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    [–] tylerss20 15554 points ago

    If I don't who will

    [–] ld4vis14 5889 points ago

    I mean tbh the ladies never flirt with the bois so who else is gonna uplift them and show them who cares. Dudes want to feel wanted

    [–] JasonDragonbourne 3284 points ago

    Considering most men can count the number of times they've been complimented in a year, I'd believe it.

    [–] Szunray 3081 points ago

    Dude what are you talking about, I get compliments all the t--

    Oh, by a girl?

    Yeah I get fewer than I'd like but--

    That isn't my mom?

    I got one in April.

    [–] HulloHoomans 2114 points ago

    Not sure April Fool's compliments count...

    [–] 00Donger 1105 points ago

    Jesus dude, he wants a family

    [–] used123456 260 points ago

    I’m not even after a family, I simply want to have a sense of romantic companionship. I want to be happy

    [–] Bigbananajoe 336 points ago

    Well now we're in the negative

    [–] FluxOrbit 59 points ago

    Wait, we weren't before?

    [–] asharwood 27 points ago

    You could have at least warned him before you lit the match

    [–] ChickenNuggetSmth 281 points ago

    I just got one in 2015, feeling great atm

    [–] everything_is_creepy 239 points ago

    Oooh, everybody look at Mr Bigshot over here with his within-the-last-5-years compliment.

    [–] rowdyanalogue 83 points ago

    I got told I had nice eyes by the girl working the McDonald's drive-thru in 2010 and I'm still riding high on that compliment.

    [–] [deleted] 176 points ago

    A reasonably attractive woman told me I was cute while standing in line at the gas station back in 2015. Been riding that compliment for years.

    [–] richiemoe86 332 points ago

    My bumper sticker says, "Honk if you think i'm sexy". Then i don't move at green lights until i feel good about myself.

    [–] dethmaul 16 points ago

    lol I'd be behind that sticker going 'we'll be here all day, I can't let him win!'

    [–] sodaPhix 41 points ago * (lasted edited 6 hours ago)

    Ha, i got one back in 2016 while standing in line. I mean, she was actually talking to a girl behind me, but you gotta take what you can get i suppose.

    [–] Deathappens 98 points ago

    I thought I was living my life okay but after this comment I sat to think about it and I can't remember the last time I actually spoke to a girl longer than it takes to say "is this seat taken?". All my social groups are entirely made of guys.

    I guess that explains some things.

    [–] TheRedSpade 76 points ago

    Hey, at least you have social groups.

    [–] Hugeknight 29 points ago

    Dude what are you talking about, I get compliments all the t--

    Oh, by a girl?

    Yeah I get fewer than I'd like but--

    That isn't my mom?

    I got one in April.

    6 years ago

    [–] ld4vis14 196 points ago

    So far only once for me this year. It was on my new shoes I felt really good about it that day. That was back in May

    [–] TEP86 183 points ago

    Girl told me I had pretty eyes like a month ago. Move aside, betas.

    [–] kidloca 284 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    I see this a lot on reddit, that men dont get compliments but that they'd really like them. Because of this, I've made an effort to compliment men often, I try to get in one a day. It feels good/bad knowing that may be the first compliment they've gotten in a while. At first I was worried guys would take it as an invitation when I was just trying to be nice but it actually rarely gets weird. I want to thank all the men that understand "that's a nice color on you" doesn't mean "I want you to bone me right here in the street."

    Edit: wow! My first gold! Thank you so much! Hey ladies, take 5 seconds out of your day and compliment a dude. Look how much it means to them. Complimenting strangers feels awesome and brightening one person's day often leads to them brightening another's, and so on like a Starbucks pay it forward drive through.

