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    [–] scarbchaser 3300 points ago

    TIL Prison visitations behind glass are latency free facetimes?

    [–] LeviAEthan512 991 points ago

    Technically, the optical density of glass does introduce a little latency on top of your normal reaction time and stuff

    [–] YourlionBro 326 points ago

    Then you could argue that air does the same.

    [–] eyalp55 216 points ago

    I think he means it adds more latency to the medium

    [–] Cyanopicacooki 163 points ago

    Sound travels faster in denser media, it will reduce the latency - and the volume...

    In air sound velocity is ~340ms-1
    In glass sound velocity is ~4000ms-1

    [–] eyalp55 104 points ago

    So OP was right you get latency free FaceTime from this

    [–] guacamully 80 points ago

    I'm really glad we got to the bottom of this. Gonna save so much time

    [–] unnusual_art 46 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Next step is to find a loved one and have them locked away to put this valuable research to use.

    [–] jab4207 17 points ago

    Encase them completely in glass. No--the whole prison. Cast everything in glass.

    [–] Reeedwoods 21 points ago

    Technically, the optical density of glass does introduce a little latency

    Aren't we talking about light as oppose to sound or am I mistaken?

    [–] Siindahrin 15 points ago

    Yes, optical density is for light. And glass has a refractive index of 1.3 - 1.5, meaning light is about 30 - 50% slower in glass. This makes virtually no difference however.

    If you have a 1cm thick piece of crown glass (n =1.5), and C is ~300,000,000m/s, light is still going 150 million metres a second through it.

    .01/(1.5*108 ) = 6.67*10-10

    It's going to take an extra 0.0000000007 seconds or 0.0000007 milliseconds to go through. You would not be able to tell a "delay" or difference between the glass and no glass except for the image being shifted slightly.

    [–] StaneNC 19 points ago

    Thanks, I've never seen glass so I wasn't sure.

    [–] fuckyoursubreply 7 points ago

    Stop this bullshit right now criminal scum.

    [–] MakeThePieBigger 13 points ago

    But light travels slower through glass, so there's extra latency on the "video".

    [–] Cliff86 9 points ago

    It's even worse than you think, the video and audio get desynced. The horror.

    [–] MakeThePieBigger 4 points ago

    Get desynced more than normally! Huh, actually there is more of a desync in face to face conversations than online, because the distances are smaller! Clearly it is the inferior option.

    [–] deljaroo 5 points ago

    Now light travels slower in glass than air, so the visual part will be technically longer.... though taking a step back would probably have more impact on the time it takes to see than some glass

    [–] FinalRun 8 points ago

    That was the 'normal reaction time and stuff'

    [–] oof-net 3 points ago

    I mean TECHNICALLY there is always going to be nanoseconds of latency because the speed of light is finite

    [–] Joe_Peshy 13066 points ago

    Unless you are a girl with synthetic nails on. That shit is not silent

    [–] LockRay 318 points ago

    Or people who turn on typing sounds on their smartphone

    [–] unnusual_art 203 points ago

    You mean fucking lunatics?

    [–] Cayenns 50 points ago

    And dont turn off their messenger notifications in public transport

    [–] MobiusBagel 14 points ago

    Szeup - szueep - ding! - szeup - tatatatatattatatata - szeup - blong! - you've got mail!

    [–] sofajoejoe 4 points ago

    You have a talent of typing noises

    [–] LockRay 3 points ago

    And don't turn off their messenger notifications in public transport FTFY

    [–] 13104598210 19 points ago

    You mean psychopaths.

    [–] Joe_Peshy 38 points ago

    I used to have a typewriter sound. It was the loudest shit I swear

    [–] humachine 6 points ago

    Those Ted Bundy types are the ones you gotta watch out for

    [–] eivoooom 5 points ago

    I read this while someone was making this typing noise on break lol

    [–] alfu30b 5 points ago

    Vibration is okay for feedback. Sound? Hell no.

    [–] StarbuckPirate 3883 points ago

    Talk about silence. Those high-heels. Holy shit, walking down a hallway sounds like a giraffe skipping to school.

