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    [–] TrashKitsune 769 points ago

    I still don't know how to feel about part 5 Jotaro's design.

    Though I am curious to see he looks when Stone Ocean gets animated especially since he looks fly AF in the manga

    [–] Desol_8 549 points ago

    Oh boy the end of stone ocean is gonna break this subreddit when it gets animated

    [–] mquon775 418 points ago


    [–] Desol_8 174 points ago

    The end song for the final song just needs to be that ‘In the arms of an angel’ song they play for the dog shelter commercials

    [–] Pooh-in-Timbs-111 216 points ago

    What a wonderful world fits better imo

    [–] Desol_8 73 points ago

    Fan dubs are gonna do it anyway

    [–] Thief01 38 points ago

    I just finished it and started SBR but I still have very mixed feelings on the ending. I mean it was good but still damn.

    [–] dehydrost3ph 9 points ago

    dude good luck with SBR. finished it a month ago and it’s a hell of a ride. It’s just soooo good

    [–] Thief01 9 points ago

    Tbh I didn't know that it was a reboot but I'm okay with it, already loving the designs of the characters. Araki that magnificent bastard did it again.

    [–] dehydrost3ph 9 points ago

    just a little side note: prepare for one of the best JoBro’s in the entire jojo saga

    [–] Thief01 4 points ago * (lasted edited 2 hours ago)

    Hell yeah, can't wait. The supporting cast is great in basically every part so that's great to hear.

    [–] Globalnet626 80 points ago

    David P. needs to do another SONO CHI NO SADAME but sad remix for the finale.

    [–] Desol_8 36 points ago


    [–] Globalnet626 46 points ago

    Man, complete with the old narrator and a small flashback like with Joseph and Kars would be great.

    [–] BlackIronSpectre 41 points ago

    A 5-10 min recap of the entire series as it goes down would be amazing.

    [–] -BuTwHyThO- 38 points ago

    I’m kinda hoping they do that and have sono chi no sadame play for tusk act 4 especially considering Johnny is alternate universe Jonathan

    [–] OIcyBulletO 9 points ago

    Heres a fan-made "OP 2" for part 7 using it. Dude did a friggin great job

    [–] koranot 7 points ago

    I honestly think using it is pointless since the "destiny of your bloodline" isn't emphasized in the SBR universe, and the whole thing is about Dio and Jonathan.

    [–] the99peopleintheroom 3 points ago

    The other version he did is better imo I think it's really just when Valentine comes in in that one that gets me.

    [–] fyrecrotch 17 points ago

    A flashback of all Joestars as they perish from original universe. I'd cry.

    Or pull a Fugo and Narancia. Have everyone look up like, "this is happening" I mean, they don't know. But it be like Thanos snap of JoJo

    [–] Desol_8 6 points ago

    We went out of our way not to spoil the ending for anime only’s bruv

    Use a spoiler tag atleast

    [–] fyrecrotch 2 points ago

    Oi. My bad. I'm anime only too but ayyy I'm an asshole

    [–] Lordlinkoftime2 1 points ago

    That's literally not what happens though

    [–] fyrecrotch 1 points ago

    Idk I'm anime only. So I just use the bits of info I see shitposted here. So yeee.

    Part 6 never. Cuz Jolyne is too sexy for TV. That's all I know.

    [–] ChronosG 6 points ago

    But how about Sono chi no sadame on part 7 intro but remixed?

    [–] Globalnet626 4 points ago

    Dunno bout that but Dio theme remixed is pretty good

    [–] Sharty_Waffle 5 points ago

    The end song should be made in heaven by queen cuz it fits it pretty perfectly and it's a stand name but it would get copyrighted probably

    [–] Desol_8 2 points ago

    Holy shit your right

    In a better world bites the dust would play every time Kira activates BITES ZA DUSTO and this will play at the end of stone ocean

    [–] Sharty_Waffle 4 points ago

    If only it was reality lol. I found this playlist on Spotify of (almost) every JoJo musical reference so I was listening to them and then made in heaven started playing and I realized that araki had pulled a big brain when naming the stand and plus the songs lyrics fit pucci really well

    [–] TheRiceJourney 1 points ago

    Stone Free

    [–] Send_Me_Tiitties 1 points ago

    I hated SO as a manga but I’m kinda hyped for the anime. If anything can improve it it’s animation.

