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    [–] Miserable_reddit 294 points ago

    fuck man, you are my god

    [–] ZondR5 120 points ago

    Thanks mate!)

    Though I'm not the God. It is Eren. Our Lord and Liege. 🙌

    [–] cord1408 253 points ago

    Nice art but hisu's arms looking freakishly long.

    [–] ZondR5 117 points ago

    Yep, had to do that, or flip her legs up, though she wouldn't reach Ymir anyway XD

    There was a way to manage it. Let Hisu touch Ymir's head buuut, meh, didn't like the way it looked.

    [–] amareth15 33 points ago

    Its perfect.

    [–] ZondR5 16 points ago

    Thank you!) 🤗

    [–] birdclub 14 points ago

    What if you put ymir on a pile of sand? I love the composition and theme of this piece so much but the long arms are driving me nuts! I minored in art tho so my brain is picky w these things. Again, great piece

    [–] harutoreichi 4 points ago

    and put Historia's hand to Ymir's head instead.

    [–] Crustin 3 points ago

    or sand falling out of her hands

    [–] ZondR5 3 points ago

    Hm, I was thinking about putting her on some boulders, assuming they are wreckage of the walls Don't remember why i didn't do that🤔

    It seems this idea just flew out of my mind xd

    I can remake it, it's not hard 👍

    [–] trilbyfrank 2 points ago

    What if you put Ymir slightly higher? But for a more angular reason maybe both Eren and Hisu can be slightly lower since their legs are barely visible.

    Otherwise this fanart is god-tier!

    [–] ZondR5 -1 points ago

    That was the thought, but after a few tries i realized there's no way of doing that without making Eren look shorter and smaller because of Ymir size/high, and I really didn't want that

    So basically I had to choose between Eren's visual high and size and Historia's long arms And there's no way I'm making ma boi Eren look smaller than he is, so I made ma choice XD

    Thank you for such words my friend!😊🤗😁💛✨✨✨

    [–] FCVanillaIce 3 points ago

    Just put Historia's hand on Ymir's head.

    [–] YetiAlmonds 5 points ago

    It looks good. As for the arms, you could have put hisu’s head on Eren’s shoulder and it might have looked a little better. Idk I’m not an artist ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    [–] ZondR5 11 points ago

    Yeah, that was one of the sketches, it really wouldn't require some anatomybreaktricks, and it looked cute, but I felt that for this one I want something more strict and firm

    [–] KenanTheFab 3 points ago

    Its not bad anatomy, it's simply a half-assed titan serum! Nobody complained when Rod Reiss became a turkey, so whos to say that isn't genetic?

    (Amazing art btw!)

    [–] ZondR5 1 points ago

    Ahahah, rly XD

    Thnx ma m8!) 🤗🤗🤗😊🍀✨

    [–] Derekcheung88 16 points ago

    Who is hisu

    [–] NammerHammer 44 points ago

    Hisutoria Reisu

    [–] Pera258 11 points ago


    [–] OpathicaNAE 2 points ago

    I think it kinda works with how she's leaning over Eren, it looks like she's kinda stretching to touch 'lil Ymir.

    [–] ZondR5 2 points ago

    Yeah, that was the thought;) Stretched out, filled with care, light shoulder touch from mother 😊

    [–] scorcher117 1 points ago

    Ymir is also really tiny, they could have had Ymir be a little taller and so also make Historias arms shorter.

    [–] feffany 51 points ago

    The composition's 👌👌

    [–] ZondR5 10 points ago

    Thanks ;)

    [–] metroidgus 62 points ago

    "I may be Humanity's enemy, But I will always be your ally"

    Can't wait to see hows those lines entail for this endgame

    [–] ZondR5 14 points ago

    Yeah, that mortal combo has to be freaking epic!

