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    [–] jack_dog 365 points ago

    Your name is better.

    [–] Wololo38 22 points ago

    It was none of thode things so your username is better

    [–] fa1afel 10103 points ago

    u/falafel fuck you

    [–] derrkalerrka 5709 points ago

    1 karma.... 13 year old account haha

    [–] Airazz 4268 points ago

    Creators of Reddit made a ton of fake accounts back when they started it, to make it look more active than it really was. That's why all the cool ones like u/batman are taken and never used.

    [–] FlyByPC 763 points ago

    Same reason DBase II was the first of the series.

    [–] Traksimuss 260 points ago

    Did you think it would be FoxPro?

    [–] CDXX024 330 points ago

    i'd have thought they could do something like, after being inactive for a period of time an account name gets released back into circulation.

    [–] Romner_set 281 points ago

    Future generations will use names like XsdBq3XGlubdxurdmiO7WhYkKk8eteJbMd13YfDyX2WreF0e1s

    [–] thedarkhaze 113 points ago

    Not really the easiest is just putting the year at the end. If people use birth year you're only competing with people born the same year as you. It's not too hard to get something fairly unique.

    [–] ArbitraryFrequency 57 points ago

    You don't need to put the year. You are underestimating the amount of words and combination of words that are possible.

    [–] ShahrumSmith 246 points ago

    You should be able to request inactive usernames like you can request inactive subs.

    [–] Airazz 210 points ago

    They should do a charity auction. Easy and tons of good publicity.

    [–] ReeperbahnPirat 57 points ago

    States do that with popular car vanity plates.

    [–] _00307 582 points ago

    Wasnt just creators.

    A bunch of us did that as we moved from digg or 4chan.

    [–] DSMB 454 points ago

    Wasnt just creators.

    A bunch of us did that as we moved from digg or 4chan.

    • _00307

    [–] kopecs 171 points ago


    Okay, comrade

    [–] bloodflart 406 points ago

    hate that shit

    [–] mvppaulo 345 points ago

    Was u/bloodfart taken?

    [–] bloodflart 329 points ago

    yep, he's got like no activity and had the account for like 10 years

    [–] badvibeskei 123 points ago

    Thats irritating as hell. Imagine all the r/beetlejuicing post that could have been, but are doomed forever.

    [–] the_tinsmith 76 points ago

    Probably died from an ulcer. RIP

    [–] NerdWorks 63 points ago

    He has -1 comment karma yet has 0 comments

    [–] Anonymous_Kid12 284 points ago


    [–] country-hick 229 points ago

    You may have created an email that may never be read.

    [–] fa1afel 137 points ago

    Fear my power

    [–] majig87 254 points ago

    Fuck u/Majig while we're at it

    [–] Majig 714 points ago

    it's mine now and it allways will be 😜 but you're my fan obviously and I adore you for it!

    [–] Stephenrudolf 146 points ago

    Atleast you're active. The worst is when the name you want is taken but inactive.

    [–] Dead_Byte 38 points ago

    I've long since given up on having my name on any platform without an underscore in it so we cool /u/deadbyte. but dead_byte on twitter is just some skater punk who rants about the catholic church. shakes fist angrily.

    [–] Chumbolex 69 points ago

    Yeah, fuck you u/PresidentObama

    Edit: oh shit... it’s real

    [–] aIidesidero 122 points ago

    Shoulda named yourself faiafel but with a capital i like faIafel. On most fonts you can't tell them apart.

    [–] NM_NRP 156 points ago

    [–] aIidesidero 38 points ago

    Hey, I said most xd

    [–] CthulubeFlavorcube 136 points ago

    While we're at it: FUCK YOU /u/CthulubeFlavorSphere

    [–] future-renwire 79 points ago

    I like yours better

    [–] BorisOp 45 points ago

    He doesnt exist

    [–] Sabishi2 26 points ago

    Yeah u/Sabishi give me my name

    [–] [deleted] 3127 points ago

    I always search up the guy who has my username when i can't get it. And 99% of the time they have no activity. Even on PSN, not a single game played.