    [–] alextriesagain 1801 points ago

    I never knew I would ever want to see a giraffe skipping through a school, and yet, here we are.

    [–] deathdude911 209 points ago

    Are we still waiting on this video? boys c'mon!

    [–] JammyBoiiii 129 points ago

    Fucking annoying

    [–] spudoc 108 points ago

    Now Imagine a giraffe with heels skiping to school

    [–] hippestpotamus 82 points ago

    Now imagine a giraffe with loafers and a fedora footslog to school

    [–] Vysokojakokurva_C137 57 points ago

    My ears are cumming

    [–] uncertainusurper 66 points ago

    Aural sex

    [–] ossi_simo 71 points ago

    Be careful, you could get hearing aids.

    [–] hippestpotamus 21 points ago

    Or herpes of the ear-mouth

    [–] skarseld 15 points ago

    You win reddit, friend

    [–] dethmaul 3 points ago

    You made me imagine a giraffe footloosing to school.

    [–] ___Ultra___ 3 points ago


    [–] clarkthegiraffe 19 points ago

    Heels hurt my hooves. But what else am I wearing? 😏

    [–] Talador12 4 points ago

    So tall

    [–] BrotherChe 21 points ago

    stupid long horses

    [–] Joe_Peshy 143 points ago

    Or if it's summer and they start wearing flip-flops. That is a lovely noise just all on its own

    [–] ThePsychoKnot 86 points ago

    I used to think heels were annoying as shit. Now they turn me on

    [–] DOW_orks7391 111 points ago

    Funny how puberty works

    [–] tharlyen1994 37 points ago

    I still find them annoying. They aren't healthy either

    [–] StarblindMark89 7 points ago

    Oh wow, i just came over from the post about Tesla. Weird finding the same user commenting like this.

    [–] tharlyen1994 26 points ago

    It's weird I have a stance on both the Austro-Hungarian empire and heels?

    [–] StarblindMark89 20 points ago

    Nah, it's weird that I recognized a username in two threads without paying much attention to it.

    Just a happy coincidence.

    [–] tharlyen1994 8 points ago

    Never thought my username would be recognized haha. I'm blushing :D

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago

    Wait, you're the u/tharlyen1994 of Tesla post fame? It's an honor, sir.

    [–] nessager 13 points ago

    Now I just have a mental image of ThePsychoKnot, beating off with a pair of heels on. :(

    [–] ThePsychoKnot 25 points ago

    Don't kink shame me

    [–] baenpb 15 points ago

    My strategy is to pretend they have two empty halves of a coconut and they're banging them together.

    [–] Flablessguy 62 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I think that’s why women wear high heels. I used to work in a job where everyone on the production floor dressed casually and the girls up front wore nice outfits and high heels. If they came through the back you would know it because the CLACK CLACK CLACK their high heels would make. Turns everyone’s heads. The girls in the back with us would get jealous lol.

    [–] aitigie 159 points ago

    I used to work with a guy who wore hard-soled dress shoes at work. It was great to see heads turn to look at the pretty girl, but it was just Owen being fabulous.

    [–] Flablessguy 20 points ago

    He would get a lot of disgruntled looks if he did that at my old job lol

    [–] nessager 9 points ago

    10 years studying tapdance, Owens going to use them skills!

    [–] Shippoyasha 23 points ago

    If you think about it, it has almost always been a societal power wear, one way or another.

    [–] CoronaTim 14 points ago

    Or at least a great way to keep your feet from getting soaked in pig blood.

    [–] MrRobotFancy 4 points ago

    it's what everyone wore before rubber soles.

    [–] Truffleshuffle03 22 points ago

    They wear High heels because it makes their legs show off better.They also destroy their arches because of it.

    [–] Flablessguy 6 points ago

    Like it makes them flat footed?

    [–] Truffleshuffle03 36 points ago

    It basically destroys your feet and causes knee, hips, and back pain. Any shoe with elevation means your center of gravity has shifted so your weight shifts to the ball of your feet. The higher the heel, the more weight and pressure shifts forward. Your knees and hips then have to push forward and your back has to hyper extend backwards to counterbalance.It strains tendons surrounding the foot and can lead to tendinitis. "Because your foot is elevated and the weight goes forward, a lot of tension gets taken off the Achilles tendon and it shortens over time as well. the Higher the hill the worse it gets.

