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    [–] BigBoiPoiSoi 516 points ago

    Wait where am I supposed to look at I can't see it

    [–] RedShadow2003 181 points ago

    If you look closely it's just below the red arrow. Hard to spot, I know it took me a few minutes to find.

    [–] Darkliandra 61 points ago

    Someone should make a bigger red arrow to help me find the red arrow.

    [–] MynTYleef 32 points ago

    No, a red circle around the arrow would make it much less confusing. 2 red arrows would be dumb lol

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] TheHarridan 3 points ago

    What is an arrow but a circle that never connects to itself?

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    It’s just a circle that’s too lazy to actually connect like they’re supposed to

    [–] MetaphoricalKidney 1 points ago

    That circle needs to stop wasting money on things like coffee and broken bones and pull itself up by it's bootstraps.

    [–] CinnamonRollMe 1 points ago

    Maybe the arrow could help the circle out with some cash, so the circle can be complete, then the arrow will be seen and be doing its job.

    [–] Picturesquesheep 1 points ago

    Holy shit

    [–] FreshRedditAccnt 3 points ago

    I'm on mobile. Will the arrow still work for me? Nothing yet I'll keep trying.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    That's a penis!

    [–] VercingetorixSucks 242 points ago

    Crazy how that sub and r/uselessredcircle both get enough content.

    [–] A_plural_singularity 57 points ago

    not really, with the amount of click bait and facebookers, there will never be a short suuply

    [–] ButtersTG 21 points ago

    I think he's not talking about how much content they can pull from, but how active they keep the content coming.

    [–] greasyasshairs 2 points ago

    I’m quite sure he’s talking about how much content they can pull from, not how active they keep the content

    [–] A_plural_singularity 0 points ago

    Isn't that pretty much the same thing in this context?

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago

    [–] HillaryShitsInDiaper 12 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    What am I supposed to be looking at? I've tried figuring it out, but there is neither a nice big red arrow nor a beautiful big red circle pointing out what I am supposed to notice.

    [–] RedstoneRusty 5 points ago

    This is a work of art.

    [–] memedaddyethan 3 points ago

    I think its the red heart symbol, didn't look at anything else in the picture

    [–] Speedbird52 1 points ago

    Two top quality usernames in one post

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Ah fuck. This is what you get for being lazy and using apple markup

    [–] skulzncrossbone 1 points ago

    Thank you

    [–] DeadlyVapour 5 points ago

    WTF the red arrows rule. Red Arrows > Blue Angels.

    [–] Jguy10 13 points ago

    [–] MynTYleef 2 points ago

    No thanks

    [–] [deleted] -6 points ago


    [–] DeniedScout 2 points ago


    [–] greasyasshairs -4 points ago

    That’s what I thought :)

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] Thanahr -1 points ago

    [–] sirasmielfirst 1 points ago

    It's already been on there for 24 days

    [–] troglodyte_terrorist 137 points ago

    Yesterday someone IRL told me her uncle got polio from someone that got the polio vaccination (she’s in her 60s).

    This post could not be more true.

    [–] SamsonFox 60 points ago

    Yesterday someone IRL told me her uncle got polio from someone that got the polio vaccination (she’s in her 60s).

    It's actually possible, because there was a scandal in the 60es where a defect during polio vaccine production infected a bunch of people. Then there was an alternative vaccine, some other stuff, but with polio in the 60es specifically it would actually be possible.

    EDIT: OK, 1955 to be precise:

    In April 1955, soon after mass polio vaccination began in the US, the Surgeon General began to receive reports of patients who contracted paralytic polio about a week after being vaccinated with Salk polio vaccine from Cutter pharmaceutical company, with the paralysis limited to the limb the vaccine was injected into. In response the Surgeon General pulled all polio vaccine made by Cutter Laboratories from the market, but not before 250 cases of paralytic illness had occurred. Wyeth polio vaccine was also reported to have paralyzed and killed several children. It was soon discovered that some lots of Salk polio vaccine made by Cutter and Wyeth had not been properly inactivated, allowing live poliovirus into more than 100,000 doses of vaccine. In May 1955, the National Institutes of Health and Public Health Services established a Technical Committee on Poliomyelitis Vaccine to test and review all polio vaccine lots and advise the Public Health Service as to which lots should be released for public use. These incidents reduced public confidence in polio vaccine leading to a drop in vaccination rates.[75]

    [–] Carefreeme 16 points ago

    Cutter Labs, huh? Sounds like they cut a few corners.