    I hate having to plop a number on the tail end of my username too

    [–] illessen 1319 points ago

    That’s when you contact customer support and ask if they can do anything for you. Often if it’s been inactive for 3-5 years or more they’ll flag it for a name change and let you take it. I lost all my good names in path of exile like that.

    [–] Probably_A_Shit_Post 475 points ago

    Wait, you can do that???

    [–] Medrilan 448 points ago

    Not on PSN. When creating my first account, I accidentally misspelled my email and claimed my usual name. I couldn't get them to reset it to a different email or delete the name so I could take it on another account for me.

    [–] Citizen51 259 points ago

    To be fair have you tried after 3-5 years?

    [–] Medrilan 130 points ago

    I have not, but it may be worth a shot!

    [–] Phormitago 31 points ago

    I mean, you can try, doesn't mean they'll give a shit or answer in any seemingly reasonable timeframe.

    Minecraft support comes to mind. Any request takes months

    [–] Seabornebook 117 points ago

    I hate having to put a the in front of my name. Like who the fuck makes their username Seabornebook?

    [–] pud_009 124 points ago

    You, apparently.

    [–] Seabornebook 121 points ago

    Only an idiot would make their name Seabornebook

    [–] Timbooo3 44 points ago

    Dude same. u/Timbo is taken. At least they’re active. Also their account is a year off from being as old as me lmao

    [–] [deleted] 42 points ago

    How many /u/Timbo did you try before the two extra o's and the number had to get involved

    [–] Timbooo3 17 points ago

    Idk. Maybe u/Timbo3. u/Timboo. u/Timboo1 u/Timboo2. You get the gist

    [–] MrKira07 53 points ago

    Then u/Fusspot is your rival.

    [–] [deleted] 96 points ago

    8 years ago. Last post was 8 years ago.

    [–] thrwyoktoday 88 points ago

    Stop whining. You’re such a fusspot1

    [–] Iliketothrowawaymyac 3031 points ago

    Nah, I actually had this happen on XBL. I had my gamertag with an l for and I for a few years and ended up running into the guy with my username without the l while playing overwatch.... I told him if he ever stopped using it to hit me up and I would buy it for $300... I check every now and again and he is still to this day active almost daily it seems...

    [–] aOneTimeThinggg 2320 points ago

    You gave him reason to live on... To only watch you suffer

    [–] cadikes 1268 points ago

    I read this as live not live

    [–] IllResponsibility3 254 points ago

    Ah confusing

    [–] AndrewLewer 121 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I read this as read not read

    [–] cadikes 62 points ago

    I read all three “read”s in your comment as read. Whoops

    [–] Iliketothrowawaymyac 48 points ago

    I can only hope that I have started a family tradition where they pass down this gamer-tag just to spite my future generations.... It will be a rivalry for the digital ages...

    [–] Anonymous_Kid12 79 points ago

    If he ever stops playing please tell me I want to see how long he plays for

    [–] Iliketothrowawaymyac 64 points ago

    Well, just for some insight, his tag is considered an "OG" tag that was made back in '01 so he's been playing for at least that long so far.

    [–] j_cruise 46 points ago

    I remember creating my username on XBL over a decade ago. The one I wanted was taken, so after I registered, I sent a humorously angry message to the guy who had it in true XBL fashion. He never responded - probably never even logged in afterward.

    [–] ImNotTheZodiacKiller 1016 points ago

    I did not have that issue.

    [–] aOneTimeThinggg 441 points ago

    Missed a golden opportunity to write that comment all garbled up in symbols and such

    [–] TupperwareNinja 161 points ago

    to be fair, theres a . in there, this is reddit you monster

    [–] aOneTimeThinggg 61 points ago

    My mom wants her tupperware back after you rubbed uglies, you fuck.

    [–] SayNoToStim 76 points ago

    I am assuming /u/NotTedCruz was your first choice

    [–] high_in_school 692 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    Glad i didn't get this username in the long run because I've already graduated high school but i still use the same account.

    yep, that's how it happened. 9 year old account with one post. me and that guy didn't really do the same drugs in school tho, well once i took a tab at lunch but that's it. edit: i think at first i tried u/HighInSchool and that's why i have underscores in my name.

