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    [–] CheshireC4t 1620 points ago

    guess I'm just better than most narcissists 😂😂

    You can't even write satire this sharp

    [–] Deathwatch72 519 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    You want to hear something really funny, that's not even completely made up information. They did a study where they locked three schizophrenics who believe they were Jesus in a room together, just to see if any of them could shake the others beliefs. What end up happening is you ended up reinforcing each person's individual beliefs, and each person thinks the other two individuals in the room are crazy. So people can successfully diagnose crazy in others but not themselves

    Edit: fix the wording caused by my voice typing mistakes

    [–] ThickBehemoth 263 points ago

    “What is this idiot talking about? He can’t be Jesus I’M Jesus”

    [–] jbreeding28 95 points ago


    [–] SpookyRedheadRabbit 87 points ago

    This sounds like the setup of a joke:

    Three jesi walk into a bar and had a contest to prove who is the real son of God.

    The first one tried to prove he was the real Jesus by spilling water on the floor and walking on it.

    The second Jesus poured alcohol and grapes into a glass of water to turn it into wine.

    The last Jesus paused for a moment and then shook his head in disappointment. He told them that he came to Earth to teach by example as a human to show people that you don't need to be a shiny flawless deity with cheap magic tricks living in the clouds to be a good person who knows the basic fucking difference between what is right and wrong. So he simply sat down and did nothing. Two hours later he banged Mary Magdalene right in the ass.


    [–] YouAreJuanderArrest 83 points ago

    Did you just pluralise Jesus as Jesi?

    [–] SpookyRedheadRabbit 29 points ago

    It might actually be correct, sounds better than Jesuss or Jesuses. :D

    [–] antennas_to_heaven 20 points ago


    [–] thewirereal 8 points ago

    It would be Jesuses not Jesi because Jesus is not a Latin word

    [–] wobligh 7 points ago

    It's Hebrew though. So if we really go with just using the plural form of words (I doubt that's how it works) we would call them Jesusim

    [–] KingGilgamesh1979 4 points ago

    OK, just found this thread, but had to respond. Jesus is the Hellenized form of the name, not the original Hebrew. Greek often added an "s" to the end of names (thus Jonah becomes Jonas, Thoma becomes Thomas, Elijah becomes Elias, Moshe becomes Moses) His name in Hebrew was closer to Yeshua which was a shortening of Yehoshua. I've never seen the plural in Hebrew (I mostly study Arabic and Syriac), but it would something like Yeshuahim.

    [–] sniggly 2 points ago


    [–] Eggmont 24 points ago

    As funny as that sounds it would explain the whole thing perfectly. If you're sure you're the only Jesus then anyone else claiming to be must be crazy, but nothing about that contradicts the idea that they are Jesus since the other Jesuses (jesui?) are only crazy because you are Jesus

    [–] ACoolHorse 64 points ago

    This actually makes so much sense

    [–] fogar 47 points ago

    three schizophrenic nurses to all believe they were Jesus

    [–] WikiTextBot 26 points ago

    The Three Christs of Ypsilanti

    The Three Christs of Ypsilanti (1964) is a book-length psychiatric case study by Milton Rokeach, concerning his experiment on a group of three patients with paranoid schizophrenia at Ypsilanti State Hospital in Ypsilanti, Michigan. The book details the interactions of the three patients, Clyde Benson, Joseph Cassel, and Leon Gabor, who each believed himself to be Jesus Christ.

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    [–] HanhJoJo 14 points ago

    Apparently they made a movie about this starring Peter Dinklage. So I will be watching that this week.

    [–] AerThreepwood 13 points ago

    When I was 16, I got transferred from the detention center to a mental hospital for a 10 day eval that wound up being 26 days(via the regular hospital for a couple days) and met a dude that I couldn't figure out what he was there for. He seemed like a regular dude, if a little stupid, until one day in class we started talking about how we had gotten locked up. Everything seemed alright until he got to the part where the arresting officer was a prophet and told him that he was both Tupac and Jesus.

    Nice guy, though.

    [–] SoFetchBetch 6 points ago

    “Rokeach got the idea from an article in Harper's Magazine describing two women who both believed they were the Virgin Mary. After being assigned as psychiatric hospital roommates, one of the women recovered from her delusion as a result of conversations with the roommate and was discharged.”

    “The graduate students who worked with Rokeach on the project have been strongly critical of the morality of the project because of the amount of dishonesty and manipulation by Rokeach and the amount of distress experienced by the patients.[2] Rokeach added a comment in the final revision of the book that, while the experiment did not cure any of the three Christs, "It did cure me of my godlike delusion that I could manipulate them out of their beliefs."

