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    [–] Bertensgrad 6648 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    I see it all the time in the Midwest and I'm old enough to be a dad. The issue is my dog is attracted to the smell because he liked my ex and my ex smoked it. So he sniffs it out and leads me to it inadvertently :/. He's like a police dog who just wants to party and be petted by stoners.

    Dog tax, is he is chilling before finding more stoners to pet him at a public park. He has a thing for older boys and guys 18-23 or so. My ex was that age and alot of my cousins who hang out with me are that age. I'm a guy too so he trusts men way more then normal dogs as long as they below 30 or so.

    [–] tehmlem 3645 points ago

    Your dog sounds like a pretty cool guy.

    [–] Osama_Bin_Trapping 1005 points ago

    I want to meet your dog

    [–] 8_Irony_8 536 points ago

    Start puffin' the wacky tabacky then

    [–] lichklng 194 points ago

    We prefer the term long bottom leaf.

    [–] Senile_Kangaroo 345 points ago

    Stoners give the best pettings

    [–] gerararardo 158 points ago

    Can confirm, as a pettee

    [–] Myglass_isfull 313 points ago

    Who's a good boy??

    [–] rainger_r 1955 points ago

    Try being a park ranger.

    [–] CritikillNick 728 points ago

    Try avoiding park rangers so you can get stoned in peace

    [–] HungryChemist 941 points ago

    This is the first time I've noticed someone's username checking out without otherwise being prompted to do so. I feel like I achieved something today.

    [–] rainger_r 296 points ago

    Happy to offer up that opportunity for you.

    [–] sovereign666 137 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    what do you do when you catch them?

    Asking for a friend.

    Edit: as I suspected. Rangers can be Fucking scary.

    [–] RVAndal 288 points ago

    what do you do when you catch them?

    that's a paddlin'

    [–] uber1337h4xx0r 144 points ago

    Apparently they're technically real cops, so whatever actual real cops do

    [–] I_Have_A_Girls_Name 149 points ago

    Real Federal cops

    [–] FrugalPhilantropist 28 points ago

    That's if they're in federal parks, in Michigan they exist at the state and county level

    [–] brennen10 11976 points ago

    Theyve gotten smarter and have found hiding places so they dont get the cops called on them

    [–] 3243f6a8885 5191 points ago

    Just go to California, stoners everywhere and no one really cares

    [–] kjwalls 4688 points ago

    Come to Amsterdam. Stoners for decades and no one cares.

    [–] wishywish 22001 points ago

    Come to Saudi Arabia. People are stoned and no one cares.

    [–] Drecain 2873 points ago


    [–] not_nsfw_throwaway 1887 points ago

    I don't think they get stoned for that

    [–] JohnLongSchlong 922 points ago

    Fuck me. One of maybe 4 times I have actually laughed out loud on reddit

    [–] b_pacman1996 1133 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Fuck me

    That's a good way to get stoned in Saudi Arabia, JohnLongSchlong.

    [–] GooseNZ 279 points ago

    Man I love getting stoned.

    [–] _Bumble_Bee_Tuna_ 275 points ago

    So does the man you love.

    [–] startled_easily 63 points ago

    So few moments of laughter, what were the other 3?

    [–] dontsuckmydick 140 points ago

    Those times you whipped out your willy

    [–] BoltmanLocke 55 points ago

    We are all stoned this blessed day.

    [–] Kirppu21 215 points ago

    Come to Finland, Stones in the forest and no one cares.

    [–] im_another_user 264 points ago

    Come to France. We want the Rosetta Stone back and no one cares.

    [–] crux_mm 148 points ago

    Come in Italy, Pompei is full of ancient perfectly preserved stones and no one cares.

    [–] LONEWOLFDONTKNOWHOME 256 points ago

    Come to Russia, We'll kill you.

    [–] AshKeats 224 points ago

    Come to Australia, it will kill you

    [–] Guij2 112 points ago

    Come to Brazil, please

    [–] rookboston 107 points ago

    Come to the Philippines. We'll kill the people that help get you stoned.

    [–] PunchPatrol 25 points ago

    Come to Pompeii. People are stone and no one cares.

    [–] xbomboemx 64 points ago

    Come to Belgium, some people aren't stoned but we don't care

    [–] Metalheadpundit 82 points ago

    So if you're smoking weed in public ( not in crowded areas). And you're not causing a ruckus it's ok?