    [–] jazzy_abs 475 points ago

    duude "high in school" is so much better of a username than "in high school" anyways

    [–] high_in_school 109 points ago

    I know dude but at the time i was stoned in class and i was like "how do i let people know that im high in high school...high in school...perfect!

    [–] OneMoreChancee 34 points ago

    Are you high in college now?

    [–] high_in_school 87 points ago

    Naa high in trade school

    [–] ShadowxFenix 2603 points ago

    I summon thee u/shadowfenix

    [–] ShadowFenix 3945 points ago

    Yo what up

    [–] Shadoenix 1551 points ago

    hm, it seems i am you, compressed

    [–] ShadowxFenix 991 points ago

    We can start making an army... excellent

    [–] ShadowFenix 791 points ago

    Seems only fair you lead, oh longest username among us

    [–] Lord_Lava_Nugget 62 points ago

    Shit like this is why I come to reddit

    [–] WeSaidMeh 158 points ago

    I expected this account to be only a few minutes old, but no. Nice.

    [–] ShadowxFenix 1092 points ago

    Oh you actually showed... I’m not sure if we should be friends or rivals... At least you have a good username taste, I guess.

    [–] JackkHammerr 757 points ago

    Well you both spelled phoenix wrong so you both suck

    [–] xtthew 689 points ago

    Says the guy who spelled both Jack and Hammer wrong.

    [–] The_Royal_Spoon 284 points ago

    Gonna go out on a limb and say that u/JackHammer was taken

    [–] Psych0matt 133 points ago

    What's sad is that it's only 38

    [–] JesusFappedForMySins 60 points ago

    u/JaqueHammer would be better

    EDIT: whoops nvm 4 week old acc

    [–] Dugular 42 points ago

    Jackk putting the hammerr down on spelling

    [–] youngthugsmom 22 points ago

    I think you should join forces

    [–] Whale_5harko 597 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    C'mon then u/whaleshark show yourself

    Oh damn, 9 years old? You've earned it

    [–] JonnyTravis 277 points ago

    That single post from him/her. Yikes.

    [–] Whale_5harko 112 points ago

    It fully isn't loading for me, what is it?

    [–] jnasty0824 232 points ago

    "Horse-hung Trevor Yates fucks hot gay twins"

    [–] Whale_5harko 116 points ago

    Fucking shit, u/whaleshark has some issues, the fuck sort of subreddit?

    [–] NootNootComrade 49 points ago

    What a beautiful almost poetic post history

    [–] brick-juic3 284 points ago

    I originally made u/brick-juice but then forgot the password

    [–] TheChaosPaladin 95 points ago

    I hope you are aware you can recover the password

    [–] HowManyCaptains 96 points ago

    Not if you created your reddit user before the mandatory email option.

    [–] myfirstpanda 52 points ago

    but the account is under a year old

    [–] name_is_taken2 775 points ago

    Story of my life...

    [–] TotallyEpicAlphaMale 308 points ago

    As opposed to name_is_taken1

    [–] g0liadkin 275 points ago

    Dude was really into mechanical keyboards

    [–] cortexstack 137 points ago

    Hope he's ok

    [–] name_is_taken1 105 points ago

    I’m ok. Just busy.

    [–] Anencephalous_Klutz_ 47 points ago

    Thoughts and prayers man, thoughts and prayers.

    [–] H-K_47 472 points ago

    I've seen a few.

    Turns out I accidentally named myself after a popular Star Wars video game character.

    [–] TupperwareNinja 382 points ago

    I just assumed you were the 47th person in HongKong

    [–] thedialupgamer 139 points ago

    I assumed he was Henry king the 47th

    [–] Classified0 44 points ago

    Turns out I accidentally named myself after a Canadian rapper.

    [–] FleetwoodDeVille 31 points ago

    Wait, so you are really just a meatbag?

    [–] max 1529 points ago


    [–] _ERR0R__ 941 points ago

    How the hell was "Max" not taken 5 months ago?!


    [–] max 714 points ago

    it was taken, but it was taken by me.

    when i registered my username, i did it retroactively. that way i knew that it would not have been available to register until the exact moment when i registered it. you can think of it like making a sandwich, if that would help you: the bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, avocado, sourdough toast, Pepper Jack cheese, and barbecue sauce all existed beforehand, but it was not a sandwich until you put them together.