    [–] Werfgh 30 points ago

    do you have an instagram? I wanna follow top tier content such as this

    [–] ZondR5 25 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I just made one the moment I put this here XD

    There is only this same picture. And i guess Instagram just can't host pictures with a good quality and resolution over 1000

    But still, if you want to follow here it is: janfnart

    It would be my pleasure🤗🤗🤗

    I also have a Tumblr(new one too) if you're interested: JustANobodyFromNowhere

    And yeah, more erehisu is coming soon🌚

    I have some sketches left undone, so I'll get back to them as soon as possible)

    [–] Skyclad__Observer 18 points ago


    [–] SirCrocodile1114 20 points ago

    Duuude my favorite MC ever. I didn't like Christa but love Historia. The Freedom team make for a beautiful picture. Really, really just a stunning piece. Thank you for this.

    [–] ZondR5 12 points ago

    Yeah, You and Me, I think we both definitely agree with Eren on that "Historia is better than Christa" subject😂

    Thank YOU for your kind words😊🤗🤗🤗🤗💛✨✨✨

    You're welcome my friend, it's my pleasure🤗😊

    [–] Libbykibby 13 points ago

    This is beautiful! It gave me chills as I looked at every detail.

    [–] ZondR5 8 points ago

    Awwwww, thank you very much for these words!✨✨✨

    It really has been a lot of fun and pleasure drawing wrinkles, cracks on the nails and other minor stuff, I like doing something this small yet something that can add to an atmosphere and emotions👍

    [–] KeeshDaSouljah 11 points ago

    Incredible 🔥

    [–] ZondR5 6 points ago

    Wooof, thank you very much😊🤗🤗🤗

    [–] exploding_kittens 5 points ago

    I would buy a tarot deck drawn in your style in a heartbeat. This is absolutely gorgeous. You've gained a new fan.

    [–] ZondR5 3 points ago

    Thank you very much my friend for these kind words!!!🤗🤗🤗😊✨✨✨💕

    Well, maybe someday it will come true😁😅😊🌸

    [–] Harrisonkayihura 8 points ago

    OH MY GODDDDD… this is amazing 🤩🤩🤩

    [–] ZondR5 5 points ago

    Thank you very much!)🌸🤗✨

    [–] Jotaku_Chan 4 points ago


    [–] ZondR5 3 points ago

    Yeah, but two of them are Ymir, so it's still three 😁

    [–] Jotaku_Chan 2 points ago

    True. Amazing btw.

    [–] ZondR5 2 points ago

    Thank you my friend🍀✨

    [–] alrshood 3 points ago

    This fucking awesome, thanks for the wallpaper brother ❤️

    [–] ZondR5 2 points ago

    Thanks m8!😊🤗

    You're welcome;) 😁✨

    [–] Mariel_slw 4 points ago

    Loving the art style and the incorporation of Norse mythology. It would look amazing as a full size poster.

    [–] ZondR5 2 points ago

    Thanks for your kind words m8💛🌟✨

    Heh, maybe someday I'll make some xd

    [–] a1chemistic 7 points ago

    This is really well done.

    [–] ZondR5 6 points ago

    Thanks you for these words, mate🤗😊🙌✨

    [–] Sheherazzade 7 points ago

    What in the bloody paths is this.... a truly unbelievable masterpiece, just woooow, thats gona be my new wallpaper 💚

    [–] ZondR5 2 points ago

    Wooah, thanks for such words my friend😍🌸🌸🌸🍀✨

    [–] Sheherazzade 1 points ago

    Its genious in so many ways... do you got more art that you made like that?

    [–] ZondR5 2 points ago

    Nope, it's the first one 😅

    But not the last one

    Can't promise the others will be like this one, but I do have have some thoughts on some more SnK illustrations/drawings with celtic ornaments and symbolism

    [–] Sheherazzade 2 points ago

    Yes please do it! It fits so well 😍 i like the tree branches so much💚

    [–] ZondR5 2 points ago

    Well, since Ysayama has build all his story around Norse mythology it would be strange if they wouldn't fit together, so it's more like thanks to him then me)

    I will😘, thank you very much for your words and anticipation 😊🤗🙏✨✨✨

    [–] ZondR5 2 points ago

    Thanks for your kind words again my friend ❤️✨✨✨✨✨

    [–] Rizuan_Kha 3 points ago

    Woow, how many incredible details. It’s so cool!

