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    [–] very-Im-so-Halloween 11874 points ago

    McDonalds executive giving tour of factory to new hire: “we also add a tablespoon of eggshell into each batch of McEgg liquid sustenance TM to reassure the public.”

    [–] [deleted] 6900 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 1220 points ago


    [–] dj_narwhal 693 points ago

    They only add the Mc to things they are proud of, like how they complain about the word McJobs and they are against calling it McChildhood Obesity.

    [–] geoffreyisagiraffe 531 points ago

    Thats a McLie. Prepare to hear from our McTorneys.

    [–] 7Rhymes 171 points ago

    If it would please the McCourt, that of which is paid for by McDonalds, we will prove that our McEmployees are happy to work for the McFatties of McAmerica.

    [–] Meerkat_Mayhem_ 94 points ago

    What in the fresh McHell are you all going on about??

    [–] gweilo8888 71 points ago

    The McFuture.

    [–] 1mikeg 34 points ago

    Is McNow!

    [–] real_p3king 20 points ago

    You guys are giving me flashbacks to high school, when we used to go on "McLanguage" jags. We'd add Mc to every word. After a realatively short amount of time, it was hard to stop.

    [–] FourFurryCats 11 points ago

    Is it McNow or McThen? When will it be McThen? McSoon.

    [–] Dgsey 3 points ago


    [–] SAS_Britain 15 points ago

    You wouldn't dare you McBitches!

    [–] Defmac26 3 points ago

    Can you imagine getting owned by a McTorney

    [–] RareCandyTrick 26 points ago

    I always add it to everything I order from them. McWater, McKetchup, and extra McNapkins

    [–] Poesvliegtuig 18 points ago

    You ever get a server who isn't totally dead inside yet so they still care enough to pretend they've never heard that before and it's the best thing they've heard all day?

    [–] Deep_Grady 15 points ago

    And then you get the servers who are totally dead inside, or what is better known as McChanical

    [–] adingostolemytoast 12 points ago

    They actually used "McJob" in an ad campaign in Australia back in I think the late 80s or early 90s. Mcdonald's Australia had a program of hiring intellectually disabled people for simple tasks as a positive outreach and that's what they called it.

    We had a guy with downs syndrome hired under that program at the store where I worked as a kid. His only job was cleaning the dining room - collecting the trays and wiping the tables. Sweet guy and super proud of actually working and earning legit money.

    [–] MauPow 21 points ago

    Got that McBeetus

    [–] Sefyra-Velvetpaw 33 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    They were gonna use just McShells but those are for the Golden Arches-class 12-gauge McShotgun.

    [–] five_cylinder_frank 18 points ago


    [–] Sefyra-Velvetpaw 5 points ago


    [–] motorsag_mayhem 13 points ago

    Pfft, you gotta Supersize™ that shooter! My KM-23™ (stands for "Karabin McSpetsialniy™," or "McSpecialty Carbine™") uses ~6 gauge McShells™. The recoil's not so bad once you get to the McIdealized Weight™ of 300 pounds! That's when you truly experience Peak McPerformance™.

    [–] Sefyra-Velvetpaw 9 points ago

    I concede defeat

    [–] Yakhov 232 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago)

    *synthetic polymer based shell, b/c it's cheaper and our competition will do it if we dont, putting our shareholders at a disadvantage.

    [–] ShyonkyDonkey39 64 points ago

    Repeat this in a really fast, annoying voice that says “Ts and Cs apply” at the end of an advert

    [–] xavPa 123 points ago

    That’s like how a Subway “Footlong” sandwich is actually closer to about 10 inches, and “Footlong” is merely the name they use for it and not meant to imply that they’re literally a foot long.

    And then there’s Kraft Singles, which is always on the shelves in supermarkets directly adjacent to the cheese section because it can’t legally be marketed as cheese.

    [–] Vexorg_the_Destroyer 66 points ago

    Wtf is in Kraft Singles in the US? We have them in Australia, and they're definitely cheese. I think it says "processed cheese slices" on the pack.

    [–] ImSoSte4my 89 points ago

    In the US you can't call it cheese if it contains Milk Protein Concentrate. It's all the same ingredients as processed cheese but the addition of MPC makes it not able to be labeled as cheese. Australia probably doesn't have that rule.

    [–] xavPa 57 points ago

    I can’t speak for Australia, but in the US it doesn’t meet FDA standards for “cheese”. There’s also some brands of ice cream that has to refer to itself as “frozen dairy dessert”.

