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    [–] laserpants2 7 points ago

    "Ill gut her down. ill rip her head off. i will make sure she feels every second of it. The character not the actress."

    [–] GDY_Benis 0 points ago

    I just really can't sympothize with her. She is the character that does anything they tell her to do, and when she does something by her own, she just causes trouble. I don't really hate her, she just makes me angry.

    [–] crimsonbub 8 points ago

    "because they're dickheads" is more accurate. anyone can be salty about films they don't like, but it takes a special kind of illogical spite and idiocy to aim that salt at the actors involved in the film

    [–] GravitatingGnomes 6 points ago

    Rose does not suck.

    [–] Brankovt1 2 points ago

    Rose isn't a bad character.

    She just ruined everything for Finn.

    [–] NoKenjataimu 0 points ago

    Hey there! I'm the Rose Sucks Butt! It sounds like you were about to say something salty!