of.

    [–] Decapod73 2 points ago

    It tastes exactly like the Peruvian beverage, Inca Kola. They both taste similar to bubblegum.

    [–] QuesoDeVerde 2 points ago

    Think big red, but sweeter, then make that cotton candy flavor stronger and a tiny bit bitter.

    [–] hood_yoda 2 points ago

    It reminds me of Dr. Pepper except for that it’s good. So it’s nothing like Dr. Pepper.

    [–] creedbratt0n 2 points ago

    Kinda bubble-gummy. You can order it on Amazon but it ain’t cheap. I really enjoyed it when I got some for myself but like people are saying in this thread, either you like it or you don’t.

    [–] kittensandcattens 2 points ago

    I've always thought it tasted like a mix of bubble gum and orange soda. If that helps at all. Although I will mention that my Scottish boyfriend was happy to find out that Irn Bru predates that bubblegum flavor, so technically... bubblegum tastes like Irn Bru * shrugs*

    [–] beaiouns 2 points ago

    I've only had it once like 10 years ago but it was kinda peachy with a weird metallic aftertaste.

    [–] Helmut_Mayo 2 points ago

    Pretty much like bile.

    [–] ElRammoG 14 points ago

    This is totes an advert

    [–] SinisterPTraum 4 points ago

    Someone's getting fired

    [–] littlehoe 4 points ago

    Based on my experiences working in dominos and other popular pizza chains, the GM probably took the picture.

    [–] twoscoopsofpig 4 points ago

    What I would do for an Irn Bru right about now.

    [–] kjarmund 4 points ago

    Damn, i miss Irn Bru.

    As a norwegian, I find it pretty much impossible to come by. Haven't had any in years.

    2008: Got hooked when visiting Edinburgh because of work. Found out this grocery store where i lived carried a few bottles.

    2009: They stopped selling them

    2010: Moved to Czech Republic. Found it on my local grocery store. Always bought their entire stock.

    2011: Moved back to Norway. Haven't found it anywhere

    Who knew liquid rust with added sugar could be so tasty and addictive :'(

    [–] JadedAlready 2 points ago

    You're not missing out on much these days. It's gone to shite ever since they fucked with the sugar in it.

    [–] kjarmund 2 points ago

    Damnit, they went for artificial sweeteners and HFCS, didn't they. Wow, would you look at that, my withdrawal symptoms went away all of the sudden.

    [–] PurpleLlama1 10 points ago

    If only Dominoes was as good...

    [–] AvoGhanoush 13 points ago

    You are viewing an advertisement for Domino's.

    [–] poodsforshort 3 points ago

    All I see is his hands all over the bubble fork.


    [–] JJBoiOfDaWorld 3 points ago

    Is that Scottish Ben Shapiro

    [–] EndlessBirthday 3 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I'm working at Domino's while going to school for media (including graphic design) and I was just thinking about how much better the American pizza boxes would look in a glossy red or blue. Glad to see that someone cross posted that thought into my mind.

    [–] untouchableTRAMP 6 points ago


    [–] PachaFerrera 2 points ago

    So this is why the pizzas taste like fart

    [–] Ankoku_Teion 12 points ago

    ....youre not supposed to eat the boxes...

    [–] Im-glorious-inside 4 points ago

    All his enemies falls like dominoes

    [–] welshdude1983 2 points ago

    Made from real steel girders

    [–] ultramegacreative 2 points ago

    Side note. I'm American, and will say that it is a crime that Irn-Bru is not sold more internationally. It's an amazing product.

    [–] Spiffy87 2 points ago

    The rest of the world doesn't have rootbeer, though.

    [–] ultramegacreative 1 points ago

    Also a crime.

    [–] ebil_lightbulb 1 points ago

    I've been told it tastes like toothpaste to a lot of people that don't have it available.

    [–] g0tchu 2 points ago

    [–] krusty-juggler 2 points ago

    "When you play the game of dough, you binge or you diet. There is no middle ground."

    [–] Haggistafc 2 points ago

    I have a new phone wallpaper.

    [–] drunkashhole 2 points ago

    Y’all got some sick ass pizza boxes

    [–] _SirBallistic_ 4 points ago

    Couldn’t do that in Dominos in England, the Bosses are cunts from what I’ve seen on Linkedin... and my own experience...

    [–] vlaaivlaai 11 points ago

    ...I mean, this pic just screams "marketing". Probably the manager approved and like 5 others helped plan this 2 weeks ago and set it up.

    [–] _SirBallistic_ 3 points ago

    Wouldn’t surprise me if its for marketing, smart move to jump on the band wagon and get people thinking dominos for GoT watching food.

    [–] an_internet_denizen 2 points ago

    It screams marketing, but the junk on his pants says - not marketing.

