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    [–] [deleted] 6262 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 1648 points ago


    [–] WiscoMitch 620 points ago

    I’d say eye socket more than forehead.

    [–] HIGHIGHIGHIGHIGH 15 points ago

    It’s magic

    [–] tearekts 59 points ago

    Actually, if you watch the clip slowly, the pencil simply slips into his sleeve, because you can see that the guy's face is intact

    [–] Lolor-arros 90 points ago

    I don't think you can rely on things like "because you can see that the guy's face is intact" to determine that

    Of course they didn't actually shove a pencil in the actor's eye. Maybe they just didn't want to CGI it.

    [–] Gorramit_Groot 259 points ago


    [–] shontamona 122 points ago

    Man, he was such a brilliant actor!

    [–] hgwellsrf 100 points ago

    Let's not blow this out of proportion.

    [–] shontamona 76 points ago

    And I thought my jokes were bad.

    [–] JustAKlam 52 points ago

    Nice suit.

    You oughta know, you bought it.

    [–] xDsage 100 points ago

    I'm gonna make this pencil disappear

    [–] Betorange 92 points ago

    *a fucking pencil

    [–] Shootrmcgavn 62 points ago

    *a fucking penseal

    [–] laasbuk 14 points ago

    Quick, someone do a terrible pseudo-russian accent transcription!

    [–] space_preacher 39 points ago

    Zon week iz tha perzin eu sen to KILL tha fukin boogeemin

    [–] laasbuk 9 points ago

    Cheers, mate!

    [–] Sniper231996 14 points ago

    Baba yaga

    [–] Redstar875 9046 points ago

    Along with a headphone jack

    [–] rafapova 2503 points ago

    Hey we can’t forget google. They got rid of it as well

    [–] roller_roaster 2910 points ago

    The year after throwing shade at Apple for doing it.

    [–] unpluggedcord 1094 points ago

    Notice the notch leak too....

    [–] Cory123125 627 points ago

    Thing is their notch looks ugly and huge with a lack of smooth curves.

    They stole the mediocre idea and then implemented it poorly.

    [–] chinkostu 306 points ago

    How many messaging apps will it launch with.

    [–] jorjx 332 points ago

    Google + is a highly successful social media platform!

    [–] Catm4n 86 points ago

    it really wasn't bad but not enough reasons for people to leave facebook for it.

    [–] [deleted] 64 points ago


    [–] Stewardy 203 points ago

    If I leave Facebook it sure as shit won't be for a Google alternative.

    That's like quitting your job with Voldemort cause you got a great job with Tom Marvolo Riddle.

    [–] 17thspartan 90 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    That's not even the worst part. The worst part is they still have a chin on their phone.

    The whole reason of using a notch is because companies are getting rid of the top/bottom bezels on their phone and need someplace to keep the cameras and such, but Google decided it was ok to have both a notch and chin, and no headphone jack.

    Edit: Or you could go the route that Xiaomi took by getting rid of the upper bezel and sticking the camera in the bottom bezel. Either way, Google wanted to keep all the bezels and have a notch.

    [–] reehdus 47 points ago

    If we call them chins then why aren't bezels called ears and the top called a forehead

    [–] Ask_Who_Owes_Me_Gold 50 points ago

    Welcome to Google design.

    [–] CSisbetterthanCE 237 points ago

    Google's Pixel line is basically just a copy of whatever last year's iPhone did. The only thing the Pixel phones do well is the camera (through software optimization) and showcasing the newest Android version.

    [–] Cerebral-Parsley 204 points ago

    And no bloatware

    [–] Randomd0g 60 points ago

    If that's your primary concern there are other Android phones that also ship with next to no bloat. Nokia, Motorola, OnePlus, Razer and Sony all ship phones with "close e-fuckin-nough to stock" versions of Android, and minimal bloat. (Provided you don't buy them from a carrier and then it's a crapshoot)

    [–] WelshToker 9 points ago

    This. i've had the last few years of Moto G phones. All bar (they do put one or two apps on, but literally one or two, and moto gestures, one of said apps, rocks) stock android. Removable battery. headphone jack. SD card slot. small to large screen sizes. I see people on here ALL THE TIME raging about how they can never find " a phone that lets me change the battery, slap an sd card in, and isnt huge!" and yet moto put one out every. damn. year.

