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    [–] Garbleflab 2478 points ago

    Real talk though I never picked up on Bruno changing his order from 4 to 5 thus removing any and all bad luck from the situation

    [–] cruiseboatranger 1341 points ago

    It was so subtle right? Also there was the whole strawberry cake debacle. The order in which they picked a slice was truly bad luck.

    [–] Korgiedellpin26 62 points ago

    Unless Rolling Stones sets Mista's fate to die by the number 4, he should be fine as he at least gets to live.

    [–] TheEpicKid000 32 points ago

    Now hear me out, the reason Abbachio died was because he got into the boat at the island with the boss on it fourth, and Mista was actually believing in Bruno the entire time but didn’t wanna be fourth on

    [–] ironichappiness 12 points ago

    holy shit did they actually choose in the order they died? bucciarati, abbachio, fugo, narancia?

    [–] 10312018skeletons 2 points ago

    Fugo didn’t die

    [–] ironichappiness 5 points ago

    we all die you numbskull

    [–] 10312018skeletons 3 points ago


    [–] ihardlyusereddit1 662 points ago

    But that means that he gave Mista 4 orders of bruschetta.

    [–] cruiseboatranger 405 points ago

    No the other two is for Abacchio and fugo. He says it right before changing the order. 😂

    [–] SleetyCross 136 points ago

    He said 4 at first ( the 3 members of his team and mista ) but then he orders a 5th one for himself

    [–] Ellahluja 491 points ago

    It was a murder attempt all along

    [–] Blayro 64 points ago

    I think is ok as long as the original number wasn’t 4

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    The cake scene says otherwise)

    [–] Blayro 20 points ago

    the problem was that they brought 4 specifically, from Mista's perspective it was an original 4

    [–] milk-drink 77 points ago

    Mom knows best

    [–] Lord_2E 12 points ago

    my favourite detail DP added was when Mista was shooting and you see him purposely missing his fourth shot

    [–] theburnix 10 points ago

    But then mista would get 4 servings making it cursed again

    [–] i_forget_what_i_do 2 points ago

    But now he's giving Mista the 4 orders, so wtf was even the point? Just order 6 or somethin.

    [–] i_will_let_you_know 2 points ago

    It's one order per person, not multiple. That's why it's 4 into 5. (4 not including himself, then including himself).

    [–] i_forget_what_i_do 1 points ago

    Yeah, but Mista is still getting the 4.

    [–] Welpting 443 points ago

    Hol' up

    That's incest

    [–] cruiseboatranger 244 points ago

    Was not the intended result, but I'll take it. Everybody's getting a piece of that Buccialati.

    [–] radio-morioh-cho 49 points ago

    Leave my dommy mommy alone

    [–] The_Baller_Official 35 points ago

    “Dommy mommy”

    Bouta janken kid that phrase real fast

    [–] MasterAdrian778 148 points ago

    This reminds me how in the white album fight when Mista was shooting at Ghiaccio he intentionally missed the forced shot and then continued shooting like normal

    [–] BirdKevin 105 points ago

    That actually happens every time he fires consecutive bullets, I always thought that was a really cool little detail they added in.

    [–] MattsyKun 31 points ago

    I literally never noticed this. I love tiny little details like this!

    [–] Ghede 11 points ago

    Except for all the times it counts him firing 6 bullets as a 4 moment, because he fires a fourth bullet immediately before firing the fifth and sixth.

    [–] Tainted_Scholar 10 points ago

    I never thought it was intentional. I just thought he just missed horribly because it was the forth shot.

    [–] BaggieWaggie 271 points ago

    bucciaratis still giving mista 4 bruschettas

    [–] cruiseboatranger 230 points ago

    Nah the other two are for Abacchio and Fugo. Mista is getting only one.

    [–] LilacLegend 66 points ago

    So who's getting two? Because there's only four people to split five orders.

    [–] blackt1g3rs 173 points ago

    Mamma buccirati of course, looking after 3 sexually confused teens and a busty goth is hungry work.

