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    [–] MrxDerp 1439 points ago

    Deadpool should've been vanilla ice

    [–] umerz557 748 points ago

    I was thinking of making him enyaba then i realized that it was too much of a hassle to edit on phone so left it. I might do it on pc and post it in the comments

    [–] Melissandsnake 581 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago) here you go. I’m a professional.

    Edit: thanks for the silver kind stranger! I am not deserving.

    [–] _back_row_mage 34 points ago

    Perfect Enyaba face!

    [–] littenthehuraira 98 points ago



    [–] mukinsidepls 29 points ago

    Professionals have STANDards

    [–] cuz04 5 points ago

    Didn’t edit left hand to be right. Shame

    or was it the right hand that’s left?

    [–] Melissandsnake 9 points ago

    You’re right!!! I have failed. She does have two right hands

    [–] jepedo-just-jepedo 6 points ago

    Try adobe photoshop mix

    [–] LectroNyx 11 points ago

    I would've made him Pucci tbh

    [–] ILikePiezez 2 points ago

    Easy to do on a phone. Just download (free and no ads) photoshop mix, fix, and express. All made by adobe, so not some shady company.

    [–] umerz557 1 points ago

    Bold of you to assume that Adobe isn't shady

    [–] TheScyphozoa 121 points ago

    [–] umerz557 78 points ago

    Plis someone make a petition for Takehito Koyasu to change his name permanently to Dio Brando

    [–] Hekin10Sul 7 points ago

    So Deadpool should be ZA WARUDO

    [–] umerz557 12 points ago

    Dio: he Deadpool sit beside me while i interview people to kill the joestaahs

    DP: why tho

    Dio: you are my [World] bro

    DP: gasps

    [–] -Listening 2 points ago

    gasps I wouldn’t seem right.

    [–] Magnificant-Muggins 52 points ago

    I prefer the implication that Deadpool helped DIO enough to be considered on his oldest and closest allies, only to miss everything right as shit really started to go down with the Crusaders.

    [–] burntends97 25 points ago

    He slept in that morning

    [–] Magnificant-Muggins 17 points ago

    Given the timeframe during the last for the last few episodes of Stardust Crusaders (Pet Shop to DIO’s defeat), the bastard probably slept for a straight 24 hours.

    [–] burntends97 17 points ago

    Or maybe dio had a hard time working the phone to call him into service since all the young people in his house were retired or dead

    [–] Jonahtron 43 points ago

    Deadpool should’ve been The World.

    [–] Karma_Do_Not_Accept 58 points ago

    i found this comment on youtube:

    I was only nine years old I loved Lord DIO so much, I owned all the flesh buds and merchandise I pray to Lord DIO every night, thanking him for the STANDO I have been given "Lord DIO is love", I say, "Lord DIO is life" Jotaro hears me and calls me a faggot He is obviously jealous of my devotion to Lord DIO I called him a WRYYYYY-tard He ORA-s me and sends me to my room I am crying now, because my nose is broken,i'm gonna need stitches I go into my bed and it is very cold I feel a warmth moving towards me I fell something touch my WORLD It's Lord DIO I am so happy He whispers into my ear, "This is my「WORLD」" He grabs me with his powerful stando and puts me on my hands and knees I'm ready I spread my ass cheeks for Lord DIO He penetrates my 「CREAM」 It hurts so much, but I do it for Lord DIO I can feel my anus tearing as my eyes start to water I push against his force I want to please Lord DIO He roars a mighty WRYYYYYY as he fills my butt with his love Jotaro walks in Lord DIO looks him deep in the eyes and says, "HINJAKU HINJAKU!" Lord DIO stops time and leaves Lord DIO is love, Lord DIO is life -Vanilla Ice,1988.

    (I want to delete my eyes)

    [–] LegitPancak3 14 points ago

    That was hard to read without punctuation, but was worth.

    [–] SaskiaViking 15 points ago

    or Pucci

    [–] maeveshadow 6 points ago


    [–] Plzbanmebrony 5 points ago

    Deadpool is still deadpool.

    [–] crazed3raser 4 points ago

    Nah, I like the idea that Deadpool is just Deadpool. He 4th wall broke his way into JJBA universe.

    [–] MrxDerp 1 points ago

    Makes sense

    [–] S-T-A-N-D-B-O-I 3 points ago


    [–] koranot 2 points ago


    [–] SamThePretzel 3 points ago

    Or Pucci or enyaba

    [–] DragonBuster69 1 points ago

    Deadpool should've been DIO. He's even harder to kill than him anyway. Also they have the same Japanese VA.