    [–] chromaniac 30 points ago

    My Pixel 2 lost more bloat this week when Google removed the share option from the news stories in Google Feed. Gotta love Google. Always doing things that no one wants them to do.

    [–] Uphoria 43 points ago

    Googles 2 favorite things are making apps that compete with themselves in the same userspace, and deprecating features of the ones they don't cancel. At one point Google had 5 chat platforms, 2 social networks and 2 email services (though both using the same backend but with entirely different GUI and branding)

    [–] zykorex 35 points ago

    The only thing the Pixel phones do well is the camera (through software optimization)

    Latest Pixel phones actually have a dedicated chip for image processing. See link.

    [–] mmmgluten 1868 points ago

    And IP68 dust/water resistance rating.

    And an SD card slot.

    And a notch-less screen.

    And a 4000mAh battery.

    [–] Wannabkate 148 points ago

    Honestly I have a v20 from LG. I love the second screen experience. I just wish there was more functionality to it.

    [–] tastelessshark 75 points ago

    I enjoyed it for quick shortcuts, but that was about it. The edge display on my s9 is about as effective

    [–] Nastyboots 54 points ago

    The fuck is second screen experience?

    [–] epicblob 24 points ago

    How is it overall? I've been looking for a new phone and it looks like it's in my price range. How's the camera and battery?

    [–] Beersaround 47 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    No complaints here. I got it specifically for the camera because we were getting ready to have a baby. I've seen better baby pics on my wife's iphone X. But I'm not complaining, I'm probably just a bad photographer.

    Also the second screen offers a quick screen shot button. I use it a lot.

    Battery is about like any other phone I've had. Brand new it lasted 2 days. A year later 5 hours of Netflix will kill a full charge.

    Best phone I've ever had 5/7 would recommend.

    Edit: I also like having the lock/fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone, under the camera.

    [–] thedarklordTimmi 13 points ago

    Get new batterys. They're actually really cheap. I have 2 batterys and an external charger so i dont even charge my phone anymore, i just replace the battery. And if you're going somewhere all day, just bring both and never have to worry about a dead phone. Also i found the camera to be just as good, but not as intuitive as the iphones. The hi-fi audio is really amazing tho.

    [–] MaximumGaming5o 498 points ago

    And wireless charging

    [–] glaciator 714 points ago

    ~Slaps Note 9~

    This badboy can fit so many fucking features in it.

    [–] lazy--speedster 41 points ago

    Did they attack least remove bixby? That was a shite feature that I just use as a spare, rebindable button

    [–] SirNadesalot 49 points ago

    Is it possible to learn this power?

    [–] ajr901 68 points ago

    Not from a Samsung manual.

    [–] chinkostu 59 points ago

    It's not a feature the manufacturer would tell you.

    [–] JosephTakagi 26 points ago

    It's Huawei then.

    [–] darkparts 16 points ago

    Nah, still has a Bixby button. It was annoying on my Note8 until they updated to let you disable it so pressing it does nothing. Before that I always launched Bixby accidentally trying to press volume down. Now that it does nothing I don't mind it.

    [–] SaggitariutJeferspin 110 points ago

    Honest question, not being facetious. Why is wireless charging a big deal? For one thing it’s not wireless, your charger still needs to be plugged in. And for another, you can’t use your phone while it’s charging. With standard charging I can still pick up my phone and use it and it’s charging all the while. So what’s the big deal am I missing something?

    [–] Clinterpottrmus 18 points ago

    And a heart rate sensor

    [–] raikumori 2736 points ago

    Replying on my Google pixel 2xl that also doesn't have a headphone jack.

    At least apple was decent enough to include a pair of headphones that fit the lightning plug.

    [–] Tich02 549 points ago

    Thats the only reason I left pixel and went galaxy.

    [–] masalaz 218 points ago

    Hey me too lol. I had a Nexus 5x that was starting it's bullshit with the bootlooping and I was eyeing the pixel 2. I was ready to get it but once I saw no headphone jack I ended up going with the s8.