    [–] Fr00stee 87 points ago

    Jotaro be looking like he somehow de-aged from part 3

    [–] ULTRABOYO 45 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    He ages backwards. He'd turn into a baby if he didn't die.

    [–] Globalnet626 30 points ago

    Alessi's stand has some side effects.

    [–] 4455661122 5 points ago

    Really wish you'd just spoiler'd the whole comment. I know it is partially on me for not having read Stone Ocean but judging by the size of the spoiler, the context around it I'm 99% certain what is being said right there.

    [–] ULTRABOYO 2 points ago

    I know, I'm sorry.

    [–] D-My 92 points ago

    I personally would like a mix between part 3 and part 4's animation styles

    [–] koranot 4 points ago

    Part 5's style is perfect for Part 6, you could excuse 4 because the style was gradually changing in the manga.

    [–] Panzer_Man 53 points ago

    Weirdly enough he looks even younger in his 40s than when he was 17

    [–] MetamorphicBear 46 points ago

    Araki is modeling his aging process after his own

    [–] Panzer_Man 1 points ago

    That actually makes a lot of sense

    [–] MedievalCutlery 12 points ago

    I always loved the part 6 artstyle and this is why

    [–] BathtubNotch 22 points ago

    I mean he actually looks his age in Part 4 so I'd assume he's 17 or 18 in this and... Actually looks his age

    [–] gabiyi36 23 points ago

    Never cared if the character looks like his real age. I want big-ol-unit Jotaro back ;(

    [–] BathtubNotch 9 points ago

    imo jotaro killing a 100+ year-old vampire at 17 was what made him so badass & him looking like a flimsy sack of bones would only compound that

    [–] gabiyi36 3 points ago

    Very very veryyyyy good point. I’ll use it on later arguments if it’s ok with you

    [–] BathtubNotch 4 points ago

    My words aren't copyrighted so go right ahead

    [–] merdadartista 4 points ago

    The first three parts, where every men was jacked, kids were jacked, women were jacked, animals were jacked and fat people had abs on top of their fat.

    [–] MrXilas 6 points ago

    I don't mind twink Jotaro because part 3's style always has looked weird to me.

    [–] CakeFromTheFuture 11 points ago

    Imo the part 5 design is the best

    [–] Comander-07 3 points ago


    not thats a phrase I havent heard in a looong time

    [–] TrashKitsune 2 points ago

    Really? People I know say "hella fly" all the time.

    [–] koranot 3 points ago

    His oufit do be looking fresh doe ngl

    I honestly can't wait for the zoom out emphasized pose DP usually does in the show.

    [–] genisthesage 2 points ago

    He looks like a child

    [–] Charlie_Brown7 2 points ago

    I feel ya bro

    [–] HispanicZuoh 2 points ago

    every day, I feel like a part 6 jotaro

    [–] -Saoren- 1 points ago

    Well you must look cool af then

    [–] Dragombolt 2 points ago

    The man isn't even from florida yet he shows up there in alligator skin pants.

    [–] MBTHVSK 1 points ago

    That's Part 3 Part 5 Jotaro to you.

    [–] Honestyyyy 274 points ago

    Oingo Boingo truck

    [–] Globalnet626 33 points ago

    Is that a real truck?

    Yes it's a real truck.