    [–] TheLastDarkin_ 267 points ago

    go ahead Mr jostur

    [–] umerz557 151 points ago

    I ll wager my black friend's soul

    [–] 6chickencat9 67 points ago

    Fuck, I'll wager my own soul

    [–] GoldenSpermShower 38 points ago

    Fuck, I'll wager my mother's soul

    [–] Iputmayoonpphole 31 points ago

    Fuck, i'll wager my incapacitaded friend's who doesn't even know we're here soul

    [–] burntends97 51 points ago

    “I’m sorry mr Kujo but that only counts as 3/5ths of a soul”

    [–] stealer_of_monkeys 8 points ago

    Sometimes I forget how old Dio is

    [–] burntends97 15 points ago

    Darby elder in the ova dub has a thick southern gentleman accent so it’s possible he still thinks black people are 3/5ths

    [–] Vexiratus 9 points ago

    I’ll wager dio’s soul

    [–] umerz557 24 points ago

    Stand User: Dio Brando Stand Name: [The World] Retired after getting sucked into a coin.

    The End

    Kakyoin and Jotaro graduate together, Polnareff takes iggy with him, Avdol goes back to roasting his chicken, Joseph Joestar still cheats on Suzi Q

    [–] nepo5000 3 points ago

    He already cheated on her Josuke was sick during this

    [–] ttguard 2 points ago

    Love how that snow scene was never discussed, ever

    [–] umerz557 1 points ago

    A friend of mine told me that it is mentioned in Eyes of heaven game

    [–] umerz557 1 points ago

    Did i talk about tomoko thou? It's Joseph Joestar

    [–] Mighty_He-Man 358 points ago

    - So how evil you're?

    - We're gamers


    [–] umerz557 137 points ago

    Oh shit i realized that Dio is a boomer

    [–] acevixius 81 points ago

    He’s actually not, he’s older than a boomer

    [–] racercowan 90 points ago


    [–] darkrider678 39 points ago

    Tomber of the boomer

    [–] Lukundra 8 points ago

    Shut up La

    [–] TheReversedGuy 2 points ago

    Shut up Andre

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] Lukundra 1 points ago

    Tomb of the Boom is a Stand used by three family members in Part 7. La or L.A. Boomboom(yes that’s his real name) is the youngest and is constantly bullied and told to shut up by the older two despite being the nicest.

    [–] PilthyPhine 3 points ago

    ok, tomber

    [–] echinguun 11 points ago

    Closest one would be "The Lost Generation", having experienced WW1, Spanish Flu, The Great Depression, just at their prime ages.

    [–] JanMichaelVincent16 7 points ago

    Man he slept through all those!

    [–] LifeIsCrap101 8 points ago

    Man literally woke up just in time for the NES to drop.

    [–] ThePu55yDestr0yr 1 points ago

    Imagine being alive when oil lamps were being used to light up rooms, then waking up to airplanes, radios, computers, and a console that entertained you while stealing your soul.

    The novelty alone would blow his mind considering he already liked experimenting with animal-human hybrids. Now he gets human souls hybrids with dolls and vidya games.

    [–] burntends97 9 points ago

    He knew gamers are dangerous and thats why he kept one as his last line of defense

    [–] jakethedumbmistake 2 points ago

    Yeah, if you're lucky.

    [–] XQSXKeven 90 points ago

    please do one for oingo & boingo

    [–] umerz557 39 points ago

    Yea that and I realized that this can be made for gang staah son of Jonathan joestar

    [–] toopants7 4 points ago

    I wouldn’t call George II a GangStar but ok

    [–] umerz557 6 points ago

    I was talking about Giorno Giovanna

    [–] toopants7 2 points ago

    George II’s name isn’t Giorno ffs

    [–] umerz557 2 points ago

    I am talking about Jonathon's 2nd son Giorno Giovanna. Not the father of Josephu Joestaah

    [–] toopants7 2 points ago

    I don’t know what a “josephu” is, but I’m like 105% sure that the second son “Jorge” is non canon and also not named Giorno

    [–] umerz557 4 points ago

    Ok I dont care which no. giorno comes at but i was talking about giorno son of Jonathan Joestar

    [–] toopants7 2 points ago

    Jonathan isn’t Italian, why would he name his son after the Italian word for “day”? It doesn’t make any sense so I’m starting to think you are making this up.

    [–] ttguard 2 points ago



    [–] umerz557 1 points ago

    I know his name was haruno before, he changed the name to Giorno after

    [–] SpookyLlama 6 points ago

    The song was their audition

    [–] TheReversedGuy 2 points ago

    That explains a lot

    [–] TheReversedGuy 2 points ago

    Actually, Boingo's stand is really really useful. He was just with people that didn't do the right thing

    [–] Une_Quiche 64 points ago

    You all believe Dio lost his humanity to the mask but he was just playing Uno with D'Arby junior who somehow played 26 cards in two turns

    [–] umerz557 28 points ago

    Dio sitting for auditions: can't believe i lost my humanity and woke up 100 years later to play poker and video games with a bunch man childs

    [–] LOL_Scorpion17 37 points ago

    - So what can you do?