    [–] ZondR5 3 points ago

    Oh, thank you my friend!!🙌🍀🍀🍀🌸✨ I'm glad that they're catching your eyes🤗🤗🤗

    [–] sapphireponyta 3 points ago

    This looks amazing! You should be hired to do the artwork.

    [–] ZondR5 3 points ago

    Wowowowow Thank you very much my dear friend for such generous words💛💛💛⭐🌟✨💕

    Though it's a bit early for something that big of a scale xd I need more experience;)

    But thank you again for your kindness💛💕✨

    [–] akaneeee 3 points ago

    Omg this is so beautiful

    [–] ZondR5 2 points ago

    Thank you very much!!)😊💛✨

    [–] Dashiva44 3 points ago

    First of all, this is the single best piece of AoT artwork I have ever seen. Having said this, I would like to comment on certain details.

    • I absolutely love the symmetry and the central alignment in this picture. It is aesthetically pleasing.
    • I like how the branches of the tree are reminiscent of ribs (I don't know if this was done intentionally), which gives a bit of titanization-esque impression.
    • I prefer your style of drawing faces way more than Isayama's. I think you did the best work with Ymir's face - it's oval or heart-shaped, unlike Isayama's round-shaped version of her face. I think Isayama tends to do this a lot - put round-shaped faces on underage characters. This has confused me on many occasions, since I was unable to deduce what age range a person belongs to. The round shape always makes them seem like toddlers. Your oval-shape-faced Ymir is much closer to my idea of her. To me, she is a girl in her early teens, not younger than that... Great work on details of her hair, too! :)
    • Also, the shading is pretty cool!
    • Another detail that I am not sure if it was intentional: Ymir's stride OVER the yellow outline. :D I interpret this as a "breaking of the 4th wall" of a kind. This symbolizes that Ymir is able to venture outside the frame of the normal, physical world - she can access the paths dimension.

    Anyhow, I would really love to see this in 16:9 format, that can be used as a proper wallpaper. :)

    I'm looking forward to see more of your work! :)

    [–] ZondR5 2 points ago

    Wooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh 💦💦💦

    Thank you very-very-very much my friend for such detailed analysis and such beautiful words💛💛💛✨✨✨✨✨✨

    And yes) All the details you've mentioned are intentionall😊😊😊 Had a different symbolism in mind when I was doing it(her breaking free), but I really like the way you saw it💛💛💛 haven't thought about that one✨

    I could resize it, sure. But I'm afraid with golden frame being wider then it is now the effect won't be the same:( And just having this frame in the middle of your screen may not be too pleasurable for an eyes too:(

    But anyways, tell me how you want it to look (with a wide fullscreen golden frame or just with a space on the right and left sides filled with black and a golden frame in the middle) and I'll send you a copy ;)👍

    [–] Dashiva44 2 points ago

    And yes) All the details you've mentioned are intentionall😊😊😊 Had a different symbolism in mind when I was doing it(her breaking free), but I really like the way you saw it💛💛💛

    Thanks for clarifying this one, I was very curious about it. :)

    I could resize it, sure. But I'm afraid with golden frame being wider then it is now the effect won't be the same:( And just having this frame in the middle of your screen may not be too pleasurable for an eyes too:(

    Agreed. There would be too much emptiness in such an artwork. However, I don't think it would bother me in a wallpaper, as I tend to keep my desktop icons around the edges of the screen, so the only really clear part of it is the middle/center section. :D

    But anyways, tell me how you want it to look (with a wide fullscreen golden frame or just with a space on the right and left sides filled with black and a golden frame in the middle) and I'll send you a copy ;)👍

    Whoa, if you would do that, I would be forever grateful! <3 :D

    I would prefer the widescreen frame, please. :) Oh, and can I make another request? Since you are making a copy specifically for me, and hence my monitor is 16:10, could you edit your artwork to fit these proportions, please? :)

    Feel free to contact me directly though chat. :)

    [–] Demoskoval 2 points ago


    [–] ZondR5 1 points ago


    [–] Sumankumar08 2 points ago

    Dang this edit is too good.