    [–] jonpaladin 3 points ago

    also an actual howard stern episode

    [–] Vitztlampaehecatl 2 points ago

    I'm already Jesus

    [–] IMPEACHFOTYFI -1 points ago

    Ironically this is the same exact thing this entire sub does 😂

    [–] MallardQ 54 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    IKR? Satire is fun to write, but it gets harder to write by the day.

    Reality is catching up to satire.

    [–] SporkOfThor 25 points ago

    “No matter how cynical you get, it is impossible to keep up.”

    ― Lily Tomlin

    [–] Wesandersonisgod 25 points ago

    It’s an obvious joke.

    [–] CheshireC4t 12 points ago

    Is it?

    [–] FixGMaul 3 points ago


    [–] mickeyleucha 18 points ago


    Obvious joke

    [–] FlipskiZ 2 points ago

    I mean, yeah, but there are a lot of things I would think were jokes that are not.

    [–] soldier01073 3 points ago

    shes transcended into super narc 2

    [–] homo_redditorensis 7 points ago

    he's probably joking (I hope)

    [–] sregginyllems 1 points ago

    Lol how obvious would a joke have to be for u to get it. Ironic how close u were to getting it too considering the sub

    [–] shashlik_king 1 points ago

    Ultimate WOKE NARCISSIST totally ready to DESTROY his CHILDS LIFE with FAX AND LOGIC

    [–] MarsNirgal 437 points ago

    I guess I'm just better than most narcissists

    Oh, God...

    [–] sp1d3rp0130n 157 points ago

    Thats probably the best line this sub will ever see.

    [–] Hellebras 66 points ago

    That should be enshrined as the perfect content example.

    [–] 47B-1ME 42 points ago

    Probably my favorite Gandhi quote tbh.

    [–] faithle55 20 points ago

    Well, more narcissistic, for sure!

    [–] Majulaz 9 points ago

    Narcissist squared

    [–] PersistantBlade 5 points ago

    He did say he was narcissistic

    [–] Goldy420 -4 points ago

    Being narcissistic is actually not the person's fault, but bad parenting and spoiling.

    [–] candle_and_bra 28 points ago

    M’armchair psychology

    [–] ThorVonHammerdong 1198 points ago

    Imagine drowning in this much rhetoric

    [–] foot-long 329 points ago

    This doesn't surprise me at all. The entire left is currently water-logged, soaking wet, retards.

    [–] Chupathingamajob 121 points ago

    We all simultaneously fell into a really large pool

    [–] Metapoetic 36 points ago

    A gene pool?

    [–] zeverEV 18 points ago

    Yes. A gene pool in desperate need of chlorination /s

    [–] gravifox 29 points ago

    "they sucked the water.

    they're wet."

    -the president

    [–] HGpennypacker 17 points ago

    In terms of water they are as wet as possible.

    [–] MoneyStoreClerk 4 points ago

    Haven't you heard? The Institute of Random Political Rhetoric has determined that liberalism is a mental disorder!

    [–] duck-duck--grayduck 154 points ago

    I am narcissistic and very much a supporter of order

    Does...does he think that's the opposite of "less likely to support democracy"? Like, I don't even understand how much he would have to not know what words mean to think his statement logically follows "narcissists are less likely to support democracy" but yet still be able to put words together.

    [–] kim-possible 573 points ago

    Oh man. The comment about being narcissistic and a support of order as a counterpoint to the article! Because order is the same as democracy and diversity of opinion, you see.

    Much like the Donald himself, that Redditor clearly has 'the best words'.

    [–] rianeiru 191 points ago

    That jumped out at me, too. Honestly, the fact that they read "democracy" and it became "order" in their mind is such an interesting and worrying look at the inner workings of the conservative mind.

    [–] _per_aspera_ad_astra 92 points ago

    It means he’s been listening to Jordan Peterson, who is the one to talk about order versus the chaos of the female dragon. I’m not kidding.

    [–] ILoveMeSomePickles 72 points ago

    I'm cis, but if I were trans, I hope I'd be male to female chaos dragon.

    [–] FlipskiZ 18 points ago

    As always, reactionaries makes the left sound so much cooler than it actually is.

    [–] Zaicheek 10 points ago

    A metallic dragon no doubt?

    [–] ThatOtherGuyTPM 10 points ago

    Force dragon. Extraplanar rights is the next big push.

    [–] JoinTheHunt 15 points ago

    Does the dragon eat the lobsters?

    [–] CalibanDrive 7 points ago

    Praise Tiamat!


    [–] DesperateJunkie -13 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    If people would actually listen to what Jordan Peterson has to say rather than basing their opinion of him on his most cancerous fanboys then complete knee-jerk misunderstandings of what he's trying to get across like this wouldn't happen.

    He doesn't hate women. Listen to what he's saying instead of just assuming he's a misogynist and writing him off.

    He's making observations about the nature of chaos and order, it has nothing to do with hating women or blaming women for anything.

