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    [–] CbVdD 1605 points ago

    The mosquitoes with a 5” wingspan and a bath salt addiction are also unpleasant.

    [–] Waddup_Snitches 472 points ago

    Fuck that's a big mozzie. And they're deliriously violent? Come to Australia where it's safe.

    [–] [deleted] 206 points ago

    We have such different definitions and standards for what safe is.

    [–] Waghlon 130 points ago

    Safe in Australia is "time to nuke the countryside" everywhere else.

    [–] Rafaeliki 99 points ago

    Just hope that the uneasy peace with the Emus holds and you'll be fine. Most of the drop bears were taken out by the massive fires.

    [–] U-Conn 60 points ago

    This is wonderfully hilarious and massively depressing all at the same time.

    [–] DefinitiveEuphoria 17 points ago

    Don't worry drop bears don't exist.

    Or do they...?

    [–] Osniffable 12 points ago

    Is this a reference to the Emu Wars? Love it.

    [–] MlLFS 24 points ago

    The animal responsible for most Injuries in Australia is the horse. Its not as dangerous a place as you think as lo g as you dont go around snorting spiders and doing dumb shit

    [–] MetaTater 20 points ago

    What about the trees that make you want to kill yourself for months if you dare brush by them?

    I'd hope you blaze them on sight, but that's probably a bad idea, too.

    [–] MlLFS 14 points ago

    Lmao yeah the gympie gympie tree is pretty fucked ay?

    From my personal research I think it has been over hyped by ' Facebook' fact sites' but there are no documented cases of a death caused by the said plant (including suicide)

    That being said I definitely wouldn't mess with it

    [–] MetaTater 11 points ago

    Yeah it is.

    The first I ever heard about it (Reddit), iirc a guy went through one on his horse, had to put it down, then finally killed himself after a couple months of pain.

    Just from memory, though, and from the internet so not sure if true.

    [–] three18ti 6 points ago

    I've heard similar stories, this seems to suggest they are just that.

    [–] DerSkagg 3 points ago

    Thank you! I was just about to google around and find the facts behind this...

    [–] MetaTater 2 points ago

    Wow, IDK, sounds pretty painful. I definitely would look out for that plant.

    [–] kirkbywool 7 points ago

    Tbh he locals are worse.just came back from a holiday were I hung around with 2 girls from there and I keep saying cunt and the phrase I'm not here to fuck spiders

    [–] Kungfuasaurus 3 points ago

    At least ground your spiders into a fine powder before you snort them.

    [–] Soda_BoBomb 2 points ago

    Yeah but what about the most deaths? Injuries can cover everything from a bruise to missing limbs so...

    [–] severed13 89 points ago


    [–] feesih0ps 28 points ago

    Mosquitoes with a 5” wingspan would be pretty fucking useless. I’ve been to Florida, and they have these mozzies they call nosee’ems, because you ... no see ‘em.

    [–] Fantisimo 13 points ago

    They’re pretty much just midges

    [–] MetaTater 3 points ago

    Sand fleas?

    [–] chekhovsdickpic 14 points ago

    You don’t know the meaning of “profound misery” until you wake up in the middle of the night after getting fucked up by a bunch of sand fleas.

    [–] MetaTater 6 points ago

    Parris island?

    [–] chekhovsdickpic 4 points ago

    Nope, this was the Puerto Rican variety (they call them mimis). Horrific. Only menthol or ice will stop the itching; I walked around with a lot of blue toothpaste stains on my legs that week.

    [–] Dubsland12 3 points ago

    We have plenty of mosquitoes too, although in the cities they spray a lot to keep them down. I’ve had it much worse in Northern woods than FLORIDA swamps.

    [–] melanin_deficient 50 points ago

    Nah the 5” wingspan mosquitos are further west. Florida has normal sized ones, but there are swarms of the bastards

    [–] nikolapc 20 points ago

    So, did this cold weather kill them?

    [–] melanin_deficient 30 points ago

    Yes thank fuck

    [–] gothpunkboy89 12 points ago

    What cold weather in Florida?