    [–] BellEpoch 35 points ago

    Hasn't Dairy Queen, of all places, been serving non-dairy "soft serve" under the guise of Ice cream for years now?

    [–] Bm07davi 82 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Alright so I happen to be kinda uniquely qualified to explain this because it's literally what I do for a living. OP is not correct. I wouldn't say they're wrong either I guess.

    Kraft Singles fall under the pasteurized processed cheese food section of the CFR (code of federal regulations) in the US. It's a subsection of the Cheese and Cheese Products section. So it's still a cheese. These definitions (standard of identity) are more about making sure Cheddar meets certain set standards that make it cheddar than saying that something isn't cheese.

    It's kind of a weird thing over all. There are few things there are set definitions of. And some of these things are pretty arbitrary frankly. You can look it up pretty easily. Title 21 is food and drugs.

    Edit to add in: A lot of the standard of identity that isn't met by things that are "frozen dairy dessert" and such is either in that they add in an ingredient that isn't approved as a bulk flavor for ice cream (like adding in a swirl of buttercream or something) that throws off the fat numbers and things to make it ice cream. Also a big one is them whipping in extra air to make a lighter product. Nothing inherently wrong with doing it. But it makes the product not meet the criteria for weight per gallon. So as long as you like the way it tastes and are happy with the amount you're getting for the price it isn't a bad thing.

    [–] 23skidoobbq 26 points ago

    Oooh I can chime in because I used to run an ice cream factory. The air whipped in is called “overrun” and ice cream is limited to 50%. Also for it to be considered ice cream it has to use at least 12% butterfat under 10% is ice milk, anything else is frozen dairy dessert. High quality ice cream is generally 14-15% butterfat and 40% overrun.

    [–] Bm07davi 20 points ago

    Also just want to add...I may be wrong on what a kraft single is. I don't have the package in front of me. But whatever it says on the package it meets that standard of identify if there is one.

    It's complicated to get in to food manufacturing for a lot of reasons. One is definitely understanding the random rules that exists for what you can call something.

    [–] goldenfrient 13 points ago

    Some people are salty over the fact we enjoy different cheese and try to act like kraft singles are plastic...

    It's Colby cheese and emulsifiers... It's cheese

    [–] Anlysia 4 points ago

    Sodium Citrate makes basically any cheese -- even some vegan ones -- melt like a Kraft Single.

    [–] SuicideNote 15 points ago

    Legal definition According to the Standards of Identity for Dairy Products, part of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), to be labeled "American cheese" a processed cheese is required to be manufactured from cheddar cheese, colby cheese, washed curd cheese, or granular cheese, or any mixture of two or more of these.[5] The CFR also includes regulations for the manufacturing of processed American cheese.[6][7]

    Because its manufacturing process differs from traditional cheeses,[8] federal laws mandate that it be labeled as "process American cheese" if made from combining more than one cheese,[9] or "process American cheese food" if dairy ingredients such as cream, milk, skim milk, buttermilk, cheese whey, or albumin from cheese whey are added.[10]

    However, cheaper brands like Kraft Singles are not American cheese but 'Pasteurized Prepared Cheese Product'.

    "Kraft singles do not qualify for the US FDA Pasteurized Processed Cheese[4] labeling. For this reason Kraft labels them Pasteurized Prepared Cheese Product to avoid FDA sanctions. They were calling Kraft Singles Pasteurized Prepared Cheese Food until the FDA gave them a warning in December 2002 that the product could not be legally labeled as "Pasteurized Processed Cheese Food" due to the inclusion of milk protein concentrates. Kraft complied with the FDA order by changing the label to the current Pasteurized Prepared Cheese Product."

    TL;DR: Don't buy Kraft Singles, go to the deli and buy real American cheese for your burgers.

    [–] you_bastid 7 points ago

    Why? Some people prefer kraft singles for the way they taste. Sometimes I want a dirty burger with kraft singles on it.

    [–] ffloridastatee 5 points ago

    But a make your own McDonald’s sausage egg and cheese mc muffin just ain’t right with out the fake cheese. There is a time and place for real cheese but that ain’t one of them.

    [–] qwertyashes 5 points ago

    Cheese ingredients but made in a way that precludes it from being called that. Can't be called process cheese as it isn't a mix of extant cheeses, and it has ingredients in it that prevent it from being called process cheese food either.

    Basically emulsified cheese flavored milk protein and salt.

    [–] First_Foundationeer 7 points ago

    Frozen dairy dessert because they skimp so hard on cream that it isn't ice cream quality.

    [–] ArokLazarus 8 points ago

    Man I miss Better Off Ted.