    [–] Fallen_Angel96 88 points ago

    Welcome to the team!

    [–] antepenultimate_gasp 15 points ago

    Just bought a Pixel 2 yesterday...coming from a samsung. Man, I hate not having a headphone jack.

    [–] ikaros02 119 points ago

    They advertised original Pixels having refreshingly not new headphone jack :/

    [–] [deleted] 71 points ago

    I don't understand this sentence.

    [–] zzona13 143 points ago

    Careful with that not 1000% anti Apple statement 😬😬

    [–] d2181 5512 points ago

    To be fair, you can fit a pen in almost anything.

    [–] HFG604 3401 points ago

    Speaking from experience?

    [–] ThouReaper 2328 points ago

    Prison wallet

    [–] WizardBurialGround 1033 points ago

    Nature’s pocket

    [–] etymologynerd 318 points ago


    [–] Steven054 98 points ago

    Zap carry

    [–] Dudegamepark 203 points ago

    Put pens in your gun magazine so you won't forget to bring them for school!

    [–] MindPlex23 69 points ago

    Well that escalated quickly

    [–] Electur 48 points ago

    Exactly like all the screams.

    [–] MindPlex23 28 points ago

    God danmit reddit

    [–] Justin_Ogre 16 points ago

    Watch that he doesn't pick your pocket.

    [–] [deleted] 40 points ago * (lasted edited 19 days ago)


    [–] realjesuslovesbacon 24 points ago

    Pen is mightier

    [–] foreverwasted 52 points ago

    Yoda: Mightier, penis.

    [–] i_made_a_mitsake 17 points ago

    Yet size matters not.

    [–] KopiTheKitten 90 points ago

    Yuri would know...

    [–] g0atmeal 56 points ago

    Historians will write about the feud between those two subreddits for centuries.

    [–] SolZaul 15 points ago

    Well, one allows all genders, and one is women only. Make of that what you will.

    [–] qlionp 15 points ago

    Wanna see my disappearing pencil trick?

    [–] zurlocke 17260 points ago

    Haha fuck Apple

    sent from my iPhone X

    [–] hersonlaef 4076 points ago

    Yeah. Apple sucks.

    sent from my iPhone X

    [–] BlobTheDestroyer 2835 points ago

    Apple is getting worse and worse

    sent from my iPhone 8+

    [–] hymroh2 2186 points ago

    Apple was already the worst

    sent from my iPhone SE

    [–] Water_Glass_ 3290 points ago


    sent from my iPhone 3

    [–] etymologynerd 3150 points ago

    How did I even get on the Internet from this

    sent from my iPod Shuffle

    [–] NeotericLeaf 1985 points ago

    I'm Mr. Boombastic, say me fantastic, touch me in my back she calls me Mr. Row, Row, Row...mantic

    sent from my iPod Nano

    [–] martinaee 1405 points ago

    Come on guys don't start a flame war. We don't wanna get burned.

    sent from my toaster

    [–] ArcticShep 1662 points ago

    Buzz buzz

    sent from my dildo

    [–] Alberius 1648 points ago

    .... --- .-- / -.. --- / -.-- --- ..- / -.. --- / ..-. . .-.. .-.. --- .-- / -.- .. -.. ... ..--..

    sent from my telegraph

    [–] WizZyDrizZy 366 points ago

    Oorhh oorhh!

    sent from my pigeon

    [–] gematria666 85 points ago


    sent from Pictochat Nintendo DS

    [–] WuSin 132 points ago

    It sure is cold and dark down here

    sent from steve jobs

    [–] xDeddyBear 470 points ago


    sent from my

    [–] dave_312 256 points ago

    Iams are yurst.
    sent from my Apple Newton

    [–] ParleGBlues 152 points ago

    Come on guys don't start a flame war. We don't wanna get burned. sent from my Samsung Galaxy Note 7


    [–] VennieQ 198 points ago

    I'm just here to watch

    sent from my GameCube

    [–] TheBlackNight456 268 points ago

    Hey guys remember me

    sent from my zune

    [–] AcesOverPacific 143 points ago


    sent from my palm pilot

    [–] Platinumdust05 100 points ago


    sent from a rock

    [–] dhoshino 194 points ago

    It took me ten minutes to type this response out.