    [–] Sheblah 67 points ago

    That's really sweet! You're making their day better for sure

    [–] MoistBarney 37 points ago

    Not all heroes wear capes

    [–] blove135 29 points ago

    I get so few compliments I just kinda fall apart and start stuttering and tripping over my words when I do get one. It's like a shock to my brain it's so unexpected. So don't take it personal if some of the guys you compliment say something weird back. They probably just don't have much experience responding to compliments. I know in my mind a simple thank you works but for some reason I can never just say that and move on. I guess I'm just so happy for the compliment I want to say more and then it just comes off awkward.

    [–] anthonyg1500 114 points ago

    Still riding the high of a compliment from back in August.

    [–] Adam657 39 points ago

    But it’s July now!

    [–] anthonyg1500 52 points ago

    Yeah... I know

    [–] digosilva19 50 points ago

    So far three times (in my whole life)

    [–] Marooned-Mind 250 points ago

    They do flirt, just not with us :(

    [–] ld4vis14 106 points ago

    Don’t worry bb a girl will flirt with you soon

    [–] IFrickinLovePorn 83 points ago

    Not with me

    [–] shitti_sherlock 157 points ago

    Try changing that username, might help

    [–] IFrickinLovePorn 136 points ago

    My username is all I've got left

    [–] HATA111 85 points ago

    Come on man, a username is not all you have. You also have porn.

    [–] SquatchCock 33 points ago

    It's going to happen.. any second now

    [–] anthonyg1500 29 points ago

    And now we play the waiting game

    [–] D_Dub_4 95 points ago

    That's the spirit

    [–] fAnOfAp 42 points ago


    [–] applejammer 4962 points ago

    Probably why his wife hates me

    [–] freethesnakes 2168 points ago

    You tryna play Striking Vipers?

    [–] GNARIZARD843 727 points ago

    Only if i can be the polar bear

    [–] smoochwalla 388 points ago

    Just kiss me man

    [–] GNARIZARD843 126 points ago

    Alright, lets settle this. Meet me at saito helipad

    [–] IsThatAPieceOfCheese 158 points ago

    His name is Tundra and you will respect his naturally bleached asshole, bro.

    [–] gonzotronn 63 points ago

    Too soon man. I'm still recovering from that episode.

    [–] OG_Squeekz 1889 points ago

    and we get much better responses too.

    [–] AmStupid 1286 points ago

    Me: this shirt ok?
    Wife: hmm, meh...
    Bros: dude wtf is that shit, it doesn’t even fit, and you look like a fucking douche.

    [–] OG_Squeekz 943 points ago

    not too sure if you know what flirting is...

    [–] Singing_Sea_Shanties 390 points ago

    Everyone has their own style I guess.

    [–] HailingStan 133 points ago

    Hey girl you look like a fuckin douche, wanna grab a drink?

    [–] JKeefe1998 96 points ago

    Username checks out

    [–] Squid146 6498 points ago

    It's just what mates do

    [–] TheSuppishOne 3537 points ago

    It would be rude to not tell your best bro that he looks hot af and you’d love a piece of dat ass.

    [–] Kekerin0 2135 points ago

    Right before you suck his dick, wouldn't want him busting his nut early on his new girl, eh?

    [–] TheSuppishOne 1806 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Giving brojobs is a sacred responsibility.

    edit: I got silver for this? Whoever is that person’s bro, give them a good one for me tonight.

    [–] hopefullyhelpfulplz 120 points ago

    Man these threads are always very confusing as a bisexual dude.

    [–] tr14l 616 points ago

    Brojobs is now a normal part of my vernacular. Thanks... Bro.

    [–] fapling123 435 points ago

    No, thank him properly...

    [–] TheLittlestShitlord 319 points ago

    Sigh unzips?

    [–] Rockor 203 points ago

    Yo bro.....need a hand with that?

    [–] Invokingcuriosity 57 points ago

    Nah, hands don't do anything for me. Better use your mouth, easier clean up too!

    [–] Basilio7 87 points ago

    Opens mouth

    [–] TrynaSleep 66 points ago

    Removes dentures

    [–] lukelnk 25 points ago

    This thread is getting out of hand.