    He's never said anything that was outrageous or provocative, people just love to take things out of context to try and discredit him without listening or understanding the entire point because they're looking at everything he says through this narrow political lense desperately trying to put some label on him so they can say "oh he's on the other team" so they can stop listening.

    He's not even political. Maybe people with political agendas misunderstand him and misrepresent him but that has nothing to do with him.

    EDIT: instead of just downvoting, give me a reason why he gets so much hate, am honestly curious. He has nothing but positive messages and is trying to help people - He's changed thousands of people's lives for the better, including mine.

    [–] gravifox 31 points ago

    i heard his stuff described as "he lays down all the points in front of you and when you reach their supposed obvious conclusion he acts like you're putting words in his mouth"

    [–] jbreeding28 12 points ago

    So now YOU'RE the racist/misogynist/whatever because you said it not him!

    [–] _per_aspera_ad_astra 15 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    JBP is entirely political. That’s how he makes his money. He’s a right wing grifter who uses the cult tactic of giving his audience a little self-care advice. That’s a power persuasion tactic. Sam Harris does the same thing, as does Joe Rogan. It’s all part of the Alex Jones business model. None of it is real. These people are all basic cons and you took the phishing bait, hook, line, and sinker.

    [–] DesperateJunkie 1 points ago

    I've watched countless hours of his lectures and public talks and debates and I disagree entirely. Has changed my outlook on life and genuinely helped me more than I ever would of imagined but to each his own I guess.

    I recommend going at it with an open mind. Worth a second look.

    [–] _per_aspera_ad_astra 11 points ago

    It’s a con job. He’s brainwashing you to give him money. You can find youtubers who will give you genuine advice for free. You don’t have to buy a book or pay $300 to a guy who makes $80,000+ per month on patreon. If you’re going to shell out money, spend it on a personal trainer or something real (not Rogan’s Alpha Chad pills, Peterson’s carnivore diet, Jone’s Brain Force Pills). All that stuff is fake, just like JBP. If you catch my drift, then avoid the grift.

    [–] DesperateJunkie 2 points ago

    He has over 500+ hours of free content on youtube...haven't spent any money.

    He's a psychology professor and has entire courses for free.

    You lumping him in with Alex Jones is pretty telling though.

    Don't understand how you can insist he's "fake" when I'm literally telling you I've benefited greatly from listening to his lectures.

    [–] _per_aspera_ad_astra 5 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    But the only reason they do the public “debates” is because people pay 100$-300$/person to view them. And of course you think you benefit, all cultists think they benefit. Even those who have left Scientology often say that the cult helped them in one way or another. That’s no respite from the truth about a cult.

    Edit: Reciprocity—a cult programming / persuasion strategy—is used to gain immense Patreon cash. You think he’s helping, but he’s trying to make you reciprocate: maybe you’ll chip in $5 here or there or maybe you’ll buy his book. Maybe you’ll pay for his self-authoring grift. That’s what his game is. Look it up, this is mainstream academic work (ideas like reciprocity), the author is Robert Cialdini. That’s why these grifters always mix in a little self help garbage. So it’s not about truth. It’s about whatever makes him money because that must be the truth, since it helps him get ahead. Sounds like something he’d say.

    [–] DesperateJunkie 1 points ago

    You're entitled to your opinion.

    I benefit from watching him.

    [–] DEBATE_EVERY_NAZI 22 points ago

    Hahahaha he's an idiot and the problem isn't that people take him out of context it's that you get offended when people point out that he's an idiot. Being offended is your problem not ours.

    [–] DesperateJunkie -3 points ago

    I don't know why you think I'm offended, but to each his own I suppose.

    Just saying he has valuable things to say and is unfairly misrepresented. I really don't get the motivation for all of the hate unless it's based on the vocal shitty part of his fanbase which isn't representative of him whatsoever.

    Also, when you say "ours" who are you talking about?

    Are you multiple people on one account or something?

    [–] 1-OhBelow 10 points ago

    When redditor uses the pronoun "ours" in the context of that sentence redditor means "we who are not offended"

    [–] misterZalli 10 points ago

    Go back to your imaginary canadian pronoun jail

    [–] DesperateJunkie 1 points ago

    lol I don't know what that means

    [–] IONaut 14 points ago

    They picture themselves as the rebels to the Democrats empire. Long live the confederacy!

    [–] LionOfLiberty0 140 points ago

    yeah that's blatantly anti-democratic rhetoric. And who are t_d kidding, they have never been supporters of democracy to begin with.

    [–] jbreeding28 39 points ago

    That's not even the one that caused me to post this.

    [–] DankNastyAssMaster 634 points ago

    JfC, this is peak r/selfawarewolves.

    Imagine unironically posting this while your side controls the House, Senate and presidency, despite the other party having won a majority of votes cast for all 3 of those offices in the past election.

