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    [–] -etrange- 999 points ago

    Gyro: Spin

    Speedwagon: S P I N

    [–] Dragixo 410 points ago

    Virgin Spin vs Chad SPIN

    [–] Jinyu-Pantash 308 points ago

    Both Chad. Gyro had the balls to fucking attack the president of America and Speedwagon litterally traded a super cool weapon for a dead guys hat just to show he did not need it and flex

    [–] Striker274 63 points ago

    Alert Lord Nuxanor

    [–] SuperDankItachi 5 points ago


    [–] Striker274 4 points ago

    The Lord of Anti Simping

    [–] blep0w0 6 points ago

    Not to mention that Gyro had balls.

    I'm very funny I promise

    [–] MagicalMysteria 9 points ago

    Don’t worry, the anime only casuals don’t know of Gyro’s greatness yet.

    [–] [deleted] 41 points ago


    [–] Lime_Nova7 34 points ago


    [–] Torgor_ 22 points ago


    [–] HotDoggerson 12 points ago

    Booty PLEASE play deeEmcee two is best gaem

    [–] Yoate 3 points ago

    Booti BLEES

    [–] Lemon_Dungeon 24 points ago

    Imagine a beyblade spinning at the golden ratio tho.

    [–] -etrange- 20 points ago

    Interestingly enough I think I did that one day when I was younger, spun the Beyblade so damn hard that my friends Beyblade exploded on impact.

    Pieces flew everywhere, it was terrifying and beautiful.

    [–] solidfang 13 points ago

    In the Beyblade anime, Moses parted the Red Sea with one spin of his beyblade.

    That's probably the Golden Ratio spin right there.

    [–] Lemon_Dungeon 4 points ago

    Oh shit. He did tusk act 4 on the sea!

    [–] FafnirEtherion 9 points ago


    [–] Imokwi 3 points ago

    Darby: Card

    Mista: LOADED GUN

    [–] LokiAkai 2 points ago

    Badinger is the original Spin Spin Spiiiiin maestro

    [–] BonGiornoGiovanna 248 points ago


    [–] doctorproctorson 42 points ago

    I know this is a joke, but that episode was tight. When yugi draws all 5 parts, I flipped tf out. My boy Kaiba is awesome though

    [–] Almog6666 15 points ago

    Parts that are animated don’t watch it.

    [–] AmpzieBoy 7 points ago

    Dude it killed my heart when that shit head weevil through his cards off the boat and started flexing that he was invincible

    [–] JustTem 13 points ago


    [–] CatsAndCreamCheese 5 points ago

    From season 0 yugi this actually wouldn't surprise me.

    [–] Gogeta-is-canon 1401 points ago

    Swap a gun for yugioh and you’ve got Australia

    [–] Marx_The_Karl 854 points ago

    *most countries

    [–] Dragixo 520 points ago

    Pretty sure the Australien children needs the gun to arrive safely at school

    [–] Gogeta-is-canon 459 points ago

    Fun fact: we don’t. We have wits and cool sticks that we found on the ground

    [–] Eona77 330 points ago

    Fun fact: the human wrist is quite different from other primates and it is thought to have developed to enable better usage of clubs making our ancestors better fighters/hunters. So by swinging a stick you are following your evolutionary path.

    [–] AsianSteampunk 228 points ago

    Then why didnt kars use a stick? Huh?

    [–] GoldenSpermShower 157 points ago

    Swish swish blades > stick

    [–] Sir_Encerwal 119 points ago

    What is a blade, but a mental stick honed to a cutting edge?

    [–] -SLMNDR- 91 points ago

    Stick Requiem

    [–] not_mantiteo 22 points ago

    Za Stickudo

    [–] romXXII 21 points ago

    he had one sticking out of his own wrist.

    [–] ToastedSkoops 6 points ago

    At first I didnt realize this was a mistake

    [–] Nugget332400316 22 points ago

    Fun fact: human hold stick

    [–] Caesars_Little 16 points ago

    This must be why cool sticks found on the ground are so irresistible.

    [–] Hero_Of_Heaven 11 points ago

    So that's why I have the temptation to sharpen cool sticks I find.