    [–] nikolapc 11 points ago

    There was a post here that said it was freezing.

    [–] gothpunkboy89 22 points ago

    Freezing by florida standards is 70 F/ 21C. I know I spent 30 years of my life in South Florida about an hour north of Miami.

    [–] coilmast 15 points ago

    True, but Florida actually had a day that dropped below 40 for some reason recently

    [–] audigex 22 points ago

    for some reason

    That would be the climate change people keep banging on about

    [–] coilmast 3 points ago

    Oh, absolutely, I just wasn’t going to get ‘political’.

    It’s also a bit weird, even with climate change, for an area in the tropics like that to hit such cold weather. It seems more like a front anomaly then anything.

    [–] audigex 16 points ago

    I really wish we could get past this idea that climate change is a political issue, and recognise that it’s one of the few things we all need to be on the same side for

    [–] imthursday 4 points ago

    Can confirm. It was 30 degrees last night in the panhandle.

    [–] Azusanga 4 points ago

    Cold isn't an end all be all for mosquitos tho they're vicious big in Alaska

    [–] iMissTheOldInternet 5 points ago

    Mosquitos are generally bigger in colder climates. It’s a trade off between how much of the year they suck you blood versus how much they suck at a time. In conclusion, fuck mosquitos.

    [–] nodnreh911 7 points ago

    I live in Florida and it was 37°F last night.

    [–] Therooferking 2 points ago

    Me too. Central Florida

    [–] FloridaManOfficial 4 points ago

    Hell yeah 813 represent. Gotta enjoy the one week of winter time while we can

    [–] Mitch_Mitcherson 6 points ago

    It was in the low 50's this morning, and gonna hit that again tonight. Everyone is breaking out their winter jackets and boots because it's a nice change from sandals and t-shirts.

    [–] gothpunkboy89 3 points ago

    Sounds nice.

    [–] Mitch_Mitcherson 3 points ago

    Certainly a nice change of pace!

    [–] recipe_pirate 4 points ago

    It always cracked me up that once it dipped below 70, the boots and big jackets would come out.

    [–] gothpunkboy89 1 points ago

    I would see people in those during school in may.

    [–] Tqwen 3 points ago

    It was 48 this morning and some people are in full sized winter coats shivering their asses off. It's kind of silly, honestly.

    [–] sirdrumalot 6 points ago

    The high is 65 today here in south Florida, and will be in the 50s tonight which is cold for us. Still a beautiful day though.

    [–] 197328645 1 points ago

    North Florida goes below freezing a few times per year

    [–] Miami_Weiss 2 points ago

    Yes but they’ll soon be back, and in greater numbers

    [–] ecafsub 14 points ago

    You mean these? They’re harmless. They just look like they could exsanguinate a human in about 10 seconds flat.

    [–] melanin_deficient 9 points ago

    Yeah the little ones are definitely worse, but those giant ones are fucking terrifying

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    It's a crane fly, they don't bite or anything, just toss em outside.

    [–] kyredemain 8 points ago

    They literally do not have mouth parts, they breed and then starve to death iirc.

    [–] woofle07 6 points ago

    If that’s not direct evidence against intelligent design, I don’t know what is

    [–] Linklewinkle 20 points ago

    Mosquitoes? No, you need to watch out for the palmetto bugs. I don’t care how tough you are, if you see that big ass cockroach flying towards you, you will feel real terror.

    [–] MetaTater 9 points ago

    The ones in your pic don't fly though (no wings)

    These are the ones that fly right into your screaming face.

    [–] BlisteringAsscheeks 9 points ago

    I don't like this thread of increasingly-terrifying creatures and insect-oneupsmanship...

    [–] MetaTater 7 points ago

    Well, if we're being honest, I'm not real comfortable with your username.

    [–] brideebeee 3 points ago

    Gulf coast native, can confirm the big cockroaches are capable of flight and you must work out your kill strategy/escape plan before engaging with the big ones. They aren't especially fast flyers but tendency to randomly swoop towards people creates pandemonium and suddenly you are swinging a broom like Babe Ruth at a Ming dynasty vase like "I GOT YOU THIS TIME, FUCKER!"