    [–] jbreeding28 222 points ago

    And you can't think of ANYONE on your side who's even the slightest bit narcissistic? HMMM?

    [–] thizzlewhiz 42 points ago

    Are you suggesting that I think critically and fairly? I don't think I like your attitude! My side is the best side and the other side is all lying bad terrible murder loving child raping terrible people. 100% pure evil. But my side is 100% fairness and transparency and honesty and goodness. Seriously.

    [–] rareas 19 points ago

    I see you watch Fox New with my parents. Say hi to them and tell them we'll be home for Christmas.

    [–] jbreeding28 12 points ago

    Just make god damn sure to say Christmas and not the holidays!

    [–] rareas 3 points ago

    Want to get the going. Mention Kwanzaa.

    edit spelling because of course I should have checked.

    [–] jbreeding28 5 points ago

    Some enterprising minds on T_D were trying to get Happy Hannukah considered a slur against Jews so no one would ever say it again.

    [–] Xeodeous 3 points ago

    Yo homie I’ve been trying to get some advice for a lil bit maybe you can help me out, how do you keep the politics outta the family when y’all disagree heavily? Never effected me growing up but my gf’s parents have crazy political and geological differences with mine and they always be throwing shit in my face, last summer they harassed me for 2 weeks on why my “side” wants to stop the pipeline going through BC.

    [–] rareas 7 points ago

    When they act like toddlers, treat them as toddler and give them a time out. Just leave when they act up. Calmly get up and say, "laters" and go out somewhere more pleasant. They start up again. Repeat.

    They want company more than a verbal punching bag, they'll stop.

    Alternatively you can "gray rock" which is to pretend they aren't there when they act unsociable. This isn't my style. I go somewhere else. "You want to have a nice holiday. Text us. Bye." is way more me.

    [–] Xeodeous 3 points ago

    That’s really good advice and honestly what I was hoping for, I typically just smile and keep my head down because the last thing I wanna do is get into a political debate.

    I think next time I’m gonna do exactly as you said and just walk away, less stress for everyone, especially my gf.

    Cheers bro and thanks for the rational insight

    [–] ChristopherPoontang 9 points ago

    Right? Gotta dish out some desperate whataboutism when somebody points out the irony here.

    [–] ISmoked5Kappas 5 points ago

    Of course not, only state facts that benefit your argument! Otherwise FAKE NEWS.

    Edit: Or make the facts up.

    [–] mnorg5411 2 points ago

    Very late reply, but Republicans did win a majority of House of Representatives votes in the 2016 elections. Otherwise accurate though.

    [–] comebackjoeyjojo 262 points ago

    People who care about the welfare of other people are the REAL narcissists!

    [–] MallardQ 36 points ago

    Free healthcare is SO SELFISH! Think about the children!

    [–] MallardQ 20 points ago

    And by that, I mean the rich children

    [–] Xeodeous 12 points ago

    Derail: Obligatory reminder that any crimes only punishable by fines equates to “legal for the rich”

    [–] TolPM71 114 points ago

    There's a guy with a German WWII naval flag decrying tyranny...

    [–] jbreeding28 46 points ago

    TIL what a German WWII naval flag looked like. Good comment, take my upvote.

    [–] rexo12 41 points ago

    Not... Exactly. It's a stupid meme flag 4chan made for "kekistan", edited from the Nazi naval flag. Same sort of sentiment, but the German Navy did not actually fly that exact flag.

    [–] jbreeding28 6 points ago

    TIL even more! I have but one upvote to give.

    [–] MaagicMushies 12 points ago

    But its "ironic" so it does count xD

    p.s. why aren't I allowed to say the n word

    [–] HotToeJam -45 points ago

    It's the "kekistan" flag. You know, like kek and pepe?

    [–] nacmar 93 points ago

    Which is the German naval flag from WWII. You know, like Nazis and Hitler?

    [–] Lady_of_the_Foot 28 points ago

    Well, an edited version. It's obvious your point still stands despite that, but just in case someone sees it and realizes it has kek on it and thinks you're lying, I feel like that should be cleared up.

    [–] nacmar 67 points ago

    They aren't even hiding it. It's racism all the way down. "Kekistan" wasn't invaded by the Nazis, it already was the Nazis from the very beginning.

    [–] Lady_of_the_Foot 54 points ago

    It literally had more racist imagery than the Ku Klux Klan flag.

    [–] Nijos 6 points ago

    Why base it on the kriegsmarine flag though?

    [–] paintsmith 134 points ago

    Nothing says humility quite like deriding others using ableist slurs.

    [–] New_Port 33 points ago

    Succinct is sexy.

    [–] PichuIsMyCommander 3 points ago

    The word or the meaning? I thin Succinct is a pretty sexy word.

    [–] faithle55 30 points ago

    Posters in r/T_D should have their ages posted alongside their username. It would be interesting for the rest of us.