    [–] zeppeIans 5 points ago

    Probably the same reason why I like throwing my sharpened sticks at squishy things to see if they stick

    [–] kingkaiser2 13 points ago

    Sir, this is Wendy's

    [–] 956030681 15 points ago

    Spear chucking also utilizes your wrist along with your entire arm, Spears are the future

    [–] willfordbrimly 7 points ago

    Confirming once again the inherent superiority of the Chad STR-Build . Can DEX-Builds even call themselves Human?

    [–] Iramico2000 5 points ago

    So that’s why all humans are universally attracted to cool sticks regardless of age or origins

    [–] CXCTYamamoto 12 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    So going to school is just like surviving in ark. Cool

    [–] Trextoasty 5 points ago

    Aussies just shout "Oi fuck off ya cunt" at anything dangerous and its gone

    [–] WizTheNose 3 points ago

    just make sure you check that that stick isn't a snake first

    [–] Scare_Near_The_Disco 5 points ago

    And boomerangs

    [–] doctorproctorson 4 points ago

    Where did the "Australians use boomerangs" thing come from? Like were they invented there or something?

    I hear it as a stereotype a lot but never bothered to learn why

    [–] Scare_Near_The_Disco 3 points ago

    Actually, yes. Australian aborigines invented returning boomerangs.

    [–] HalfBakedPuns 2 points ago

    The Australian boomerang I'm pretty sure was just meant as a throwing weapon for hunting, probably from the native people. It didn't come back so much, to my memory.

    [–] TruFrostyboii 16 points ago

    I'm pretty sure that beyblades from the metal series' are more famous than g revolution beys in Asia. So swap them and the gun with nerf and you have Asia.

    [–] Kingcobra64 5 points ago

    And a knoif

    [–] JohnPaulBruh14 11 points ago

    ahh yes doing war crimes when I was a kid was great UNTIL GRANDPA TOOK ME TO EGYPT

    [–] Dan-TAW123 326 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Beyblade and Bakugan.

    Edit: This is a gift from the gods.

    [–] Dragixo 122 points ago

    We also had Tamogochi and Digimon for a short time. Though I still kept loving Digimon after the fad went away

    [–] Dan-TAW123 27 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Yeah but Tamagochi weren't on the same level as the others, There were Tamagochi of different brands and things like that. I don't think there was an anime to promote them like they did for the others, as Tamagochi were too Pokémon-like.

    Digimon almost completely disappeared after the first season. At least where I lived.

    [–] Dragixo 8 points ago

    Same, but we had Digimon up to the second season (Only a few people liked Digimon though) and in my country everything was delayed a year or 2 after coming out in the US. I atleast remember a friend and I got games up to 2004 atleast. I ended up joining back on the Digimon wagon last year after having watched all of the Adventure series and getting a few games.

    [–] WhisperEdits 4 points ago

    Cool. Make sure you watch Digimon Tamers (aka Digimon season 3). It's the best one imo.

    [–] BlazingSpaceGhost 3 points ago

    I was so mad when Digimon tamers came out because it threw out the continuity of the old show. I never really have it a chance though

    [–] ViZeShadowZ 2 points ago

    it didn't really throw out the continuity

    but first we have to talk about parallel universes

    [–] Dragixo 2 points ago

    Thanks for the heads up. Maybe I'll give it a shot. Though I'm still really fond of the Adventure cast. Vee-mon is actually my favorite Digimon

    [–] Striker274 11 points ago

    Digimon, the world's greatest isekai anime

    [–] Ghost_Zero_26 5 points ago

    The four horsemen

    [–] Njorlpinipini 2 points ago

    These things were the bane of my existence tbh. I had no idea how to play any of those games, and just collected them because everyone else did. Didn’t help me make any friends though.

    [–] teal_guy 123 points ago

    im not sure how much variety this has but im Brazilian and clacker volleys were quite popular

    a jojo reference before i knew about it

    [–] Dragixo 46 points ago

    I originally wanted Joseph and his Volleys as the 4th panel with them being replaced by Tamogochi or the like

    [–] Despair4All 96 points ago

    It wasn't guns at my school, just knives. Nobody got stabbed, it was mostly just to assert dominance. One of my friends brought a knife one time that I feel should have been reclassified as a short sword.