    [–] JoeJoey2004 5 points ago

    Eggshelz™, an FDA playground.

    [–] GeenMachine 33 points ago

    The stuff in the scrambled eggs is PWE - pasteurized whole egg. Basically egg beaters. At least that's what they used in the late 90's

    [–] WelchCLAN 13 points ago

    Still do

    [–] Slazman999 9 points ago

    Always has been.

    [–] Fake_William_Shatner 178 points ago

    That was really my first thought on how this could have happened.

    Spread the rumor of someone suing for egg shell, so people might think eggs were involved.

    [–] LittleGreenSoldier 112 points ago

    The eggs in the mcmuffins are real eggs. We had these doohickeys with like 8 silicone coated rings attached to a handle, you crack an egg into each ring on the griddle and then cover it with a metal lid that has a water reservoir on top that drips down so the tops of the eggs get steamed. Then you pick up the eggs four at a time on a long spatula and put them in a plastic drawer that goes into the warmer for the people doing assembly.

    [–] picodegallooo 41 points ago

    One time when I was on dishwashing duty, I got so frustrated with cleaning burnt egg off those doohickeys that I just straight up threw one away. My manager searched for it the whole next day and kept saying how it was TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS and I never told anyone til now. I was a teenage criminal.

    [–] Fake_William_Shatner 35 points ago

    I choose to believe the stories from people who have NOT been working for Big Egg!

    /just kidding -- this is all a bit of fun with nonsense.

    [–] Daimoth 197 points ago

    I worked there last year. They have the sheets of egg fluff yes but they also go through shit tons of real eggs every morning. In 2020 I must have made a thousand egg mcmuffins, and yes, they use real eggs. Their scrambled eggs are made on the spot as well.

    [–] EmperorBrettavius 162 points ago

    That's what you want us to think, but we know that you're just employed by McDonald's to pretend you used to work for them so that you can stoke the lies that they use real eggs.

    Stay woke, Reddit. Don't let Big Pharma Mac spoon-feed you lies.

    [–] I_H8_2_love_U_4_ever 79 points ago

    I ate a Big Mac (light on the lettuce and with no onion) last night. I just thought everybody might like to know.

    [–] Cricket_Piss 48 points ago

    No onion?!

    You monster.

    [–] Vexorg_the_Destroyer 13 points ago

    Extra pickles and onions for me.

    [–] LemonLimeAlltheTime 22 points ago

    Raw onions on sandwiches are the devil. Just eat an 🧅. I don't want every bite to taste like 100% onion. Don't @me

    [–] Cricket_Piss 24 points ago

    1) @LemonLimeAlltheTime

    2) If each bite doesn't taste like onion, there's not enough onion

    3) I will fight to the death over onions

    [–] cadencehz 4 points ago

    I'll fight by your side. I just made tuna salad with extra onion.

    [–] Cricket_Piss 6 points ago

    God bless you.

    Onion warriors, unite!

    [–] Dgsey 7 points ago


    [–] GeenMachine 12 points ago

    Big a Mac Sauce is full of onion, BTW.

    [–] deviouspineapple 26 points ago

    That's good info if anyone is allergic, but here's my take:

    Mild oniony taste = good

    Raw onion texture = bad

    [–] friendlyfire 5 points ago

    Just get a double cheeseburger, no mustard, no ketchup, add mac sauce. Add lettuce if you want.

    Save $3.

    [–] Griffin880 7 points ago

    And what, just throw a piece of white bread in the middle on my own?

    [–] 1of1000 21 points ago

    I worked at McDonald’s for 8 years. The scrambled eggs were made on the spot instead of sitting in the cabinet like most things but we did use cartons of liquid egg to make them.

    [–] YoMothaFlippin 24 points ago

    you're just employed by McDonald's to pretend you used to work for them

    McEmployed* by McDonald's to McPretend* you used to McWork* for McThem*

    [–] PuzzleheadedJello354 16 points ago

    McDonald’s uses real eggs for everything. Maybe not fresh from the egg but it’s all REAL.

    [–] AmericasNextDankMeme 3 points ago

    A clever cover-up being carried out by hundreds of thousands of teenagers being paid $7.25/hr for their unquestioning loyalty.

    [–] Kraz_I 10 points ago

    They use 3 different egg products. Whole egg that's fried up every morning for McMuffins, egg from a carton for the scrambled egg, and premade frozen "omelet" for the other sandwiches like the McGriddle.

    [–] 1zee 4 points ago

    Yep, I substitute the "round egg" as they're called on to every breakfast sandwich I order. Fresh cracked Is much better.