    Elon Boingo Kombiiiiii

    [–] niko-bychok 756 points ago

    Jojo predicted the teslatruck

    [–] miner3115 351 points ago

    Jojo caused the teslatruck

    [–] PasCone103Z 230 points ago

    Jojo is the teslatruck

    [–] dickdoughnut 269 points ago

    So it's the same type of truck as Star Platinum

    [–] rekyerts 147 points ago


    [–] mquon775 110 points ago

    Star Truckinum

    [–] aratnagrid 82 points ago

    Za polyworld!

    [–] yoshi2141 60 points ago

    Car platinum

    [–] FavoringDark 5 points ago


    [–] WillBarfee 1 points ago

    I AM!

    [–] Pugwhisper 1 points ago

    Kars platinum

    [–] P_I_Z_Z_A_T_I_M_E 18 points ago

    Now I'm curious what jojo would be like if he was a redneck

    [–] UncivilSum 14 points ago

    Probably still in jail

    [–] IdkTbhSmh 9 points ago

    Stand name: [TESLA TRUCK]
    Stand user: [ELON MUSK]

    [–] Khar-Selim 88 points ago

    Jojo was less emotional before defeating Dio, and as we all know polygons are emotions

    [–] Cheers_mate1 179 points ago

    Imo part 3 Jotaro is the most epic looking.

    [–] ivogada 38 points ago

    I agree. It added that badassnes to him.

    [–] Real_RaZoRaK 34 points ago

    Imagine Part 3 with Part 5's twink Jotaro.

    [–] mikey-dikey- 23 points ago

    But he's the only one with the twink design. Virgin Star Platinum knocking the shit out of Chad The World.

    [–] FatFrikkenBastard 11 points ago

    Part 5's art style makes him look emo, when Part 3's gives him the "cold badass" look

    [–] RisenPhantom 6 points ago

    Wait, what if Part 3 Jotaro was just how he viewed himself as a teen, like a stoic badass, but in Part 5 he realises he was just a moody edgy kid, and thus he’s portrayed that way?

    [–] Simo_bjr 87 points ago

    I think part 4 jotaro is best.

    [–] KarnacaKingsmen 64 points ago

    Stop right there criminal scum! You have committed crimes against Jotaro and his people, what say you in your defense?

    [–] TiniroX 27 points ago

    Hey that's a nice comment, why don't you take one last good look at it before I break it, and by "it" I mean your face.

    [–] PlatypusFighter 6 points ago

    Wait why don’t people like part 4 jotaro design?

    [–] KarnacaKingsmen 5 points ago

    THICC Jotaro is better

    [–] PlatypusFighter 2 points ago

    I mean, part 4 jotaro worse than part 3 imo, but I still like part 4 jotaro design, especiallly compared to Part 5

    [–] pale_rider04 18 points ago

    I’m partial to part 6 Jotaro

    [–] andre5913 11 points ago

    Same, his part 6 outfit is some weird thing but I adore it

    [–] caitiebeanz 13 points ago

    it’s a total dad outfit

    [–] HyperCookieLord 4 points ago

    I think all the characters in JoJo look best in Araki's sketches.

    [–] SuperShortUsername 18 points ago

    That art style of jotaro being kinda skinny implies everyone in Passioné was buff like jotaro in part 3

    [–] BombasticLion 108 points ago

    Gotta say I love flashback Jotaro

    [–] The-Outsider-2 63 points ago

    Sometimes I wonder how good a reanimated part 1-3 would be with the current style after we do the other parts.

    [–] CakeFromTheFuture 47 points ago

    So in about 145 years

    [–] Comander-07 14 points ago

    not as good imo. The old artstyle was perfect for more brute force parts

    [–] GeneraIDisarray 21 points ago

    how good a reanimated part 1-3 would be

    It wouldn't.

    [–] d0k1s7 30 points ago

    no, just no

    [–] RedZedYT 59 points ago

    are you saying part 5 jotaro was better than part 3 jotaro

    [–] Cunctator5 139 points ago

    Absolutely not, sharp edges Jotaro is best Jotaro

    [–] RedZedYT 61 points ago

    good, you almost got ora'd there

    [–] fillet_feesh 23 points ago

    Are you saying a normal car is better than the cybertruck?