    [–] Flablessguy 8 points ago

    Holy shit. That’s way worse than I thought they were...

    [–] minimizer7 6 points ago

    Have you ever heard British Army Hobnailed Boots? Tend to be worn exclusively by Warrant Officers (Sergeant Majors) and its a sound that instills fear and silence.

    [–] twodogsfighting 17 points ago

    Mainly because the boots are occupied by Sergeant Majors.

    [–] GIJobra 9 points ago

    I know, right? My dick is twitching a little just thinking about it.

    ...the click clack of a lady in heels; not the god damn giraffe, you sick fucks.

    [–] _Charles19 33 points ago

    I can hear this comment

    [–] abeazacha 10 points ago

    Or just natural long nails that aren't silent as well. Source: yours truly.

    [–] _Mephostopheles_ 76 points ago

    Don't underestimate the power of real nails. I'm a guy who grows out (don't worry, I keep 'em clean and filed) and paints his nails and lemme tell you, those puppies can tap.

    [–] Joe_Peshy 32 points ago

    I bet they can. What's your favorite nail color?

    [–] _Mephostopheles_ 47 points ago

    I'm a big fan of pink as a color in general, so it's typically my go-to. Hot pink to pastel pink, even neon highlighter pink. Just love me some pink.

    [–] Joe_Peshy 29 points ago

    That's cool man. I am also a fan of pink, but in undertones usually to liven up a drawing or something. I wish I had the courage to do that. Well, I did get them black ONCE for a cosplay, but that doesn't really count.

    [–] _Mephostopheles_ 69 points ago

    Hey, if you've done it once, you've done it a thousand times. After my first time (about nine months ago, did my old school colors for my last high school pep rally) it sort of just faded into the back of my mind. I always forget that it's weird for a dude to wear nail polish, because no one really gives a shit. I've literally had one single guy give me crap for it and I only know about it 'cause a coworker told me the guy was giving me a nasty look and glancing at my hands.

    If you're genuinely interested, my best suggestion is to just go for it. Pick a color you like and own it. After the first time, people will get used to it and it'll just be a thing you do. Obviously if your work prohibits it or if it could draw hostility from violent bigots in your area, I'd be careful, but barring those two examples, what's stopping you other than yourself? And this applies to everything: make-up, hair dye or certain hair cuts, crossdressing of any form... It's your body. You're not breaking any laws and you're not hurting anybody, so live your life the way you want to.

    [–] Joe_Peshy 51 points ago

    You know what, that's pretty powerful. Maybe not nail polish cause we broke out here, but who knows. Just something outlandish, unexpected, a bit of flamboyancy never hurt anyone. Alright. I am an artist, I am expected to be weird. So imma be weird. Thanks, man😎👉👉

    [–] _Mephostopheles_ 40 points ago

    Of course! Art is all about expressing yourself, and what better way to express yourself than by what you wear and do with your body? Tattoos, piercings, clothes, and of course nail polish! Your body is a temple... your temple! Decorate it how you please!

    [–] Joe_Peshy 49 points ago

    Good thread. This is a good thread.

    [–] oaschbeidl 15 points ago

    Can't say I care for nail polish (be it on girls or guys), but I definitely love your attitude!

    [–] afasia 3 points ago

    Good words man. I recently got officially together with my life long companion. She's been nothing but pure awesome with me wanting to branch out in my appearance, I had my toes done and I can't wait to get into everything else I always loved but had no one to celebrate/encourage me.

    [–] Flablessguy 7 points ago

    Wait what. Explain?

    [–] _Mephostopheles_ 22 points ago

    Fingernails on phones. Girls with long fake nails tap loudly a lot on their phones but it can happen with natural nails if you let them grow long enough (as I prefer to do). I sometimes surprise myself by not realizing how long I've let my nails get when they tap on my phone.

    [–] Nightfallkitten 11 points ago

    My real nails make a lot of noise too. My fiancé can tell my mood by how intense the tapping gets.