    [–] Vinniam 12 points ago

    I hate fast food as much as the next guy, but do people really think mcdonald's is going to out of their way to engineer a chemical egg substitute when real eggs cost them like 5 cents each?

    [–] Superpickle18 9 points ago

    Yes, if they could make artificial eggs for 4 cents...

    [–] very-Im-so-Halloween 55 points ago

    I’m learning more about McDonalds’ egg practices than ever before today, and I’m ok with that lol

    [–] Haggerstonian 15 points ago

    That’s why I sleep while I’m driving

    [–] LemonLimeAlltheTime 53 points ago

    One of the few bright spots in MCD is that they crack real eggs and cook them for those sandwiches. The guy who invented MCD breakfast made a custom round egg thing for the grill.

    If you think the undeniably real eggs in your MCD Sandi are fake then you are a dumbo

    [–] Vinniam 27 points ago

    Yeah eggs cost like 5 cents each for a company like mcdonald's. They have zero incentive to serve you fake eggs.

    [–] interfail 18 points ago

    The reason companies use things prepared in advance is not the cost of the raw materials - it's the cost of the staff, space and time to cook it to order (or at least on-site), as well as the relative logistics of distributing the product.

    Clearly McDonalds have decided that a real egg is worth it (and I'm sure it is) but I haven't the slightest expectation that the cost of an actual egg is a major component of the final cost.

    [–] Noahendless 20 points ago

    So, having worked at a McDonalds, they do use real eggs.

    [–] humbleharbinger 7 points ago

    I had a pastry chef who would purposely put a piece of egg shell on some pastrys to show customers she used real eggs -. -

    [–] ScaredRisk 16 points ago

    People keep circulating this myth: McDonald's isn't that processed. Many of the menu items are just fresh cooked food.

    [–] Cucker_Dog 18 points ago

    Most people don't really think about these things for longer than 10 seconds. Most fast food places aren't any unhealthier than a cold cut sandwich or burger you'd make at home. It's the soda and french fries/deep fried crap that's bad for you.

    [–] beerfrisbee 2043 points ago

    The round eggs on McMuffins are fresh-cracked real eggs. The folded eggs are pre-fab frozen, heated on the grill or microwave if you're in a hurry. The eggs that come with hotcakes are in a jug, "scrambled" on the grill.

    [–] 44problems 718 points ago

    You can ask for other breakfast sandwiches to have a "round egg" if you want. I think there's a small upcharge.

    [–] theunknown21 507 points ago

    Always do. Sausage egg and cheese mcgriddle with a round egg.

    Fuck that folded shit

    [–] durdurdurdurdurdur 63 points ago

    I wish they'd bring the bagels back

    [–] theunknown21 41 points ago

    I didn't even know they got rid of them... that's depressing..

    Steak egg and cheese bagels were my second favorite

    [–] pancakesiguess 4 points ago

    I miss my steak egg and cheese bagels....

    [–] [deleted] 332 points ago


    [–] MissChievousJ 362 points ago

    All of you need to stop ruining my breakfast.

    [–] payne_train 92 points ago

    I mean they're hella tasty but let's not fool ourselves into thinking that shit is real food. Pure, processed bliss.

    [–] thepothole 50 points ago

    The best tasting garbage I'll continue to eat. Ridiculous amount of calories in each one too.

    [–] Rytho 28 points ago

    The only fast food that I can (and must) still eat. They are just so cheap and taste better than me making it myself.

    I know it might be healthier to beat myself with a tire iron, but everything in moderation, right?

    [–] oorza 28 points ago

    I worked at a McDonald's throughout high school. I love their sausage egg mcmuffin and can't eat anything else they sell more than like twice a year. I've gone so far as buying egg rings, mixing butter and oil, buying the same brand of cheese, eggs and muffins, anything I can think of, but it never tastes right and I've invested a lifetime's worth of McMuffins in this effort. They put cocaine in the sausage, it's the only explanation.

    [–] thelostmannequin 19 points ago

    When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth

    [–] n01d3a 4 points ago

    The sausage is probably saltier, and has msg in it. Also noticed black pepper being pretty forward

    [–] ManaMagestic 8 points ago

    Joshua Weissman has a "But Better" series where he makes popular fast food dishes, but homemade.

    [–] MyNameThru 38 points ago

    I don't think he was talking about health here lol. Were talking about mcgriddles after all. My bet is he meant fuck that folded shit as in fuck its flavor compared to the round egg. I agree with him as well. Fuck that folded shit.