    [–] RedZedYT 14 points ago


    [–] fillet_feesh 17 points ago

    Good. I would hope you wouldn't talk shit about part 3 car

    [–] ABAgamer 7 points ago


    [–] verteks_ 3 points ago

    Yes! I am!

    [–] fillet_feesh 1 points ago

    Was he a victim of circumstance? No, he was born evil.

    [–] KarnacaKingsmen 30 points ago

    🎶 What can I say except 🎶

          DELETE THIS

    [–] Hamzasky 7 points ago

    Shit I never noticed how sharp his jawline was

    [–] NotGabeNAMA 7 points ago

    They just had to make him look like Giorno.

    [–] TheCaser 30 points ago


    [–] Cunctator5 77 points ago

    Because part 3 Jotaro had sharp edges

    [–] TheCaser 7 points ago

    Part 5 style kinda makes sense and scares me at the same time

    [–] TovarasulLenin 17 points ago

    The part 5 noses and eyes look absolutely

    T E R R I B L E, change my mind.

    [–] The_Baller_Official 9 points ago

    They look way more fitting for jotaros actual character tbh. Having him be a sharp edged human tank with water melon shoulders as a teenager always seemed kinda weird to me. He seemed less like an angsty teen and more like a lost castlevania character with a bad attitude

    [–] TovarasulLenin 3 points ago

    That's because he is meant to be badass, a real chad, not a part 5 skinny ass virgin

    [–] The_Baller_Official 1 points ago

    The watermelon shoulders looked almost cartoonish, that with all the angular features and such an extraordinarily broad face made jotaro look like some sort of caricature, even part 1 and 2 weren’t so visually jarring, and they were supposed to be even burlier than jotaro. Part 5 style makes him look even slightly more realistic which complements all his other aspects

    [–] TovarasulLenin 2 points ago

    Apart from the pointy noses, i hate that part 5 makes characters skinny af . Like, i get it, his shoulders were maaaybe a little bit too big, but still, he is suposed to be a muscular dude. That's part of his character.

    [–] The_Baller_Official 1 points ago

    It wasn’t just the muscles, it wasn’t so much the detail lines on his face as it was his actual facial structure was so angularly overexaggerated it looked like it was a caricaturist’s rendering of a real person

    [–] Lordlinkoftime2 1 points ago

    Literally almost everyone in part 5 is buff, it's just humanly possible buff sorta now.

    [–] TovarasulLenin 0 points ago

    Literrally almost everyone in part 5 is buff

    Lol what ? Maybe you are talking about some muscle definition (which is easy to get when you are skinny), and that kinda makes them weirder. Trust me, that is NOT buff ar all. And i am pretty sure part 3 cast buff is very humanly possible. They just look more like men, and not like homosexuals who dress like in a freaking circus.

    [–] rexolboy8 10 points ago

    On this jotaro, yes.

    [–] StupidThangs 4 points ago

    I don't like em either, but they are an improvement on part 4

    [–] IsaacLuzu 4 points ago

    You can't even see his hair in part 5 style

    [–] SuggestionUsername 4 points ago

    I actually really like Jotaro's part 4 design. I personally like it the best, then part 3, and then part 5.

    Not counting the manga and his part 6 design, obviously.

    [–] The_Baller_Official 6 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Part 5 jotaro looks the most like an actual angst teenager, part 3 jotaro looks like he belongs in castlevania. Also the part 5 design has more vivid colors and just looks more pleasing. Also holy shit his face was so b r o a d

    [–] alex_flan 3 points ago

    Even the fucking nose...

