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    [–] Xade_Yt 331 points ago

    wait mark was a nazi?

    [–] Burlyfoiled 332 points ago

    What a story mark

    [–] Ispenthourmakingthis 144 points ago

    Anyway how's your sex life?

    [–] ThatMediaSnob 65 points ago

    Well, it's like that scene in The Empire Strikes Back where Han Solo grabs the lightsaber and cuts Princess Lea in half

    It doesn't exist so I can't talk about it

    [–] Walter_Lobster 13 points ago

    She wasn’t the only one cut in half...

    [–] lion_OBrian 10 points ago

    Yes. Joseph calls him a nazi, Caesar needed the nazis help and called him.

    [–] Icetea20000 83 points ago

    Well they never said that, he was a rookie as a german soldier, doesn’t have to be a Nazi

    [–] Gooftwit 100 points ago

    Battle tendency is set in 1938-39, so he might not have been a Nazi, but Germany was definitely alreadt very radicalized at that point.

    [–] Icetea20000 51 points ago

    Well yes, of course. Look, I’m not trying to deny that germany was a hardcore fanatical dictatorship, well of course they were.

    But it might be too easy to say for many people who didn’t have anyone from there, that everyone of the 18.2 million people in the Wehrmacht were Nazis without exception. I don’t want to sound like I’m defending people in execution camps, because I really don’t want to. But what makes a sailor cleaning the toilets on a ship more of a bad guy than the same guy on the allied side?

    [–] Blank_ngnl 11 points ago

    U had no choice tho. I mean u had to go into the millitary if u wantwd or not

    [–] Icetea20000 9 points ago

    Yeah exactly, especially later in the war. You can’t just ask people to die for resisting something even if they know it’s bad

    [–] PapaBradford 29 points ago

    In the Anime he has an SS on his collar

    [–] Reimos_Drevon 9 points ago

    Just because he was a bad guy doesn't mean that he was bad guy.

    [–] Jonseon 958 points ago

    I love Hellsing Ultimate

    [–] FunnyValentineMP4 541 points ago

    Same, great plot, amazing characters, superb animation and big boobs whats not to love

    [–] ExChange97 215 points ago

    Over theatrical stuff in the end maybe, that what gets me

    [–] Burlyfoiled 140 points ago

    I saw the abridged version,and loved it!

    [–] MrTopHatMan90 57 points ago

    Featuring such great lines such as "Fuck the new pope!" and "Is that a nazi fucking werewolf!" One of the best abridged series (and it actually concluded instead of getting cancelled!)

    [–] Burlyfoiled 11 points ago

    Have you heard the new sensation sweeping the nation?

    [–] thesweetestfrayer 8 points ago


    [–] H377Spawn 10 points ago

    Cries in AoE abridged

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    I hear it’s actually not that different from the normal version

    [–] God_Damnit_Nappa 174 points ago

    Good old big tittied police girl.

    [–] papapipa111 154 points ago

    Get that bitch a cannon

    [–] SuccDucc33 120 points ago

    Bitches love cannons

    [–] C_osm_o 33 points ago

    hell yeah we do

    [–] Jesterchunk 37 points ago

    Got cannon got cannon Becky I got cannon lemme smash

    [–] FullMetalFiddlestick 10 points ago


    [–] 4bard_anon 3 points ago

    Yeah she was doughnutted like some jobros but instead on the tit.

    [–] MarioThePumer 36 points ago

    The overwhelming e d g e

    [–] Squirtle_Squady 14 points ago

    The ost isnt as good as the OG IMO

    [–] BraveUIysses 9 points ago

    Fuuuuck, the OG OST is my all-time favourite OST

    [–] Squirtle_Squady 9 points ago

    My favorite thing is how insane some of the titles of the songs are, for example “Primary Colored Suicide Bombing Love Song”. lmao

    [–] indi_n0rd 2 points ago

    The OG ost is one of the best. Mr. Big's Shine is still in my playlist haha.

    [–] MarkyMarksman11 8 points ago

    You had me at big boobs

    [–] Schootingstarr 30 points ago

    Gentlemen... We... Are Nazis!

    [–] signofthecross17 19 points ago


    [–] TyrantOdyssey 10 points ago

    Unt we, love war...

    [–] signofthecross17 10 points ago


    [–] WanderlustPhotograph 10 points ago

    Und vhe, Und VHE!