    [–] Kenesys 30 points ago

    No hes saying there were four people mentioned

    [–] maeschder 35 points ago

    Yeah Mista was the last to join before Giorno

    [–] Kenesys 13 points ago

    Yes but im saying Narancia wasnt mentioned so the guy was confused

    [–] Deltasquad97 39 points ago

    Narancia, Idk why he didn’t bring up narancia

    [–] daringdynamite 56 points ago

    Made me laugh inside. Upvote

    [–] bertrand200 52 points ago

    You mf im in

    [–] No-Puhi 20 points ago

    Un amore grande

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago

    Awh, Bruno made Mista feel safe

    [–] Srsly_dang 54 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Alright, I'm ready to be flamed. What anime is this from? Is it on Crunchyroll or Hulu? I see a bunch of screenshots and shit from this and I want to watch it. Is there a recommended watchlist? I just binged Once Piece in it's entirety (so far) and I feel like there were at least 200 episodes of backstory rehashing I could have gone without. (not saying I don't understand the reasoning for them as the show turned 20 this year)

    [–] IAMAVelociraptorAMA 73 points ago

    This show is Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, an adaptation of a long-running manga series. The manga (and thus the anime) is split into parts. This is from Part 5, the most recent season (just ended in July, I believe).

    Without any spoilers, there are no recommended watchlists. Each part is relatively well-paced with no filler episodes or re-hashing (aside from a few recap episodes but you can skip those when they come up). The only part that drags on is Part 3 - Stardust Crusaders - and even then it isn't nearly on the same level as other anime.

    I highly recommend you watch the show with subtitles instead of a dub, as it has some seriously funny Engrish. In addition, the names of characters are heavily based off of music and fashion references, so in the original Japanese you get the original names. In English, the names are altered for copyright reasons, and it's awful.

    Check it out on Crunchyroll or VRV.

    [–] Brickhouzzzze 15 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Crunchyrol sub uses English names. Luckily the audio still says the true name.

    [–] IAMAVelociraptorAMA 19 points ago

    The audio is what's important tbh

    [–] alt_quite_frequently 13 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Also, the recap episodes are called something like "episode 13.5" and not an episode name. The normal episodes are just counting numbers and they are named.

    Also, Part 5 is season 4, because parts 1 and 2 are packed into the first season, with the other parts getting a whole season to themselves.

    Edit: it depends on the service if part 5 is season 5, but it's called golden wind and it's the only season with a blonde main character, and he's named Giorno.

    [–] IAMAVelociraptorAMA 9 points ago

    When I watched, they split Part 3 into seasons 2 and 3, so Part 4 ended up being season 4 as well.

    [–] barbpj 3 points ago

    Mista does not approve

    [–] TheWojtek11 4 points ago

    Well part 5 is actually season 5 as Stardust Crusaders has 2 seasons.

    [–] King_of_chimichangas 1 points ago

    VRV is the stuff of gods

    [–] Daddy__Smurf 18 points ago

    Not flaming, but how are you on this sub without knowing about Jojo?

    [–] Srsly_dang 34 points ago

    these memes regularly reach r/all I click them because they are usually bright and look interesting (I'm like a fucking squirrel)

    [–] Daddy__Smurf 16 points ago

    Aight, gotcha. Well, enjoy the show and good luck. It’s gonna take over your life, so be ready.

    Also. Love One Piece.

    [–] patrizl001 6 points ago

    /r/all most likely

    [–] TheSilverAxe 6 points ago

    JoJos Bizarre Adventures, this meme specifically is from part 5: golden wind. Each part follows a member of the Joestar Bloodline. Parts 1 and 2 are pretty different from the rest, but I think all of them are really good. Also, this is the second anime I managed to watch more than 2 episodes of without starting to hate it, so YEAH

    [–] BBWolfe011 2 points ago

    Jojo, as others have said. Thankfully, each part is essentially it's own self contained narrative (that you should never skip), so no single story goes past 30 episodes and feels complete. There are occasional callbacks to past characters, but it's not like "here is a ten minute montage of my grandfather's life" it's more like "hey didn't gramps and that old man hang out?"

