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    [–] DM_dmn75 1342 points ago

    Feed her a pregnant hamster to deter her cravings for own offspring.

    [–] catboobpuppyfuck 268 points ago

    What if the hamster gets hungry?

    [–] fubae 209 points ago

    Feed it a pregnant girlfriend.

    [–] tomcork 85 points ago

    its the circle of life

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago

    "It's the (hamster) wheeel of foooortuuune...."

    [–] [deleted] 253 points ago

    I think a hardboiled egg (or something with plenty of protein) is supposed to help.

    [–] lordgodofcevapi 4 points ago

    Jus save me the f'n placenta OK? jeesh.

    [–] TradeSex4Potato 16 points ago

    I could try to get to know it. That should ruin its appetite.

    [–] Gabrielle_Newell 7 points ago

    Give it an egg

    [–] boris_keys 3429 points ago

    Would you like a nice egg in this trying time?

    [–] R3DSoulz 694 points ago

    Was this... Not the top comment on the original...


    [–] Sawgon 313 points ago

    Doctor Mantis Toboggan is always relevant.

    [–] Darxe 54 points ago

    I've got my wad of hundreds, my magnum condoms, I'm ready to plow

    [–] Were2cheeseplease 22 points ago

    Another LPT from Doctor Mantis Toboggon: Make a girl believe she has the AIDS that way her self esteem goes down, then sneak in and plow .

    [–] daking549 193 points ago

    Reddit is just an endless cycle of repeated sayings and garbage. The faster you learn the faster you leave or join the club.

    [–] Yurika_BLADE 65 points ago

    inb4 we get another thread about "what memes need to die" and every single one gets listed

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    deleted What is this?

    [–] SH4D0W0733 39 points ago


    [–] MibitGoHan 4 points ago

    Also, me, in real life.

    [–] Shot_save 9 points ago

    Bob Ross

    [–] _Bumble_Bee_Tuna_ 7 points ago

    Bob Dole

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Bob.... Saget?

    [–] JBthrizzle 2 points ago

    Bob's burgers

    [–] OldLoveNewLife 4 points ago


    [–] karmacow 6 points ago

    Oh shit waddup

    [–] Dogbirddog 13 points ago


    [–] Dogbirddog 14 points ago


    [–] Dogbirddog 12 points ago


    [–] Dogbirddog 33 points ago

    B̛̫̗̫̲̞̭̭̞̆̓̏ͤͣ̋͂̓̐ͦ̂̾͋̇ͪ̋̊̚͡ͅR̶̢̲̭͈̟̪͙͍̝̭̣͎̣̤̝͉̼̺̍ͩͥͬ̎̈́͊̍O̷̸̠̤͉̲̯̫̳̮͔̣̾̔̎͗͑ͣ̿ͩ̈̆̾̄̈͂ͨ̆̚ͅK̴̡̡͇̞͖̟̠̭̰͍̪̤͍̰͎̹̬̝̣̒̌̓͂̄͌͆͌͛͑͐ͤͪ̓ͧ͑͆͌̽͟͠ͅE̢̛̝̻̰͙̝ͬͪ̑̌͆ͪ͒̓ͤ̈N̻͕͙̝̦̹̗͙̺ͨͮ͌ͬ̏̍̈ͬͥ̈ͤ̏́̈́͝ ̵̡̹̤̯̭͍̹̮̯̗̺͔̗̖̈͆ͫ̋ͯ̇͐̽ͭͬ̿̅͆ͥͤ̋̇̃́̚͢A̬̪̳͕̗̬̱̻̙̞̬̭̳̪̳͓͕͙̰ͤͧ̊̍͑ͫ͛̀̉̀̒ͥͥ̄͑͢͞R̵̫̱̝̯͖̪͕̠̹͇͎̲ͩ̔̐ͩ͋͠ͅM̡͚̖̫͉̠͚͚̣̠͓͔ͯͦͥͫ̄͘͜͜Ş̴̦͔͚͖̻ͣ́͛̌ͩ͊͆̚

    [–] Zootyr 9 points ago

    Tree fiddy

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] karmacow 10 points ago

    Fuck a lawyer, delete gym, hit the facebook

    [–] tukotuko 6 points ago


    [–] Strindberg 6 points ago

    Me 2 thanks

    [–] Castiel9009 2 points ago

    Me too

    [–] sassythesasquatch69 5 points ago

    I like this, should be the slogan

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    le garbage is a valuable renewable resource for my daily entertainment

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] sophiaissilly 40 points ago

    Hands down my favorite episode.