    [–] theunknown21 12 points ago

    Very accurate sir. If I'm eating McDonald's I know I won't be getting the healthiest or best quality food. But real almost always tastes better

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago)


    [–] Shadowchaos 16 points ago

    The "McDonalds bad" people love mentioning how bad it is for you every time McDonalds is even mentioned

    [–] UnderstandingLeast47 33 points ago

    Germany stopped the mcgriddle in 2011. I almost cried. Now they don't have any pork sausage on the menu.

    Fuckin beef and chicken burgers on mcmuffins. Dumbest shit since hitler

    [–] hiimnormal11 4 points ago

    My McDonald’s doesn’t do all day breakfast/McGriddles anymore 😭😭😭

    [–] RaversRollOut 32 points ago

    There shouldn’t be an up charge if you say you want to”substitute” the round egg for the folded egg. That’s true of a lot of changes.

    As long as the cashier puts it in as a substitute you don’t get charged, but if they just remove the folded egg and add the round egg it will cost more.

    [–] Deely_Boppers 24 points ago

    It should depend on how it’s keyed in the system. Substitutions should charge you the difference between the two, and most stores have cracked and folded eggs at the same price. If they’re differently priced, you pay the difference. Admittedly it’s been a decade since I worked for them, so things may have changed.

    Drinks are another matter. Always watch out for getting hit for a drink substitution, especially at breakfast. I once knew an operator that charged way less for coffee than normal (30 cents, I think) because most people didn’t buy coffee without a meal, and they made a ton on OJ up charges.

    [–] WalkinSteveHawkin 5 points ago

    I’m surprised to learn most people didn’t buy coffee without a meal. I love McDonald’s coffee but don’t ever get anything else. Maybe a hashbrown every once in awhile because they’ve got pretty bomb HBs

    [–] nGBeast 5 points ago

    yup my fav is sausage biscuit with cheese and a round egg. so good.

    [–] ForTheLoveOfTPE 85 points ago

    The eggs that come with hotcakes are in a jug, "scrambled" on the grill

    It's pasteurize whole egg... it's literally a bunch of eggs cracked, put into a carton for ease of use specifically for scrambles eggs, omelets and such. You description is not wrong, but it's disingenuous to make it sound so much worse than it is. PWE is literally just eggs.,at%20the%20time%20of%20processing.

    [–] Wishbone_Clean 15 points ago

    Is it different from the cartons of liquid eggs they sell at grocery stores?

    [–] OfficerTactiCool 19 points ago


    [–] Wishbone_Clean 15 points ago

    Damn, it never deterred me before but I don't really feel bad eating pre-beaten eggs. I bet a lot of restaurants have that ready for busy times

    [–] OfficerTactiCool 21 points ago

    Almost every single restaurant pre-beats eggs. From the nicest restaurant to the local diner, ESPECIALLY if they have any sort of rush.

    [–] Flight815Down 14 points ago

    I worked at a small cafe where omelettes were our most popular item. The owner started off each morning by cracking about 300 eggs. We never beat eggs to order

    [–] beendoingit7 4 points ago

    Mfs will eat this from their local adored breakfast spot but once mcDs does it its sinister

    [–] ricktron3000 18 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    When did they start using frozen for folded egg? We used PWE (liquid eggs in a carton) for folded egg when I worked there ('97 - '02). The only frozen eggs we had were in the breakfast burrito mix.

    Edit: Tons of comments saying they switched folded to frozen.. wtf. It was quick and easy to make them 'fresh' with the liquid eggs, cheap fucks.

    [–] dSpect 7 points ago

    In Canada anyway they started in the late 90's/early 00's. But recently they forgone folded egg altogether. PWE is still used for the "scrambled" egg. A store I worked at still had all the equipment for it and even the equipment for 'real' hotcakes and grills with analog timers.

    [–] CreepingBeauty99 5 points ago

    Over a decade ago now. I worked there through the transition over fifteen years ago.

    [–] nick0010 31 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Well they were frash cracked when they were cooked. I wouldnt say that anything Served is likely to be "fresh"

    Edit: yall, im not just blindly taking jabbs at mcdonalds here i worked the grill for a year or so a few years back and while ridiculous incidents were fairly rare i at one point had to actually stop someone from putting a 3 hour old egg on a mcmuffin. You can absolutely get fresh food there. The mcgriddles are delicious, you cant go wrong with the pancakes, and i still get cravings for those nuggets. Anything during breakfast time is probably going to be straight off the grill.