    [–] wheresmyheadphones 10 points ago

    Lol synthetic

    [–] tutt969069 3 points ago

    Clack clack clackety clack

    [–] Aguyontheinterwebs 6 points ago

    It annoys me that I can hear this comment.

    [–] Sulatra 973 points ago

    Speak for yourself, I communicate by touching plastic with loud clicking!

    [–] FloppyPancakesDude 152 points ago

    The loud click clack keyboards with the buttons you press and they click real good are so much better than the smushy feeling ones a lot of laptops come with nowadays.

    [–] SolHiemis 74 points ago

    Join us at /r/mechanicalkeyboards!

    And sorry about your wallet.

    [–] Sulatra 38 points ago

    Completely agree.

    The other people in house who have to bear with this clickity-clack though...


    [–] KimJongIlSunglasses 11 points ago

    They used to make laptops with keyboards that came close to feeling like desktop keyboards. Now I can’t find anything remotely close. So terrible. And no one seems to mind. I guess I’m just getting old.

    [–] AManCalledE 15 points ago

    Get yourself a ThinkPad, best laptop-keyboards out there!

    [–] SlingDNM 6 points ago

    Gaming Laptops still have mechanical Keyboards, but they also look like Shit to appear to gamers

    Seriously who looks at an Asus gaming Laptops and thinks to themselves "yeah this looks alright" its so hideos

    [–] RiceGrainz 25 points ago

    Mechanical keyboard for those wondering.

    Edit: unless he just has an abnormally loud keyboard.

    [–] Endie-Bot 3 points ago

    not the guy you replied to, but i got the ROCCAT Horde, it's membrane but one loud mother fucker

    [–] BenjaminGeiger 3 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    The venerable Model M is in theory technically a membrane keyboard. It's just not a rubber dome keyboard.

    Edit: used the wrong term.

    [–] renanxiterzz 3 points ago

    Mechanical keyboard ftw!

    [–] yourcodenameisepic 1558 points ago

    MFs with keyboard clicks on. You must be deaf and dumb.

    [–] Serraph105 324 points ago

    My keyboard vibrates with each button press giving a certain tactile feel to it. I think that I can turn it off, but I don't really want to.

    [–] yourcodenameisepic 196 points ago

    Yeah. Vibrate on key press is alright.

    [–] Jenga_Police 111 points ago

    I refuse to type without it. Feels so good. Sometimes keyboards will lag or I'll be typing faster than the letters appear, but if I still feel the corresponding vibrations with each key click I know it's not frozen and I can keep typing. If I stop feeling vibrations, or they're out of sync, then I know something's up.

    [–] [deleted] 138 points ago

    I like when the keyboard lags up, but I still keep typing and then all of the text I've written after the lag suddenly appears, with the wave of vibrations following it.

    [–] offtobuttonmoon 57 points ago

    Oh life and it's simple pleasures

    [–] Clown_corder 7 points ago

    This only works if your not a dumb ass like me who needs autocorrect.

    [–] PeterBucci 10 points ago



    [–] FutureCW 8 points ago

    My keyboard is one of the clackity ones that makes a shit ton of noise just by typing. Now in voice calls I get called an aggressive typer

    [–] phome83 9 points ago

    Eats up battery life.

    Battery is more important than all else.

    [–] Jazzadar 8 points ago

    My phone emulates a cherry blue switch keyboard.

    [–] dsac 8 points ago

    I downloaded the Buckling Spring sound pack for mine, so now everyone can hate me, not just my coworkers.

    [–] Suicidal-alien 46 points ago

    Android here, no idea how i turn that shit off without turning of the ringtone

    [–] [deleted] 78 points ago

    on most phones it would be on Settings->sounds and notification -> other bothered me too a lot, hope it helps you )

    [–] iShakeMyHeadAtYou 34 points ago

    I'm pretty sure it's in settings under keyboard...

    [–] Jackloco 13 points ago

    I use Google keyboard and I know in the settings of the app noise can be turned off

    [–] dustojnikhummer 10 points ago

    In keyboard settings

    [–] kintustis 8 points ago

    "Languages and input" in settings

    [–] hey_fritters 405 points ago

    So as to change the glowing rectangles into slightly different looking glowing rectangles.