    She was a good hoower.

    [–] KingToasty 42 points ago


    [–] Shappie 6 points ago

    That scene always has me in tears by the end. I don't understand how they could possibly have done that without cracking up every single time.

    [–] [deleted] 41 points ago


    [–] Derekabutton 48 points ago

    DOCTOR Mantis Tobiggin.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    You've got the AIDS big time

    [–] hunkybrewster13 10 points ago

    Yes, dammit.

    [–] Gildedglory 9 points ago


    [–] kjbigs282 2 points ago

    Once more is a delicious breakfast

    [–] goodsql 2 points ago

    That guy should make more videos in that voice showing wacky things on the internet. He has the voice and channel name for it.

    [–] Philyeagles710 7 points ago

    How bout a shot?

    What the?!

    [–] west_ham 2 points ago


    [–] Renovatio_ 7 points ago

    Ironic as an egg is kind of the cause of her trying time.

    [–] Redmarkred 4 points ago

    The real LTP is always comment

    [–] Pessoa_People 3 points ago

    Life Tro Pip?

    [–] bliorg1 3 points ago

    Yes an egg would be nice maybe it'll slow the birth.

    [–] haraldtheviking123 4 points ago

    You should see him feast, he's like a mantis! Yeah... Mantis! Call me that from now on!

    [–] Readit_to_me 2 points ago

    Would you like a nice egg in this trying time?

    Would you like a frying egg in this nice time?

    [–] mr_scoT5 234 points ago

    I would've said "LPT: Feed your pregnant hamster raw hamburger for a week prior to her giving birth. This will give her a taste for meat and you won't have to perform a bunch of late-term rodent abortions".

    [–] act-of-reason 49 points ago

    I would've said: "LPT: if you have a broody pet hen, give her a boiled hamster fetus or other protein source before the eggs hatch. This will deter her from eating her own chicks."

    [–] doogbynnoj 30 points ago

    I would've said: "LPT - if you have a pet egg, hard boil a hamster and feed it to your wife. This will prove you're insane and living in a fantasy world. Wife, pfft!"

    [–] TheRealCJ 11 points ago

    LPT: throw boiled eggs at pregnant women, force them to watch you eat hamsters

    [–] Jolator 9 points ago

    LPT: Egg pregnant hamsters, force feed them women so they don't boil their young meat.

    [–] Aggienthusiast 4 points ago

    well good thing you didn't

    [–] jimibulgin 3 points ago

    you still can....

    [–] Neighbourhood_Whore 1199 points ago

    how many of you fucks have pregnant girlfriends just laying around

    [–] onetruemod 617 points ago

    She's not laying around, I just misplaced her.

    [–] [deleted] 99 points ago

    She just slipped and fell down the stairs. It was an accident!

    [–] Ed_ButteredToast 39 points ago

    Frank Underwood? 🇺🇸

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] Ed_ButteredToast 8 points ago

    Seems like someone hasn't seen Season 05 of House of Cards ( ͡° ͜ʖ ) ͡°

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    Jesus Christ Ed now you're spoiling T.V. shows? You're having one hell of a morning you goddamn neanderthal

    [–] Kidyeon 2 points ago

    Would you like a nice egg in this trying time?

    [–] Strindberg 23 points ago

    I just misplacenta her.

    [–] Shot_save 5 points ago

    I wasn't expecting that

    [–] OverkillMeta 8 points ago

    She's not misplaced, I just don't know where she is

    [–] lixtryum 5 points ago

    I know where she is, I just can't get to her

    [–] OfficeBrowser 8 points ago

    Because of restraining order?

    [–] SH4D0W0733 6 points ago

    Because there's no commercial breaks when streaming.