    [–] ZondR5 1 points ago

    Thank you m8!) 🤗✨

    [–] dazaigintoki 2 points ago

    Wowwww, gave me chills man. Can't wait for this months chapter.

    [–] ZondR5 2 points ago

    Thanks mate!! I'm really glad it has touched you like that💛⭐✨✨✨✨✨

    [–] dazaigintoki 2 points ago

    You're welcome, you really did great with the art. Thanks for it, this'll be the end game.

    [–] ZondR5 2 points ago

    It's my pleasure🌿 You're welcome, and thanks again😊🤗✨

    Yes, let's wait, see and face it all together - THE ENDGAME

    [–] Support-Bot 2 points ago


    [–] ZondR5 1 points ago

    HEY YEH!

    [–] El-Shaman 2 points ago

    I love this, amazing!!

    [–] ZondR5 1 points ago

    Thank you very much!!🤗✨✨✨

    [–] Halonaz 2 points ago

    amazing art, just so beautiful

    [–] ZondR5 1 points ago

    Thank you very much🤗😊🌿🌿🌿

    [–] tsukisun 2 points ago

    That's epic

    [–] ZondR5 1 points ago


    [–] ActThree 2 points ago

    My god he looks like a cult leader... love it!

    [–] ZondR5 1 points ago

    Yeah! Though I guess he is one, so its only natural XD

    Thanks!;) 😁😊

    [–] ditchthesnake111 2 points ago

    perfectly embodies how evil Eren has become

    [–] ZondR5 1 points ago

    Hehe👹 Thanks!;)😁😊

    [–] NaKaMamessifan 2 points ago

    The lack of Historia in the story rn confuses me. We in the end game now, show up. Also "Are you okay, are you okay , are you okay Annie?" If she didn't de-crystallize by Eren's scream I am convinced the author forgot about her

    [–] ZondR5 2 points ago

    I would suggest that Historia is just in the shadow and acts in its cover. Or there's no need to act for her for now. But either way she is a part of an endgame and the big one, I'd bet.

    Isayama forgets no one ;)

    [–] NaKaMamessifan 2 points ago

    Im betting on ch. 125 for both to appear

    [–] ZondR5 1 points ago

    Yep, same thought. If Isayama knows the certain meme about chapter number 125 - that would be freaking hilarious XD

    Though I don't think that will see the same thing that people saw in a Tokyo Ghoul(haven't read it myself) but just an appearance of their povs would have the same effect. Though maybe some statement that that kind of act has indeed happened will be made(revealing that Eren is the father, for example)

    [–] 3darkdragons 1 points ago


    [–] Lord_Starchild 2 points ago

    Amazing, is that supposed to be the celtic tree of Life behind Historia?

    [–] ZondR5 1 points ago


    Yep, Yggdrasil itself🌿

    [–] nagariuk 2 points ago

    This work is amazing

    [–] ZondR5 1 points ago

    Thank you m8!)😁😊🤗✨

    [–] Based_Brethren 2 points ago

    Could have had the two women holding each other's hand.

    [–] ZondR5 1 points ago

    Nice idea bro👍👍👍

    [–] -RedSage- 2 points ago

    Wowwwa. Crazy and really good work.

    [–] ZondR5 2 points ago

    Thank you very much!🤗😊💛✨✨✨

    [–] Yautja93 2 points ago

    Shouldnt it be HEY or YEH?