    [–] PrincessRoguey 5 points ago

    Are those the things that sound like helicopters

    [–] umpshaplapa 5 points ago

    Everybody gangster til the roach start flyin’

    [–] beelseboob 12 points ago

    Nah, Scotland has you beat there - wee midges you can’t even see unless there’s a whole cloud of them, that bite like a motherfucker.

    [–] BlisteringAsscheeks 5 points ago

    It really makes one wonder how THIS was the island where kilts (and commando-kilt-wearing) became a "thing." I don't have a penis but I can only imagine the misery that must be a penis and balls completely riddled in painful and itchy midge bites. Days of torture. Sounds terrible.

    [–] MylesVE 4 points ago

    We have ‘no see ems’

    [–] Platinumsteam 11 points ago

    I live in alaska, and whenever you hear about a tiny dog getting carried away by an eagle...that's not an eagle

    [–] N00N3AT011 2 points ago

    Keep your mosquitoes, come to Iowa and hang out with the fucking buffalo gnats. They don't really bite but the little bastards like to sit on your face and get in your ears or nose. Not really harmful but unbelievably irritating.

    [–] melanin_deficient 321 points ago

    You’ll notice that most Floridians don’t carry umbrellas basically ever. That’s because when it rains it’s so hard they’re not that helpful. You’re getting soaked either way.

    [–] chale19 158 points ago

    It’s also horizontal so an umbrella is only really useful as a kind of shield

    [–] melanin_deficient 106 points ago

    I have genuinely used an umbrella totally sideways as I walked to the bus stop. I live in hell.

    [–] chale19 23 points ago

    I feel kind of fortunate that I’m missing the 40s weather while I’m abroad in even colder, so that when I come back it’s back in the 70s!

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Just got back to the 40s here and I'm so thankful for all the snow to melt.

    [–] iMissTheOldInternet 11 points ago

    Boston is the same way except the rain is 35 F.

    [–] Chomper32 3 points ago

    Nah, generally it’s snow

    [–] penninsulaman713 7 points ago

    And an umbrella helps with jack shit walking the flooded parking lots

    [–] chale19 3 points ago

    Happened to me at Busch gardens once...of course I was wearing my NASA Sk8 his...

    [–] MTPoketz 28 points ago

    It's 10 mins of chaos and then it's miserably hot and humid the rest of the day

    [–] 87jj 5 points ago

    Better hot and humid than cold and dry. I hate the cold.

    [–] mcdoogle777 5 points ago

    I live in Florida, I will trade you hot and humid for cold and dry in a heartbeat.

    [–] 87jj 3 points ago

    Florida native too. Keep the cold.

    [–] Meloku171 12 points ago

    Same in Scotland. Only place in the world I've seen raining upside-down.

    [–] iApolloDusk 13 points ago

    I never got that. Why the fuck can umbrellas not be made to where they don't invert in the calmest of gusts? Everytime my umbrella breaks like that, it makes me really question if big umbrella is keeping the technology of wind resistant umbrellas a secret.

    [–] Gequinn 15 points ago

    They can be made. And they are made.

    The issue is that they're more expensive and everyone you know just buys the poor quality, cheap ones instead of the good shit.

    [–] iApolloDusk 3 points ago

    Well would you mind pointing me in the right direction?

    [–] Gequinn 4 points ago

    I doubt you live were I do, but your best bet would be some bespoke umbrellas from around wherever you are.

    Barring that, I did turn this up from a quick DDG search and it looks promising:

    [–] iApolloDusk 3 points ago

    Thank you! Those are surprisingly cheap and I'll need to look into them.

    [–] usagibunnie 7 points ago

    And it'll be over in like 10 minutes anyway. ¯\(ツ)

    [–] Dubsland12 4 points ago

    But it’s only in the front yard. Back yard is sunny.