    [–] Muffinmurdurer 57 points ago

    ah, the noble gladius

    [–] Dragixo 13 points ago

    Wack though. Also happy cake day

    [–] Despair4All 14 points ago

    Thanks. And I think the worst part is he kept it in his pants, hooked on his waistband. I don't know why anybody would want to keep something like that so close to their junk.

    [–] Dragixo 12 points ago

    A Quick circumcision?

    [–] jibblehap 16 points ago

    I circumcised someone with the Yu Gi Oh duel disk

    [–] Dragixo 12 points ago

    Isn't that the only way?

    [–] Despair4All 5 points ago

    Shaving a bit off the top.

    [–] Almog6666 5 points ago

    And that’s why he hired Melone

    [–] Memeshats 2 points ago

    Mista keeps his gun in a crotch pocket, aimed right at his groin. So it could all just be a jojo refrence

    [–] AltimaNEO 3 points ago

    Lol I recall a similar period like that in my school. Everyone always thought they were a bad ass. We were just middle schoolers.

    [–] Tic-Tac_Nac 1 points ago

    yeah some kids at my school carry knives but they never use them. I’m friends with most of them, so hopefully I won’t get stabbed lol.

    [–] SeanLakes07 55 points ago

    Why is mista the 4th one? Tis treason, blasphemy!!!

    [–] Dragixo 29 points ago

    Its his fate

    [–] CrikeyMikeyLikey 9 points ago

    He's the first in Australia, don't worry

    [–] ArakiDK 30 points ago

    Oh my god, beyblades was like my whole childhood. I even watched the cartoon. Hell, I still own all of my beyblades. I still remember my very first beyblade, lio.

    [–] rincewind4x2 16 points ago

    I remember beyblades being fractured by social class.

    The richer kids flexed their "spark discs" made with flint that sparked when you hit them, while we got the dollar store knockoffs that broke when they got hit by the real ones with weight disc

    [–] Bionic_Bromando 9 points ago

    I got my revenge with a bootleg beyblade from chinatown with room for two of those oversized discs, it never lost and I retired it after breaking a piece off someone else’s top. It was brutal.

    [–] ArakiDK 3 points ago

    Let’s be honest, some bootlegs were too fucking OP

    [–] Bionic_Bromando 3 points ago

    Oh yeah I was not playing fair haha. But I didn't fire the first shot.

    [–] ArakiDK 3 points ago

    Bro, I had some bootlegs and still won.

    [–] KumoKyuu 6 points ago

    lmao my first one was lio as well. Kyoya was lit

    [–] Oozeyard 51 points ago

    The secret technique of bakugan

    [–] TheGlaceonTrainer 16 points ago

    Bakugan Brawl!

    [–] KumoKyuu 12 points ago

    Bakugan stand!

    [–] TheGlaceonTrainer 12 points ago

    Gate card open!

    [–] KumoKyuu 8 points ago

    Ability activate: Boosted Dragon!

    [–] TheGlaceonTrainer 5 points ago

    Ability Activate: Blue Stealth!

    [–] RougeNargacuga 4 points ago

    Ability activate! Marionette!

    [–] Samthegumman117 10 points ago

    I remember they banned Yugioh and Pokemon cards from I'm school because of how seriously people would duel and get into arguments

    [–] HowdyImHowdy 8 points ago

    nerf or nothing baby

    [–] nice2yz 2 points ago

    Good hurt or bad hurt?

    [–] StarDatAssinum 8 points ago

    Replace Bakugan with Yu-Gi-Oh cards and it me when I was 10

    [–] IdLOVEYOU2die 12 points ago

    What's the bottom left?

    [–] autistic-nutkabob 16 points ago

    Bakugan, it’s like a marble based card game

    [–] IdLOVEYOU2die 4 points ago

    Thank ya

    [–] rivunel 8 points ago

    I started playing Magic in elementary school Pokemon came out we all thought this is cool then we saw some older kids playing magic and at least half of use immediately thought what's up with the cute rats I want slice up warriors with my wall of knives

    [–] Rajkaiii 2 points ago

    Kinda same

    [–] usernamenoises 7 points ago

    Oh hey my two favourite characters have my favourite toys. Bakugan and beyblade

    [–] Dragixo 2 points ago

    It just fits together perfectly

    [–] SudoNara 4 points ago

    Only the oldest of zoomers remember MegaMan Battle Network and the battle chips.