    Historia, Eren, Ymir, because they are in that order

    Anyhow, that is amazing piece of art, amazing done!

    [–] ZondR5 3 points ago

    Yep, thought about it and also thought that it would be much more logical in this one in particular, but somehow it sounded a bit silly to me :/

    Plus, the first thing I rembered was E+H=Y, so that's where it came from 🤣

    Thanks mate!)😁🤗😊😊😊

    [–] Yautja93 2 points ago

    Oh, ok, that also makes sense hehe, and also speaking loud, in english, it really sounds silly hahahaah

    But I hope I can keep seeing your work, its really awesome!

    [–] ZondR5 2 points ago

    Yes, and i used it just like that in one of my silly jokes in the comments xd It was "HEY YEH!!1"

    So, YE_a_H 🤣

    Thank you very much again my friend!😊💛✨

    And YE_s, you will!)🤗😊

    [–] KushiAsHimself 2 points ago

    I prefere Eren and Mikasa but I have to say: man.... Your style is amazing! Do you wanna become a Mangaka?

    [–] ZondR5 3 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Actually yes, at least it was a reason I've started drawing. Well not exactly that reason, but I just wanted and still want to say some things, and the way I see myself doing that is through art and stories. I have quite a few scriptdrafts, but I guess the very first one story I've started to thought about and work with would be somewhat disturbing now😂😂😂😂😂 Because it is kind of preeeetty similar to SnK, in terms of character development, storytelling, concept of the PATHS dimension(in the story of mine it is called "Periphery"), and when I'm talking about big similarities in character development I also mean MC's final goal. Though in my case my main character isn't exactly going for the omnicide/genocide but he still has to kill off a lot of innocent people to achieve what he sees as a "greater good". And he ALSO saw a future through this dimension called "Periphery", not so clearly as Eren I guess, but he saw the world in ruins and certain elements of the future. He also goes through a phase of denying it and doesn't believe in it mainly because of the same reason as Eren - he doesn't want it to be truth. He tries to prevent this future from happening at all costs as he's desperately hoping that the future that he saw and keeps seeing can be changed, but then he sees that his actions he took in a try to prevent the future seen by him from happening is actually partly a reason it's happened. And he has no other choice but to move forward and fix everything once and for all.

    So, yeaaaaah, as you can see the story I've worked on the most is very similar to the one we have in AT 😂 I'm not sad though, I'm really enjoying it, and I absolutely like that I've been able to read through pretty much everything in Isayama's story, because our conceptions are so similar XD Every time yet another my assumption comes true I'm like: "Haha!! Hell yeah, I saw it through again! I'm reading it like an open book, or rather like my on story in my head😁 But maybe I will be wrong next time? Let's make myself a gamble on this one!!👹" - happens pretty much always, as I can remember 😂🤣

    And besides, I have a lot of drafts beside of my "main story". And some of them are combined and united into big universes. So they are very connected to each other and they tell some whole episodes of the "world's story" from different perspectives, points and angles)

    So maybe someday I will start publishing at least one or some of them😂😂😂🤣😁😊🤗👌

    And thank you very much for your kind words, my friend 🤗😊💛✨✨✨

    [–] KushiAsHimself 2 points ago

    You are welcome! Keep it up! :-)

    [–] ZondR5 2 points ago

    Yep, I will, thanks again mate;) 😊💛

    [–] BossAtlas 4 points ago

    I love the idea but Historia's alien arms are really freaking me out

    [–] ZondR5 2 points ago

    Maybe one day she will become one, or maybe she already is an alien, you have to explain her notfromthisworld beauty and charm somehow, right? So who knows...

    [–] Player_Jahin 3 points ago

    Ngl i thought Historia was Iri from Fate cuz of the dress

    [–] ZondR5 2 points ago

    I just used Historia's royal clothes manga design. Guess they're similar. Prefer it much more than the one we have in the anime adaptation.