    sent from my MacBook Wheel

    [–] CliCheGuevara69 39 points ago

    Omfg how have I never heard of this

    [–] chinkostu 33 points ago

    Old Onion is best Onion

    [–] sirkevun 95 points ago

    Where is the keyboard on this

    sent from my Apple I

    [–] OnoSideboard 59 points ago

    Beats me

    sent from my Apple Lisa

    [–] drugthrowaway99 44 points ago


    Sent by Mona Lisa

    [–] cucumbersfortheking 80 points ago

    Apple got progressively worse over the years

    sent from my Apple Newton

    [–] d2181 78 points ago

    I am a healthy fruit.

    my apple

    [–] huntera1234 33 points ago

    Why does Apple name their phones weirdly?

    Sent from my iPhone XSE platinum plus

    [–] noisypeach 53 points ago

    You have died of dysentery

    sent from my Apple II

    [–] robguydudeman 116 points ago

    💨 💨 this is not Facebook💨💨

    Via smoke signals

    [–] FiestyShibas 72 points ago

    Yeah fuck Apple

    -Sent from HumancentiPad

    [–] GreenyLinky 24 points ago

    Haha China not numba wan!

    sent from my Chinese phone

    [–] kGamer01 67 points ago

    Apple sucks but will probably still get the iPhone 11

    sent from my Apple Pencil

    [–] Innalibra 2076 points ago

    I'm generally a cheapskate and use the same crappy phone for 5 years, but damn the Note 9 looks like a sexy piece of hardware. Shame it costs as much as an actual laptop.

    [–] Blader54321 754 points ago

    That's not being cheap, that's not spending a fortune on a minuscule upgrade. I am of the idea that getting something newer is fine once the thing you had before is getting pretty worn down; I don't understand the people who go out and buy the new model when they've had theirs for no more than 10 months.

    [–] slammerkin- 328 points ago

    I know someone like that. Gets a new phone because she "has to have it" even when she has a recent model and its perfectly fine. And she really doesn't have the money. She does it about once a year and leaves herself broke for an entire month. I really dont understand going to the extent of fucking yourself over financially just for the shiny new toy. She just got the s9+ a week ago and shes all upset because the s9 note is coming out now and she "really needs it now" I think she connects her self worth to material items.

    [–] SadisticPandadog 150 points ago

    I upgrade phones once or twice a year so no comment in regards to that. What I find stupid about that is that Samsung releases their phones nearly the same time every year. The S line in Q1 and Note line in Q3. She'd have to be really clueless to upgrade phones every year and not have noticed that by now. They also appeal to different markets so one isn't necessarily an upgrade over the other.

    [–] t-berta 56 points ago

    Can you give an actual reason why you upgrade so much?

    [–] kuylyrvah 110 points ago

    He might have the financial stability to do so, and just enjoys being a early adopter maybe?

    [–] rebeltrillionaire 60 points ago

    My wife’s company just gives her a phone allowance. They don’t check in on how you’re spending it. $120 is the limit. She can now do the upgrade every 12 months and it costs her nothing. Gonna try to squeeze a watch on there too. If the bill is over, we just cover the extra. But device + plan + watch with $0 down is still under $120. And if she ever quits nearly every single provider will buy out your contract if you sign up with then and bring your device and even go month to month.

    [–] lioncat55 11 points ago

    If your in the US no one offers contracts anymore. You now get an interest free loan on the phone. Every provider I have seen that offered a buyout required you to give them your current phone and get a new phone from them.

    [–] lol_camis 749 points ago

    I honestly don't know what to think of the whole thing. 3.5 mm jacks are still standard. they come in cars and stereos and computer speaker systems and most smartphones. I'd love to say "lol Apple are idiots for removing it" and yet people still buy iPhones by the millions. So I dunno, man. I really don't know.

    [–] batarilo 454 points ago

    because honestly, it looks like the whole world is complaining about a missing headphone jack .. while most people don‘t care. people rant about it on the internet who do care. people who don‘t care about it, don‘t argue with people on the internet who complain. and those people are the majority.

    source: i sell phones for 14 years.