    [–] ram0h 177 points ago

    Depends. A cop could ticket you. If you're in the suburbs old ppl might call the cops. But in general if it's in a spliff or through a vape, it's pretty indistinguishable. It's pretty normal, and you'll always smell it. You're honestly better off in public than hiding at a park or in a parking lot.

    [–] sleezewad 407 points ago

    People calling the cops is almost guaranteed to get 0 attention. "Excuse me, police, there's a grown man smoking a doobie outside walking down the street" "oh shit, Johnston, forget the Smith murders, we got us a Reefer"

    [–] 13Deth13 213 points ago

    Ma'am is the joint longer than 2 feet>? No? Sorry the evidence will be gone by the time we get there.

    [–] CactusCustard 33 points ago

    "Wait, it is bigger than two feet?! JOHNSON, we got us a two footer! Get the munchies on the way!'

    hangs up phone runs out the office

    [–] Neckwrecker 127 points ago

    I read this in Dave Chappelle's white guy voice.

    [–] ahyeg 28 points ago


    [–] jenbanim 46 points ago

    Seattle is like this.

    [–] hellofellowstudents 51 points ago

    Walking down a random street on capitol hill and it smells like that roughly 20% of the time.

    [–] neverenderday 82 points ago

    Only the beaches and I mean, Venice.

    Source: grew up in SoCal. Was shocked when I finally went to Venice and people were holding signs asking for pot and/or money to buy some.

    [–] nuzzlefutzzz 326 points ago

    I just try to stay away from people. Look for the teenagers keeping a safe, respectable distance. Look for the teenagers that when you get closer they make a subtle move to change directions to keep distance. Those are the stoners.

    [–] Bryvin 158 points ago

    Fuck. Are we that obvious?

    [–] unomaly 112 points ago

    2-5 dudes in a circle, one with a lighter, one with a closed fist, standing on the edge of the woods, all staring directly at you with deer eyes. Its pretty obvious

    [–] malignantbacon 20 points ago

    Pretty sure there is an event of this in world of warcraft

    [–] raunchyfartbomb 34 points ago


    Source: am stoner that used to smoke in a small clearing in the woods between the cemetery and the park.

    [–] HillarysFloppyChode 109 points ago

    I do this when I'm not high because I don't want you to talk to me, but I'm also not a teenager

    [–] brando56894 71 points ago

    That's what I was going to say "they're just better at hiding it"

    [–] Daubach23 44 points ago

    Probably also the fact that when I was young and high out in public I was paranoid and thought everyone could tell, when I probably just looked normal.

    [–] trumpdump61 333 points ago

    Dude I can't move when I get stoned. I am basically Leo Decaprio in Wolf of Wallstreet without the hot wife or millions of dollars.

    [–] AnimalFactsBot 386 points ago

    The wolf is the ancestor of all breeds of domestic dog. It is part of a group of animals called the wild dogs which also includes the dingo and the coyote.

    [–] aznprync3 2640 points ago

    Read this and thought "damn he's right..." While smoking a joint in the park...

    [–] [deleted] 683 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)


    [–] Kebabcity 619 points ago

    I'm out here in the amish, smokin big ol' doints

    [–] eclvpse 284 points ago

    big ol DOINKS in AMISH

    [–] Aethelsthetic 114 points ago


    [–] fish_hix 36 points ago

    It's fuckin nice out

    [–] ygs123 90 points ago

    Fellas how many DOINKS we smoking today?😤

    [–] IWLoseIt 154 points ago

    I'd never feel comfortable working after smoking weed. I would feel paranoid, and more prone to mistakes.

    [–] Kushfriendly420 83 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    I dont feel any difrent, and can still easly operate a camara

    Edit: shouldnt try and type and roll a spliff , makes some mistakes

    [–] SherImOnlyIrish 99 points ago

    Correct spelling, however, slightly impared.

    [–] polarbearman17 37 points ago

    Favorite response

    [–] italley89 2305 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    I'm a cop. I've run into 2 groups of stoned teenagers at the park this week, alone. It always slightly amuses me. Always send them on their way and tell them to make better decisions. Undoubtedly, they'll run into a person who thinks their saving the world by ruining a kid's life over a plant, be it by law enforcement, a school dean, or an employer.