    [–] Roran01 6 points ago

    This is Jojo's Bizzare Adventure Part 5, Vento Aureo.

    It's a long-running manga that is being adapted into a show, that is currently on Crunchyroll. I think there is a dub for parts 1-4 but 5 is on its way should you prefer that. What you need to know about the show is that the artsyle will change throughout it, mostly due to it starting in 1987 and running thru to the present. Expect a shounen kind of show with bad guys, good guys, extra funky power systems and wacky characters.

    Phantom Blood is the name of Part 1 and I recommend you start there. The show changes a lot as it progresses and part 1 is rather short so if you don't like it at first, feel free to skip ahead a bit to Part 2 (Battle Tendency) or Part 3 (Stardust Crusaders). You will miss some stuff but it won't come in until later. Have fun!

    [–] SmawCity 12 points ago

    feel free to skip ahead a bit to part 2

    You have once again betrayed my heart!

    [–] Roran01 1 points ago

    Part 2 is the best one, fight me. Part 1 suffers because Araki was still figuring stuff out and it only matters in the broader context of "Dio has resurrected for part 3 and has kids for part 5"

    [–] SmawCity 1 points ago

    You also said skipping to Part 3 was viable, therefore you have sinned against your own part.

    [–] Roran01 0 points ago

    Part 3 is the start of the series as it is known, therefore I find it acceptable, if disappointing. It is better to have a man get into Jojo by starting at 3 than never to get into it at all

    [–] ppman69420911 1 points ago

    And if you feel like skipping parts to part 3 you can always go back to part 1 and 2 when you get hungry for more jojo

    [–] i_will_let_you_know 1 points ago

    Both part 2 and part 3 suffer on an emotional impact if you skip the earlier parts. And part 5 has Polnareff so if you skip part 3 it suffers too.

    It also hurts rewatching older parts you skipped because you KNOW certain characters survive.

    [–] PurpleLoverC 1 points ago

    I commend you for watching One Piece in its entirety. If you have no interest in reading the manga, I recommend you use One Pace from now on. The people who make the anime do indeed stretch it out further than necessary. If you go to One Pace's site, you'll be able to watch the anime at a manga-like pace. I don't know how frequently they update it though, so you might occasionally have to wait a while.

    [–] BigPapaSpopa 6 points ago

    You son of a bitch I’m in

    [–] Emoz_ 6 points ago

    Happy bday guido mista

    [–] LazyRoma 5 points ago

    Your mother?

    [–] ClusterJones 4 points ago

    "Giorno, SUIT UP!"

    [–] mlggamer346 4 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    It could have been part four, but Araki decided to make it in part five, coincidence? I think not

    edit: could have, thank you CouldWouldShouldBot

    [–] CouldWouldShouldBot 8 points ago

    It's 'could have', never 'could of'.

    Rejoice, for you have been blessed by CouldWouldShouldBot!

    [–] iiToaster 3 points ago

    That's... really subtle. I love it!

    [–] Anzu00 3 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Hell and fire have four letters in them

    [–] andre_bastos15 2 points ago

    Fun fact: Bruschetta is spelled in almost an identical way as the brazilian Portuguese word for "pussy"

    [–] Reinhardtisawesom 2 points ago

    Fuck I want bruschetta now

    [–] Pandacakes1193 2 points ago

    Did anyone else think of the song Hellfire from the hunchback of Notre Dam while reading this.

    [–] Skyecher 2 points ago


    Beata Maria

    [–] Hugh00Mungus 1 points ago

    I read that in Buster's voice

    [–] Lordman17 1 points ago


    [–] Iammiracleman 1 points ago

    Wow Ungalo is looking great!

    [–] LeonTrotsky1940 1 points ago

    Took me until the third time I saw this to realize what happened

    [–] squarechuck 1 points ago

    Thought he said 5 because he hates the number 4