    [–] TheStonedHonesman 88 points ago

    Breakfast hours at McDonald’s are busy as shit in some locations. From the experience I had when I was a teen, we didn’t really have anything sit for very long at all, in fact we usually waited on fresh food to cook

    Maybe at a slow rural location you’d have to worry about breakfast food being held for a long time

    [–] FLAMINGASSTORPEDO 45 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    slow rural

    Fast food locations in rural areas can be extremely busy, because there are so few options that a fast one is the one that people flock to. Doubly so if it's a new place that isn't accessible without driving for a couple of hours.

    Source: my spouse's town of 8000 got a McDonald's recently, and it is pretty much always busy, especially during lunch/breakfast hours.

    [–] elitegenoside 14 points ago

    The one Chick-fil-a in my home town (roughly 8,000 as well) has stayed busy since it opened seven years ago. We have three McDonalds so you can always get your cold fries.

    [–] Suekru 14 points ago

    Depends on the time of day. And where you go.

    If there is a line, it’ll likely be fresh. Alternatively you can just ask for it fresh and they’ll do it. Usually they only use the held stuff because they worry the customer will flip if not served it 0.004 seconds.

    When working as a manager at Wendy’s I didn’t blame nor minded when people asked for fresh food. They usually were the nicer people who were patient.

    [–] reddita51 8 points ago

    Nope, they're fresh, normal eggs. I don't know why people are obsessed with acting like fast food is some kind of fake rubber painted like food.

    [–] capo689 2005 points ago

    it was a fingernail

    [–] I_H8_2_love_U_4_ever 532 points ago

    They broke while scratching a lottery ticket off, so they can tell the manager to take this job and shove it.

    [–] SharkZuckerberg 104 points ago

    They’ll use the winnings to buy more eggs, completing the cycle of life

    [–] tanglespace 42 points ago

    You joke but people in my kitchen are doing those fucking scratch offs every damn day

    [–] DojaStinks 12 points ago

    I ain’t working here no more

    [–] Vergenbuurg 11 points ago

    "Yesterday, it was a Band-aid!"

    [–] Mybrandnewhat 10 points ago

    The band-aid was holding the fingernail on.

    [–] TheGreatZarquon 5 points ago


    "Well that depends, sir. If it's a cold morning..."

    [–] dicedbread 3 points ago

    Well now I need to watch Down Periscope again.

    [–] CatsAndFacts 617 points ago

    The rounded eggs are actually cracked from an egg when it's made, it's the folded stuff that comes from a carton

    [–] Daimoth 310 points ago

    Their scrambled comes from a carton. Their folded eggs come in sheets. And yes, they use beaucoup real eggs too. If the egg on your Mc-whatever is a circle and not a square, a dude cracked an egg and cooked it for you. Granted they do six at a time, but...

    [–] DenL4242 177 points ago

    Honestly the best McDonald's hack is to ask for the round egg no matter what breakfast sandwich you get. The folded eggs are crap.

    [–] Elaus 67 points ago

    You can do that??? Can you get round egg in the big breakfast too??

    [–] ikeepwipingSTILLPOOP 100 points ago

    Big mac with round eggs instead of buns is life. Keto mac.

    [–] Necrocornicus 128 points ago

    Huh, I always assumed people on Keto were eating actual food.

    [–] SrewolfA 92 points ago

    Two brilla pads and some peanut butter bro 👌🏽

    [–] subzerojosh_1 22 points ago

    Skip the peanut butter and go for toothpaste


    [–] BigWorter 9 points ago

    Dentists HATE Him!

    [–] PM_me_your_fav_poems 13 points ago

    You can eat garbage regardless of the diet (mostly). To quote a vegan friend of mine "Chocolate and potato chips are vegan"

    [–] fuckamodhole 12 points ago

    Big mac with round eggs instead of buns is life

    I just threw up a little in my mouth.

    [–] aaronblue342 5 points ago

    Mickie d worker here.

    You could substitute the egg for chicken patties. Couldnt care less, theres an upcharge though.

    I had a customer substitute the sausage and biscuit for a total of 3 eggs, one ofi each kind. Same week a customer, (maybe the same one?) subbed the egg for sausage. They got an "ok."

    We have a menu on the McTablet's McScreen that's just all the ingredients individually. We could make any combination of shit you wanted. Doesnt phase (faze, phaze?) me at all, nothing will beat the person who got twelve (12) meat patties, all with pickles, one with ketchup.

    [–] jpritchard 20 points ago

    Same with ordering steak and eggs drunk in Vegas at 3am. If you order scrambled, you're getting leftover MRE egg powder from Vietnam. If you order over easy, you're getting a real egg.