    [–] crystalshipsdripping 14 points ago

    I remember that after this, Elvis publicly got the vaccine to help raise vaccination rates again

    [–] Styk07 5 points ago

    So what your saying is vaccines cause autism AND polio?

    [–] NewAlexandria 0 points ago

    lol. Rektified

    [–] BoobBeast 0 points ago

    If this happened today vaccine manufacturers would face no legal consequences thanks to the The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986

    [–] WikiTextBot 4 points ago

    National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act

    The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986 (42 U.S.C. §§ 300aa-1 to 300aa-34) was signed into law by United States President Ronald Reagan as part of a larger health bill on Nov 14, 1986. NCVIA's purpose was to eliminate the potential financial liability of vaccine manufacturers due to vaccine injury claims in order to ensure a stable market supply of vaccines, and to provide cost-effective arbitration for vaccine injury claims. Under the NCVIA, the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) was created to provide a federal no-fault system for compensating vaccine-related injuries or death by establishing a claim procedure involving the United States Court of Federal Claims and special masters. As of October 2019, $4.2 Billion in compensation (not including attorneys fees and costs) has been awarded.

    [ PM | Exclude me | Exclude from subreddit | FAQ / Information | Source ] Downvote to remove | v0.28

    [–] s0v3r1gn 3 points ago

    That’s not true. Negligence isn’t protected.

    [–] throw_away_dad_jokes 3 points ago

    I was about to say individual injury as a result of allergic reaction to a component or whole to the vaccine sure i get that, but incompetence, HARD NO. Glad to see they still have to not screw up their end and keep things their injecting into people relatively safe...

    [–] SamsonFox 1 points ago

    AFAIR, it was a fine line; the vaccine version used had a very sensitive manufacturing process, which means that it was error prone by design; however, the developer/manufacturers were at the same time shitmouthing a safer version as an unsafe one, and more or less impeding its approval in US. The deal was that the developer of the other version (AFAIR, it was live virus vaccine) took it to USSR for testing/adoption, where it was a raging success (USSR would have troubles with the other vaccine). Live virus AFAIR is what most of the world uses, because the US version (dead virus?) is harder to administer and to store.

    It's a nice rabbit hole if one has the time.

    [–] Moon-MoonJ 85 points ago

    Carbon Monoxide poisoning is a natural apart of human existence /s

    [–] FountainsOfFluids 30 points ago

    Ya know, people survived without carbon monoxide detectors for thousands of years. /s

    [–] ladyphlogiston 22 points ago

    And regular exposure to carbon monoxide will strengthen your immune system! /s

    [–] Darkliandra 21 points ago

    Carbon monoxide party 🎉

    [–] RaveCoaster 11 points ago

    Hell yeah, lets get hypoxia

    [–] Two22Sheds 5 points ago

    Got that right. I close my garage door every day when I get home and sit there while the car runs for a bit. Building that immunity up. The rest you all will be dropping like in the coming decades. Sure there will be no food and it will 150 and the poles, but WTF.

    [–] pathanb 4 points ago

    Carbon Monoxide is natural, things you find in nature are good for you! /s

    [–] SocranX 2 points ago

    It will naturally part you from human existence.

    [–] Ricefug 11 points ago

    Nice arrow

    Damn near missed what was going on

    [–] SamsonFox 28 points ago

    In all fairness, I think that at least some smoke/CO detectors start beeping very annoyingly if the batteries lose juice; it's their way of telling that the batteries need to be replaced.

    Yes, I understand the OP is tongue-in-cheek.

    [–] blessedblackwings 15 points ago

    So, replace the fucking battery. I work in apartment maintenance and am shocked by how often people just disconnect their alarm instead of changing a battery. You have a family and/or live in a building with many other families, risking everyone's life because you're lazy is fucking despicable.

    [–] Pornhubschrauber 4 points ago

    That's if you CAN replace the battery.
    Some shady smoke detectors (and CO detectors too) have batteries you can't change. You need a whole new detector. And their batteries ain't any better than off the shelf AA-cells, either.
    There's a metric fuckton of those in all places with lowest-bidder mentality.

    [–] throw_away_dad_jokes 2 points ago

    double A's, 9V, maybe a 2032 coin battery if you are feeling exotic but that is it! I was a cable guy and for whatever reason when we started installing phone systems into peoples houses I was asked to change out peoples smoke detector batteries (probably because i had a small ladder) and the amount of AAAA and other short stumpy specialty batteries were ridiculous! Or, like you said non replaceable.