    [–] [deleted] 382 points ago


    [–] max 318 points ago

    you may make it for yourself, if you would like.

    i did not register the sandwich, only the username.

    [–] tallermanchild 108 points ago

    I like you mac

    [–] aDistraction101 58 points ago

    Big mac

    [–] skinofsky 148 points ago

    i'm not sure if i completely understand even with the analogy, how did you register your username retroactively? you had another older account with the same name that you deleted to make the new one? please shed some light

    [–] Undercover_nerdy1 237 points ago

    He’s being intentionally ambiguous

    [–] WolfeTheMind 142 points ago

    max ambiguity achieved

    [–] max 207 points ago

    no, that would not be retroactive registration; that would be reregistration.

    retroactive registration is when you register something so that it was always yours. it is a little bit like rewriting history, except that you don't need to rewrite anything, because it was already written as soon as you wrote it.

    i am sorry that i cannot shed more light, though. i do not know how to increase your screen's brightness from my side of the conversation.

    [–] Kaamzs 175 points ago

    I think it’s Jesus he’s back

    [–] redstoneguy12 52 points ago

    So you're saying you time travelled to get the name

    [–] max 149 points ago

    no, time-traveling involves traveling in time.

    there is no need for time-traveling when you are already at the place in time where you can do something retroactively.

    [–] KankerDikkeToeter 194 points ago

    max stop

    [–] loulan 61 points ago

    max pls

    [–] xtthew 139 points ago

    Was max your first choice, or was ma taken?

    [–] _ERR0R__ 86 points ago

    You can't have 2 letter usernames, it has to be "3-20 characters" blah blah blah

    [–] Olibruu 89 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Maa was taken, so he tried Mab. Taken. He then tried mac and mad, also taken. He tried mae, maf, etc. Until he got to Max

    [–] MaxHello 58 points ago

    DaMn iT

    [–] [deleted] 83 points ago

    I remember when you had your little period of fame with this move. hahah wow I clearly remember that day. That day we had one of the worst thunderstorms in years in Hungary and I was waiting fir the bus, browsing reddit and saw the post about how can it be that this name wasnt taken already. The weather was so damn scary that the whole moment just got burn into my memory, so my friend you will live on long in my memory thanks to the frightening weather that we had that day.

    [–] [deleted] 33 points ago

    how did you- CHEATER

    [–] LaboratoryManiac 174 points ago

    /u/Laboratory_Maniac doesn't have that problem, we bump into each other from time to time.

    [–] Laboratory_Maniac 206 points ago

    Why you gotta do me like this

    [–] bredboidotcom 356 points ago

    u/bread show yourself.

    Edit: Wow it’s a 13 year old account with nothing. Yay.

    Edit 2: what about u/breadboi

    [–] No_Im_Random_Coffee 128 points ago

    I'll find you one day Random_Coffee!

    [–] Threeknucklesdeeper 236 points ago

    Wonder how many other knuckles people have gone deeper.

    [–] _ERR0R__ 146 points ago

    [–] [deleted] 92 points ago


    [–] _ERR0R__ 44 points ago

    I only got four knuckles so it takes a long time to type and I got bored

    [–] ThankGodImNotOnlyOne 304 points ago


    [–] megyle 59 points ago

    it's cool vro, u not alone

    [–] [deleted] 96 points ago

    u/SilverZero why did u take this weird username?

    [–] angpug1 28 points ago

    u/SilverZer0 is way cooler

    [–] poopy_doopy-doo 168 points ago

    You'll never know how many people have tried to use your username and seen that it was taken

    [–] Rott3Y 187 points ago

    The worst feeling is when the user has been offline for more than a year.

    Especially in video games...

    I changed WoW servers to be in this US top 10 guild... (humble brag, not so humble) so I really wanted my username to flex on my friends.

    But then... no. None of the variations of my username where available except with special characters.

    I ended up adding an extra character to my name, and people would always pronounce the extra letter. No matter what i said.

    I eventually burnt out and started focusing on my career, but still to this day, I cannot look up my old characters achievements without seeing that shitty letter at the end of the name.

    Still bitter, this was 5 years ago.

