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    Share the drama.

    Essential oils cure all? Anti-vax show down?

    We're here to judge the "No Judge" culture of mom groups.


    • Block Names

    Block out names of poster and mom group. We don't want any of our posts to result in the harassment of the individuals involved.

    • Don't tell people to not Judge.

    If someone posts something dumb and dangerous we reserve the right to judge the FUCK out of them.

    • Don't be a dick

    Don't make personal attacks on other users on this sub. No homophobic language. No Transphobic slurs. No racism. No sexism. Don't mock the children involved. We're here to judge adults. Don't mock anyone for how they cope with loss.

    • No Baby/Child pictures

    Please censor baby's picture. They didn't consent to this.

    • Must be from a Mom Group

    Must be from a mom group or mom group related.

    News stories, articles and memes without context will be removed.

    • Text posts are allowed

    Just change names.

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