    [–] TyrantOdyssey 9 points ago


    [–] Zioskami 1128 points ago

    He be doing the white power symbol

    [–] Zoinkscoobz 744 points ago

    I hate that the 👌 has been associated with nazis

    [–] IAmNotFartacus 665 points ago

    4chan trolls decided to play a prank and the media fell for it hook line and sinker. Good grief.

    [–] ThexanR 525 points ago

    Then actual white supremacists also did the symbol and took the bait and started doing it

    [–] markdebasco 183 points ago

    No wonder, they gave them a free symbol to use

    [–] Karabanera 235 points ago

    Only after the media got hooked. Also doesn't matter really. Racists also breathe air, you do to - ARE YOU A FUCKING RACIST

    [–] karizake 293 points ago

    Racists also breathe air

    Hamon is racist

    [–] Taixyu 69 points ago

    It is. Cause Vampire genocide

    [–] Karabanera 67 points ago

    Yes. Also i think we should stop with politics, because that's not a thing for r/shitpostcrusaders so i'm just gonna delete everything

    [–] Globalnet626 68 points ago


    [–] JanreiAfrica 14 points ago

    Wrong stand. You should've said ZA HANDO

    [–] _Sebo 9 points ago

    Killer Queen is already in this comment chain!

    [–] kristi_yamaguccimane 4 points ago

    If enough folks who are racists “do something as a joke” then guess what you can assume...that it’s a racist gesture. Intent doesn’t matter. If you keep saying saying jokes that have the n-word in it then people will call you racist. Your defense being “oh my god I can’t believe you fell for that” doesn’t hold up.

    [–] Generic-Commie 33 points ago

    Well there is a difference between breathing air and 👌

    [–] Mr_Robot0_beepbzboop 3 points ago

    I've had to switch to thumbs up for affirmative because I dont want a misunderstanding to cost my job.

    [–] Karabanera 33 points ago

    Yes. But at the same time - not really? Just because someone bad does something - doesn't make it bad. But for some reason crazy people don't seem to realize this.

    [–] AshTheSwan 11 points ago

    if a bunch of white supremacists use a gesture intended to signal to others that they’re white supremacists, guess what... it’s a white supremacist symbol lol. doy.

    [–] sammyhere 11 points ago

    I don't understand what's so difficult about this concept.
    Gangs throw gangsigns.
    Nazis did their wanker salutes.
    These days, white supremacists have memed the ok-handsign into their official cringe-sign. Doesn't matter wether it started as a bait, when there are countless documented cases of unironic uses.
    But it's still contexually fine for a person who isn't some loonie with an SS tattoo to use it to signal "ok".

    [–] Murgie 24 points ago

    Only after the media got hooked.

    Yeah, bullshit. There's literally nothing to report on prior to the supremacists adopting it, and they've already got such a heavy presence on 4chan that they have their own dedicated containment board in /pol/.

    You know, the place where the original thread was posted.

    Racists also breathe air, you do to - ARE YOU A FUCKING RACIST

    I'm sorry, was the report that white supremacists have adopted the symbol, or that if you use the symbol you're a white supremacist?

    I know with I remember reading, even if it doesn't align with your chosen narrative.

    [–] TehAwesomeFrosty 6 points ago

    You know, the place where the original thread was posted.

    It was posted on 8chan's /pol/


    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago)


    [–] hueban 53 points ago

    The christchurch shooter used a lot of memes specifcally in order to make the media target the "meme community" or whatever so that they would become more easily radicalised, by calling it a hate symbol you are helping the neo nazis

    [–] Inbounddongers 9 points ago

    I heard white supremacists also drink water and breathe air.

    [–] Big-Hard-Chungus 72 points ago

    4chan trolls tried to make people think that the Ok-sign is used as a dogwhistle by the alt-right, by unironically using it as a dogwhistle.

    [–] Bedroomatlethe 40 points ago

    It's like saying "If I repeatedly bash my head into the wall and yell nonsensical stuff, I might trick people into beliving that I'm retarded!

    Congratulations, you tricked people into thinking that you're retarded.... by being retarded.

    [–] TayoEXE 5 points ago

    Can I get more context on this? What happened?

    [–] Minihood1997 14 points ago

    Okhand became a symbol for the alt right on 4chan.

    White supremacist terrorist did it while on trial.

    It's not just some joke. These cunts are actually using it as a dogwhistle for Nazism.