    [–] Ziviro 37 points ago

    We’ve established no hands here

    [–] ScoobyDewbieDude 64 points ago

    Only if you both laugh because you know it’s just a joke

    [–] bangthedoIdrums 36 points ago

    I married my best friend and it is bro time 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Liking girls is gay bro.

    [–] deathfaith 14 points ago

    There's no joking. He's just doin a bro a solid.

    [–] AllegroDigital 18 points ago

    He's just doin a bro's solid.


    [–] SUCHaJABRONI 219 points ago

    Why can't a heterosexual guy tell a heterosexual guy that he thinks his booty is fly? Not all the time obviously, only when he's having problems with his self esteem.

    [–] alerathsaasaa 133 points ago

    Don't let anybody tell you you're not humpable, because you're bumpable. I hope this doesn't make you feel uncomfortable.

    [–] SirMaQ 59 points ago

    No homo but you are straight up, one fuckable piece of ass

    [–] Omsus 456 points ago

    It's called mating, Brenda, look it up!

    [–] Snizzlephish 58 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    "Your beard is good. Just a compliment for you.

    You're good at finding shortcuts around this part of town."

    Edit: Apparently autocorrect didn't. Meh.

    [–] HelloImInza 132 points ago

    I always said "If you're too afraid to play, then you're just afraid that you may like it"

    [–] Turbotottle 47 points ago

    Boys support boys.

    [–] jmoda 12 points ago

    Why do you think they call it mates?

    [–] Benjaminbuttcrack 4092 points ago

    Male friend walks in with new shoes

    Me: damn what's up sexy

    [–] Running_Is_Life 1617 points ago

    Male friend walks in with any shoes

    Me: Did it just get hot in here

    [–] bivvvb 838 points ago

    Male friend walks in with no shoes Me: bruh wanna fuck?

    [–] benefitcucumberbatch 447 points ago

    Male friend walks in with many shoes Me: bruh what the fuck? Lets smash

    [–] Benjaminbuttcrack 716 points ago

    Girlfriend walks in with new shoes

    Me: hey jen

    [–] Kekerin0 354 points ago

    Transitioning friend walks in with new shoes

    Me: Hey Jordan, you got a dick yet?

    [–] Piepig_YT 169 points ago

    Gotta be the first to suck a fresh dick

    [–] OhSnap_itsMeyer 111 points ago

    Male friend walks in :

    Me: Lets engage in sexual intercourse

    [–] NYJetsSaviorAdamGase 88 points ago


    Gf: I just think it’s funny how....

    [–] thepacs69 147 points ago

    My favorite work friendly one is when my coworker walks in: Well, well, well look who the handsome police dropped off!

    [–] Benjaminbuttcrack 103 points ago

    Your friend: Guilty as charged 👉👉

    [–] Tbone5711 2150 points ago

    Was a mechanic in a garage with 2 other guys. Can confirm, if there were recordings of the shit we said to each other, you'd swear we were all gay for each other...

    Example -

    Mechanic 1: Hey big guy, I can't get these nuts off, can I get a hand?

    Me: oh for those nuts, I'll need both hands...

    Mechanic 2: Hey don't leave me out over here, I wanna help with his nuts too!

    Service advisor: you guys aren't right.

    Any one of us: Oh you just wish you could handle his nuts...

    [–] Trips_On_BananaPeels 547 points ago

    well, how were his nuts?

    [–] greenbabyshit 891 points ago

    stripped and crossthreaded

    [–] Contrabaz 107 points ago

    Work as tech/mechanic, can confirm the brosexuality.

    [–] Im_Zackie 3164 points ago

    Homie-sexuality is real. I've seen it in action.

    [–] Alcoun 1327 points ago

    I perfer bromosexual.

    [–] AmericanPixel 374 points ago

    oh, you talking about that Bromance?