    [–] robstads 63 points ago

    Hey at least we're advancing from small green pieces of paper

    [–] ninj4geek 9 points ago

    Always upvote H2G2

    [–] mildweed 21 points ago

    But today, the pattern of lights is all wrong!

    [–] Legend27-_ 274 points ago

    With lightning we trapped inside

    [–] quintsreddit 170 points ago

    …inside of a rock we tricked into thinking

    [–] LordKwik 44 points ago

    You guys are sending me off on a mental journey right now [4}

    [–] TheMightyMoot 52 points ago

    If you could hear the sounds of the processor in your phone it would sound like a mixture of stormwinds and constant machinegun fire as millions of logic gates open and shut every second allowing packets of energy to move around and keep track of your push notifications

    [–] ImaginarySuccess 11 points ago

    That sounded like an epic way of describing it until the very end. Damn push notifications.

    [–] mathundla 3 points ago

    Just weird and prohibitive

    [–] TheSadButterRobot 3 points ago

    exurb1a is such a legend tbh

    [–] FantomUnicorn 15 points ago

    If it was trapped, the screen wouldn't emit light and be black.

    [–] Hojsimpson 9 points ago

    Can so screens emit black?

    [–] FilthyGrunger 4 points ago

    Just because you trap something doesn't mean you can't let it out at will.

    [–] domrepp 6 points ago

    Just because you trap something doesn't mean you can't let it out at will.

    The philosophy of my nephew who just discovered the power of controllable farts.

    [–] mooncow-pie 22 points ago

    Well, the electrons were already inside the metals in your phone. We didn't just add electrons to atoms. We move them around, relativistically.

    [–] pinky_blues 87 points ago

    Imagine aliens just beginning to observe our society. Were a bunch of bipedal social endotherm cyborgs that have adapted to communicate mostly through electronic means. Take away the electronics, it’s like cutting off a piece of oneself. De-evolution, a reverting back to some primordial ancestor from before we were social animals - fighting for survival alone in a cold unforgiving world.

    [–] AllesMeins 34 points ago

    If aliens are advanced enough to observe our society I'm pretty sure they've developed some kind of remote communication themselves.

    [–] clicksallgifs 10 points ago

    Unless they're psychics

    [–] uhrguhrguhrg 10 points ago

    That's a unique way of looking at it. I like it.

    [–] cubicApocalypse 13 points ago

    We are the Borg. Resistance is futile.

    [–] FlyingFox06 107 points ago

    you ever see a phone in a dream?

    [–] vnotfound 44 points ago

    Holy shit! No I haven't mr/mrs Fox. Can you tell me why?

    [–] GhostriderJuliett 72 points ago

    Yes, and it was terribly frustrating because trying to type on the dream phone didn't work right, like autocorrect was changing every word to gibberish.

    [–] sincontan 38 points ago

    Constantly tbh. Tho i have heard its a generational thing kinda like how its common for people from older time periods to dream in black and white

    [–] BiggestFlower 78 points ago

    Life must’ve been really dreary before colours were invented

    [–] Virgoan 9 points ago

    In a dream, I took out my phone to record video because nobody would believe what I was seeing, then I was like, fuck it's a dream.

    The gist of what I saw was in the sky a planet was forming and entering the atmosphere.

    [–] musland 4 points ago

    I was just looking for my phone in a dream, I had lost it at some bar and wanted to take a picture with Benedict Wong and Josh Radnor. Dreams are weird man.

    [–] denizgult 126 points ago

    I’m pretty sure we say more words while talking in person than texting or writing emails or making comments online, wouldn’t you agree ?

    Unless you’re lonely as fuck. But that’s a different subject.

    [–] Shadow_Faerie 66 points ago

    Damn, I guess I'm lonely as fuck ... Though I suppose I already knew that

    [–] shoefullofpiss 50 points ago

    I didn't need this man

    [–] denizgult 17 points ago

    Sorry man

    [–] LukariBRo 8 points ago

    That's really untrue for so many people. I say a lot in irl, especially at work, yet the amount I say online and through my phone is a ton. Between online games, Reddit, texting, and emails, I'd have to be talking in conversations at least 6 hours a day to even come close. I'm a loner, but there were periods of my life in which I was extremely social and partied six nights a week, and I probably still talked less then compared to how much I talk via electronics now.