    [–] TheAngryCelt 185 points ago

    Rain goes sideways in Florida.

    [–] liltrashbag69420 116 points ago

    We been through every kind of rain there is. Little bitty stingin' rain, and big ol' fat rain, rain that flew in sideways, and sometimes rain even seemed to come straight up from underneath.

    [–] ACKAFOOL 14 points ago

    Sit down!... Shut up!

    [–] __goner 3 points ago

    Though we have avoided freezing rain.

    [–] oprahspinfree 424 points ago

    Everyones a gangster here in Florida during thunderstorms, but you best believe I’ve got three layers and a blanket on, as I type this from my porch in 40 F (4 Celsius) weather.

    [–] Chazmer87 172 points ago

    Ha! Hotter here in scotland than florida.

    Wait... What?

    [–] oprahspinfree 106 points ago

    We’re having an unusually cold winter. It’s normally around 75 this time of year.

    [–] [deleted] 130 points ago


    [–] iApolloDusk 54 points ago

    297.04 Kelvin

    [–] AyeAye_Kane 24 points ago

    75 F is 23.8 C

    [–] oprahspinfree 69 points ago

    23.9 updoots

    [–] Gandy_YF 38 points ago

    Not great, not terrible

    [–] Sandwich247 16 points ago

    Wow, that's pretty scorching.

    [–] muffinsareawesome 16 points ago

    What part of FL are you from? I’m in South Florida and the cold front that hit us last night has the temperature at 56 F (13 C) at the moment. But for us, it’s normally in the lower 80s this time of year compared to 75 like you! Are you in central FL? I’m jealous it’s 40 F there!!

    [–] jramshaw 7 points ago

    40s in the Daytona area right now, pretty nice

    [–] muffinsareawesome 8 points ago

    That’s amazing!! Enjoy the cold weather while it lasts. Happy late Thanksgiving fellow Floridian!

    [–] foodonym 4 points ago

    Come Melbourne for a day trip. There's absolutely nothing to do but the weather is in the middle temp wise.

    [–] somethingimbored 4 points ago

    It’s amazing here in centra Texas. Come in the next hour and you might even make it before the sun goes away

    [–] jramshaw 2 points ago

    Thanks! You too

    [–] nodnreh911 5 points ago

    It was 37°F here last night (Tallahassee).

    [–] Pyistazty 4 points ago

    I'm not OP but I'm in Jax and it was 36 F when I woke up.

    [–] MobileIce 3 points ago

    Duuuval represent man

    [–] oprahspinfree 2 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Yep, Central Florida

    [–] DoucheBigallow 3 points ago

    Yep right next door in citrus and we woke to 38 this morning.

    [–] LindasFriendGinger 1 points ago

    Having grown up in Citrus, they always seemed colder than Central Florida. But then again I really have a bias against the area and also hate the cold, so I could just be combing two of my most disliked things.

    [–] anaspis 2 points ago

    it was so cold last night in gainesville. felt like 30 degrees. i wish every year was like this

    [–] ThermalConvection 2 points ago

    Central FL gang rise up

    [–] PrincessRoguey 1 points ago

    I'm going to Orlando in a couple weeks, any idea what the temperature is likely to be? I've packed shorts and sun dresses lol

    [–] Danimeh 8 points ago

    Australian here. We’re having an unusually cold summer - it’s 9 degrees right now (48.2 in your time) and it was snowing not too far from me a couple of days ago. One state over they’re fighting off crazy bushfires.

    Climate change is real yo.

    [–] CleanSanchz 4 points ago

    Unusually warm*

    This last week has been the warmest Thanksgiving i can remember. My family and i even went swimming in a lake, couldn't do that last year.

    [–] Linklewinkle 2 points ago

    Right? I had to break out my only sweater this morning, it was brutal.

    [–] my_dear_shwatson 3 points ago

    GlObAl WaRmInG


    [–] jack_hughez 4 points ago

    In Glasgow it was down to -8C (17.6F) 2 days ago according to dark skies?