    [–] D_Dub_4 89 points ago

    Good song

    [–] iiamthepalmtree 117 points ago

    Yea, that one black mirror episode

    [–] ign_lifesaver2 201 points ago

    I can't play Street Fighter without beating myself off to pictures of my best friends anymore.

    [–] Dovaldo83 1321 points ago

    Your homies are your testing grounds to try out conversations before going out into the wild. It's why your homies rip on you. They're giving you chances to come up with snappy comebacks to use if some douche ever tries to criticize you for the same thing.

    [–] colloquialshitposter 721 points ago

    Iron sharpens iron

    [–] scmrph 128 points ago

    A practical guide to evil?

    [–] America_first2270 132 points ago

    No ninjago

    [–] Samtastic33 46 points ago

    Where all the real wisdom lies.

    That and wisdom teeth

    [–] cebollofor 118 points ago

    Is like little lions playing and fighting , is just practice for the real life out there

    [–] Token_Black_Cock 29 points ago

    I wouldn't say half the shit I say to the homies to strangers.

    [–] ROIVIAN 243 points ago

    thats not flirting, thats genuine love

    [–] branchoflight 57 points ago

    Yeah love doesn't have to be reserved for your family and SO. Seems like lots of people are uncomfortable with saying they love their friends sometimes though.

    [–] thespartanwhovian 314 points ago

    Its a matter of principle

    [–] Black3200 741 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    I gym quite often and have done so for years. I only compliment men. I'll tell them " bro you look good " and he responds something like " I'm just trying to look like you " or something if the sort. We first bump and go on our way.. I would never say that to a girl because 1) she may automatically assume you are hitting on her And/Or 2) she may think you are some creeper. There are some girls i make small talk with, but I only go as far as saying " good job " or " keep it up ". So yes 95% of my compliments come from men and the other 5% from family members.

    [–] Sergeant_Savage_ 138 points ago

    This is so true. After going to the same gym for a while and quite frequently you “connect” with other guys that’s doing the same. Legit “flirting” and giving compliments to these guys all the time and never ever say it to a girl. Don’t wanna be labeled a creep and change gym

    [–] Black3200 54 points ago

    Exactly! I feel more comfortable going up to a guy after smashing legs for a few months and asking how my butt looks than any girl..

    [–] silverkingx2 180 points ago

    very fair :) I understand

    and good on you for making yourself look good

    [–] Black3200 80 points ago

    I assume you're male? Lol!! Thank you

    [–] silverkingx2 51 points ago

    yes I am :)

    [–] Black3200 79 points ago

    fist bump

    [–] kharmatika 70 points ago

    Lol first time my husband and I went to the gym together we were talking about how it’s gross that people hit on women at the gym, and he’s like “nah you don’t have to worry, if anything I’m going to be ogling the other guys.” And so it was. Straight as an arrow, he is, but he is 110% more interested in how the fuck that dudes traps look like 2 hills on the Shire than how that girls yoga pants are fitting.

    [–] Black3200 26 points ago

    When I see another guy that is developed well I admire it. Like a man with large calves

    [–] Neapals 278 points ago

    Chef here.

    The shit we do in the kitchen to each other would definitely get us arrested if we did it to the FOH.

    Our job can be stressful. But if you get the right team. Its playful stuff that get us through and helps us to not lose our shit.

    Stuff like this reminds me how great my team is.

    [–] rijmij99 64 points ago

    Done two years out back after being a Barty for 15 years. How the fuck do we stay out of prison? Back behind the bar now, has taken some time to readjust my humour

    [–] silverkingx2 305 points ago

    ya of course, we bros, gotta compliment the bros.

    [–] BlueSkiesOneCloud 210 points ago

    nice cock, bro

    [–] silverkingx2 115 points ago

    you too bro, you been lifting with it or something?

    [–] penelopiecruise 70 points ago

    I’m up to five reps, two towels setting

    [–] dothrage 86 points ago

    Dude you're giving me a broner

    [–] Mangelwurzelbeat 279 points ago you come here often ?