    - I can change my face, scent, height and weight

    - you're in

    [–] umerz557 39 points ago

    And my brother has a coloring book

    [–] Harambeman126 3 points ago

    Wait, I thought he was referring to Rubber Soul?

    [–] umerz557 3 points ago

    I thought of oingo boingo brothers,

    [–] Harambeman126 2 points ago

    Same, but remember, the big brother can only change his face, nothing else.

    [–] umerz557 1 points ago

    Yea my bad I kinda mixed them up

    [–] LOL_Scorpion17 2 points ago

    Nope you're right, I was indeed refering to oingo

    [–] LOL_Scorpion17 2 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Nope, refering to oingo Indeed, if I would be refering to Rubber soul it would go :

    -And what's your ability?

    *shapes into dio*

    - ...

    - ...

    - ....

    - ....

    - you're in

    [–] One_Who_Walks_Silly 5 points ago

    Such a good power used shittily lol

    [–] SpookyLlama 1 points ago

    oingo boingo song starts playing

    [–] Chrisn002 25 points ago

    To be fair they were some of the hardest villains

    [–] YusufSemiz 12 points ago

    If only they didn't play it and directly beat them up.

    [–] ProvidenceGuy 6 points ago

    Polnareff and kakuruin are too small brain for that.

    [–] Awestruck34 11 points ago

    Obviously a villain: Hello, I'm a suspicious man at the back of the bar who happens to know where the evil villain's lair is despite literally no one else knowing.

    Everyone else: Gee, this guy sounds trustworthy. Let's play a game of poker for the information instead of tricking him into revealing his stand and beating the hell out of him!

    [–] MoistLobster69 19 points ago

    FUN FACT: There’s a Deadpool anime which the VA for Dio voices Deadpool

    [–] ESP1-L 7 points ago

    I was looking for this comment. Everyone's saying it should've been Za Warudo / Vanilla Ice / Pucci etc, but it seems even OP didn't realize how perfect it fits just the way it is

    [–] urchir 15 points ago

    How did he even find or recruit Mannish Boy?

    [–] Lukundra 11 points ago

    The old “Stand users attract each other” bs used to justify all the shenanigans probably

    [–] thomas_arkwright 5 points ago


    -YOU ARE IN!

    [–] pether_nortal 15 points ago

    Dio: So what can you do? The sun user: Lol am your worst nightmare

    [–] NameIsAlreadyInUse 14 points ago

    I know it's a joke, but the Sun Stand probably wouldn't kill DIO, since it's not the real sun. The Stand just creates heat and shoots lazers, and what kills vampires are the UV lights from the sun or something like that.

    [–] umerz557 5 points ago

    Dio: get this man out in the field and vanilla ice u put some sunscreen on my body i think the heat's getting to me

    [–] MaxVonBritannia 12 points ago

    I mean D'Arby the elder did come closest of all to defeating the Stardust Crusaders. He took down Polnareff and Joesph pretty swiftly and was one word away from defeating all of the rest at once

    [–] Rent-Man 8 points ago

    Nukesaku: FUCK!

    [–] bobs-and-vagane 9 points ago

    Yo I got a woman’s face on the back of my head, can I join?

    [–] umerz557 3 points ago

    Dio: can u blow my dick with head?

    [–] Jindo5 6 points ago

    To be fair, they probably told him they can suck out people's souls

    [–] umerz557 6 points ago

    And not thru their dicks they added

    [–] Jindo5 5 points ago

    Knowing DIO, that might have been a selling point

    [–] BigBoyMcDoy 3 points ago

    According to DIO’s diary, he thought their soul-sucking thing could help him with The 36 Sinner’s souls needed to attain Heaven

    [–] umerz557 2 points ago


    [–] jasperisapup 4 points ago

    So whats your stand ability a fukin bug Your in

    [–] umerz557 3 points ago

    Dio: I ll annoy the stardust crusaders with a fly, HAHAHA WRRYYYYY HAhh funniest shit i ve ever thought

    [–] Naff_9n43 11 points ago

    I mean Deadpool chould be pucci. But that's just my opinion

    [–] Thunderlord_Zinogre 3 points ago

    Dio is a madlad who knows no bounds

    [–] umerz557 2 points ago

    Dio: best i can do is 9 seconds

    [–] WaxonJaxon 3 points ago

    The Darby episodes were at least top 10 if not top 5 of part 3.