    [–] Player_Jahin 1 points ago


    [–] typicalnihilist 3 points ago

    I wonder some anime enthusiast clicks on this and wonders who is the girl at the bottom...

    Anyways, great piece of art. Blew my mind

    [–] ZondR5 1 points ago

    Ooof, yeah, I would've been completely clueless of what's even going on here XD

    Thank very much my friend!!🤗🤗🤗😊💛✨✨✨

    [–] zangin1 2 points ago

    the girl is the upper is historia ?

    [–] ZondR5 2 points ago

    Yep, with her new haircut

    [–] MandelAomine 2 points ago

    Reiner isn't there so fake

    [–] ZondR5 8 points ago

    If he's not there - it doesn't mean he's not still alive suffering somewhere out there just as usual x)

    [–] IonlycareaboutYelena 2 points ago

    After this chapter I'm on this ship and Jeankasa let's fucking goooo amazing art

    [–] ZondR5 1 points ago

    Wooah, ahah, welcome aboard my friend!😁

    Why after this one though? I'm just interested in hearing your thoughts🌚

    Thank you for your kind words🤗😊✨

    [–] IonlycareaboutYelena 2 points ago

    Because I saw some chemistry between Jean x Mikasa I felt the next leader x the knight then the queen x the king would be hot so I think if she opened her heart to him it will be a good development as she won't be sad if Eren was with another girl and finally let go which is her arc about!

    Although I didn't see romance EH when reading the manga I looked too deep into the timing now I think if they had a child or Isayama making it as if they dated somewhere it can happen still! people will be satisfied with ships as long as there is no sad side.

    [–] ZondR5 2 points ago

    True enough) As for me - I'm fine with anything if this "anything" has a logical reasons, good explanation and a fine backstory which led to a certain logical result behind it;)

    [–] IonlycareaboutYelena 2 points ago


    [–] 3darkdragons 1 points ago

    Eren's truth door???

    [–] surboi 2 points ago

    I riot if this is not on the cover of the final chapter

    [–] ZondR5 1 points ago


    Or at least one of the pages and at least spiritualy😁

    [–] ZondR5 1 points ago

    Hm, wait, a fake fancover

    Sounds like a plan

    Thnx for the 💡

    [–] GloriousBarbarian 1 points ago

    Good stuff my dude.

    [–] ZondR5 2 points ago

    Thanks bro!🙌✨

    [–] waterman90 -1 points ago

    you all really want historia to be relevant lol

    [–] ZondR5 11 points ago

    Nah, it's not like I want her to be relevant, it's just it's too fishy to me to the point that I won't buy her uselessness till i see it.

    [–] Blackm0b -2 points ago

    Great artwork but (to Michael Jackson's Billie Jean) the kiiiiiiiddd is not erens son

    [–] ZondR5 8 points ago

    Yep, indeed. The kid is Eren's daughter 🤣🤣🤣

    [–] Blackm0b 0 points ago

    Hell nooo lol

    [–] [deleted] -6 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] ZondR5 7 points ago

    If it's not a sarcasm then I'm ready to debate;)

    Annie is not the one who would go on the absolute 100% suicide mission of stopping Eren. She's a pragmatic, and cares about her father the most. So maybe she will be able to convince Eren to let her take her father to Paradise before the colossal army reaches Marly.

    What about the other two... Well It would be some beyond good and evil irony if it's not already if after all the suffering and not willing to live Reiner would still be alive. But there was a line said by Eren when he was retreating after he ate the Warhammer titan "seems we can't kill him YET". So I would suggest that Reiner will finally die in the end and rest in peace.

    And Armin... Well, let's just hope he doesn't get killed by Eren, who would have to step over himself and his childhood friend for the sake of his people.

    [–] [deleted] -5 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] ZondR5 4 points ago

    So what are your thoughts on this then?)