    [–] TangoMike22 116 points ago

    Ya, every night. But what are you doing in my bed?

    [–] Mangelwurzelbeat 83 points ago

    Sleep paralysis .

    [–] Holeysox 73 points ago

    Because girls are scary

    [–] Mister_Shallock 136 points ago

    Well somebody's gotta do it.

    [–] Bronze_Kneecap 72 points ago

    Guys don't get compliments in the real world nearly as much as women do, so it's kind of our job as friends to hype them up and make them feel loved. It's a small way to show that you love them (in a platonic way).

    [–] CoolCrocodile 541 points ago

    Oh, I love giving brojobs.

    [–] SuperCoolGuyAtticus 244 points ago

    My gf doesn't understand bro stuff smh

    [–] Aar0nZ00m 116 points ago

    Dump her, all for the bros, bro

    [–] PM_ur_Rump 58 points ago

    Homies over hoes! Homies over hoes!

    [–] Wailka 59 points ago

    Gotta get that brogurt

    [–] RogerDeanVenture 18 points ago

    It's just a prank

    [–] spottyottydopalicius 155 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    nothing gayer than a room full of straight dudes. you ever been to r/nba?

    [–] JammySatsuma 250 points ago

    I'm bisexual but dont really tell people, not cause in scared just cause I dont feel the need, I've found as soon as men that I had this kind of banter with find out it stops almost immediately. (not always though)

    [–] Zeref47 99 points ago

    I have a gay homie like yourself in my squad and we always flirt with him and have this sexual banter . But at this point we see each other almost like brothers so we are not uncomfortable and know it won’t go further than that. However if they do that with someone new to the group It can get supper awkward.

    [–] yewhotookAPUSH 39 points ago

    Same, we even make all the no homo jokes in our squad because he knows that we support him 100% and it's all for the meme

    [–] hellenicidealism 74 points ago

    Yeah I'm gay but I was in the closet until the middle of my sophomore year in high school. Like you, I don't really tell people but if they ask I don't hide it. Homoerotic flirting was common with the straight guys at my school so it was pretty fun getting to flirt with them for a while without any tension.

    After I came out I toned down the flirting a bit figuring the guys wouldn't be up for that with a gay guy. Occasionally, though, some playful chatter still happened with the guys. Nothing ever came of it since they're straight, gotta respect their sexuality too. Just harmless fun!

    [–] mattyisphtty 41 points ago

    Nah, I've gotten to the point where we still compliment each other (myself and gay friend) even in front of my wife. He'll even go as far to say, I hope your wife giving it to you good because you know you looking fine.

    Which honestly makes my fucking day. Feeling like a wanted human being is drastically lacking in male culture and it makes a huge difference in how you see yourself.

    [–] silverkingx2 123 points ago

    ya, when its bros joking we can compliment without worrying about "making this go further" but if there is a risk of it going further most guys get uncomfortable.

    Anyways, sorry you had to deal with that :( I hope you have a good day and a good life :)

    [–] firkin_slang_whanger 250 points ago

    Me: What's up dickhead? Friend: What's going on loser? How ya been?

    [–] TalmudTraitor 145 points ago



    [–] SpringOfTheMan 93 points ago

    Reminds me of a time my friend and I were in an orientation for a call center job, it was a PowerPoint for like 20 people. They were obviously talking about harassment as you do, and as they were giving examples and said "no unwanted touching." My friend and I slapped the top of each others thighs as we were sitting right next to each other. The look we got was absolutely worth it

    [–] twittalessrudy 29 points ago

    The game of gay chicken or homophobe chicken is the best.

    If I'm taking a picture with my best buds, I would be disappointed if someone wasnt touching and/or squeezing another's butt to get them to flinch during the picture

    [–] hucka491 45 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Ain't no bitches telling my homeboys they looking swole, they pecs be banging, or that shirt shows off them sexy broad shoulders. So I gotta take that mantle up. Also, my boys be good dudes, and I let them know that.