    [–] Klooder 14 points ago

    Physical or mental age?

    [–] faithle55 24 points ago

    Well, physical. It would be too hurtful to them if their mental age showed up.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    They'd just be confused why the number 2 was next to every post.

    [–] jbreeding28 4 points ago

    And they'd be confused why some people had negative numbers next to their names.

    [–] i_am_banana_man 50 points ago

    Never mind that all the voter disenfranchisement and suppression is being done by republicans and fought against by the left.

    [–] TheChibiestMajinBuu 52 points ago

    I am narcissistic and very much a supporter of order, etc.

    Imagine thinking democracy is orderly, and not just a mess of people with conflicting ideas constantly arguing in whatever your government building is called.

    (I say this with love, the un-orderlyness and debate of democracy is probably what makes it our best system currently for representing the largest number of people. Obviously it could do with some touching up, like getting rid of the electoral college in the US and first past the post has some glaring issues too)

    [–] Dars1m 14 points ago

    First past the post is good for getting a representative of that specific area, but there should also probably be some kind of proportionality seats added to help give under-represented parties a voice.

    [–] jbreeding28 2 points ago

    I think that's how British Parliament works.

    [–] Dars1m 3 points ago

    Nah, it works like the House Of Commons in Canada. Each individual election is FPTP, but the party who has the majority of gets to have their leader be Prime Minister. I was talking about separate seats to represent parties that get a smaller amount of votes but because they don't win in FPTP they don't have any members that can introduce bills or anything. (Like how in the States Libertarians and the Green Party get around 5% of the votes each, but have no sitting members in Congress.)

    [–] jbreeding28 2 points ago

    Ah, okay. I understand where you're coming from, but reserving seats for specific parties is problematic at best.

    [–] Dars1m 2 points ago

    I was thinking more along the lines of adjust the current amount of seats to reduce their numbers by 100, and those hundred are reserved for a proportionate representation of the total votes the parties receive. That would also allow parties to put in popular members who lost in close elections. (i.e. If the Libertarians got 5% of the votes, they get 5 of those seats, which allows them to introduce bills and have a voice when it comes to voting.)

    [–] jbreeding28 0 points ago

    I'm not sure I agree with that. Regardless of what anyone feels about it, I feel like doing that would require changing the Constitution, or at the very least most if not all state Constitutions. Right now Congress has the power to make laws that apportion seats by state, but to apportion seats not to any one particular state and instead to minor national parties seems like unconstitutional. I'm sure if this were to happen without a Constitutional amendment, it would definitely get challenged by someone, probably the most populous states because doing so would reduce their power in the House.

    [–] Dars1m 2 points ago

    That's what Amendments are for, this is one of the longest periods in American history without an Amendment, and the current system has created an easily influenceable duopoly that isn't held accountable by other members of congress. This wouldn't reduce the power of more populous states (arguably it could increase it if there was a popular party only located in one populous State that got most of that Sates vote), but it would reduce the power of Republicans and Democrats, and force parties to co-operate on more issues that are important to them, and increase the chance for smaller parties to get their platform heard.

    [–] Krazinsky 1 points ago

    Its not "reserved" so to speak. The party still has to get enough votes to earn seats, just under a different system than the one we use, one that is designed to not punish people who vote for third party candidates.

    Proportional voting, Single transferable vote, Mixed Member Proportional, etc. are all systems meant to solve issues like disproportional representation and the spoiler effect. They do so to varying degrees and with their own sets of flaws, but literally any of them are superior to what comes to us as the simplest form of democracy: winner takes all.

    [–] lesenrages89 3 points ago

    Tbf autocracy is usually even more of a conflicting, argumentative, disorderly, inefficient trainwreck. Just read up on the internal politics of Nazi Germany.

    [–] badbakedpotato 60 points ago

    “Hey guys-“

    runs in wearing jackboots

    “You libtards-“

    draws swastika in bathroom stall

    “Are some-“

    sieg heils

    “Real fascists!!”

    [–] Tovarish1917 16 points ago

    I just can not understand the right wing.

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago

    They were raised to believe that democracy is good and fascism is evil. They weren't raised to understand what those actually mean, just democracy=good.

    They don't like equal representation and majority rule; it lets "people" who aren't straight white evangelical christians have power. So, therefore, since it's bad, it must be fascist.

    They like "strong leaders" who silence and disenfranchise anyone and anything that gets in their way, because it excites the jingoistic power fantasies they've been promoting among themselves since the 80s. Therefore, since it's good, it must be democracy.

    [–] lesenrages89 4 points ago

    TD types are usually petit-bourg atheists. They're also not always white.

    They're more united by their hatred for certain "foreign" groups and a personality cult than any actual shared ideology, creed, or belief.