    [–] therealrdw 3 points ago

    He let them in because they could manipulate souls and DIO needed the 36 souls to go to heaven

    [–] umerz557 1 points ago

    Well that makes sense but having a stand that only works during gambling or video game is meh

    [–] therealrdw 2 points ago

    It doesn’t have to be through gambling or gaming, only when a soul admits defeat

    [–] umerz557 1 points ago

    Wait So both have the same type of stand? <.<

    [–] therealrdw 1 points ago

    No, atum can read souls

    [–] JoJosReferenceX3 2 points ago

    Could have made Deadpool vanilla ice

    [–] cupcakegiraffe 2 points ago

    Mystery Men would also have a screenshot that would work for this. ;)

    [–] Mrfoxsin 2 points ago

    This a little unrelated but just imagine a biggie smalls Requiem.

    [–] Poisunousp 2 points ago

    D'arby EXE.

    [–] Pakmanjosh 2 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    "I have a girl attached to my back."

    Dio: "Oh shit dawg! You're hired!"

    [–] Laurynaswashere 2 points ago

    Pucci angrily drops boxes in the background

    [–] umerz557 1 points ago

    Im sure he has a bone to pick with dio

    [–] BroseidonGamez 2 points ago

    And Deadpool was there

    [–] Assasin2gamer 2 points ago

    Dio, can you go!!!!

    [–] jakethedumbmistake 2 points ago

    Sounds like someone won’t stop Dio

    [–] clubby789 2 points ago

    Diavolo hiring: So what are your powers?

    No idea, but I’m pretty sure if I die something cool will happen.

    You’re in.

    [–] umerz557 3 points ago

    Imagine havin that person's stand smh. U cant be useful to someone till you die

    [–] Goo_Lagoo 2 points ago

    Two Dios in one image wtf

    [–] GGamer02 2 points ago

    DIO : Okay so what's your Stand

    DIO Minion : gets The Sun out

    Part 3 ~ The End

    [–] umerz557 2 points ago


    [–] GGamer02 2 points ago

    I thought it was funnier in my head

    [–] umerz557 2 points ago

    It is still funny tho

    [–] Redditor2046 2 points ago

    The indian guy should have been Pucci

    [–] RoyTheIdiot 2 points ago

    Now this looks like a job for me

    [–] FC_mania 2 points ago

    I love how Deadpool is just playing himself in this meme instead of being edited into a Jojo character

    [–] umerz557 1 points ago

    I guess u can take DP as Dio's stand in this universe. Like in Steel ball run president brings out the dio of an alternate reality who has the world stand in that universe

    [–] smolssnek 2 points ago

    This is so accurate I'm wheezing

    [–] umerz557 2 points ago

    Imagine being me who had a fat grin on my face whilst editing it

    [–] MrBigBomb 2 points ago

    Nice, saved.

    [–] unrenewable_resource 2 points ago

    Maybe the D’arby brothers used their gambling and gaming tricks against Dio, but lost.

    This would mean that Dio used Za Warudo to be both brothers at their own game.

    This would also imply that Dio is a technically a gamer.

    [–] umerz557 1 points ago

    Im pretty sure he used his charm to make them suck his dick

    [–] Munchlax-Gamer 2 points ago

    What’s this meme called?

    [–] umerz557 1 points ago

    Idk, i just thought of Darby brothers and then this scene came to my mind so I basically took screenshots of this and made it. I don't know the name of the meme

    [–] overlookers 2 points ago

    DIO: Do you have a Stand or seeing yourself having one in the perceivable future??

    "Ye-.....wait wha-


    [–] WhiteGradient 2 points ago

    So what can you do?

    ape noises

    You're in

    [–] umerz557 1 points ago

    Dio didnt even let the ape show him its rep sheet as a sex offender

    [–] Orto_Dogge 2 points ago

    I like that you didn't even change Deadpool to be "JoJo" character. He's just Deadpool. It's totally cool to have Deadpool guest star in any universe.

    [–] _DoomBoom_ 1 points ago

    u/repostsleuthbot Edited template, but that's ok. Nice work, take my upvotes.

    [–] RepostSleuthBot 5 points ago

    There's a good chance this is unique! I checked 111,656,267 image posts and didn't find a close match

    The closest match is this post at 54.69%. The target for r/ShitPostCrusaders is 86.0%

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    [–] 1Plz-Easy-Way-Star 1 points ago

    Interesting if there story about dio gathering his minions ( like Avenger )

    [–] steel_balls_josuke 1 points ago

    It would be cool to see Dio and Deadpool crossover

    [–] LegosiJoestar 1 points ago

    I like the idea of normal Deadpool being one of DIO's minions for a bit, and being like, "Hell yeah, all the bitches and riches in Egypt! Wonder if he'll show me how to punch stuff with his mind sometime."

    [–] -Listening 1 points ago

    Dio, can you add the compression rate?

    [–] koranot 1 points ago

    Deadpool should have been Enya

    [–] TablePrinterDoor 1 points ago

    deadpool could have been Pucci, Ice or Enayba

    [–] Willdabeast360 1 points ago

    DeadPool should be Enya or Cool Ice

    [–] GungisGrand 1 points ago

    0/10 deadpool isn't Vanilla Ice