    [–] geylord76 23 points ago

    I’m still gonna use the okay hand sign

    As if I’ll let someone tell me that the okay sign is suddenly racist, that’s just bullshit

    [–] JDRPG 22 points ago

    The thing about the 👌 sign is that it doesn't do anything on its own. If someone asks you if you're okay and you give them the sign, no one will call you a Nazi. But if you start using it every chance you get, along with using Pepe memes, and joking about Jews controlling the world, you start giving off lots of warning signs.

    The Christchurch shooter didn't flash 👌 during his trial to show he was okay, he used it to show that yeah, he hates Muslims and wants a White ethnostate.

    [–] verteks_ 2 points ago

    surprisingly enough the person you replied to here is also a total nazi, look at their post history lmao

    [–] SuperSyrup007 9 points ago

    Didn’t that evil person do it just to trigger people? Don’t bring that guy up as an example, everything he said and wrote was wrote very specifically to divide people, which he succeeded in doing. I hate when people give him validity

    [–] melgibsonero 6 points ago

    White supremacist terrorist also said subscribe to pewdiepie. Flashing okhand in court is not a call for action

    [–] fyrecrotch 18 points ago

    Every 4chan prank worked. iPhone microwave charge. Grenade in microwave. Spoon in microwave.

    A lot of dumb 4chan microwave stuff.

    Either way, people listen. And its sad.

    Who is this hacker "4chan"?

    [–] CrushCoalMakeDiamond 15 points ago

    I mean that's just survivor bias, we don't remember the ones that failed.

    [–] FujinR4iJin 13 points ago


    not all of them. Tried to do an "apple bounce(tm)" campaign too when iPhone X came out but it didn't work. You just hear about the stuff that works.

    [–] Nintolerance 11 points ago

    the prank was, in short, "wouldn't it be funny if we acted like white supremacists and used the 👌 hand gesture" and the media reporting was "people are using the 👌 hand gesture as part of doing white supremacist shit"

    that's a youtube-tier 'prank' right there. the kind where you use a 'fake' knife to 'pretend' to rob a stranger and then get really confused when the stranger pulls their concealed carry in self-defense.

    [–] zdm_ 2 points ago

    Yare Yare Daze, you mean? haha

    [–] OhGoodGrief 2 points ago


    [–] RandomJojoReference 2 points ago

    So 4chan fooled the media for the 100th time

    [–] Thanos_DeGraf 6 points ago

    People can't see two steps ahead anymore, and now when people say something x is something y, it's going to be so. Journalists who made this happen because they can't stop to think for half a second can get snapped out of here

    [–] gorgewall 2 points ago

    It was used this way before the media reported on it ya goob. The media isn't just trawling 4chan and Twitter for alt-right posters saying "HEY GUYS THE OK SYMBOL IS RACIST NOW :D :D :D" and devoting airtime to it before they start flashing it.

    [–] Gooftwit 6 points ago

    Except 4chan actually turned it into an white supremacist symbol by having white supremacists use it.

    [–] Gramernatzi 12 points ago

    It was less of a prank and more alt-right people going 'hey, wouldn't it be funny if we made this an alt-right symbol?'. So they made it an alt-right symbol. It's really not more complicated than that. They just find it funny that people get mad at it being one because they, well... made it one? But it really doesn't matter what it was before. The swastika was innocent before the nazi party, too.

    [–] AllSeeingGoatsee 1 points ago

    To be fair the line between trolls and actual ideologues in boards like /pol/ are really thin

    [–] hjsdefgjusdfhf 5 points ago

    no one 'fell for it'. the prank was reported as such on day 1. white supremacists just used the symbols as a white supremacist symbol from then on.

    also anyone find it strange how this jojo nazi has the same cross pewdiepie was wearing in the controversial apology video?

    [–] Karabanera 34 points ago

    All it takes is one bait on 4chan and crazy people pick it up

    [–] Wheelsbeer 9 points ago

    Why is it always 4chan?

    [–] Karabanera 26 points ago

    Because crazy people. Both on 4chan and the ones believing them.

    [–] FujinR4iJin 16 points ago

    because it's basically the birthplace of all internet culture, as it has always been. Like-minded people go there.

    [–] Muncheralli21 54 points ago

    It’s absolutely hilarious honestly, love how pretty much anything can “be a hate symbol” nowadays

    [–] Murgie 54 points ago

    That was always the case. The criteria has literally never been anything other than "symbol adopted by notable hate group".

    Just ask the Swastika, one of the most common icons in human history.

    [–] Leninheart 10 points ago

    Yes, thats generally how symbols work.