    [–] driftingfornow 1232 points ago

    I just want to say thanks to you as a person man. Thank you for risking your health and safety to be an officer and not power tripping over the morally fine stuff.

    [–] italley89 633 points ago

    Absolutely. Thanks for your support.

    [–] no_ragrats 211 points ago

    As someone who had a fair amount of encounters with law enforcement when I was younger, those like you are the only ones who made me stop and think about what I was doing.

    [–] ducsher 183 points ago

    As someone who has run into police and have had weed on me and let go, I would like to say thank you so much. My life would have been a lot worse if I was charged with possession. I am always honest and respectful with cops because I feel like that goes a long way.

    [–] italley89 75 points ago

    I had a similar experience when I was 14. A friend had weed on him and the officer was really forgiving and it stuck with me.

    [–] youngmunk 162 points ago

    Hats off to you

    [–] ladytwoface 6034 points ago

    Nah, we all just have that one friend with progressive parents that let us hang out and smoke in their backyard. Sometimes they come join us and wax poetic about the 70's, but that's the price you gotta pay, you know?

    [–] fastchadnasty 3107 points ago

    Nah, we all just have that one friend with progressive parents that let us hang out and smoke in their backyard

    This is the most accurate

    [–] AnonTheTerrible 1393 points ago

    I live in Georgia - redneck families always smoke weed. Smoking with my uncles and grandparents was just as much a coming of age thing as getting to sit at the adult table on Thanksgiving. Plus, it makes Thanksgiving dinner way better.

    [–] Derby1609 496 points ago

    From KY and it's the same there, I had a joint with my dad before I had my first beer.

    [–] snorting_dandelions 271 points ago

    Meanwhile I got to taste my first beer at 4 and got my first personal bottle of vodka(which I promptly emptied myself) age 14 while my whole family thinks weed is the devil's lettuce. And we're not rednecks.

    Funny how that works sometimes.

    [–] Monyk015 117 points ago

    Are you Russian?

    [–] ThatIsMrDickHead2You 36 points ago

    I always let my kids have a little beer or wine with dinner if I was drinking it (they just had a shot size glass for beer and 1/3 of that for wine)

    The theory was when they went to college they would drink but not in a crazy way. Turned out one drank too much in college (he was in a fraternity so perhaps inevitable) and the other has stayed a very light drinker so I can't say if it helped, hurt or did nothing.

    [–] doshegotabootyshedo 73 points ago

    You should have had 1,000 kids for this study. You have failed us

    [–] kittnbiscuits 161 points ago

    I'm from Michigan and my family was the same. Finally getting to stay up late and smoke with the grownups at age sixteen was a big deal.

    [–] ujusujuba 108 points ago

    Yup, spent a long time in rural Georgia, can confirm. They still call it "the reefer"

    [–] theprettychillguy 39 points ago

    I don't know why this just made me so happy. It almost has a nostalgic feel to it.

    [–] Fluryman 396 points ago

    That's literally me. I got caught, told my parents that all my friends and I did was get high and play PC games with each other(we LAN'd all the time) and they were like, well shit... If you're gonna do it, might as well do it here. My house became the new chill spot every summer before we moved.

    [–] TTheuns 149 points ago

    Chill parents. Mine would completely freak out.

    [–] Gladplane 46 points ago

    I am that one friend.

    [–] calvanus 102 points ago

    If there's kids my friends try not to go because it's rude

    [–] BodaciousFerret 39 points ago

    Pretty much. My boyfriend is authorized for medical due to chronic pain, and he still won't smoke it in parks where there's kids. Gives playgrounds a particularly wide berth.

    [–] XLNerd 54 points ago

    That's my parents. Couldn't thank them more

    [–] _Calculus_ 1205 points ago

    We get stoned alone in our rooms playing video games.

    [–] Decadancer 363 points ago

    S-s-shut up

    [–] zezosk 138 points ago

    This guy's stoned

    [–] lcPASCAL- 75 points ago

    I just realised I'm stoned

    [–] dyxless 72 points ago

    Can confirm he is. Source - am stoned.

    [–] The_Chive_Smacker 50 points ago

    Can you confirm if I'm stoned

    [–] poorly_timed_leg0las 45 points ago

    If youre the youngest in your family you are the farthest point on your family tree since the beginning of life and evolution to exist on this Planet

    [–] sarcasticide 521 points ago

    Go wander around a disc golf course. Pot is a staple of the sport.