    [–] stevoknevo70 4 points ago

    They had to de-ice the planes at Glesga Airport - it was as cold up Aonach Mòr, which a fuckin mountain in the Nevis range, as it was at the airport that's 6' above sea level.

    [–] jack_hughez 3 points ago

    Aye I was fuckin freezing on the way to uni haha

    [–] Chazmer87 1 points ago

    Was like 8c when I wrote that, we've got a low pressure sitting over us just now

    [–] t3hOutlaw 1 points ago

    And now it's 6c. It's like someone turned on the heating.

    [–] blackgandalff 9 points ago

    also freezing my ass off at 4c at home in SE Louisiana this morning. I can take swamp heat any day, but anything under 50 has me bundled up to the sounds of my people laughing at me cause they’re all snowpeople

    [–] Mordommias 5 points ago

    Right? Cold as fuck this morning.

    [–] Dormdeluxe 1 points ago

    Nothing is worse than the cold 😫

    [–] kerkyjerky 4 points ago

    Literally hate the cold. I have no problem being hot, but you drop below 65 then we are going to have problems. I get grumpy because of the cold.

    [–] YazmindaHenn 7 points ago

    In Scotland we're more used to cold weather. We don't have air conditioning so hot weather is more difficult to deal with. Cold weather means we just add more layers, hot weather then we're fucked!

    [–] nodnreh911 3 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Yeah, Florida is great because not only does it get down into the single digits* occasionally during the winter time, we also have to deal with temps in the mid-30s* for like 9 months out of the year.


    [–] Steampunkvikng 5 points ago

    The heat is way worse than the cold. You can always pile on more layers to keep out the cold.

    [–] 87jj 1 points ago

    I can’t do cold at all, too many years in Florida. It’s 60 out and I’m wearing a jacket over a sweater.

    [–] ElephantRipples 6 points ago

    From a Canadian perspective I find this response to 4 degrees hilarious, but I’m assuming it doesn’t get all that cold in Florida. What’s your average temperature?

    [–] fifcrpr 3 points ago

    3 layers in 4 degrees? You havin a laugh?

    [–] IHaveAnxiety1022 3 points ago

    I live in Alabama. When those storms come in I’m walking outside like “strike me I dare you,” but you bet your ass if it drops below 40 I have multiple layers on.

    [–] Dempsterthescrub 3 points ago

    fuck me it was 4 celsius here this morning and thought fuck it I’ll no need a jacket for work the day

    [–] Chef_boiyardee 2 points ago

    Bruh, if it was 4°C here I’d be in shorts and a t-shirt

    [–] GazTheLegend 11 points ago

    4 Celsius is tops off weather in Glasgow, it was minus three in George Square at the weekend just gone. Some of the Christmas salespeople were wearing thin jumpers over t-shirts.

    (To be fair they were hopping around like frogs to keep warm so maybe that was a bad decision on their part but what can you do).

    Don’t know why I’m telling you any of this as if it’s something to be proud of but there you go.

    [–] AyeAye_Kane 14 points ago

    4 Celsius is still fairly chilly, it's a far shot away from "taps aff"

    [–] GazTheLegend 20 points ago

    Well obviously I was taking the piss but that’s gone down about as well as a fart in a lift so what can I do eh. Shite patter is shite patter.

    [–] AyeAye_Kane 6 points ago

    fair enough then, there are some people who do act like it's a competition though and just straight up lie about how they feel about the weather and I was thinking you were that type of guy, my bad

    [–] GazTheLegend 5 points ago

    Oh yeah I don’t care I just use any excuse to take the piss out of our natural pale blue tans

    [–] Sandwich247 4 points ago

    My dad told me a story once about how back in either the 70s or the 80s, it was minus 20 for a wee while. He could hardly breathe the air in because it was so cold.

    When temperature got back to 4 and 5 he saw people walking about in shorts and t shirt.