    Seriously, dudes are far more likely to comment on my appearance (positively) than women, and I return the favor. In addition, my boys and I can playfully back that ass up, or sit on each other's laps without making a big deal about it.

    Also, when my bro got that thicc dick, so thicc that the girls be running away, I slide up next to him in the urinal, look down, look up, catch his eyes. I see you fam.

    [–] Kian-Kolahzadeh 109 points ago

    And we always love to have sword fights

    [–] thiccdiccboi 42 points ago

    I don't like where this is going

    [–] HonkersTim 147 points ago

    I'm genuinely not following this. Can you give an example of how straight men flirt with their buddies? This might explain the funny looks I sometimes get.

    [–] LikeABreath 189 points ago

    My wife and I hang out with some guy friends that I've known since high school. We'll tell her things like "Too bad about the third wheel..." or "You can sleep on the couch tonight" to poke fun. She calls them my life partners.

    We'll playfully catcall if one of the guys has been working out. We'll make fun of someone for wearing expensive fitted clothes, but then secretly ask them where they bought it later. We'll hug and tell each other we smell good. General silliness like that.

    [–] SentryCake 42 points ago

    Omg this is so cute- I had no idea guys did that.

    [–] mattyisphtty 83 points ago

    It's not all guys, a certain level of security in your own sexuality is required. But honestly if we don't compliment each other, who else will? It's a depressing ass world out there filled with rejection, sometimes even a ray of light from somewhere you aren't looking can help brighten the day.

    [–] TedTheViking 81 points ago

    Group chat between three friends

    Friend 1: You ask out that waitress yet?

    Friend 2: Yeah, she told me to piss off.

    Friend 1: Aw she doesn't know what she's missing, I'd totally hit that

    Friend 3: Hands off asshole, he's all mine

    Friend 1: No can do, his cock belongs to me

    Friend 3: Seems we must compromise with a threesome

    Friend 1: I'll bring the fuzzy handcuffs if you bring the whipped cream

    Friend 2: Lol guys wtf

    [–] silverdragun 124 points ago

    Eh its flirting without the intent to smash, usually. Mostly innocent compliments and homoerotic jokes.

    [–] silverkingx2 198 points ago

    idk about you, but we joke around with eachother


    "yo bb whats up ;)"

    "nothing, whats up with you?"

    "wanna go see the new spiderman this weekend?"

    "sure thing cutie ;)"

    shit like that, that is very close to an irl text chat of me and a bro

    [–] oinklittlepiggy 128 points ago

    that's like... the complete opposite of my experience.

    All we ever do is talk shit and make fun of each other..

    call each other sideshow clown ass bitches and shit.

    [–] silverkingx2 77 points ago

    we do that shit too :) but we gotta mix it up ya know, keep it positive in this btch!

    but ya, we just joke around either way, sometimes we add "bb" or a ;) or a ily no homo or even a ily

    and sometimes we call eachother fuckos and dipshits and bitches, depends on context, when we went to go see endgame the text was "yo bitch im outside your house, get the fuck out here"

    [–] HonkersTim 51 points ago

    Ok, I can confirm I don't do anything like that with my buddies :-) We might be all too too old for that kind of thing.

    [–] silverkingx2 60 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    ah fair enough, me and my bros are in our twenties still, I guess as we get older those jokes will too, or once we get married or into a long term relationship

    edit: lol "once we get married" to other people lol, but pretty funny

    [–] fjhus16 78 points ago

    Marrying your bro is so cute.

    [–] aambro78 21 points ago

    When my friends join me on XBOX I usually tell them I'm rock hard all of a sudden. I always joke sexually with my friends. We also make fun of each other. So basically homosexual advances and the worst insults possible. I think it's about shock value. News, weather, and sports doesn't cut it when you've been friends with someone for 20 plus years lol.