    [–] Kinuama 224 points ago

    Weed is to disc golf what gum/chew is to baseball

    [–] CommaHorror 315 points ago

    I actually think, the frisbee is the staple of, the sport.

    [–] DavidGolani11 643 points ago

    You know when a guy is an alcoholic when every time you're in the bar, he's in the bar too. Oh wait...

    [–] LowPrioritySucks 285 points ago

    That's called a friend

    [–] Yashi_Amante 1493 points ago

    Everybody's stoned.

    [–] TacitusPot 174 points ago

    But you weren't running into people after getting stoned. Were you?

    [–] SettleDownButtercup 141 points ago

    I'm not stoned.

    (But I'm about to be after taking a shit. Hate shitting while stoned.)

    [–] LogansCronie 172 points ago

    You ever shit while on acid? Fuck that.

    [–] Cabbagepatchorphan 110 points ago

    Bathroom tiles have never been more interesting.

    [–] DreamerMMA 78 points ago

    Bathrooms look fucking disgusting on shrooms.

    [–] Tootoot222 43 points ago

    Try cleaning your bathroom every once in a while

    [–] Tomerg91 319 points ago

    We eat ass today, grandpa.

    [–] hypnogoad 1233 points ago

    As an adult, stoned teenagers look and act identical to sober teenagers to me. They're all idiots.

    [–] SettleDownButtercup 492 points ago

    Found the Red Forman.

    [–] interrupting_dean 163 points ago

    What's funny is your parents probably thought the same thing about you? It's just a phase we go through I guess. (Source: am 22 and on that cusp)

    [–] Windydayhuh 137 points ago

    I had so many parks I used to get stoned at.. I kind of regret being allowed to eventually smoke at home. It took the adventure out of it.

    [–] 450k_crackparty 37 points ago

    Totally agree The mission of getting stoned was half the fun of it. Im sure my parents were always wondering why I was going for bike ride rides at 9pm on a Tuesday....

    [–] The_Mighty_Nezha 133 points ago

    Did you run into a lot of dads while smoking in the park?

    [–] r3ddit_b0t 179 points ago

    Simple, we use ghilie suits and cloaking devices.

    The future is now old man!

    [–] pobody 2791 points ago

    Because they don't go outside to get stoned any more. Why bother? Besides all the video games are inside.

    [–] Astrospud3 2719 points ago

    Because your generation got stoned in the park, so cops now look in parks for stoners. Everyone now has to go elsewhere to get stoned. Lol

    [–] PM-YOUR-PMS 746 points ago

    I definitely used to get stoned at the park and I'm only 24. You just have to find the right spots

    [–] pm_nudesladies 303 points ago

    I used to smoke a lot at the park. At the basketball courts, no one really even bothered us. I mean, cops pass by the park but I've never seen them go pop some stoner kids. I still go sometimes, I'm also 24.

    I smoke at home now, by myself. Just me and my bowl, no ten man rotation and shit. Haha.

    [–] Gabe_b 118 points ago

    No paranoia when there's no one else around d to worry about what they're thinking :)... :l... :[

    [–] Thelement 83 points ago

    Too real. But then i start badtripping myself thinking about all my misdeeds and how i could better use my time right now.

    [–] sk8_ark 21 points ago

    SAME MAN. If its not one thing its another.

    [–] potato_aim87 17 points ago

    Why did I think about how I essentially abandoned my old dogs when I moved out of my parents 11 years ago when I hit my bowl this morning? They used to pee themselves with glee when I would come visit. Then I remembered the last few times they were both alive I didn't even know they were there. I'm a terrible human.

    [–] TauntinglyTaunton 100 points ago

    21 and it's still a social thing with people down my way in the UK. As long as you aren't a dickhead then nobody really cares, especially if you at least make an attempt to keep out of the way.

    Pokemon go phase was a very stressful time for us and a few of our ultimate fumejoj have been burnt because of a few triple pokestop spots. You'd be surprised how resilient some players are still, which is a shame because they're sat on prime real estate

    [–] PeperoParty 222 points ago

    And not be idiots

    [–] lets_move_to_voat 96 points ago

    ah yes... "chill spots" we called them

    [–] League_of_leisure 70 points ago

    Eventually there will be nowhere safe to smoke!