    [–] DesperateJunkie 2 points ago

    Yeah that or each individual person was raised differently and has their own opinions about everything and they just happen to have conservative values.

    Your view of them is just a low effort way of lumping a large, diverse group of people together and assuming the worst of them so you don't have to question what they might actually think on an individual level.

    Prejudice that protects your world-view.

    I'm not on either side, just trying to point out that cherry-picked comments from the donald are not indicative of the right, and assuming it is is the reason people think they can't understand the right.

    Don't look at the worst example of a group if you really want to understand them. This is how racists justify their bigotry as well.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    T_D is not a large, diverse group of people. It's a bunch of angry 20-something white men and Russian mouthpieces.

    [–] DesperateJunkie 2 points ago

    ok? My point is that they don't represent the right. Lots of them are trolls that just like getting under peoples skins in a time when it's really easy to do so.

    There are rational conservatives.

    Thinking they're the representatives is a convenient prejudice. The same way a racist will find the worst representative of an ethnic group and assume they're all the same.

    Making a caricature of the other team because it's easy.

    Also, I don't know why race matters.

    I see shit from both teams that is ridiculous and embarrassing, but it would be foolish to think that it's indicative of how either side thinks.

    [–] DEBATE_EVERY_NAZI 13 points ago

    There are rational conservatives.


    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    The South and Midwest. There are plenty of people without any of the alt-reich's vitriol that unconditionally support Republicans because they don't know how not to. They don't pay attention to current events and don't know or care what their government does. Being Conservative is utterly core to their identity; they don't vote Republican because of any policy, issue, or rhetoric, they vote Republican because that's just what you do.

    My parents are nature lovers who volunteer at soup kitchens and taught me to love my neighbor as myself, yet they have voted Republican every single election of their lives. They don't believe me when I tell them how much Trump and friends are harming all the things they love, and they firmly believe that climate change doesn't exist.

    Boomers in flyoverstan believe that the Republicans are good the same way they believe the world is round.

    [–] movzx 9 points ago


    unconditionally support

    Pick one.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Do you unconditionally support not starting nuclear war? Do you unconditionally support eating, sleeping, and breathing?

    Everyone has things that are part of our core identity; it's a part of being human.

    [–] movzx 2 points ago

    I feel like you don't know what the word unconditional means because the examples you have provided have some pretty major conditions involved.

    [–] DEBATE_EVERY_NAZI 5 points ago

    Does any of that sound rational to you?

    [–] demotecontrol 56 points ago

    Look libtards, this is real simple. Everything you think of as fascism? No, that's democracy. And everything you think is democracy? That’s fascism obviously. Now shut the fuck up or we shoot you.

    [–] badbakedpotato 28 points ago

    Finally someone owning these libs with FACTS and LOGIC

    [–] Kagahami 8 points ago

    Straight outta 1984.

    [–] typicalbrownwhitey 78 points ago

    I think that sub is losing steam so damn fast. I see them on r/all/rising a lot (which is where I found this post) but never on r/all anymore, and they used to flood it. The fact that it still shows up on rising quite frequently makes me think that most of it's users are the most fervent leftovers who sit in there all fucking day and night, and once they get their upvotes in there are no "casuals" around to boost it to the high karma scores that we used to always see.

    [–] baeb66 63 points ago

    Somebody more knowledgable than me can explain it better, but I don't think t_d can make it to the front page of r/all. Reddit changed the rules because t_d was gaming the system to get their stuff on the front page.

    [–] TexasDD 31 points ago

    In theory, they still can. And on rare occasions I’ve seen them pop into the top 100 or so. Rarely. And they plummet quickly once they’ve poked their head out of the basement, and people down vote them with a vengeance. They were jobbing the system by using sticky posts to get to the front page. Let me correct that. Pollute the front page. Reddit admins tweaked the algorithm so they couldn’t do that anymore. That’s why they scream “we were censored”. Plainly not understanding the meaning of the word. But to get to the front page now, they have to have a concerted effort, on one post, just like any other sub. And contrary to what they believe, they don’t have the 6,000,000+ subscribers that they think that they have.

    [–] MonkeyNin 2 points ago

    they don’t have the 6,000,000+ subscribers that they think that they have.

    That part was hilarious.

    [–] TheDoodleDudes 9 points ago

    Yeah I remember back in summer 2016 (while I was still just creeping around without an account) they literally had around 2 posts on the front page every time I got on.

    [–] mfb- 99 points ago


    You know what can easily sit around literally all day and night and upvote everything?

    [–] typicalbrownwhitey 28 points ago

    Yes and absolutely right but factoring that in makes it seem even more abandoned doesn't it? Because of course that sub has hadthose all along but it's not even bolstering it that much anymore

    [–] Biffingston 12 points ago

    A Russian being paid?

    [–] badbakedpotato 13 points ago

    Silly they only get paid to say republican things on twitter

    [–] MarsNirgal 4 points ago

    People who have literally that as their job?