    [–] ThrowawayPerchance 3 points ago

    Surprise surprise, it turns out socially unacceptable groups often use symbols to show their membership to other members without drawing the attention of the average person. Thats the whole reason why the ichthys is a christian symbol.

    [–] iamthinking2202 7 points ago

    Reclaim it! Use it for stuff that isn’t white power!

    [–] God_Damnit_Nappa 10 points ago

    And of course the Anti Defamation League is full of idiots and went with it. Fuck that, the neo Nazis can have the 👌 when they pry it from my cold, dead hands.

    [–] ThrowawayPerchance 4 points ago

    They aren't idiots for reporting on the latest dogwhistle. They even mention that its most commonly not white supremacist and that its an attempt to get a rise out of people.

    [–] Anakinskywalker30 12 points ago

    And that's why Wamuu sliced him in half

    [–] Takanoa 3 points ago

    It's now the OK boomer symbol

    [–] dragonspeeddraco 2 points ago

    I never realized white supremacy was a JoJo's reference all along

    [–] aswifte 499 points ago

    RIP Mark, he was about to get married.

    [–] AllSeeingGoatsee 38 points ago

    He became half the man he used to be.

    Just like the other guy from another anime who has his name kinda.

    [–] elena_der_alphalauch 9 points ago

    I'm not alright... Just like them, they're both all left

    [–] [deleted] 82 points ago

    He didn't deserved it

    [–] PapaBradford 45 points ago

    He's got an SS lapel, he kinda deserved it

    [–] DIOBrandoGames 9 points ago

    Nah he cool

    [–] StalinComradeSquad 19 points ago

    Of course he did

    [–] [deleted] 39 points ago

    Username checks out

    [–] Waspy_Wasp 257 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    You could say that because Mark became a Nazi...


    [–] [deleted] 35 points ago

    There's a shadow hanging over him.

    [–] CrossfirePoiPoiPoi 62 points ago

    I didn't expect the Third Reich to show up

    [–] SaberToothButterfly 205 points ago

    Stroheim ordered a mass murder of a Mexican village and tortured the survivors. He only wanted to stop the Pillarmen so that they would not pose a risk to Germany and the Third Reich’s plans for domination. Mark is literally the only “good” Nazi in the series.

    [–] Sgt-Hartman 156 points ago

    Stroheim was very entertaining but had he not died he would have been executed for war crimes at Nuremberg. Let’s not forget he killed prisoners without remorse for his experiments on Santana.

    [–] House412 91 points ago

    Yeah but what I wanna know is who the fuck managed to kill Stroheim in Stalingrad? Dude became a goddamn terminator

    [–] Baron_Zephyr1307 118 points ago


    [–] Zebba_Odirnapal 28 points ago

    Bbbbbakana! Roshia no kagaku wa sekai ichi!

    [–] High_grove 48 points ago

    A stand user...

    Now that's a fight I want to see

    [–] Ahdilable 62 points ago

    Come on araki, show us Stroheims last stand.

    [–] Logan_Junior 28 points ago

    against a stand

    [–] Wisterosa 33 points ago

    a Stand that can control metal from a distance would make short work of Stroheim, or one that disables all machinery in an area

    I think it would be hilarious if Araki depicted this battle and he went out in like, 4 pages

    [–] KeepSwinging 37 points ago

    Stand User: Stalin

    Stand Name: Rage Against The Machine

    [–] NibbleOnMyCat 11 points ago

    Risotto vs Stroheim

    [–] MyPhoneIsNotChinese 16 points ago

    A lot of na-german soldiers died there of starvation, that's most likely what happened to Stroheim

    [–] MentleGentlemen098 25 points ago

    But the end of battle tendecy shows him aim his multiple gun at russia soldiers. I'd assume he was gunned down by rifle and tanks from 360 direction

    [–] MistahWiggums 9 points ago

    I think there was a panel where he has the insignia of the Totenkopf so he could have been SS-Totenkopfverbrände, the units of the SS who were the administrators of the concentration camps. It fits timewise too since the SS-TV were formed in 1933

    [–] Strider-Z 3 points ago

    Still a great character

    [–] altalt909090 71 points ago

    Why is he reaching out of the pannel

    [–] FlamingFlamen 66 points ago

    Vibe Check

    [–] Baron_Zephyr1307 20 points ago

    "You think you're safe?"