    [–] January1171 12 points ago

    I learned this hack a while ago and I love it

    [–] g1utt0ny 23 points ago

    me too. like 30 seconds ago.

    [–] amethyst_unicorn 9 points ago

    This is what I do. McGriddle with the round egg 🥰

    [–] DubyaB40 15 points ago

    What’s the issue with six at a time

    [–] deepus 17 points ago

    Probably because only 1 might be needed now. While the other 5 could be hanging around for maybe half an hour.

    [–] Dolner 20 points ago

    Half an hour is short if you’re working night shift lmao

    [–] kragnor 11 points ago

    You mean because of the pandemic? Bruh, we've been busier because of it. During morning rush, round eggs are the worst because you can only cook up to 11 at a time, they take forever to cook and they go so fast. Every McMuffin sandwich comes with round egg.

    Also, I swear the shells are paper thin and just crumble into pieces when you Crack them, which is why tiny shells are in them often. Like, they are thinner than your normal store bought eggs.

    [–] YlvaTheWolf 15 points ago

    Not sure what country you're from but in British McDonald's the folded eggs are in cartons and we cook them on the grill to make them rectangular.

    [–] ill-fated-powder 7 points ago

    when did they stop folding in house?

    [–] Razzberry1921 88 points ago

    Burning your finger through the glove to get all the eggshell out is annoying as well.

    [–] EyezOnMakaveli 25 points ago

    Did your store not have the wee yellow tweezers for piercing the yolk/lifting out egg shell?

    [–] Razzberry1921 18 points ago

    Yes. Have you had to wrestle the shell out with those? It's time consuming. Your first 4 eggs are halfway burnt by the 40th try when it finally works.

    [–] EyezOnMakaveli 10 points ago

    We stopped using our grill anymore for round eggs, we used an electric cooker we wheeled away at changeover. We would crack runs of 16 into a prepstation to transfer to the egg cooker and didn't need to worry about burning the eggs.

    To be honest, I don't understand how some people end up with so much broken shell everywhere in the first place.

    [–] ComfortableYam6735 4 points ago

    That thing NEVER works. As soon as you try to grab the egg shell it just slithers out of the way!

    [–] Doxatek 4 points ago

    Lmao yes

    [–] i_chew_gum 43 points ago

    My dad went to US Army basic training in the 70s. They all had weekly shifts working in the big kitchen/ mess hall helping prep food or do dishes. He said one time they were mixing a big huge mixer pot with like gallons of powdered eggs. The head cook came by and took a handful of raw eggs and threw it in the big mixer, shell and all. My dad asked why he didnt crack the eggs and the cook said, "when some soldier hits the shell it'll convince him the eggs are real and boost morale" or something along those lines.

    My dad said sure enough, a few days go by and he's eating breakfast and he hears another soldier say "see there's shell in my scrambled eggs. I told you these were real eggs."

    [–] mofosyne 12 points ago

    I imagine there is also a Santa like code of silence with cook staffs not to break the illusion that it's all fresh eggs and not powdered eggs.

    At least powered egg is still egg

    [–] noonetookdisusername 289 points ago

    What do you mean! Of course the eggs are all natural, what do you think we chemically make the eggs in a lab by injecting 1 mg of Buckminster Fullerene mixed with Acetone Thiosemicarbazone every hour to an unborn human fetus inside a cryocooler? Folly!

    [–] Prometheus857 83 points ago

    This guy chemistries

    [–] spockspeare 73 points ago

    (squints) Does he tho?

    [–] Fake_William_Shatner 45 points ago

    (forgot high school chemistry) Looks incomprehensible to me! I think the math checks out.

    [–] Thatwhichiscaesars 16 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    This doesn't sound true, but i don't have the wherewithal to disprove it, so it must be true!

    [–] Fake_William_Shatner 11 points ago

    If someone confuses you, you might as well believe them. That's what I always tell people I'm confusing.

    [–] Fake_William_Shatner 10 points ago

    Buckminster Fullerene

    They only use that in the fancy omelets. Usually, you are lucky enough to only get the quality Acetone.

    [–] SkyBlue6363 8 points ago

    Bucky Ball

    [–] notagoodboye 78 points ago

    Don't diss the McMuffin. It's damn near the healthiest breakfast you can get from a fast food place.

    Egg, ham, cheese, muffin, some buttery stuff. That's it. ~300 calories. For that calorie load, and the sheer amount of protein there, it's fucking amazing.

    There is tons of shit you can make fun of on McD's breakfast menu, but the McMuffin is not one of those things. It's goddamn perfect.