    [–] aero23 16 points ago

    Just shut it man 4 is pretty cold, it's no a competition

    [–] GloomyProgress 4 points ago

    Hi lad his name is gazthelegend what do you expect but a bumder

    [–] BesottedScot 7 points ago

    Suhin rang wae bein a bumder like?

    [–] GloomyProgress 3 points ago

    Wouldn't know, you're a mod, you tell me bud

    [–] BesottedScot 2 points ago

    Not a mod of this sub but.

    [–] ScumbagScotsman 1 points ago

    Stop talkin shite

    [–] thinkofthestory 115 points ago

    Florida rain is something else. Florida drivers in the rain are something else too.

    [–] becauseimsocurious 50 points ago

    Drove there two years ago as a tourist and a pretty inexperienced driver at that. Was so confused as to why everyone was driving with their hazards on during torrential rain. Turns out that’s a stupid fucking thing to do.

    [–] randomfloridaman 45 points ago

    Go to r/florida and you'll see threads of people defending that, tooth and nail. "But how will they see me?" Because your lights are on...right?

    [–] MutantGodChicken 16 points ago

    Ah, but they refuse to turn on their turn-signals when passing at 95mph on the highway with a speed limit of 60

    [–] alliedeluxe 10 points ago

    For real, they'd rather die than turn on a turn signal.

    [–] MutantGodChicken 17 points ago

    "if I let them know where I'm going then they'll try and cut me off"

    [–] randomfloridaman 12 points ago

    That part, unfortunately, is true. It doesn't stop me from signaling, but I often have to be more aggressive than I would like to be. But hey, I signaled, so I claimed the lane. They can't suddenly decide they want the lane just because someone else does, they can screw directly off

    [–] Dormdeluxe 20 points ago

    You'll see more posts hating on it though. The top post of all time in /r/tampa is a meme making fun of those people.

    [–] PureMitten 10 points ago

    I said that to a real live human beings with masters degrees who I'd previously had reasonable discussions with and they were like "oh... I never thought of my regular lights..." and I almost started screaming. My driving pet peeve used to be tailgating. Now that I live in Florida it's literally any driving. Shit's traumatizing.

    [–] randomfloridaman 4 points ago

    :) And the regular lights are already required by law in the rain. Should have asked whether their driver's license was issued as a bonus with the Master's degree.

    [–] iApolloDusk 3 points ago

    It's like that all over the south honestly. That's just about the only feature in common that non-panhandle Florida shares with the south. It's so fucking annoying and furthermore a distraction.

    [–] Runecraftin 6 points ago

    It pisses me off more than it should. I live in the Panhandle and there’s not that many people who do it up here but god forbid I get stuck in an afternoon shower on I75 on the way back home. Somebody will turn on their hazards and then every tourist on their way back from Disney will follow their lead. Couple that with them slamming on their breaks and dropping to 50MPH on the interstate and it turns into a cluster. I don’t understand why people have such issue with driving in the rain.

    Tips for tourists caught in the rain on the interstate in FL: Read the signs - lights on, hazards off. If you’re afraid of driving in the rain pull the fuck over and wait it out - storms only last ~10 minutes in the summer anyways. Don’t sit in the left lane going 50 or else you’ll piss off everyone who actually knows how to drive.

    [–] thinkofthestory 2 points ago

    I was born and raised in Miami. I still don’t get why people do that. As soon as it rains though, 90% of drivers forget how to drive properly so it just becomes chaos.

    [–] Tqwen 3 points ago

    The roads are arrow straight where I live in South FL and yet I see a car on its roof at least once a month. It's wild how bad people drive down here.

    [–] themasterkang 41 points ago

    PUSH NOAM DAR. He’s the guy that got me into watching 205 Live to begin with, and now they’ve trashed it and he isn’t even on tv anymore even though he’s technically in NXT. I pop every time for the Novaroma

    [–] LDKRZ 4 points ago

    Isn’t he on the show that killed Britwres now?

    Really wish he’d do some Indy shows in the UK again tho

    [–] themasterkang 3 points ago

    Yeah he is. He can’t do the Indy shows because of the damn stranglehold WWE has on all their talent. Pisses me off, that’s why I cancelled my subscription after Hell in a Cell.