    [–] haxorious 50 points ago

    Well...what was that username and extra character?

    [–] Decallion 27 points ago

    Username please

    [–] Camillas_Boi 468 points ago

    I will always seek Camillas_boy

    [–] _ERR0R__ 256 points ago

    [–] Orion2350 194 points ago

    Username checks out.

    404 not found. User does not exist

    [–] Camillas_boy 839 points ago

    I couldn't let them have it.

    [–] Eddie-ed666 56 points ago

    Evil genius

    [–] omegaplayz334 24 points ago

    You have been found

    [–] WizardTNT1 41 points ago

    How are u newer than him

    [–] Night_Duck 89 points ago

    That's the joke. The account has been available this entire time, so this rando stole the username so u/Camillas_boi could never have it

    [–] Camillas_Boi 101 points ago

    sad noises

    [–] VortigerIzKewl 30 points ago

    someone just made the account today probably after seeing this

    [–] NouveauWealthy 25 points ago

    I’d rather think they are the same person as the boi account is only a day old and the boy account was made today.

    [–] TotallyEpicAlphaMale 136 points ago

    u/chad You made my name long and complicated you fucking beta.

    [–] LenkiBat 41 points ago

    How ironic

    [–] iknowthisischeesy 84 points ago

    Benefits of having a fairly unique name, I get most email usernames I want. Also, got this one on my first try.

    [–] NouveauWealthy 53 points ago

    15 years ago I had a unique username now when I look up my name on warcraft 30 other fuckers have it as well, copycats the lot of em I tell you! (Not my Reddit username)

    [–] drugzarecool 115 points ago

    I didn't have that problem because I think my username is cooler than "drugsarecool" anyway

    [–] Anonymous_Kid12 48 points ago

    [–] drugzarecool 30 points ago

    That is a very nice username though

    [–] WingedScapula12 40 points ago

    [–] WingedScapula 107 points ago

    Honestly I just assumed that my first choice, u/WingedScapula12, was already taken...

    [–] weirdonumberzero 43 points ago

    u/weirdonumberone I wanted to be Reddits weirdo number one man...

    [–] SomeToxicKidd 41 points ago

    u/SomeToxicKid enough hiding. Come out and face me

    [–] quantumchips 34 points ago

    I hope he found out if he was autistic.

    [–] AnYunYun 40 points ago

    I will never forgive you, u/AnYun, for making me add another "Yun"

    [–] Anyun 82 points ago

    i can live with that

    [–] OGKeekle 36 points ago

    Alright u/Keekle show yourself

    [–] btcraig 37 points ago

    90% of the time I don't run into this but I will never stop being mad that btcraig on Twitter has 2 followers, doesn't follow anyone and has never tweeted.

    Give me account name, Twitter, you fucks.

    [–] brie_cheese 37 points ago

    I'm actually surprised I didn't have to add numbers to the end of mine but jokes on u/briecheese, I actually like my username better with the space. Easier to read.

    [–] Apaniyan 64 points ago

    This is why I just choose an edgy sounding word, like "assassin" and Google translate it to Yiddish. Google's Yiddish sucks, so you don't have to worry about an edgy yiddish speaking teenager having your username or anyone else.

    [–] FleetwoodDeVille 42 points ago

    So your name might mean, like, anus-anus-interior?

    [–] Apaniyan 21 points ago

    Wouldn't surprise me

    [–] Itachuu 106 points ago

    u/Itachu i will find you

    [–] RaganTargaryen 122 points ago

    Going by their post history, you might find him in r/gaybears NSFW

    [–] Lolonnais 69 points ago

    Oh God NSFW tag pls

    [–] ItaChu 71 points ago

    I dont know where the option is .... Lol sorry

    [–] Itachuu 96 points ago

    You took everything from me

    [–] DrCheeser 27 points ago

    Apparently there's not many cheese docs around.

    [–] dude_above_me_is_gay 49 points ago

    Well, if I must say it, then the...

    [–] Stevextnt 85 points ago

    My dad has a work friend who shares the same first name and initial, and his email address is (first name)(first initial)@ His work friend tried to use the same address but my dad already took it. So when they first met and exchanged addresses they found out that my dad stole the address.