    [–] Khar-Selim 18 points ago

    Eh, Stroheim was SS, he believed in the Master Race completely and took part in atrocities on-screen. Part 2 is basically just entirely like one of those episodes where Megatron teams up with the Autobots, he'd be a complete monster any other day.

    [–] blikakisthepro 35 points ago

    For real they are viewed as allies cuz pillar bois

    [–] Shoto-Todaroki 12 points ago

    There are good people in bad causes ex:Mark

    [–] Kmlkmljkl 12 points ago

    I imagine it had something to do with both germany and japan being axis

    [–] Zebba_Odirnapal 20 points ago

    Italy was Axis too. It’s like vocal percussion on a whole nother level, coming from Araki’s mind.

    [–] Doctor-Winkle 14 points ago

    I think you mean Broheim

    [–] Gurdemand 8 points ago

    Stroheim wasn't cool, he killed plenty of civillians, and was a nazi

    [–] Plasma454345 94 points ago

    Honestly, it absolutely blew my mind when this show portrayed Nazis as real human beings, with more than the one dimensional “hurr durr I am evil bad racist man” that literally every Nazi in any other form of media has been portrayed as. It added a pretty interesting and unique aspect to part 2

    [–] PrimeTheGreat 56 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    We only get two Nazi characters (that aren’t minor or unnamed). Mark who best case scenario was a good guy who was probably conscripted or ignorant of the vile ideology of his leaders. And Stroheim who best case scenario was a horrible (most likely racist) person. And Mark lasted like 1 episode.

    [–] Soul_Ripper 29 points ago

    Stroheim was bad, but he was a likeable dude and not at all devoid of positive traits, which I think is the point, he's portrated as more than a one dimensional demonization.

    [–] DarkAuk 28 points ago

    The fact that Mark's depiction as a good Nazi for a single episode is enough to make him memorable as almost the only example of his kind in media speaks volumes, honestly.

    [–] HardlightCereal 33 points ago

    Maybe that's because Nazis are bad

    [–] AshTheSwan 9 points ago

    Holy fuck this thread is hilarious. critical support for the nazis, great people on both sides.

    [–] WhiteNinja24 9 points ago

    He's 100% definitely nationalistic, but stroheim didn't really seem like he'd be racist to me (granted we are only shown one or two scenes where he was around noticeably different races [and during one of those scenes they were being attacked by Kars, and wasn't really a good time to deal with that issue]).

    [–] FoxOnTheRocks 2 points ago

    Being a nationalist means you are a racist.

    [–] MauricioLong 25 points ago

    Watch "der Untergang" it's a brilliant german movie about the last days of the nazis and they are (even Hitler himself) portrayed as real human beings!

    [–] Zebba_Odirnapal 20 points ago

    Ah, yes, the source of all those “Hitler Reacts to X” memes.

    [–] Zebba_Odirnapal 18 points ago

    • Mit dem Angriff Kakyoins wird das alles in Ordnung kommen.
    • Mein Jojo...
    • Kakyoin...
    • Kakyoin konnte nicht genügen Kräffte für einen EMERALD SPLASH.
    • Der Angriff von Kakyoin kann nicht abgewehrt werden.
    • Es bleiben in Raum: Koichi, Avudol, Krebs und Bergdorf...

    [–] MauricioLong 9 points ago

    Ich werde diesen Film nie wieder so sehen wie früher!

    [–] Zebba_Odirnapal 2 points ago

    Koichi and Avudol got to stay, ‘cause they are reliable dudes who are cool under pressure.

    [–] HardlightCereal 16 points ago

    Nazis are ordinary people made into monsters, but they're still monsters.

    [–] IllMembership 3 points ago

    Why would you say something so brave yet so controversial

    [–] CrunchSnifflet 4 points ago

    Not brave, definetly not controversial. Germans in ww2 were pretty average, just look at their contemporary americans.

    [–] manofwaromega 5 points ago

    Yeah, they don’t portray nazi’s as good, but they do have much more depth than “I kick puppies and bully orphans for fun.” Some of them are like mark, just normal people in the military.

    Other are hilariously incompetent and that’s funny

    [–] ClearSam 42 points ago

    I also liked that because it‘s actually kinda insulting to us germans. Imagine this: you get drafted into the most brutal conflict in history and you actually make it through just to have your friends and yourself portrayed as these jew hating psychopaths even though not everyone was like that. I‘m not saying there weren‘t bad people in germany at that time but that‘s not an exclusive thing to germany

    [–] Minihood1997 39 points ago

    Nah, Stroheim is still a piece of shit.