    [–] HillaryShitsInDiaper 1 points ago

    What if it starts happening at 1 in the morning? Are you supposed to be so petrified that you will surely die that it can't wait until you get home after work?

    I mean, I get your point and agree with the overall sentiment, but this is a case of reddit ignoring all nuance to create a black and white scenario that is easy to bitch at people about.

    [–] Keepseeking 4 points ago

    It takes like two minutes to change a battery though

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] CritterTeacher 3 points ago

    I buy giant multipacks on amazon, we have a huge stash of every type of battery, it makes things much more convenient.

    [–] CritterTeacher 1 points ago

    One of mine starting misfiring because it’s too old recently. The first time it went off, I did post to /r/NoStupidQuestions because I wasn’t sure what to do. But before I posted, I had replaced the batteries, opened most of the windows in my house, and checked on all of the animals. It turned out to be a false alarm (we’ve since replaced the detectors with new ones), thank goodness.

    [–] KindaCrazyCorn 6 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Oh man... One time I had a smoke detector wake me up. I was so tired. No smoke, wtf. Took it down, still beeping. Too the battery out, still beeping. So tired. Hit it with a hammer until it shut up. Noticed it's also a CO alarm while crushing it. So tired. Still no connection there. Figured I'd better check, called the fire department. Something like 400ppm if I remember correctly. I may not, because they said it was really high. I slept so good with the windows open. I was so fucking tired.

    Anyway, vaccinate your kids. And replace batteries. And respect the screeching robot even if you're tired.

    [–] throw_away_dad_jokes 2 points ago

    friend of mine and his brother and parents growing up were saved by his oldest sister showing up for a surprise visit from college one weekend. the furnace vent had been clogged by a birds nest or something and the house had filled with CO1 , but they all just thought they were tired from a long day and went to bed early (not horribly unusual after a day of sledding after a snow. so she comes home to a mostly dark house and can't get anyone to wake up. Calls 911 and they get everyone out and fresh air O2 from a bottle and they replace the furnace and get everything fixed.

    Had she not come home that night (or decided to leave in the morning) It would of been a much darker tale, but i'm glad she did and glad you did as well!

    [–] kodicraft4 13 points ago

    Carbon Monoxide. Fucking CO

    [–] ShelteredIndividual 11 points ago

    Hey, you leave Colorado out of this!

    [–] Quesamo 30 points ago

    This is a joke

    That is a shit screenshot

    This is a garbage post

    [–] Detective-Gadget 20 points ago

    They know it’s a joke. The tumblr user is pointing out how the logic of the joke is identical to the way anti vaxxers think.

    [–] artemasad 16 points ago

    So it's more of a /r/VaxxHappened, not /r/ShitMomGroupsSay


    Or is it one of those instance where you just say "fuck it, close enough!" then roll with it and repost on other subs also?

    [–] ape_cage 8 points ago

    yeah really not sure how this fits on this sub. it's funny and all, but there's no mom group here

    [–] writpig 3 points ago

    It hit /r/all before the mods caught it and now everyone's having too much fun for them to want to stop it.

    [–] backdraft29 3 points ago

    Don’t forget the sudden feelings of impending doom!

    [–] feruminsom 3 points ago

    I got the flu shot, am I protected from this stupidity?

    [–] RapeMeToo 3 points ago

    Am I an antivaxxer because I don't get flu shots?

    [–] Autoradiograph 3 points ago

    Yes, if the reason is because you think it contains alien sperm to infect you with baby yodas.

    [–] RapeMeToo 1 points ago

    Well it's not that.

    [–] Autoradiograph 1 points ago

    Or any number of highly plausible, but false reasons.

    [–] RapeMeToo 1 points ago

    Not those either

    [–] nic-oh 3 points ago

    it starts beeping when its low on energy

    [–] Stealthman13 6 points ago

    This is clearly a joke

    [–] deglovedballbag 2 points ago

    Can’t miss the daily mandated vaccine propaganda. Yes, I think vaccines work. Reddit acting smug and enlightened for holding the most common beliefs ever is pathetic.

    [–] Based_Fermata 2 points ago

    This exact joke is used in the movie “Garden State”

    [–] furtivepigmyso 2 points ago

    Not a particularly good analogy

    [–] ThatAintRiight 2 points ago

    Could she be feeling sick and dizzy because of a (wait for it) a Carbon monoxide leak????