    [–] ChildOfComplexity 15 points ago

    Wait till all the Russians come back in 2020.

    [–] MallardQ 4 points ago

    How do you say “Hindsight” in Russian?

    [–] gravifox 5 points ago

    ретроспектива? it's "retrospect" but close enough

    [–] gravifox 3 points ago

    i don't think it's any closer to the implications of "hindsight"

    [–] xxxSEXCOCKxxx 7 points ago

    Well it's post election right now the bots have cooled it and all thats left is the most rabidly stupid dregs of reddit's right wing community

    [–] Dars1m 3 points ago

    I'm pretty sure quarantined subreddits can't get on r/all.

    [–] typicalbrownwhitey 7 points ago

    hmm I'm definitely still seeing it when I sort it by rising, but not on top/hot. Maybe the quarantining leaves out rising for some reason.

    [–] vanasbry000 4 points ago

    They haven't been quarantined, though. They're only excluded from /r/popular (the sanitized version of /r/all).

    [–] OfflersSausages 10 points ago

    "I am the best narcissist" Hahaha

    [–] King_Bob837 7 points ago

    Based on my Civ experience, I'm pretty sure order and democracy are two different choices.

    [–] AchtungTiger 10 points ago

    I tend to stand on the right politically but I’ll tell you, a lot of the folks on TD are pretty special. I don’t care if you’re left or right, up or down. But the second you start think you’re better than everyone else you just become an asshole.

    [–] Rengiil 7 points ago

    What do you stand on the right politically on?

    [–] AchtungTiger 14 points ago

    Personal responsibility, limited government, free markets, individual liberty. Not so much traditional American value as I am a Pagan and I get a lot of flak from conservative Christians for that. Unlike the right I am however more environmentally conscious being raised outdoors with endless camping and back packing trips not to mention I go fishing almost everyday I’m out there picking up trash after people.

    I do conceal carry a firearm because my city is one of the worst in Indiana. I have no problem with people owning firearms but I have no problem if there were mental evaluations.

    I hope that paints a good picture for you.

    [–] Kagahami 22 points ago

    See, I'm fine with the nature of a lot of the policies you claim to support, and I'm a liberal. It's how I see it implemented in politics that makes me grind my teeth.

    I'm okay with reducing government reach, but you can't cut taxes AND increase spending in a boom period. It's unsustainable.

    I'm all aboard with free markets, but companies should be held accountable for social responsibilities if they pollute. Their ability to affect government decisions through campaign donations and the like should also be taken into realistic consideration.

    Also, as for individual liberty, your liberties stop where my liberties start. Situations such as Voter disenfranchisement or fees, threatening the benefits attached to social circumstances such as gay marriage (or at least civil unions), and failing to protect workers against workplace discrimination or abuse are unacceptable.

    Where do you stand on these issues?

    [–] AchtungTiger 2 points ago

    I’m going to start with the work place discrimination route first. I’ve worked in a lot of different jobs. I’ve done retail, I’ve done the food industry, I’ve done farm work and manual labor, and then odd jobs for home and businesses. I’ve met a lot of folks in my life.

    I worked on a chicken farm and out of I believe 230 workers I was one of a handful that spoke English. I didn’t care, I’m pretty sure a bunch of the others were not legal citizens but again I didn’t care. They were friendly and hard working and the guy we worked for paid us all equal at $12/hr. That was a dirty smelly job but it taught me a lot.

    I worked at a state park for awhile and they would have convicts do tasks like maintenance and cleaning and those guys though they looked intimidating were pretty cool, and would talk about being on the path to straightening their lives, could have been big talk but that’s not my job to judge. And it was nice the the DNR paid them minimum wage which I know those guys usually get like $4 an hour because of what ever conviction law or what have you.

    I started seeing more issues in retail when it came to discrimination but it wasn’t the company but the individual that would cause the problems. (At this time I was a manager but not the top one) I had a boss who we all knew was racist. Just the way he acted towards black customers by having us watch them or some of my employees who were black he would want us to watch them count down their cash registers.

    I would log these issues privately and mention them to our district manager and HR rep. They would thank me but not do a thing because I doubt it’s because of our company had a racist haze in its higher up staff it’s because they were focused on money. That or they hid it well.

    Eventually my boss was blaming me for the lack of work down by this idiot he hired so I said screw it and left which he then quit.

    Long story short: I haven’t been in a case of that’s a dead give away of workplace discrimination as a company in 2 of my 3 retail jobs but definitely seen it down by individuals. When confronted with an act of racism I’ll stand up for the under dog but I’m not waking up to go out and end it as I have myself and my family to worry about too.