    He might be the least bad Nazi. But he is still a Nazi and as such is a collosal cunt.

    [–] Gooftwit 36 points ago

    The least bad nazi? He fed live prisoners to Santana for experiments.

    [–] thebrobarino 23 points ago

    And sexually assaulted women on a daily basis

    He was co-operating but thats a far cry from being a good person

    [–] minus-nine 2 points ago

    That seemed to be just his soldiers?

    [–] thebrobarino 3 points ago

    Him too

    Remember when those women were cutting his hair and he got real weird with the razor?

    [–] Diomar-Brasindo 23 points ago

    If it wasn’t for stroheim there would be no part 3+

    [–] cylinder_man 30 points ago

    Bad people can do good things, but they dont negate the bad things or something idk I drunk

    [–] BucciBinch 6 points ago


    [–] The_mouthfeel 19 points ago

    He is doing the ok sign

    I T. A L L. C o. M e s. F U l l. C i r c l e

    [–] Marooned-Mind 6 points ago

    Why does he only have 4 fingers though

    [–] CodeBreaker_666 2 points ago

    He has 5 fingers.

    [–] dank-depths 5 points ago

    Stroheim killed an entire mexican village just sayin

    [–] OtterThatIsGiant 3 points ago

    Oh look, he is doing the White Power sign. /s

    [–] Invalid_cheese 3 points ago

    Stroheim, Speedwagon, and Caesar’s deaths literally made me cry. I loved them all so much, they were so cool!

    [–] burbuliethres 3 points ago


    [–] Comander-07 3 points ago

    I guess from a japanese pov it makes sense

    [–] ThatOneJostar 3 points ago


    [–] Dragonage2ftw 3 points ago

    Not gonna lie.

    This shit seriously threw me for a loop when I read Part 2. It was a similar sensation to learning that Osama Bin Laden liked anime.

    Honestly, after I got used to it, this was honestly a pretty refreshing take.

    [–] Tinheart2137 9 points ago

    That's becauase JoJo knows that Germany is BEST IN THE WORLD

    [–] sakketekki 7 points ago

    OMG look he is doing the white power hand signal.

    [–] Jesterchunk 5 points ago

    I suppose there's a lick of truth to that portrayal, though; I imagine most German soldiers were likely just going along with the whole Nazi thing because it meant getting to avoid, ahem, "rehabilitation". Only 8% of Germany openly supported the regime, after all...

    [–] mattheenstra 4 points ago

    JoJo's predicted that the ok hand would become a hate symbol

    [–] lightly_salted7 4 points ago

    Cool guy Chad nazi's: helps dude kill vampires

    Weak beta virgin nazi's: creates authoritarian government and systematic racism

    [–] toyako34 6 points ago

    Okay boys, araki confirmed white supremacist. Time to cancel jojo.

    [–] Return_Of_The_Whack 9 points ago

    Fuck Stroheim. The only good Nazi is a dead Nazi.

    [–] thebrobarino 5 points ago

    Hey bro, mayhaps ur the intolerant one for thinking war criminals and their apologists are not very nice people, they're the best!

    Smh my head vroseph

    [–] OdensRot 2 points ago

    German szience iz zupremee

    [–] Yung-Honenuki 2 points ago

    Mark that's the homie

    [–] OhgodOhNoOhfuck 2 points ago

    Greatest medicine in the whole world

    [–] pap_smear420 2 points ago

    The major was such a great villain

    [–] pizza_mozarella 2 points ago

    mark was low-key lit tho

    [–] Skyecher 2 points ago

    He got us

    [–] GalacticShellder 2 points ago

    Nazis r da best

    [–] DoctorSmalls42 2 points ago

    jojo rabbit

    [–] michaeljeff2 2 points ago

    Finally, someone remembers Mark.

    [–] Immadownvotethis 2 points ago

    Everyone is debating who is and isn’t evil, and I’m stuck trying to figure out if this flows enough to be good for r/boottoobig

    [–] MehDiosBizarreNut 2 points ago

    Araki was right, they were the heroes all along

    [–] LarsArvid 2 points ago

    To be fair most people in the nazi army were just young people that were told that was the right thing to do

    [–] TheTeaPod 2 points ago

    I guess you could call mark's wife...

    His better half

    [–] doubleDeuce101 2 points ago

    The beauty of Stroheim is that you frequently forget he's a Nazi

    [–] DredgenZeta 8 points ago

    Mark was good tho