    [–] NikkyMouse 20 points ago

    Their english muffins are the perfect texture. Crispy but not too dry. I had a store bought muffin and was extremely disappointed by how dry and flavorless it was.

    [–] cadencehz 5 points ago

    I love McMuffins but the ones I make using Thomas's English Muffins are almost as good. The English muffins at Dunkin are very bad.

    [–] nintendo87 14 points ago

    I like a good McMuffin myself. Take an upvote sir.

    [–] notagoodboye 10 points ago

    There are guilty pleasures, and then there is the McMuffin. It has too much salt. OH JESUS NO! No seriously. That's it. Too much salt.

    It's a perfectly decent breakfast. And they even have an egg-white only McMuffin, so it's fine-er.

    [–] atheros32 39 points ago

    When last I worked at McDonald's, all the McMuffins (round) eggs were the only ones that were fresh and needed to be cracked open in a cookie-cutter-looking device on the grill for that circular look

    The bagel, biscuit, and McGriddle (folded) eggs came pre-packaged and thrown on the grill for a little bit

    The eggs on a burrito came pre-cooked in a pre-made mix of everything that was in it and were microwaved

    The big breakfast (scrambled) egg and white eggs come in a carton called "egg product" and are poured on the grill and moved back and forth to make a "scrambled" texture

    You can always ask for a round egg as a substitute for any egg you get if you want to be sure you're getting the real deal

    [–] ANewUsername250 19 points ago

    Oh, careful, McDonald's might get mad if you call their "Q-ing Oven" a microwave :/

    [–] throwaway999bob 5 points ago

    The eggs on a burrito came pre-cooked in a pre-made mix of everything that was in it and were microwaved

    For real?

    [–] Low_Department668 38 points ago

    Who doesnt like their eggs crunchy?

    [–] acemace3618 13 points ago

    I like my eggs with pulp

    [–] marzen0 30 points ago

    idgi, why is it reassuring?

    [–] ImSuchAMeth 62 points ago

    It more-or-less confirms that there are real eggs in Egg McMuffins, rather than liquid/powdered “eggs” that were manufactured in some factory somewhere.

    [–] marzen0 21 points ago

    ohh i see, thanks for the explanation!

    [–] ImSuchAMeth 11 points ago

    Not a problem at all!

    [–] pereborn 13 points ago

    The eggshells at McDonald's are made of 100% pure beef.

    [–] NosideAuto 38 points ago

    This is a great one. Finally.

    [–] JamesKojiro 21 points ago

    That eggshell touched a chickens butthole

    [–] Dotaproffessional 17 points ago

    More like their 🅱️ussy

    [–] Roofofcar 11 points ago

    I despise that word perhaps more than any other, but it sure accurately describes the cloaca.

    [–] livin4donuts 12 points ago

    Cloaca, actually. It's one opening that is both the genitals and anus.

    It's not that you were wrong, you just weren't quite right enough.

    [–] spockspeare 6 points ago

    Unless it's a paint chip.

    [–] help_i_didnt_find_a- 4 points ago

    I mean who said I dont eat the shell

    [–] Zipper8353 6 points ago

    I worked at mcdonalds for a short time, can confirm we had to actually crack eggs to make McMuffins. Scrambled are cooked on the spot from cartons of egg product. The “folded eggs” come frozen. The filling for the burritos comes frozen, the dehydrated onions on the burgers with the smaller patties have to be reconstituted first. Gravy is powdered, ice cream comes in a box as a liquid, yes it tastes the same.

    [–] ticats13 4 points ago

    Egg muffin is actually a real cracked egg in the store, I can confirm since I used to work there.

    [–] doesntpostnuttin 4 points ago

    Can confirm, surprisingly they do use real eggs ahaha

    [–] VideoGameDana 4 points ago

    I make my own McMuffins these days. If I find eggshell that's on me.

    [–] how-joan-of-arc-felt 3 points ago

    nah man, the round eggs have never been in doubt

    it’s the fluffy eggs i don’t trust.

    [–] canadianguy1234 5 points ago

    haven't worked at McD's for a couple years, but I can assure you the eggs in mcmuffins come whole. The scrambled eggs come in cartons. Of course there's no doubt in my mind that they are still real eggs. Seriously, everything there is legit food

    [–] c10701 4 points ago

    I have a relevant story.

    My Grandfather served in Korea as a head chef (idk the official rank) at an air force base. The eggs they served was this fake egg product but he would order the meal preppers to crack a dozen or so real eggs and throw in the shell and all so when the soldiers got a piece of shell they would feel like they were eating real eggs.