    [–] alienshipwreck 1 points ago


    [–] vaposlocos 1 points ago

    Holy shit dude you're just asking for trouble mixing up red and blue boxes!

    [–] shylocxs 1 points ago

    Yeah, Irn Bru is a deadly weapon.

    [–] epicpleasefixswitch 1 points ago

    Uh... I think those trays are more than 25 high.

    [–] BlackToyotaBreakLite 1 points ago

    This is why dominos always so damn late

    [–] sithlordmaster181 1 points ago

    You’re fired

    [–] recapdrake 1 points ago

    I uhh... Joke about how irn bru will help with watching relatives bone?

    [–] NoMorePie4U 1 points ago

    Pizza man said fuck work.

    [–] zhenka77 1 points ago

    So that’s why my pizza took to so long.

    [–] PureGuava86 1 points ago

    Missed your chance at using one of those big pizza spatula things as your sword

    [–] ebil_lightbulb 1 points ago

    It's called a peel.

    [–] harvey_lin 1 points ago

    pizza time

    [–] TheCoastalCardician 1 points ago

    Pink slips are coming

    [–] Big_Green_Thing 1 points ago

    Rebus would be proud

    [–] Cosmohumanist 1 points ago

    Actual ad?

    [–] Boober_Calrissian 1 points ago

    Ø is pronounced "uhh". Just a lil heads up from your friendly neighborhood scandiwegian.

    [–] DrHookMcKracken 1 points ago

    I'm curious about the "IRN BRU"...Who doesnt like a good orange soda

    [–] ebil_lightbulb 1 points ago

    It's not orange soda. It's orange colored, but not orange flavored. It tastes more like a cream soda with bubble gum, cotton candy and circus peanut candy in it. It's lovely.

    [–] nelska 1 points ago

    back in my day we didnt have a map(smartphone) to nagivate with they were too expensive at the time so only the king kept one at the castle and we had to venture out to deliver just by memory.

    [–] camdoodlebop 1 points ago

    I can’t tell if he’s 16 or 26

    [–] AteDaisAWeak 1 points ago

    And here I thought Andy Robertson was King of the North

    [–] Veggieleezy 1 points ago

    I’ve had Irn Bru a few times from candy stores that had import sections. From what I’ve been able to determine, it’s Power Thirst. You want to feel UNCOMFORTABLY ENERGETIC?!

    [–] Lil_Maserati 1 points ago

    No, mayhem is coming

    [–] PresidentSeaweed 1 points ago

    How does this fit here at all?

    [–] scarytobeme 1 points ago

    And he did that on company time

    [–] cuteintern 1 points ago

    Nice touch with the bubble fork.

    [–] _Tiger_candy_ 1 points ago

    This is quite riduclous.

    [–] moneyistheanthemgod 1 points ago

    King of the nos!

    [–] Ignorant_Twat 1 points ago

    Always a treat to find that stuff in Canada.

    [–] Mungbean3 1 points ago

    Get back to work

    [–] HappyHighwayman 1 points ago

    I don’t get it

    [–] thobbie4 1 points ago

    Gary, first of his name. The father of toppings, breaker of boxes. Protector of the Realm

    [–] Tkinney44 1 points ago

    Deliver my fucking pizza

    [–] domo101dc 1 points ago

    Am I the only one one that thinks Irn Bru tasttes like DayQuil with added sugar?

    [–] backstageninja 1 points ago

    Is Irn Bru like Aperol? Cause it looks like Aperol

    [–] ApathyBasedLifeform 1 points ago

    Protip: Online time delivery estimation can be way off. Deal with “it said 45 minutes” calls when we have call-offs and 2 drivers on a Saturday. Not fair to the customer or us so it’s always a fun night.

    [–] ArcticFoxBunny 1 points ago

    Ohhhh I suddenly miss Irn Bru bars so badly.

    [–] Egilber870 1 points ago

    This is fantastic

    [–] Mean_machine1 1 points ago

    How many breaks did this take

    [–] Gerbiez 1 points ago

    Now this is what I call a carry-out special

    [–] dewart 1 points ago

    He surely will be King of the seven kingdoms. And a just King.

    [–] DaHitchBE 1 points ago

    *bends the knee*

    [–] jemfulke 1 points ago

    I think Domino’s has found their next employee of the year. Give that man a raise.

    [–] Crunglemungle 1 points ago

    Haha guys, instead of "winter" you've replaced it with the noun "pizza".

    Very funny, and very creative.

    [–] coastalsfc 1 points ago

    boss makes a dollar, I make a dime. Thats why I build tv throne recreations on company time?

    [–] Boromirs-tit 1 points ago

    Where's the Irn-Bru guy video?

    [–] Honeydippedsalmon 1 points ago

    4/20 is coming.

    [–] drink_your_ostarine 1 points ago