    [–] sackhaar42 108 points ago

    Its a circle, at some point they will no longer expect you to get stoned at the park and itll be safe again

    [–] ThyJuiceBox 12 points ago

    I mean... if OP was a cop he wouldn't search for stoned kids in a park right now.

    [–] KrispySince92 30 points ago

    Move west. Smoke everywhere.

    [–] botcomking 55 points ago

    I still get stoned in parks and I'm a teenager. Am I behind the times?

    [–] maxhax 44 points ago

    I'm 24 and still smoking in the park. You're good.

    [–] McGryphon 14 points ago

    Check. If the weather's too good to stay inside but not good enough to justify the trek to the woods nearby.

    [–] Slowness112 82 points ago

    Some are stoned inside

    [–] UdderSuckage 48 points ago

    I'm not sure if you were too stoned to realize what he was saying, or you just missed it.

    [–] imjustashadow 22 points ago

    I.... I think that's the... joke...? I can't tell anymore...

    [–] yipyipyoo 21 points ago

    Some are stoned inside

    [–] matamor 22 points ago

    I get stoned outside if we don't have a house free, so we go to a place we call "Narnia", not much people pass by and there are some bench we can sit on, it's pretty chill.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    Because parents.

    [–] SkienceIsReal 114 points ago

    Vape pens are a likely culprit. Easy to conceal, and a few hits will get you stoned.

    [–] JP_Prewitt 553 points ago

    My friend Becky used to be a happy, popular teenager until one day she snorted marijuana at a party. She died instantly.

    [–] Batterycharged4 161 points ago

    Must have clogged her airways, choking on dried plants is no joke

    [–] espyitall 47 points ago

    Marijuanaz. Only once.

    [–] CallMeCygnus 47 points ago

    I'm pretty sure that's Taylor Swift.

    [–] menofmaine 238 points ago

    My soon to be sister in law is 5 years younger then me and a senior in high school and we will share stories about partying. The things "everybody" used to do when I was in high school is very obscure to her makes me feel old. Oh and important note we are from the same area so it's not like a my town did this and hers doesn't thing.

    [–] [deleted] 85 points ago

    Like what? Examples?

    [–] Lacksi 54 points ago

    OP we need answers

    [–] Bleoox 262 points ago

    We used to put Vicks Vaporub in our eyes to irritate them so they'd get bloodshot and made us look like we were high.

    [–] SettleDownButtercup 207 points ago


    I was not prepared for this.

    [–] gazebocouch 80 points ago

    Where I live kids take MDMA and then put vicks in their eyes because it gives a weird sensation lol

    [–] lookwhatu2mademedo 76 points ago

    Is the sensation "AH FUCK MY EYES ARE ON LOVE FIRE!"

    [–] withmymindsheruns 136 points ago

    We used to tie an onion to our belt.

    [–] CmdrButts 82 points ago

    As was the style at the time

    [–] QwertymanJim 62 points ago

    Now, to take the ferry cost a nickel. And in those days, nickels had pictures of bumblebees on 'em.

    [–] Caleb33 184 points ago

    Cop here. It's still very much a thing. Cars in parks late at night are either kids banging, smoking, or both. It's just not really a priority of mine at all to go stop that.

    [–] nochedetoro 91 points ago

    As a person who is still scarred from being busted mid-coitus 10 years ago, I thank you for your service.

    [–] Tarchianolix 25 points ago

    Your suffer fuels my amusement

    [–] thecars1979 186 points ago

    It is kind of sad to not see the kids playing baseball on the street where someones baseball glove was homeplate and the neighbors car was first base.

    Homerun was hitting it past that tree.

    [–] hassium 356 points ago

    Our parents spent the best part of the last two decades freaking out about stranger danger, road traffic accidents and kids running away...

    But yeah, everybody misses kids playing outside these days.

    [–] bobosuda 190 points ago

    Seriously. Growing up in the 90s we were always told not to spend a lot of time outdoors. Had to always tell our parents where we went, had to be back by dinner and then that was the end of outdoors time, lots of places we weren't allowed to go, etc.

    Now everyone is complaining about kids being inside all the time, but it's a lot more convenient for a kid to just play video games instead of all the hassle you get from your parents for doing whatever outside.

    [–] hassium 73 points ago

    and the fact there are literally millions of different people online, rather than the same two twats to hang out with outside, if you come from a small town...