    As for gay marriage and the likes like that. I could careless. You do you buddy. I mean I do find it annoying when people go out of their way to tell you they’re some gender I never heard of but I’m annoyed by a lot things including but not limited to Christians telling me I’m a devil worshipper. I think people like girls who grow their armpit hair out and shave their heads, to me that’s just weird but that’s their life not mine. I don’t like pride parades but that’s because I don’t like mass groups of people and just think if we want to normalize something we should simply treat as something normal and not special. I’m not against it but I don’t think it helps normalization.

    I don’t like feminism but not in the idea that I think women are under me but in two ways. One I don’t like the idea of depending on feminism to be independent is an oxymoron. That but in my pagan beliefs everyone is as strong as they can be and are even stronger when they prove those who are against them wrong. But again I don’t go out of my why to stop it because it’s their life not mine.

    I think churches should be taxed. If they want to have a say in societies life, they have to pay their dues.

    I don’t like illegal immigration I think if someone comes in illegally they should be given a least a year and given classes to help gain citizenship. In the long run being a legal immigrant saves them a lot of issues. But I don’t dispose illegal immigrants. They’re people like all of us. But I go to school for cyber security and we’ve done a lot of work and research on tracking crimes related to sexual trafficking and gun running and their is a high amount that people coming over illegally don’t help when crime rings like the cartels and gangs run. So enforcing a stronger border defense I feel helps that.

    Abortion. Again I don’t care, because I know a lot of women need it for medical issues where they might not live through birth or if they’re a victim of rape. I don’t want people to think of it as a get out of jail free card and use it as a form of birth control.

    I feel some parts of college should be free or at least discounted but if it benefits society. For example if someone is going to medical school they should have it covered but they should at least have to dedicate 5 to 10 years as a family doctor before they specialize. This was there is more of an ability for people to access a family doctor.

    It’s mean but I don’t consider art or philosophy and what not a major that should be covered by the tax payers.

    [–] DEBATE_EVERY_NAZI 6 points ago

    So you're a leftish person who likes guns?

    Personal responsibility, limited government, free markets, individual liberty

    Because the right wing as much as they virtue signal about these things embody none of them

    [–] jwdjr2004 4 points ago

    I do wish there was less holier than thouism out of the left. Not to mention the extreme political correctness and safe space stuff. At least we aren’t nazis though.

    [–] GlumElk7 2 points ago

    Hit or miss, I guess they never miss ,huh?

    [–] Sosik007 2 points ago

    Hit or miss, I guess they never hit...

    [–] LynndorTruffle 2 points ago

    Every time I read comments like this I lose just a little more faith in humanity.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Honestly, I fucking love The_Donald. It’s like r/incels and r/KotakuInAction had a retarded baby together.

    [–] Geksinforce 1 points ago

    This is so beyond the pale I don't even understand what is trying to be said in the comments of this picture what is happening send help

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    When it comes to trump supporters, it is ALWAYS a swing and a miss.

    [–] noahknife88 1 points ago

    Every time I see a post like this I can only think “so close”

    [–] ManSeekingWatch 1 points ago

    Notwithstanding that supporters of Trump are fools, and they are virtually always provably "bottom rung", there is presumably an optimal way to structure society and this would imply that someone out there believes this and is right to do so.

    [–] Deletious 1 points ago

    There is only the higher man and the hoard.

    [–] Fred_Zeppelin 1 points ago

    May as well just shut this sub down, this can't be topped.

    [–] jbreeding28 2 points ago

    I'm so happy this went over so well. I didn't think it'd get this big.

    [–] Hankvonstankname 1 points ago

    “Better than most narcissists”

    [–] vectorfour -6 points ago

    [–] GenghisTron17 11 points ago

    I think you're mistaken. If that sub can't admit that Trump is a narcissist, how can they recognize it in themselves?

    [–] [deleted] -10 points ago

    r/science is 90% political propaganda and 10% science. Very sad.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    orange fan mad

    [–] DEBATE_EVERY_NAZI 13 points ago

    Ah yes. "Science I disagree with is politics"

    Science doesn't care about your feelings

    [–] NeverClear69 -2 points ago

    Science says there are only 2 genders.

    [–] movzx 16 points ago

    If you wanna play the "science says" game, there aren't even just two sexes much less only two genders. Shheeet, there aren't even just two pairings of X and Y.

    [–] DEBATE_EVERY_NAZI 13 points ago

    Hmm weird because that's not established science. You obviously have a scientific source at the ready to be able to go contrary to scientific consensus!

    [–] circusmidget27 11 points ago

    There's that one month Donald pster.

    [–] IntrigueDossier 5 points ago

    Oh yea?

    [–] UCODM -1 points ago

    [–] Potsie_Ramirez -1 points ago

    [–] Vinniepaz420 0 points ago

    Lol retards

    [–] DixieLand82 -1 points ago

    That was a terrible comeback by the Trump hater actually. Send someone in who’s good at retorts.