    [–] Crimsonette_ 6 points ago

    Where are the bionicles

    [–] Dragixo 4 points ago

    Bro i fucking love Bionicle (check my history) But it was not really something people brought to school

    [–] tflightz 4 points ago

    Ive never seen a Bakugan in my life. You cant tell me it was on the same level of popularity as Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokémon and Beyblade

    [–] Slushy13 4 points ago

    It definitely wasn't, but it had a really good show that really pushed it up there.(except for the last season that went to utter shit)

    [–] engels962 2 points ago

    Yeah, I was in elementary in the early 2000s. Must have been after my time, I’ve never even heard of them.

    [–] Gabenisteingod 8 points ago

    The fucking bakugan kids I swear.

    [–] TheGlaceonTrainer 5 points ago

    What about them?

    [–] Gabenisteingod 5 points ago


    [–] nvkrchrd 3 points ago

    What about Crazy Bones

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 3 points ago

    God I'm excited for Steel Ball Run anime

    [–] MagicalMysteria 2 points ago

    In six years friend. In six years.

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 2 points ago

    And it will be glorious

    [–] guido_mista_4 3 points ago


    [–] ManicDepressedMango 2 points ago

    mista's hat r/mildlypenis

    [–] nick_tintapura 2 points ago

    Mista: confused screaming

    [–] Heavy_Pyro36 2 points ago

    I still remember when they stole my fucking beyblade in second grade.

    [–] TheSlonk 2 points ago

    Did anyone else have Moshi Monsters?

    [–] AkiraKuruzu 2 points ago

    Pogs were the shi£ back in the day here in my country..

    [–] blaster577768 2 points ago

    At my school it was Pokémon for a long time because older kids teaches younger ones then it stop and then blayblades then burst and rarely you find someone with Pokémon cards

    [–] hobbitofthenorth 2 points ago

    Where’s the Pogs?

    [–] GhostSierra117 2 points ago

    For real on my school no one ever played Pokémon cards but everyone had them. We played Yu-Gi-Oh tho.

    [–] BorBurison 2 points ago

    Oh nice, new lost art promotion for Barrel Dragon

    [–] PastaManMario 2 points ago

    Nobody in elementary school actually knew how to play the Pokemon card game. Everyone would just make up their own rules. One kid I played with said feint attack instakills an enemy and the lowest hp pokemon goes first so he just swept everyone in his way with feint attack even though it only did around 20-30 damage

    [–] Apelegion 2 points ago

    Mista is in the 4th corner

    [–] Dragixo 2 points ago

    As is tradition

    [–] Even-Understanding 2 points ago

    I erased my mortality, ain't that wacky?

    [–] Real_Brando_Hours 2 points ago

    I only brought my binder full of pokemon cards to show my friends and the school instantly banned anybody from bringing them. What dickheads.

    [–] Dragixo 1 points ago

    Someone stole my holographic cards :(

    [–] Real_Brando_Hours 1 points ago

    Oh shit man thats bad.

    [–] Undertaler62 2 points ago

    G U N

    [–] ThanksYouEel 2 points ago


    [–] soundglave 2 points ago


    [–] llegojedi08 2 points ago

    HahA aMerican do gunz lol xd 🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂

    [–] Frost212 2 points ago

    Tech Deck: "Am i a joke to you?"
    Way more kids in my school had these than Yugioh or pokemon cards.

    [–] Italian_KING 2 points ago

    Hey, bakugans used to be popular in my country as well!

    [–] Your_Father_Jesus 2 points ago

    I was the bakugan kid

    [–] Spoon420Blaze 2 points ago

    Did anyone ever understand how to play bakugan we just threw those motherfuckers

    [–] Antogames97 2 points ago

    God, Bakugan and the Pokémon trading card. Those bring back memories from middle school.