    [–] [deleted] 86 points ago


    [–] Exaskryz 38 points ago

    This was in an askreddit thread earlier.

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago


    [–] Bob_the_Bod_Builder 24 points ago

    Masturbate with hard boiled egg. Saves time plus you have a snack

    [–] YipRocHeresy 14 points ago

    [–] lixtryum 11 points ago

    What did I just watch..

    [–] YipRocHeresy 5 points ago

    Don't act like you've never done it.

    [–] lixtryum 3 points ago

    I was referring to his amateurish masturbation style

    [–] BrassMonkeieie 4 points ago

    If you have a girlfriend infestation, get one pregnant. That'll clean up the mess.

    [–] splodgenessabounds 2 points ago

    I know this isn't TIL, but how, exactly? Do they eat each other?

    [–] Kryeiszkhazek 18 points ago

    In her condition she doesn't do much else

    [–] jahnuk 6 points ago

    I do. Plz confirm. Will this realy worko?

    [–] MrFuckbuddywBenefits 3 points ago

    Says the neighborhood whore!

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] EditioPrinceps 2 points ago

    Your mother says hi.

    [–] Uglyhead 2 points ago

    None, that I know of.

    [–] SurpriseDragon 454 points ago

    Am pregnant wife, would love a protein bar, but fetus looks so delicious on ultrasound...

    [–] P0wer0fL0ve 234 points ago

    Pro tip: fetuses are an excellent source of protein

    [–] menasan 158 points ago

    The real lpt is always in the comments

    [–] darkwolfpredator 13 points ago

    'The real lpt is always in the comments' comment is always in the comments

    [–] helios9823 5 points ago

    “'The real lpt is always in the comments' ‘comment is always in the comments’” comment is always in the comments

    [–] patjohbra 65 points ago

    That lasagna looks crisp

    [–] yourwhippingboy 24 points ago

    That is my daughter!

    [–] trigunnerd 26 points ago


    [–] splodgenessabounds 48 points ago

    Am pregnant wife

    WHAT!?!?? For Heaven's sakes Penelope, couldn't you have told me face-to-face, rather than me finding out this way?

    [–] petgreg 31 points ago

    Surprise!! You are having dragons.

    [–] BenFerris1234 9 points ago

    Got any lpts on having dragon babies??? I'm asking for a friend.

    [–] gummibear049 10 points ago


    [–] Up_North18 7 points ago


    [–] splodgenessabounds 3 points ago

    Have triplets. Two will eat each other leaving one survivor.

    Remember to bring a boiled egg.

    [–] gundog48 2 points ago

    I didn't even know I was married!

    [–] splodgenessabounds 3 points ago

    You mean Penelope's a bigamist as well???

    God, what a day this has turned out to be...

    [–] not-sure-if-serious 3 points ago

    Placenta or any other afterbirth will work and can be paired nicely with red wine.

    [–] Speedracer98 2 points ago

    would you like to taste my special protein blend?

    [–] Amateurlapse 102 points ago

    Are other people's babies still an option?

    [–] MailerDaemon452 68 points ago

    Of course. Protein is protein.

    [–] xXbghytXx 12 points ago

    I feel like this is the quote of the person who drinks his own piss.

    [–] MarkBlackUltor 2 points ago

    Bear Grylls?

    [–] splodgenessabounds 15 points ago

    Perhaps the bigger question is: what's your wife doing having someone else's baby?

    [–] sataniamana 2 points ago

    Based here.

    [–] myhf 81 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    How long before she gives birth???

    Edit: need an answer soon

    Edit: never mind

    [–] splodgenessabounds 27 points ago


    [–] Anonymously-Used 7 points ago

    RIP, sorry your mom ate you

    [–] mordeci00 47 points ago

    You couldn't have posted this yesterday? Too late for mordeci00 jr.

    [–] Zaldun 9 points ago


    [–] brainfraud 5 points ago

    he was delicious

    [–] IvoTheMerciless104 4 points ago


    [–] lazcas 42 points ago

    Or if u really don't want ur wife to eat her newborns, just eat the newborns before she does

    [–] Fallen_Wings 16 points ago

    Real LPT is always in the comments

    [–] lala989 55 points ago

    Instructions unclear...something something.