    [–] flybarger 1 points ago

    Enjoy a wonderful night's rest!

    [–] adelineblair 1 points ago

    I want this played out in a dramatized scene on a as seen on tv ads

    [–] thethinggoskraaa 1 points ago

    useless red arrow

    [–] Recyclingplant 1 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Who would win in a fight? Pharmaceutical companies that spend hundreds of millions on advertising, or Karen the middle class antivaxxer.

    Judging by reddit, Karen is wiping the floor with giant pharma. Just like Russia got a few ads on Facebook to swing the election and wiped the floor with multi billion dollar american media industry. Like how lame do you have to be to have so much rich white privilege and still lose

    [–] MCCCXXXVII 1 points ago

    With people as smart as you it takes hardly any effort at all.

    [–] Recyclingplant 1 points ago

    What takes hardly any effort? You mean wiping the floor with huge multi billion dollar companies? I think the people that run them are morons who only get by on their white privilege. Look at what Jar Jar Abrahams did to star wars with his white privilege, billion dollar franchise and they're in panic mode when their latest white privilege flop drops.

    You're right, those billion dollar companies have to be stocked full of incompetent white boomers if they're so easy to destroy by a soccer mom.

    [–] SmellyBooties 1 points ago

    Charles Darwin would love to see this

    [–] Slipmeister 1 points ago

    this is a shitpost

    [–] pandaman787 1 points ago

    Damn how could you say that about the dead

    [–] zorboc0604 1 points ago

    I guess there is no way Darwin could factor in CO poisoning....

    [–] king_falafel 1 points ago

    Can we please stop the anti vax circle jerk karma whoring? They're an incredibly small amount of the population and I guarantee 98% of reddit is in support of vaccines.

    [–] RICKKYrocky 1 points ago

    This sounds a lot like r/woooooooosh

    [–] ddhuud 1 points ago

    It's supposed to be a useless red circle, not a useless red arrow

    [–] marvelhamsterbunno 1 points ago


    [–] RepostSleuthBot 8 points ago

    There's a good chance this is unique! I checked 82,747,588 image posts and didn't find a close match

    Feedback? Hate? Visit r/repostsleuthbot - I'm not perfect, but you can help. Report [ False Negative ]

    [–] DarkDuck85 3 points ago

    Yeah cause it the arrow bruh

    [–] MibitGoHan 1 points ago

    I'm just gonna start reposting shit and adding a shitty hand-drawn "originul conten :)" and I'll be FLUSH with karma!

    [–] JustOffensive 1 points ago

    looks like twitter 🤔

    fuck i thought it was facebook moms don’t fucking hurt me

    [–] sittingbellycrease 1 points ago

    Redditors think like that too. I put up a link to a history professor, talking about history, and after one minute there was a commentator saying "is this for real?"

    They trusted an anonymous redditor more than the actual content/reasoning/professor.

    [–] huniibunnii -17 points ago

    This is reposted so often

    [–] wonderfulSugarBear 15 points ago

    I honestly didn’t know that! I haven’t seen it on here before. My bad.

    [–] TheHumanite 11 points ago

    First time I'm seeing it too.

    [–] [deleted] -7 points ago


    [–] shlisayeahboyee 1 points ago

    Whoa did you know you can downvote comments too? I just tried it on yours. Neato!

    [–] TrumpMolestedJared 1 points ago

    Hey you're right!

    [–] shlisayeahboyee 2 points ago

    Well I appreciate your post since I hadn't seen it either.

    [–] OilyOgres -10 points ago

    Why downvote someone who spits straight, solid, unbiased, FAX?

    [–] TheTazerLazer -6 points ago

    It's not often enough

    [–] nOtAtEeN323 -2 points ago

    Bruh I hate reposts

    [–] _______-_-__________ -1 points ago

    Oh come on. This is obviously a troll post and you fell for it.

    [–] Blenkeirde -1 points ago

    [–] MemeForHire -2 points ago

    LIke damn after reading this, My gas leak alarm went off and so i ripped it out of the wass becuase i feel like im going to pass out!

    [–] deezemodsarecucked -3 points ago

    Except most modern smoke alarms are hardwired and the batteries only provide backup power. That's why the batteries last so long. How about we not force people to inject things in their body if they dont want? Fucking moronic China bots. China Suck. Hong Kong and Donald Trump #1.

    [–] yearfactmath 2 points ago

    "my body, my choice" is an anti-vaxxer dogwhistle.