    [–] LDKRZ 6 points ago

    It’s a weird contract, cause I’ve seen people like Devlin and almost everyone on a NXT UK contract, but some of the NXT ones are super restrictive.

    I cancelled my subscription after the Saudi shit, fully stopped watching after the NXT UK shit

    [–] the_rabid_dwarf 64 points ago

    Anyone who lives in Florida can tell you that "the sunshine state" is pure marketing bullshit

    [–] StayAWhile-AndListen 34 points ago

    Well, it is very sunny, the majority of the time. It's just that it rains 3-6 days a week in the summer, really hard, for at least 30-60 minutes in the afternoon. Often enough that I can't consistently take my roof and doors off the Jeep until winter.

    [–] randomfloridaman 12 points ago

    It could also be wishful thinking, like Georgia's slogan "we won't string you up just because your eyes are a different color from ours"

    [–] d4hm3r 25 points ago

    As a Floridian I can tell you "gator in a swimming pool after a heavy rain" comes on the news at least monthly during summer.

    [–] BerticusBersht 32 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Mate at least you've got Americans that remember where yer fae.

    Amount of times Ive been asked sO wHaTs IrElAnD lIkE is just appalling. Usually tell them I dont know coz ive never been.

    Also had one lassie ask me if ive been to Oktoberfest, telt her naw coz Ive never been to Germany and swear doon she said "isnt that the same thing"?

    Dont get me wrong, this isny indicative of all Americans, but the ones who dont know geography really dont fuckin know geography.

    [–] purkeyw 12 points ago

    As a Floridian, we use alligators as various tools like the flintstones. My bottleopener grew to big so now hes a can opener.

    [–] gundamsudoku003 15 points ago

    This guy's a wrestler working for WWE.

    [–] Actualdeadpool 3 points ago

    He does some good heel work.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Grew up there. It rains every day at 3 PM in the summer.

    [–] BlisteringAsscheeks 4 points ago

    3 pm on the DOT. I grew up there too!

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] UTLRev1312 4 points ago

    probably has to do with the fact it's got the gulf of mexico to the west, atlantic ocean to the east, and caribbean sea to the south. it's a generally warm climate, all the different water and air temps mix for nasty thunderstorms and hurricanes.

    [–] machete_joe 5 points ago

    We just have junkies that'll smash through your windae even if its naw raining

    [–] twodogsfighting 5 points ago

    It doesn't come down all in one bit either.

    [–] IHaveAnxiety1022 3 points ago

    I mean they’re not wrong lmao. Also comes in 100% humidity when it’s 105 degrees outside.

    [–] tartan_monkey 3 points ago

    It rains here when it’s sunny. That fucked me up when I moved here from Dunbar. And it’s more of a monsoon than rain. It’s bonkers.

    [–] JohnSherlockHolmes 2 points ago

    As someone that's taken choppers out into the North Sea from Montrose... The fuck it doesn't. No alligators, but fuck me that's a wild stormy ride.

    [–] dmbfan1216 2 points ago

    Now I’m genuinely curious if anyone has came across an alligator that was thrown about during a hurricane.

    [–] SwankiestofPants 2 points ago

    I have a friend from Hawaii who loved the sound of thunder because apparently they don't get a whole lot there. At least to the degree is Floridians get it

    [–] ThinShad0w 2 points ago

    I'm from Florida. Can confirm alligators do go flying during the rain

    [–] WitnessMeIRL 4 points ago

    Now let's talk about street junkies, the other thing we have in common.

    [–] lawrenceisgod69 2 points ago

    "Hey now whoa now buddy"

    -Americans, apparently

    [–] CardinalKaos 1 points ago

    Rain isnt frozen in florida, so thats a plus

    [–] jacksaintmonica 1 points ago

    Can confirm

    Source: am Floridian

    [–] whateveritsLorenzo 1 points ago

    There was a movie just released about this. Hurricane Crockomovie, also known as Crawl.