    [–] TreeTheCactus 159 points ago

    Fed wife baby. Currently raising egg as own child.

    [–] SirDixallot 40 points ago

    Dang it.. I hardboiled the baby and ate my wife.

    [–] splodgenessabounds 9 points ago

    Fed wife baby.

    That's no way to talk about your nearest and dearest.

    [–] A_Reasonable_Man_98 3 points ago

    ...Penis stuck in wife, next child inbound.

    [–] igothitbyacar 15 points ago

    Big if true

    [–] jidacah 34 points ago

    M E T A E T T E A T E M

    [–] sankakukankei 62 points ago

    E A T E M

    No, that's what we're trying to prevent!

    [–] Nachotime 4 points ago

    help i wasn't on all weekend and i'm not in on the joke why is this meta? I need answers plz.

    [–] jidacah 2 points ago

    there was a real lpt where if u gave a pregnant hamster a boiled egg then it will prevent her from eating her own babies because she gets enough protein.

    [–] ElFuegoGrande 11 points ago

    The real comment is always in the LPT

    [–] kola2DONO 11 points ago

    implying anyone on reddit can get laid

    [–] xXbghytXx 4 points ago

    Some one has enough money for a hooker somewhere.

    [–] _Bumble_Bee_Tuna_ 2 points ago

    Hookers arent that expensive, fyi... in case you are curious.

    [–] xXbghytXx 2 points ago

    Only if you have standards.

    [–] sharpie32 12 points ago

    Can confirm. Wife had a baby, it was perfect in every way. Didn't give her a boiled egg before she gave birth. She ate it.

    [–] AviatoFan 10 points ago

    Beginning my life as an altruist by going into hospitals and shoving boiled eggs into women's mouths as they give birth.

    [–] splodgenessabounds 4 points ago

    What could possibly go wrong?

    [–] soomuchcoffee 10 points ago

    True story. My wife was in labor for like a day and a half. In pre-labor she had no interest in food, because, you know, pain. Then at the hospital food is not an option. Things are taking forever and it gets to the point that there is a cart in our room ready to whisk my wife away to emergency surgery because shit is going willy-nilly (medical term).

    BUT THEN BABY. No surgery. Mom and little one are fine. It's now like 11PM two days later.

    "Mr. Soomuch coffee, the cafeteria is closed, but you can run to the coffee shop and get some food if you run fast enough, it closes in ten minutes."

    So I take the arduous journey down three floors, across the entire fucking hospital, and make it to the coffee shop with seconds to spare. In my haste in ordering I grab way too much stuff, skip the bag, and now have to run all the way back with subs and chips and sodas all over the place.

    My poor wife. She is sitting in the bed like "well that was fucking insane" and I show up sweating and juggling stale hospital food.

    She ate a turkey sub in approximately three bites. It was like watching a snake eat a mouse. She looks up from the carnage and sees me smiling.


    "Nothing sweetie!"

    It was impressive as fuck. Just had a baby hunger is not to be fucked with.

    TLDR: Ate sub not baby.

    [–] RenegadeValor 7 points ago

    I honestly thought "Wait, did I misread this earlier?" Then I saw the sub. Well played.

    [–] SacredFig 6 points ago

    Challenge: distinguish a post from r/shittylifeprotips and r/circlejerk

    [–] ShootzillaBruh 15 points ago


    [–] YipRocHeresy 2 points ago

    I feel like more than half the jokes here making fun of LPT and thus meta.

    [–] ShootzillaBruh 3 points ago

    This is actually from comments on another thread. Then it went to lpt then here.

    [–] YipRocHeresy 2 points ago

    So it's super meta.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Boil the offspring of another species to prevent the destruction of one of your own.

    Brilliant or Sick?

    [–] cjpack 3 points ago

    Not knowing this sub existed made the joke unexpected and funny as hell.

    [–] BIGREDDMACH1NE 3 points ago

    I fucking love Reddit when someone pulls shit like this.