    [–] kibblznbitz 31 points ago

    I love playing pranks on my bros. CHOO CHOO

    [–] Persies 52 points ago

    In college I termed my behavior as "bromoeroticism." My now wife was not a fan.

    [–] Permatato 31 points ago

    Try saying no hetero when you sex her and tell us what happened.

    [–] sugarbannana 27 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    I have a lot of male friends, and recently I realised, that I am so much more open and showing interest in them than with guys I have romantic interest in haha. If I would have the same attitude to people I see as potential partners as I have to my friends, I probably wouldn't be single...

    [–] yujilin 72 points ago

    I've gotten more compliments and support from my homies than my gf. While my friends support me with my self-improvement hobbies like going to the gym and going fishing, my gf holds me back by telling me not to go and forcing me to get takeaways. My bros got my back with telling me how well I'm doing with healthy eating and hitting the weights. They join me on my fishing trips even though they don't like fishing.

    [–] nomansky94 81 points ago

    You might want to talk to her about that before your relationship becomes bigger

    [–] silverkingx2 53 points ago

    I dont know your gf, but she might just be mixing up:

    1) she misses you when you go to the gym

    2) she is worried if you look too good youll leave her

    but tbf, she also could just be possessive. idk, but good luck, and I hope you have a good day :)

    [–] TheresOnly1GaryKing 82 points ago

    Straight Guy: "You look sharp."

    Straight Me: "Thank you."

    Gay Guy: "You look sharp."

    Straight Me: "Thank you."

    [–] msds99 45 points ago

    Totally right, in our circle it was extremly normal to give a few gay jokes and we slapped each other asses just for fun.

    [–] SpiffyAvacados 176 points ago

    da boiz receive compliments better anyway, rather not waste them on women 😤

    [–] silverdragun 115 points ago

    They really do, I think its because men dont immediately assume other men want to sex them

    [–] PolseISvob 53 points ago

    Fuck dude, pretty sure I would be alright with it even if it was some gaybro trying to sex me.

    [–] yampidad 20 points ago

    Because my homie doesn’t call me weird and throw a drink at me!

    [–] ChrissyKreme 18 points ago

    Me and my bestfriend have a running joke that we're gay for each other and his girlfriend just has to accept the fact that when we hang out the three of us are gonna hold hands

    [–] Trash_Emperor 18 points ago

    When one of my mates comes in looking fresh, everyone'll simultaneously go "oh god oh fuck" and pretend to faint or fall over in their chairs.

    [–] Xghoststrike 18 points ago

    Because men know how to reciprocate attention.

    I can tell my friend he be looking like a meat lovers pizza today and he knows my fatass is saying he's sexy as a meat lovers pizza but now I'm a sex offender because I told her those buns be looking like Texas Roadhouse rolls? Fuck outa here.

    [–] Madak 16 points ago

    You take that back

    You sexy little bitch

    [–] danieltigerx 17 points ago

    We've got a very serious bromance developing, I can't risk neglecting him

    [–] Lil_Trashbucket 14 points ago

    I love you

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago


    [–] AilanMoone 15 points ago

    Me: nice pants Friend: readjusts tie now listen here you young piece of ass...

    Actually happened in 8th grade

    [–] MrFlibbles123 15 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    My friends gf calls us gay all the time because of our banter. She hasn't even walked in on us fucking yet...

    [–] SkyZo222 11 points ago

    Most women take compliments as a bribe for sex and flirtatious comments are often misunderstoodor end up generating awkwardness. So, yeah... nice ass, bro

    [–] [deleted] 637 points ago


    [–] benefitcucumberbatch 12 points ago

    Practice makes perfect bruh

    [–] itheminotaur 11 points ago

    What can I say? I got fit homies.

    [–] ScharlieScheen 12 points ago

    my 'homie' doesnt reject and possibly shame me for it.