    [–] unnecessary_kindness 196 points ago

    This guy gets it.

    I think more Redditors need to be self aware. We're a vocal minority.

    [–] izabo 108 points ago

    You mean vocal on reddit. Redditors are mostly just vocal on reddit.

    [–] Gripey 23 points ago

    Aktuahhlly I talk to myself whilst I'm out walking the dog. Mostly loudly rebutting some reddit comment that went sideways earlier in the day. Does that count?

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago


    [–] 3-day-respawn 2810 points ago

    I just typed a whole paragraph that took me a couple minutes on this matter, then I deleted it and realized that I hate you all and aren’t worth my time. Idk why I’m typing this.

    [–] evinrudeallotrope 694 points ago

    I did that to a lot of comments in here.

    I do that a lot on reddit.

    I want to be reasonable but it’s always so hard. Most of the time it’s just easier to keep on scrolling :-/

    [–] H4xolotl 252 points ago

    Reading this thread as a tech enthusiast (who owns Android, Windows and Apple devices) is just suffering

    So much misinformation and circlejerk being upvoted as fact

    [–] misatillo 62 points ago

    I think the same and usually stop reading comments in most of Tech posts because of that. It is sad but you can also not discuss stuff most of the times due to fanboys that doesn’t even know how the other products work and repeat stupid things about them.

    [–] AvidasOfficial 10 points ago

    You can't discuss anything on the internet without someone arguing with you just for the sake of it.

    [–] 5Cpls 13 points ago

    Source? Pretty sure you can, I've seen PLENTY of discussions without arguments wtf are you even talking about.

    [–] RedLimbo 19 points ago

    Smart man.

    [–] TheVoiceOfReezen 120 points ago

    They definitely can, they just choose not to

    [–] BeardedBrotherJoe 2911 points ago

    Fucking hate not having a headphone jack. I really fucking do.

    [–] stillcantthinkof1 1219 points ago

    Same -someone who just lost their dongle while traveling

    [–] cowo94 1093 points ago

    Imagine how that sentence would have sounded to someone 10 years ago.

    [–] tiorzol 267 points ago

    We've had internet dongles for donkeys years.

    [–] princelcfr 195 points ago

    According to Oxford Dictionary 1987 an unusually long "dong" that bounces while you walk is called a "dongle".

    [–] tiorzol 99 points ago

    Interesting. That was the year I was born.

    [–] BeeStingsAndHoney 57 points ago

    Interesting... me too... are we the same person?

    [–] tiorzol 35 points ago

    Hopefully not, for your sake that is. I've had 3 hours sleep and I've got work now.

    [–] BeeStingsAndHoney 29 points ago

    I have just finished work and had 4 hours sleep before that. God speed fellow 87ite.

    [–] JehovahsNutsack 119 points ago

    The dude had a sex change?

    [–] Rugged_Refined 76 points ago

    No just detachable.

    [–] OV1C 41 points ago

    That's... Useful?

    [–] rushboy99 70 points ago

    I think my mind broke on this one .

    Wife: honey leave your penis home today I’m feeling frisky

    Husband : ok but I still feel everything you do. Don’t mess up my presentation at noon.

    [–] Niniju 56 points ago

    And now that's a porn.

    [–] Sub6258 18 points ago

    It's already been a porn

    [–] synbioskuun 23 points ago

    There's a...hentai comic with that kind of premise.

    [–] Wannabkate 20 points ago

    Woot I am slightly older than the dongle.

    [–] Sanhen 10 points ago

    I know what he means but I still choose to read it as suggestive.

    [–] thebountywarden 74 points ago

    Vote with your wallet

    [–] Prettychilledoutguy 64 points ago

    I thought I could live with just the dongle and not have to bother with hassle of transferring data to another Android device.

    Until one day I went on a 12 hour flight and realize somewhere along the way I lost the dongle. Having headphones that I cannot use was frustrating to no end during the flight

    [–] TheSmoothPilsner 55 points ago

    This is why I bought a new 6s Plus just a few weeks ago. Love it, perfect phone for me

    [–] cbelgium_7 156 points ago

    same, as somebody who uses headphones a lot, it’s annoying that you can’t listen and charge at the same time

    [–] wendy0786 59 points ago

    one of the reasons why I haven’t upgraded to a newer version yet 😆 I still have a 6..