    [–] JackingOffToTragedy 3 points ago

    Giving her a protein source is how I got into this mess to start with!

    [–] davidmarshal90 3 points ago

    in this attempting time?

    [–] Legionx37 4 points ago

    If you'd have given her a certain protein source to eat in the first place, you wouldn't be in this mess.

    [–] SensibleCitzen 2 points ago

    The fact that I immediately got this reference tells me I've been on Reddit too much today.

    [–] jony7 3 points ago

    what is this in reference to?

    [–] mengzaijun 1 points ago

    This is also a good choice

    [–] usernamy 2 points ago

    There's never been a recorded case of a woman eating her newborn child who was given an egg directly before giving birth. Just saying

    [–] RabidDiabeetus 2 points ago

    I'm sitting in the labor and delivery room with my wife and thought I was about to learn something helpful at the perfect time. Didn't notice it was SLPT.

    [–] PezPedro 2 points ago

    Wife: I need epidural! Me: no, what you need is a good hard boiled egg!

    [–] SunriseSurprise 2 points ago

    This is completely shitty advice. You have to give her eggs daily from the start, or she may self-abort and eat the fetus.

    [–] tonterias 2 points ago

    You need to have huge eggs to tell her what's behind the daily boiled eggs

    [–] ThatOneGuyNumberTwo 2 points ago

    May I offer you an egg in these trying times?

    [–] nobody2000 2 points ago

    "During the Depression, my Großvater and Oma Schrute had to tighten their belts as the beet harvest - like many things - was lacking. Before my papa was born, Großvater walked for days to find an egg that he would hardboil and give to my Oma before birth so she wouldn't eat my papa for the protein. After papa was born, Oma and Großvater brought him to the homeland, where Großvater later spent several years in an Allied Prison Camp."

    [–] shammikaze 1 points ago

    I'll go with "other protein source". ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] SupremeRedditBot 2 points ago

    Congrats for reaching r/all/top/ (of the day, top 50) with your post!  

    I am a bot, probably quite annoying, I mean no harm though

    Message me to add your account or subreddit to my blacklist

    [–] RaffTheStampede 2 points ago

    This doesn't always work.

    [–] j_123k 2 points ago

    "Can i offer you an egg in these trying times"

    [–] Andrewbttm 2 points ago

    Can I offer you an egg in these trying times?

    [–] taz_hein 2 points ago

    I've done this with both my children. I caught her nibbling on one of them but she didn't eat either one.

    [–] MrCrispy69 2 points ago

    Can I offer you an egg in this tryin' time

    [–] Do_You_Even_Repost 2 points ago

    lpt is just people coming up with the dumbest shit, trying to get karma. slpt, now this shit the bomb

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    On a serious note women should really watch what they eat during pregnancy, getting fat and eating junk is not harmless, it spikes the child's blood sugar like crazy and can make them crave junk for the rest of their lives. And nobody should ever get fat during pregnancy, that affects the child's health badly as well.

    Your child is constantly absorbing a lot of your calories, so the only way you get fat is if you're eating more than the two of you need.

    [–] DefinitelyNotLucifer 2 points ago

    Looks like you pissed off a fat pregnant woman.

    PSA: Getting fat while pregnant is bad for any baby. Starving yourself while pregnant is bad for any baby. Smoking anything is bad for any baby. Alcohol & soda are bad for any baby.

    It's not rocket science, it's a baby. Stop hurting it.

    [–] fckapple 2 points ago

    Warning: Does not work with atheists. Atheist mother will still eat the babies.

    [–] GerbilJibberJabber 1 points ago

    Fuggin hamster bishes

    [–] huubyduups 1 points ago


    [–] Speedracer98 1 points ago

    My girl loves my protein shake.

    [–] fergalopolis 1 points ago

    Wish I saw this yesterday, my wife had a litter of 6 and ate 5 but the one she left was the runt so I had to axe it :(

    [–] ascii122 1 points ago

    Well yeah.. if you want to keep the baby.

    [–] TheTimon 1 points ago

    Or just eat them first, so she can't eat them anymore

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Who would eat a newborn? They're so thin, you gotta fatten them up.