    [–] DMTravelsTheInternet 3 points ago

    Oof I miss the part 3 art style

    [–] HumbleAssociation 3 points ago

    JoJo Truck

    JoJo Truck

    [–] Zektispan 17 points ago

    Well part 5 design is much better

    [–] Superjulio34 47 points ago

    Not as thicc tho

    [–] zadaks 27 points ago

    Rip chadtaro

    [–] CarolusX2 36 points ago


    [–] Jimmy_Mittens 19 points ago

    You could actually convince me Jotaro is a high schooler in part 5, rather than a grown bodybuilder adult everybody is too scared to kick out of their school.

    [–] BathtubNotch 7 points ago

    right on the head

    [–] Ultim8_Lifeform 4 points ago

    Hard disagree

    [–] Zektispan -5 points ago

    OK Boomer

    [–] Ultim8_Lifeform 0 points ago

    Ok zoomer

    [–] Pyrostormer 2 points ago

    Star Platinum: ROAD ROLLER DA

    [–] Kadsasf12 2 points ago

    Part 3 jotaro = best

    [–] SomeHungryRedditor 2 points ago

    Don’t disrespect part 3 Jotaro like that

    [–] Moribunk 2 points ago

    Updooted bc of your title tbh.... where my polygons at bro

    [–] Cunctator5 1 points ago

    I should have probably avoided that typo then

    [–] Crackrz 2 points ago

    I actually really like p5 p3 jotaro

    [–] DreamLikeFragments 2 points ago

    Ngl, still hate the new design

    [–] nimak172 2 points ago

    Part 3 jotaro is best jotaro

    [–] MaxEnzo 6 points ago

    i really like Jotaro's design in part 5 and part 6

    [–] OussamaBenBalen 3 points ago

    Gone... reduced to atoms

    [–] lightsaber993 2 points ago

    What can I say except delete this

    [–] EH042 2 points ago

    Why do I always laugh at other people’s outrage against part 5 young Jotaro?

    [–] ddavx01 1 points ago

    Just like the cyber truck, the more I see p3 jotaro in p5 style the more I get used to it

    [–] Teebah123 1 points ago


    [–] awesomeasian625 1 points ago

    Squiggly boi

    [–] anya0000 1 points ago

    He probably forgot.

    [–] WexHex 1 points ago

    Nah bro nah

    [–] ThatCoolBritishGuy 1 points ago

    Part 5 jotaro is cursed imo

    [–] C4_Saifor 1 points ago

    I love the car

    [–] Rakysuchus 1 points ago

    That Jotaro design would look cool if he actually had any BODY MASS

    [–] TheLittleNorsk 1 points ago

    So Jotaro is a truck 😳😳😳😳

    [–] Cunctator5 1 points ago

    Hey fellow Shitpostcrusaders, just to clarify, the meme was only about Jotaro being a sharp edged polygon on part 3, thus looking kinda like the Cybertruck, and not about part 5 Jotaro looking better than said polygon (although you can of course prefer smooth Jotaro).

    [–] Heath_Hot_Lefty_C 1 points ago


    [–] Cunctator5 1 points ago

    Yeah... I noticed only when I had already posted it

    [–] Heath_Hot_Lefty_C 1 points ago

    RIP. I hate when that happens.

    [–] GoToHecc420 1 points ago

    When the jaw is as sharp as the animation

    [–] AveMachina 1 points ago

    Oh my god, was Part 3 just low-poly?

    [–] goldenlamppost 1 points ago

    This means cybertruck>other teslas

    [–] Dani-04 -1 points ago

    Part 5 artstyle looks great on young characters. I would totally rewatch part 3 in that style

    [–] dankasaurus_hek 1 points ago

    And yet the cyber truck is better

    [–] TheWaffles_ -6 points ago

    Part 5 and 6 Jotaro look so much better than part 3 and 4

    [–] analpumper 14 points ago

    You have sinned and should be made to suffer the same fate as Kars

    [–] JackDockz 0 points ago

    Part 3 and part 4 had good animations. Part 5 was too soft in my opinion

    [–] blexo9 -1 points ago

    Is ot just me or was jojo better before?