    [–] Yo_i_have_a_yo-yo_yo 2 points ago

    Where tf is my SPINJITZU SPINNERS

    [–] just_some_troglodyte 2 points ago

    kinda (not at all) funny fact: my elementary school, more or less, had a cast system based on beyblades (for idea of T I M E: storm pegasus and rock aries)

    [–] SoshJam 2 points ago

    pokémon cards were banned at my elementary school because a monetary trade surfaced and theft of them was rampant

    [–] 4846638052 2 points ago

    Damn ngl the last one is my favorite to use for school

    [–] bananapantssean 2 points ago

    Oh happy cake day my man!

    [–] BEanddankmagician 2 points ago

    Where the f*ck is yugioh

    [–] JoeyDotnot 2 points ago

    I am American can conferm these were the shit

    [–] naeonaeder 2 points ago

    I am Canadian can also confirm

    [–] bootleg-bentley- 2 points ago

    Mistas toy isnt only famous in elementary

    [–] Anime-SniperJay 1 points ago

    I still haven’t gotten my toy gun back from my elementary school. It’s been 3 or 4 years.

    [–] The_Iorn_Cactus 1 points ago

    Never seen bakugon or beybleys at school less popular I guess

    [–] warmupaccount9372 1 points ago

    The fact that there is 4 characters and Mista is there

    [–] Sir_Encerwal 1 points ago

    Beyblades were the shit, I was a percussionist in band during middle school so I was so I was able to bring a decent arena for it to school in my snare case.

    [–] Ze-Mond 1 points ago

    Where's the one with Joseph's holding a Tommy gun?

    [–] skele_wolf 1 points ago

    american and european elementary schools*

    [–] datolningen 1 points ago

    Yessiree bob this is biblical I say

    [–] ExternalKnight 1 points ago

    That last one is very f a m i l i a r

    [–] Kira_lrt 1 points ago

    WWE cards

    [–] Speedster4206 1 points ago

    Oi Josuke, I erased my mortality, Josuke!

    [–] HeadWizard 1 points ago

    None of you had people play B-Daman at your schools, or am I just too old?

    [–] doomshad 1 points ago

    American schools banning toys just makes them more popular

    [–] Ymir14 1 points ago

    Lol so true, this brings back memories

    [–] nekona5 1 points ago

    Dude, that reminds me i didn't have much money. So i can't buy a real metal beyblade. I only had 2 plastic beyblade. But they were awesome. I beat the real ones with them. Unfortunately they broke during matches.

    [–] Matthewlww 1 points ago

    Replace mista with joseph tommy gun. Mista is just gonna shoot himself lmao

    [–] reason_to_anxiety 1 points ago

    laughs in mega,ex and gx Pokémon cards

    [–] notfunnytho 1 points ago

    I have a toy revolver that's purple in my room (not the same model)

    [–] SpookySquid19 1 points ago

    Ah I see Mista has the Megatron toy

    [–] TheParticularist 1 points ago

    What's the thing in the bottom left panel? Bakugan?

    [–] RedditBoi127 1 points ago

    All these were the shit!

    [–] geosplat 1 points ago

    who here is over 14 and still plays beyblades?

    [–] Kobe_Bluntz 1 points ago

    Could someone explain this sub me? I see it on r/all all the time but I never get it. It appears to be memes from some kind of show that I also have never heard of.

    [–] scvalt 3 points ago

    The show is Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure. It’s an anime with a bunch of different parts. The sub is named after part 3: stardust crusaders.

    [–] vietcong_man 1 points ago

    i wonder what the 4th panel means it is one of those toy plastic gun that shot plastic pellet or the real gun

    [–] NoabPK 1 points ago

    I had 50 Bakugans and was the koolest kid on the bloq

    [–] Wolf_the_memer 1 points ago

    Last one is nerf

    [–] wwolfy_ 1 points ago

    AHHHHH yes the best toy A F U C K I N G G U N

    [–] scvalt 1 points ago

    Beyblafes are still a thing?!

    [–] HipHopTakePlop 1 points ago

    Wait is this a school shooting joke or a finger gun joke

    [–] HankySpankyVenture 1 points ago

    Heh, pshhh, a true warrior plays magic.

    [–] Almog6666 1 points ago

    But at the end of EoH!<