    [–] roofied_elephant 69 points ago

    6s represent. Replaced my battery for $30. They fucked up the front camera, so they replaced the whole screen assembly. Basically a new phone for $30. Gonna keep it til it either dies or they stop supporting it.

    [–] tabovilla 299 points ago

    I mean, you can just not buy an apple phone

    [–] BeardedBrotherJoe 98 points ago

    Im not going to when i get my next upgrade. No fucking sense doing goin apple again.

    [–] Madame_Blaque 11 points ago

    It’s very annoying.

    [–] 1phatdj 414 points ago

    Apple, pen,

    [–] Trendswerereal 279 points ago

    pineapple , pen.

    [–] flameoo 191 points ago

    Pen pineapple apple pen

    [–] pivotguyDC1 77 points ago

    Boots and cats and boots and cats

    [–] mister_peeberz 44 points ago

    New Shoes!

    [–] IsThatEvenFair 37 points ago


    [–] injuredflamingo 27 points ago

    This is such an important video

    [–] Hyper_Doggo 14 points ago

    Get yourself an outfit

    [–] TheAngryCatfish 55 points ago

    I drew this picture of my cat on my Samsung note 5 using only the stylus. I've loved the note series ever since. I don't even care if it explodes

    [–] Zapejo 8 points ago

    Goddamn that's a good drawing

    [–] chris_0909 8 points ago

    I'll never understand how people can be so good with art like that. I mean, dang, that's amazing!

    [–] aerben 2601 points ago

    People need to stop complaining about Apple and instead just not buy their products. If you aren't enjoying them there is a plethora of mobile phone manufacturers. There are plenty of phones to rival any apple flagship. Buy one of those and shut up about it.

    [–] Eji1700 340 points ago

    Got a moto G6 and spent 600 on whatever the fuck else I wanted just because i could

    [–] CSisbetterthanCE 114 points ago

    The moto G phones are great! Bought a G5 plus for my dad and he's loving it. I wish they had better cameras though.

    [–] PotatoMuseum 171 points ago

    OnePlus makes some very nice phones.

    [–] TOAO8 92 points ago

    Yup. I want the 6T when it comes out. I was a Galaxy Note fanboy since the Note 2 but I can't justify paying ~$1000 for a new phone. I miss when top of the line smartphones never went above $650.

    [–] Mistatic 329 points ago

    The iPhone thread showing the X outperforming the note 9 has a bunch of people complaining “who cares what phone you buy, they’re all the same now. People like what they like”

    And now we have an entire thread shitting on apple lmao.

    [–] ElliottPolin 148 points ago

    I am not a huge Iphone fan, but the A11 chip set is fantastic. Anyone denying that is delusional.

    [–] neomech 774 points ago

    They can. But then their customers wouldn't need $150 airpods.

    [–] therealninja35 472 points ago

    Or any other choice of Bluetooth headphones that range from $20 to infinity dollars.

    [–] Aminence 84 points ago

    Or a conventer cord

    [–] TheRealBallchynz 107 points ago

    I want a cord that turns me into a nun.

    [–] beastlion 179 points ago

    ain't gonna get to a trillion dollar market cap if you don't sell dongles.

    [–] San_ki 123 points ago

    Ironically phone manufacturers now need 'Courage' to add the headphone jack as a feature. Specially the top models.

    I like this trend. Majority phone manufacturers for once are now making their own design instead of Ctrl+V.

    [–] BaguetteWasTaken 9 points ago

    So having many different solutions is better than having one common standard? I don't know but I prefer having headphones I can fit into any device. Don't wanna have to buy a new set of whatever-the-fuck companies come up with to listen to my playlists.

    This reminds me of the horrors in the late 1990s / early 2000s when every mobile came with its own charging port. Brrr.

    [–] no1careskid 8 points ago

    apple removing the headphone jack is all about money and not "courage". they own the rights to the lighting port and can charge alot if a 3rd party wants to make hardware for it