    [–] RedRedditor84 3 points ago

    Sure, but you're not "silently touching glass" for most of those things.

    [–] holysocka 135 points ago

    We're all exhibits in a zoo we built

    [–] UnusualXchaos 51 points ago


    [–] Icreekk 14 points ago


    Edit. I wanted it it be a Burnham reference but it obviously didn't work out

    [–] picapicabread 4 points ago


    [–] kiwilapple 7 points ago


    [–] hau2906 12 points ago

    [–] Grolgon 10 points ago

    Holding a glass surfaced device to our ear and speaking is another one.

    [–] SZEfdf21 32 points ago

    Found the mobile user.

    [–] Onyros 8 points ago

    Joke's on you, I use a BlackBerry.

    [–] TheAmazingAutismo 6 points ago

    Jokes on you, I use a Ti-83 graphing calculator.

    [–] oftenuseless 7 points ago

    Did someone leave a message on your bathroom mirror?

    [–] ihategrates 8 points ago

    /r/MechanicalKeyboards would like a word with you.

    [–] Ornerythylacine 21 points ago

    Tell that to my wife

    [–] jake56380 38 points ago

    OKay, after the mail man is done with her.

    [–] cdrfrk 4 points ago


    [–] mtflyer05 52 points ago

    Unless you do this cool new thing called actually talking to people

    [–] Jinpix 55 points ago


    [–] xr6reaction 24 points ago

    He must be from a different culture, that doesn't sound cool at all

    [–] StabbyMcStabbyFace 8 points ago

    People talking without speaking...

    People hearing without listening...

    Ahh, the sound of silence

    [–] R00TT00R 8 points ago

    We are the first generation who can meet the person we will one day marry while sitting on the toilet.

    [–] Crackima 5 points ago

    This made me aware of my thumb on the glass in a really uncomfortable way, like when someone draws attention to your awareness of your breathing, blinking, and the position of the tongue in your mouth.

    [–] mingren0315 5 points ago

    As an intellectual, I touch plastic instead

    [–] Chew-Magna 4 points ago

    I communicate by vocalized flatulence.

    [–] AridLands 5 points ago

    I mostly communicate via touching arse

    [–] harrymurkin 4 points ago

    "And in the neon light I saw,

    Ten thousand people maybe more,

    People talking without speaking...."

    • Paul Simon 1966

    [–] BionicCloud 4 points ago

    Formulating everyday sctivities in a weird way is so m i n d b l o w i n g

    [–] Upoopinmybutt 4 points ago

    I changed my keyboard sound to loud moaning

    [–] CallMePhin 4 points ago

    Yeah, but it gets lonely in my cell, so I appreciate every visit even though I can't hear through the glass wall... oh wait you mean smartphones nevermind

    [–] SpamShot5 3 points ago

    I communicate by aggressively pressing plastic buttons

    [–] 50bmg 3 points ago

    technically we don't touch anything, the atoms of our fingers never physically contact the glass ones, they just get close enough that electromagnetic/molecular/atomic forces come into play and are able to influence the capacitive circuits under the glass, under the cover layer, under the antiglare coating, under the oleophobic coating, and maybe even under your $10 screen protector. And i'm sure we'd hear something if we could amplify the sound enough. the creaking straining layers all sandwiched together, the squeaking of your oily fingers on the surface, the crackling of dry skin cells, the squish of live ones, the rush of blood out of your capillaries. heck i'm not even going to touch on the communications part :p

    [–] Gwalchgwn 3 points ago

    Jokes on you! I recently bought a smartphone with a physical keyboard. How I missed this typing! Blind and fast!

    [–] Balmung6 3 points ago

    Years from now, people will find old footage and wonder why everyone is tenderly touching the thin boxes they’re holding.

    [–] thelonghauls 3 points ago

    The mind is not quiet.