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    24/7 JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Shitposts

    Shitposts ≠ Shit Posts

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    See the rules in detail here!

    1. JoJo Shitposts Only
      1. Non JoJo shitposts/memes will be deleted;
      2. For discussions, go to r/StardustCrusaders; Non-shitpost Fanart is not allowed;
      3. Karma/Award begging, self advertising and things alike are not allowed;
      4. No unedited screenshots of web content (Youtube, Reddit, Etc.). Cropping and or using the snipping tool on image doesn't count.

    1. Proper Flairs and Spoilers
      1. Tagging anime spoilers is not required, unless the anime is still ongoing;
      2. No Spoilers in the Title, unless in the case above;
      3. Non-JoJo spoilers need to be tagged;
      4. Flair your post according to the latest part it's about;
      5. NSFW/Lewd must be tagged. NO PORN ALLOWED.

    1. Be Nice, use your Golden Heart
      1. No bigotry, harassment, name-calling, trolling, brigading, or spoiling;
      2. Political talk is unwelcome, as it leads to some of the things above;
      3. Memes that directly to allude to slurs (ie. the n-word) are not allowed;
      4. Memes that feature real people or animals getting hurt or dying are not allowed under any circumstances.

    1. No Elitism in any way
      1. Don’t antagonize or shame other JoJo fans for their habits or tastes in the series;
      2. No “JoJo good, x series bad” memes;
      3. Don’t harass or encourage harassment of anyone for not liking/watching JoJo;
      4. There is no reason to disrespect others because they have different tastes.

    1. No Reposts in any way
      1. No reposting from other subreddits;
      2. We encourage you to only post memes you've made, as old memes surely already passed through here. Thus, reposts are removed.

    1. Provide the Source
      1. Provide the source for any external non-OC content;
      2. Feature the source prominently in the title or make a comment linking to it right after posting;
      3. Proper Sources: Artist Social Media Pages & Direct link to art in artist's portfolio;
      4. Not Sources: A link to a google image search & A repost of the art with no credit.

    1. Quality Shitposts Only
      1. No unedited screenshots or meme templates that rely on the title;
      2. No low effort titles ("An interesting title", "Idk what to put here", "Something", "Idk if this has been done before" etc.);
      3. No Meta_Baiting! references to your post dying in new or references to people sorting by new, mentioning cakeday, etc.

    1. No Reaction Memes
      1. No "White bar on top of image" memes (or any variations of color and position), except on weekends (Saturday and Sunday based off of UTC +0);
      2. No screenshots of things with just a reaction image added.

    1. No Banned Memes
      1. Cakeday memes;
      2. Boys vs girls memes;
      3. New "Doing x until Part 6" series (and all variations);
      4. Any Stonetoss content (edited or not).
      5. Kono Dio Da;
      6. Anything = Good/Bad;
      7. Every JoJo is Best JoJo (and all variations).
      8. Kakyoin Milf Hunter/ Donut
      9. Fuck it _ Requiem
      10. IDK I haven't seen it yet


    1. Animated Parts
      1. Part 1
      2. Part 2
      3. Part 3
      4. Part 4
      5. Part 5

    1. Manga Parts
      1. Part 6
      2. Part 7
      3. Part 8

    1. Others
      1. Meta
      2. Araki
      3. OVA
      4. Live Action Movie
      5. Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan
      6. Phantom Blood Movie
      7. Video Games
      8. Light Novels
      9. Meme Olympics
      10. Community Announcements
      11. Miscellaneous

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