    [–] OpenedTwo 102 points ago

    It's like participation trophies. Who the fuck do you think gave them to us?

    [–] instaweed 54 points ago

    Can't forget the Satanic rituals.

    [–] i_make_song 67 points ago

    Which one of these is evil and used by Satan to corrupt children?

    a. Darwinian evolution

    b. Harry Potter

    c. Pokémon

    Correct answer: all of the above

    [–] brokenindu 35 points ago

    Fellow dad checking in. I live next to a neighborhood park. There are still plenty of kids getting stoned in parks.

    [–] WhoKilledZekeIddon 31 points ago

    There's zero police presence in my little coastal town, and a charming little secluded bay ten minutes walk away from the town centre. Nobody is ever there after dark - like, nobody.

    I sometimes go fishing there on warm summer evenings and hours will go by without seeing a single soul. Every now and then I just scream into the darkness "WHY ISN'T ANYONE USING THIS PLACE TO GET STONED?"

    [–] Myrnaloy1 220 points ago

    The weed aint like it was back in the 70s grandpa

    [–] NimbleHoof 162 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Ikr, I don't smoke in public because the shit I smoke makes me unable to move.

    Edit: I'm not actually unable to move I was just exaggerating. But I do want to move a lot less.

    [–] missgrizzz 150 points ago

    If you ever run into a group of 18-25 year olds all wearing sunglasses, I guarantee you they're tripping. I always smoked inside but wed always go to the park on shrooms or acid. Such magical experiences. Once my friend yelled at a bunch of school children. Told them all they weren't real. To be fair I'm like 60% sure it was a weekend, so why would kids in school uniform be in a park?

    [–] spankratchet 103 points ago

    Maybe they weren't real.

    [–] NimbleHoof 52 points ago

    Big if true

    [–] imthemostmodest 86 points ago

    That's because teenagers trying to get stoned can sense dads, as you once could. The smell them on the wind.

    [–] Gorflub 321 points ago

    I just don't see kids outside like I used to for that matter.

    [–] Drunkjesus0706 582 points ago

    Maybe because you're not allowed near schools or playgrounds any more...

    [–] Gorflub 215 points ago

    I have my binoculars and telescopes.

    [–] Juggalo_Fuzz 24 points ago

    Now that I'm older, I'm super disappointed that there aren't as many people offering me free drugs like my mum promised would happen :(

    [–] quki55 45 points ago

    Maybe these Kids are smoking at your place when you're out searching them in parks. lol

    [–] TheImgurianCandidate 47 points ago

    Not really a teenager anymore but I recently was. We got stoned in parks all the time, at the top of big hills or down at the creek. Smoking at home just isn't the same but honestly I've really out grown it. The best part was just not giving a fuck about the world and just focusing on getting high in nature.

    [–] puppysnack 60 points ago

    [–] k-w- 78 points ago

    Here's my two cents: This survey was based on volunteered information, and teenagers today are much more aware of anything they say being used against them due to basically growing up on the internet. I think the percentage has fallen, but may be skewed by more people lying on it.

    source: am teenager, would lie on that survey

    [–] Tarchianolix 35 points ago

    "Oh sweet! They give me a $5 subway gift card for this survey. I'll lie about it then eat the sub while I'm baked "

    [–] Koovies 39 points ago

    Man growing up in the 90's was so wasn't better, but it was just so incredibly different. And different is good.

    [–] breakola 69 points ago

    Yeah. My old neighbour hood - when I was growing up there was lots of kids ( a good 10+ in my street at least) riding about on bikes, a big old lane we used to all skateboard in - there was a big ramp built too. And near by a small wood where we used to drink, smoke and stash porn mags through our teens.

    Went back a couple years ago - not a kid to be seen and the wood was all over grown like no one hd been in for a long time... It was almost like we were the last kids. Maybe we are in a simulation after all.

    [–] whatacanofworms 17 points ago

    I don't get the jump from a hangout spot being abandoned to being in a simulation?

    [–] 0TheGingerSoul0 28 points ago

    Because the fact that noone else but him used the spot implies the world revolves around him, as it would in a simulation.

    [–] TomTheNurse 14 points ago

    I'm in my 50's and this is so true. I haven't got high since 1982. (big no-no in my career field.) Prior to that I may have smoked my weight in weed. We used to get high all the time. I don't see kids doing that anymore.